The Mascot

Story by AstroSecant on SoFurry

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A bit of a different style of setting here. I was going for a bit more of a taboo element, not too in-your-face but subtly coloring the connection. Sometimes finding your place isn't so easy, but someone close might just be the one to help you find it. Also went with a non-naga-type snake, because I don't see as much of that.

OBLIGATORY CONTENT WARNING: This story contains sexual acts between two males, size difference, kissing, and some vague allusions to prejudice.

The football game was heating up, it was just before halftime and the teams were in the red zone. The crowd was on its feet, cheering for the offense to score, egged on by the cheerleaders and the large snake strutting around, bolstering the team spirit.

For Meisen Shaw, the games were one of his best times. For once, the attention on him was a good thing.

Meisen Shaw, also known (for the moment at least) as Sly Serpent, mascot of Rawlitt High School, representing the Mad Adders. He wasn't a perfect fit for the role - for one thing, he wasn't one of the venomous type. But after an incident the next state over where a coach paid a venomous snake mascot to bite and incapacitate an opposing player, no school was willing to risk the liability. He looked close enough the part for their purposes.

The Madders (as they were often called by the fans, a number of whom couldn't be bothered with two words for a team name), were up against the Panthers of Hillings, and the dark feline was at the other side of the field, trying to get attention from the traveling fans who'd come to see the game and root on the road team. It wasn't going well for them, they were normally a good team but they'd been beset by penalties and turnovers and they were down by 15 already. That was only adding to the fervor of the crowd, who really wanted to see a win.

Meis was doing his best to drum up the spirit as well, leading some cheers and generally enticing the crowd to cheer and applaud. It probably wasn't going to have much practical effect on the game, but hey, it was his role, and he was going to play it as best he could. The happier the crowd was, the better he was doing.

A moment later, a loud cheer arose as the receiver caught the the ball and dove into the end zone. The Madders were up by 21 now, the biggest lead of the game, and everyone was whooping it up, feeling like the team was invincible. A kick brought that up to 22, and the whistle rang out for halftime. That was his cue, and as the teams trotted off the field, he went on, joined by the panther mascot from the other side. The PA was announcing the match, but Meis paid it no mind - he knew his act well before he got onto the field, and was focused on just being in character.

The two mascots circled each other, taking defensive poses as they prepared for a tussle. Meis gave a smirk to the panther. "Hope you don't take it personally, 'Kit.'"

"Never do, 'Sly.'" And with that the panther lunged forward, trying to take Meis down. Meis caught him as he rushed in, and the two tussled for a moment, grappling with each other and trying to take the other down. After a bit, Meis tossed him away and onto the ground, hissing loudly as a taunt as the cat quickly jumped back to his feet. It took only a moment for "Kit" to leap back into the fray, continuing the scuffle until Meis knocked him away again. The crowd cheered him on as he kept the panther at bay, until several bouts later, the Madder mascot pulled out the finisher - grabbing Kit, he heaved the panther over his head and flopped backwards, slamming them both into the ground. With another practiced move, he flipped head over heels and landed back on his feet, raising his fist in triumph to the raucous crowd.

Kit writhed on the ground, apparently utterly beaten but Meis could tell he was trying not to laugh. The put-down was as fake as the fight, but the crowd either didn't know or didn't care. Generally the latter - the rituals of the mascots were pretty well understood by now, though some of the younger fans might have been fooled. It didn't matter, all they cared was that "Sly" just put a scaled foot down on top of the panther's back, letting out a team battle cry which was rapidly echoed by the crowd. It didn't get much better than this.

Hours later, the Mad Adders had held on against a late-game charge by the Panthers to win, 45-36. The team had spent plenty of time celebrating in the locker room afterwards, and Meis got a fair bit of praise for a good show. At times he wondered how much of it was real, and how much was just members of the team just paying lip service to the "one of us" mentality. He didn't know, and he was trying hard to pretend it didn't matter.

Now, the locker room was empty, save for himself, and he expected it to stay that way for the rest of the night. The lights weren't off yet - he still needed some time to decompress before he could sleep. His gear was all off and stowed away; he wore nothing more than a pair of athletic shorts and boxers. He didn't really need much more, the warm night and somewhat wanting ventilation meant that the locker room was a suitable temperature for him. Also, not particularly pleasant-smelling, but he'd gotten used to that.

He stretched out on one of the benches, breathing deep and evenly to get his body nice and settled. The bench wasn't the most comfortable place to lay, but it was at least cleaner than the bare concrete floor. His bed at home would have been even better, but this late at night, walking home would be a death wish. It was hardly uncommon to hear about Therians getting attacked on the streets, especially at night time; several of his friends had been victims of robberies or muggings, some repeatedly. Meis wasn't likely to be mugged himself - even groups of humans were likely to balk at taking on an eight-foot snake - but he could very well be gunned down in a drive-by shooting. There were few months where he didn't hear at least one story about that.

He wasn't about to call his mother - she worked fourteen hours a day to sustain the two of them, and needed her precious few hours at home for sleep. Though she had said she would pick him up whenever he needed it, Meis was adamantly opposed to forcing yet another burden on her. So on late nights like this, he simply stayed overnight in the locker room and headed home the next morning, when it was at least safer.

His eyes closed, he was feeling like he was drifting off already even with the lights blaring overhead. Zoning out a bit into his thoughts, he almost thought that the sounds he was hearing right outside the door were just his imagination, until he actually heard it open. Meis sat up, curious; it was highly uncommon for someone to be coming in this late. He stayed quiet, unsure if he should be worried for himself, though whoever it was didn't seem to be trying to keep quiet; if they had ill intentions Meis figured they'd try to conceal themselves more.

His guest seemed to be just as surprised to see him as he came into the snake's view. "Meis? You're still here?"

Meis relaxed at the sight of a familiar face: Thomas Calkitt, sophomore and starting quarterback for the Mad Adders. The kid was a phenom in everyone's eyes, taking the reins from his first day on the team. His play was superb, colleges were scouting him even now, and he was a big part of the team's recent success. He was an upstanding person as well, keeping good grades and a pristine reputation, as well as a down-to-earth attitude despite a wealthy upbringing. Meis privately had to admit he envied Tom, but then again, few didn't. "Yeah...just spending the night here."

"Here? Why not go home?"

"Just don't feel safe at night...never know if the car passing by is gonna pull out an AK and turn me into Swiss cheese." It was an attempt at putting it in a humorous light, but even Meis felt like the delivery was hollow; some truths were hard to laugh off.

To his credit, Tom looked properly stricken at the thought. "They wouldn't! You're our mascot, you represent our school! You're known all over!"

Meis shrugged. "Some don't give a fuck...others, they won't look close in the dark."

"That's's stupid, you shouldn't have to be always afraid of death just walking down the street."

Meis allowed himself a smile at the concern, hard to find among humans even in a less hostile society than the past. Tom was one of the good ones, he'd always been friendly to Meis and was the only human Meis felt he could really call a friend, as opposed to someone who more just tolerated him. Tom would actually spend time with him, help him with his education, or even socialize with him, in public no less - he never made a big deal out of it and never shied away from being seen with Meis. Part of it was his own environment - Meis had met the rest of Tom's family a couple times when they attended games, and they were every bit as warm and friendly as Tom himself.

It was something that opened Tom up to ridicule, though, as some of the less tolerant members of the team got mad at him for hanging around Meis, and others spread rumors about the two of them. A common one being that they were fucking. Hearing that always got Meis' blood boiling, because it was a pretty vicious smear among humans, who saw that kind of thing as unholy and disgusting. Tom seemed to pay them no mind, though, and he refrained from lashing out in respect for that - Tom didn't need any battles fought for him, of that much Meis was certain.

"Someday that'll be the case, but for now I'd rather be safe then sorry. What brings you here this late?" It was only then that he noticed that Tom was out of his uniform and apparently all cleaned up, yet he didn't recall ever seeing him return to the locker room.

"Dropping off my stuff." He plopped down a bag on the ground, the distinct clacking of pads audible as it hit. "I had to rush home after the game. Great-grandad had a bad fall and was taken to the hospital. Mom and Dad are heading up to go see him and help arrange for long-term care."

"Oh...I'm sorry."

Tom shook his head. "It's okay...they say he should pull through, it's just gonna be hard on him. He may have to go to assisted living for good. But shouldn't have to stay here alone tonight. I'll stay here with you."

"What? No, Tom, I mean, I appreciate it, but this isn't-"

Tom smiled at him. "No, really, I want to! I don't really wanna go home, no one else is there, it'd be too boring. I'd rather be around someone else! Besides, I've always kinda wondered what it would be like to stay in school overnight."

"Well...not really that much different from other times, except for fewer people." Meis still didn't want Tom to put himself out like this, but it was hard to fight the idea - it did get lonely and uncomfortable sometimes, and another person around would help stay those feelings.

"I guess I'll find out myself, then!" He set himself down on the bench, and immediately frowned. "You're not planning on sleeping on this, are you?"

"I've done so before...better than the floor."

Tom thought about that for a moment. "Hard to argue with that, but I think there's a better idea, come on!" He practically pulled Meis to his feet, dragging him out of the locker room.

Several minutes later, the floor was looking a lot more inviting than before, courtesy of some gymnastics mats placed down there, much more comfortable than a hard bench or floor. Still not a match for a mattress, but Meis would take it any day. He wondered what the gym teachers would think about a Therian sleeping on the mats, but they weren't going to be around in the morning, and he decided the added comfort was worth the risk nonetheless.

Now he was laying on them, most of the lights turned off but a few left on to make sure that they could see well enough to get up and use the bathroom as they had to. Tom was laying right next to him, wearing nothing but his boxers, and was currently sidled up against him, one arm around Meis, the other running along his own arm. It was a bit surprising to Meis that Tom was so comfortable with this, when virtually no one else he could think of would even think of this. But he wasn't complaining; this kind of companionship was something he was rather starved for.

"I don't get why they don't allow Therians on the'd be a killer linebacker," Tom mumbled, fingers rubbing along the muscles on Meis' forearm. "I don't think anyone would be able to get past you."

"They say it'd be unfair for us, because we're built larger than humans," Meis replied. "Therians would skew things towards more Therians, and that wouldn't be acceptable to people."

"That's unfair."

"Well, it makes a certain amount of sense. If you had to choose between Bully and me, just on physical ability, who would you pick?"

"You, of course."

"Right. Now imagine thirty Therians versus thirty of your teammates. What do you think the breakdown would be?"

"Mmm...I see your point. But it's still kind of unfair, you don't get those opportunities that we do."

Meis sighed. "I'm used to hearing that. Kind of a common thing...I wonder if I'll ever have a chance to attend college, I sure as hell can't afford it and getting a scholarship is almost impossible."

"Man, if I had my way, you'd be getting all the's amazing, how big you are..." Tom's hand moved from Meis's arm to his chest and stomach, fingers again trailing along the contours of the muscles. Meis was quiet, a bit perplexed; this was a very different touch than he'd felt before. He watched, trying to figure out where Tom might be going with this.

Tom's fingers traced down towards the waistline of his shorts, before turning course and running down to his side, finally taking their leave. "Meis, um...can I ask you something?"


Tom was blushing a bit now, and it seemed to be growing. "Have you, um...ever...had sex with another guy?"

It was such an unexpected question, in spite of the build-up, that it took several seconds to fully register with Meis; when it did, he sat up quickly, looking at Tom in shock. "Wait...are you asking me-?"

Tom nodded quickly, averting his gaze to hide the blazing red in his face.

"I...I never imagined...not just that you were gay, but that you'd be...but why?"

"I dunno, really...something about you, it just...makes me want more than anyone else I've met. I think I've always been a little more, y'know, thinking about Therians that way than other humans. I've heard some of them talk about you and me, you know, doing that, and honestly, I kind of fantasized about that actually happening."

It was something he could barely comprehend, that any human would be not only willing but actually desiring him sexually...he still didn't know quite how to react, although a part of him was definitely wanting to take advantage of this rare opportunity to get some pleasure outside of his own hand. "I...if you really want to, Tom, I'd...I'd be happy to. But, what are you going to do if they find out?"

"I don't really care about that. They really shouldn't care so much, and I'm not going to let them decide what I should do with my life." His hand was now working down towards Meis's shorts, working under the band and towards the snake's slit. "They all think it's some horrible thing, but I don't buy it. You guys look so handsome, regardless of what kind of animal you look like."

"Ah..." Meis blushed a bit, feeling tingles in his groin as he felt the wandering hand's light touch on his most sensitive parts. He shifted, drawing his shorts and boxers down his legs and revealing himself fully to Tom. If he was willing to have sex with Meis, who was he to refuse? He hadn't gotten laid in ages, and the last one wasn't really a good experience, being with a rat Therian who got huffy when he wouldn't indulge in his rather disgusting fetishes. He doubted Tom would have anything along those lines.

As Tom's wandering hand started playing directly with his slit, Meis took a hold of his boxers and slid them down his legs. The human's cock was a decent size, bigger than the average human by a fair bit, and it was half-hard at this point already...he must have been thinking about this for a while. Tom started to go red as he felt the scaly hand fondle him, work him to full mast and returning the favor he was already giving.

After a little bit, Meis felt himself growing out of his slit, and moaned a bit as his endowment started to emerge. He heard a gasp from Tom as it came out, revealing a dual endowment, a hallmark of his snaky physiology. There was quite a bit of size to each of them as well, fitting for his frame. "Oh, wow...that's so big!"

"I'm glad you enjoy that...I'm not sure how much you'd enjoy it if it was inside you, though. It's a lot bigger than any human's."

"Maybe, but...I want to try." Tom brought his other hand around and started to stroke both cocks simultaneously, rubbing them and feeling the slickness from each of them, getting a quiet sigh out of Meis as he enjoyed the stimulation. Soon they were both at their full sizes, and just a look between the two of them was enough to confirm that they were both ready for more.

"Are you sure you want this, Tom?"

"Y-yeah, Meis...I do."

With a nod, Meis sat up and lifted Tom up, bringing him over to his lap and holding him up over one of his cocks. The other was slid in between his legs, held close to Tom's leaking member. Slowly Meis brought him down, Tom's legs helping control the was slow, easy, but eventually the head of Meis's pole worked Tom's anus open, and the slick fluids eased the way as he sank down a couple inches, spreading the human wide. Tom moaned out quietly as his rear was taken, the other snakecock rubbing against his cock and balls as he went further down.

Meis didn't rush it - he wanted to be sure Tom was as ready for it as he could possibly be. He worked himself in, inch after inch being conquered gradually, until the human was resting just a short ways from the base, as low as he could easily get with just one of them inside. Tom could feel it stretching deep inside him, a wonderful pressure that was only slightly uncomfortable thanks to Meis' natural lube. He rubbed and stroked the shaft between his legs, giving Meis plenty of pleasure as they waited for him to get used to the feeling of the intrusion.

Finally, Meis started pulling him up slightly, slowly bringing him back down as he started to work Tom in earnest. The gentle stretching posed no trouble for him, as evidenced by the soft cries of pleasure he was making, and his leaning back into Meis. In fact he started to work in tandem with the snake, forcing his own movement a little more quickly to match with Meis, building up the speed as far as he felt he could, which was soon significantly more than Meis had planned. Nevertheless, Meis went along with it, humping into Tom as hard as the human allowed, never once taking his attention off of Tom's body and voice, ensuring that he was at his full comfort.

It was a wonderful feeling for both of them, better than they had imagined. Tom's ass was handling Meis without any trouble, and the pleasure from the contact with his prostate was entrancing, especially joined with the rubbing on his gonads from the snake's other half. Meis, meanwhile, was getting a double-pleasure he rarely was able to enjoy, the heat from Tom's body joining with the tightness to make for a truly wonderful fuck for the one while the contact with his smooth skin on the other send jolts through him.

The oncoming rush of their climaxes was fast approaching, and neither one of them made any real move to stop them. As they neared their peaks, Meis began thrusting harder, getting as much speed and force as he could from his fucking, making Tom's cries grow steadily louder as he pushed him closer and closer. Soon Tom was barely holding back, only trying to so Meis could climax with him...he moved his hands down and wrapped them around Meis's free cock, giving him a vigorous handjob to bring him over the edge.

It worked like a charm. Meis let out a low hiss as he thrust deep into Tom, his churning balls producing enough seed to both fill the human's depths up with his snaky essence while the other ejected all it could onto Tom's chest and stomach, some of it dripping down onto his own cock and balls. Tom had hit the mark as well, his own cock firing off several rounds of its white fluids onto the mat below them, staining it with one more spot. They rode it out together, clutching each other as the power of their peaks raged through them, feeling like it lasted an age before fading away, leaving them both sweaty, panting, and so satisfied.

As it ended, Meis pulled Tom off of him, leaving the contents of his rear to drip onto them and onto the mats. He turned Tom around to face him, and the two gazed into each other's eyes as they sat there holding each other, recovering from the bout. Soon their faces touched, and before either one of them realized it, their mouths came together, their tongues dancing with each other in the closest kiss they could manage, their bodies rubbing against each other as they lost themselves in their passion.

It was only with regret that Meis pulled back, breaking away from Tom's mouth to smile at him. "Tom...that was wonderful...thank you so much."

"It was amazing, were amazing. I'm so glad I came back tonight and spend it with you." Tom reached a hand up to stroke his face. "I don't care what anyone says...I want you, I want to be with you. Do you want that too, Meis?"

"Yes,'re one of the few people that really cares about me...I couldn't ever repay you enough for that. Being with you makes me so happy, and I'd love to share more of that with you."

"That's good...thank you, Meis." Tom leaned into Meis, embracing him tightly, not caring about the mess on their bodies. "You make me so happy, too...I'm so glad I can return that to you."

Meis nodded and picked himself up, carrying Tom to the showers with him. For the first time in a long time, he felt truly peaceful and happy...and with any luck, there'd be plenty more of that to come.

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