Blind Service

Story by Malalionboi on SoFurry

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Koji moved to Japan to go to college but is surprised by his housemate when he shows up at his job during the local festival. Sparks fly as they gt to know each other personally.

Note: This is a fully edited republished short story. Please Enjoy

     Orientation was

always the biggest pain of going to college. For Koji it was even more

difficult in a couple of aspects. The first being the college he would be going

to was in the Kanto region of Japan and secondly he was a blind grey wolf. It

was barely a week ago when he met his new housemate, Shuichi, at a local coffee

house. They both had been staying in temporary residences with families that had

been willing to welcome them. They had hoped to get a place so they could each

have their own privacy. They talked about sharing the cost of a small two

bedroom flat just off campus yet still within biking distance and close to

where Koji's new job. Before long, they had found the perfect place.

     Koji sat at the

end of the row in an auditorium listening to the hustle and bustle of new

students trying to find their own seats. The sounds of the many conversations deafened

Koji but he tried not to focus on anything in particular. He ran on hand up and

down his cane hoping the din would die out soon. He had been tuning everything

out for so long he hadn't heard his name called at first. The next time he

heard it he came out of his reverie.

     "Have you gotten

your class list yet?" Asked a familiar voice. It was Shuichi. Such a soft,

gentle, loving, voice that always made the wolf sigh inwardly wishing, hoping,

that he could be in his warm arms. He tried not to think about that now. If he

held onto that train of thought for too long he might have a problem in the

middle of a public place. Sometimes he felt that all eyes were on him anyway.

     "Yeah, I just got

them today." Koji said pivoting his canine ears in the direction of the fox. "I

start my classes in a few days. When does yours begin?"

     "I actually start

tomorrow. So tonight I'm going out on the town and spend some time with some

new friends." Koji nodded, mostly to himself. He had half hoped he could spend some

time with his housemate before he had to go to class tomorrow. He wanted to get

to know him better and maybe come out to him. Wishing that he could share his

feelings, if possible, before work. They had been so busy working on moving in

the last couple of days that they hadn't had time to sit down and talk more.

All Koji knew was that every time the fox would talk it made him melt.

     Koji pulled

himself back out of his thoughts to listen to the dean of the school make his

announcements. As much as he tried to pay attention, he had already heard

everything. It was more of a reminder than it was new information for freshmen.

This school year looked to be a long one and semi-exciting. When orientation

was over Shuichi helped Koji out of the auditorium. Koji couldn't help but

smile at the touch of his housemate. He had gotten away with being able to

slide his hand along the fox's muzzle and cheeks since he was blind and needed

to be able to get a feel of to whom the voice belonged. He didn't know it at

the time but Shuichi had started to murr only to clear his throat trying to

hide himself from his newfound friend.

     Time flew by when

he got back to the house. His roommate had taken his shower and left the house

early. According to the sound of his clock, when he touched it, it was close to

time to go to work. It was his first night and he didn't want to be late. He

made his way into his personal bathroom and undressed. He threw his close to

the floor and entered the small cubicle. He had learned to turn on the heater

element an hour before he needed to take a shower since they didn't have a hot

water heater.

     The feeling of the

water cascading through his fur made him gasp in surprise at first. It was

still quite cold until he could find the right temperature. Before he could

start washing himself off, he felt his sheath start to expand allowing his cock

to slide out to its full length. His mind  

had wandered back to his roommate and how he held him on the way out of

orientation. He felt he didn't have time for this. He wanted to paw off but it

would be too hard to get the mess out of his fur since he had to go to work


     Koji took a deep

breath and focused on cleaning his fur and soon his little problem subsided.

With a sigh, he got out of the shower and headed to his bed. In Japanese culture,

the bed was a mat on the floor but he felt he needed a raised bed for himself.

He knew that Shuichi chose the traditional way but it would be harder for him.

Not that he didn't want to end up in the fox's bed someday.

     Once again, he

needed to put his mind on something else, like his clothes. Though he couldn't

see it, he knew the pants were semi-baggy and black. They felt light to the

touch and allowed his fur to breath. The jacket was white embroidered with

black where the buttons were off to the side. He would button it up but leave

two of them undone leaving the excess to fold over like an American chef. Now

where did he put those glasses? His glasses always seemed to disappear on him

even though he would put them with his outfits. A set of round black frames

held in place by arms that curved around his ears so as not to slip off and get

broken. Finally his cane. Since he worked in a high-class nightclub, he would

have to take his black cane.

     Kuro jumped up on

the bed and laid down where his close had just been. Usually Koji would take

his friend, and partner, with him but tonight, since he had to work, he

couldn't take him with him. Kuro was a German Sheppard that was an odd sight to

see a blind person with since the type of dog he used looked close to what police

had in service.

     "Sorry, Kuro, not

tonight. Don't worry though I'll be back soon." Kuro let out a short whine in

reply as he watched his master and friend leave the room.

     The night's air

felt cool on his still drying fur. It didn't look messy, since he had been able

to smooth it out before leaving, but still it was damp, which the night air

would dry it. He unfurled his cane and began tapping the pavement to get his

bearings then let out a small smile. It looked like the sidewalks would be

empty at least until he got to the city.

     The city was

mostly high rises and roadways with the occasional overpass for pedestrians.

His job wasn't too far into the city. He was welcomed at the elevator entrance

and shown to the penthouse that housed the gentlemen's club. The only job he

could get was to be an escort. It was a gay gentlemen's club, which always seemed



Koji-san." Said the manager. "We have been expecting you. Your job is to

entertain our esteemed guests.

     If you get taken

home after your shift, you don't get paid extra for what may happen. As soon as

your shit is over you can tell them no and come to me. I will prevent something

bad from happening at that point." At least the manager was courteous to his

employees. He excelled at keeping someone entertained. There was even a secret

room should things get steamy.

     However, the night

seemed to go on without a hitch not many wanted to be with the blind person.

Koji sat most of the night with the others that no one wanted. That's when

things went from bad to interesting.

     "Excuse me." Said

a pleasant sounding voice. The voice seemed somehow familiar. "I'm looking for

someone to show me a good time."

     "Absolutely, take

a pick of our remaining entertainers." Koji sat up and leaned on his cane as he

heard the paw steps of the stranger make his way to him.

     "I'll take this

one." He said putting his arm around the wolf. Before Koji could say anything,

he felt the strangers lips pressed to his. He didn't fight it and his heart skipped

a beat. The touch felt just as familiar as the voice. What scared him the most

was the scent. It was the same musky fox scent of his roommate. As soon as he

was away from the kiss, he turned his ears to listen more intently, to whom it

might be but he had to know.

     "Shuichi, is that


     "In the fur." He

whispered into the wolf's ear. "Come, let's find a booth to sit in then we can

talk." Shuichi lead the wolf to the nearest booth then slid in beside him.

Before they could talk about anything, a waiter came up and asked him what he

would enjoy. Shuichi ordered a couple of drinks and a small sample appetizer.

Koji kept his blank gaze fixed on a far off point while focusing his ears on

the surprise that was Shuichi.

     "I never knew you

to be gay." Koji said once he felt they were alone.

     "Well you never

asked. I didn't think you were and I really wanted to get to know you better

anyway. I've had a crush on you from the moment we met." Koji blushed since he

felt the same way just from the sound of his voice.

     "It was your voice

that intrigued me so very much. I felt your voice was like that of an angel

singing to the heavenly choir."

     "My voice is not

that good, but thank you for the complement. So what are you going to do to

celebrate Tanabata after work?'

     "Is that tonight?"

Koji asked surprised. He knew everyone was in a festive mood. He just didn't

know which holiday it was. Before he could say anything else, a lone voice

split the crowd as he sang the traditional song of Tanabata.

Sasa no ha sara-sara

Nokiba ni yureru

Ohoshi-sama kira-kira

Kingin sunago

Goshiki no tanzaku

watashi ga kaita

Ohoshi-sama kirakira

sora kara miteiru

     The sound of it

brought tears to both their eyes. A gentle tune that seemed to stay with you.

The singer couldn't have been older than his teens since his voice was just as

silky sweet as Shuichi's.

     "What a sweet

song." Shuichi said wiping the tear from his eyes. "I'm glad we were able to

come to Japan in time for such a romantic holiday."

     "What do you mean?

What is Tanabata about?" Koji asked curiously.

     "Tanabata is about

two star crossed lovers who can only meet once a year. The daughter of Tentei,

Orihime, was a weaver who was never going to experience love but then her

father arranged for her to meet Hikoboshi who she fell in love with. After they

wed and she quit weaving her father became angry and separated the two. In her sadness,

she asked him to be allowed to see her husband. In kindness he allowed them to

meet every seventh day of the seventh month in which they call Tanabata." Koji

took a while to let the story envelope him. It was a romantic story and it made

him want to be with the fox even more.

     "You know, my

shift is up here in about thirty minutes."

     "Say no more.

There is somewhere I really want to take you."

     They sat an

enjoyed their appetizers of Fried calamari with blue cheese dipping sauce with

a mix of sashimi and sushi. The flavors seemed to accentuate one another for

the blind wolf. It became so much at some points that he had to cleanse his

palette with a few swigs of wine. By the time they were done, it was the end of

Koji's shift. Shuichi led his friend to the elevator and down into the streets

of Shimokitazawa. Shimokita for short was nestled on the western part of Tokyo

and bustling with people. A few of them were lined up at the wishing tree where

they would write down what they wished for and hung them either on the Bamboo

shoots in the pots or the trees themselves. Shuichi lead Koji to the nearest

one and they wrote down what they each wished for most. Then they hung them on

the bamboo shoots spread about the shelf. Afterwards they made their way

through the crowded streets until they reached the city limits. Koji was

finally able to use his cane again as they walked the long narrow road.

     "I want to stop at

this orchard just up the way." Shuichi said wrapping his arm around the wolf's

waist. The scent on the breeze was pleasant but Koji couldn't tell what it was.

     "What's the

wonderful smell?" He asked stopping for a moment to get another whiff.

     "That would be the

smell of cherry blossoms." Shuichi said taking in the sweet aroma. They walked

off the road and into the orchard where Shuichi took out a small canister and

took some ashes to spread on the wind.

     "Ashes help the

trees to bloom," He said handing Koji some. Koji held his hand up to his chest

then brought the ashes up to his muzzle. He opened his hand then blew the ashes

onto the wind. Though he couldn't see it, he could feel the wind carry it off

to mix with the fragrance of the trees. Shuichi lead Koji to the closet tree

and they both sat down cuddling in the twilight.

     "It's such a

beautiful night out." Shuichi said without thinking. "I'm sorry." He apologized.

     "No need to

apologize. I can feel that it's a wonderful night. The feeling of the gentle

breeze, the scent of the cherry blossoms, and the touch of a new found lover at

my side. This night couldn't get any better."

     "I believe it

can." Shuichi said mischievously. Koji's ears perked but before he could do anything,

he found himself on his back leaning against the tree.

     "What are you

planning?" He asked setting his cane to the side. He felt he knew what the fox

intended, but still he wanted to ask.

     "Just relax and

you'll see." The fox replied sliding the wolf pants and boxers down exposing a hard

shaft. Murring with delight the fox rubbed it along his muzzle then licked it

over taking in the sweet salty taste. Koji leaned on his elbows and whimpering at

the gentle touches blushing and growing hot under the fur. Pre dripped from the

tip of his hard member sliding down his shaft in little rivulets that the fox

licked. When he had licked away the salty taste, he turned his attention to

taking the thick wolf hood deep in his gentle muzzle. He took it too far he

stopped and licked his lips. Then again, he slid back down over the member

taking it to the back of his throat while suckling on it like a kit wanting

milk from his mommy's teat. Koji moaned gasping for air at the warm wet feeling

of the fox's muzzle encasing his thickness. He didn't know how much longer he

could hold back with the fox sucking his essence from him.

     "I'm about to...

about to... cum!" Koji exclaimed before taking a deep breath and shooting his

seed deep into the fox's waiting muzzle. Shuichi pulled away just as he

released to at the first waves over his muzzle. The fox licked over his muzzle

taking in the cooled seed while the rest matted his fur.

     "Mm, such a tasty

little wolf." He murred. "Now for a little more fun. I could go for a nice

stuffed puppy." Koji panted unable to protest the naughty fox. Then again, if

he could protest would he? Shuichi pulled Koji's pants all the way off and

repositioned him so he could have easy access. He slid his own pants off and

rubbed his hand up and down his pulsing shaft wanting so much to ravage the

wolf's tight hole. He hadn't brought any lube so he licked his paw making sure

to leave enough saliva to rub over his shaft making it slick enough for the

wolf. The excess he used to push his fingers into Koji's tail hole making sure

he could fit in with ease. Koji felt tight meaning it would be a pleasant

experience. Koji moaned again at the feeling for the fox's digits crammed into

his hole. The feeling made him shiver with anticipation wanting so much to feel

the fox buried in him like he would burry a bone if he was a true canine. He

wanted so much to tie with him just before he filled the wolf with hot creamy


     "I hope your ready

cause this little kit isn't going to stop once he gets started." Koji only

panted and couldn't reply. Shuichi took it as a sign that he was ready and

pressed the tip of his shaft teasingly against the outer rim of his tight tail

hole then pushed it in causing Koji to squirm in delight. The feeling didn't

feel too gentle but made the wolf claw the ground wanting more. It had been

some time since he felt someone inside him and never like this.

     "Just relax,

little puppy." Shuichi said slamming himself the rest of the way in making Koji

yelp in more surprise than pain. The feeling of the fox's shaft pressing deep

in him was indescribable but the joy excited him more. The feeling of the tip

of his shaft pressing hard on his prostate made him want to come again and with

each thrust against it, he came closer and closer to releasing his own seed

over them both. Shuichi made sure to keep at a decent pace and not cum too

soon. He wanted his blind friend to feel every inch of himself before filling

and then knotting in him.

     Koji's body rocked

with every thrust as he wrapped his arms around the fox's neck. He grabbed at

his fur wanting so much for the fun to not end but knew the inevitability.

Shuichi growled and thrust one last time unable to help himself as he filled

the wolf's tail hole with his foxiness. Before the wolf could move though

Shuichi shove the knot in and tied them both. The pressure on the wolf's

insides was too much for him and he covered them both with his seed. They both

panted in exhaustion but stayed wrapped in each other's arms.

     "You know I fell

in love with you the moment I met you." Shuichi said murring. "I just never had

the nerve to ask you out. Especially not knowing if you were gay or not."

     "I have a

confession of my own. I fell in love with your soft gentle voice. I too was

afraid to ask." They both had a chuckle but then couldn't help themselves to a

deep passionate kiss.

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