An Island's Tail – Chapter One

Story by Logan Storm on SoFurry

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#2 of 3rd Earth - An Island's Tail

Story Concept By Logan Storm

Story Written by LeiLani

Story Cover art by Twinkle

An Island's Tail - Chapter One

They were right behind him. The boy was running, stumbling across the golden Hawaiian sands, kicking up dirt with each step. Curly blonde hair, drenched with sweat, waved into his eyes, stinging them. A stab of pain shot through his foot as he stepped on a broken shell, and he winced, re-clutching the laptop with both arms and trying to run faster.

"You can't get away, Max!" he heard a shrill female voice behind him, though to his benefit, it sounded out of breath.

"Yeah, Max, quit running and face us!" another female shouted out.

He chanced a look over his shoulder, as the voices seemed far away, but instead he saw a flash of white fur and in an instant his legs were tangled in a tackle and he was driven hard into the ground face-first. He gasped and hot sand jammed into his mouth, making him cough.

"Way to go, Caroline!" He heard faintly and then felt the weight on his body lift, allowing him to scramble to sit up, surrounded now by four female bunnies.

He looked dazedly from one girl to another. Each had bright, colorful bikinis, smooth white fur and, to his chagrin, cold hard looks in their eyes. Stammering, he tried to get to his feet, but one of the bunnies came forward and shoved him back down again.

"Did we tell you to get up, Max?" The one called Caroline said haughtily, tossing long blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Yeah, Max," another bunny circled him, snarling. "You've got a lot of nerve showing up here, of all places. Especially after what your parents did. That little anti-fur movement down here months ago? Did you really think we forgot? We saw you!"

The other two bunnies joined her and Caroline and tightened the circle around the boy. "You just don't get it, do you?" One of the two spat, and her buck teeth were bared, dripping saliva. "We're on Hau`oli Moku beach to stay. You specist humans had better just get used to the idea."

Max looked up at her and shook his head, sniveling. "I had nothing to do with that!" He looked worriedly at his open laptop, which had been knocked from his grasp in the tackle.

Caroline noticed and glanced over. "Oh, was that yours?" The bunny padded over to the computer and picked it up. "What's all on this then?" she inquired, shaking sand off of it. "Brenda, your thoughts?"

Brenda chuckled nastily and joined Caroline, poking at the keys. "I'll bet he has porn on it." She looked intently into the boy's tear-filled blue eyes and saw terror within. "Do you think he has stuff from FurAffinity on there?"

"Brenda!" one of the bunnies giggled and joined them. "Oooh, let's see if he does. He might hate us furries but I'll bet he's okay with them being all hot and naked and with ripe, luscious breasts and wet pussies, hmm?"

Caroline's eyes gleamed. "Mmm, maybe we should see." She started to click on the mousepad then stopped. "Or maybe we should show him..."

Brenda squealed. "Ooh, yes! Let's show him!"

Max looked from one girl to the other and pleaded. "Please...give that back,'s all I have."

Caroline smiled nastily again and dangled the laptop just out of reach. "Aww. You want it back? I'll give it back to you, okay?" With a twist of her body, she suddenly threw the computer towards the water. For a second, the afternoon sunlight reflected off the laptop screen in a wink, and then the device landed in the rolling, white surf and disappeared below.

"NO!" Max screamed out and broke down sobbing, completely defeated.

Caroline kneeled down beside him and stroked the boy's head as he continued to cry. "Ohhh, come on, Max. You don't want to look at all that nasty, naughty furry porn when you can look at us, right?" With a knowing glance at the other girls, who joined her on the ground around Max, she wiggled her torso and untied her bikini top, letting her breasts shimmy forward, close enough for Max to kiss, if he were so inclined. "Mmm, aren't you glad they made this a topless beach, especially for us furries, Max? Look at them. Look."

As Max continued to cry into his hands, Brenda scowled and grabbed the boy's chin and forced his head up. "The doe told you to look at her breasts, sweetheart."

The boy wiped his eyes before opening them, and saw Caroline's voluptuous breasts in their full glory, at least twice as big as his fist. Each was capped with a thick, pink nipple surrounded completely with snow-white fur. There was no areola.

"Now touch it," Caroline said, and her breathing was faster. "Come on, Max. Just raise your hand and stroke it. I won't bite." The other girls giggled and she gave him a toothy smile. "I promise."

The boy shook his head and turned his eyes away, looking lost and pitifully at the open sea.

"Geez, Caroline!" Brenda exclaimed. "He really wants his computer porn back." She grabbed Max's arm and forced his hand to come up. "You're an idiot, you know that? Delicious bunny-tits staring you right in the face, literally..." The girls snickered. "And you can't even touch them? Touch her fucking tits, little man. Now." Her paw grabbed around the boy's hand and soft, firm digits clenched it tightly, forcing Max's hand forward until his fingers were pressed against one of Caroline's nipples and the bunny-leader sighed gently.

"Now, stroke her," Brenda said more gently, "She really likes that. She makes such an adorable purring sound."

Caroline gasped and for a moment looked embarrassed. "I do not!" But she was chuckling.

Brenda giggled and scooted closer to her companion, nuzzling her cheek affectionately. "Mmm, you so do. Especially when we kiss." She reached behind her head and untied her own bikini top, shaking full breasts free and pushing long golden blonde hair away from them. "Come on, let's show Max how I make you purr."

Caroline blushed a little and turned her head to Brenda's, pressing her mouth to the other girl's and kissing her fully, poking her tongue in and out, while her paws came up to slip around Brenda's shoulders. Their breasts nudged and then pushed together, nipple to nipple, and indeed a soft teeth-grinding purr started to come from Caroline, so much so that Max became momentarily fascinated with the display. In his shorts, he felt the first stirrings of an erection building watching the girls make out lustfully.

"Oh you two!" One of the other bunnies laughed and nestled in close to Max. "Look what you're doing to him! Look! He's got one!" She dipped her paw down into Max's lap and ran her digits over the small bulge there. "Oooh, he's turned on, you two." The fourth bunny knelt closer to Max and felt his pouch as well. "Yes, definitely hard. He's such a naughty boy."

Caroline and Brenda stopped kissing and pulled away, breathless and aroused, then joined the other two bunnies in feeling up Max. "Come on, Max," Caroline said huskily, tugging at his shorts. "Let's get these off you. The bunnies want to play."

Brenda grinned and nuzzled Caroline before helping the squirming boy remove his shorts, forcing them down his waist until they were around his calves. "Now the undershorts, Max. Take them off, or so help me, we're going to pick your ass up off this beach and you can join your laptop."

Max's eyes suddenly widened in mortal terror. "No! Please! I...I...I don't like deep water! I'll do anything, I swear!"

"Take them off then, like Brenda asked you." Caroline growled and sat back a bit as the boy did as he was asked, sniffling uncontrollably. His semi-hard sex dangled free between his legs, and the bunnies feigned shock as they teased him, pretending to marvel over it.

"Oh my Gawwwd, he's so big!" Brenda laughed, giving it a rub.

"I'll never be able to fit all that!" Caroline cackled, as the other two bunnies chimed in with similar insults. "Geez, let's at least get you all the way hard and see if you get any better."

Brenda giggled this time and nodded, grabbing Max's length into her paw and squeezing. "Like this, right? This is how you get your rocks off when you've got that furry smut on your screen, right?" She bent forward to nuzzle his earlobe. "Come on, Max. You love this and you know it."

In some perverse way, the boy did and it soon showed. As Brenda stepped up her jerks on his sex, a growing, bobbling erection became quite noticeable between his legs, about six inches long and three inches thick.

"Ohhh, there we go," Brenda blew softly into his ears. "Good, Max. That's perfect. We're going to make you cum now, okay?"

Max closed his eyes tightly, but lost all focus on anything but the soft, firm paw steadily beating him off. As he moaned out, another paw grabbed around his scrotum and squeezed gently, while still another brushed over the sensitive flesh at the tip. He felt a trickle of wetness there as pre-cum leaked from the tip and slid down his shaft.

"Ohhh, Caroline, look what you're doing to him!" Brenda laughed, and pumped her paw faster. "He's going to burst if we keep this up. Maybe we should stop."

Caroline was panting against the boy's ear as she rubbed over the slick tip. "I have a better idea..." She reached down and undid her bikini bottom, working it free from around her waist until she was fully naked, covered only in downy, white fur.

"Caroline!" Brenda gasped, looking around the mercifully-empty beach warily. "What if someone-"

"Relax," the leader growled and knelt down into Max's lap, hooking her paws around his neck. "Hold still, Max, or you're getting more than a little wet, I promise you."

The boy shuddered hard as he felt the sudden wet warmth of Caroline's nethers press against his hardness, bunny flesh on human's, and a sudden desire unlike any he'd had before. The bunny purred deeply and started to rock in his lap, grinding her folds mercilessly across his hard shaft in several strokes.

"Mmm, see how fucking horny you got me, Brenda?" Caroline giggled as she bounced in the boy's lap. "My pussy's so hot and wet, I need to gush so bad, baby." The paws around Max's shoulders tightened and she started undulating her hips like a serpent's, going stomach to stomach and breasts to chest with him. "You wanna fuck me right now, don't you Max, don't you..." She nudged the boy's head up with her muzzle and met his mouth with her own.

Max's muffled whimper was lost as rabbit-fur and saliva entered his mouth, and he felt Caroline's tongue poking up against his own, trying to engage it in poking back. He opened his eyes in terror to see Caroline's ice blue eyes looking into his own as she kissed him, then ground her hips even harder, nearly suffocating the boy's erection against her hot flesh.

"Caroline...?" Brenda asked worriedly, still looking around them. "Enough...he's gonna explode if you keep that up..." She panted and worried at her bikini crotch, which was soaking wet. "Or I will..."

The leader bunny pulled away from the kiss and smiled, looking satisfied. "Alright, fine. But first..." She lifted herself off of Max and reached for her bikini. "Take him to the surf."

"What?!" Max was suddenly aware again and his erection shriveled almost immediately.

"Why?" Brenda wanted to know.

Caroline turned on her as she adjusted her bikini top. "Have you forgotten who this asshole is? Or what he did? I said, drag him down to the surf. Now. Or, babydoll, you're not getting my pussy tonight."

Brenda blushed visibly. "Okay, okay, fine. Let's just hurry up before someone comes!"

Max, despite his screams of terror and jerking, was pulled up from the ground and dragged towards the pounding surf, as the four bunnies each held a limb. As they got to the water's edge, one of the girls lost her grip and Max collapsed in the wet sand, struggling to get away.

A paw thumped down hard on his back, surprisingly strong, and the boy was knocked semi-senseless back to the ground, his vision nearly doubled.

"Going somewhere, Max?" Caroline growled and knelt beside him, grabbing his hair in back and yanking it hard until he was facing her again. "Don't worry. We know we can't kill you, under penalty of death." She looked at the other stoic faces around her. "But we sure as hell can make you bleed. Just like your parents did to our kind." She looped a closed paw up and socked Max's cheek, and the boy's head reeled back.

"Get him, Caorline!" Brenda yelled gleefully, and slammed a foot forward, kicking Max in the stomach and doubling him over with pain, crying.

The other two bunnies fell to blows as well, pummeling Max's back and chest with their closed paws until bruises formed and became angry welts.

As the bunnies continued their assault, no one saw another form, a female sea otter, coming slowly out of the surf and standing waist-deep in the Pacific, watching the horrific tableau with alarm. "What are you doing?" She said quietly and all four bunnies suddenly froze, looking at her.

"Go soak, water-slinky," Caroline growled, getting up from the sand and walking towards her, raising her closed paws. "You didn't see anything."

The sea otter smiled and folded her arms, unfazed. "I see four rabbits attacking an unarmed human and breaking the first Furry Decree, jeopardizing at least two years of their freedom for every occurrence." Her green eyes bore into Caroline's. "And what is it exactly that you see?"

Caroline might have flushed, but in the setting sunlight it was difficult to read. "Do I need to come out there and-"

But the sea otter laughed and her thick ruddertail slammed against the surface in challenge. "Oh please do. Come out here and show everyone how well a bunny can swim. Especially with a sea otter around her neck, dragging her deep down into the depths..." She swiped at wet, black waist-length hair and took a step closer, now less than waist-deep. "How long can you hold your breath, bunny?"

Caroline licked her lips nervously and took a step backward as the other bunnies got up from the sand.

"You don't scare us, otter," Brenda said, but her tone seemed otherwise. "You can't take us all on."

The sea otter nodded. "You are right. I cannot." She glanced at Caroline again. "Just you."

Max wiped his face of blood and looked towards the surf, seeing the sea otter now. She was striking in the water, truly a species that he had been fascinated with for months, having seen her kind in full pictorial glory in revealing Furaffinity pin-ups. This one was wearing a lovely floral sarong, cut just to her hips, and allowing generous dark-brown cleavage to peek from above.

"We're not going to tell you again, otter." Caroline said, but her voice had lost its earlier bravado. "Get the hell out of here, or else we'll-"

"I am not leaving the water." The sea otter said simply. "So, if I am not going to leave, you should do one of two things. Continue beating the boy as you were, or leave yourselves." She then added, "Of course, if you do continue beating the boy, I will stand here and count the number of offenses. And when you are finished with him, I will notify beach patrol to be on the lookout for four female rabbits with blonde hair and bikinis last seen in the vicinity of Quiet Tide in Hau`oli Moku." She then folded her arms again, looking smug. "I cannot imagine them taking very long to find you. Especially since I have seen all your faces now."

"Caroline, let's go," Brenda pulled at her companion's paw. "She's crazy, she'll do it. I know their type. Bouncy little insane fuckers, the lot of them."

"Okay, okay!" Caroline growled and shook herself away. "Let's go." With a last smoking glare at the sea otter, she and the other three bunnies trudged up the beach and were soon gone.

The sea otter waded out of the water and walked over to the boy, kneeling beside him. "Are you alright, little one?"

Max shook his head and wiped his eyes, still sniffling.

The sea otter looked towards the water and then got up. She waded a few feet in and then reached down, picking up Max's laptop from the surf and carrying it back to the boy. "This is yours, yes?"

The boy stopped sniffling and then nodded, taking it gently from her and holding it in his naked lap.

The sea otter smiled softly and knelt again. "My name is Leilani."

The boy offered, "I'm M-Max..." This close, the sea otter was extremely beautiful. Water still dripped from dark-chocolate fur and long, trailing black hair. Adorning one ear was a lovely red hibiscus bloom, like a supple earring. The sarong she wore hugged her curves from breasts to hips, and short but shapely legs ended in petite webbed footpaws, with a shark-tooth anklet around each one. Her eyes were sparkling sea-green, slightly almond-shaped, suggesting a Far East origin. From her body emanated a delightful scent, a combination of flowers, fruits, and the overpowering scent of the ocean he'd always loved watching from his dorm window.

When he could talk normally again, he said, "Thank you for...for finding this..."

Leilani nodded. "I was swimming and it nearly hit me. I could not imagine how it ended up in the water until I came to the surface and saw what was happening."

He quickly inspected the side of the laptop and popped open the hard drive slot, breathing a sigh of relief. "I can save the data now. I just need another computer to put it on." He didn't realize he was still naked as he stood up slowly and grimaced in pain, rubbing his side. "Ow...I don't...feel so good..."

Leilani grasped his hand and started to pull him towards the water. "Come. We must wash these wounds."

Max tried to pull back, terrified again. "No-no, please. It's okay, I...I don't need to do that. I..." He saw her questioning look and blushed. "I don't really know how to swim very well."

She laughed softly. "Silly human. Not to swim. Just come into the surf. I will not let anything happen to you." When he balked, she took both of his hands. "I promise, on honor of the first Furry Decree, I will not harm you. Come, Max."

Something in her tone clicked with the boy, and he allowed her to lead him by the hand down to the surf. As they walked, his eyes kept glancing at her behind, where a long, thick ruddertail swayed about tangled hair, hiding the top of a tight, heart-shaped butt. Inexplicably, he got an erection again, and quickly realized he was naked in front of her. Immediately he cupped his sex with his hands, ashamed.

Leilani noticed his embarrassment and simply smiled. "Yours is not the first I have seen, Human Max. But if it will help..." As they got to the water, only about knee-deep, the beautiful otter untied the sarong and flung it to the beach. In the setting sun, she was nearly in silhouette, and Max noticed impressive, dark-brown-furred breasts and huge black nipples, so different from the bunny's. Below her waist, he spotted even darker fur between her thighs, and a pair of folds barely hidden there. "Now then, sit down."

Max, completely lost in the image of a fantasy come true from the pages of Furaffnity, simply nodded wordlessly and sat down in the water. Leilani knelt behind him and started pouring water over his back and shoulders in paw-fulls.

"Those rabbits surely did not like you." She said as she massaged the water slowly into his skin.

The natural salt already started to make him feel better, and he even snorted his derision. "No...but I can't really blame them. I'm always paying for my parents' mistakes."

The sea otter nodded. "The Lewises." She caught his expression and shrugged. "Word travels swiftly on an island, my human friend."

"But it's not my fault!" Max whined and looked down. "I...I don't have anything against you furries at all. You're just different is all. I don't know why my family never saw that."

Leilani smiled and her full breasts pressed gently against his back as she washed more water over the boy's chest and stomach. "It is obvious you have nothing against us at all. You are letting me bathe you and not shriveling away in terror." She glanced at his groin and saw his erection jutting proudly, swollen and in full arousal. She giggled. "On the contrary, you seem to be doing the opposite."

"Wh-what?" Max asked, then gasped as a warm, wet, webbed paw came down and surrounded his member, giving it a squeeze. "O-Oh...that..."

The sea otter gently squeezed his flesh again, eliciting a soft whimper. "You humans are such a curious species to me. I have noticed it when I am swimming. Sometimes you will approach me and try to seduce me, and in some cases you will try to attack or even harm me." She laughed and realized she was still caressing his manhood. "Once, a human man swam up to me, and he was as hard as you were. He tried to have sex with me."

Max found himself leaning back against the otter, driven to distraction and pleasure from her paw's manipulations. "What...what...did you do?"

The sea otter bit on her bottom lip. "I let him. We were underwater quite a long time, but he eventually needed to swim up for air. He..." She ran her tongue over her lips. "He made several dives back to me before we decided the surface was safer for him. And then we...we finished. Then he swam away back to shore and I did not see him again."

By this time, Max was twitching hard, and his sex was pounding with blood between the otter's digits. He thought of several stories he had read online, of romantic trysts and lusty sexual escapades the furries were known for. "That must have been...a-amazing. Just like in some of the art and stories I've seen and read." He reached for Leilani's arm, eagerly wanting her to keep doing what she was doing to him.

"Max?" Leilani whispered, and then slowly brushed her whiskers along his cheek. "Do you need to cum?"

"Y-yes," came the breathless reply.

"Wait..." Leilani whispered again and then moved from behind the boy and came around until she could kneel into his lap. Carefully, her legs curled up and then around until they could get a firm hold on his waist. Then slowly she sat down in the water with him, grinding supple, swollen folds against his hardness exactly as Caroline had done earlier to him. But where Max had seen revulsion and terror in the bunny's ministrations, he saw lust and warmth in Leilani's. The sea otter then kissed him slowly, and there was no fur, no saliva, only the acrid taste of the ocean. Unconsciously, his arms moved until they could slide around her shoulders and steady her.

" you like me rubbing you?" she said gently to him as she kissed him again, this time sharing a bit of her tongue and taste. " my breasts, Max?"

She leaned her body forwards, mashing his throbbing manhood hard against her folds, grinding them in a sinewy, seductive lap dance, not so much like a serpent, but more like any of the beautiful hula girls he'd seen on television. Her bountiful breasts pushed forwards against the boy's face, until he could nuzzle them. As she let out a soft coo of pleasure, he gave one of them a kiss, and bristly dark fur went into his mouth. But instead of spitting it out, he parted his lips more to seize one of her nipples, giving it a firm tug.

"Ohhh!" Leilani suddenly shuddered in his lap, and her paw tucked down between her legs, grabbing Max's shaft and rubbing the tip up against her folds in slow circles. " that again. Please."

Max obliged and went at the girl's black teat like a hungry pup, earning gentle moans from her along with the wet sounds of his suckling. He felt the otter's paw around his member starting to jerk faster, and he whimpered again, close to orgasm.

Leilani realized his need as much as her own, and sped up her pace, twisting her paw around his member and pumping it as hard and as fast as she could. In another moment or two, she felt a spatter of wetness up against her folds as the boy climaxed and cried out, and let a gush of her own juices and scent release and spill out over the human's groin. She clung to him in the midst of her orgasms, and felt his arms holding around her throughout until both were trembling and breathless.

When they both had finished, and the boy was properly bathed again, Leilani took him out to a bit deeper water to immerse himself, then led him back to the beach to dry off and collect their clothes.

As they dressed, Max looked down at his laptop and sighed. "I'll have to deal with that."

Leilani smiled. "Such strange machines. I will never understand you humans and your need for them." She tied her sarong and then churred softly as Max caressed her tail. "What brought you to the beach in the first place, Max?" She turned and enfolded the shorter boy in her arms. "You should have known you would not be very welcome here."

"I screwed up, I guess," Max sighed. "I...I just thought maybe enough time had passed since the Lewis Trials and all. It's been almost a year since the incident." He rubbed his side, wincing. "I'd been so cooped up at campus, and they won't let me out for hardly anything. I can't ever really appear in public too much. They fear for my life and all. They're worried furries will attack me, maybe even kill me, even though it's against the Decrees. All thanks to what my delightful family did at this beach..."

Leilani sighed softly as well and nuzzled the top of his head. "I know. I was here when it happened."

Max's eyes widened and he looked up at her. "You were?"

"Mm-hmm." The otter caressed his back. "Your parents' band of humans did a lot of damage. They hurt several of my family members. They almost killed one of them. He still cannot move his tail so well. They assaulted this beach with their army and tried to force all of the furries off. There were all those arrests, and the authorities were everywhere. And of course, that led to some amendments to the Furry Decrees..."

Max nodded. "They made me learn them by heart in school."

Leilani smiled. "A furry cannot harm a human and a human cannot harm a furry. That was always the most important one."

Max frowned. "But...what about the second one?" He slowly flushed and his face turned red. "We...sort of...maybe broke that one."

The sea otter giggled. "We did not have sex. You did not penetrate inside of me with your flesh. We are safe." She casually brushed wet hair from her face, and to Max she was the most lovely creature in the world. "I gave you a bath after you were hurt and tended to your wounds, and this is all we have to say."

Max smiled and for the first time in his life grew bold and kissed her softly on the mouth. "Will I see you again soon?"

Leilani smiled back and tapped his nose. "That depends upon you, I suppose, and how much you desire to see the outside world you have been missing. Goodnight, Max." She kissed him again softly and walked away towards the water and the setting sun. Waving, she dove into the dark water and disappeared.

Max watched her go, then gathered up his ruined laptop and looked at it for some time, lost in thought.

She's right. It depends on me.

Smiling softly, he tossed his electronic life into the water and headed for his dorm.

To Be Continued...

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