Episode #3, Might, Magic and History

Story by deltroon1986 on SoFurry

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#3 of Hope for the Lost

Here's installment number three of "Hope for the Lost." Enjoy

Taking a moment to process the lioness' question before Anton shook his head. It didn't surprise Sakoura he didn't know much about this subject but, he listened. She asked him to keep quiet and his mind open until she finished with her tale. Giving him a moment to ready himself mentally for what was about to be revealed. When Anton gave the okay Sakoura began telling him about her family's sad fate.

The tone of her voice sounded neutral but, it carried this heavy burden. After all they've been through they've overcome every obstacle that's happened. It would seem this curse has been the one thing that's put a major strain on them. He couldn't blame any of them especially Va'lure for wanting to locate a cure. Something about the conditions of how the curse could be broken got Anton thinking.

Unfortunately Va'lure wouldn't accept anybody's help no matter what even his. "Now correct me if I'm wrong Va'lure, is not only the cause but, the source as well?" He asked. Sakoura agreed with his assessment and was curious as to where this was going. "Then why isn't your older sister looking within herself instead of those books. Perhaps the answers she's trying so hard to find are much closer to home." He stated.

Little did anybody realize that the tigress was listening to what he told Sakoura. Granted it was a logical plan of attack sadly it was something she's already tried. Quite frankly nothing this outsider suggests will help her find the answers to a cure. "From what I can remember the curse will only be broken if Va'lure falls in love. Or someone from the mage's bloodline comes along and removes the spell." Roselle replied.

"Unfortunately the mage's family tree sadly faded into history centuries ago. Leaving us with no other option to find the cure ourselves or find our sister a mate. To be perfectly honest Anton we're going to be stuck like this for all eternity. All because our sister just had to go and be a royal bitch to a guy that actually liked her." Neesha said. He couldn't blame the puma for her feelings, considering how Va'lure treated him.

"You know Anton you've been pretty sympathetic and understanding of our situation. Especially after all we've unfortunately put you through since coming here. After sharing your story about searching for your true calling and it's got me thinking. Perhaps this was fated to happen think about why else would you enter our lives. Keep in mind I'm speculating but, if you piece it what's happened it makes sense." Sakoura said.

The rusted colored lioness made a strong point as he quietly replayed events. Sure enough it made sense finding Tellara in the forest is what got the ball rolling. Yet this lingering doubt came out of nowhere and it didn't seem to have an answer. "What you've said Sakoura makes sense but, let's face it Va'lure wants me gone. I'm not going to stick around and be the source of friction between all of you." He replied.

"I understand hun let's face it we've given up trying to reason with our sister. We don't even bother anymore she so damn determined to find the cure by herself. Of course at first we found it admirable but, now it's evolved into this obsession. With her temper to top it all off my older sister is way overdue for an ass kicking." Sakoura informed. From the tone of her voice alone she knew that doing it would make things worse.

"My grandmother shared and lived by this old adage, kill them with kindness. I think doing such a thing will annoy her to no end at first but, she'll come around. Though with her personality it may take a while for you to notice any sort change." He said. When he shared that with them this strange smile appeared on Sakoura's face. Next the lioness got up from her seat, excused herself then she stepped outside.

Leaving Anton alone with Neesha, Roselle and Tellara inside the banquet hall. Fortunately for him Roselle and Tellara had other things to do so the pair left. Even though she was the second youngest of the group she made him feel uneasy. Naturally it wasn't deliberate just her appearance, stature and the subtle smell of ozone. It was that scent alone which told him she played with fire or excelled with fire magic.

Either way he made a note never to say or do the wrong thing around any of them. Not knowing what any of them are truly capable of when their buttons are pushed. Of course if it wasn't for Va'lure he wouldn't mind staying with these women. Despite the fact she expressidly wanted him gone and fast so he decided not to fight. Regardless of how much the others would prefer him to remain here in the village.

"You sure that everything is kosher, Anton because you look kinda distracted." Neesha said. Anton didn't want to lie to her or insult anyone so he decided to tell her the truth. "I can't blame you for how you feel about Va'lure but, you don't have to leave. Considering you're the first person in millennia that's come to our little village. Granted none of us will stop you from wanting to continue traveling." Neesha added.

With that she got up and left him alone in the building to think about his options. Staying wouldn't be in his best interest as Va'lure had put it when he first arrived. Naturally he didn't want to return home and is no closer to finding his calling. Not wanting to find out what the tigress would have planned if he chose to remain. Anton located all of his stuff then calmly made his way towards the nearest exit.

As he passed under the damaged archway Va'lure was waiting on the other side. The human paid the black tigress no attention and kept heading towards the road. Not before Va'lure had something to say that pushed him right over the edge. Spinning around to face the tall muscular feline then walked up to the tigress. Anton's never considered himself a violent person but, when push comes to shove.

He's certainly not afraid of letting his actions speak for him and she's gonna learn. Before the tigress even knew what happened as she found herself lying on her back. Blinking a few times to process just how in the hell she wound up on the ground. It was a major shock to her and Roselle who saw the whole series of events unfold. Apparently Anton underwent some extensive martial arts training while growing up.

"I'm truly sorry I had to do that Va'lure, I make it a point never to strike a woman. Unfortunately in your particular case you've been way overdue for a dose of humility. Know this I didn't take pleasure raising my hand to you sadly you gave me no choice." He stated. Wisely Va'lure patiently got up waiting to see if he was going to strike again. All he did was stand there looking deep and passively into her bright golden eyes.

Time seemed to stop even though his staring only lasted a mere few seconds. When the tigress came around Anton and Roselle had gone back into the village. The jaguar brought him to their parent's guest house where he could freshen up. It was one of very few buildings that was still in decent shape for a guest to stay. As for the rest of the village a majority of the buildings were in need of repairs.

Once he unpacked what he needed for tonight he went to find one of the sisters. Seeing as he's going to be staying for while might as well make himself useful. Fixing up the village would be a good way to start and stay out of Va'lure's way. Luckily Anton didn't have to look very far when he walked right into Tellara. They had been turning the corner at the same time and Anton ended up falling down.

Panicking that she may have hurt him she instantly knelt down to help him up. "I'm alright Tellara nothing's broken but, I'll probably have a bruise on my butt." He said. Purring softly as she watched him get up and brush the snow off his clothes. "Would you mind showing me around I'd like to know if anything needs repairs?" He asked. Doing her best to control her excitement as she eagerly escorted him around.

Every building she brought him to he wrote down what repairs they needed. Tellara saved the building Va'lure hides out in for last figuring she was inside. Luckily she wasn't so he made note of damages then returned to the guest house. While he made a list of supplies and tools he asked Tellara to go fetch Sakoura. With a bow the snow leopard left to go track her older sister down per his request.

According to his findings the buildings didn't need any foundation work. They needed internal and external work while two did require some structural repair. Nothing that was beyond what his great grandfather taught him before his passing. Of course there could be problems that he can't account for until he begins. Until he actually starts he'll try to work as flexibly as his knowledge allows.

Ten minutes later Tellara returned with Sakoura in tow then he asked her to sit. Once she sat down across from him, Anton told her what he was planning on doing. Sadly he was going to need a powerful hand gathering and moving the supplies. "Well, Tellara can help you gather everything you'll need to repair our village. Though as for the major heavy lifting I can help you with that no problem, hun." She stated.

"I still need to go over what supplies besides wood I may need for the repairs. Sadly it'll require a couple trips or more into town ten miles south of the forest. I'd ask one of you to come but, that might create more problems than you need." He replied. Sakoura didn't say anything nor did she try arguing knowing what would happen. People tend to either panic or simply try to kill what they clearly don't understand.

"Tellara will go with you as far as the tree line and will wait for you to return. She knows the forest better than anyone and she'll keep you from being harmed. If anything goes wrong between the forest and town you'll be on your own Anton." Sakoura said. Nodding in understanding then he told her, he'd be leaving early in the morning. Where he'd go and get everything he needed to repair their village as promised.

In the meantime he'd like to venture out into the forest to gather some wood. This way it's one less thing he'd have to worry about before going back to town. "Go north of the village the trees there should be suitable for making the repairs. Be careful the ones I'm talking about have some pretty nasty thorns on the trunk." She added. Tellara nodded but, it was clear to Sakoura she's eager to be alone with him.

Rolling her eyes at the sight and thinking to herself it must be nice to be young. Even though she wanted to have a little one on one time with the human as well. Sadly what the African Lioness had in mind for her guest didn't require clothing. Of course Anton knew better than to ask when he saw the look in her eyes. Considering he's seen that naughty look more than a few times with his ex-girlfriends.

Granted he was often tempted by their advances but, he'd always retreat. For some odd reason this time around he wouldn't mind giving up his virginity. Though it's way too soon to even consider such a thing with any of these women. Knowing that if he were to try they'd more than likely pound him into the ground. That wasn't the worse part Va'lure would more than likely kill him without thinking.

It's any wonder she hasn't made another attempt now that he's by himself. Despite the fact she'd have to contend with her younger siblings if she tried it. He wondered if someone ever breaks open that shell of hers what she's really like. Sadly that's one thing he'll probably never live to see but, than again fate is funny. "I'd better get myself ready to head out into the northern forest with Tellara." He said.

With that he grabbed everything he figured that he'd need and went to fetch her. Tellara was already waiting for him by the north archway then the pair headed out. While they walked he tried to strike up a conversation with the lovely snow leopard. Anton found it strange that she doesn't say much he figured she was being shy. The truth was Tellara was never much of a talker even while she was growing up.

Not saying she that couldn't she just prefers to share her opinion when it's important. Let's just say Anton found other things to occupy himself with as they walked. When you're with a tall, muscular and curvy woman there's plenty to look at. Naturally he kept his stares as undetectable as possible so it wouldn't offend the feline. Sadly what he didn't know is that Tellara caught onto him not long after they left.

Chuckling softly as she glanced over her shoulder and admired his physique. Not too skinny or fat, good muscle tone and not to mention lovely hazel green eyes. For some reason she wondered what he had hidden inside the pants he's wearing. She scolded herself for even having such a thought and refocused on their work. Before he notices and things get awkward between them and it scares him off.

Luckily they reached a cluster of thorned trees right where Sakoura told them. Removing the bail of rope from his body then placed it down and grabbed his axe. "I'm going to cut enough thorns off which should give you plenty of room to strike." He said. Tellara watched him try to hack them off when he barely made a dent in one. She pulled aside her dress revealing a big knife then unclasped the security strap

Grasping the handle next she pulled the curved serrated blade from its holster. "Use this instead of your axe the cutting edge on will cut through those thorns." She replied. Taking the weapon from her suddenly without warning he nearly fell on his face. The poor human clearly wasn't prepared for the weight of such a large weapon. Simply holding Tellara's knife correctly took a great deal of effort on his part.

Seeing this Tellara took her blade back and hacked enough thorns off the trunk. She did this to six trees then with a flick of her wrist her claws cut the trees down. From there they cut the trees to a more manageable size then bundled them together. "Hey, Tellara would you mind using your ice magic to create a sled?" He wondered. His idea would certainly make hauling all these logs back to the village easier.

"Using my magic isn't a problem but, the item you mentioned I never seen one." She replied. He agreed to help her craft it by instructing her as she summoned her powers. Anton took it step by step and made sure to speak clearly while she worked. Fifteen minutes later the large toboggan was complete and loaded with the trees. Next they properly secured them to the sled from there they made their way back.

By the time they passed under the archway Tellara suddenly smelled blood. Quickly checking herself for any cuts besides the ones she received earlier today. Until the scent was coming from directly behind her then she rushed to his side. Without realizing it Anton must've brushed against one of the trees and got cut. Calling Va'lure to come quickly by doing so it alerted everybody to the situation.

When the tigress arrived Tellara had Anton lay down with his injured side up. Grabbing a handful of clean snow she gently cleaned it then Va'lure refused to help. Luckily it was short lived when Tellara flew to her feet and gave her a hard uppercut. That wasn't the only thing to happen in that instant as Va'lure's outfit came apart. Tellara's fur was standing on end and she dared her eldest sibling to stand back up.

Sakoura didn't waste anytime intervening before things escalated any further. Though it took a lot of effort to get Tellara to calm down and think rationally again. Meanwhile Neesha had Anton bit on a piece of leather then corderized his wound. Roselle and her picked him up then carried him back to the guest house to recover. As for Va'lure she slithered her butt naked body back inside the village library.

With his injury fixing the village would have to wait until it heals properly. That didn't mean he couldn't find something else to keep himself busy with. His mother had taught him sewing in the event he ever tore a shirt, pants or worse. Seeing as he's bed ridden for now he might as well make them some new clothes. Unfortunately before he could attempt this he needed to get their measurements.

That would certainly make things far too uncomfortable for all parties involved. In order for him to make clothes that would fit them properly he had no choice. Unless he asks them to undress in private then gets am idea from their clothing. Perhaps Roselle could assist him on this venture before things get carried away. As luck would have it she knocked on the door just as the idea entered his mind.

"I brought some medicine that'll ease whatever pain you might be feeling. Along with something sweet I just pulled out of the oven a little while ago." She said. Next she asked Anton to lift up his shirt so she could apply the herbal paste. It was cold to the touch then warmed up slowly melting away his discomfort. "Roselle I need to ask you something but, I'm not sure if I'm overstepping myself." He replied.

Once she finished applying the medicine she took a seat and had him speak. "Alright, seeing as I can't do much in the way of repairs to the village and stuff. I figured to use this time to repair or make completely new outfits for all of you. The problem I've got is I'd have to measure each of you or the clothes won't fit properly. No offense but, I highly doubt there's any fabric lying around to make them." He stated.

"Hmm? There might be something you could use but, I'd need to look around. Right now I don't want you doing much of anything at least until tomorrow, okay." She replied. The tone in Roselle's voice told him that she wasn't going to debate this with him. Honestly Anton didn't want to argue with her considering her lightning magic. She assured Anton that she wouldn't use it unless there was no other option.

With that the pair moved onto other topics of conversation until she had to go. Gathering all that lumber had taken longer than they realized and missed having lunch. According to Roselle it'd be a little while before dinner was cook hence the snack. This would tide him over until later this evening when someone brings him dinner. Kissing his forehead before leaving him alone to enjoy the snack she made him.

<Strange you're the middle child of this group but, you act like the mother. What I find amazing is that you're single surely you had someone at some point. Men should've been pouring themselves at you from the moment you turned sixteen. Though I've got to admit you, Tellara, Neesha and Sakoura are truly special. Even Va'lure has some good traits if you can ignore that raging temper of hers.> He thought.

All of sudden this loud knock ebbed from the door making the human jump. He granted them permission to open and when it did Neesha was on the other side. In her arms was what looked like rolls of fabric and a very old wooden sewing kit. "So Anton you're planning on making all of us some new clothes, huh? Now will they be traditional, modern or will they be naughty and revealing?" She wondered.

To be continued.

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