Brightwood Academy Boys Part 2

Story by Leakypup on SoFurry

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#2 of Brightwood Academy Boys

This is chapter two of my Brightwood Academy boy's. I hope you all like it! Hopefully I will have other stories out soon.

The next morning Mr. Cobb woke all four of his boys early for an appointment with Dr. Yeager. Benjamin bolted awake in the throes of a wild dream. He tried to piece to together from the scraps he was left with now that he was awake. He was alone with Mr. Cobb, his Daddy, he was getting a spanking for doing something wrong. Homework he thought, but when the spanking ended the big bunny put him over the arm of that huge overstuffed chair in his room and started rail the bunny's tight little ass.

The young rabbit was not used to having such sexy dreams let alone one that detailed. It almost felt real. Somehow he had even managed to hump his bed enough to cum. He could feel the slickness on his tip as he rubbed up against the bed. He hoped that Daddy would not be mad.

The big rabbit got the groggy big cubs into their uniforms, still only in their soggy diapers from the waist down of course. Mr. Cobb did not bother changing them into fresh diapers, simply explaining that none of them were ready for a change. He was very pleased to find four creamy diaper fronts like he expected. As if to add to their humiliation Mr. Cobb dressed each of them in onesie to that went under their clothes hold their diapers up. Benjamin was not sure if it was a joke when he saw it at first because the crotch had the school logo embroidered in baby blue and the mascot on the rear.

Benjamin was going to throw a fit when it became clear that the big hare was going to take them out with no pants on but he was mollified with his stuffie and it didn't seem so bad if he could take Mr. Bun.

Once all four were ready Mr. Cobb lead the way to the infirmary. "Ok boys all four of you were very naughty last night and I don't think I can trust you not to keep getting in trouble. Dr. Yeager is going to make sure that you are well behaved for me..."

"W-what do you mean?" Mack asked terrified, it sounded so ominous.

"Nothing too scary sweetheart. You four can't seem to keep your weenies under control so we are going to lock them up. Not forever I promise. Just a bit of a time out. Benjamin was the only one that didn't fib to me so he is going to get one supervised release a day.

The bunny boy could feel his ears burning as his caretaker talked about him. The other boys started complaining that he was going to be the only one allowed to cum during their time out. After a threat to double their time out, it mostly stopped

There was a painfully awkward wait outside of Dr. Yeager's office. There were other boys with their caretakers waiting to see the doctor for one reason or another. Most of them had their plushies with them as well.

No one spoke while they waited for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually there was a bit of a commotion as the doors opened and Mr. Ramsey dragged Teri sobbing out of Dr. Yeager's office. The tiger boy was buck naked except for a metal cage locked over his bits. As he was let through the waiting room it became clear he had something wedged between his butt cheeks. Benjamin could not imagine it being anything besides a butt plug.

Mr. Ramsey stopped only long enough to give a Mr. Cobb a knowing nod. He had several bright pink diapers stuffed under one arm. "Come on princess, we need to get you changed." The big tiger said as he led the smaller one away. It was proving a little difficult to deal with the large baby tiger though.

"Would you mind giving me a hand?" Mr. Ramsey asked the big rabbit care taker.

Mr. Cob turned to his boys and raised an eyebrow. "I am going to help Mr. Ramsey, now I want you to behave while I am gone this won't take long."

The boys nodded quickly and kept their muzzles shut until Daddy left them by on their own. It was almost surreal but after another tight squeeze of his stuffed bunny Benjamin just felt bad for the tiger boy. He must have been very naughty.

Mack was the first one to speak up once they were alone. "D-do you guys think they are going to mount him?"

Benjamin just scoffed. "They don't actually do that! Do they? I mean Mr. Cobb hasn't." He bit his lip thinking about the naughty dream he'd had the night before. Daddy spanking him then mounting him hard until he fired off a creamy load into the bunny's rump. He was getting hard just remembering it.

"Would you want them to?" Russ asked noticing the big red panda rubbing the front of his diaper uselessly.

Mack blushed and rubbed the lump in his diaper harder. "Well I mean, I always kind of liked older guys. Mr. Cobb is um, really hot. I have been having dreams about him using my undertail, a lot. You guys have seen that bulge of his, I bet he is huge."

Gabe let out a soft little grunt and started to flush hotly. "Ever since I got here I have been waiting to snuggle with Daddy. I don't even mind the diapers." He said trying to hide behind his stuffed teddy.

Benjamin laughed. "Mr. Stapleton said you liked this stuff. Did you know that they were going to put you in diapers and spank you?"

"Y-you didn't? I mean it was right in the paperwork." The piggy said looking surprised. The other three boys were shocked that Gabe seemed to okay with the punishments he was getting at Brightwood.

"No! You didn't actually read that whole thing did you? It was huge!" Russ asked incredulously.

"You didn't?" Gabe was looking more and more humiliated.

Mack pulled the piggy into his lap and stated to grind his tented diaper front into Gabe's rear. "So you were a little diaper pig before this huh? I bet you jerked off in wet diapers all the time. I see how hard you get every time Daddy changes you. I bet you are dying to have him dump a load in your chubby ass huh?"

"Watch your language Mack! That is one demerit for bad language and two for getting frisky in the halls." All four boys nearly jumped out of their seats. None of them had hear Mr. Cobb return. He had Teri and Mr. Ramsey with him.

The big tiger caretaker smirked. "Teri here wanted to apologize to you and the nice Doctor for throwing a fit.

Teri stepped forward wearing nothing but one of the fluffy pink diapers his Daddy had put him in and spun around so they could see him. It looked very practiced and was clearly part of his punishment. There was red marker scribbles on the front that read "Princess". The seat said, "Daddy's little girl."

"I am sorry I was throwing a tantrum." He said barely above a whisper.

Satisfied with his attempt at an apology Mr. Ramsay patted the tiger on the rump. "Why don't you go show Dr. Yeager how sorry you are like I taught you sweetie. I will wait here with the boys."

Teri was hesitant at first but he slunk over to the door and knocked before slipping inside. The walls were thick enough that whatever was going in inside could not be heard. Mr. Ramsey sat down next to Mack and gave the red panda hug before checking the lump in the boy's diaper. "Best get that under control cubby."

"You know three of my boys were not a fit for the program they are headed back tonight. We could always do a blended Quad like we did a few years ago. It will get good for Teri to room with the boys, besides he seemed to like you well enough. I am sure he won't mind either. Naughty little kitty seems to like the attention. "

"He is already phase II right? None of my boys are yet. As long as you are ok with helping with that, I can talk to the principal later." Mr. Cobb sad cryptically. The conversation was not meant for the boys but there was no reason to hide it from them. They would not know the terminology.

There was what sounded like a loud grunt coming from the Dr.'s office and after a few more minutes Teri slipped out with a big grin on his muzzle. "He liked my apology!"

"I knew he would Princess now let's go get you dressed and fed before your classes start."

The polar bear doctor's head poked out of his office door. "Mr. Cobb why don't you come on in. I hear you have some boys that need to be put into time out."

The big rabbit just nodded and herded his boys into the large examination room. They tried to drag their heels but it wasn't going to do anything but delay the inevitable. Benjamin didn't really remember the examination room very well. He passed out last time he was in here and it was making him very uncomfortable. There were six big examination tables and plenty of room to help multiple boys as once.

After getting the boys settled. Mr. Yeager got to work getting them undressed and out of their soggy diapers. Daddy just smiled when he got a better look at their for cummy diapers. Dr. Yeager seemed more amused than anything that they had been naughty

With Mr. Cobb's help the polar bear got them all cleaned up and their fur dry. "Ok boys you were very naughty so your weenies are going into time out. Now if you fuss you are going to get a cage that is not comfortable, so just let me do this and you will be ok."

Dr. Yeager started with Mack and Gabe. The red panda was surprisingly well endowed even when soft so it took a bit to find a chastity cage that would fit his thick member. The piggy on the other hand was very small when soft except his big heavy pig nuts. The doctor actually had to get him hard to make sure that he was not going to put him in a cage that would not pinch if he got a stiffy.

Russ was almost in tears as he got his thick weenie locked up as well. He was a bit above average in girth so it took a little while to fit him. Benjamin was the odd one out he was about as average as it gets, if a bit on the small end of average.

While the doctor worked on the other boy's Mr. Cobb had laid Benjamin on his back and started to rub his tummy.

"You want to make a sticky before you get locked up? It has to be supervised for the time being. This is your reward for being a good boy and fessing up to your mistakes." The big hare asked with a warm smile.

The little bun wanted to say no but something about the way Daddy was taking care of him made him want to feel the rabbit touching him. "A-Are they going to watch?"

The big hare laughed and tugged on the buns puckered foreskin making it stretch. "Well probably. It is as much a lesson for them as a reward for you. They need to see what happens if you don't lie to Daddy and tell him when you have been bad."

"I'm still in trouble though!" Benjamin complained.

"Yes but you are going to get to cum at least once every day. They are going to be locked up for quite a while and won't be able to come at all." Mr. Cobb corrected.

Benjamin still wanted to say no but Mr. Cobb just started jerking him off in long slow strokes. The little bun felt his resistance melt away as one big powerful paw held him down to the table while the other teased his very erect cock.

"That is my good baby." Mr. Cobb rumbled as he slowly started to stroke the bunny off while the other boy's got fitted with their cages. It took Benjamin a humiliatingly short amount of time before he felt his climax building. Knowing that the other boys and the doctor could watch him spurt just made him more excited.

When he finally exploded into Mr. Cobb's paw Benjamin cried out and spasmed. Thick ropes of bunny seed painted his belly as his Daddy milked him.

"Such a good boy. You get one of those every day while you are locked up. If you get out of your cage or do something else naughty you might get them taken away.

The bunny just nodded and shuddered as his Daddy cleaned up the cummy mess. When he was finished Mr. Cobb gave the bun's little cock a kiss and then pulled him into a hug.

Benjamin was so spent from being jerked of he barely protested as the doctor locked his cock and balls away in a chastity cage then diapered him back up. After getting his onesies' crotch snapped closed. He slowly raised himself up off of the examination table and gave his Daddy a hug. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the moment.

"Thank you Daddy." He says keeping his voice low.

"Don't worry about it squirt. Why don't we go get some breakfast in your tummy and then we get you little troublemakers to your classes." The big hare said helping Benjamin off the table.

They rest of the morning was filled with humiliating stares as they had to eat breakfast in just their diapers and onesies. At least they were not as un-lucky as Teri who they found eating breakfast in his pink diaper. The writing on his diaper was still in plain view. When asked why he didn't get any clothes, Mr. Ramsey explained that they little tiger had pitched a fit when he was getting dressed so he didn't get any clothes that day.

Classes were long and boring, they just seemed to be getting harder. The boy did notice that more and more of the boys were ending up in diapers with each class. By the end of classes all five of the boys, including Teri had managed to get themselves into trouble.

Benjamin had fallen asleep in class and had to take 3 demerits worth of spanks in front of the whole class. In English Gabe and Mack had been caught passing notes about Mr. Cobb and what they thought he was hiding in his pants. The teacher stripped them down to their fur and chastity cages and made them read their notes in front of the whole class. Benjamin was pretty sure the teacher was jerking off behind his desk as the boys had to read off their notes. Then he gave them both a few swats and sent them back to their chairs nude for the rest of the class. Only diapering them back up and getting them dressed at the end of class.

Poor Russ got the worst when he was caught using a school computer to look at porn and hump his plushie. Benjamin couldn't imagine why. He was still locked up. It wasn't like he could come anyway. No one seemed to know how he broke the security on the computer. He had to take five demerits all at once and the teacher insisted on using a paddle to deliver the punishment. After a few choice swears he got three more demerits and sent to the vice principal.

It seemed so strange to Benjamin that they were all getting in trouble. They knew what would happen if they broke the rules, none of them seemed to be able to curb their childish inhibitions though. They were not the only ones either. As the day progressed it seemed like the whole class was keeping the staff busy dishing out punishments.

That night Mr. Cobb formally introduced Teri to the boys as now being part of his Quad. Both he and Mr. Ramsey were going to be their caretakers from now on. Teri didn't have his own bed in the quad so he was going to be sharing a bed with someone each night. Benjamin was glad he was not the first to bed with the tiger. Not because he didn't like him but because it was embarrassing getting told to sleep with another boy.

Russ got to sleep with him first and there was lots of snuggling and crinkling under the covers but locked up tight neither boy was going to be able to get off.

The rest of the week seemed to be the same day on repeat. Every day they went to classes and tried to learn but almost always ended up in trouble of some kind. Benjamin got his daily hand job from Daddy Cobb or Daddy Ramsey while the other boys got to watch. They always made sure to point out it was a reward for admitting what he had done wrong.

Teri seemed to spend a lot of time alone with Daddy Ramsey though the other boys just seemed to think it was normal. The tiger had been transferred to Brightwood earlier than some of the other boys. He had been there for almost a month already waiting for the new class to starts. Their first weekend was spent doing nothing but chores under the watchful eye of the stallion that ran the kitchen.

When it was Benjamin's turn to share a bed with Teri he was pretty excited. Even with the chastity cages it was fun to snuggle with someone warm. The young tiger had put on a few pounds since coming to the school and his once muscular frame was becoming softer. Benjamin very much appreciated Teri's new look. Unlike the other boys he woke a pink diaper most of the time usually with something humiliating scrawled on it by Mr. Ramsey.

Teri was far from shy about snuggling and backed up against Benjamin almost as soon as he slipped under the covers. His fluffy pink diaper with "Princess" written on it crinkled as he rubbed against Benjamin.

The young rabbit has no trouble falling asleep with the cute tiger in his arms. More often than not he ended up in a similar position with Russ on the nights that Teri was sleeping with Gabe or Mack. Only Russ was almost also the big spoon.

Both boys dreamed of happier times when they were cubs. How carefree their lives were before they made the decisions that brought them to Brightwood. When sunlight finally started to break through the window there was a familiar knock on the door and Mr. Cobb let himself in.

The large hare gently woke Russ and helped him out of bed. It seemed that he had leaked all over the bed and was starting to sniffle. "It is ok sweetie we will get it take care of while you are in classes. Now let's get you clean." He turned to Benjamin and Teri and gently kissed them awake. "Mr. Ramsay will be here in just a moment to get you to going. He is with Gabe and Mack. You have a few more minutes. "

Benjamin squirmed dreamily, only half awake. His cock was straining in his cock cage and ached for attention it probably wasn't going to get. The past few days Daddy Cobb was making him wait before bed before jerking him off.

The young rabbit was gently humping the seat of Teri's diaper when Mr. Ramsay came for them. The big tiger let out a soft happy growl when he saw them still clinging together. "Don't you two just look adorable?"

"Nuh uh..." Benjamin replied sleepily.

"Yes you are... just look at you. All worked up and humpy. You are just going to make yourself more frustrated. Poor Teri is probably all worked up too and neither of you is going to get to cum today." Mr. Ramsay said with a chuckle.

"N-no fair! You said! I mean... Please Daddy. You promised." Benjamin was suddenly wide awake after hearing that he was not going to be allowed to cum that day.

"I know what I promised cubby, I told you that if you brought home A's and B's on your homework and didn't get into trouble in your classes I would let you squirt twice today. You didn't get into trouble but Mr. Carlton told me something interesting at breakfast. He told me that you only got a D in geography... not the B that you showed me."

Benjamin was starting to tear up. He had been caught red handed changing the grade on his homework. "I-I just need to squirt! I studied real hard but, I can't remember anything when the test is in front of me."

Teri felt his heart breaking for the cute bunny boy he has been snuggling. He gave Benjamin a comforting hug. Teri wondered how many demerits the rabbit was going to get. He didn't envy him in the slightest.

"That is not an excuse to lie to me cub... There is no acceptable excuse for that ever." The tiger reprimanded before turning to Teri. "Mr. Carlton also told me that you were late for class again. I told you what would happen if you were late again."

Teri gulped and squirmed, his cock throbbed to life in his chastity cage. He just nodded in response.

Now let's get you both into the showers then I will deal with punishing you." The tiger set to work stripping both boy's naked then sent them down to the communal showers with just towels to hide their chastity cages.

It was always a humiliating ordeal getting showered in their chastity cages. It made it extra frustrating now that many of the boys took advantage of their shower time naughty privileges. They had to wash and try not to stare as students fucked in the shower cubical or jerked off in front of everyone. Once one of the horse caretakers had gotten in with the boy's and ended up painting the wall with thick horse cum. The boy's had talked about it for days.

Today they had to shower with Mr. Ramsey who insisted on washing them up so he could take their cages off to clean them before locking them back up. Both Teri and Benjamin were rock hard almost the instant that they were let out of their cages which made getting them back on a lot more challenging. It didn't help that the tiger's big gorgeous cock was on display in the showers the whole time he cleaned them. Eventually the big tiger managed to get them locked back up while it felt like half the locker room were starting at them.

Popping them both on the bare ass Mr. Ramsay sent them both to his own bedroom telling them that he would meet them there. Both of them felt silly having to wait outside Mr. Ramsay's room buck naked while other boys who had been allowed clothes walked past snickering until the big tiger showed up holding a stack of clothes.

Daddy Ramsey led them into his room and set down the clothes. "Benjamin you first. You lied to me and Daddy Cobb about your grades. You are losing your cumming privileges for the rest of the week. You are also going to take four demerits now and four in Mr. Carlton's class."

Benjamin was sniffling again but didn't protest. He knew it would just result in more demerits. Teri was sitting on Mr. Ramsay's bed with his tail curled over his bits. When the big tiger turned to him he blushes hotly.

"Teri I told you that if you were late again you were going to have to be punished. You are going to start wearing this. Obviously you do not stand out enough if you keep sneaking off." Mr. Ramsay says holding up a school uniform, it took Benjamin a second to realize what was different about it with the still folded. It was a girls uniform with a skirt and everything.

The young bunny almost laughed when he saw it but a withering glare from Mr. Ramsay kept him quiet. Besides his punishment was first. The caretaker hauled him over his lap buck naked and started to deliver is punishment. Benjamin mentally counted out all 40 swats between sobs. It didn't hurt as much as a belt but getting put naked over Daddy's knee always seemed to have him sobbing after a few swats.

When it was over Mr. Ramsay gave him lots of kisses and hugs until he stopped sobbing then dressed him in his uniform. He even got to wear something over his poofy diaper. Even if it was snap crotch shorts for easy changes.

The big tiger caretaker made him then go put his nose in the corner while he dressed Teri. The younger tiger barely put up a fight until he was getting the skirt put onto him and something snapped. "I am not a girl! You can't do this. I am a big man! Not a little sissy girl!'

"You are a very naughty little tiger and since you can't behave you are going to be treated like a little sissy. If you don't stop fussing you will be sorry." Mr. Ramsay growled.

"B-but I am not a sissy..." Teri said with a whimper, the fight was going out of him.

"Shhhh yes you are sweetie. I see how stiff your weenie gets when you get your pink diapers. I don't see you get like that with the white ones. You like being a sissy and that is ok." The big tiger whispered just loud enough that Benjamin could hear.

"N-no I don't I hate it the other boy's tease me." Teri said starting to cry.

"Hush you see how the other boy's look at you. They tease you but they think you are cute. It would be impossible not to." Mr. Ramsey said hugging Teri.

"But I want to be a big boy again." The boy's voice was barely a squeak.

"Here sweetie hold onto Stripes for me." The big tiger said handing Teri his plushie. "Sweetie you are going to love being a little sissy as soon as the other boy's get their cages off. We talked about this didn't we? You were so excited to be the quad's sissy boy. Getting to raise tail for them whenever they want." The caretaker said in a teasing voice.

"Daaaaaddy. He can hear..." Teri said with a sniffle but he was grinning.

"So what? As soon as he gets his cummy privileges back he is going to hear all about it." Mr. Ramsay said with a grin.

Benjamin gulped. He didn't realize that Teri has been so excited to join their quad and raise tail for them. He was suddenly very sad that he had gotten in trouble again.

The conversation got quieter again and Benjamin could not hear them whispering as the caretaker finished dressing his sissy in the girls uniform. When Benjamin was finally allowed to turn around Teri was blushing and dancing from foot to foot nervously. The skirt was short enough that his diaper poked out the back and front. Letting everyone know if the sissy needed a change or not.

"Doesn't he look cute?" Mr. Ramsay asked grinning from ear to ear.

"Yeah..." Benjamin said with a blush. Teri really did look cute dressed like that. He couldn't wait until he got some alone time with the tiger once his cage was off.

Teri brushed a lock of hair from his face which Mr. Ramsay helpfully pinned down with a pink hair beret.

"Okay let's get you both to breakfast and then classes."

Benjamin lost track of Teri after breakfast until they had their last two classes together. The bunny had expected to see Teri looking humiliated when he came into class dressed as in a girl's uniform and a bright pink diaper but he looked happier now than when he was the big manly tiger he first met.

After a few days of wearing the girl's uniform Benjamin started to assume that was just how Teri was going to stay. Both he and his caretaker seemed happy with the change. Teri had stopped skipping class and was getting better grades then Benjamin. It was just another strange thing going on in a very strange school.

The strangest thing of all was Benjamin's naughty dreams about his caretakers never seemed to stop. More than once he woke up to a creamed chastity cage. He tried not to think about it too much but the dreams were too vivid he could not discount them as just dreams. He brought it up once to Mr. Cobb but the big rabbit just sent him to Mr. Yeager for a checkup and after a lot of strange tests the polar bear waived it away saying that he had just been in chastity for a long time and it was natural. Benjamin had to concede that he had never had his orgasms controlled like this but he had been getting at least one a day until he lied to Mr. Ramsey and he was really pent up. Still a little suspicious he let the issue drop though.

Their second week went by in a blur of school and chores. The days all seemed to run together. That weekend at Brightwood was when everything seemed to change. Their Daddies let them out of their chastity cages with the instruction that they were only allowed to play with the other boys in their quad. The boys took it to with gusto in the mornings and after classes. The paired off in every combination several times. Only Teri seemed to exclusively a bottom. The rest of the boys took turns using each other's rumps.

It was Thursday when Benjamin got into real trouble at the school. Convinced there was more to the regression and punishments he was determined to find out what happened to the older boys. The not so stealthy rabbit managed to sneak out on his last two classes but was quickly caught by one of the guards sneaking into restricted areas were the older boys were taking their classes. Benjamin was only able to peek in one window before was collared.

It seemed like the classes he was taking except there were no desks. Just boys sitting around on a colorful padded floor. There were all in diapers. One of the boys looked like he was getting changed but the teacher had his cock hanging out of his pants and was starting to work it under the boy's tail.

Benjamin was watching the teacher's huge equine cock sink under the boy's tail when he was caught and suddenly drug into the councilor's office. The bunny was more upset that he didn't get to see more before he was caught, than actually getting caught. Mr. Cob was waiting from him in the councilor's office, taking to Mr. Stapleton. Benjamin's heart was pounding as the big bull let out a low growl. "You have been very naughty Mr. Ward. We only have a few serious rules here. Things that can get you kicked out of the program. Fighting is one. The other is going into restricted areas.... Tell me what did you see?"

"You guys are perverts... that boy was getting humped. Everyone was just watching..." Benjamin started to stammer.

"He was a bad boy like you. He was up to no good and his teacher decided he needed a reminder that he is just a little diaper boy." Mr. Stapleton said almost snarling.

"Spanking I get, but he was getting fucked!" The bunny yelled louder than he should have.

"Language Benjamin! Do you need repeat of your last visit to my office?" Mr. Stapleton said stripping his suit jacked off and laying it across the table.

Benjamin was starting to have flashbacks to the last time that this happened and the mere thought of it made his add sting. "Y-you can't do this..."

"We can and we do Mr. Ward... We do have your permission after all. It is all in the contract you signed to be enrolled in his program." It was not the first time the bull had needed to have this conversation with one of his boys.

"T-that was just paperwork... I mean you can't really consent to that!" Benjamin pleaded, noticing that the big rabbit was unfastening his belt.

"Why don't you take a look at this Mr. Ward?" Mr. Stapleton said turning his laptop around so the bunny see the screen.

Benjamin felt a lump form in his throat when he saw his own face starting back at him. The councilor hit play and the recording started to speak.

"I Benjamin Ward, of sound mind and judgment do consent to...." Benjamin couldn't focus, over the sound of his own heartbeat hammering in his ears. There he was on the screen agreeing to every filthy depraved thing they had planned for him, and he had no memory of doing it. It had clearly been made while he was in lock up.

"That is fake! I never agreed to this! I wouldn't! You did something to me!" The diapered bunny was almost in tears.

"Just watch until the end Benjamin. It will make more sense then." Mr. Cobb said putting a reassuring paw on his shoulder.

"... I also agree to have any and all memories of his blocked to aid in my rehabilitation and consent to further memory adjustments should they be needed as deemed necessary by Brightwood Academy." When the recording was over a familiar big rabbit briefly came into view before shutting off the camera.

Benjamin got very quiet and looked up at Mr. Cobb with big sad eyes. "Why would I do that? I can't even keep from pissing my pant anymore! Now you want to... do those things."

"We do it because, even though we can help you feel little again we can't take away your naughty urges. Boys behave more when they have a Daddy to focus those urges towards." Mr. Cobb said trying to explain.

"B-but I..." Benjamin wanted to say that he didn't like the big hare and he didn't have any urges but like the rest of the boys, in his little headspace he had trouble lying to an authority figure.

"I was the one who recruited you Benjamin and you knew everything that was going to happen to you and you still agreed. I promised never to hurt you besides disciplining you when necessary, I intend to keep that promise. We took away those memories because it is easier to mold you into a productive citizen if you don't have regrets. Many boys would quit long before their rehabilitation was over if they knew that we have to work with your consent." Mr. Cobb said as he gently rubbed the back of Benjamin's head.

Mr. Cobb slowly moved around to Benjamin's front and loomed over the seated bun. The big hare's pants were hanging open. A hint of his long foreskin poked out of the fly of his boxers. The young rabbit could smell his Daddy's arousal and his deep conditioning started to kick in. He was here to service that big cock. That is what good baby bun's did. He wanted to reach out and touch it. To fondle, suck, and pleasure his Daddy. Part of him was still holding back though. Holding onto the part of him that was a big strong willed young man. A rabbit who had a hard life and was tough as nails. It was losing though. He wanted so badly to be a good baby boy for his Daddy.

Casting as glance to Mr. Stapleton, the bull offered no solace. Only a curious intense look. He was waiting to see if Benjamin's conditioning would win out.

"It is ok baby. I know you want to... Show Daddy what you want." Mr. Cobb said gently petting his boys face. "This isn't so different from when you had your chastity cage on and Daddy was jerking you is it? Just reversed."

Benjamin let out a pitiful whimper and slowly his paws reached out for the fat member dangling in front of his face. Delicately he tugged it free of the boxers and started to stoke back the hood. Leaning forward he gave it a tender kiss on the shiny knob.

"Oh.... Very good baby." Mr. Cobb rumbled happily as he begin to saw his hips and feed his boy more of his fat cock.

Trying desperately to ignore the fact that the councilor was watching him blow his Daddy. Benjamin turned all his attention to servicing the big cock in his muzzle. Both paws worked his thick length while his tongue worked the knob.

Just when Benjamin was getting his rhythm going his Daddy pulled his drooling cock from the boy's lips and smiled at him. "That was very good boy. You are still in trouble though... and that means you are going to learn a new type of punishment." Mr. Cobb hoisted him out of the chair by his collar with one hand and bent him over Mr. Stapleton's desk. The rabbit jabbed a thumb into the seat of Benjamin's diaper and ripped a big hole in it.

Benjamin was already starting to panic again when a huge brown cock bumped his nose. The bulls scent was even stronger than Daddy. A long rope of precum was drooling from the tip. The big bull gently guided his lips to the drooling cock tip. The bunny tried to turn away but the bull kept a firm paw on the back of his head and rubbed his long puckered foreskin in the bunny's clenched lips.

Suddenly Benjamin let out a gasp when he felt Mr. Cobb's member work its way between his cheeks, and before he could recover the bulls cock was shoved into his muzzle. He tried to pull away but both big men were holding him down to the desk as they entered him from both ends.

"That is it boy. You treat Mr. Stapleton nice... Careful of your teeth boy." Mr. Cobb reminded. It was especially important for rabbits to remember.

The little bunny could not believe how thick Mr. Cobb felt as he slid this thick member deep into his hole. After getting free reign with the other boys in the quad his tight little pucker had gotten a bit of a work out but it still felt huge. Thicker than even Mack, and that slab of red panda meat was impressive.

The worst part was Benjamin wanted to hate it, he wanted to hate them for what they were doing to him but he couldn't. It felt too good. It felt right. Something deep down inside him was streaming to him that it was only the conditioning. The brainwashing. He just couldn't bring himself to care. His Daddy was using him his hole and forcing him to fuck his own soggy diaper with each thrust and gods damn it, he was loving it.

With a soft grunt Mr. Cobb started to pick up his pace. "Going to breed you boy... you need a reminder of who is in charge around here. Having a thick creamy load under your tail all day will do that nicely."

Benjamin wanted to curl up into a ball of embarrassment but the bull kept him focused on sucking his big uncut pole. He had gotten pretty good at it with the other boys and actually caught himself trying to show off for Daddy. His efforts were clearly appreciated by Mr. Stapleton who ended up blowing his thick load into the boy's muzzle well before Mr. Cobb was finished. He milked out every last drop into the Benjamin's thirsty muzzle.

"That is a good boy. Very good..." Mr. Stapleton rumbled as he pumped out the last few shots of cum.

Looking up with a grin he smiled and wiggled his little spade tail. Obviously proud for making the bull feel good.

Mr. Cobb's firm paw grabbed Benjamin by his shoulder and started to pull him back into his hard thrusts. Each slap making his soggy diaper crinkle and squish. Benjamin moaned as he was driven down into the soft squishy diaper front and forced to fuck it. It felt so good to be Daddy's diaper boy. With sharp grunt and a low moan Mr. Cobb started to flood his ass with warm rabbit seed. It seemed almost as endless as the huge load the bull had fed him. The big hare didn't even slow down his thrusting until well after the last rope of bunny seed squirted into Benjamin's rump.

Mr. Cobb leaned down and kissed his little bun. "Did you make a squirty cubby?" A big paw groped between Benjamin's legs to tease his little pecker through the soggy padding.

"Y-yes sir..." Benjamin was not sure exactly when he came. All of the sensations he was feeling had blended together into one amazing body high but he could feel the creamy mess in the front of his diaper.

"Good baby." The big bunny rumbled as he slipped his big dick from Benjamin's rump and patted him on the seat. After inspecting the damage to the ripped diaper he continued. "You need a fresh diaper though. Papa got a little worked up and this one won't hold up much longer."

Benjamin was still feeling numb and shocked from his sudden "punishment", he just nodded in response. "C-Can I go back to my room."

"After your change baby. Now I want you to apologize to Mr. Stapleton for how you were talking to him." Mr. Cobb said as he helped the young bunny up.

Benjamin felt silly apologizing after what had just happened but he did it anyway. It is what Daddy wanted. "I am sorry I used bad words. I should have been more... r.... nicer." Benjamin had been having trouble with big words lately. Dr. Yeager had told him it was nothing to worry about.

"You are forgiven cub. Now before you go to your room I expect you to go to each teacher's class you skipped and apologize as well as get your missed class work. Do you understand? Daddy can show you where their rooms are.

Benjamin gulped and nodded quickly. He was worried what kind of apology he was going to have to make. A dirty little part of him hoped it was the naughty kind.


Much to his surprise the teachers were surprisingly understanding as he gave his apology. Mr. Cobb was with him of course, and Mr. Bun his stuffy, for encouragement. The first was a an older grey wolf and while he didn't do anything too naughty he did insist on giving Benjamin a few swats on his bare rum before he would hand over the classwork. Benjamin didn't seem to think it was fair since he was already punished but Mr. Cobb explained that he had been punished for sneaking into the older boy's area. The Teacher's would have the final say on his punishment for skipping.

He took 3 demerits worth of swats with a leather strap before the wolf decided that he'd had enough. Benjamin was proud of himself that he only sniffled a little as he took his swats. After collecting the coursework he hurried out into the teacher's hall and waited for Daddy to finish talking with the wolf. He didn't dare go far or he would just get in trouble again. Benjamin was surprised how many students he saw entering and leaving the teacher's rooms. He had been told that older boys were allowed to sign up for tutoring with teachers but that didn't seem to be it. More than one of the boys looked like they were on death row or something as they knocked on a teacher's door.

Mr. Cobb joined him soon enough and led the way to Mr. Hudson's room. He was a boar that taught science. Benjamin actually liked him a lot. They got to do lots of interesting fun things in Mr. Hudson's class.

Benjamin took a deep breath before he knocked on the teacher's door and waited. When the big cubby boar answered he felt suddenly very small. He stood a full head and a half shorter than the science teacher. Looking up he blushes and mumbles. "S-sorry for missing class. C-can I get my course work?"

Mr. Cobb chuckles softly. It was good making the boy own up to his mistakes. The boar nodded. "Of course I can get that for you why don't you come in and we can talk about what happened today."

The bun quickly slipped onto Mr. Hudson's room eventually sitting on a sofa. His thick diaper crinkled as he sat. The boar just smiled and took a seat next to him.

It was strange how not that long also being seen in public just wearing a diaper and the top half of his uniform would have mortified the bunny. Now it was second nature. He had not been allowed big boy pants after the first time he had piddle. Though if you asked him about it he would have sworn that he was just wearing them as a punishment and he would be back in pants in no time.

The boar was surprisingly nice as he gave a shortened version of that day's lecture and gave Benjamin his coursework. When he was done the boar even pulled the bunny into a hug. "I know you have probably had a hard day. We can save your punishment until tomorrow. Since you are my last class anyway you can just stay behind for some detention with me. How does that sound?"

The young bun could not believe his luck. "That would be nice Sir... not sure I could take more punishment on my rump today. Thank you!" He gave the big chubby boar a hug. Mr. Hudson was amazingly nice about his misbehavior. He had expected even more swats, detention seemed like heaven by comparison. He was grinning from ear to ear as he left with his course work.

"We will see how you feel about that tomorrow. That class you were peeking in on was a detention class."

Benjamin felt his heart skip a beat when he heard that. "Y-you mean that he is going to... like what we did?"

"That is up to him but probably. Don't worry too much Mr. Hudson is a bit of a softy, he is firm but fair with the boy's he teaches. Now we have something to talk about sweetie. The other boy's don't know about what happened today except Teri. He has been getting similar punishments for a while now. That is why he spends so much time with Mr. Ramsey. You can't let the other boys know. They are going to learn soon enough. Can you keep what happened in Mr. Stapleton's office a secret for me? If you need someone to talk to you can chat with me or Teri but I don't want you telling the other boys about it." The large hare explained as he led the young bun back to the dorms.

"I-I can keep it a secret... but why can't I say anything. If they are going to find out anyway." The young bun asked shyly.

"That is something they needs to discover on their own. They don't need a little bun spoiling things understand?" Mr. Cobb said rubbing between Benjamin's ears.

He nodded still not entirely understanding but he let it go. After all Daddy did know what was best for his boys.

Benjamin ended up having to spend all of his free time that evening doing his homework. He needed some help from Mr. Cobb and Mr. Ramsay who were busy keeping the other boys in line.

It was supposed to be Benjamin's turn to share a bed with Teri but since he was in trouble the cute tiger ended up bunking with Russ. They made all sorts of cute noises as they humped themselves to sleep while Benjamin pawed into his diaper. He was very thankful that Daddy had not decided he needed more time in his chastity cage. Even after squirting a load into the front of his diaper Benjamin could not get the memory of the councilor's office out of his head.

He finally gave up on sleep around 1 AM and snuck out of the room trying not to wake the two very exhausted boys sleeping in the other bed. He had Mr. Bun is plush tucked under one arm as he waddled in his thick overnight diaper. Trying very hard not to make any noise he snuck down the hallway to Mr. Cobb's bedroom and knocked. He had to rap three times before he heard the big rabbit pull himself to bed and answer the door.

"Benjamin what are you doing out of bed? Did you have an accident?" The hare asked sounding more worried than upset that he had been woken up.

"I-I can't sleep... I just um... Keep thinking about today..." Benjamin said stumbling all over the words.

"I see, a lot of things happened today huh? Why don't you come sleep with me little bunny. Daddy will take care of you." Mr. Cobb said pulling his boy into a tight hug then guiding him into his room.

"O-ok." It was all Benjamin could think of to say. This is what he had wanted but he didn't want to admit it to himself.

Mr. Cobb let the boy into his bedroom and helped him into the bed. He was a little surprised to see Gabe in the bed as well, curled up and sleeping. After stripping off his robe the chubby hare slipped under the covers and squeezed between his two boys. Gabe stirred a little and rolled over to hug is Daddy.

"What has you up late sweetie? You can tell Daddy." Mr. Cobb asked barely above a whisper.

"I-I keep thinkin' about today and um you." Benjamin said quietly, it seemed strange saying it in front of the piggy even if he was asleep. "I-I thought I couldn't talk about it with anyone."

"Remember how I said that everyone would learn about it soon enough. Piggy here had his first time not so long ago." He says nuzzling the pig's ear and kissing the top of his head.

Benjamin blushed, it seemed that Gabe's first time with Daddy was a bit more gentle than his own, he was a little jealous.

"So you got Papa on your mind? Anything in particular?" Mr. Cobb asked teasingly.

"Just um... I um... kind of liked it." Benjamin stammered through his embarrassment "Listening to Teri and Russ made me think of what we did."

"Do you want that to happen again?" Mr. Cobb asked in a gentle voice. Careful not to sound judgmental.

"Y-yes sir..." Benjamin said looking up at his Daddy.

"Well you are a very lucky bunny then because you are going to get plenty of time with Daddy for that. It is late now though. Why don't you me and piggy here have some snuggle time in the morning. Would you like that or would you want some one on one time?" Daddy asked whispering softly, not wanting to wake the sleeping piggy.

"I-I want to snuggle with Gabe too." The little bunny said blushing slightly at the thought of a threesome with Daddy and his favorite piggy boy.

"Ok cubby now go to sleep we will have a big weekend. Classes start for real on Monday."

Benjamin snuggled in against his Daddy and tried to drift off to sleep. It was harder than he thought it was going to be and soon was tossing and turning again with a tent in his diaper. Mr. Cobb made sure he had Mr. Bun pressed into this arms then reached over to his nightstand and pulled out a pacifier.

"Shhh baby, Daddy is here. Just relax and try to sleep." Daddy said as he slipped the paci into Benjamin's muzzle.

It seemed to do the trick and Benjamin slowly drifted off to sleep in his Daddy's arms and did not wake until late morning. He was still curled up around his Daddy as the first rays of sunlight finally managed to warm his face. Waking up groggily he noticed the pacifier had fallen out of his muzzle and was laying on the pillow next to him. On the other side of the bed Gabe was oinking and grunting softly as Daddy teased his tented diaper front.

"Well good morning sweetie! Did the noisy piggy wake you?" The hard asked teasingly while Gabe blushed.

Benjamin had to sit up and lean over Mr. Cobb's big belly to get a better look at what was going on with Gabe. He grinned from ear to ear as he chubby pig oinked and thrust onto Daddy's big paw. Daddy's other paw quickly found its way onto Benjamin's squishy diaper front and starts to tease him too.

"Why don't you scoot over here and I can have some fun with you two?" Mr. Cobb said climbing out over on the foot of the bed, making room for his boys to sprawl out. They were both very wet and very hard.

Benjamin let out a soft laugh as he nervously scooted over to lay next to Gabe. Mr. Cobb then hoisted him up and laid him face down on top of the piggy so his warm soggy diaper front was pressed into the little piggy's.

"Ok boy's now I want you to soak again. Get those diapers nice and warm and soggy for me." The big hare rumbled as he stripped off his underwear and stroked his cock until it was fully erect and throbbing. He waited until he heard both boys straining to piddle before he mounted them from behind and worked his cock between the two warm diaper fronts.

Mr. Cobb lets out a long low moan as he started to pump his hips, his big fat cock gliding slickly between the diapers. His generous foreskin gliding back and forth between his boys. "Mm that feel good boy? Diaper rubbing can be lots of fun and we never even really touch."

The little rabbit nodded and blushes as he rocked his hips and ground himself into Daddy and Gabe. The piggy was making cute little snorts and oinks as he get teased more and more.

Benjamin and Gabe were too worked up to have much of an opinion other than it felt amazing. Papa's big cock frotting with them through the soaked diapers. The big rabbit held onto Benjamin's rump tightly as he started to pump his hips and really start to enjoy his boys. He had no intention of getting off that way though. "Oh that is very good boys but I think I promised Benjamin here that I would put something under his tail."

The little bunny squeaked at that. He had forgotten he had practically asked to be fucked again the night before. He heard that telltale pop as Daddy ripped a hole in his seat. After some more baby oil on his cock Mr. Cobb started to gently work his tip between Benjamin's cheeks.

"You hold him tight Gabe. Make sure to give your brother lots of kisses and hugs." The hare instructed with a smile.

Gabe gave his Daddy a curious look. "Brother? Benji isn't my brother!"

Mr. Cobb chuckles and kissed the back of Benjamin's head. "Of course he is. I am your Daddy, and his Daddy that makes you brothers. Maybe not by blood but as long as you are at this school I want you boys to look out for each other like brothers.

Benjamin let out a soft moan as Daddy's thick tip pressed up against his hole and started to push. Once Daddy had slipped into his hole and was giving him time to adjust the rabbit giggled. "Does that make Teri our sister?! Daddy Ramsey had him in a dress again yesterday."

That earned him a thump on the diaper and a shove of Daddy's hips. "Be nice bunny butt or I will but you in a pink diaper too! Teri just likes to take his punishment as teasing. He made a deal with Daddy Ramsey where he does not have to get as many spanks."

"That isn't fair! I didn't get that!" Both boys said almost in unison.

"Well do you want to be put in a dress and called princess in all of your classes? I can do that if you want." They both shut their mouths quickly and focused their attention to the matter at hand. It was getting hard to ignore the throbbing cock sinking into his backside anyway.

"That is right cubbies, Daddy knew you much prefer to end up over his knee anyway. Especially you piggy. You creamed my pant leg the first time I paddled you with your pants down." The big hare teased as he sunk his cock in balls deep into Benjamin with a slap. The boys kisses and hugged, their soggy fronts grinding together in unison with Daddy's thrusts.

"Which one of your cuties is going to cream for Daddy first?" Mr. Cobb asked with a grin, while trying to hold back his climax. The tight little bunny hole wrapped around his cock was just about heaven but he wanted to draw this out.

Gabe laughed breaking his kiss with Benjamin. "I think the bunny is... look at how worked up he is."

The piggy was not wrong. Benjamin's whole body felt like it was a live wire as Daddy's fat cock reamed his hole.

"Mm he is a good boy huh? Okay Gabe I want you to take off his diaper and suck down his load like a good piggy." Mr. Cobb said hoisting Benjamin up by his hips and repositioning his crotch over Gabe's face.

"B-but he is wet..." The pig looked embarrassed as he fumbled with the tapes. He knew better than to outright disobey Daddy.

"Like I haven't caught you with your little snout in Mack's soggy front. Don't lie to me cub, I know what my piggy likes." Mr. Cobb said in a stern tone as pushes Benjamin's hips down into the pig's snout, making the diaper squish. Gabe almost came in his diaper right then and there. He started to lap and lick the plastic front and around the leaking leg guards.

"See Daddy knows what is best for his boys." The hard rumbled as he sunk his cock back into Benjamin and started to pump. Letting the little pig savor the experience of having a squishy diaper forced into his piggy snout. Gabe knew he was right. He was a naughty little pig and he loved it.

"Ok that is enough... Now do as you were told... take it off." Daddy ripped open the back of Gabe's diaper all the way to the top of the waistband so he would not have to pull out when the diaper came off. He never stopped pumping as he pig popped the tapes and let the wet diaper fall away. It was rolled up and tossed aside mostly to keep the naughty pig away from it and focused on the stiff bunny cock dangling over his muzzle.

Taking it in his paw Gabe began to stroke as Benjamin moans and writhed. His little bunny hole clenching around Daddy's cock as his member was teased. The pig was more than happy to suckle the last drips of piss from his cock and lick whole diaper are clean.

Mr. Cobb felt his orgasm boiling up in his loins. Unable to hold back anymore he started to fire his seed into the bunny's rump. Arching his back and letting out a bellow the big hard slammed his hips hard into Benjamin's chubby ass pumping him full of Daddy cream.

Benjamin started to cum hard not long after the felt the first hot ropes of cum fills his hole. His balls tightened up and unloaded all his pent up frustration into Gabe's eager muzzle.

When they were both spent the two rabbits collapsed into the bed panting. Gabe while pitifully still all pent up.

"What is it piggy? Papa put three loads into your fat butt last night. You can't possibly need another do you?" Mr. Cobb said rubbing the pigs soggy diaper front teasingly.

"B-but... I am so worked up! Please Daddy I need to cum... Pleeeeeaaaase?" Gabe begged.

"Benjamin why don't you return the favor? Go on... don't be shy. I know you two have played before." Daddy said patting Benjamin's leaky rump.

The bunny crawled back up and overtop of Gabe. He untapped the pig's very soggy diaper and carefully buried his muzzle in the pig's wet crotch. Slowly he began to lick and tease. Very aware that Daddy had a perfect view of his well fucked ass. He almost yelped when Daddy lightly teased his cummy hole as he began to suck off the pig. Gabe's cock really was bigger when he was hard which was lucky because it was almost hard to find when it was soft and nestled above his big pig nuts. Rolling back his foreskin Benjamin lovingly started to suckle and tease his friend. He was a little ashamed that he was getting hard again thinking about the musky scent of wet diaper that filled his senses.

His attentions snapped back when Gabe squealed and arched his back. He had not cum yet but he was painfully close. Slipping a finger into the pig's hole Benjamin sucked harder. He wanted to taste Gabe's cream. He couldn't help but notice the pig's hole was still slick with cum. It seemed that Daddy was not kidding about dropping three loads into the pig the night before.

Squealing and writhing Gabe started to cum hard. Gush after gush flooded Benjamin's muzzle. Benjamin was always amazed as how long the pig's orgasms seemed to take, and he would cum buckets the whole time. He gulped down every drop he could but it still dribbled down Benjamin's chin and onto Gabe's tummy.

Now that everyone was naked and finally sated the three chubby furs cuddled together in the bed. "Mm that was a great start to the day cubbies, we are going to be doing a lot more like that one your classes start for real and we get our permanent living space. Remember not a word of this to Russ or Mack understand? Mr. Ramsey and I are going to be working with them very soon ok? For the time being I want you two to get cleaned up and showered. You can use my bathroom to get cleaned up a bit. You already missed morning the morning shower and I don't want you dripping in the hallways.

The boys looked disappointed when it seemed. Mr. Cobb was kicking them out but the let him usher them into the bathroom and got the small shower going for them. "You have plenty of time to make it to your first class I don't want you missing again understand

After quick and very cozy shower together both boys had to dash back to their rooms in just their fresh diapers. Daddy came in to check on them after they dressed. After such a wonderful morning Benjamin was dismayed when he got a demerit for his shoes not being polished and his jacket being wrinkled. It seemed so silly to care about the uniform when none of the boys seemed to be bottoms half of it these days anyway. Instead of getting a spanking Daddy Cobb made him wear a butt plug in the seat of his diaper. He didn't bother complaining. He knew that he was going to be on the naughty list for quite a while.

He yipped softly as the cold plug slipped into his rump but quickly adjusted to the strange feeling in his rear. Once his diaper was snugged back on he realized that the plug was making him keep his little spade tail flagged and hoped that no one was going to notice.

"Now don't let anyone spank you without letting them know you have that in. Don't want to hurt you little bun. If any of your teacher want to you about being late send them my way understand?" The big rabbit said before sending him off to class. "And don't forget about detention. Mr. Hudson might be a softy but he will not take kindly to you if you try to skip out on detention. . Stop by the kitchen and get a muffin. If they ask why you missed breakfast just let them know you were with me."

Benjamin nodded and dashed off to class, the plug making it rather difficult. Seeing that Daddy had the plug on him when he came in for the inspection, Benjamin guessed he would have been wearing it one way or the other. He ended up toddling to class with a funny gait, trying to ignore the other students as he walked. Classes were always boring but the plug kept him from drifting off like he normally did. He certainly hoped none of his teachers would praise his good behavior today otherwise he might end up wearing it all the time. He counted down the hours until classes would end. No one seemed to get in that big of trouble today and his teacher had not questioned his absence once he gave him the note. Now that almost all of the boys were in diapers these days, most classes had a few "helpers" who would be there for diaper changes as needed. Benjamin was always a little bashful when it was Mr. Cobb or Mr. Ramsay's turn to help out.

Depending on the class and instructor they were either changed right then and there in class or taken out to one of the changing stations in the locked bathrooms. Boys for the most part were able to decide when and if they needed a change. The only exception being if they leaked and left a puddle on their seat. In that case they were made to clean it up, spanked, and changed in front of everyone. One repeat offender got his right to decide when he needed to changed taken away and Benjamin's English teacher changed him before every class.

When it was finally time for Mr. Hudson's class Benjamin was happy to find himself teamed up with Teri. The sissy tiger had been allowed a full uniform today. Albeit a girl's uniform. Despite the skirt the tiger's fluffy diaper could be seen plainly. The words "Daddy's Girl." had been scrawled on the seat. The lab was easy that day and lots of fun since they got to play with magnets. Daddy Ramsey was helping in class but most of the boys had either piddled and been changed already or they were not ready for a change. Benjamin could usually make it through the day before getting changed. He was so nervous about detention that he had soaked himself.

When Mr. Ramsey noticed he excused both boys from class. "Be right back with these too. Don't worry Benjamin will be back for detention."

The boar just snorted a laugh and shook his head before waving them out the door. Mr. Ramsey made them hold his paw as he led them into one of the restricted area bathrooms. Benjamin bit his lip nervously when he heard moaning coming from inside. As they round a corner into the changing area Benjamin saw that they were far from alone. There were two other boys in the middle of getting changed. One was a ram who was getting spanked by a bull guard that Benjamin recognized. It has hard to make out what he had done over the sound of him getting swatted but the boy's thought it has something to do with a chastity cage. The second was the small mouse Benjamin had made friends with. His caretaker was a raccoon who had the little rodent laid on his side with one leg in the air. His stubby thick cock shoving under the boy's tail rhythmically. By all accounts it appeared that the little mouse was loving it.

"Eyes up here boy's don't stare it isn't polite." Mr. Ramsey chided as he hefted Teri onto the changing table and kissed the sissy tiger between his ears. Benjamin had never realized how, soft Teri looked in comparison to Mr. Ramsay now. When Benjamin had first met the tiger he was fit trim and almost imposing. Now he had lost much of his athletic definition and was looking much softer. Teri blamed the stallion that ran the kitchen's cooking but Benjamin had to wonder if his Daddy preferred his sissy this way.

The larger tiger unzipped his fly and tugged out his cock. Taking aim at the sissy's diaper front he pet the girly tiger's head. "Papa has to pee too kitty you know what that means." Teri just nodded and pulled open the front of his diaper.

The bunny could see the tiger's cock was still locked up in a cage. Poor thing had been locked up for weeks. Mr. Ramsay started to piss and flood the kitty's mostly dry diaper. Benjamin had wondering was Teri was coming along for this when he clearly did not need a diaper change. He hadn't said anything, not wanting to question his other Daddy.

Teri let out the softest moans as the warm piss filled his diaper. Daddy Ramsay would fill it, wait for it to soak in and repeat. Once the front was totally soaked. "Ok sissy now turn around for me." He said as he flipped his kitten over and flooded the seat until it was bulging as well. He stood there teasing the soaked warm diaper for a long while before the finally spoke again. "Now kitty you probably know why I brought you here. I know why your diaper was dry when you normally can't even hold it until 4thperiod. The vice-principal showed me an interesting video of you spending an awful long time looking at some bushes."

Teri blushed and squirmed uncomfortably. "B-but I wasn't... I mean... I only went a little... D-daddy I don't have to go back like this do I? What if I leak?" Teri pleaded as he rubbed the soaked and soggy front of his diaper. He was rock hard in his chastity cage and straining against its confines.

"You are supposed to wet your diapers like a good cub, no if and or buts about it. Now I am going to put you in a diaper cover and send you back for the rest of class as is. If you can't be trusted to fill your diaper. I will do it for you." The big tiger said without a hint of sternness in his voice. In fact he sounded so sweet and loving about it was so how even more unnerving.

Teri gave a defeated whimper he knew he was not going to win this battle.

"Later when you get back from classes you are going to get a very sore bottom. If you are very good for the rest of the night you and Benjamin can sleep in my bed tonight. How does that sound kitten?"

"T-that sounds good Daddy." Teri said looking embarrassed. Benjamin didn't realize Teri was getting of pretty light.

"What do you say bunny? Want so come snuggle with us tonight?"

Benjamin truthfully didn't know how to answer. He liked Teri but he was a little afraid of Mr. Ramsay. "That sounds ok..." He finally said after withering under the tiger's gaze for a long while.

"Good now both of you come here, and help Papa with this. I can't very well go back to class with it like this can I?" The tiger said holding out his thick hard manhood.

Benjamin climbed up onto the changing table with Teri so he could get a closer looks at that big cock. Ever since he had arrived at Brightwood, every teacher and staff member's cock looked huge. Part of him wondered if it was part of the mind games they were playing on him or if they had some very odd hiring criteria. Taking care not to use his bunny teeth Benjamin took the offered cock in one paw and started to peel back the hood as he sucked it into his muzzle. Teri whimpered softly until Benjamin made enough room to share. One boy on either side of the fat cock.

Benjamin tried to tell himself that it was the conditioning turning him into such a cock hungry slut but a very naughty voice in the back of his mind reminded him that he probably would have worshiped the tiger's massive pole giving the chance.

The tiger moaned and guided the boy's sucking, making them take turns between his ball sack and his thick member. Mr. Ramsey throbbed and spurt as he fed his boy's gooey precum. He was not going to last long but neither boy seemed to mind. His feline side showed through a bit when he managed to squeeze out two loads one for each boy in no time at all.

"Good boys..." Daddy Ramsey rumbled petting them both. Behind them the bull had long since stopped spanking the ram and the mouse had a warm sticky under tail. Both were just finishing getting dressed as Mr. Ramsey stuffed his sissy kitten into a pink diaper cover with a ruffles around the legs and waist. Under the ruffles Benjamin could see three little locks. One for each leg and around his waist. The tiger would not be piddling in the bushes again today.

"There we go now let's get Benjamin changed too. I am sure he is very soggy huh?" The tiger said squeezing the front of Benjamin's soaked diaper making him squeak.

The bun was not about to protest too much. As good as a warm wet diaper felt, once they cooled off he much preferred a fresh clean diaper. Mr. Ramsey worked quickly striping him down to his fur and out of his wet diaper. The tiger tugged the plug out of his rump making the bunny squirm and leak precum. The butt plug was checked, re-lubed and then popped back into Benjamin's rump. A thicker fresh one quickly replaced it making Benjamin frown a little after the butt plug was checked then popped back into

"Something wrong sweetie?" The big tiger asked. Benjamin tried to tune out Teri's giggling as the extra thick diaper was taped up around his waist.

"This one is too poofy!" Benjamin complained. He wasn't even going to be able to walk properly back to class.

"You had piddle running down the inside of your legs little bun bun. That means you get an extra thick one to prevent leaks." Mr. Ramsey said as he padded the bunny's diapered ass.

"B-but I don't need one like this!" Benjamin complained again getting a bit fussy.

"One more word and you will be getting swats tonight." The caretaker warned.

"No fair!" Benjamin complained, feeling the need to rebel.

Teri snickered. "Benji is in trouble!" The sissy said in a sing-song voice.

"That is one demerit for each of you. No teasing Teri... You know better than that. If you two want more keep it up. " Mr. Ramsey said gruffly. "I have no problem tanning your hide before bed time."

"That isn't fair!" The boys said in unison.

Mr. Ramsey just smirked. "Ok four more for each of you and you will take them after dinner in front of everyone. I am not joking cubs. I can keep going if you want."

That finally managed to shut them up. The both looked sullen as they were led back to Mr. Hudson's class. They were both waddling funny as they took their seats. This seemed to get quite a few snickers from the class.

Benjamin stared at the clock and groaned. There was still another 30 min left in class and no amount of scolding from Mr. Hudson seemed to quiet the laughing cubs. Teri was blushing hotly as well but he was used to lots of teasing since his daddy had decided to dress him up as a girl.

The minutes ticked by at a glacial pace, when the bell finally rang. Benjamin was actually thankful for it, despite having detention next. Only Mr. Hudson didn't excuse the students when the bell rang. "I am sorry to hold you boys after class but there is something that needs to be addressed.

Mr. Ward would you please come up to the front of the class?

Benjamin felt his heart sink. "Y-Yes sir..." He thought he was only getting punished with detention he had no idea what this was all about.

"Benjamin would you like to tell the class why you have detention next?" The big boar asked calmly.

"I-I um... Well skipped class and um... snuck into one of the areas for older students." The bunny said trying to keep his promise not to tell anyone about the boy's getting humped that he saw.

"Thank you Mr. Ward. Now will you please turn to page 34 of the student handbook and tell me what the punishment for skipping class is?" Mr. Hudson asked as he handed a very embarrassed Benjamin a copy of the handbook."

"A-A student who is..." Benjamin started to read barely above a whisper until the hog cut him off.

"Louder Mr. Ward there are other students here that may learn from your mistake."

"A student who is caught missing classes will be issued up to 5 demerits per class missed. Punishment will be administered with the implement of the instructors choosing." Benjamin said again loud enough for everyone to hear. When he finished he gulped and blushed, trying to ignore the snickering throughout the room.

"Very good Mr. Ward now you are going to be spend two hours with me in detention which will excuse you from one of the four demerits I am giving you. Now please turn around and place your hands on my desk and lift up your shirt for me." The boar said making sure everyone in class can hear him.

"D-Daddy said to tell you I have something, under my tail." Benjamin whispered when he suddenly remembered Daddy Cobb's warning about getting spanked with it in.

"What was that Benjamin? Please speak up so everyone can hear."

"Daddy said to tell you I have a p-plug under my tail." Benjamin said as he felt his long bunny ears burning with embarrassment. He was actually almost thankful that he was facing away from the class so he could not see their giggling.

The bunny had seen plenty of other boys getting punished up at the front of the room. He hesitated but shakily did as he was instructed. When he hiked up his shirt everyone could see the huge fluffy diaper between his legs. He had never been drug up in front of everyone. He didn't think it could get anymore humiliating until he felt the night time diaper get tugged down in the back and his rear was exposed.

"Well let's take a look here bunny." Mr. Hudson said spreading the boy's cheeks and letting everyone get a look at the plug stuffed into his rump.

Benjamin whined and kicked a little when everyone started to whistle and laugh teasingly. The boar easily kept him down over the desk. He reached for a ruler and then let it rest on Benjamin's bubble butt.

With a snort Mr. Hudson raises his arm and brought the ruler down on Benjamin's ass with a crack. The little bun was shocked at how much sting was in that single swat. It hurt even worse than a belt or strap. He managed not to cry out beyond a muffled yelp but only because he was biting down on the collar of his uniform.

The ruler bit into his hide with a crack making him jump. The big boar was careful and deliberate with his swats. They were expertly delivered for maximum shock and awe without doing and serious damage. Stripe after stripe landed across his tender ass making him squeal in pain.

The first five swats brought Benjamin to tears, each one landing with a loud crack. Once he was sobbing the boar seemed to pull back a bit, but not so far that it didn't hurt. Mr. Hudson was of the instructors that truly thought that once the point was made there was little use in brutalizing the students. He did deliver all three demerits worth tough, counting out each one so the class would hopefully learn there are consequences at Brightwood.

Benjamin never heard the other boys excused but when he had collected himself enough to look around the class he was suddenly alone with Mr. Hudson who was pulling his diaper back up and threaded his tail through the hole in the back.

Mr. Hudson left the bunny still sniffling and crying to go lock the door so one else would stumble into the class room during detention. Returning to Benjamin's side put a big hand on the bunny's shoulder he smiled warmly "Don't be too scared, you are still in trouble though so you are going to do as I say ok?" The big boar said rubbing Benjamin's back while he gently had the bunny raise his arms so he could strip of the top half of the uniform. "To start off we are going to get you undressed. Down to your diaper."

Benjamin was quite familiar with being in just his diaper in front of others but it was still humiliating. He had not been allowed to wear pants in weeks so it wasn't all that different than having no uniform at all.

"That is a good boy. Now I want you to help undress me." Mr. Hudson said patting the front of Benjamin's diaper.

The little bunny gulped. Over the past few days he had accepted the fact that he was a slutty little cub lusting for his Daddy's cock. He could tell it was him that was getting lusted after. With shaky paws he crawled onto all fours and started to take off the boar's dress shoes and socks. Then he kneeled and slowly unzipped Mr. Hudson's pants. He almost gasped when he saw the big bulge in the front of the pig's white briefs. The bun could not tear his eyes off of the hog's big pouch as pulled down Mr. Hudson's trousers down around his ankles.

"Found something you like little bunny?" Mr. Hudson asked as he pushed the bunny's muzzle into his bulge. Benjamin snuffled and licked it submissively. Tenderly he started to tug at the waist band with his teeth.

Unexpectedly he got a light tap on the nose with the hog's finger. "Did I say you could pull those off bunny? You ask nicely if you want to play."

Benjamin looked up and whimpered, he has just been doing what the thought the boar would like. "Yes Sir... Can I suck on it Sir?

A wry smile spread over Mr. Hudson's muzzle. "That is much better but not quite yet bunny. First have something else for you to suck on." He says stepping behind his desk and opening a drawer. He pulled out a bottle with a rubber nub. "You are going to drink your bottle and finish all of it while you work on the class world you missed.

Benjamin gaped at the bottle and butt plug. "I-I already have I am not a baby! Don't need a bottle!" Benjamin said stomping his foot a little.

"This is one and only chance... cub. Detention is not like normal class, punishments are a lot worse if you disobey here. Now bend over my desk and we can get your plug in. If you keep on fussing you are going to get paddled." The big boar warned.

The bunny was hearing none of it though. It was all just too much. He had just taken three demerits of ruler swats across his ass. Why should he have to do this? It wasn't fair. He wasn't a baby! Sure he was wearing diapers, and slept with his plushie. He wasn't a baby... not really. Stomping his foot again "I won't do it."

"Suit yourself cub..." Was all Mr. Hudson said as he grabbed the bunny by his scruff and laid him out roughly on his desk and untapped his diaper. Exposed and on display his flaccid little member was far from being aroused. Benjamin gasped when he saw the dreaded chastity cage coming out. "Your Daddy gave this, and a few other things, in case you weren't cooperative.

"I'll do it! I will drink the bottle!" Benjamin said quickly changing his tune but it was too late for that now.

Mr. Hudson quickly got the bunny's bits stuffed into the locking cage. "If you are very good for the rest of detention I will give your Daddy the keys later tonight. Otherwise you will have to wait until class on Monday at the earliest.

Mr. Hudson gave the plug a tug to make sure it was positioned right then re-taped Benjamin's diaper up. Then he pulled out a small remote control that Benjamin had never seen before. He pressed a button on it and the plug nestled against Benjamin's prostate began to vibrate. The little bun squirmed and yelped in surprise. It felt good but very humiliating at the same time. He tried not to moan but he was a losing battle as Mr. Hudson turned it slowly up to full power then back down until it stopped all together. The pig instructor looked amused as he gave Benjamin the demonstration. "This is another toy your Daddy gave me. You are going good boy now take your bottle and then go work in yesterday's assignment. At your desk. "

The young bunny sniffled and picked up the bottle before wandering to his desk still rubbing the seat of his diaper. He had been belted more than once at Brightwood but the ruler that Mr. Hudson used was the first punishment to truly get his attention. All thoughts of disobedience had melted away when he broke down sobbing.

He opened his work book and started to go over the questions while he sucked on the bottle. He was embarrassed to find that he actually liked the taste. He is not sure what was in it he was certain it was not milk. Probably some sort of formula he guessed. He forced himself not to drink it all down though in protest. He had two hours here and was not about to ask for another bottle if he finished the first one.

Mr. Hudson sat behind his desk reading a book while Benjamin worked still in just his white briefs. There were times that Benjamin was convinced that the boar was touching himself behind the desk. He tried not to think about it. Occasionally the plug would start to vibrate and it felt like his whole butt was jiggling. Every time it started to buzz and dance against his prostate Benjamin would bite his lip and try to keep from moaning but he just couldn't. Wiggling in his seat he ground against the plug. Driving it into the happy button inside his ear.

During one of the longer sessions Mr. Hudson leaned back in his chair and the bunny was certain he could see the tip of the boar's cock poke up from behind the desk. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw the big boar start to openly stroke himself as he watched the rabbit squirm and wriggle in his seat.

Benjamin knew he should find the butt plug demeaning but instead of behind humiliated he found it sexy, and naughty. Knowing that the boar was pleasuring himself while he was trapped in a thick diaper and chastity cage turned him on in ways he could not explain. He found the plug was far less humiliating than having to drink for the bottle but it was keeping him uncomfortably hard in his chastity cage.

Trying to push it all out of his head Benjamin tried to focus on the worksheet. A part of him realized this was a game. He had to get this work done while being teased. If he didn't finish or begged for release it would mean he lost. After the humiliation of being swatted in front of the whole class he was dead set on winning

Eventually though he came to the question he did not understand and carefully got up from his seat. Between the stripes on his ass, the plug, and his over thick diaper Benjamin had to waddle up to the front. Without really thinking about it he brought the bottle with him.

"Mr. Hudson I don't get this one...." He said meekly, quickly realizing that while the boar has politely tucked his thick cock back into his briefs, he was still rock hard

The big boar offered up his lap for Benjamin to sit on with a smirk. "Hop on up sweetie I can help."

It felt very strange sitting on his teacher's lap especially one that was aroused. He had to carefully position himself so he wasn't brushing up against Mr. Hudson's throbbing length. Once he was all settled the big boar shifted him so his bulge was poking Benjamin right in the back of his sack. The boar just grinned. "Much better huh?"

"Um... Yeah." Benjamin managed to mutter shyly. While the bunny was feeling awfully little, at 18 he was far from it. Luckily boars and bunnies tended towards the two extremes for size. Their difference was large enough to make it work, even if he felt silly.

"That is ok cutie. Let me help you work through it." Mr. Hudson said as he put one big arm around Benjamin's waist to hold onto him. It did not take long to work though the problem and Benjamin was very happy when Mr. Hudson didn't make him go back to his desk after that.

The hog's big hand gently squeezed and toyed with the front of Benjamin's diaper as they worked on the rest of the problems together. Even though this was the same man that had just taken a ruler to his ass, he really didn't mind snuggling with the chubby boar. Benjamin had daydreamed about Mr. Hudson more than once during a naughty moment alone.

The little bun squirmed as the toy suddenly ground into his prostate when Mr. Hudson started do bounce his knee. Both bunny paws went right to his front and started to grope the crinkly front as the big boar teased him. Benjamin squealed when Mr. Hudson reached for the remote and turned the plug on again as he bounced Benjamin.

"What is the matter bunny? Something making you feel good?" Mr. Hudson asked playing dumb as he ground the plug harder into the bun's rump.

"That feels funny..." Benjamin whined softly. His rump still tingled from the belting had received but it was almost completely drowned out by the feeling of his prostate getting abused by the vibrating plug. His cock was straining against the cage painfully but it didn't even slow down the bunny's rocking hips.

"Come on bunny I know you can do it. I bet you want to cream your diaper so bad huh? Well I will make you a deal. You have three minutes to squirt. Then we are going to do something else. Don't want to get you too wound up for your Daddy or you will just be creaming everywhere." Mr. Hudson teased. "You can do whatever you need to do to squirt as long as your diaper and cage stay on. You need keep your paws out of my underwear. You got me pretty worked up with all your squirming. I don't want you setting me off cutie.

Benjamin nodded quickly and started to grope and fondle his locked up cock through his diaper as he desperately rode Mr. Hudson's lap. The boar enthusiastically helped, trying to get the cute bunny off but he knew it would be nearly impossible. The rabbit was a tad too timid though and as the time ran out he started to whine and protest. All he had managed in three minutes was getting himself wound up tight.

Mr. Hudson pulled him further into his big lap and turned off the plug. "Poor baby, I will get plenty of chances to make a sticky in your diaper I promise. Now why don't we finish that bottle and then we can do something even more fun?"

The bunny nodded and blushed brightly as he tried to catch his breath after bouncing in the hog's lap. He didn't know what the boar had planned but it had to be better than homework. Right?

The hog laid him back into his arms and cradled him like a big baby then offered up the bottles nipple. Benjamin hesitantly took the nub and started to suck. He didn't want to admit that it actually felt kind of good getting babied like this. Mr. Hudson rubbed his tummy slowly as drank and nuzzled his neck.

"That is it baby. It is yummy isn't it? Mr. Hudson rumbled happily while his paw slid down lower and teased the bunny rabbit's diaper front. "I am surprised your Daddy had not locked this up already... You were a very naughty cub and probably deserved to lose your cummy privileges for a long while. I am kind of glad he didn't though. I love getting to lock up troublesome cubs like you. I bet he doesn't because you are probably adorable when you make a sticky in your diaper like a good baby boy. All wiggles and squirms I bet."

Benjamin was very glad that he had the bottle in his muzzle and didn't have to respond to the teasing. Mr. Hudson gave his front another squeeze making the little bun squeak. He was still dry but like with any cub that was only temporary. By the time the bottle was finished he had started to dribble a little.

Mr. Hudson seemed pleased with his slowly warming diaper front. "Such a good baby, you have a lucky Daddy."

"I-I'm not a baby." Benjamin said with a pout not realizing how ridiculous it was for him to say that.

"Well we are going to play a big boy game then." The hog said as he slid the bunny off of his lap and had him kneel between his legs.

Benjamin's head was swimming as his little nose was pressed up against the boar's musky bulge and forced to nuzzle the meaty package. Mr. Hudson had managed to go mostly soft while he was bottle feeding the bunny so his fat cock was limp but plump under the briefs.

"Is this what you have been wanting little bun?" The pig teased.

Benjamin nodded looking embarrassed, his face still nuzzling the big package.

"Good boy, if you want to play with it you have to ask."

"C-can I please play with you Sir?" Benjamin asked timidly.

"That isn't want you need to ask little bun. What do you want to play with?" Mr. Hudson corrected.

"Can I play with your cock Sir?" Benjamin said lightly nibbling the hog's slowly thickening member. He suddenly thought to add. "And suck it too?"

"Mm that is much better we might teach you some manners eventually. Go ahead cutie." Mr. Hudson said lifting up his hips a little so Benjamin could slip down his musky briefs.

The boar's cock sprung free and slapped against his fat belly with a thud. Benjamin stared at it biting his lip a little. It looked to amazing he didn't know where to start. The hog had a shorter foreskin than Daddy so his head was almost totally exposed now. It was painfully clear Mr. Hudson had been worked up most of the day, his cock reeked of arousal. As the little bunny pressed his muzzle into the fat member bouncing in front of him he inhaled deeply taking in the masculine scent. There was a faint lingering scent of piss from the last time the boar had used the urinal but with all of his conditioning the smell of piss just drove the bunny even wilder.

Both of the rabbits paws wrapped around the long thick member as he started to worship Mr. Hudson's cock and fat belly. He kneaded the boar's big round belly as he suckled and teased his cock. The vibrations started again and the little bun shivered in delight.

"Get the nuts boy..." Mr. Hudson said as he slid forward on his chair so his heavy sack dangled over the edge. He had huge nuts like Gabe but slightly larger, Benjamin eagerly started to suck and lick on his big heavy sack as he was instructed. He played with the remote, making the vibrations get harder and harder then slowly backing it off. Teasing the bunny while his cock was serviced.

Benjamin lost track of time as the worshiped the boar on his knees. Time seemed to fly by as he licked sucked and stroked Mr. Hudson's big balls and cock. All the while his rump was getting the most wonderful sensations. He savored the taste of the slimy precum coating the hog's cock head and licked him clean every time another thick drop of clear salty pre drooled down his head. The whole time he pawed uselessly at his down diaper front and softly whimpered with need which Mr. Hudson ignored for the time being.

Gently pulling the boy off of his cock now and again, Mr. Hudson managed to edge several times before he couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed Benjamin by the scruff and bent him over one of the student desks and ripped a hole in the seat of his diaper. Then pulled the plug out still vibrating, then slipped it into the front of Benjamin's diaper so it was bumping up against the metal cage.

When his fat cock slid into the seat Benjamin squealed. Despite being well lubed and loosened up it still took his breath away. Mr. Hudson was thicker than either of his daddies and it made his hole stretch to new limits as it sunk into him. Not wanting to draw attention of any students nearby, Mr. Hudson grabbed his underwear and stuffed them in the rabbit's muzzle.

With the bunny now muffled the only sounds in the empty class room were the hog's grunting and the crinkling of Benjamin's diaper as his rump was pounded. The boar's hard thrust started to drive the small desk forward with a screech. Benjamin yelped and spit out the gag as Mr. Hudson drug the desk back hard and shoved himself deep under the bunny's tail.

The hog replaced the gag and groped the bunny's diaper front as he reamed the boy's hole. The way he was ravaging his student, the hog seemed half feral. His fucking was relentless, Benjamin felt like a toy getting tossed around. When the boar felt himself getting close he flipped Benjamin over onto his back and hoisted his legs over his shoulders. Shoving his fat cock back into the seat of Benjamin's diaper he oinked and grunted loudly. The desk as creaking and shuddering as Mr. Hudson plowed into Benjamin's soft diapered ass. Each time he thrust forward his big belly rubbed on the bunny's diaper front.

Benjamin never felt himself orgasm but there was a sudden thick gooey warmth trapped inside his cage. He felt his stiff member sliding around slickly inside the metal cage. Spitting out the gag again he cried out whimpering. "Oh god I came! But... I didn't..." Benjamin not sure how to explain a ruined orgasm.

Hearing the bunny's cry out finally pushed the big fat boar over the edge. He drove himself into the young rabbit one last time before he started to come hard. He pinned down his troublesome student and held them both still as his cock pulsed and throbbed. His enormous thick load flooded Benjamin's rear.

A lot like Gabe it felt like the big boar came in buckets. The bunny could have sworn the hog's climax lasted for nearly a full minute. Benjamin finally felt the boar stop shuddering and grunting.

He slid out of Benjamin slowly and growled. "Stay right there." Going to his desk he grabbed a roll of duct tape and taped an X over the hole he had ripped. "There we go much better."

Benjamin looked at the clock. It was only 4 pm. He still had another full hour with the boar before he could leave. As exhausted as he was from the fucking he had just received part of him was glad he had more time with Mr. Hudson.

"D-Do I have to go back to homework?" The bunny asked meekly as the big boar pulled him up into a hug. The front of Benjamin's diaper was still buzzing making him squirm.

"Well you have to finish your work but then we are going to have more fun." Mr. Hudson said as he turned off the plug and pulled it out. "I think this has done its job though. See I told you that you would squirt boy."

"But... it didn't feel like normal I as just leaking all of the sudden." Benjamin complained.

"You just weren't expecting it cubber. You aren't used to squirting without something touching your weenie." Mr. Hudson said checking the front of his creamy diaper to see how much the boy shot. It was actually a pretty impressive load for a little bun. "Sure made you cum a lot."

Benjamin just blushed and pressing his face into Mr. Hudson's chest to hide his blushing cheeks. The rest of detention went by in a haze of happy touching and touching. He did get his work done but the hog kept him teased and aroused the whole time.

His reward for getting it done was a getting his diaper front and back while he kneeled on front of the big hog. Then Mr. Hudson laid him out on his big desk and hoisted his legs up so he could rip another hole in his diaper seat. The bunny yelped as felt the boar's big cock under his tail again.

Mr. Hudson was balls deep in him when the door knob started to jiggle and shakes. The lock clicked as the door opened. Mr. Ramsay poked his head in. "Benjamin ready to head back to his quad? Oh... I guess not."

The little bunny covered his face with his paws as Daddy Ramsay slipped into the room and relocked the door. The hog never even missed beat as he plowed Benjamin's ass. He just kept sawing his hips and making his huge balls slap against the boy sprawled out on his desk. He could care less that another caretaker was watching.

"Just finishing up he was a very good boy today... Almost done." Mr. Hudson grunted as he felt his climax building. A few more hard thrusts and the pig started to cum hard a second time deep into Benjamin's ass.

The bunny was too embarrassed to say anything as Mr. Hudson pulled up and added another X of duct tape to his seat.

"He is all yours, got his homework done and everything. Now just don't skip anymore classes and we won't have to do this again. I look forward to when your real classes start on Monday. These prep classes are never any fun huh? See you then sweetie?" He boar rumbled as he started to get dressed again.

Mr. Ramsay didn't seem fazed by the mostly nude pig at all. He took Benjamin's paw and led him towards his dormitory after getting the top half of his uniform back on.

"When we get back you are going to have dinner then you are going to show the other boy's what is going to happen to naughty boy starting on Monday. We already talked to Russ and Mack but it will be good for them to see it. This will be the last part of your punishment I promise."

Benjamin was too embarrassed to respond as he waddled bowlegged through the halls.


The rest of the weekend blew by in a flash as everyone was getting ready for classes to begin. His daddies made him wear the nearly falling apart soggy diaper through dinner and insisted on changing him in front of everyone while explaining what he did and why it was bad. They made sure the other boys in their quad got a good look at his leaking, seeded rump during the change as well as his locked up cock. Benjamin was sniffling when it was all over but he didn't cry.

He spent the rest of the night in Mr. Ramsay's room with the two tigers. The bunny was pleasantly surprised that Daddy Ramsay wanted him to mount Teri and removed the chastity cage as soon as they were alone. The cute sissy tiger was so adorable in his little skirt that it was impossible to resist. After getting stuffed three times in one day it was heaven getting to unload his aching nuts into the tiger.

When Monday did finally roll around Benjamin was nervous as Daddy Cobb sent all five boys off to class. "You are a lucky boys. Each quarter you are going to have just one teacher. Like when you were little and in elementary school. You all are in Mr. Hudson's class this quarter. He will take good care of you. Make sure you learn lots boys."

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