Shorty: V-mon's Enema

Story by Liariv on SoFurry

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V-mon was in quite the predicament. He was hanging upside down by his ankles from a rope and pulley in a bathroom. He had no idea why he had even agreed to this. All that had happened is that he had casually mentioned that sex with Wormmon could get boring sometimes, and Gabumon had chimed in that there was this crazy thing he had been wanting to try for a while, and Yamato wouldn't let him do it. He had asked Wormmon's permission, of course, but since monogamy was almost unheard of in Digimon society, his boyfriend had registered no objection whatsoever to him experimenting with Gabumon.

Gabumon had been pretty secretive about the whole operation. He didn't want V-mon to know what was coming, he wanted it to be a surprise. Gabumon had taken V-mon to the bathroom of the apartment he shared with Yamato and told him to lie down on the floor. Then, Gabumon had attached a set of cuffs around his ankles, and then tossed a rope over a pulley that had been secured to the ceiling. He tied one end of the rope to the cuffs around V-mon's ankles, and hoisted him up so he was hanging upside down, then he had left the room, leaving V-mon to wait and wonder at what was to come. One thing was for sure though, this was more interesting than anything he had done with Wormmon recently.

Soon enough, Gabumon entered the bathroom. He gave V-mon a warm smile. In his hand, he held a red rubber bag, which was wet and bulging. From the bag, came a rubber tube with a plastic nozzle on the end.

"What on earth is that?" asked V-mon, eyeing the strange device in Gabumon's hand.

"It's called an enema. Yamato gives them to me sometimes. They feel so good! I have wanted to try giving one to someone for a while, but Yamato won't hear of it. You seem up for it though!" explained Gabumon. V-mon was apprehensive, yet curious.

"What does it do?" V-mon asked. Gabumon seemed to have forgotten to mention that part.

"Well, you put this bit in your butt, and then it fills you full of nice, warm water. It feels really good, I am surprised I've never heard Digimon talk about them before. So, wanna try?" Gabumon replied.

"You waited until after I was tied up to explain it to me, didn't you?" said V-mon, flatly.

"So, wanna try or not?" repeated Gabumon.

"Sure, I guess!" said V-mon as he dangled there. He was a pretty open minded Digimon. "But if I tell you to stop, you have to, got it?"

"Naturally" said Gabumon. "I wouldn't have it any other way." He walked around behind V-mon.

"Oh, I gotta ask, why upside down?" said V-mon.

"I hear it makes for a better enema, gravity really gets the water inside you if you hang upside down" Gabumon explained. V-mon shrugged as best he could in his inverted position. He couldn't argue with that.

Gabumon stroked V-mon's tail, gently moving it out of the way. V-mon gulped as he was exposed, and gave a small gasp as Gabumon rubbed a bit of lube on his butthole. Gabumon wasted no time in placing the nozzle against V-mon's anus and pushing. It slipped in with ease. He then hung the enema bag on a hook that was high up enough that it was a good height above V-mon's rear.

"You ready?" Gabumon asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be!" V-mon replied.

Gabumon flipped the clasp on the tube connecting the bag to V-mon's butt, and the water started to flow.

"Oooh" gasped V-mon as he suddenly felt a warmth flowing through his belly.

"Can you feel it going in?" asked Gabumon, as he walked around to eye V-mon from the front. He was blushing pretty hard, but the expression on his face made it pretty clear that he was enjoying it.

"Yeah.. It's pretty nice!" replied V-mon with a contented sigh. He had been apprehensive at first. but he had to admit, this was a very pleasant experience. He could feel the water flowing through his bowels, he could feel the heat emanating its way through his torso, and he could even feel his belly beginning to bulge a bit.

"Glad you're enjoying it!" said Gabumon with a grin. "Let's do something to pass the time while you fill up, shall we?" He reached out and began to rub V-mon's belly with his hands. V-mon giggled as Gabumon's hands rubbed over his soft belly. It sent tingles through his body, and being full from the enema only served to accentuate it. Gabumon worked his way upwards, or downwards from V-mon's point of view, until he reached his slit. Gabumon parted his slit, and he was not surprised to see that V-mon's cock was already chubbed inside it. Gabumon reached in and gave it a stroke with the tip of his finger, which caused V-mon to gasp. As V-mon touched him, his cock grew harder and emerged from its slit.

By now, V-mon was pretty full, his belly felt bloated and distended, and the bag was nearly empty, but being filled up like this felt so good. Even the idea of being filled with water like this was such a turn on, and Gabumon playing with his cock wasn't hurting his arousal at all. V-mon moaned in pleasure, it had been a while since he had done something as naughty as this, and he was really enjoying it. He felt the water's flow slowing down, he didn't mind though, he was full enough. Once the water stopped flowing into him, he spoke

"Gabumon..." he managed to gasp, the feeling of warmth and fullness inside his belly made it difficult to try and focus on words.

"I gotcha" replied Gabumon. He went around behind V-mon and closed the clamp. "Hold it in now!" he said reassuringly before drawing the nozzle out. He then untied the rope and gently lowered V-mon to the ground. V-mon lay there with a round full belly. Gabumon leaned down and undid the cuffs from his legs. Suddenly, V-mon's belly gave a gurgle.

"Wow, I really gotta go!" he exclaimed. He stood up, and waddled to the toilet, where without even asking Gabumon to leave, he sat down and let go. The enema, along with anything that may have been in his bowels before it was administered sprayed and cascaded into the toilet. He gasped and shivered as he released, it felt almost as good as when the water had gone in.

"Well, did you enjoy that?" asked Gabumon with a sly grin as he watched V-mon expel his enema. He did like watching, he guessed that he must look something like that when he expelled his own enemas.

"Yeah, I really did! We ought to do it again sometime, or maybe I should tell Wormmon about it!" V-mon said. He felt a bit more energised now his insides were being cleaned out.

"So, now you're all clean inside, wanna head to the bedroom and fuck?" said Gabumon, blushing a bit. He wasn't used to being so blunt, but he knew that was what V-mon responded to the best.

"Sure, just let me finish up here" replied V-mon as he pushed out some more water. Gabumon exited the bathroom and left him alone. V-mon thought about the experience he had just had. It had been weird, but really nice. He had been really glad he had went along with it, and there was even more fun to come.

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