Naughty Night Shift

Story by Gruffy on SoFurry

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Naughty Night Shift


This is a quick commission for avatar?user=81389&character=0&clevel=2 Nelson Darkstar whose horsey character has a knack of getting into interesting situations - this one being one of them alright. Hopefully you'll like it,and I wish to see your comments to know how this one worked out :)




Registered Nurse Nelson Darkstar yawned jaw-poppingly and didn't even try to hide it into his palm. The scrub-wearing stallion squeezed his eyes tightly shut and glanced over at the clock on the ceiling of the patient room and saw that the minute pointer was rapidly approaching the top of the movement to signal that midnight was soon at paw.

"Buh," the young horse breathed to himself.

"Gary?" someone whimpered.

"Will Gary come soon? I have to pick Alice from school before I'm going to the Women's Institute meeting. Hello?"

The horse's ears flattened. The sound was coming from Bed 4, and belonging to a Mrs. Abernathy whose hepatic encephalopathy seemed to be getting worse by the day. The horse clip-clopped softly across the room and stood by the bed of the small dingo woman lying with her head propped up on the pillows.

"Gary?" the coyote asked.

"He'll be here soon," the horse flashed the woman a brief smile, checked the IV pumps by the bed, and tugged on the pillows a little, "you should try to sleep, ma'am."

The dingo blinked with her oversized eyes, and gave a little nod.


"Very soon," the horse said, "sleep now, yeah?"

The dingos' lips moved but no sound came out. She seemed to have returned to her own world already. Nelson thought it to be most merciful like that. As long as she'd sleep until morning and the next shift came around, everything would be fine for him.

The horse slipped out of the patient room and into the quiet, dimly lit, by all means quite deserted main hallway of the Gastroenterology Ward of the Royal Victoria and Albert Hospital. The stallion was glad about the silence on the wards. Sometimes things just happened all at once, and considering that their entire night staff consisted of him, Paula, and the junior medical officer Dr. Christiansen. Any kind of a crisis would demand them to call in extra personnel, at a great effort, and that would create even further trouble to their resource-stripped ward. At least during that night, everything was serene, and the horse felt glad about that. No need to rush around on all fours like a pack mule, he thought.

Nelson padded slowly along the hallway. His ears were acute and alert for any alarming noises coming from the patient rooms. The nurse's station was about 15 yards away, down the corridor, and indicated by its lit window. He reached the door and found Paula in the process of writing something on the computer, the young, perky squirrel nurse seemingly in good spirits despite the hour that was almost early rather than late already.

"How's Mirs. A?" the squirrel chirped.

Nelson shrugged.

"Sleeping for now," the horse replied.

"Phew," Paula said. "Apparently she harrowed the whole afternoon shift all day long."

"With kreatinin that high, no wonder," the horse nickered softly. "Poor bastard."

Paula took a look at the wall clock in the nurse's station and then looked at the horse whom still lingered at the doorway, lanky and slim in comparison to her more rotund figure.

"Mind if I pop out for a sec?" she asked. "It's quiet now and I'm craving for a salty bite to eat..."

"Yeah, sure," Nelson replied, "bring me a Coke, too?"

The nurse got up from the wheeled office chair, accompanied by the rattle of keys and ID cards on the strap around her neck, and stretched a little before she made for the door. Nelson sidestepped to give her space, and got a big smile from the squirrel in return.

"Won't be for more than 20 minutes," Paula said, "promise!"

"Neigh neigh," the horse nickered,"don't forget my Coke!"

"I won't!" the robust nurse chuckled.

She went through the door and into the hallway, which left Nelson alone in the nurse's station. He glanced at the computer and wondered about doing some paperwork, but decided against it. Doing any updates about the likes of Mrs. Abernathy wasn't too much of a pressing, and he could always add the notes about her apparent confusion later on.

The nurse planted his butt on the chair, stretched a little, and yawned. He could really use some caffeine right then, judging by the extreme extension of his jaws with his yawning. Night shifts were always a pain in the butt, and skewered his sleeping patterns to a degree. He might have to pop a sleeping pill to get back to the rhythm once his series of night shifts was over and he would be doing days again.

The only real sensory stimuli besides the tickling of the clock was the sound of pawsteps, heavy enough that the horse knew instantly that it was not Paula making a surprisingly quick return. Instead, he saw a glimpse of multi-colored, warm fur, passing by the window before the somewhat rumpled form of Dr. Christiansen appeared on the doorway. The sabercat was only a few years older than Nelson himself, likely not even 30 yet, but certainly appeared more mature due to the fact that his position as the junior medical officer meant he had to wear a neat shirt and pants in a way of uniform to project a kind of a reassuring air of confidence for the patients and staff alike. He seemed slightly less respectable at the moment ,however, with a lopsided stethoscope thrown over his shoulders and one pocket of his pants bulging with the compact tome of Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine stuffed there to act as a handy at-paw quick reference for whatever his own limited experience didn't yet cover. It probably spoke things about the state of the medical system that the full responsibility of the ward was given to someone who was only a few months into his placement, helped only by a paperback book and two young, tired nurses. The cat's own eyes seemed somewhat bleary, too, regarding the nurse seated at the desk.

Nelson felt a hint of crimson creep onto his cheeks. The sturdy cat was quite handsome, in a kind of a...dangerous way. Those huge curved fangs made him appear somewhat intimidating, even if his actual manner was quite affable and friendly, especially to the patients, as far as Nelson had observed. He certainly wasn't someone the horse minded looking at, by no means, seemed quite fit, under those clothes that looked more suitable for someone like, say, Nelson's own father, rather than the young man. He'd rather seen the sabrecat wearing something more suitable, like perhaps some athletic gear...a tight-fitting T-shirt...shorts...


"Hello," Nelson greeted, quickly, as he tried to shake away imaginary muscle cats from his mind.

"Darkstar," the doctor said, ever the professional, addressing him in such a formal manner, which Nelson thought to be something of a pity, "I'm afraid Mister Smith's PEG is blocked and needs to be flushed. Could you get me an equipment pack from the store room?"

The horse's ears flattened.

"Again?" he huffed.

"At least he didn't try to pull it out this time," the feline doctor said.

"Yeah..." the horse rumbled as he got up from the chair. "I better get the stuff."

"Yes, it's best to proceed right away," the sabercat spoke somewhat stiffly. "Would you care to show me the equipment? It'd be the best if I know where to find it too, when needed."

"Yeah, sure," Nelson said.

The cat accompanied him into the hallway, trailing the male nurse by a step or so, which still managed to intimidate the stallion who proceeded with soft steps along the ward. The feline moved surprisingly quietly despite his stature, something Nelson didn't fail to notice. He wondered quietly whether it was down to his feline nature, or just to personality. Perhaps the Doc wasn't quite as ferocious as he appeared on the outside. That was almost disappointing for the nurse, who liked entertaining ideas about Dr. Christiansen's wild personal life outside the hospital - that is, if he was lucky enough to have one. He knew from years of observation of his own, from the viewpoint of the nurse, that the junior doctors were usually so overworked with the wards and all the reading they had to do both for their exams and for simple survival at the wards would eat most of their time anyway. At least Nelson, though being one of the so-called heavy lifters of the ward, could leave the troubles of the hospital behind him whenever he took off his scrubs.

The storeroom was around a corner turn into a shorter corridor that led towards the invalid bathroom at the end of it. Nelson opened the door by swinging his pass card against the magnetic lock and then stepped in. He snapped the light on and illuminated the relatively small room that was lined with shelves packed with standby equipment and linen, anything one would need to keep a hospital ward running. The smell was somewhat unpleasant, a mixture of plastic, some heavy duty hypoallergenic pad cream and a disinfectant,all familiar nosocomial smells the horse barely even noticed anymore. The fanged cat behind him sniffled at the sudden onslaught of scent. Perhaps it bothered him more than the horse, Nelson thought while he clip-clopped through the room, looking about.

"I think they're near the catheter care sets," the nurse mused, "the porters tend to stack them here, I think..."

He moved over to one of the shelves and started to go through the stacked pile of plastic-wrapped packets containing sterile sets for various minor bedside procedures at the ward. The stallion shifted a few of them aside and began to search for the somewhat similar pack that contained the supplies needed for cleaning up a PEG tube - not a task anyone looked forward to, but it was very important for the wellbeing of the patient.

"Ahem," the sabrecat cleared his throat.

Nelson glanced over curiously at the doctor whom was standing nearby, appearing slightly ill at ease while he watched the nurse work.

"Yes?" the horse asked.

"Maybe it's down there," the cat pointed at one of the shelves, "down on the bottom..."

The young horse looked towards the pile of folded sheets on that particular place on the shelving unit, and then moved his gaze back to the doctor by the doorway.

"I don't think it's there..." the stallion nurse mused.

"Maybe you should look again," the sabrecat said seriously.

Nelson frowned a little, but thought it would probably be poor conduct to disagree with the boss in such a manner. He did as he was told and dutifully craned his head down so that he could once again make sure that the shelf really only contained linen, sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers in their neat rows.

"Hhmmmm..." the stallion vocalized thoughtfully.

His long ears bounced down when they suddenly picked up a loudish snap that signalled that the door had been closed. When his head came up, he could still see the sabrecat doctor's paw linger on the handle, briefly, before he moved forward again and approached the nurse.

"Doctor?" Nelson asked. He could feel a somewhat uncomfortable flutter on the bottom of his belly, and his tail flapped against his hindquarters.

"Do you know that you do it a lot, nurse?"

"D-do what?" Nelson asked. He straightened up to his considerable height, being actually taller than the sabercat, and looked down to his beady eyes, ever so curious.

"That...bending over for things..." the feline nodded.

Nelson made a face. That was such a bizarre remark, it didn't make much sense to him.


"Reaching down like that..." said the sabercat, "that ass...pouting through those tight pants..."

Now Nelson blushed furiously under his cheek fuzz, and truth be told, another part of his body was getting a good influx of blood as well. His tail swished behind him even faster than before, and he looked at the cat's dark eyes with curiosity. The feline's words weren't just strange anymore, now he sounded...different, to the usual mild-mannered person he seemed to be.

"Eh..." the horse gasped.

The sabrecat stepped closer and instinctually, Nelson took a step backwards that caused him to collide with the metal shelf. It felt cold against his back, it rattled, and his tail jumped up, and so did his ears, mobile, and his eyes looked steadily at the feline who was standing very close now, practically looming by the horse who had been ever so suddenly cornered. The feline's breaths were audible, now, not only because of the close quarters of the small store room, but also because there was new intensity to it, from the sabrecat who rumbled and stared at the scrubs-wearing horse in front of him.

"Do you have any idea how hard it's to stare at that goddamn ass bouncing around every day..." Doctor Christiansen hissed between his clenched teeth.

Nelson couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was the doctor really talking about his very own rump like that?

Was the sabrecat coming onto him?

"Uh...Doc..." Nelson mumbled.

The sabercat's panting breaths washed over the horse's muzzle now. He smelled of coffee, an ever present scent in the darkest of the night when everyone was struggling to stay awake. The sabercat appeared so tightly wound up that it looked like he didn't really need any chemical stimulation to stay up.

"This fucking hospital is everything I have the time boyfriend isn't putting out, I think he is getting it somewhere else..." the sabercat drawled, still ever so dangerously close, "I've been jacking off in the bathroom for months..."

The stallion thought his cock would spring through the very fabric of his scrub pants with the force it grew hard, slipped out of his sheath and bulged up into a full erection along his belly. His abdomen tingled, and all kinds of mad, arousing, sexual thoughts crossed his mind while he felt the sabercat's inflamed breaths brush upon his lips.

"Ah..." Nelson moaned.

"I can see how you look at me...nurse...," the sabercat sounded predatory in his hissing words, "I know you want some...are we going to have some right now?"

Nelson swallowed heavily.

"Right here?" he whispered. It seemed like a rather un-sexy place, what's with the lingering scent of soap and the pile of colostomy bags he could see in his peripheral visions, besides the viciously fanged man leaning onto him.

The sabercat grabbed the nurse's collar and made the horse whinnie with surprise, arousal, anxiety - a great many things coming off his body the cat could smell easily enough, too.

"You want me to take you on a sweet date first, nurse?" the cat hissed once more. He put another extra emphasis on Nelson's title. Somehow it made the horse wonder whether the sabrecat thought it was a good way of putting the stallion into his place.

"B-but if you're and all..." Nelson stammered.

The feline's other paw did not hesitate to grab the horse's erection. Nelson let out a surprised neigh and felt his hips jam forward, to meet the rough fingers kneading into his boner through the by now precum-stained fabric of his scrub pants.


"If he's not putting out and is getting it somewhere else, I might as well too," Doctor Christiansen snarled, "so you better decide quick...or this offer is gonna be withdrawn..."

"B-but - " Nelson whinnied.

The sabercat squeezed the horse's thick tool through his pants and made the horse hump against the gripping paw. Nelson's resistance was certainly waning with every single drop of blood pumping into his cock. Maybe that's why he was starting to feel lightheaded, too.

"D-doctor..." the nurse moaned.

The sabercat's paws moved away, regrettably so, and left the nursing horse collapsed against the shelf while those fingers had something else to do. Nelson watched in awe how the belt about his waist was unbuckled, and his ears tingled with the buzz of the zipper being drawn down. The stout feline leered at him just as he released the last button and dug his paw into his pants, to pull out, amidst the halves of his shirt hems, a large, pulsing, curved, barbed cock. Its musk hit the horse's nose hard, and parted his lips in surprise, and want.

"Think you know your way around one like this?" the feline shook his cock at the horse.

The horse's eyes bounced up and down with the subtle motion of the impressive dick. It didn't take him more than a second to fall onto his knees on the cold, hard floor of the storage room, to put his muzzle up into level with something that was indeed hard, but hot and slick, instead of what he felt now beneath his legs. The medical cat's lips pulled into a sneer of satisfaction that was made even more intimidating by the presence of his fangs curling out of his jaws. He was breathing hard and sounded very much in need , pent up after many long weeks of a dry spell when it came to putting his cock somewhere wet and warm.

Nelson parted his lips and looked up to the doctor questioningly. He didn't have to wait for long before the big cat angled his hips slightly to push the slimy tip of his dick into the nurse's muzzle. Raspy barbs slid over the broad equine tongue and seeped musk and pre-cum over the wet, spit-coated length of muscle, and it hit both the horse's taste buds and his nose, and he breathed out, hard.

"Hmmmpphhhh..." the cat murmured, obviously enjoying the feeling of such a wet thing rubbing his shaft, "yeah..."

He became even less articulate when Nelson, tentatively, tried to lick around the shaft with his tongue - ample space there to do so, and his long tongue provided the real estate for such an act. The cat's moan turned into a purr, and suddenly he dropped his paw onto the horse's neck and forced him down on himself.

Nelson's eyes went wide when the cat's groin approached with surprise speed, and the cock stroked along his palate and made him cough with the barbs tickling him the wrong way there. The expulsion of air only seemed to arouse the sabercat further, since he let out a satisfied snort and kept his grip, to ensure that the horse's long muzzle engulfed all of him.

The nurse on his knees concentrated onto his breathing through his nose as much as to the feeling of the cock sliding into him. Its fragrant flavor, scent, texture, the very naughtiness of slurping down the phallus belonging to his boss of all furs, it tickled something submissive in him that made his body respond fiercely. His own arousal seemed to grow exponentially with every wet pass he made over the dick in his maw, bobbing back and forth as he sucked cock and tasted musk right from the source.

The horse couldn't believe how raunchy it felt, giving head to the doctor cat on the workplace, padded fingers stroking his head furs and with the cock plugging his maw again and again. The horny sabercat humped into the stallion's deep muzzle with great intensity, obviously taking very much pleasure in this naughty act of man to man sex. His tail was stiff and swung from side to side behind him while he used the nurse' muzzle for his pent-up satisfaction. His eyes had become somewhat lopsided and he breathed hotly, fingers clenching through the nurse' by now very messy maw.

Nelson's tongue started to feel numb from the constant stroke of the barbs upon it. His cheeks hollowed with his attempts at suckle down on the meat pumping between his pouting lips. His hands were not idle, either, but groped at the sabercat's thighs and ass while they swung back and forth with the feline's enthusiastic humping into the makeshift hole provided by the nurse's subservient muzzle.

It was a surprise the cat lasted as long as he did, considering how deeply pent up he was, frustrated with the lack of action as of late. The cock jamming into the horse's muzzle began to twitch and ooze ever further amounts of pre-cum the stalion had no chance but to swallow along with the saliva that the meaty presence into his muzzle inevitable caused. His occasional garggles and huffs only seemed to spurn the sabercat on with his task of bringing himself off, something he desperately wanted to do by then.

Felines, even if they were big and bad, were not known for their endurance, however. Soon the thrusting into the nurse's oral cavity became even more intense, and the cat's muffled groans filled the small room - just like his jerking rod began to pump spoogy splatters of cum into the horse's hungrily sucklinh maw. The horse tasted the potent seed and moaned, even through the globs that hit the back of his throat and made him gag.

The doc kept his paws on Nelson's neck and had the stallion's nose buried on his fragrant crotch fur until the final drops oozed away, and the cat pulled out, breathing heavily.

"Shit..." the sabercat groaned.

"Uh...did I do" the stallion asked. He had to lick a few pearly drops from his own lips, which only added to the throbbing in the scrub pants department.

"The huffing cat gave him a brief look before he started to stuff his cock back into his dress pants.

"That'll do for now...but I'm going to be requesting you for my night shifts from now on..." the man grumbled.

Nelson felt his cock spurt pre-cum into his Kiwibum underwear, and had a pleasant tingle all over himself, including his tongue, still covered in seed.

"Y-yes, sir," the horse said.

The sabercat zipped up, adjusted his shirt hems, and headed for the door.

"Oh, and the PEG wasn't stuck," Doctor Christiansen said as he turned about to look at the still awkwardly kneeling stallion, "I just wanted to get you somewhere where I can get you down on my dick."

Nelson's cheeks burned at the rough remark, but it also made him go 'hurrrr'.

He was going to look forward to night shifts a lot more from now on.


Thank you for reading! I hope you had a good time, and I look forward to your feedback!

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