Bound by Destiny 8

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#9 of Bound by Destiny

The time has arrived and the family is about to grow bigger, and Tenchi will have more of a reason to protect what she truly loves.

This story IS connected to actual lore.

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Bound by Destiny 8 - Fire of Love and Light's Love

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The shocked expressions on Tenchi and Peridot was understandable as they watched in pain at the puddles forming around their feet, Tenchi quickly undressing Peridot while the other did the same to her, Sasha calling out loudly, "Get the observation chamber ready quick!" The news traveled quickly as soon most of the family had gathered outside the door, but Sasha was keeping them on distance before a guard came running to her, "The chamber is ready, your majesty." Sasha nodded before making way for Tenchi and Peridot to be transported there, most of the family watching until Sasha growled at them, "Get back to your rooms, now!"

Azura was quickly on the scene with Sasha, both looking as Tenchi and Peridot were put into position and Azura administrated the same drug that Sasha had gotten when she was giving birth to some of the kids, knowing very well how potent it was for dealing with pain. Tenchi reached out her hand to Peridot who took it, both of them smiling even as the pains came, the drug soon doing its job before Azura nodded, "Now take a deep breath and begin to push." Both of them took a deep breath before pushing, but their cervix had yet to fully open, making a push right now rather impossible. Instead Tenchi asked Azura a question, "How does it feel to know that you are my aunt and step-mom now?" Azura was blushing a bit, "Well, it is a big change. I am more curious about how you feel that you slept with your parent and also your aunt." It was a light blush on Tenchi's face, "It was a bit awkward at first, but it was... actually good." Peridot smiles, "Especially since we might do it again." Tenchi was blushing even redder, "Please, do not speak about it now."

Peridot giggled before both her and Tenchi began to push once more, nothing yet either. Azura was checking the values on a monitor, "It is looking rather good. Hope you both have decided on names for them." It was at that moment that Tenchi actually had a question again, but of much more greater importance, "Hey, will these be twins?" Sasha and Azura looked at one another, baffled by the question they had just heard, but a quick thought was all Sasha needed, "Technically they are not going to be twins since they are not born from the same parent. They can however be pseudo-twins." Tenchi nodded before Peridot pushed again and a soft groan from her was all she needed to hear before Tenchi began pushing, both now finally being ready to give birth.

"Okay, slowly now." Azura told them as Peridot and Tenchi was pushing in duo, Tenchi wondering if they would be laying eggs or give life birth, knowing from what she heard from Sasha, it might be a bigger chance for life birth. Peridot looked at Tenchi with tears in her eyes, "I cannot believe that it is finally happening." Tenchi smiled back, "Neither can I." Peridot smiled warmly before together with Tenchi she pushed once more, both seeming to run on endless supply of energy.

Sasha looked at Azura, "I think you can handle this now." Azura nodded as Sasha left to talk to the others while Azura guided Tenchi and Peridot through it all, "If you need water, just tell it." The duo was not listening as they were all in the bliss of giving birth to their first children, Peridot winking to Tenchi, "Maybe after this you would like some more? Or you rather wanna spend time with finding out more about your genetic history?" Tenchi was giving a soft smile before she began to push again with Peridot, suddenly noticing that Azura strapped some kind of suction pump to their erections as they could soon feel the pump getting to work on sucking them off, both Tenchi and Peridot moaning as they push harder and Azura smiled, "I can see their heads now."

During the time, Sasha had arrived back in the royal throne room where most were currently waiting, a warm smile coming to her face before she spoke up, "Alexander, Azula, Jane, Leona, Magea, Maria, Phoebe, Sedrin and Tarja, be ready because you guys will be the ones who will meet the new additions as they are born." The group stood up before walking over to Sasha, eagerly following her as she led them towards the observation chamber, "Just make sure you are waiting until we get permission to enter."

Tenchi and Peridot were moaning together as the pumps were doing their work, helping them to push harder until finally Azura could catch both of them, a quick pat on the backs making them cry out before she laid a red dragoness with a creamy chest on Peridot's chest and a purple dragoness with a red chest on Tenchi's chest, both of the newborns crying as their proud parents moved them up to their breasts, allowing them to have their first meals, just as the doors opened and everyone was let in to admire the miracles that had been born. Tenchi and Peridot beaming with joy before Tenchi looked at the dragonlet laying on Peridot's chest, "Those colors, they are so wonderful. I... I feel like her name shall be Ainohi, the Fire of Love." Peridot smiled and nodded, murring as she looked at the big dragonlet on Tenchi's chest, "And there we have Light's Love, so... that would be?" Alexander smiled as he had heard them, "Hikarinoai, but you can call them Kari." Tenchi and Peridot proudly smiled, "Ainohi and Kari... sounds wonderful."

Peridot beamed before Sasha suddenly came over with a small box to Peridot, who took it and soon grabbed Tenchi's hand, making her open the box to reveal a gold ring with a blue diamond encrusted on top of it, Tenchi getting wide eyes before Peridot smiled warmly, "Tenchi Arizonia, may I have you become my lawful wife and may I become yours?" Tenchi's emotions ran wild from hearing the question before she began to cry, nodding as Peridot slipped the ring onto her finger, "With all of my heart, Peri. I love you." A soft cheer was heard from the audience as the lovers had begun their journey towards an union, in two ways at the same time. Sasha smiled proudly before wrapping an arm around Azula, "Guess this means we will become sisters-in-law now." Azula looked at Sasha with a smile and nodded, "And for them, we will become the greatest grandparents." A soft punch on Azula's arm made her giggle as Sasha laughed, "Now you make me feel old." They all began to laugh, continuing to watch the couple laying on the tables with their newborn children. This day was just perfect.

The End.

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