Bound by Destiny 6

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#7 of Bound by Destiny

With Tenchi being injured and Peridot being cursed, life won't be easy for the family now when limits are broken, but Peridot is pushing herself to make sure she uses the chance given to make her decision a reality.

This story IS connected to actual lore.

Alexander, Azula, Azura, Jokeress, Ocarina, Sasha and Story © Me

Peridot © Me and SedrinTheStar on FA

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Tenchi © (Co-author)

Length: 3,002 words. 16,562 characters.

Time used to type: 1 hour (with corrections and cleaning)

Bound by Destiny 6 - Executing her decision

This story is copyrighted to SashaWS/ArtisticEastern, containing characters owned by various people used with permission.

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The world on the other side of the portal as they went through was a lush jungle filled with tall trees that could almost rival a redwood, the leafs sparkling in the sunlight, the fresh air filling their lungs and a sudden complaint heard from Alexander as he stepped through, "I never get used to this gravity. I got no idea how you can tolerate your body getting half your weight heavier like this." Sasha ignored his complaints before closing her eyes, quickly teleporting the entire family to a throne room.

Within the throne room, the walls were dressed in the most wonderful banners, sharpest weapons, most detailed shields and even a gigantic painting of Sasha herself, but Sasha's concern was more for Tenchi at the moment, who seemed to slipped in and out of consciousness right now. Peridot looked worried at Tenchi's body, most of it covered in broken shards from the sword, impaled so deeply it was as if she was a beast that had to be put down. A guard nearby them kneeled in front of Sasha, covered completely in a knight's armor, "Good day, my queen. How may we service today?" Sasha's eyes met the knight's before she spoke, "Prepare the observation chamber for an emergency surgery, and make sure no one disturbs."

Tenchi whimpered softly before slipping back into unconsciousness as Sasha carried her to the observation chamber, walking slowly as of to give someone time to arrive, a sudden spark nearby her signaling her about their arrival, "Good, you both are here, my dear sisters." The two ice blue dragonesses nodded. The shortest one was Azula, her eyes being red like Tenchi's and her hair white as a snowy day, in contrast to her twin sister Azura, who's eyes was green and her hair black with a silvery stripe, "We came as fast as we could, what is the problem?" As Sasha turned to show Tenchi to them both, Azura's eyes went wide in shock while Azula's were nearly popping out of their sockets, "By Tarona's embrace, this is serious! Hope you got a room ready!" Sasha nodded before running with the twins into the observation chamber, the chairs and desks surrounding a surgery table gave away that the room was used often for teaching medical students.

With a quick leap down to the table, Sasha put down Tenchi and spoke softly, "I am sorry, Tenchi, but I must break my promise to Peridot." Before she could even get started, Tenchi's voice spoke very weakly, "No need to apologize... just do what you got to." It was then that Azura administrated the sleeping drug, putting Tenchi to sleep while Sasha neutralized the gravity around them and undressed Tenchi, not caring that she was looking at her daughter-in-law laying naked there, it was just a dragoness in need of medical attention right now. Giving them the clear sign, Azura began to slowly extract the shards one by one from Tenchi's body, looking pale from the injuries, "Whatever happened to her?"

Sasha sat back in a nearby chair before tapping on a module until a 3D model of Tenchi's mother appeared near Tenchi's body, "We fought against this one. She used a fireball to shatter her katana. I had used an enchantment on the sword that allows it to absorb the heat, but once it reaches the melting point of a metal within the katana, it shatters. The pressure from the fireball did this and launched the shards right into her body." Azula looked at the model with slightly bigger eyes before Sasha tapped the model away just as Azura began to extract the shard buried in Tenchi's right eye socket, the stench of boiled and burned eye really made them nauseous, even Sasha who was used to horrible smells. It was then that Azura pulled out a syringe and injected something into Tenchi's neck, "A stabilizer, I am almost losing her. The damage to her body is really severe. We need a new eye for her. You two, make one, now! I got to keep her stable for now."

Sasha and Azula nodded before Sasha grabbed the shards quickly beginning to form them with her powers, even with the help of Azula discharging electricity through the palms of her hands, heating it all up before Azula began the tedious job of putting the first parts together while Sasha was using very gentle coordination to work up some cables, all the while as Azura was stitching up the wounds and keeping Tenchi stable, noticing with her keen eyes that Tenchi had lost a lot of blood, "Sash! Get to the blood storage and bring me 3 liters of blood, zero negative now!" Sasha disappeared as quickly as Azura finished her sentence, taking not more than a minute to come back with the desired amount, to which Azura was quick to slowly inject into Tenchi's body, "Something is different with her."

By the time the injection was over, Azula handed Azura the eye, Azura checking it out before slowly removing the old tissue of the burned eye, noticing that Tenchi was beginning to wake up only to fall asleep again when Azura was quick to administer another dose, "Damn, I used enough of the drug to knock out even Jigo for a good hour and she is waking up after just 25 minutes." Removing the last of the tissue, Azura gently pushed the new eye into the socket, hearing it buzz a bit before attaching itself to the nerves as Azura finished up stitching the last wound together, "There we go. She is done. I cannot help her fully though. She needs to rest and heal up to let the nerves themselves have a chance to regain strength. I would suggest that someone makes sure she is taken great care of." Sasha nodded before giving Azula and Azura a tight hug, "What would I do without you two?" Azula smiled, "Probably not much better. Now if you excuse me. I got some wires to fix over in Niagar. See you!" With that Azula put a claw in an outlet and zapped right into it, but Azura looked at Sasha, "You take her to a good room, I will go and tell the others. Where are they?" Sasha quickly replied, "The throne room. I will let her rest in the guest room on the fourth floor." Azura nodded before she and Sasha with Tenchi split for the moment.

Peridot was crying while her sisters were hugging her, trying to comfort the heartbroken girl, "There, there. She will be fine." Tarja spoke softly, trying her best to really sound comforting, "She is a strong girl like you. I bet she could take an entire building on her head and only complain about a light headache." Peridot sniffed a bit before Ocarina of all sisters actually nuzzled her cheek, "That's right. I watched her train with Maria and uncle Alex. She is really a nice catch and I can feel that I would not want to fight her. Then again, I got no real training with weapons." Peridot looked at Ocarina, a bit annoyed at the fact that she did not stop her voyeur attitude, but in this case it was forgivable, since she was only wanting to help, it was then that a voice spoke in the room, "No training in weapons? What a sin if you ever will find true love like she has." A wall of cards appeared before a rather small bunny girl stepped through it, gathering up the cards in her hand before slipping them into one of the pockets on her pants, Jane looking a slight bit amused, "Long time no see, Auntie Carolyne, or you rather have me call you Auntie Jokeress?" Jokeress smirked before grabbing Ocarina, "Tell me, you wanna be trained to be strong like your sisters?" Ocarina could only watch her, nodding with a soft smile before standing up, "Yes, I would like that. But I cannot do stuff like you do, my body doesn't allow magical abilities like it does with the rest." Jokeress smirked before snapping her fingers, the cards flying out before surrounding them and before their very eyes, the duo disappeared just as the doors to the throne room opened, "The surgery is done. And she will make it. However, she will not take any visitors other than the ones important right now."

It was a painful wait for them as Tenchi was sleeping still. Peridot, Maria, Tarja, Alexander and Sasha sat around, waiting patiently while Azura was looking over Tenchi's body, making sure she was stable. It took her a moment to finally wake up, making Azura smile, "Welcome back to the world of the living." Tenchi looked at Azura and tried to sit up, but grunted as the gravity made her body heavier and she noticed Peridot being there too, standing next to her with tears in her eyes. Tenchi smiled softly before a whimper was heard as she was slapped, "Ten-Ten, do not scare me like that! I thought you were going to die and I had to raise our child alone! Never do something that stupid again!" Tenchi felt the sting of it, but she knew that she deserved it, Maria's voice speaking next, "Your recklessness could have cost you your life, Tenchi. Next time think before you act." It wasn't as much of a sting from that one, but it was about to get worse as Tenchi next had to look into the soul-piercing eyes of Alexander, "Tenchi... you fool! You thought you could defeat her all by yourself. I do understand your pride coming first, but this is not the time to play the hero. Would you dishonor your own dedication? Your own life? Your future? Whenever you get out of the that bed, I want to let you know, I will drive your body into the ground with training!" Tenchi looked into them, feeling very hurt by his words, but the most painful sting was about to come next, "Tenchi, I know you wanted to protect us, but you put your own life in danger and nearly cost Alex his own! If you truly wanna find redemption in your actions, then you better start training once you leave the bed. I do not want a prideful bitch to be my daughter-in-law. I want a prideful and dedicated lover for my girl to be my daughter-in-law who puts the ones they care for above themselves." It was silence in the room at Sasha's words, only Tarja remaining to speak now, "Tenchi. When I met you, I saw someone who my sister loved beyond everything and gave her most holy title to. Now I see a weak-minded fool who my sister still loves, but now she has slanders the honor of her title by almost committing suicide! And further more, I saw you as someone I wanted to be on par with. Now I only see someone I surpassed in everything."

Tenchi couldn't hold it back anymore, tears filling her eyes as she sniffed, "I am sorry for worrying you all. Just seeing my mother made me angry at the threats I had to endure thanks to her. I let it cloud my mind and my thoughts of protecting. I just wanted to slay her." Tenchi felt the gravity lighten up before Peridot moved in, her body softly glowing before her hands was placed over her chest. Sasha and the others knew it was best to leave her alone for now, getting out silently and closed the door behind them as Tenchi looked at Peridot, "Peri, I..." Peridot merely laid her tail in Tenchi's maw, "Hush, relax and rest now." Tenchi nods and just murrs as she can feel Peridot healing her body.

Nearly a week passed by since Tenchi's arrival and Tenchi had almost recovered from the surgery, much thanks to the family taking care of her, even if one of them seemed a bit off about something and it was strange that Azura had asked if she could have a blood sample from Tenchi. Agreeing to it, she had asked what Azura wanted to do, only to have as a reply that she wanted to study Tenchi's background. Tenchi could not ask more about it as Azura had left rather quickly after getting what she wanted. All the while Peridot had been thinking for herself and she was thinking it was time now. Her times spent with Tenchi had only been to heal her, talking and even the night before suggesting that they would have a threesome at some point, but Peridot had something slightly else in mind. Standing in her room, she had put her most revealing bra and panties, softly smiling as she had then gone to pick up not one, but two partners for today's session.

Knocking on the door, Peridot waited until Tenchi called out, "Come on in." Peridot was smiling as she entered the room, followed by Azula and Azura, all three of them wearing skimpy lingerie. When Tenchi saw them, her eyes went wide, "What is going on here?" Peridot moved in slowly and leaned in to kiss Tenchi, "It is time for your reward for fighting your own mom to protect us. I know you are in heat and I want another child, but now it is going to be growing inside of you." Tenchi was shocked at what she had just heard until Peridot began to undress and so did Azula and Azura, Tenchi's eyes going even wider, "Four herms in one go?" Azula and Azura was grinning as Peridot was kissing Tenchi again, grabbing the blanket to throw it off before murring, "Lets skip the formalities and foreplay." Tenchi had no objection to that, but she did wonder what the other two were going to do, until Azula climbed on top of her, moving into a 69 position as Azura got up behind her and Peridot made her way in-between Tenchi's legs, spreading them widely to look at the wonderful treasure, all swollen and ready. With a soft nod to each other, Peridot and Azura pushed inside of their lovers, Azula and Tenchi moaning softly before they wrapped their maws around each others' dicks, sucking softly while they were getting thrusted into.

Peridot groaned out softly in joy, watching how Azula was sucking on Tenchi's dick, her eyes next watching Tenchi eagerly sucking while rubbing Azura's balls, something telling her that it was like they needed this for quite a while now. Azura's massive size was a contributing factor to why Azula was 69ing with Tenchi and not her as Azula and Tenchi was almost the same height, their eyes shut themselves as both of Tenchi and Azula felt when Azura and Peridot began to increase the speed of their thrusts, moaning out softly, "Ohhh, good girls. Suck each other off like that." Tenchi had no idea why she liked it, but Peridot didn't need words as Tenchi's warm walls got tighter and made her increase the speed even more.

Azura was looking soon pulling Azula backwards to sit down on the edge of the bed, bouncing her eagerly on her dick while Peridot kept thrusting into Tenchi's warm depths, "Mmm, I hope you are ready, Ten-Ten. I wanted this for a long time!" Tenchi's world grew darker around her and she moaned as Peridot was speeding up again, but only to match Azura's thrusts into Azula, all the while noticing Tenchi being caught up in something slowing down gently before leaning down to kiss Tenchi who happily murred and soon a soft groan could be heard near them as Azura was already cumming inside of Azula before Tenchi and Peridot saw how Azura was turning around and aiming Azula's dick down to Tenchi's maw, "She liked getting sucked so much, mmm, why not give her some more?" Tenchi just blushed before nodding as she broke the kiss with Peridot and leaned into suck on Azula's erection, feeling how Peridot was leaking pre inside of her from the view.

Azura was smiling as she was still filling up Azula with warm seed, hugging her tighter before kissing her twin very lovingly until they could hear Peridot groaning out as she was thrusting like a beast into Tenchi who was sucking on Azula's dick, warmth filling her maw as the cum poured forth and now it was also Tenchi's turn to cum and tighten herself before her eyes shot open widely at Peridot biting her shoulder when shoving her dick deeply inside of Tenchi's womb, giving her the filling she needed right now as they both growled out loudly and together with Azula and Azura fell into the blissful time called afterglow.

The next day, Azura was standing in the lab, finally done with running the check on Tenchi's blood, the computer printing out the results and Azura was quickly checking it over, her eyes widening in pure shock before she ran to the dining room, knowing that everyone was there for the breakfast. Sasha and the rest enjoying the company of Tenchi, now fully recovered and happily eating the food she was given. The door soon flying open as Azura panted, Sasha giving an annoying grunt, "Is it so hard to knock before you enter?" Azura panted further and Sasha calmed down quickly, "Wait, something wrong?" Azura held up the test result, "The result from the blood sample came out with two matches for who Tenchi's father or fathers are! You will not believe it!" Everyone was awaiting the news as Azura read it out clearly, "Tenchi's fathers are..."

The End.

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