The Birth

\*deep breath\* it's hard - easily the hardest thing i've ever done - and some of the nurses are talking about how michael should have been fucking me to get me 'ready', and how births are normally hard for young mothers like me, and...

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Thankfully for sean the crowed in the hall had dispersed and furries were either back in their rooms or leaving the building so he was able to get his birthing wife out in a few minutes.

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The Birth

"i've never seen a female birth so quickly. her contractions are already minutes apart, and she isn't dilating enough. this could be bad." "make it stop!"

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Birthing Dragons: Odus: Part 8

#6 of birthing dragons will delivers their final child with love. part eight: final birth both odus and i were excited for this last birth.

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Birthing Dragons: Odus: Part 7

#5 of birthing dragons the second to last cub enters the world. part seven: birth of cub five if the other births had been pleasurable, the next was simply downright orgasmic.

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Birthing Dragons: Odus: Part Six

I wanted odus there for all of my births, i decided. even if the babies i birthed weren't his, i wanted him to be there, encouraging me with his touch and with his words.

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Mirror Pet - Part 2

You're doing so good, waiting to birth or pleasure yourself until the father of your pups returned. now, i'll reward you. you can, should you choose, watch yourself birth."

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Birthing Dragons: Odus: Part 4

#2 of birthing dragons a continuation to the last part.

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glowing [danganronpa] pt 4

Thankfully, coatl heads were small and narrow, but the bodies were long, and took a while to birth completely. the simple fact that he'd been pushing for an hour was enough proof of that.

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A Commission Beauty and the best that just happened to have tentacles

This was when they all knew, collectively, the eggs needed to be birthed and hatched...

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A Predittoment

The liquid - some strange mix of ditto and her birth-fluid - dripped down her leg, more and more. a push, and nothing. another push, and nothing.

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Birthing Dragons: Odus: Part 5

#3 of birthing dragons will gives birth on his mate. part five: birth of cub three odus didn't object to that, once he took liam back to sleep with his sister. he returned, quickly, looking at me as i figured out how to do this.

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