Commission: Star Wars: The Force of Force

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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When two people meet at the top of a roof on an alien planet and brandish their light sabers there is only one result that came come out of it. Times have changed and away is the troubles of killing others and a new law that promotes life has taken popularity in both the light side and the dark side of the force. No longer does a light saber kill, and no longer does a loser die, now the saber is used to penetrate and the winner is the one that holds onto their pride throughout the fight and prevents their own climax. Who will win this encounter Jedi, or Sith?

This story was a tough one. It was one of those stories that after nearly ever paragraph I had to step back from it and figure out the next step. As difficult as it was, I got through it and now we move on to the next story.

If you notice any star wars inaccuracies, I don't care.

Jedi Duel: The Force of Force

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the two stood at the highest towering building within a city built over the water of a planet made entirely out of ocean. Small patches of cities make up what the humans that come to visit here refer to as "civilized land" but even then the salty sea breeze that often cuts through the building is a constant reminder of the quickly rushing current below their fair cities. As the oceans rushed below the fast rushing vehicles darted between the buildings, but not a single one of them was willing to fly as high as the location of these two. A long hunt had taken place for them to arrive in front of one another, the journey passing them between planets, through star systems, and while the clues got stronger so did their determination to finally find one another here in this city. It wasn't like a sith to hide, nor do they run, and this one had been no different, but without the council established as of yet it grew far more difficult for those who still referred to themselves as "jedi" to locate such darkness without being close by them. Now that the two were able to meet, now that they were face to face, there was only one conclusion to make happen, and this conclusion was that the two would be forced to duel, would be made to turn their weapons upon the other, but things were not as they once were. Where before the two would be fighting using a cutting tool that burns through nearly any substance the days of killing were over, now the sabers serve a different purpose, the method for fighting having been altered entirely. Fighting was no longer about destroying, but instead about domination, humiliation, and most importantly submission. Those that lost were forced into the service of the winner, driven into his ranks and teachings and to make this dream happen the sabers were also altered to accommodate the new laws of dueling.

The dark cloak of the figure that stood at one end of this building felt the harsh wind up here on the roof, a location that many weren't supposed to be on, but still had the elevator that came all the way up here. In a way it was the sith that was permitted to choose where the fight takes place entirely because of the fact that jedi will follow the darker powered ones to the final location where they could have their fight. In this way he didn't wish for his office to be damaged in this building and so upon sensing the rival he had made sure to be on the roof by the time the jedi caught up to him. There was no word to be exchanged, none was needed, only the knowledge that this being wanted to take him down only for the crime of servicing himself and building a company that helped billions of people across the galaxy to feed their families. Those glowing red eyes narrowed down towards the man that stood there, and while that hand moved to slip under that cloak the easy pull of the dark stained steel tube filled his hand, and the push of the button allowed that long, thick, "blade" to stretch from the hilt. No longer able to cut the energy was far more thick, almost like a club now, but the smooth texture of it gave very obvious note that it's flexible design was set with loose fitting ions, giving the weapon the ability to bend if it needed to. This was the advantage of the new laws, the agreed upon rules for these new age duels, and while pride would be shattered, at least that person would survive and life was something instilled in both sides of the force. With that light saber extending from the base the dark cloak fell free from his body showing the golden toned fur that covered that muscular body, the long tail hanging down towards his calves and that snout touched with white along the side providing the golden-blonde main to be well displayed over his lion body. Truly a king of his concrete pride land and a ruler of its people.

The jedi had little choice other than to perform a similar action, his hand taking hold of the hilt mounted onto his side and as his fingers gripped down on the cold steel surface of the weapon that blue gaze looked on towards the sith in front of him. This fellow had been tracking the lord for a long time now, having been following him through the stars, but now that he had him it was time for them to share their final epic duel, a fight that would drive most to the point of madness, but these two specialized in now that the rules had been changed. No longer was the time of death, sacrifice, and destruction, but instead those that lost revoked their old ways and took on the teachings of those that won these duels. The movement of that grey cloak fell free just as the dark one did, and though he didn't have long golden locks as this lion did the short furred cheetah would still show off that bare and strong figure. Both stood nude before one another, their sheaths and heavy balls on full display, their larger chests, and well trained figures providing the amount of effort that went into being able to wield a weapon like the light saber, but even that wasn't the entire purpose here anymore. The power of the force between them, surprised by the presence of the light and dark side clashing in this open space, but with a flick of his tail the jedi moved to take that weapon into both hands, the long arch of the blade growing in it's blue display towards the sith lord while he'd grip it within both hands, holding it with only a slight part between the gripping points, allowing leverage, added strength, to the blows that were going to be raining down.


The soft padded, spotted, feet kicked against the rooftop only once as his body was thrown across the length of it, that weapon down at his side and the force projecting him directly at the dark-side opponent. The second that he was in range the movement of that swinging saber rose quickly at an angle flowing easily towards the lion who still only held his own with a single hand that soon brought the red club like saber down, not blocking, but instead attacking the other blade and listening to the loud clashing crackle that sizzled and sounded off from the swing of the blade all the way until the glowing lengths crashed into one another. A forward step form that sith brought him a touch closing, drawing that blade up between the two of them only so that he could stretch his arm out quickly with a fast and solid strike against the spotted chest. In any normal situation this would be the end of the jedi, but where those blades no longer cut all that happened was the cheetah would be thrown backwards, his body dropping to the rooftop on his back and leaving him to quickly stand back up once more in a far more defensive stance with those hands once again gripping down the steel tube. He'd need to be more careful about how he approached this, diving in head first against someone as skilled as this lion was simply foolish. This was going to take effort, finesse, and most importantly of all it was going to put his full skill with his weapon to the test. Where the first attack hadn't gone well for him, that left him with the option to either launch the second one quickly or to see how this city lord would approach. The sith weren't know for having any defensive fighting techniques in their arsenal, so the only true option here was to watch for the next attack.

The movement of that sith drew him a step closer again, raising the weapon over his head in order to arch it's path downward, the lion roaring out in this motion, his teeth showing clearly in a deep snarl while he felt that red light saber impact down against the blue one, the bright spark between them driving the two to announce their impact with a hard clash before the sword was raised up again and brought back down at an angle. Every hit made between the sabers driving the blue blade downward, forcing the cheetah to have to lift it up again, but trying to hold off such strength was wearing down those muscles. The first couple hits were held off easily with a repelling thrust, but as the strikes grew faster they also grew harder and soon that guard was forced downward leaving the sith lord a well opened access to strike at that body. Even panting this red-eyed lion would aim his attack down once again, raising the blade high about his head once more in a fast and well placed swing that dropped the attack in a hurry. When the club-like weapon came down, though, it didn't manage to strike the fast jedi who once again kicked his legs against the ground, this time darting to the side with his force push against the ground, leaving him to evade such a strike quickly and closing in the distance with a fast change of direction so that his own blue weapon could swing quickly in a fast arch as it moved to impact the backside of those shoulders, forcing the lion to arch his figure from the blunt strike against him. The attack forced this sith to stumble forward, his hands keeping wrapped around his weapon, but while his shattered breath quickly worked to regain it's bearings his figure moved to twist, turning towards that bare cheetah once again.

It was time to stop playing games, not only did this lion have better things to do than play around with this spotted kitten, but his education in the force far superseded the young man and the smug look that he got through way of luck. In the eyes of this golden furred man this jedi was but a child of the force, and it was now time for the sith to take him to school, to show him what someone who mastered such a thing could really do. As those fingers moved to close in the feeling of electrical power arched within the lion's palm, his focus on the cheetah that stood before him and the harsh anger that swelled within brought out ranges of electricity to jet their way towards his opponent, filling the space between them with heated power that flowed straight against that furred ball sack, licking, hitting, shocking the sheath with it's force and driving that young jedi into convulsions. Even the member would start to slide free, reaching it's way from that skin pocket as it was pumped with energy, and then finally when the lightning stopped the movement of that thumb on the saber would change it, alter the form of it. No longer a club-like rod, but a tube that he'd quickly stab forward around that aching dick, the red color shining around that cheetah cock, and soon bringing his wrist into a quick jerking motion as that smooth faux vagina pulled at the thickness. A smooth but textured feel on the inside as it stretched, folded, settled around that dick perfectly and drew a long and hard shudder from that jedi boy. The feeling even forcing a loud moan from him while those fingers tightened around the grip of the blue weapon.

The tight grip, the shifting movements, the push and pull against those hips sucking down that thick feline member forced those ears to fold back on the jedi's head. The cheetah tail swishing to the side just as the fast swing of his blue saber impacted his weapon against the red tube, forcing the sith saber up and forcing it to release his now throbbing dick, leaving the spotted feline panting and murring out deeply while his teeth ground. Steps moved to take himself back, pulling himself from that lion who was already moving to thrust back forward towards his crotch again, the quick guarding movements of the fast swinging blade knocking away those stabs to either side as his feet took him back little by little, just trying to pull some distance so that his throbbing member could calm, could subside, but there was no way that this sith was going to give him time to recover, no way that the dark lord would permit this cheetah to regain his composure. The lifting of that red saber quickly moved to arch it's direction once again, bringing it down quickly until the blue blade stopped it in it's track, the sound of the energy crackling once again with that collision of impact. If this lion wasn't going to give him space, then he'd make him give him space. The lift of his hand from the bottom of the grip flattened his palm against that strong and muscular golden chest and with a single focus the sudden push of force threw the dark-side lord backward.

The lion wouldn't stay airborne long, his body coming down and those feet catching the ground rather quickly after that force push drove him backward, even so the need to lean forward in order to allow those finger tips to drag against the surface of the rooftop in order to prevent himself from falling onto his back, but that opened him easily up for the blue saber to close in and swing down at him, the feeling of it catching him over the shoulder forced a deep grunt out of that lord before the side stepping spotted feline would change the direction of that blow, smashing the club like weapon into the lion's side rolling that sith lord onto his back. The force of the blow left the golden feline in pain, watching the sky, but never out of the fight and when that blue saber came down against his crotch the head arched back, howling in pain just as his thick meaty dick grew free from the sheath being the subject of the same technique that he's suffered earlier when the adjustment on that blue beam was effected into a tube and it was stabbed forward around that hard lion shaft leaving the jedi to stroke and jerk that lion cock using his weapon like a flesh light. Every pull forced those hips up, making the sith buck into it as the weapon came down in a faster pace. As the tube pulled at the dick, the ridges inside rubbing along that full length, the lion found himself panting, mewling almost at the movement against his sensitive member, but even that couldn't last forever. It wasn't until the struggle came to lift that red beam back up again that it would come down, not against the blue saber, but against the hand holding it, striking those gripping fingers and forcing the hand to open out of pure instinct. This left the jedi without his saber, but more dangerously allowed the sith to take hold of it and pull it free from his member, giving him two weapons now to use in this fight.

Those two thick and beating dicks swayed easily between their thighs, and with the fast movements of the dark-side user sliding himself closer to this boy that dick flapped hard against the fur-covered leg, but this wasn't a time to focus on such a thing, the jedi was forced to move quickly, his body turning sideways when the red saber swung down, allowing it to miss him before he'd have to duck in order to avoid a slash from his own that managed to pass right over his head just close enough to knick the tips of those ears. There was only so much dodging that this cheetah was going to be able to do, though, and while he stood up that red club was brought into his stomach, forcing his figure to bounce from the force of the hit and opening this feline up easily for the blue weapon to come back around crash down hard on the top of his shoulders forcing this spotted kitty to his knees. The sound of his grunting voice called easily, and this jedi knew that if he didn't get his weapon back soon then it would be used on him with it's intended purpose. With the cheetah turning his eyes at that towering lion his hand lifted, fingers stretching out, and suddenly the flash of light rose from that palm filling the air with a blinding illumination that forced the sith to turn his head and blink in order to try and reclaim his sight. This jedi's force blind move had worked well, and with another more common force power he'd quickly pull the blue saber from that left hand and return it to his right, once again wrapping both hands around the hilt and closing in without giving the sith time to recover from such a blow.

It wasn't entirely the jedi way to attack an opponent that couldn't defend himself, but this one knew of the power of this sith, he knew that the lion could sense every movement that he was making even if he wasn't able to see him, and that meant that the sith was never really defenseless. It was when that golden colored hand lifted towards him again as the cheetah approached that his movement was forced to stop. The bolts of lighting arching towards him once again, but this time that blue saber was brought in front, catching the energy before it could reach his body even as his weapon was being forced back towards him. The deep grunt from that spotted feline showed that he was having trouble holding on, but that trouble was only increased when the lightning stopped and that red blade came across the jedi's view, not aiming at the cheetah this time but instead his weapon and knocking it not only out of the way but out of his hands entirely. When the lion lifted his foot he'd make a fast stomp against that bare chest, pushing against the fellow feline and forcing him off of his feet onto the roof. The hand that reached out for that saber saw it shake before it would be pulled towards him, activating immediately and impacting the blue blade into the back of that sith knee, forcing the dark-side user onto his knees before that handle once again filled that spotted palm and that faster feline pushed his way back to his feet once more. It was time to end this fight, to bring this sith down finally and with a fast snap movement that blue blade would impact the forearm slapping it and forcing it to release that red saber before it would be tossed to the side so that it could roll over the edge of the roof. The lion's hand reaching out for it, but unable to focus on it quickly enough to catch it.

Even without a weapon this match wasn't over, the lion still had a lot of powers that he could use to take down this jedi, but as that blue tube once again wrapped around his shaft, stroking it, pulling at it, riding his thick dick that cheetah foot would finally come up, aiming a nicely designed push with it in order to force that sith to lay down on his back leaving the padded foot there in order to hold him in place while that blue tube continued to draw up and down along that shaft, using it to ride him, to use him, to have him. Those hips lifted, the lion finding himself thrusting right back into that flesh-like tunnel that hugged down on his shaft so well that his own body moved against his will to further his own pleasure. The drumming heart in his chest pounding as if trying to get out and even while this lion lord wrapped his hand around that ankle holding him in place there was no way for him to focus enough to fire off another arch of lightning to him. The eager gasp, the deep moaning, the hard grunts that filled this rooftop left the lion's figure shuddering, the mind working a mile a minute in order to try and find some way, any way, to get himself out of this situation. There had to be something, but the longer he thought about it the more that the lion figured that he simply didn't want to.

When the cheetah pulled the tube free from that cock the simple smirk that rolled over those feline lips showed that the lion was starting to believe that he might actually be able to get himself out of this situation, that the light-side user was foolishly showing mercy on him, but as he heard the licking of the adjuster on the handle and watched that beam tube close up into the club shape once more the thoughts of getting away once again left the lord and soon so did the tightness of his rear when the fast shoving force of that dildo-saber stretched his back entrance and forced the body to arch as the deep washes of pleasure flowed through him. The more he was given, the more that glowing blue object vanished into his shadowed depths, and the further his panting rose from those lips. The throbbing member wouldn't be left alone, though and where the cheetah was forced to a knee in order to plunge in that long smooth glowing head his hand would reach forward in order to take that hard shaft, stroking it tightly just like it had been before. The humps would continue, moving in time with the dildo that filled him and as he felt himself growing weaker, his mind clouding, the only thing that this lion lord could think of was just the pleasure itself while he felt that pressure build to his head, turning it a rosy red before finally bursting with a white cream spreading up and then down over itself, running over the fingers and knuckles as it pooled around his own base, leaving the lion mewling once more into the sky even as his eyes finally were able to turn in order to look over at the winner of their fight. It was over, he'd lost, but while his heart raced within his chest there was no worry, no regret, and the only focus that he was able to provide was the pleasure that such an amazing feeling had been brought from him. Would this mean that he was going to have to change his philosophies? Maybe, but it would take time, the only thing that such a loss agreed him to was that he would do as the jedi wished, and study under him for the cheetah to have the chance at changing his mind.


With the match ending that blue light was pulled from the lions rear, drawing it slowly outward so not to harm his new friend. The cheetah had to smile easily at him and while he flipped the activation switch off on his weapon it would soon be placed down at his side once more. Those eyes watched the lion resting on the rooftop, looking over that strong body, and while he smiled down to him this cheetah also felt the need to be satisfied. The light-side user now owned the rights to this being, was responsible for him, and as his protege the cheetah needed this lion to release that tension between them, to please his mentor and open the gates to their shared pleasure together. It would be a long trial between them, a hard path to follow, but in time they could learn to share the same views, in the mean time that throbbing cheetah cock ached for release, their hard fight together had left him with stuttering breath as he moved to close in the distance towards that golden lion that was still finally moving to sit up. A spotted hand moved to the back of his head, the sight of that groin reaching out to him and far more importantly the display of that thick pulsating dick kicking at the air with every beat of his master's heart. With a movement of that rough tongue, the feeling of sandpaper moving along the very tip of it drew a hard jerk to that feline body and the shifting of his hips showing that the cheetah not only enjoyed the hard treatment of such a horrifying tongue, but wanted more. When those lips finally parted on the lion he watched as his own maw was filled with thick feline cock, the length, the girth, the taste and flavor of it stretching that jaw and driving him to lift his eyes towards his new master. Even when the hand pulled at that head, forcing his own cheetah cock down the length of that throat, the eyes would finally close, giving in to his place at his master's feet, showing his submission finally while the soft sound of a muffled moan from that lion echoed against the fat shaft filling his maw.

With that second hand coming down the feeling of that golden mane flowed between his fingers and drove those spotted hips forward, forcing his thick dick into the lion's mouth, filling his throat and driving the hot purrs down the length of that cheetah body. This once sith lord did not stop this, did not resist, his body was awaiting it, enjoying it, and even hoping that there could be more like this later on. It wasn't going to be uncommon after this for the lion to sneak in under his master's sheets in order to wake him up with a similar treatment, the idea of it only leaning that lion body forward, twisting his head just slightly to the side so that the head could rub over the back of his throat in the most pleasurable of ways. Even those golden fingers moved to wrap around the thighs, holding his master in place was that head finally started to bob, started to shift, started to wave back and forth against that feline dick to moan down the length of it once more. The rough tongue coming to slide free of his own jaw, being pulled out on his way back, but that only lasted so long before the cheetah would thrust back in, burying his own dick into that lion maw up to the base and forcing that thicker crotch hair right against the snout so that this defeated feline could take a good, long, smell of that heavy scent of his master, wanting him to learn how to recognize it on the spot. Even the deep panting that filled this cheetah didn't prepare him for what came next. The lion was good, no great, the sexual skills were fantastic, and his talents were amazingly well developed. With that cock already on the verge before they even started this the cheetah's ears folded back, his head leaned away from that sith, and with a grind of his own teeth he felt the sudden harsh flow of his seed gushing free down the throat of that lion who accepted it, tasted it, and drank it down entirely. Not even a drop would escape that greedy mouth leaving the cheetah to pant and moan just before his knees gave out and the dick was pulled free by gravity alone with a loud pop from those lips.

Those hands still locked around the back of the lion's head, his spotted face lowered in a blushing gaze down at the rooftop that they both now sat on, even his breath was desperately trying to catch up to itself as he rested and then with those eyes finally lifted again all he could see was the stronger feline starring right back at him. The easy smile that rolled over their lips and even the deep chuckle that filled them gave the two the moment needed to finally enjoy one another's company. For the first time since they met they were able to get along, put aside the differences and opposing factions and only enjoy the company that they shared. It would take some time to get acclimatized, to get used to the two being together, but a loss was a loss, and where they rested now it proved that both were going to honor their vows, their agreements, and work together with the jedi calling the shots. It was going to take time, there would be hard spots between them, but eventually as they worked patiently with one another such things would subside and their relationship would blossom because of it. When the cheetah finally stood he'd keep at least one hand on the backside of that taller lion's head, moving to lift him with him and bring him up to stand over him. Their chests coming to press together, imagining the idea of simply remaining here for a while longer in order to enjoy his new padawan, but such a thing was not in his cards and where the spotted kitty turned towards the elevator that golden lion would as well, moving away from the rooftop finally and heading out to leave this place behind so that they can begin their new training, or more specifically the training that the lion had turned his back on so long ago.

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