Commission: Uninvited Tournament Part 5

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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The next part of the Uninvited Tournament sets the powerful Summer Bunny against the equally beautiful Lilly in a battle of the buck-teeth. It's rabbit vs squirrel in this all out fight on the beach. Who will win and go on to the next round? Find out.

All bouts in the tournament are decided by a random name selector except for this one where I wasn't able to access my internet for that period of time when starting this and instead rolled two D10 multiple times to give a best two out of three. The result is still random regardless.

I hope everyone enjoys it!

Summer Bunny (c) summbun

Lilly (c) Baucha

Uninvited Tournament Part 5

The golden shine of sunlight peaked it's way over the crashing waves of that cool sandy beach, the first light of sun washing past the furred ladies that had found a comfortable place to rest down for the night now stretched and yawned openly as was their will. They'd laid down where they could, finding places to plant themselves that they found comfortable and if that happened to be with another lady, or simply to the side by themselves that was their business. It was the glowing orb that rose past the blue ocean that woke them, that stirred them, that drove them to lift themselves from their slumber in order for their tournament to continue on an entirely new day. The blue hostess that allowed them to continue to stay here was already up, she was around about, and even while her invited scaled fighters were mingling well with the uninvited furred ones she had never found such a thing to be a problem at all. In reality, Sumethil had to smile at the ideas that these girls would be brave enough to venture all the way out here for something as prestige as one of her tournaments, invited or not this was a tournament that she was going to hold again, and maybe even find a way eventually to combine it with the first in order to have one large tournament for all of them to test their skills against one another. That was planning for another time, though, and for now she was set in her movement towards these canine, feline, and many other species. The soft smile that crossed her lips acknowledged that as she stepped past them their eyes turned up towards her, watching her, and awaiting the words that she was likely to say. They weren't here for a vacation, these ladies were in this place in order to fight and seeing their gracious leader standing over them and directing them on who would be fighting was one of the more exciting points of the tournament.

Many of these fighters came completely bare, lacking in both equipment and clothing, some of the others came better prepared with whatever they were wearing when they set out on their quest to get here, but among them only one had a bit of a combination in this. Her blue furred body was on full display, those large and shaking tits shifting against her side to side movements while she'd easily bound to her feet. An arm moved back behind her head, the other gripping her elbow to lean to the side, helping her to stretch herself out. Long ears reached up from her head, standing tall and giving her that little bit more height that she really needed in order to take on people that matched her actual skill capability. That blue brawler might have been completely naked and on display to anyone lucky lady that happened to look over to her, but what most wouldn't notice right away was that this bunny girl was wearing red boxing gloves, a clear demonstration of the fighting style that she was going to take on. In many ways a lot of these brawler girls believed that boxing was just a sport, that it didn't have a place in a fighting tournament, but they were dead wrong. Boxing wasn't simply a sport, it was a lifestyle and any fighting style that becomes a lifestyle is worthy of being noted as a martial art. The backs of the red gloves shown a cute little design, a crimson heart that mounted the knuckles, giving the opponents something to look at while she was punching them in the face. She was ready, though, prepared, and as she stood there waiting, eager to finally get into one of these fights, Summer Bunny was finding it harder and harder to be patient.

"Morning ladies," The blue dragoness spoke out easily with a soft smirk as she crossed her arms under those large scaled breasts and looked around to make sure that they were all awake, "We're going to start these matches off bright and early this morning, getting us all back into the mood after such an abrupt arrival yesterday that rewarded them with four entire matches in a single day. The sun is shining all the new and with it the water becomes clear. It's time to start the next fight, ladies, and what better way to start a day of matches off than to announce the fighters.

The final to stir was a creature of white fur, one of the rarities in this group where she didn't belong to the same species as the rest of them and like the blue bunny brawler she wasn't of natural fur color either. The pure white fur that made up her body shifted easily with her slender figure. This short furred creature waved her long, bushy tail wide in a fast swipe before it folded up on itself, keeping off the ground by reaching up the length of her body and then folding back over onto itself making the tail quite a bit longer than the body of the person who owned it. This rodent, this white squirrel girl turned eyes when she walked back home, the long flowing white gown that dressed over her figure, stained with the color of sand that had soaked into it, perfectly matched the color of her fur, but allowed a perfectly visible display of those mountainous breasts that set on her figure. Huge, soft, luscious breasts set on the front of her chest, leaving her as a figure of beauty anywhere she went, but also a very clear target for those ladies that were either jealous or interested in the size of them. Despite their size this squirrel girl didn't show any sign of having them bother her, and was known for using them during her fight as a weapon against those that stood up against her. With those eyes turning towards her once again, it was clear that the next person being selected to fight in this tournament was going to be Lilly.


The easy smirk that ran over the lips of the blue hostess even filled her with a chuckle, the sight of the large breasts mounted on that white squirrel made her think of another miscolored animal out here, one that she had heard of a number of times before. When it came to sex fighting there were certain names that always came up and one of them was a certain blue bunny that not only owned her very own gym dedicated to the craft, but also belonged to an impressive number of fighting organizations that she seemed to excel in. Maybe it was because they fell on her radar suddenly, or just the sight of these two taking one another on was something that would simply please this girl, but the idea of it, the sight of it, brought a smile to her lips and with her hands lifting quickly, her voice called out to the ladies, speaking to them before they even had time for breakfast in order to speak on the next match that was going to take place between them.

"Ladies, it is a fine morning on my island and a beautiful beginning getting to see your waking faces blinking on at me. Today we're going to open up early with a fight that will start this day right. We're going to begin today with a match that you aren't likely to see elsewhere. This is a match that is going to pit two of your bustier ladies against one another. That's right, the first contestant in this match is the blue bunny brawler, a girl that all of you know in both legend and many of you know personally. Today we're going to get to see the sexual boxing styles of Summer Bunny. Of course, she can't take herself on, and to fight her we have someone that can go toe to toe with her. We have someone that will take this girl on. A mystery fighter, someone that we don't see often, but who's looks alone have made her a force to fight. The sultry squirrel, the white warrior. Ladies, the girl among you fighting Summer is going to be Lilly." The hand moved to present the squirrel who looked up and blinked quickly, her tongue flicking over her front teeth before she'd turn her white furred face towards the bunny that was already approaching her.

The other girls were already moving out of the way, these same sands that have done so well to soak up so many loses and victories across its surface was willing and eager to do the same for them, and while it was early a fight in the sand would be simply perfect to get the tournament picked up again and give the island queen time to think of the next locations she wanted these fighters to head to. With the other girls quickly moving to their feet and away from the display of the busty pair of squirrel and bunny coming to face one another, one with nothing but gloves on and the other with no fighting gear and wearing a dress it was clearly going to be a fight to show off the skill of one. The easy smile that rolled between all of their lips showed that in unison they all already believed they knew the victory, each of them standing strong in their ideas of how this fight was going to go, and when that blue rabbit moved to swing in with her first strike, those white arms lifted, taking the brunt of the hit to the side but her limb being forced into her own shaking tits and opening them up for a fast downward strike with the other hand, sending those gloved knuckles down quickly against the top of those breasts to listen for a hard grunt out of Lilly and her forcibly shaking breasts that even seemed to leak a bit under that outfit of hers. While this blow stung and drew a few cheers from the crowd this Blue Bomber got pumped up for her next strike, planning her next blue and then going for it quickly against this girl.

Summer admittedly was taking it a bit slow for now, just testing the waters from the start and seeing how she could overcome this squirrel girl, wanting to tear her down effectively. If this was just some kind of random match in her gym then she'd be going all out, but this was a tournament, and the blue bunny had to plan for the long run. The first blow she'd thrown didn't even land where she wanted, it hit the arm and that showed that this squirrel did know what she was doing and that she was just pretending that she didn't in order to draw the boxer into a false sense of victory. A clever girl, a method that would have worked if she had charged in full throttle like she normally would have, but now that she was onto her Summer was going to step in again slow, play the field smart, and move in for a high punch that brought those white hands to gather, a fast move that left her lifting that blue knee up directly into the white cunny, drawing the hard blow into the girl's nether and forcing Lilly to drop her hands immediately in order to hold the pain that coursed threw them so suddenly. Her knees pinched together, her hands gripping the swollen and now aching lips, and when that fist lifted again for a well aimed fist towards her face that long and bushy tail quickly and immediately whipped over, making a fast side swipe to throw that blow to the side, deflecting it quickly and leaving that bare blue body completely exposed to those white hands that now lifted with a fast and hard strike that sunk her knuckles into the bunny's ribs on one side her stomach on the other, and just as she'd let out that deep grunt of pain from having her body suddenly impacted into that first fist arched up and made for a nice and heavy strike into the underside of that big blue chest, watching the breasts shake well under the force and even threaten to almost pop up and smack that bunny girl in the eyes.

The bushiness of her large white tail covered her figure easily, blocked the view of her as she held that tail a few feet from her body, allowing the access to fold over so that it didn't become a hindrance, but as she kept that tail between them there was no way for Summer to see the girl or her body in order to strike out at her. Those red gloves lifted, holding close to her body, looking for a way around this tail so that she could try for a few hits, but when that white fist came in through the fur itself at her, the sudden surprise that came over her only gave the blue bunny enough time to guard her torso, the arms reaching to come together quickly so that when that fist landed it did so against her limbs that were used to taking quite the beating already. While the blow didn't do any damage it didn't solve her issue either. There was only one way around this shield of fluff and with fast movement her leg quickly lifted from the sand, aiming for a fast and hard step forward that press down against the tail under that fluffy display and when that tail was lowered thanks to bunny weight that body was opened up and the rabbit made her first solid strike right against the side of Lilly's face, jerking her head to the side and forcing her to grit those squirrel teeth while she moved instinctively to guard that face, a movement that a boxer was trained for and with the other hand coming down the very low strike landed well into that cunny once more just as the first one did causing the white squirrel to call out easily. But Lilly wasn't without her own tools and while Summer seemed to be limited to mostly boxing this white rodent was not and those hands moved to reach out as fast as they were able with her knees shaking from that last hit, doing what she could to ignore it with those fingers coming to grip down on the base of those rabbit ears.

Lilly's fighting training was limited to what she learned on the roads, picking things up here and there in order to survive. There was a little formal training in there, but what she had was watered down with what she found useful when standing toe to toe with someone. One of the tricks that she'd learned wasn't to land a lot of blows, but instead to break down those defensive arousal walls so that she could go for the meat of the fight. Her body could take a punch here and there, and this was proven when her hands holding those ears pulling the bunny's head directly between those large and towering white breasts, her dressed tattered and torn from the fight, but still that cleavage shown well and with a face between it those red gloves came in fast at her sides, trying to get her to break that hold, a hold that Lilly was securing by wrapping her arms around her own bust, crushing down that head between them and making sure that it would stay trapped there for a while. The punches stung against her, and there was no doubt that the dark bruises forming around her ribs and side were going to limit her body for the rest of the tournament, but the white squirrel had decided that she was going to finish this fight off, that she was going to make sure that people knew she was here to stay and here to last.

Summer was in trouble, her head was trapped between those soft and pillow-like breasts, the arms wrapped around them keeping her trapped there so that even her muffled yells didn't reach the ears of anyone else. What was worse here was that her punches didn't seem to be doing too much to getting her face free from this cleavage. Still she wasn't going to stop aiming for a hard strike towards the stomach, towards the ribs again, and finally bringing her fist up in a short arch to aim for a nicely delivered strike straight into that already dripping squirrel cunny. The blow forcing those lungs to fill, the sound of it drawing a smile against those bunny lips, but that smile was soon lost when the second part of this hold came into place. With that tail coming around them it would swing fast and hard, the speed of it pulling that fur out of the way and the club-like bone to it cracking against the rabbit's large and perfectly shaped rump, hitting her nice and deeply and driving a yell that sounded very close to being a moan out of her figure. It wasn't just one spanking though, but a series of it, the lifting of that tail, the fast movement to crash it down against the bunny butt, the jerking of her blue body at the feeling of it, it made her quiver and struggle all the more, burning away the air that remained in her lungs and even while she tried to push off of the girl those legs started to feel week, her body growing heavy and even those strikes to her rump started to fade out. When that body did go limp those hand would release it, allowing the bunny body to drop down into the sand at the squirrel's feet. Those glazed eyes working to focus, working to try and draw this white creature back into her line of sight, and just as she did those eyes would narrow down, the feeling of the knees pushing down against her biceps, trapping her down under busty squirrel weight left her staring long and hard up along the underside of those massive breasts.


Being held down by her knees crushing down against her bicep and shoulder was only the least of the girl's worries, the sight of those towering tits above her, blocking the view of the squirrel's face, soaked that attention up until that tail would lift fast, crashing down hard suddenly just like it had before against her large pert blue rump, but this time it didn't impact her butt. With Summer laying on her back that swinging tail could only land in one place and that was right down against the juicy blue slit forcing the beautiful rabbit figure to shake hard with her mouth opening as the shock of the blow. The tail lifted again, showing off it's near glowing white display against the sun rising over that water and slamming itself down again between those legs. Every hit that she made forced that body to shake, to shiver, to quiver and while the rabbit tried to struggle up to her feet the clear weight of this squirrel proved to hold her down specifically for this beating. The shattered breath of the bunny girl escaped her lips, drove her to moan and groan under the squirrel, but she was able to defend herself something that was made evident when she crossed her legs and that tail came down fast once more only to impact those knees. The feeling of the defense made Lilly giggle a bit, it was cute to see the rabbit still willing to struggle, willing to try and fight her off, but this match was over and she was going to make that painfully obvious for her right now.

With the legs crossed, the knees up, and that tail unable to slap away at the slit anymore it was time to finish this fight, it was time to complete this match, and it was time to end this bout. The white rodent wouldn't lift from the lupine creature, holding her down in place was the best move she could make in this fight, and it kept that blue bunny down for the next attack she was going to make. The squirrel's tail was known for being fluffy, for being bulky, but that was all just the fur, the thin tail underneath wasn't something so easily on display and when she moved it's long length out in order to curl it under her figure the tip of that tail would move like a spear, spreading those cunny lips wide and forcing a deep and long moan from that bunny throat, her crossed legs putting up no defense once the tail was under them, those limbs already lifted perfectly in defense so that it left a clear opening for a deep session of long penetration. Even Lilly's hands moved to take hold of those large blue tits, holding them, crushing them, feeling them, all the while she'd continue to pump that tail into that body leaving the loud calls of the rabbit to echo against the sky, to pant hard and long for those watching her getting thoroughly ravaged. The more and more that was fed into that body the more fur was packed down and the wider that tail got leaving Summer's mouth in a permanent state of hanging open and her voice grunting out while her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Despite her struggles to hold onto herself, this was the end of the fight and this squirrel continued to pin her down, to feel those hands wrapping around her thick thighs so that as her gasps turned rolled into grunts, her grunts into cries, and finally with one final scream that echoed across the ocean the feeling of her stretched cunny would force this rabbit lady to release her fem-cum out over the sand, over that tail, and with that shaking body her figure finally went into a limp state, panting out while the tail was finally removed.

The cum that drenched that tail matted down the fur about the tip showing off that usually hidden display of muscles and bone that had just been inside of another creature. Lilly wasn't going to hold Summer down forever and while moving to stand slowly off of the girl her white hand reached down towards the blue bomber. Summer could only look on at the display and the smiling face that drew a smile towards this bunny as well, and with her red glove reaching up to grip onto that hand this still panting rabbit would be helped to her feet while the other girls closed in around them. Lilly felt a few pats on her back and while her dressed as ripped, torn, and tattered she'd finally move to lift the fabric away, tossing it to the ground at her feet and openly displaying her beautiful white body for those that wished to look on. It was Summer that moved in, though, and crushing those blue breasts against those white jugs she'd give a cute bunny purr and smile on at her.

"You might have won the match, but if you think I'm done after just one cumming then you're very mistaken." Summer told her clearly, "You better hope that you make it to the end of this tournament, because of you fall I'm going to be there to pick you up and take you away." The line didn't really come across as a threat, but as a promise, and one that the rabbit was clearly very excited about keeping. Even while those strong arms wrapped around that squirrel body, the breasts crushing up between them and the clearly determined eyes showing, it was a bit clear that she wanted to go a round two even though it was a bit against the tournament rules. Summer could wait, she could hold off on getting some time with this busty squirrel, but for how long?

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