Unwinding off the beaten path

Story by knoxtheroo on SoFurry

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Art by Shade_Okami

Just my dragon and I taking an excursion!

We'd rolled into the parking lot about an hour ago. The place wasn't too busy from the look of it; we'd seen a few others wandering through, enjoying the calm atmosphere provided by the endless flora and fauna, but certainly not as many as I'd expected to see. The park was well marked on our phone, too. Seemed unfortunate given how green and open it was, and a couple kilometers in, we even noticed a fairly wide pond, featuring a surprising amount of wildlife bathing in the sun's warm glow that day. Perfect time for anyone to have been out there, if you ask me.

But that wasn't the case. So, for the most part, it was just Drak and I strolling aimlessly along the maze of groomed, dirt trails, spending some time with ourselves. We nearly didn't make the twenty minute drive, either: I had reserved most of my weekend to an assignment I had due the coming week, and it took a bit of convincing by him for me to let that go for the few hours we left. Eventually though, I figured it would probably ease both of our minds off things, with him having worked his dragon ass off the past few days at work.

He seemed to have been enjoying himself. We don't usually go for nature walks, really, so it's a bit of a surprise, now that I think of it, that he'd been the one to suggest the idea. Alas, his purple, reptilian frame seemed refreshed, and his demeanour relaxed as we spoke. His ear fins would twitch every once in a while, which I knew meant he was in a pretty good mood. He smiled a lot, too. The way his fangs show when he does is infectious, and I noticed by the end of that first hour that I was pretty much doing the same consistently, my 'roo tail mindlessly swaying with each step we took...

I was happy we were there. It was calm, to say the least.

"Yeah, I'm glad we were able to try them out this time," he nodded, referring to the wing place we'd frequented just before heading to the park. "We'll have to go back at some point; they've got a ton more sauces I want to try."

I nodded back in agreement. "Mhm. I wouldn't mind trying them again. The sauce you picked was way too hot though." He watched me grin in amusement. "You couldn't even taste the damn chicken! My tongue is still numb from it..."

I noticed him roll his eyes at me before looking ahead again, brushing me off with a playful headshake. "If you were a dragon instead of a 'roo, you'd probably be able to handle it no problem." Another toothy grin appeared on his snout. "Just another reason we're better!"

"Hey, get out of here!" I shot back with a chuckle. "I know a couple dragons myself that wouldn't be able to stand what you asked to put on those wings. That's not normal..."

There was a slight beat before Drak replied, straight faced. "What isn't normal is the fact that you asked that jaguar for a glass of milk afterwards."

"How is that not normal? I felt like my tongue was about to fall off!"

"Mhm," he smirked, enjoying his teasing.

"What? Milk goes good with everything, anyway."

"You're insane. Sometimes I wonder why I even bring you along with me."

I knew more than well that he was still just mocking me. I gave him a disappointed glare and swiveled my large ears until he panned back to see my reaction, erasing his smirk to give off a tone of indifference, pretending to be serious.


My response wasn't immediate: I wanted to tease him back. He watched my glare fade away as I began to study his head thoroughly, a grin soon returning to my snout. "You know, you missed a spot when you were cleaning up."

His green eyes shot open, once what I said registered. His wings flickered behind him as his claws rose to his face, trying to rub away whatever excess garnishing he might find on his face. This continued for a few more moments before looking back at me, a slight worry apparent. "Where do you see that?"

My tail tip wagged as I tried hard to contain my enjoyment. Apparently I did a poor job, given that Drak noticed my struggles and almost immediately returned to a more neutral look. "You're an asshole, Knox," he blurted, causing me to start giggling. "Stupid 'roo..."

It took me a couple moments to recompose myself. When I finally did, I noticed a couple ahead of us. They seemed to be chatting amongst themselves until we approached their position, after which we gave the stout bear and presumably his wolf mate a passing nod. I figure that, combined, they were probably only among a dozen people we'd seen that day. Once they were a fair distance behind us, I noticed the clearing in the forest ahead.

There was a cement picnic table near the path where we were walking, and behind it was a grassy plain about a hundred meters long, interrupted abruptly by a few large trees which were understandably never cut down. I don't have the slightest clue when it comes to dendrology, so I couldn't tell you what kind of trees these were; but they made the scene very eye-catching, in contrast to the much more standard forest surrounding it. It was also well-maintained aside from the visible trash near the table, which made it clear that people stopped here often enough to enjoy the tranquil location.

I may have been a little too enamoured of the scene, since I didn't notice Drak was no longer at my side. Upon realising this, I turned right around to see him, arms crossed and stationary, looking at the clearing with contemplation. His tail tip grazed the dirt path just enough to sweep particles of it into the air. I began to retrace my footsteps, about to ask him why he had stopped walking before he addressed me to do just that. "I used to come here all the time with a childhood friend of mine, before this park was developed." He did mention that he was familiar with the area before we came here, but never why.

He pointed at the path leading out of the clearing at the back. "We lived about fifteen minutes' walk from here, from right down that path, but usually we just flew here to fuck around after school, set off some firecrackers, stupid things like that." He looked back at me, a grin showing up on his face. "Sometimes we'd bring some whiskey along and just get plastered for the night."

I met his gaze with a slightly serious one of my own, interrupting momentarily. "Hopefully you weren't drinking and flying."

"Nah," he grinned, perhaps knowing that I'd ask. "Nothing like that ever happened. We were little shits, but we weren't stupid." He sighed, uncrossing his scaly arms. "It was nice, since we could just swoop in whenever we felt like it, no consequences, nothing to worry about, no one to answer to."

"Sounds like you needed that respite," I interjected again, ears attentive.

I was met with a light headshake. "Not really. It was just nice to have a spot to come to. When my family moved, I left that friend behind and I never really bothered to come back here. Went to college, then to work..." He paused momentarily, scratching his belly scales. I noticed his tail had also stopped swaying behind us as we looked on ahead, the leaves of the closest tree to us swaying in the light breeze which was present. "I kind of miss this after all this time."

"This spot?"

He thought for a brief moment. "More like the atmosphere, I guess. Somewhere you can clear your head and forget about everything." Another short pause. "If that makes any sense."

My shoulders shrugged a bit in approval. The sun was probably about to set in the next couple of hours, and so I figured it was probably about time to find our way out of the park. But as if on cue, he reached at my furry arm and pulled me a little closer, to then begin walking us both into the clearing we'd been staring at. I didn't really make an effort to hide my puzzlement. "Is that why you wanted to bring me here? You think we're stressed?"

"I just thought it would be nice to visit this place again, hang out for a little bit," the dragon answered.

My hesitation showed. "I don't know, hon. I've got a lot of shit--"

Drak interrupted my line pretty much dead in its delivery, squeezing my arm more firmly and quickening his pace a little bit. I sighed, relenting as we moved closer to a tree in the middle of the clearing. We hadn't really had much time to do much of anything in the last little while, which I figure is normal given our usual schedules. I supposed this would turn out to be as good a time as any to simply relax a little more together.

The tree was a decent distance from either paths, so we were pretty much alone and away from any possible distractions. He released his grasp and made his way around the tree so that we were obscured from the walking path we'd just left, proceeding to then take a seat against it, and adjusting so that his wings could comfortably droop. "Aren't you going to join me?" he inquired. "We've been walking for like 90 minutes now, time for a break!"

His arms were spread out like his legs, welcoming me to lay over him and his now wagging tail. I smiled, of course not being able to turn down such an invitation from my mate. My orange fur began to cover his cool scales as I took my seat against him, his right arm wrapping around my waist to secure me while our tails met further below. I rested my head back against his chest, grabbing his arm and letting my other paw sag against the side of his leg. Drak's own snout moved down to rest lightly on my head, between my marsupial ears which had already taken a more relaxed position. We were quite nice and snug; I don't think there was a single reason you could think of that would have gotten us to move at that point.

I sighed contently, nearly shutting my eyes to rest them before I felt his free arm move. When I turned to see what he was up to, I realized he was pointing upward at the other tree ahead. He didn't really make clear what exactly he was directing my attention to until he chuckled. "There's a broken branch up there, you see it? Hard to miss."

The reptilian finger seemed to be pointing at a substantially girthy branch on the tree. It did look like it had been ripped off its hinges, with only enough of it remaining to help imagine what used to be there. "Yeah," I responded. "Why?"

A heartier chuckle escaped his lungs, from which each thrust was felt up against my back. "One night, we brought a full bottle of hard liquor... I can't even remember what it was filled with. That's how wasted we were." He rubbed my chest a bit, clearly reminiscing this old memory. "Anyway, it was pretty late into the night, and we had these fireworks we wanted to set off. My friend, for whatever reason, wanted to try setting it off where that branch used to be. Maybe it was to see if it would hold upright after lighting it? Either way, he was so out of it that he took flight with a little too much thrust, and hit the branch head-on, pretty much destroying the poor thing."

"I thought you said you weren't stupid back then," I said mockingly, with a grin he probably couldn't see from his viewpoint.

"Ehh, there are exceptions. Like the time with that cucumber..."

"Yeah, something tells me I don't really want to hear this story."

He laughed. "Nah. Anyway, pretty sure he had a nasty concussion. Regardless of how hard-headed we dragons are, it looked painful."

My body leaned further still into his grasp, pretty relaxed at this point. This seemed to trigger some content silence, and more rubs. Our tails swayed at each other's pace, and we seemed to share warmth between us, taken from the last of the sun's rays. I'm sure half an hour passed with little chatter before I started to yawn, displaying my willingness to fall asleep right in his arms.

"Hey," the draconic voice behind me said. "Can't fall asleep here. We won't make it out for dusk."

My free paw moved to my eyelid, rubbing there a bit while my tail curled in a deep stretch. I managed a response that wasn't too obscured by my sleepiness. "What do you want to do then? Should we start heading back?"

"Actually, before we go, I have a better idea..."

I swear I could feel his devilish smile burn through my skull. Here? If I weren't so comfortable in his grasp, I'd have faced him.

"You're not actually thinking of doing it here... are you?"

"Why not?" he asked back, the eagerness clear in his voice. His tail, having long since coiled around mine, wagged at its tip to emphasize his anticipation of my answer. "No one comes back here, hon. It's pretty secluded. Trust me!"

My hesitation was pretty clear to him, I'm sure. It's not that I'm not into a little adventure, but, I'd never imagined doing it in public before. I broke out of the dragon's left arm grip for a moment to take a quick glance from behind the tree, just to confirm that the coast was still clear. "I don't know... what if someone does? I don't know what we'd--"

My nose reactively sniffed at that moment. It was just faint enough for my mind to be able to identify it pretty clearly.

Yup, I've definitely smelled that before.

Knowing what my 'roo brain had processed, Drak slowly pulled me back into his hold, snuggling tighter than before. "Oh, come on. I know you want to try it! Besides." He paused long enough to grab hold of my paw, bringing it around my back and under me to feel his scales. As I'd expected, these were no longer cool to the touch: they were very warm and tender in this area.

Yep, I was smelling his moistening slit, alright. "This isn't going to go away by itself..." he added, a small giggle escaping him afterwards. I let out one of my own, relenting; it was quite enticing to try...

"Promise me you won't start moaning, though," I asked of him. "Last thing we need is to get fined for public indecency or something."

He positioned my paw more firmly against his slit, my fingers naturally pressing within it. Warm scale turned into a fleshy, hot interior from which I could easily discern the dragon's pulse; with each beat, prodding his flesh became easier, his juices aiding my fingers along the way. My fingers curled as they lightly explored his inner walls, lubricated by his already abundant and musky pre, eliciting a deep murr behind me.

"Mmmff!" he vocalized, my foreplay clearly hitting the right spots within him. "No worries, hon. I promise you that I won't be the one moaning."

Hah, cheeky.

My fingers dug deeper into his slit, so that nearly a third of their length was within him, teasing further at his pleasure points. The claw he had tasked with motioning me along had ceased its duties, soon coming back up to my abdomen for more rubs and squeezes. The more he rubbed and squeezed, the more I wanted to just dig further into that slick opening of his and yank his cock out of its hiding place, so I could milk it for what it was worth; but I wanted more to keep toying with him first, and his constant rumbles were surely indicative of my successes.

"Ooh, sweetie..." Drak whispered.

As my mate said those words, my fingers felt a familiar presence. The head of his cock poked out and kissed the tips of my claws, meaning that I had to move them out of way a little so as not to scratch it. I continued caressing it with my furry tips, motioning it to come out from its shelter, trying to accelerate his erection until my fingers would be pushed outside of his orifice by force.

Before I could attempt that though, he released his grip on my waist and pulled me off of him, my arm moving instinctively to catch my balance before I plopped down again. I felt him slide out from underneath me a bit, allowing me to fall beside him again so that I'm mostly on the grass, but still cradled by his free arm. A good view of his still mildly gaping slit met my eyes to my right, which clearly was separating a little more with every passing moment. This allowed for more of his dragon musk to escape into the air, filling my sinuses with the lovely aroma, and stirring my own marsupial loins.

"Mmmrff..." I called out to him, softly, the heat of the moment setting in more intensely.

"Sounds like my 'roo is starting to get excited!" Drak pointed out to me, a sly look on his face. The tip of his dark cock began to prod out from his scales, with pre leisurely leaking due to the aforementioned foreplay. "We'll get started shortly, don't worry..."

His claw moved onto my chest, before sensually moving down toward my crotch area to unbutton the shorts I had been wearing. He didn't plan on removing them yet, though: the hand easily slipped underneath the fabric to meet my white, furry balls, where it began to massage them just above my warming sheath. At the touch, my arm reached over and around his waist, grabbing a good hold of him out of lust. He returned the favour with the arm he had around me already, holding me closer, gripping my scrotum tighter and with more focus. That snout of his moved in to nuzzle my neck, which prompted my ears to reactively pivot a little. I turned toward him, trying to mimic the gesture, but he pulled away with a flick of his forked tongue, letting go of my junk and promptly pulling down at my shorts.

I gave him a grin before helping him untangle my garments from my legs and slip them through the opening for my tail, so that we were both in the proper nude. But once he tossed them to the side, I moved off of his wing spontaneously to lay down on the green grass beside him, faced away from where we'd been laying, so that my head was just beside his genital area and my big feet were resting against the tree. This move seemed to take him by surprise a little, indicated by a small body jerk and a flick of his tail.

"Ooh," he cooed, rustling his wings around so he could turn from his back to face me. "Eager 'roo!"

I looked back at him with a smirk, my furry package positioned right beside his face at this point. I was about to turn back to his still-drippy length when I noticed him move his muzzle toward my sheath and open his maw slightly, only to watch him begin to nibble at it and its sensitive flesh. My toe claws reacted immediately by curling as deeply as they could, the feeling of those sharp, pointed fangs digging gently at my cock sleeve sending waves of initial pleasure through my body. Gripping his thighs while he continued, I held myself back from moaning aloud, trying to make sure that I was not to break the mutually implied bet we had set earlier. His nibbles tapered off soon enough, but were then replaced with the presence of his forked tongue, tickling the opening leading to my cock within. My tail was swaying now; I loved when he played with my sheath like that.

Soon, the smell of his slit juices snagged my attention again, so it didn't take long for my own tongue to get to work. His cock had already extended to the point where one could make out his head, yet I chose to one-up his teasing, licking around the fleshy interior and soaking up some of that excess pre. I felt the intensity of his breathing ramp up, with things seeming to start kicking in for him. Indeed, his length grew more as I continued, throbbing up against my snout every so often, as if it was asking me to pay it some attention.

All of this must have gotten the dragon going, because suddenly his tongue had slipped within my flexible sheath, moving around in there, circling its contours as if it were searching for something to play with. My tail thumped against one of the tree's roots as my fleshy interior was crowded out by this new, warm appendage, twisting and prodding around inside me, sharing my own primitive juices. My marsupial cock began churning within, itching to feel some of that for itself.

But I wanted to get ahead first. I grabbed his dragon shaft with one hand and propped myself up with the other, enough so I could gain access to it with my snout. My tongue went from licking his juices to riding up his exposed length, making sure to focus on the sensitive spines along the way. I cracked a bit of a grin seeing his reaction to this: his breath escaped from his snout and covered my genitals with a nice warmth, not to mention his inner rumbles which had not ceased since I went down on him. My snout inched up further so that I could lick at his tip, capturing the single bead of pre which had followed my tongue a second ago. I then took his cock into my maw, enveloping it with the moist environment of my mouth, suckling firmly at the head. My free hand also began playing a role, moving to lightly squeeze my mate's base to continue coaxing the final half of his rod out of hiding. Needless to say that this didn't take very long; he was at full mast, squirming gently his legs within a minute.

On my end, pleasure was present all over as my dick began to push out, having had enough of all this teasing. I felt it meet Drak's tongue, which continued poking at it until my length occupied too much room, forcing the dragon to vacate the region and allow my sheath some free room. My attention was then directed toward him, breathing out deeply as I stopped suckling his tool and instead watched the very tip of my cock appear and escape from its confines. He too pulled away from my genitals entirely at this point, putting an end to all stimulation.

He looked over at me with pure lust, and let out a soft, yet very primal roar from his lungs.

I then felt his torso move away from my body, and soon enough he was up in a kneeling position, his tail and wings seeming to keep him upright. In what seemed to be one smooth, swift motion, he grabbed me from underneath as I laid there, and promptly picked me up, only to rotate and plop me back down with my head against the tree. My breathing intensified as I picked myself back up, leaning more comfortably against the tree behind me, when Drak decides to fall back onto his claws beside me, wings at ease as he turned away to start moving on all fours in a semi-circular fashion. He growled softly, cock very well exposed while he circled back toward me, as if he was circling prey. That tail of his followed him closely, swaying over the grass, and eventually met with mine as he towered over me. I assume that an onlooker would have been worried seeing this display, but I knew better.

"My 'roo..."

He lowered himself down a little bit, not quite on his knees, but definitely enough for me to feel his still-throbbing length drool over my kangaroo balls. My scaly mate's arms wrapped around to cradle my back, his snout lowering to my level to engage in a deep and passionate kiss. Nothing but acquiescence on my part: I met him halfway, propping my lips against his, our noses touching firmly, a familiar taste leaking from his maw and entering mine. My mouth parted a bit to allow my tongue to escape and prod for a little, before he accepted my offer to join him in his mouth.

We embraced this way for several moments, my arms locking around his as I tried to feel as much of the dragon as I could. Eventually though, his shaft established much more of a firm presence as it started to grind against my sheath and cock tip, which was still aching for some attention. A small moan escaped from my locked lips once he began doing so, which prompted him to open his eyes and grin right at me. The pressure between his length and my genitals, eased by the lather of pre between us, increased in tandem with our sex drive.

And drive I was definitely feeling at this point. The more he rubbed against my nether region, the more I felt my pink, marsupial cock push out to join him. Initially, the moist flesh extended out of my sheath and flopped onto my tail beneath it, but it didn't take long for its prehensility to demonstrate itself, as it arched upwards to feel those penile spines, grinding back almost of its own accord. Our tails were also eager, with mine wrapping around his as tightly as I could manage until Drak picked up the slack with his stronger appendage.

The dragon broke our kiss, tightening the coil of our tails further still and removing one hand from behind my back to position it against the tree for proper leverage. He installed his tool firmly against my "S"-shaped length, working against it as hard as he could. My arms held on tighter, pulling him closer so that my prehensile cock could wrap around his, creating another firm coil between us as the frotting continued with intensity. With every thrust of his hips, I could feel those spines of his rub against my sensitive flesh, extracting pre and a tighter coil with every pass. I saw the heat in his eyes, and felt it myself, too: the waves of pleasure were ravaging both of our bodies.

That's when he bypassed my snout with a heavy growl. Before I knew it, his fangs were at my neck, biting down into the fur in a show of lustful dominance. The pain shot through my body, as I coiled my tail harder while he held himself there, thrusting into my slick marsupial cock and watching my reaction from the corner of his eye. As he clenched down harder, my maw gaped open, letting out an uncharacteristically heavy moan, feeling some numbness kicking in within my now raised legs, equalled only by the immense pleasure. I was getting really close.

"Agh!" I yelped, unable to vocalise anything further. I don't think he had ever bitten me that hard before. "Hon, my god!"

He reacted to this cry with a release of pressure at my neck and another heavy growl. We were both incredibly wet, covered in each other's pre, clinging together in every possible way, and panting like canids. Drak stopped thrusting at this point in our session, leaving my length trying to snake around his to compensate. I didn't know how close he was to finishing, but I knew that I definitely would have released within a dozen more thrusts. And I wanted that release bad.

My mate moved in to lick the tip of my nose in between breaths, gazing right into my eyes and holding me with both arms now. "Time for your dragon to claim his 'roo," he whispered.

With that, he uncoiled his tail from mine and rose to sit into a kneeling position, not once looking away from me. The strong reptilian then picked me up, holding me around my tail base, and propped me up against the tree trunk. This change in position forced my prehensile penis to reluctantly uncoil from the dragon cock it was attached to, and instead droop down, twitching in its own juices. My paws also grabbed a firm hold of his shoulders in this stance, ensuring my safety in his grasp.

Shifting my weight onto one arm, he brought a claw to my pink rod and squeezed, extracting as much pre as he could from the surface and, upon reaching the tip, any that he had gotten from my urethra. Having coated his hand in the stuff, he grasped his own tool and stroked briefly, lathering himself in the two different liquids before returning to hold my buttocks in place. I could make out his tail sway from my altitude; he was clearly eager to get going with this, and so was I.

He took notice of my cock tip, which had curled a bit since his exploiting it for lubrication. He gave it a brief lick, eliciting a shudder on my end, which he seemed to find funny. "Looks like someone wants some dragon!" he told me with a smirk on his face. "Are you ready, hon?"

I noticed the sun starting to go down, but instead of concerning myself with the time as I'd expect myself to, I noticed how nice Drak's purple scales shone in the sunset... what a wonderful evening it turned out to be.

"Whenever you are, sweetie," I nodded.

He gave me a brief smile when hearing those words, and then proceeded to get down to business. The dragon tamed his twitchy shaft and brought my frame down to its height, placing me in a position for him to properly aim his rod. My tail bent back a bit to reveal my hole, and wrapped lightly around the trunk behind me for some added support, while my 'roo feet tried their best to grapple against my mate and comfortably stay out of the way.

My tail hole soon felt the presence of Drak's cock, triggering a bit of a shiver in my spine; the tip was slick, I could feel it. With the amount of pre we had both just secreted, I would have been amazed if we would have even used lubrication if we had it on hand. As he brought me down a little further over his shaft, I did my best to relax any tension from being in this unconventional position, redirecting all of that energy to those paws of mine holding me in place. My tail coiled harder around the tree as he worked his first spine into me, a feeling of fullness beginning to set in already. And as usual, he loved the feeling of having those sensitive ridges squeeze into my tight passage.


He readjusted his posture and repositioned his hands before the heat took a hold of him, coaxing him to pull out of my tail a bit, and then re-enter it in one smooth motion. I gasped when this happened, feeling those penile features rub at my tight inner walls. It had always been hard to get used to those, but it was also what made being mated by a dragon the most rewarding. He pushed a little further into me to make sure the lubrication reached deep enough, before he pulled back out and started to thrust at a more regular pace.

My demeanour was clearly showing pleasure by this point; the smooth prods in and out of my ass, regulated primarily by my mate's cradling, felt incredible. As I bobbed vertically at a faster pace, my left hand moved from his shoulder to his cranial horn, holding tightly as his grunting got more pronounced and a little louder with every few thrusts. He was probably getting half of his shaft in at every interval, my sphincter tightening over how full I felt with it all in me.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed, tongue beginning to lull out of my mouth now. "Keep going, hon..."

I didn't see his eyes at the time, but I'm pretty sure I triggered something in him with those words. He let out a growl as I felt myself fall a little more than usual into his grasp, before being pinned aggressively into the tree, with his moist cock being the main force behind the motion. I let out a deep gasp, curling my toes as most of his tool was now in me, and had definitely thrusted right into my prostate. He paused for a moment, grunting as he flexed within me, tail aggressively wagging behind him. My own marsupial length was also alive and well again, throbbing and drooling precum all over my abdomen, also flexing in pleasure.

He immediately picked up the pace, maintaining his pin, but relaxing it just enough for him to be able to thrust back in deep into my tail hole every few seconds. His tightening grip on my thighs was such that his claws began to dig into my flesh, and his wings were beginning to naturally unfold outward, the sensations probably pushing him to do so instinctively. His thrusts were also growing more forceful by the second, and anyone could tell that he was really letting me have it.

"Grrrowrr..." he growled out, loud and clear. "I'm getting close, hon!"

I was tingly in so many places, and I could definitely feel myself on the brink of orgasm. My mouth was fully gaping, not even trying to hold back moans anymore. If there were any worries of someone hearing us, they were certainly long gone. "I want you to come in me, you big dragon!"


At that moment, Drak lifted me off of the tree and forced me as hard as he could downwards onto his dragon tool, putting as much as he could of himself into my tight tail hole. Squeezing as hard as he could around me, he growled hard and flexed within me, pumping his heavy seed deep into my passage. His warm cum flooded my prostate with warmth, forcing my own body into a mind-bending hands-free orgasm, my cock spraying semen whichever way it happened to be pointing. We both quivered in each other's tight grasp, holding ourselves close while we drained our cocks in tandem, panting heavily.

My legs and tail wrapped around him to remain as static as possible, allowing his shaft to naturally go flaccid while mine began to retract. We must have stood there for something along the lines of two minutes at least before Drak's arms grew weary, forcing him to sit, then lay down with me on top. Eventually I rolled off of him and onto his wing to recover; only then did his cock slip out of me, allowing some of his semen to drain out of my ass. Our heavy breathing continued to prevent us from talking, limiting us to glancing at each other every so often.

"Holy shit," he exclaimed, exhaustion clear in his voice. "That was intense..."

I wasn't able to feel most of my tail the rest of that evening. It lay there motionless even after I had regained my composure and addressed my mate's comment. "Yeah, it was... Heh, you think anyone heard us?"

The dragon pulled me closer to him, so that I could lay on my side and cuddle him while I rest, and with the little energy he had left, blanketed my 'roo self within the wing I was laying on. "Meh," he shrugged. "I don't think it really matters at this point."

I nodded and snuggled his frame tighter, resting my snout against his shoulder. My ears took leave as well, folding as much as they naturally could against my mate. The sun was setting very nicely still, which gave the sky a very beautiful, warm tint. No chance in hell we were going to walk back to the car now.

He gave me a glance before kissing my snout, moving a claw to my head for some rubs, and joined me in watching the fading colours in the atmosphere.