Temple of the Exiled God - Part Four

Story by Shakal on SoFurry

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#4 of Temple of the Exiled God

When two mortals free a deity from thousands of years of torment, his gratitude is more than they ever could have hoped for.

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Temple of the Exiled God - Part Four

"Salgrus, I don't know if that's a good idea. We should do more research. Read more of these inscriptions. After all we've seen in this temple..."

Shakal began to warn his companion, but before he could finish the leopard-patterned hyena cut him off.

"After all we've seen, it's pretty obvious that whatever all those traps and all that _magic_was guarding, is standing right in front of us. And if one of us has to be the first to take a risk and actually touch it, whatever the cost? It might as well be me."

Just moments later the tips of Salgrus' fingers made contact with the thick, surprisingly flesh-like and realistic shaft of the statue. Neither one of them knew what to expect after all that they'd been through already at the mercy of this temple. They had encountered powerful, mystical artefacts before, such was the nature of their careers. But if this place was what they suspected; if it truly was the temple of the exiled god, and this statue was some sort of empowered shrine or sacred ward... practically anything seemed possible.

And yet, despite both Shakal and Salgrus having that in mind, neither male could possibly have predicted what was about to happen to them.

No sooner had Salgrus' fingertips touched the statue's shaft, the whole temple began to shake. Shakal and Salgrus barely noticed the quaking of the walls around them and floor beneath them though; their attention wholly consumed by the thick gouts of liquid suddenly fountaining out from the statue's cock. Hot ribbons of cum with an almost ethereal glow to its milky whiteness surged forth as the shaft began to twitch and strain in unmistakable orgasmic convulsions. So potent was each ejaculation that the floods of cum shot up high enough to hit the ceilings of this ancient chamber, with yet more seed only making it part way up before arcing back down again. Splashing to the floor. Impacting all over the statue's own arched torso, and over the stunned, still bodies of those watching it.

There was little time to actually process what was happening, as no sooner had the hot streaks of cum begun to impact upon Salgrus' and Shakal's stunned forms, lashing out across their faces and even spraying into their shocked, open mouths, they found themselves in no state to commit any sort of purposeful analysis. In a split-second, Shakal and Salgrus felt their minds turning inside out. Every mental and physical facet they possessed fighting to rationalise what their bodies suddenly told them that they were feeling. Whether their eyes remained closed or open it was impossible to tell, for all of a sudden the panther an hyena were not seeing one another, nor the room before them, nor even the thick red cock spurting seemingly endless volumes of cum out into the air.

Instead, they saw stars. Explosions of mindless colour which they could not tell if were born in their own minds, or the consciousness of... of something else. Some_one_ else. Their ears rang with howling screams of pleasure, and as they stumbled and fell to their knees, it took both men a few moments to realise that the screams were their own. As the hot ribbons of cum fell upon their bodies, they too were cumming. Orgasmic pleasure lancing through their painfully unprepared mortal forms as what felt like millennia of frustration and constant, unbearable denial was brought to a close.

It was all the two males could do to peel off their clothes, streaks of cum already coating both the outside _and_the interior of their garments as they were brought to near instantaneous climax by the force of the supernatural release which Salgrus had let loose. Never had either one of them felt such single minded focus, never had they been so completely and utterly devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. It made all that had happened to them thus far in this temple seem pathetic by comparison. Crying out in joyous anguish, Shakal and Salgrus grabbed their now free, exposed cocks and began to masturbate hungrily. They rubbed and squeezed at their shafts as if they were still seeking orgasmic relief, wholly unconcerned by the hot streaks of cum already lashing out from their throbbing members.

All the while more cum rained down upon and around them from the shaft upon which their eyes were fixed. Its orgasm was seemingly without end, and so too were theirs. No matter how urgently they pumped their hands upon their shafts, no matter how intense the pleasure became, there was always more. And more. And more. If they had been even remotely clear-minded, both men would have recognised that their balls should have run dry long ago. That this orgasm in which they were locked was not only supernaturally enhanced, but it, or whatever had caused it, was already changing them.

Under the circumstances however, no such thoughts entered the pair's minds. Barely a single coherent thought of any kind was able to make it through the flood of overwhelming pleasure assailing the pair. They were running purely on instinct, and instinct was telling them to keep cumming. To keep flooding their bodies with endorphins and dopamine and the other myriad chemicals born of physical pleasure which their brains craved like a sweet tooth craved sugar. Thus they kept on masturbating. Kept on cumming. Kept on pleasuring themselves as the temple shook all around them. They rubbed and stroked themselves until no matter how fast their hands flew upon their cocks and no matter how liberally their cum splashed out across the stone floor between them, their bodies' demands for more became too intense to deny any longer.

Releasing their erections from their hands, whimpering and shuddering in desperate delight and yet ever more urgent desire as without a single touch their cocks continued to throb and pour forth further ribbons of rich seed, the two males flung themselves at the plinth upon which the fountain-like statue of the cumming god remained. Deep, savage wails escaped their muzzles as they placed their hands upon its stone form, the flow of cum from both the statue and their own cocks more than doubling in volume and intensity. Somehow they managed to cling on, and began to climb the statue rather than simply falling back to the ground, twitching and writhing in ecstasy.

Utterly without fear or a single thought as to the insanity of what he was doing, Shakal straddled the statue's torso. He could already feel the frozen figure's cock pumping load after load of cum into the air, much of it now hitting his twitching tail as the panther backed slowly up. The cum was warm, slippery and oh so thick, and when Shakal found it striking at his rump, lashing the fur of his cheeks and the base of his tail liberally, he knew he had no choice but to proceed with fulfilling the craving which now possessed him. He whimpered happily as he began to lower himself, feeling his rump spreading and the endless surges of the statue's seed flooding into the crevice between his cheeks, drooling and flowing down over the tight pucker of his ass.

For a brief instant, Shakal thought back to the recent orgy he had endured trying to get here. To that vast beast who had wished to fuck him with a cock that surely would have split him in two. Back then, the idea had terrified him. But now... now the panther felt like he had missed out. Like he could have handled it. Like he could handle practically anything.

With a mewling whimper of desperate longing, the panther felt the tip of the statue's fleshy, now undeniably _alive_cock press up against him. He felt its cum trying to force its way into his interior, and with one last cry of fevered desperation aided it in its quest to do just that. He threw his weight back, and began to sink down upon the thick shaft now pumping its ceaseless flow of cum into his ass.

" Yes!"

Roaring in ecstasy, Shakal felt an orgasm like nothing he'd experienced thus far tearing its way through every last inch of his mind and body. He stared down in amazement, watching as his cock began to unleash a torrent of fresh cum not in throbbing pulses, but in one constant, powerful flood. His cum splashed out liberally across the statue's torso, lashing out as far as its masked face and beyond. Deep inside Shakal meanwhile, he could feel the statue's own seed filling him. Some was drooling out from between his rump and the thick length of the statue's cock itself, but far more was flowing ever deeper into the panther's body. It was so hot and so thick, Shakal could feel it pooling within him. It was a wonder that his belly wasn't already beginning to bulge; one more miracle to add to the ever growing pile.

While Shakal began to ride the obviously empowered statue of this long forgotten deity, Salgrus scrambled his way to its other end. He watched, moaning and whimpering in longing as the panther's cock sprayed the statue's surface with hot ropes of cum. It was the ribbons of seed which hit the statue's masked face which intrigued the pleasure-stricken hyena most of all though. The golden surface of the mask was moulded almost perfectly to the face of the statue beneath it, but while the metal frame was affixed perfectly around the statue's muzzle, in a manner which would have left no room for movement and no chance for speech if it were placed upon a living creature, it did have a small gap between the lips. This gap allowed little rivulets of Shakal's cum to flood in, but rather than swiftly filling up the crevice in the metal and overflowing... the cum seemed to be going somewhere.

Salgrus groaned hungrily as he too clambered up onto the statue, sitting upon its chest and now feeling the panther's cum striking at the bare fur of his own back. He reached out with trembling paws to the mask, placed his fingers delicately either side of it, and lifted it off.


A soft groan escaped the hyena's lips as he removed the mask, and almost instantly saw the face beneath it begin to move. The stone features softening. Eyelids blinking. Mouth, lips parted just a fraction already and stained with Shakal's cum, opening wider.

Tossing the probably priceless golden, bejewelled artefact carelessly to the ground, Salgrus straddled the no longer entirely statuesque figure's face. He grasped at the base of his cock, directing it fearlessly into the mouth of the statue. The mouth whose lips were now soft and fleshy, and whose interior was now warm and moist and very much_alive_.

Salgrus shuddered in delight as he felt the lips of the statue close gently around his cock, and the formerly stone figure began to suckle upon his straining, cumming shaft with urgent hunger. He threw his head back and cried out in bliss, while behind him he could hear Shakal doing the same. Though he was already cumming, the hyena now felt like something was building inside him. Like something was about to happen. His companion's cries grew ever louder, his own matching them decibel for decibel. It was too much. It was too good. This pleasure now sweeping through them... it wasn't sexual. It wasn't anything earthly.

It was divine.


With his mask now cast aside, it took only a short while for Anubis, even in his weakened and overwhelmed state of pure pleasure, to realise that his mind was free once more. He felt himself reaching out, into the thoughts of the two mortals who had freed him... who had saved him, and plunging headlong into their deepest, darkest fantasies. Drinking from their most lustful and craven desires like a man who had been wandering the desert for days without water.

The more he absorbed, the more lewd and gloriously graphic the thoughts and feelings he drew forth from the two mortals' minds, the stronger his influence began to radiate out around the chamber and the temple as a whole. He couldn't control it. Couldn't contain himself, wanting nothing but to rest there, cumming and cumming and cumming for the rest of eternity.

It was impossible for the jackal god to tell how much time was passing as he gorged himself on the lust of these mortal men, they themselves feeding off the psychic shockwave of his enraptured release. While in his state of frozen denial he had been aware of every passing second. Every microsecond. Counting the moments of his frustration from its commencement. Now though, no amount of time could possibly have been long enough to satisfy him. Time was meaningless, Anubis' only way of measuring how long he had been enjoying his freedom being the various positions he witnessed his mortal saviours engaging in between bouts of divine orgasmic pleasure so intense that even he was close to blacking out as a result of them.

In one moment of clarity, Anubis could feel the panther bouncing violently up and down upon his pulsing, spurting shaft. The next, that feline male was standing beside the altar once more, feverishly masturbating as he craned his neck and buried his tongue beneath the jackal's tail, rimming the no-longer-stone pucker of Anubis' ass. In one flash the hyena whose touch had set him free was still wildly, gleefully pouring his cum down Anubis' throat. The next the leopard patterned male was spraying his seed shamelessly over the jackal's face, relishing how much motion this former statue had regained as it nuzzled and licked at his twitching, cumming cock, loud gurgling moans escaping it in a constant, fevered stream of desire.

Whether hours or days, Anubis cared not. He had these beings under his protection now, and would keep them fit and healthy through his own divine essence no matter how many mortal eons passed by. They would serve him by servicing him for the rest of time, and in return he would grant them the very same endless pleasure which they had permitted him to experience once more.

At least, that was what the jackal found himself thinking in the immediate wake of his restored freedom. As his body was granted relief and release from its torment, all it could think about was enjoying that release. Simply spending at least the next few millennia of his eternity making up for every lost moment of bliss that had been denied to him by Wepwawet's cruel trap.

But... as time did pass by, however unnoticed by the jackal, he did eventually start to calm down. Though his orgasmic rapture persisted, the temple still funnelling the energy it had drained from him over the millennia back into his body; into his cock, it slowly began to consume less and less of the god's rational mind. After a while, he began to find his mind wandering to things other than sex. Reaching out with his supernatural senses and exploring the non-sexual thoughts of the two mortals. Learning about who they were, and why they had sought out this temple. Learning of their experiences past and present, and putting together a picture of the world beyond this temple.

He saw technology. He saw populations, far more vast than he had ever known even in the hayday of the Egyptian pantheon.

And... he saw Religion. Or at least, the bare bones of it. Rituals. Worship. War.

All carried out in the name of Gods who seemed unresponsive and wholly unaware that they were being called upon, millions of times each day.

Almost as if... as if they weren't there any more.

But if that was the case. If the Gods of the other pantheons had departed just like his own pantheon had, like even Wepwawet had... then...

The thought which crossed Anubis' mind a second later was the one which changed everything. Which snapped the jackal deity out of his lustful frenzy once and for all, and made him realise that there were still goals to be achieved. Still actions to be taken before he could rest and truly enjoy his freedom. After all, he was still bound to this altar. To this temple. And beyond its walls, there lay a whole world of belief. Of faith. Of worship ready to be claimed.

A chance not only for freedom, and the opportunity to spend as long as he liked indulging his most deviant and deliciously sexual whims, but to do so as the unopposed, one true God of this particular universe.

A chance made possible by the actions of two mortal men, who right now were too wrapped up in their own ecstasy to probably realise the enormity of what they had set into motion, and far, far too small minded to even consider what greater rapture might await them in the near future.

Anubis observed the two males for a short while longer. He watched the hyena take his turn riding the jackal's still pulsing, still cumming cock, and watched Shakal wiggling and squirming astride the god's face as his tongue wormed its way into the panther's slick, stretched out and thoroughly cum-stuffed ass. They were facing one another as they rode their respective ends of the deity, more than that though, they were leaning up against one another, arms entwined and faces pressed together, kissing with both a savagery and a tenderness that was rather beautiful to behold.

He planned on waiting until they were done kissing, not wanting to interrupt these two males who consciously or not had earned a substantial volume of his favour, but as time continued to pass and they showed no signs of pausing their pleasure-stricken smooching, the jackal realised that he would have to intervene in order to bring them back down to earth.

It took a good portion of the power now available to him once more for Anubis to insulate the two mortals from the divine, infinitely potent lust emanating from his needy form. He did manage it though, and sure enough, at long last, the two males' cocks stopped twitching and straining. A few final drops of orgasmic fluids drooled from their respective tips, and with a pair of stunned gasps, they drew back from their embrace as their mindless need for sex was finally satisfied.

Before either one of the mortals could speak to one another, Anubis addressed them both; his voice ringing out crystal clear inside their minds despite the fact that his mouth was still covered by the panther's rump.

'You don't know what you've found here, do you?'

Both males jumped sharply. Their eyes widened, and it took just a momentary glance to their companion to realise that they weren't alone in hearing the voice which rang crisp and clear within their heads, not a trace of an echo nor even a hint of any sound having entered through their ears.

Rather hurriedly, too shocked to be bashful about their state of undress or continued arousal, the hyena and panther climbed down off the now fleshy, no longer petrified form of the jackal. They stared at it, at him, in amazement, and despite having spent the last few hours fucking and being fucked by various parts of him, still looked surprise when Anubis turned his head towards them. The jackal addressed them once again, this time actually speaking, albeit using a voice which wasn't speaking any language they recognised, but of which they could still understand each and ever word.

"All your knowledge. All your books and maps and all the time you invested into finding this place, and you still don't know who lies before you now. What lies before you now."

Shakal and Salgrus looked at one another, wary in spite of having spent the last few hours shamelessly making love to the figure now speaking to them. They took a step or two further back from Anubis, and the jackal chuckled.

"I'm afraid while the last thing I intend to do is harm you, escape isn't possible. Even if you could get out of the temple, do you know what it means to have touched my seed? To have tasted it. To have it filling you from both ends? In the past, they would send priests and priestesses to me. I would show them a night of divine passion, and when I sent them back out into the world, they would spend the rest of their days worshipped and venerated by all who followed their teachings. Constantly attended to. Lavished with affection and intimacy, as they endured a lifetime of constant pleasure. Constant ecstasy."

To demonstrate his point, Anubis released his control over the two males' libidos for just a moment. Their eyes bulged, and they fell to their knees, wailing and gripping at their cocks as without warning they began to pulse and cum once again.

Quickly re-asserting control, the jackal chuckled as they scrambled back to their feet, panting and blushing.

"We're all trapped here for the time being. And the only way to free yourselves, to have yourselves set loose from the lust that would plague you from now to the day you die, is to set me loose. At the moment the vast majority of my power is still contained within the temple. Bound and kept from me by these manacles."

Anubis tugged at his bonds, growling and shuddering as a surge of energy washed through them, causing his cock to strain and spurt briefly much as he had made the two mortal members do so.

"But when free... I could undo the effects of my seed. When free, I could do anything you ask of me. And believe me when I tell you, if you two grant me your service and favour, I will be deeply indebted to you."

He fell silent, letting this knowledge sink into those two very small, very mortal minds and giving them time to process it.

Almost a minute passed before one of the two males spoke. The hyena, whose name Anubis knew to be Salgrus. He spoke carefully, and with respect; clearly understanding that he was in the presence of something far more powerful and ancient than the usual magical artefacts one might seek in a temple such as this.

"Forgive us for our ignorance, but... this temple is millennia old. The world has changed a lot since your time, and well, there are a great many ancient, powerful figures about whom we have read. Please, if it is possible, could you tell us your name? The name by which you were known to your followers. Your worshippers."

The jackal chuckled. He had already seen his name in the hyena's mind. The panther's too! They knew him. At least, they knew of him, and they had recognised the similarity between his form and the drawings they had seen of the figure by the name they knew. But still, they wanted proof. Faith alone wasn't enough, and they wanted the jackal to tell them what he was.

He nodded his head, and spoke just one word.

"_ Anubis _."

Both males went weak at the knee, and turned their eyes down to the floor.

Anubis was used to worshippers showing respect and awe, of course. But this was different. It backed up what he had suspected, what information he had gleaned from the two males' minds. In this world... gods did not speak to mortals. Gods did not take physical form. If they were present at all, they very much kept their actions subtle and unseen by those who worshipped them. Thus, these two mortals were no doubt struggling to conceptualise the enormity of what they'd discovered here. The vast, cosmic-level power before which they now stood.

And yet, to their credit, it took only a short while before one of them, Shakal, responded. He did so calmly, and, under the circumstances, in a way that was probably the smartest thing to do regardless of how terrified they may have been.

"H-how can we help? How can we set you free?"

The jackal smiled.

"Thankfully, I've had quite a bit of time to figure that out. What you need to do is... i-is..."

Anubis' voice trailed off, and his eyes widened. He shook his head, opening his muzzle to speak once more but instead only letting slip a breathless, shuddering gasp. Just a second or two later, his back arched and an ear-splitting cry echoed around the chamber, the jackal's cock suddenly straining and beginning to gush forth hot ribbons of cum once more. In an instant, he lost control of the barrier he had erected in the two mortal's minds, and they too slipped back into spasms of ecstasy. Clutching at their cumming cocks once more, they stumbled back towards Anubis. Despite his warnings, they were ready and eager as ever to bury their faces in his now soft black fur, to lick every inch of him clean of his cum and then go directly to the source in search of more.

Thankfully, the jackal managed to regain control after just ten or fifteen seconds of renewed orgasmic intensity. He panted and growled under his breath, and just a few seconds later had control of Shakal and Salgrus' libidos once again. They stared at him, confused and red faced as they felt their cocks still dripping and twitching with residual ecstasy.

"My apologies. The temple is still pouring sexual energy back into me. I can resist for the most part, but every so often there may be... momentary breaks in my control. I'll try to warn you when they're coming."

Spoken calmly, almost casually, Anubis gave the two mortals little time to process this new nugget of information before picking up right where he'd left off.

"In order to free me, you must release the four manacles which have me secured to this altar. They are bound to me by divine magic, and can only be unlocked by keying in a series of glyphs to form a code. They should be in the room beneath this one; directly on the underside of the altar. Unfortunately I don't know the sequence in which they need to be pushed. But thankfully, the two of you seem quite adept at ancient puzzles and traps. Otherwise, you would not have found your way to me."

Looking at one another, Salgrus and Shakal grinned bashfully. It wasn't every day you were complimented by an ancient Egyptian deity, after all. Returning their gaze to the jackal soon after, the hyena tilted his head curiously.

"And... you know how we can get to this chamber under here? From what you've said, I'm guessing you can't just smash a hole in the floor for us to drop down?"

Anubis smiled, shaking his head.

"Quite right. This temple was built to house me. To imprison me. I'm no more capable of manipulating the actual fabric of this structure than you are. But yes, there is a way down. Along your travels to me, did either one of you happen to encounter a great fire, or a pool of glowing liquid?"

Salgrus looked nonplussed, but Shakal nervously raised his hand. Both the hyena and jackal's eyes turned to him instantly.

"Both, actually. A large fire coming out of the blue liquid."

The god's eyes twinkled, and his smile widened.

"Good. And the chamber in which the fire was burning, it wasn't empty. Was it?"

Shakal shivered, recalling his encounter with the people in that room. The lust with which they had infected him, which until his even more recent run-in with Anubis had been the most intense and overwhelming feeling he had ever been forced to endure.

"No. There were people there. Well, I say people, but... I d-don't think they were like us. Mortal, I mean."

Knowingly, Anubis nodded.

"And what were these creatures doing before you disturbed them? Were they mating? Fucking?"

The panther nodded.

"Yeah. They looked like they'd all been going at it with one another for... for a very long time. Until they saw me, a-and then..."

Bowing his head, the jackal nodded in understanding, saving Shakal from having to explain any further.

"That's it. I'm certain of it. That will be the way down, which is why it's so heavily guarded. That pool, it contains all the divine energy which has been drained from me over the millennia. Energy enough to power this whole temple in its efforts to restrain me. Energy enough to keep a group of immortals alive and healthy without food or water, and to fuel their libidos with my own desire... channelling what they don't use right back at me."

A dark, angry expression crossed the jackal's face as he considered the purposeful cruelty of Wepwawet's trap, able to do so with a more or less clear head for the first time since he had been lured into it. He set his rage aside though. It would not help him now. Besides, he was a god. He had an eternity to seek his vengeance, and once he was free... seek it he would.

"I should be able to protect you from the divine energies in that pool. To keep you from being driven mad with lust long enough to swim down through it, and find your way into the tunnels which will lead you to the glyph chamber."

Anubis glanced at each of the mortal males in turn. Salgrus looked curious, even enthralled by what he was hearing. Shakal however still looked concerned, and the jackal knew why. He could see it in the panther's head, clear as day. An image of a vast cock, ready to split him in two. To not please him, but to destroy his mortal body in its efforts to seek self-satisfaction.

"Do not worry about the immortals either. You see, the God who imprisoned me here wanted to keep me in the dark. To stop me from reaching out and guiding any adventurers who wandered into the temple to my location. So, he placed a mask upon me. A mask which muffled my power, and blocked any minds trying to reach out to me, or my mind from reaching out to any other."

He glanced to the far side of the torch-lit chamber, to where the golden, jewelled mask lay discarded upon the floor.

"But in doing so, he also gave a valuable tool to be used in my escape. Put on that mask, and your mind will be impervious to divine influence and mystical power. From me, and from any other source in this temple. You could drink a thousand Nile's worth of my cum, and with that mask on you wouldn't feel a single twinge of desire beyond that which lies in your own head. Needless to say, walking through the chamber with that mask on, you'd be as good as invisible to the immortals."

After a few seconds' thought, Salgrus posed a question to the bound deity.

"Okay, so... that protects one of us, but what about the other? We're a team, me and Shakal. If there's some ancient puzzle that needs to be solved, we might need both our expertise to solve it."

Anubis considered this question briefly, but soon his confident smile was back in place.

"Shakal, when you entered their chamber, were you struck by lust immediately?"

The panther shook his head.

"No. It was... it was when they saw me. When they looked at me."

Anubis' smile grew into a broad grin.

"Ancient magic is rooted in the soul. And the soul is visible through the eyes. They didn't just have to look at you in order to infect you with desire, they needed you and them to look at each other. To make eye contact. If one of you wears the mask, and leads the other across the room blindfolded, you could walk right past them. Right into them, even, and they wouldn't so much as blink."

It only took a little while longer for the details of Anubis' plan to be worked out. For Shakal and Salgrus to decide that the panther would wear the mask and lead them through the chamber, since he'd been there before, and that the hyena would be responsible for relaying any communication from Anubis. After all, while wearing the mask Shakal would be incapable of hearing any of the God's thoughts.

The two mortals listened carefully as Anubis told them every detail he knew about the route on the lower level, interspersed with a few more uncontrolled bursts of orgasmic pleasure, but at least now given a few seconds' warning by the jackal before they came. On the second occasion, Shakal had the bright idea to try on the mask as the God's orgasm struck. He did so, feeling the magically infused precious metal moulding to his features, taking on a feline imprint as opposed to the obviously canid jackal face it had formed before. Thus the panther was able to stand and watch, amazed and honestly a little jealous, as both Anubis and Salgrus lost their minds with pleasure once more.

One thing that did surprise Shakal as he stood there, watching the jackal and hyena's cocks throb and cum spectacularly, was the reaction of his friend. Unlike before, Salgrus did not immediately rush towards the God and begin to fuck or otherwise pleasure himself against Anubis' bound form. Instead the hyena staggered towards him, and cried out pleadingly as he reached out with one hand towards Shakal, the other wrapped around and squeezing feverishly at his straining, spurting shaft.

"P-please... please Shakal, f-fuck me..."

Once the wave of energy had passed through them, and both Anubis and Salgrus had been restored their sanity, Shakal said nothing to the hyena about his lust-stricken plea. Salgrus meanwhile just blushed and rather hastily began to query Anubis for a few further details about the route they were supposed to take once they made it through the pool.

Before long there was nothing left for them to ask, and nothing more for them to do but put their plan into motion. The two males did not bother to put their clothes back on, as given what Anubis had told them it seemed highly likely that it would simply lead to sticky underwear, but gathered up their supplies to ensure that if any puzzle solving was required in the lower chamber, they would have all the texts and gear at their disposal to make their job an easier one.

With both their faces flushed as Anubis thanked them for what they were doing, neither male still entirely able to wrap their heads around the fact that they'd just been praised and shown appreciation by an actual God, the mortal pair departed from the jackal's chamber and began to walk towards the temple's central chamber.

Salgrus led the way for the first portion of the journey, having been mid way through this series of tunnels when he'd discovered Shakal's then fatigued, cum-stained body. Neither one of them spoke, keeping an ear open for possible movement up ahead and admiring the various small chambers through which they were passing. In each one, there stood a statue of Anubis. Far smaller than the altar upon which the actual God himself had been resting, and entirely made of stone, but still carved with the utmost detail.

Each statue one depicted Anubis in a different intimate position, either indicating that there should have been another figure behind him, or before him, somehow pleasuring the God. Rather than showing him in the midst of pleasurable rapture however, every statue depicted Anubis as being desperately needy and frustrated. No doubt another unnecessary mocking gesture on the part of the God who had sealed the jackal away in this place.

It was only after the tenth chamber and the tenth statue of the pleasure-hungry God that one of the pair spoke. Shakal was the one who broke the silence, with two simple words that had been weighing upon his mind since he saw the lust-stricken hyena advancing upon him in Anubis' presence.

"I'm sorry."

Not stopping, knowing how important it was that they kept going for their own sake and that of the God who they had left behind, Salgrus turned his head briefly and frowned at Shakal.

"Sorry? For what? You can't honestly blame yourself for any of this."

He gestured his hand to indicate the temple. The entire situation, really. Shakal sighed, shaking his head.

"Not that. Not exactly, anyway. I'm sorry for... for kissing you, earlier. For touching you. For anything I did while we were under the influence. This may be way too much information, but... thinking back on it now, I... I enjoyed it. I mean, even considering that I couldn't control myself. I enjoyed seeing you like that. Naked. Aroused. Cumming. It was amazing then, but it just feels wrong to me that it still seems really hot, even though I'm not caught up in the moment any more. It's like I... like I violated your privacy. Like I violated you. That's something I never want to do to anyone. Least of all you."

Salgrus stopped. He froze dead in his tracks, Shakal almost walking straight into him.

The panther was about to remind Salgrus that they had a job to do and couldn't afford to stop, when Salgrus said something which not only stopped him from saying that, but took his breath away entirely.

"You're kidding, right? Shakal... violating me?! Getting to see you like that, knowing you were able to see me, it would have made those orgasms the best of my life even if I hadn't had the lust of a God with blue balls pouring through my head. I... I've... jeez, I would pick _now_to grow a spine and fess up, wouldn't it. I've had the biggest crush on you since we started travelling together. So, if you're worried I'm anything but flattered by you being turned on by me, seriously, don't be."

Entirely forgetting their mission for a brief while, the two men stared at one another. Shakal frowned.

"So, you liked me, but were too shy to say anything?"

Red faced, Salgrus nodded. The panther snorted with mirth.

"And I thought you were the cutest thing this side of the Pacific, but didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to make things awkward, and risk losing you as a colleague?"

The hyena's cheeks flushed brighter, and he too found his muzzle splitting into a wide, wry grin.

"We're both idiots, aren't we."

Shakal nodded.

"Yup. Idiots... on a quest from God."


In the wake of their private conversation, or at least as private as could be given that they were aware of Anubis' presence hanging over their minds, the two males advanced with a renewed spring in their step. When they finally approached the main chamber of the temple, Shakal slipping on his mask and blindfolding Salgrus with a strip of cloth torn from the hyena's now discarded shirt, they passed through it hand in hand. Squeezing at one another's palms and fingers tenderly as they padded lightly through the room. The hyena place all his trust in Shakal, his step not faltering even once as he heard grunts and cries of pleasure from up ahead, but allowed the panther to lead him towards them, and eventually past them. For the panther meanwhile, Salgrus' hand in his gave him all the support he needed to face the immortal beings who had so very nearly claimed him on his last visit to this room.

Passing by several groups of mindlessly fucking immortals, some of whom Shakal recognised as the very same creatures who had seduced and fucked him, the pair made their way to the centre of the chamber. The pool was still steaming gently, but the fire had gone out; probably due to the two males' tampering with Anubis. To both male's relief however, the steam was no indication of heat. Indeed there was no discernible temperature to the liquid at all as Shakal dunked a testing toe into it, so perfectly matched to body temperature that were it not for the texture of the liquid, the panther wouldn't have been able to tell if his toe had made contact or not.

With one final check of their bags to ensure that everything which needed to be was watertight, and after Salgrus had dipped one of his own feet into the liquid just to confirm that Anubis was able to protect his mind as the God had claimed, the pair slipped into the pool of divine energy, leaving Salgrus' blindfold floating upon its surface.

They swam down, and before long found a small tunnel in the side of the pool. Following it, it was barely twenty seconds before they broke the liquid's surface once more.

Pulling themselves out of the blue wetness once more, Shakal removed his mask and shook it dry. He looked at Salgrus, and blushed as the hyena looked back at him, their eyes meeting.

"I... I uh, t-thought it was gonna be a bit harder than that."

The hyena's voice shook nervously, not because he was scared, but because without even asking, and without reason given his lack of blindfold, Shakal had taken his hand once again.

Without a word, simply squeezing Salgrus' paw reassuringly, Shakal replaced his mask and began to lead them into this new series of tunnels. They walked together, hand in hand, for about five minutes, neither one of them acknowledging the fact that they were both erect once more despite Anubis' suppression of his supernatural lust still remaining in full effect.

Before either one of them dared go off-mission again however, and acknowledge not only their companion's arousal but how much it thrilled them to see it and know that they were the cause of it, the two males heard noises from up ahead. A deep, gruff, booming sound that echoed through the corridors to where they stood, followed by more high pitched, urgent sounds, and finally an unmistakable series of growls and barks.

The two males' eyes widened, and nervously, still hand in hand, they began to creep forward once more. Towards the source of the noise. Towards the sounds of grunting, of whimpering, and of barking, suspecting that they knew full well what was coming.

They were the horny, lust stricken sounds of a gigantic hound.

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