Jayce's Surprise.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#11 of Secret Lovers.

Woo! Done! XD I hope you all enjoy it. If your just reading for the first time then I highly suggest you go to the first story in the series and read from there :3

Jayce growled as he made his way over to Nick who was trying to get free from his binds, letting out muffled curses since his muzzle was bound. Jayce looked at the females that were watching and spoke softly. " Take the cubs and pups to the lake...now! A few fighters will escort you and keep you all safe...I will send someone to get you when it is safe for them to come back." The females looked at him then nodded. He waited, watching them gathering the cubs and pups up before disappearing into the forest towards the lake with four or five fighters going with them. Jayce narrowed his eyes to Nick and grabbed him by the fur of his chest, pulling him up before punching him hard against the side of his face. Nick growled, seeing stars for a moment while he was bent over so his ass was in the air. Jayce knew a few of the wolves around him preferred male sex partners. Jayce looked to one of them, a large black and white wolf from Kirk's tribe. Jayce grinned some and spoke. " Give him a taste of what he did to Isabelle...without any form of lubrication." The wolf grinned as well and nodded before moving up to Nick. The wolf was already aroused, his cock growing to a full, thick ten inches. The fighters around him moved back with their ears down. They were watching Nick with their fur raised up. Jayce was holding Nick down with one of his feet to keep the fox from jumping up and trying to run while holding his tail up tightly in his hand, tugging hard on it once or twice while the wolf knelt down behind the fox.

Nick struggled none the less as he tried to worm his way free. The wolf took over in holding hte foxes tail, jerking on it hard and making Nick go still for a moment with a pained look on his face. Jayce kept him held down with his foot while the wollf behind him pressed the tip of his cock against the foxes ass, looking ot Jayce to make sure this was the way he wanted it. Jayce nodded a bit with no real expression on his face. The wolf twitched his ear before suddenly pushing his cock into the fox, his cock sinking into the foxes ass inch by inch and stretching him out. Nick went wide eyed and let out a muffled snarl. This drew chuckles from the fighters around them, the female fighters grinning a bit as they watched with curious looks on their faces. Jayce grinned some to the pained look on the foxes face before finally taking his foot off of his back. " You should have thought twice about kidnapping my mate...then raping her like you did. Your a fool to think you wouldn't be punished at some point." Nick narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jayce with pure hate and anger in them. Jayce only grinned then stepped back, standing next to Koda as the wolf, held Nicks tail tightly in his hand while the other sunk his claws into the foxes ass cheek. The wolf was pounding every inch of his cock into the foxes ass by now as hard as he could move. Every fighter around them knew what had been doen to Isabelle and Monica so none had any remorse for what Nick was going to be put through that night. Isabelles yells of pain could be heard from the healers hut as she went through her labor with Koren by her side to help as well as the few other mothers of the tribe. Jayce often looked to the hut with worry on his face while the wolf continued his assult on Nick, his knot forming and hitting against the fox as he began slamming into the fox harder then before.

One of the females began laughing hard when she saw Nick was fully erect from what was being done. The other females began giggling, making Nicks face flush a bright shade of red under his fur. The wolf let out a growl and pulled from the fox right as he came, his cum coating the foxes ass before he let go. Nick growled and struggled in the dirt as the wolf stepped back with a chuckle. Jayce folded his ears back some and grabbed Nick by the back of the neck, yanking him to his feet with a snarl coming from him. One of the females walked up to Nick while Jayce held him tightly. She was a part of the fox tribe and knew Nick from before the union. She growled and grabbed Nicks cock in her hand her grip painfully tight as she slowly began twisting her hand. " You were always a ass Nick...you mistrated the females of the tribe but what you done to Isabelle and Monica is beyond unforgivable...everything being done to you is well deserved." Jayce grinned a bit as he listened to the fox while Nick was wincing in pain, kicking one of his legs at the female only for the wolf fighter that had taken his ass to grab his ankle and twist it hard making him let out a yelp of pain.

Jayce didn't punish Nick for long. His focus was on Isabelle now. Jayce finally grabbed a dagger from one of the fighters and drug Nick out to the forest. Koda and a few others following behind him. Jayce soon stopped after getting a good amount of distance between them and the village. Jayce grabbed Nick by the throat, growling as he looked at the fox. "You could have just left and joined a different tribe...you could have left Isabelle alone...instead you had her father killed...then you kidnapped her and her best friend...raped them with those felines..beat them...then ran off like a little bitch when it came to a fight with me and others...Your a worthless sack of fur..and a waste of life." Nick didn't have time to register what was going to happen when Jayce quickly slit the foxes throat with the dagger. Jayce let the foxes body drop to the ground before handing the dagger to one of Kirks fighers. "Skin him...take his head off and put it on a stick then take it to the feline village while they are still sleeping...leave it at the edge of the village then leave the body in their lands..." The fighter nodded as he took the dagger. Koda left with Jayce and the others to go back to the village. when they got there Jayce washed his hands and arms with a bit of water before sitting down on the ground a few feet away from the healers hut with his ears down low to his head.

The hours ticked by as the females that cared for the cubs and pregnant mothers would come and go from the healers hut. Isabelle's labor had given over to birth and her yells turned to screams as the females helped her, pulling or pushing to make her sit up and push down. Jayce by then was so edgy when Koda touched his shoulder to check on him the wolf leaped into the air and stumbled back, looking at his brother wide eyed. Koda smiled, not used to seeing his brother this nervous over something before. Koda sat by Jayce and tried to get him to relax. " Breathe Jayce...she will be fine. The females, mom and the healer are in there with her. They will help her through it." Jayce nodded and ran his fingers through his hair, feeling his nerves were shot. Jayce smiled a bit then chuckled softly after a few minutes. " I know I just...kept stop this feeling of being nervous and excited...but hearing her like that is killing me because Im out here and not in there with her." Koda grinned more and patted his shoulder with a firm squeeze afterwards. Koda handed Jayce a cup of water then left him be, walking over to the others who were lounging and waiting for news of the birth.It felt like forever before Isabelles cries faded off. Everything in the village went dead silent as they all looked to the hut, Jayce looking fearful until he saw his mother come out of the hut. Her tail was wagging, something she rarely did.

Koren walked over to him and gently motioned for him to follow her. Jayce sat there for a moment before getting up and following her. She stepped back into the hut with Jayce behind her. The females were all giggling now as they were cleaning off Isabelle before getting her sat up in the bedding. Isabelle panted and looked at Jayce move moved to her quickly and pressed his head against her own with his tail wagging happily. Isabelle murred and smiled before Koren came over with not one but two little cubs wrapped up in some soft furs. Jayce blinked as he watched his mother kneel down and hand each of the cubs to Isabelle then grin to her son. Jayce looked throughly stunned as he looked from Koren to Isabelle who blushed as she looked back at him. Jayce had to sit there for a few minutes before it finally hit him. He grinned and nuzzled his head against Isabelles before taking one of the infants, moving the furs to look at his child. The infant was a little girl that squeaked a bit when he picked her up. She had soft fur that was black with white swirling through it over her neck and shoulders then down along her legs and over her stomach. Her ears were twitching rapidly as new sounds hit them. She finally opened her eyes after letting out a little yawn. Her eyes were a bright shade of pink as she looked up at Jayce for a moment before falling back to sleep with a little murr coming from her. Jayce grinned and looked at Isabelle who smile and giggled a bit. Jayce handed the female back before taking the other one. This infant was a little boy, his fur a pure shade of black a small cresent moon shape of white fur was positioned in the middle of his chest, his ears were flat against his head as he wiggled with a whine coming from him as his eyes opened long enough to see his father, the boys eyes a brillent shade of gold. Jayce wrapped him back up gently and held him as he kissed Isabelles forehead softly.

After a few minutes of silence Jayce spoke softly to her. " We need to name them..." Isabelle nodded some as she chuckled softly before she looked to her son, her ears twitching a few times as she grinned. " Daniel..." Jayce stood his ears up and smiled, nodding a bit before he whispered again. "Jasmine." They glanced to each other and both chuckled softly before bumping noses together gently. koren smiled and left the two in the hut, stepping outside to the tribe that was gathered with the excitement. "She is fine...the cubs are healthy and you will see them when she is ready to come out of the hut." The tribe all looked confused for a moment before it hit them. Monica looked stunend but she smiled and looked at Koda who gently pet her head.

The rest of the night went without incident for the tribe. Isabelle rested well for the first time in months and when she was able to stand Jayce helped her up out of the bedding. Jayce had Jasmine in his arms, holding the cub close while Isabelle was handed Daniel. when they stepped out of the healers hut the tribe gathered around them, all of them letting out happy yips or howls of excitement. Isabelle stood beside of Jayce and let the tribe take a look at the cubs who had their eyes open and looking around as the sounds from the tribe hit their ears. Jayce wagged his tail as he looked at Isabelle, grinning as he watched her cradling their son, petting his ears gently before she realize Jayce was looking at her. She turned her head to look at him only for him to kiss her softly before pulling back and whispering into her ear. " I love you Isabelle." The fox blushed and smiled as she nuzzled her muzzle against his before she murred and whispered back. " I love you too Jayce...we are finally free." Jayce nodded and with Isabelle moved to some shade, settling down on the ground with her beside him, each cradling their cubs while the tribe went about their chores for the day. Koren soon walked over and sat down with them, taking Jasmine from Jayce and gently holding her with a smile. " You have done very well Jayce...the tribe loves you and Isabelle...you have elminated a ibg threat...and given your old mother two cubs to spoil rotten." Isabelle laughed softly and leaned into Jayce as he put his arm around her with a small nod to his mother. " Nick will no longer be a problem...hopefully the felines will keep at bay..but I am not worried about them...at least not yet. For now...My focus is Isabelle and these two little fluff balls." The three of them chuckled and relaxed, the entire tibe looking happy and relaxed for the first time in months.

Nicks capture.

Time moved by for the tribe. Isabelle and Monica healed well from the wounds they had gotten while in the hands of the feline tribe. Isabelle was now very pregnant and grumpy from carrying the infant inside her as well as the heat. Summer was in full...

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Isabelle's Rescue.

Jayce stared in shock at the feline in front of him before suddenly grabbing her by the shoulders and holding her still. " Tell me where she is! Is she alright?!" The girl let out a little yelp of shock then lowered her ears a bit while Koda moved up...

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Isabelle's Hell.

A few weeks went by and the tribe was growing. A few female wolves that had been pregnant when the fox tribe arrived had given birth and the village was buzzing over the new arrivals. By then Isabelle had a tall tale baby bump on her but wasn't really...

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