Alyth the Pokemon Tamer chapter 2

Story by Naga Shark on SoFurry

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#2 of Alyth the Pokemon Tamer

Chapter 2 of this awesome story I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 2

Alyth smiles as shi hugs Cyn to hir and kisses her on the muzzle. Shi whispers to her into her ear. "You are so beautiful Cynder."

Cynder slept for a few hours on her new trainer's chest, occasionally causing her hot, steamy breath to be released towards Alyth's nipples, as she was curled up.

Shi smiles as shi holds Cynder running hir fingers through her fur. Her breaths that pass over hir nipples has hir turned on even more so and in turn shi can't help it and works hir member deep into Cynder's vulpinehood and moans at the feeling as shi start to give slow steady yet deep thrusts into the velvet depths moaning at the feeling.

She stirred in her sleep, as if wriggling in a nightmare. She began to paw Alyth's chest frantically without extending her claws.

Alyth moans a little louder as the thrusting gets a little faster, harder, and deeper. "Oh Arceus! Cynder you feel amazing." Shi says as shi manages to stand and reposition getting Cynder on her paws into Doggy style position and continues with out missing a beat to try and tame Cynder with hir mighty Serpent.

She panted a bit, her body trying to wake up, but not finding enough energy to do so.

Alyth moans loudly and lustfully as shi buries hirself as deeply as shi can inside Cynder and unloads a massive load of seed into her womb and shi kisses her hard and lustfully.

Still sleeping, Cyn moans loudly and relaxes a bit, her nightmares seeming to have faded.

Shi lay there and snuggled with Cyn happily as shi slowly drifts off to doze a smile on hir face. Before shi could doze off shi says loud enough for Cyn to hear. "I love you Cynder."

After a few more hours of sleeping, Cynder woke to find her new mate still lodged in her. She began rocking back and forth along Alyth's length in a vain attempt to disgorge herself.

Alyth moans softly in hir sleep as shi is still hard and quickly shi cums again as shi had been having wild wet dreams.

Cynder moaned loudly and laid back down, trying to poke hir awake with a claw on one of her hind legs.

Shi moans as shi awakens from the poke. "Yes Cynder dear?" Shi asks as shi looks into her eyes with love.

"C-care to pull out?" She asked softly, almost sounding scared.

Alyth smiles as shi pulls out of Cynder with a moan, and kisses her gently on her nose. "What is wrong Cyn?"

She rolled over on to her side, sighing softly. "I was just having bad dreams... Don't worry.

Alyth hugs Cynder gently and a thought comes to mind. "Hey Cynder as a fire type you like spicy foods right?"

"You saw my Tamato berry, I take it?" She laughed lightly and licked the trainer's face in joy. "Yes, I love them. Too bad I can only fit a single one of those in my bag with all of my Lum berries."

Alyth smiles as shi reaches into hir cape and pulls out a small red pepper and offers it to her. "I think you will like this then Cynder."

She tilted her head and sniffed it, her ears and tails perking up at the mouthwateringly spicy smell. "By Arceus, I've never smelled something so delicious! What is that!?"

It is a Groudon Reaper. I want you to try it first before I tell you how hot it is.

Cynder backed up slowly, resisting the urge to take the treat. "It's too good. I'm going to go against my stomach here and tell you to hide that from me and probably use it as a reward for something. Say, what is your goal as a trainer anyway?"

"I want to beat the Elite Four and be the very best! Also you have done something to get this as a treat. You became my Pokemon and gave me some Earth shattering sex. I say you deserve it."

The Ninetales blushed a firey crimson and turned her head down and to the side, trying to hide it. "Y-you... I never... You mated me when I needed it most and you passed the test... I-I owed you one. Save it for when we beat the first gym." She sighed softly. "I'm probably going to hate myself for refusing this later..."

I have a bag of them in my cape this one is free. Please take it.

Cyn laid down and rested her head in the grass, looking up at Naga. "To be completely honest, you're starting to scare me. How do I know that it's not a poison?" She asked, clearly only looking for excuses not to eat it.

Alyth smiles and takes it and pops it into hir mouth and chews it up and swallow it never showing any sign of how hot it is. Shi then takes another out and offers it to Cynder.

"If a human can eat one so easily, then it's not hot enough for my taste, I'm sorry." She laughed a bit and stood, walking to pick up her bag.

Alyth opens hir mouth and exhales and a massive gush of flames shoot out of hir mouth just missing Cynder's tails and when she spins around she sees the impromptu flamethrower coming from hir mouth.

Cynder smiles softly, giving into her urges as she turns and jumps on Naga, pressing her lips hungrily against those of the her mate's.

Alyth gasps and kisses Cyn happily hoping that she takes the fire away from hir mouth. When the kiss is broken shi grabs a nipple of hir own and starts to drink quickly.

Cynder licked the other nipple softly before taking it into her mouth and giving it a small, experimental suck.

Cynder's mouth gets flooded with sweet fruity tasting milk as Alyth moans into hir other nipple trying to douse the fire. As shi does shi holds up the pepper and still offers it to Cyn wanting to share.

She pulled her head back, causing some of Naga's milk to spill onto her fur. "That's really sweet. How do you get it like that?" She glanced at the pepper and had to practically tear her own gaze back to Alyth's eyes.

"Arceus made me like this dear. I have had such sweet milk and fluids since I was old enough to make them."

Cynder smiled softly and turned to the pepper, nabbing it from Naga's hand and taking the entire thing into her mouth at once.

Alyth smiles as shi hugs Cynder and watches to see what happens. Shi pets her head in a manner to be calming.

Cynder chews the pepper for a few seconds without any effect before her ears perk up and her tails go rigid. She starts sucking on the chewed pepper to get the juices and smiles extatically as she swallows it, feeling it burn a trail down her throat and cause a few tears to form.

Alyth points away and asks. "Love would you mind opening your mouth and just normally breath out?"

She points her head away from hir and opens her mouth, releasing a fireball that sears the nearby grass and creates a small crater. "Holy..." Her voice rasps, still a bit charred from the pepper. "I think I could take a gym on one pepper alone."

She points her head away from hir and opens her mouth, releasing a fireball that sears the nearby grass and creates a small crater. "Holy..." Her voice rasps, still a bit charred from the pepper. "I think I could take a gym on one pepper alone."

Alyth laughs as shi rubs Cynder's throat. "That pepper my love is the hottest pepper on the planet. It has a Scoville rating of over 6 million.

Two of her tails drift to Alyth's nipple and start rubbing it as her muzzle descends on the other, sucking it softly for hir sweet milk.

Shi smiles and allows her to drink hir milk to calm the fire from the pepper as shi nuzzles her mates neck and whispers into her ear. "I love you Cynder."

Cynder drinks thirstily for a few minutes, stopping only for a second at a time for a breath as three more tails move to hir other nipple and starts massaging it as if they formed soft, furry lips.

Alyth moans a bit from the feel of her tail tips around hir nipple.

"Love you keep that up and I am gonna get naked and make love to you again. We need to get moving soon to make good time getting to Faulkner's gym in Violet Town."

Cynder slowly lifts the rear of her body and rests her soft, velveteen pussy on Alyth's crotch as it starts to drip from her own arousal. Her lips take a small break from hir nipples to mouth two soft words that Alyth can barely make out. "Fuck... Me."

Alyth quickly pulls hir bottoms off again and rams hir diamond hard member deep inside Cynder's velveteen pussy with a loud moan instantly thrusting hard and fast knowing better than to turn down an offer like that.

The heat from the pepper courses through her body, turning the usual sauna of her slit into a near-unbearable inferno that caresses the monsterous cock. She moans loudly and bring her lips back to Alyth's nipple, dragging her tongue across it lustfully before kissing it passionately, sucking out her mates milk as quickly as she can.

Alyth groans in pure pleasure as shi rapidly builds to a wild thrusting that has Cynder's entire body rocking violently as shi hugs her tightly to hir.

Cynder's lips work fervently at Alyth's nipple, as though she was giving it a french kiss. She moans loudly as her heat-prepared muscles start to contract around hir shaft, causing Cynder to shudder a bit as she already starts to orgasm.

Alyth cums hard and violently filling her with thick hot potent seed as shi continues to pound into Cyn's pussy with the speed and power of a jack hammer.

Cynder moans loudly as her pussy clenches down, launched into full orgasm by Alyth's seed. Her femcum quickly covers Alyth's lower body as she moans loudly and moves up from hir nipples, licking Alyth's neck.

Alyth kisses Cynder hungrily as shi rolls putting her on her back and hir on top and steadily pounds into her depths harder and faster moaning the whole way.

Cyn moans suddenly at the surprise, her tails twitching in anticipation.

Shi kisses Cyn lovingly and hungrily as shi continues to thrust into her as hard and fast as shi can. "Oh Arceus I am going to cum again!"

Cynder's tails caress Alyth's back and moves with hir thrusts, gently massaging hir back as she kisses her mate softly.

Alyth cums hard filling her with seed to the point that her womb can not hold even a single drop more of cum.

Cynder moans loudly and wraps her mate tightly in her tails, hilting the rod inside her depths as her eyes roll back in sheer pleasure. "O-oh, Alyth~" She gasps as her grip grows tighter.

Alyth moans lustfully as shi leans down and kisses her lovingly.

Her tails loosen enough for Alyth to move again and one slips into your cape, taking out a pepper, which she dangles between them. "Care to split one?"

Alyth smiles wickedly and says. "I got a better idea. Care for me to show you?"

"Oh, please do!" She smiles wickedly, getting a devious idea with it myself.

Alyth takes the pepper from Cynder and pulls out of her completely and shoves the pepper in her pussy and says. "Thank the heavens I have burn heal." As shi sticks hir cock inside Cynder's pussy and rams it home smashing the pepper to bits.

Cynder screams loudly in both surprise and pleasure as the juices in her pussy mingle with the pepper, causing the heat to become unbearably pleasurable and her inner walls to swell tight around hir as the blisters start to form. "OH DEAR ARCEUS! MY LORD, YESSS!!!" Her muscles begin to clench, locking Alyth into her now painfully tight sex as she starts to achieve near instant climax.

Alyth starts thrusting into her with near twice the speed and power of a jack hammer moaning up a storm in pleasure yet screaming and crying in pain yet the two mixing is so intense that shi finds hirself screaming towards orgasm.

Her moans start to mix with screams as she cums, swelling both hir cock and her vulpinehood to unbearable tightness. Her now boiling juices flow through what little space is left for them between their mating organs as she yells at the top of her lungs, no longer able to stand the pressure of so much cum inside her, "Pull out! Pull out!"

Alyth pulls out and cums with explosive force seeming to coat almost every inch of Cynder's fur and she can see hir cock bleeding and blistered and red as lava.

She moans loudly and starts rolling around, trying to put out the fire that she feels, but only smearing your cum all over my fur as what was already in her starts to seep out.

Alyth rushes to hir cape and pulls out a burn heal and literally soaks hir member in it and sighs as steam comes pouring off from hir meatsaber.

Cynder continues rolling fruitlessly, screaming and moaning at the same time as the burning triggers an even stronger orgasm, causing everything in her to be expelled with hir cum. But it's too late, her sweet hole had been swollen nearly shut by the blisters.

Alyth walks over with hir heavily coated burn heal cock and shoves it inside Cynder's sex and thrusts quickly to spread it inside her good and cum spilling a good amount of burn heal into her womb as well coating every micro-inch of her insides.

Cynder sighs softly and lays still, completely coated in Alyth's sticky white seed. "W-what the hell... What was that?"

"That was the same pepper that we both ate my beloved Cynder. Now you know why it has a Scoville heat unit score of 6 million. Tamato Berries are only 3,000 SHU."

"I-I could've never expected that... My lord, that was amazing!" She closes her eyes and murrs happily. "Now, would you mind stepping back about ten feet? I'm going to clean off the fun way."

Alyth pulls out and steps back and throws up a protection barrier around hir to protect hirself. "Oh love I wouldn't get any water on any of that juice."

Cynder smiles slyly and look up at hir worriedly. "I /hate/ water. Now, unless you can hold that thing against a couple thousand degrees, I'd still back up a little." Her eyes start to glow as a small orb of violet flames appears in her open mouth.

Alyth throws up a Balus Wall as well to protect against fire and poisons and heat.

A small, transparent barrier forms around Cynder and starts to shimmer as she uses both Reflect and Safeguard on herself, preparing to bounce attacks back inward. "Just be prepared for when my barriers go down."

Alyth holds them up tight and with allot of power knowing now nothing will get through adding a Ray-wing barrier inside the Protection barrier to keep fresh air flowing.

Cyn unleashes her flames, filling her own barriers with a bright fuscia flame, glowing brightly as her Reflect bounces the flames back at herself, cleansing her fur and activating her Flash Fire, in turn making her own flames stronger in an infinite loop of absorbing her own continuously hotter and brighter fire. But from the outside, it only seems as if she is a glowing purple ball of light.

Alyth holds all three barriers up with all hir might ready for when her shields go down.

The flames fade and she is left glowing a vibrant and healthy yellow inside her barriers, which she soon lets down. As they fade, an enormous wave of heat is released, withering most of the grass for a few meters around her. "Oops. Didn't expect the grass to be so dry."

Alyth waits a few seconds and then drops all three barriers. "Wow that was cool."

Cynder smiles softly and walks up to Alyth. Her fur shimmers in the sun, vitalized by the flames more than one would expect from just a cool light show like that. "Flash Fire has near unlimited uses. Don't forget that. Also, I'm immune to my own toxin. Which, in case you were wondering, is why the flames were purple. I might explain how it works some day. Probably not any time soon though. Just try not to breathe it in."

Alyth smiles as shi leans down and whispers in her ear. "Love I am immune to poisons. Thanks to my magic I am a simple DeClary away from being detoxified from any reason."

Cyn smiles. "It's a misnomer. It's not a poison, toxin, or venom of any sort. It acts more like a virus. I learned how it works a century back. I don't like using it on others any more, it's too sadistic." She shakes her head softly and launches a small orange fireball at the ground, leaving a patch of bare grass where it hit. "If I ever HAVE to use it, well, the only real cure is a Lum berry. In more severe cases, you need one of them and both an antidote and a burn heal. The Antidote acts as a placebo."

"Well now that I know that what say I get dressed and we head up to Violet City to take the badge there."

"That'll be no problem. Who's the leader there? I'll help as long as it isn't Jasmine or that nice lady up north. I can't remember her name, but she tames dragons. I refuse to battle either."

"Faulkner is the leader of Violet City's gym. His Pokemon are bird types."

"Birds? Easy. Hold my bag when we get there. Challenge him to an all-on-one battle. Have him send out all of his Pokemon at once. I'll take them out before they know what hit them."

"I know you can just don't kill them please I don't want the Officer Jennies after us."

Cynder scoffs and rolls her eyes. "They couldn't handle me if they tried. Anyway, I make it a point not to kill. If someone dies while fighting me, it's because they refused my mercy."

Alyth laughs good heartedly as shi leans forward and kisses her on the lips of her muzzle.

Cynder smiles softly and returns it before picking up her bag again. "We better get going before it gets dark then. This area gets dangerous after dark."

Alyth walks over and gets dressed and walks to her side and says. "On to Violet City love."

Alyth the Pokemon Tamer

It is a beautiful day not a cloud in the sky as a woman of almost unrivaled beauty is walking down the road wearing an outfit consisting of a black leather thong bikini thigh high black leather boots and black leather elbow gloves. A long flowing cape...

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