booty call #2

It's the middle of the night, the club slowly going down, Ashley sitting at the bar, drinking a bloody Mary. She had to rest, dancing for five hours takes its toll. Marquis, a tall, dark and sexy wolf, spotted the sexy skunk and decided to make his...

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One Fine Goopy Day

Modern Lemyria, a city of advanced technology and all sorts of strange creatures and anomalies. This here is a short little tale about a very special anomaly by the name K-13205. It was dusk in the city of Lemyria, the streets still very hustle and...

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Yo-kai Specs 5: The Mysterious Yo-kai Specs

Another beautiful morning in Springdale! I assume the sun was shining on this fantastic day, but I couldn't tell at all; having your face buried between huge, supple purple boobs did that to one's vision. Insomni had decided to become my Yo-kai...

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Bridget's Interlewd

Ever since they fired her Bridget had stopped getting her groceries from Wilson's. She didn't want to give them any more of her money if they weren't willing to give her any in return. So, she started going to another grocery store, a local Kroger,...

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Tavia and Vance

Another story based on two hot characters i found (See pic and thumbnail). they belong to their creators. Enjoy! Tavia and Vance Vance walked into the tribal village and looked around at the ornate houses that had been there for years. The marbled...

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The Milk Run

**The Milk Run** by Xenny Diemes Things have been on the up and up since Lana has been given a new partner to help with the new route she makes in delivering milk. Her name is Gwen and she's a very energetic go-getter type that knows her way around...

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Family time

Mongol walked through the forest, looking around. His sexy serpent of a wife wrapped her arms around him, pressing her jugs against his back. "I got a surprise for your back home.~" Her felt her breasts press against his back, and shivered. "Ooh...I...

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Pokemon: Turning Over A New Leaf! - Chapter 5

If i cum first, i'll spend the night here and let you use my big boobs and fantastic body however you want. i'll be your little pallet whore." i traced a finger around his bulge, nuzzling against his cheek. "do you like the sound of that, mr. pewter?"

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Chapter 8: Home-cumming

Chapter 8; Home-cumming And thus we find our heroes: the reluctant panthress, Shadina, the loyal raptoress Talon, the brave stallion Troy and the adventurous wolf, Caliente, marooned on an island far out to sea. The ship that was supposed to take...

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The Beginning

"well, he does like big breasts, no?" stacey laughed, slapping her thigh. "perfect!"

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BOOMER ROO Job 1¤ Bank heist & Breakfast

**B¤¤MER ROO** ** Job 1¤ Bank Heist & Breakfast** Boomer Roo woke up in her flat 11 am. It was an ordinary hot morning in the sandy, down-under westcoast town of Westpark. A city of corrupt mayors, rotten cops, gangs, hookers, drugs, violence and...

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I was known for three things. My speed. My silence. And my fantastic tits. Two of those reasons are why the Brotherhood of the local village hired me to retrieve their lost crystals, taken by the dragon that lived just off in the wilderness in one...

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