Father of Dogs: Punk Rutted

Story by Torakuma on SoFurry

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Randomly got an idea for a human/feral story and rad with it. So here it is. If this gets good enough attention I'll write a second a third part. So tell our dogie lovin' friends!

Father of Dogs: Punk Rutted

By: ToKu

The dogs were barking before I even put my truck in park. I could even hear them over the Black Flag tape that's been stuck in my cassette player for the past three years now. It wasn't an angry bark, a frightened or worried bark, but one that spoke excitement. I kicked the parking break and yanked the keys from the ignition as the engine died. I gathered a few things form work, a few papers I had to sign for my boss, a transfer sheet, and shipping info for our next truck. Ten years at the sheet metal plant had given me countless scrap metal implants and burns up my arms but I was still cautious and rather fearful of paper cuts.

My phone was ringing in my pocket but I ignored it as I made my way up the path to my humble abode; a single story house with a spacious back yard for my dogs to run free. I couldn't wait to take my clothes off and join them. The perks of a hill top property was the freedom to strut around my yard in the buff. I wasn't a complete nudest but clothes were usually just a hindrance while at home. My keys crunching into the deadbolt of my front door sent my boys into a frenzy. I could hear Bubba's claws on the door and Duke's whines of anticipation. They were my children, not counting my ex- step son who was currently still lived with his mother, but my dogs were my babies. I knew that the second wave of tones of Tragedy's Conflicting Ideas growling from my pocket was probably her again. She would have to wait.

I was bombarded by paws and tongues and love bites. Bubba, my blue nosed pit bull was wagging his tail so hard his butt wiggled back and forth while Duke, my German shepherd was trying to jump up into my arms. It had been a good fourteen hours since they had seen me last and the house was surprisingly still intact. The brown and tan couch was slightly disturbed and the curtains ruffled from curious cold-noses but my living space was more or less the same tidy mess that I had left it.

"Easy boys." I smile as I shuffle past them to the kitchen where I dumped my hand full off paperwork, that would also have to wait. "Daddy's just got done with a fourteen hour shift, I'm gonna need a few beers before we can have fun time."

I knew they couldn't understand my words but they knew my tone, when I was tired. Immediately they both backed up a foot and planted their butts on the hardwood floors in obedience. They were trained to sit when I spoke in deeper tones, awaiting orders and sometimes treats.

"At ease, boys." I spoke in a softer voice and they both happily began to play with each other. Bubba rolling over onto his back, his heavy balls flopping form side to side and he wiggled while Duke stepped over him, his muzzle open in a playful snarl as they wrestled. It almost seemed like foreplay and I felt the first tingle of arousal in the past fourteen hours. Work was for work, business, and metals. It's all I thought about there; the only time I was off of my feat was when I was driving a tow motor back and forth from one stock building to another, moving pallets of rolled metal strip or shrink wrapped tubing.

Home was a place for beer, punk rock, nudity and my two boys. I needed a shower, I normally took one at work before I left but some of the guys had pissed me off and I needed out of that place for a couple of days. I had three days off and I knew just how I was gonna spend it. I proceeded to kick off my boots, watching my dogs play fight with the occasional kiss I had taught them to do when they got too rough. Duke had Bubba's neck in his jaws despite the pit bull being about twenty five pounds heavier. The shepherd knew how to hold his own against the larger canine but he glanced at me with his dark eyes, paused before letting Bubba go, licking his nose a few times before his brother returned the kisses. "Good boys."

"Daddy needs to wash up, then we can play outside." I spoke to them both as I unbuttoned my short sleeved work shirt. They understood 'outside'. Bubba seemed to spin around in circles while Duke barked at his brother's antics. "Be good while I shower, boys."

Off the kitchen, a short hallway took me to my room on the left and my little office on the right where I kept my computer, most of my work related crap and my books. As I entered my bedroom I was greeted by cool darkness. That quickly changed as I threw open the blinds letting the morning light flood through, filling the cozy space with a rich glow. My walls were adorned with various framed punk show fliers I had collected throughout the years, most of them from up north in Louisville where I spent most of my youth. My job moved me further south in the state but I still liked to drive up to the city with my dogs as my passengers where we would spend the day by the river, or at the park where they got to play with other canines. In the evenings we would stop by Cahoots where my dogs were just as welcome as I; having played dozens of shows there as an angry punk kid in the early nineties.

I quickly striped the rest of my clothes off. I still reeked like solder, sweat and burning metals. I could feel a fresh shard of aluminum lodged in the skin around my elbow. I was thankful I had yet to receive any ink on either side of both of my elbows. Most of the tattoos on my arm were already faded with age, having gotten most of them in my late teens and early twenties. Being in my thirties and with with a full time job such as mine, left little time or leeway for fresh tattoos. I was planing on working on my back piece later this year, but I was still working out prices with a friend up in the city. Tattoo's were simply placed upon the back-burner.

The cool water from the shower seemed to revive me. I scrubbed shampoo into my shaved head and lathered up my chest length beard. At times it seemed to blend in with my chest hair and both practically covered the tattoos I had there. My stomach was much more thinly carpeted and the all encompassing Medusa's head drilled into my flesh appeared to sweat profusely as water cascaded over my protruding belly; the tattooed lines bold and realistic.

Once I was clean I grabbed the douche that I kept in my shower rack and proceeded to clean my insides thoroughly; flushing my insides with a surge of cool water before hoping from shower to toilet until all was clear. It was a special day anyways. After such an extensive third shift I was ready for beer, some outdoor activities, a few good records and a nice long sleep once the sun began to set.

I dried off, brushed my beard and my teeth, took my vitamins and flicked off the bathroom light, not even bothering with underwear or even socks. In the living room the boys were being dorks, chasing each other from the front of the house, through the kitchen and to the back door before repeating the game.

"You two ready to go outside?" They skidded to a halt. Seeing me naked got their tails wagging and they were instantly in front of me trying to jump up. With my hands free I was actually able to catch Duke as he leapt; laying him back in my arms like a baby while he licked my chest and face. Rubbing his belly I asked: "Who's a good boy?"

Bubba was instantly jealous and kept trying to jump up. I few times I had to side step to avoid his claws meeting my groin.

"Outside?"I asked. Bubba Barked and Duke squirmed in my arms. "Come on!"

I set the German Shepherd down and they were both by the back door before I made it to the kitchen. Grabbing my favorite camo hat and several cans of Fat Tire Amber Ale, I let the boys loose. My back door let out onto a modest porch where I had two patio chairs, a lounge chair and a Weber Summit Gas Grill where I cooked most of my meals. For eight in the morning, the sun was already warm as it rose in the east against a slight breeze from the west. The humidity was low despite the sporadic clouds high in the atmosphere, a perfect morning for some outdoor fun. I could feel the light weight of exhaustion from my eight day long work week but that wasn't anything a few beers couldn't fix.

Off my porch my backyard stretched down a slightly sloping hill with a few houses further down and out of sight from my deck. There was no fence by my boy's knew not to go past the two white oaks just past the dry stone well. Cracking open my first of many beers to come, I drained the whole can in one simple chug. Belching and sighing in pleasure I rubbed my belly before cracking open a second to actually sip. Taking a seat I watched the boys race down and across the yard, nipping at each other and barking at birds as they took off from their roosts in the low lying trees. I loved them more than anything else in life and I couldn't help the second wave of arousal course through my loins.

I still remember when I got Duke, who was a year older than Bubba. It was shortly after my wife and I had gotten our divorce finalized. After two chaotic years of battling for property and possessions I finally had my own home where I swore off human companionship forever. Not that I didn't mind the occasional hook up but from an emotional standpoint, I was simply over other human beings and their deceitful ways.

"Bubba. That's Duke's stick, find your own!" I yelled before taking a healthy swig from my can, my free hand, tattooed and calloused, cupping my junk as it rested between my legs. Aside from my head, I never shaved my body hair. If I could, I would grow more, become a gorilla or a bear and leave my homo-sapien ways behind. Not that I didn't have plenty already. When soft, my cock was practically hidden within a thick forest of dark pubes while my legs, belly, chest and arms were decently blanketed, not to mention my dense underarms. It gave me the nickname Gorilla Jacobs in middle school and it was still my title when I went to the city. But some of my earliest memories as a boy were that of pretending to transform into animals, wolves especially. I had had dogs before Duke and Bubba but it wasn't until my divorce that I got to know the canine anatomy so well.

Well, I was hard now. Just from the thoughts of my past and promises of the near future. My circumcised cock stuck out of that mass of pubes at five and a half inches long, without cheating. While I could boast dick thickness, my balls were probably the most impressive; hairy orbs that hung heavily, resting on the seat of my patio chair while I drained my second beer. You couldn't see it even if you tried but I actually had a tattoo of a smiley face on the left side of my sac, a hilarious present from a friend who had recently passed away.

I whistled loudly. They were within bounds, but too close to the oak trees. They raced back. Bubba owned the race back up the hill but Duke was at my lap before the pit bull, his German Shepherd eyes gleaming up at me as he rested his head on my thigh, sniffing at the sent of my freshly cleaned loins. Bubba came up beside him but was more interested in licking the tattoo of a giant rat on my shin. "Y'Boys wanna go on a walk down to the garden?"

Tails wagged and my erection bobbed up and down in agreement.

I had a small garden settled beside a large Ohio Buckeye that shaded the various vegetables and herbs during the warmest parts of the day but provided plenty of sun in the mornings and evenings. I had tomatoes and bell peppers growing as well as a potato plant and a few rows of carrots along with thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley and basil. My green thumb came from a few months I spent in Maine on a cabbage farm where it was fermented and jarred as sauerkraut, since then I've never felt at home with out something growing nearby. Duke and Bubba knew not to tromp through the garden but they knew this was one of my favorite spots so they padded over towards the tree and stretched out in the shade. With a final swig of my beer I found a spot between them, settling down on a bed of clovers and soft Kentucky Bluegrass; my boner sticking straight up at the sky.

Duke was the first to notice and tentatively leaned in to give it a few sniffs before this tongue made contact. I shivered but placed my hands behind my head and gazed up at the clouds as they slowly drifted by. Bubba moved his body closer beside mine, his head near my armpit and let out a deep sigh that tickled the hair there.

"Good boys" I breathed as Duke's licks became more and more prominent and less tentative. I always let them make the first moves. If they weren't in the mood they I simply waited until they were, never forcing any situation on them. Duke, having known me the longest could usually sense when I was horny, pent up and wanted to play. Bubba usually enjoined simple snuggles until things got a little heavier but he had become my go to boy for quick ruts. "Daddy's missed you this past week. I know I work so much."

The beers were finally starting to do their job. I felt content and the pains in my arms and lower back were subsiding while the blood in my cock seemed to be boiling hotter and hotter with each casual lick of Duke's tongue. I vaguely thought of my cell phone and wondered how many missed calls I would have by the time I made it back up there, when ever that may be. The boy's knew that the Garden was Daddy's time. My ex could wait anyways. I knew it was her, calling for this or for that. Her licks never felt this good so I let those thoughts fade away.

Duke was good as working me over, he even knew to lick at my balls, his fat tongue pulling on the long hairs as it scoured my sac. Bubba would lift his head from time to time when he heard a bird call or to watch his brother work but he would only scoot closer and closer towards my armpit until his nose was inches from my face and I could feel his breath in my beard. I gave him a kiss on the nose that resulting in a lick. A second kiss and a second lick. When his third came automatically my mouth opened to meet his tongue. It wasn't like kissing another human, it involved patients and grabbing his tongue with my own. Occasionally I would get the long appendage inside my mouth for a fraction of a second before it retracted in that typical canine way.

"I love you, Bubba." I said scratching behind his ears and he continued to kiss me, his slobber thick but without taste. I gave them dental chew sticks frequently and kept their teeth relatively clean but a dog's mouth is no where as dirty as humans believe they are. Duke was getting jealous even though he had my cock to play with. "Come 'ere."

Duke stood and met my mouth with vigor. My other hand went from behind my head to the back of his where I scratched and rubbed his fur down the length of his back until I got to his butt where I scratched until my hands fell lower, finding his belly and slowly rubbing down until my fingers met his sheath, furry and soft. It didn't even faze him but Bubba saw this and stood too. Eventually I had both hands on my boy's sheaths, gently stroking as they made a wet mess of my cheeks, nose, beard and mustache. I cupped Duke's balls first because he was the oldest and I usually saved Duke for second anyways.

"Those are some good boys." I coo as their tails wagged. Sitting up, I angled towards the shepherd, my legs stretched out underneath his as he stood, panting with a smile as I groped his furry nuts, alternating between them and the flaccid sheath. Bubba, knowing how things normally went, simply curled up beside my knee were I would give him an occasional ear scratch to know he wasn't forgotten.

The first few real strokes of his sheath caused Duke to look down at where my hand was, it usually took a few tender squeezes to get him comfortable again. Pulling the sheath back a bit I got my first glimpse of his pink tapper before pulling the furry casing back over it. As I stroked he would glance at me and I would smile and rub his ears, giving him a kiss on the muzzle or a comforting word or two. After a few minutes of gentle stroking I asked: "Wanna show daddy that big cock?"

He licked my face a few times as I started to really stroke, pulling his sheath back over flaccid tapper all the way back until the unformed knot poked out. That really got him excited. His whole body lurched and his hips spasmed and I knew he was ready. Pressing my elbow and forearm into the soft green grass I lowered myself until my whole head settled under the German Shepherd, my ear pressed against his chest where his heart beat thumbed with excitement. A second good squeeze and stroke sent his hips bucking and my face was spritzed with the first stream of pre-cum. His cock doubled in size in less than two seconds and it was all I could do to keep my hand on his sheath while I steadied myself with my other.

A second spray of doggie cum across my lips brought my mouth open and the next thing I knew I had my mouth around that hardening length of shepherd cock. The sudden sharp scent of canine musk was always a bit to take in. It was strong and earthy and even if you could somehow hold your nose closed you could still somehow smell it through your taste buds. My own cock throbbed and I wish Bubba was more out-going and could lick my cock but I knew there would be time for that later.

Duke's hip bucked and his growing length fucked into my mouth like a sprinkler nozzle. I pressed my tongue against the tip, feeling the hole of his urethra and the irregular spurts of cum. I teased it while coaxing the knot from his sheath again as it swelled. Hooking my fingers behind the mass of flesh I cupped the knot with my whole hands and settled into a nice even suck as his thrusts became less erratic.

I always started with Duke because his cock was better for sucking. While it was true that I showed both of my boy's equal oral attention, Bubba's cock was shorter, thicker, and his knot more spherical like with most pit bull breeds. Duke's was irregular in shape and longer, common with German shepherds and while I've taken his knot before I preferred Bubba's up the ass and Dukes down my throat.

I couldn't help but moan a bit each time my mouth filled with jizz until I had to swallow a healthy gulp of canine swill before letting the process repeat. Bubba was finally paying a little more attention to our activities, licking my leg a bit before finally working up towards my crotch where my cock stood hard and leaking with about half the amount pre as Duke's. When he neared my cock I shifted, knowing the dog might accidentally send me over the edge. Instead I shifted dukes cock so it was sticking between his legs as if he were tied with another dog. Without missing too much of a beat I returned to the lengthy shepherd cock while getting on my knees, exposing my ass to the blue nosed pit bull. With a slight gesture and a spread of my cheeks Bubba went to work licking the hairy crack of my ass; his tongue running over my hole, sending shivers up my spine as my lips ran the length of dog cock.

I could hear the faint sound of a car alarm farther down the road, a cicada on the branch of a nearby oak, the chirp of birds and the slurp of tongues sucking and licking. Gripping dukes knot, I worked the length like it owed me another load. I knew canines didn't ejaculate like humans, there wasn't a build up and an explosion, there was only a sudden flurry of bursts before you settled into a slow theoretical tie that lasted about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile Bubba was getting too exited. Not that it was a bad thing, but he was already trying to mount me. He would lick the hairy, tattooed curve of my ass before trying to jump up onto my back, his hips thrusting, cock poking at cheek flesh before giving up and beginning the cycle again. I knew I would have to help him in.

"'Adda boy." I grunted as the heavy blue nose tried to mount up again. I shifted my body, lowering my chest closer to the ground, arching my back and spreading my cheeks the best I could. I ran my hand between my legs and when his hips started bucking I guided his thickening sheath to the crack of my ass where I felt a few spritz of pre-cum dampen my hole. Grabbing hold of the prematurely formed knot still encased in his furry sheath, I drove the tapered tip towards my hole, gasping as a sudden thrust punctured my anal star. He was in.

Duke was panting, watching his younger brother as a student would watch a professor during a demonstration of dad-fucking. Duke however was already learned in art of human tying. I held firmly to the Shepherd's knot as the pit-bull's formed in my other. I tried to keep up the attention on the the long length of canine cock, sucking the leaking cum from the flared tip, but Bubba's thrusts were becoming harder and more erratic.

It was all I could do to hold my breath, taking in deep breaths of air as I was penetrated. As I tried to steady my body, as well as the canine's atop of me, I focused on opening my asshole to take my boy's knot. It was always rather tricky, especially when his brother was nearby, but months and months of practice had made this ritual, second nature. The only real difficult feat was getting the knot inside before it formed fully, otherwise I'd have to wait about twenty-five minutes to try again.

"Fuck..." I grunted deeply, causing Duke to side-step on his paws nervously, but a few tugs of his knot and a suck of his tip eased him. Bubba's cock sent shivers throughout my body, my hole dilating with each internal splatter of cum, lubricating my colon for the massive accommodation. He only slipped out once, leaving my ass dripping for only a moment before I steadied the shaft back in where my prostate was once again pummeled by a seizure of thrusts.

The sudden urge to stroke my cock surged through my groin and abdomen. I could feel a healthy translucent bead of pre forming at the tip as the swollen shaft hung between my thick legs, all but forgotten. There also arose a new sensation, trickling through the long wiry hairs of my taint and down the leathery contours of my ball sac. Bubba's semen was already seeping out of my hole as the thickening shaft tore open my asshole. It was this that signaled my hand to finally pull the rest of the sheath over the plum sized knot. Blindly gripping the hot, hard flesh, I pressed back with my buttocks and drove the knot home; clenching my sphincter around the mass of meat, locking it inside of me the best I could.

Abandoning Duke's cock for the moment, I sighed; a deep guttural moan from my diaphragm; head swimming in a rush of sensational bliss and mild drunkenness. Bubba continued to thrust erratically but with my hand free I pressed his own taint against my hole, holding one of his hind legs with the other, my face pressed into the soft clovers and grass as I began to dissolve into the tie with my blue-nosed boy. "Holy shit, Bubba..."

Duke sat on his haunches beside my head where he would occasionally lick between his legs where his cock was still swollen and red. Bubba was finally starting to ease up on his thrusts, unable to freely fuck me anymore. The sheer volume of mass inside my rectum however was enough to drive my senses wild as the growing knot resonated like a heartbeat against my prostate. I felt full to bursting, the whole lower half of my body screamed in protest as my guts were penetrated, that full fucking feeling coagulating with the passage of alcohol through the blood-brain barrier in my skull. Swimming with these equally pleasant and unpleasant sensations, an odd sort of evenness developed between them. I had my boy's entire male-hood inside of me and my drunken self simply reveled in it. Like a mild smutty variety of Nirvana or Enlightenment only obtainable through bestiality and butt sex.

"Ughh, Good boys!" I exclaimed amazed I could still create cognizant words, getting a mouth full of my beard hairs and clovers in the process. 'I need another beer!' But I wanted Duke's cock in my mouth more. Both of my boys inside of me, filling me with their seed. Two years ago the very thought would have repulsed me, or at the least confused me. But back then I was still attracted to humans. Female humans. The very thought of my ex wife's cunt almost caused a sudden acid reflex in my esophagus but Duke pulled his head from his crotch and licked at the side of my cheek that was not pressed into the earth. Bubba let off a few more desperate thrusts before his whole body seemed to collapse on top of me. The sharp but welcoming pang in my gut told me I was truly tied. In for the long haul so to speak.

"Duke, fetch daddy a beer." I grunted.

The German shepherd immediately stood at the word 'fetch'.

"Beer, Duke. Fetch daddy a beer. Fridge. Beer?" I repeated. His tail began to wag and before I had a chance to straighten up a bit, the two year old pup was bounding towards the house. They were both trained to do various things. The rope I had tied around the fridge door served as a tool for the dogs to get their own drinks of cold water while I was at work, as well as grab their dad a beer or two. Bubba, being far too preoccupied with his current position simply panted hot breath on the back of my neck. "Good boy, Bubba. You wanna turn around?"

With a quick shift of my hands and my left knee, a shifted under the weight of the pit-bull until he slipped off my back with a Canis style sigh. I sucked in air hard through my nose as my whole body shook with a sudden spasm of pain and the lodged knot tugged on my hole, the tapered tip stabbing and squirming into my intestines. He was clearly poking through to my sigmoid, arranging my innards with the length of his cock. With one more quick maneuver I helped Bubba's hind legs over my butt, and before long he was on all fours, facing away from me, his tail wagging while his knotted cock remained lodged quite firmly in my ass.

Stretching my back out as much as I could, arching and hunching each in turn, getting a few pops out of my spine before settling in to my own four legged position. The sways of his hips and tail tugging the knot this way and that, sending sharp but pleasurable waves of sensation throughout my body. It was then that I finally reached between my own legs and took hold of my cock, careful not to stroke it. The weight of the knot inside me sat heavy on my prostate and my balls felt full and close to bursting, so with a gentle squeeze of the shaft I diverted my orgasm with a calming nut rub. Bubba's course sac wasn't far from my own and with a small whimper from him I soon had both sac's in my grasp, juggling them like a double pair of oriental mediation balls, human and canine, both coarse and furry.

It wasn't long before Duke returned carrying an aluminum can in his maw, his tongue lulling out between his teeth. I could see that his erection had died down but his sheath was still swollen, the knot still semi-formed within. Bowing his head, he let the can fall from his jaws where it rolled through the grass, stopping almost perfectly beside my hand. Bubba had been doing a good job of staying put, but the return of his brother sent his tail wagging and in an interest tried to move around to see the German shepherd. I had no choose but to let him pull me a few inches back, my guts flaring in sharp pains that I had to admit were still rather pleasurable.

"Bubba," I warned, moving my hips from side to side, actually enjoying the tugs but not wanting the dog to accidentally pull out before he had time to deflate. "Stay put."

I managed a rub between Duke's ears before he sat, looking from his brother to my four-legged position, our union apparent to the Sheppard, having been the one at the head of ties before. Tightening the muscles in my legs and thighs while arching my back up I was able to quickly use both hands to open my beer before returning a single fist to the ground; rising the cold brew to my lips where foam met my mustache. I chugged down half the can in one gulp, feeling the warm flood of furthering inebriation and a full belly. Bubba's cock throbbed inside of me and I knew my rectum was probably close to bursting with a flood of canine cum. I felt full, drunk, and close to orgasm just from the wag of my blue-nose's tail. But I knew I still had a good ten minutes of tie left.

"Duke, Here boy." I said with a whistle before downing the rest of my beer. The need to cum was almost excruciating at this point but I always saved that for last. Duke was instantly by my side, his muzzle near mine, his breath in my face. "Good boy."

"I leaned in and tried to grab his tongue with my lips. A few licks and he got the picture, his thick flat tongue working through my beard, over and into my mouth. Reaching between my legs, I tugged on my balls as we kissed; tasting his slobber as my orbs burned heavy with boiling white hot cum. Reaching further I found the taught furry flesh of Bubba's sheath where it bunched up against my asshole. The grapefruit sized knot, just on the other side of that star of flesh, undulating inside me as it fought for release; release I wasn't ready or even able to let go of; knowing the excruciating pain of an early untie all too well.

Duke was always the best kisser out of the two dogs, but I wanted more of his cock; the long, veiny length of pink unique to his species. Swapping hands, my right went for the underside of the brown and black canine where I took hold of his spongy but swollen sheath; as if he were already excited. It didn't take long to coax the slippery wet pink out from hiding. As Duke eased forward his loins came into proximity of my face. Quickly I ducked underneath and found that musky canine cock, already leaking pre from the tip. It always seemed stronger the second time, once your body acclimates to the cross species mingling, you become acute to the scents and flavor of Canis.

He grew to full length in a matter of moments, the seven inches of vascular pink and red cylindrical cock, soft and slimy, based with an angry red knot. Deepthroating the entire length until my lips kissed the ball of flesh, I felt spurts of cum painting the back of my throat, coating my uvula in milky off white slime. Duke was a little better at remaining stationary but he couldn't help the occasional thrust that pressed the length of his cock to impossible depths, nearly choking me. Several times I had to pull off the length in a small but intense reflex of mucus and cum dribbling from the back of my throat, over my teeth and into the grass. Bubba was behaving quite well but would try and move away in impatient curiosity before his knot stopped him in his tracks, causing my body to shiver as the mass in my guts shifted and writhed.

I felt full, full of beer in my stomach and full of dog cum in my intestines. My body was soaked in sweat even in the shade of the giant oak, beads of perspiration seemed to cascade down my arms, legs, dripping off my face and soaking into my facial hair. My chest fur was matted and loose grass clippings clung to my every curve and crevasse. As I sucked, kissed, slurped and licked Duke's leaking doghood I felt Bubba's persistent tugs as he tried to free himself from my rectum. Soon we were playing a game of tug a war with his knot as the rope, it was a game he would eventually win. The steady stream of pre from my own cock was testament to my own sexual zenith. I didn't want to loose the knot, one never did. It became a part of you while lodged inside your anal cavity, a part of your anatomy, and loosing that always created a sense of loss and longing, but I also knew that with the removal of that knot meant the opportunity of my own orgasm.

With a few final sucks of Duke's cock I maneuvered myself in preparation of being untied. Not that it actually had to be planed out, when the knot was ready to come out it came out weather you wanted it to or not. I was planing my own orgasm, my own ideal accession into the heavens of sexual gratification and my god; my boy's cocks.

Rearing up on my knees with my back arched vertically, Bubba tried backing up, his cock at an uncomfortable angle in my ass. My guts screamed as the tip stirred my insides, swimming in its own emissions. I knew Duke was ready, just like he was trained and I knew it wouldn't be long before Bubba joined him. The knot shifted, pulling, straining against my sphincter, demanding release. It seemed to have deflated a bit but still retained much of its size. I felt my own body trying to reject that mass but a part of it desperately clung to the feeling of fulfillment. It was never an easy thing to do, physically and mentally, but there were weird sexual upsides to untying from a canine.

I felt a drip of viscous liquid seep down my taint a half second before it happened. In a flash the knot was out, followed by the six inches of pit-bull cock and a torrent of brown white cum and ass juices. I couldn't help the bellow that escaped the pit of my chest, erupting in a roar as my balls and legs were coated in Canis seed. Almost instantly I felt two tongues on my hole, Duke was first, his tongue tentatively tasting his brothers cum and his father's ass. Bubba having just untied gave his still swollen knot and flared tip a healthy bath. The veiny flesh was a violent purple, hued with red and pink. Back on my arms and knees I watched him, tending to his doghood, still amazed after an entire years worth of tying with him, that that entire thing had just been inside me.

Soon I had both of my boy's lapping at my hole, the muscles loosening and constricting as my rectum made sense of the sudden emptiness. A sudden breeze from the west rushed up the hill and made my sweat soaked body shiver in a pleasant wave of euphoria. Bubba's thicker tongue fought with his brother's as if in a competition to see who could eat the most cum out of their daddy's ass. Duke worked down along my taint, slurping on my balls, the coarse hairs probably tickling his tongue while Bubba's snout was buried between my cheeks, nose panting hard while he worked. I would press my insides out, feeding him a portion of his own cum before clenching again, letting him work for his treats.

"Good boy, Bubba." I cooed in a moan, holding my face in my hands as my body swam through drunken sexual bliss. Pushing my hole out again in a slight prolapse I invited his tongue deeper inside me. I could feel his cum dripping from the gash of debauched sphincter, probably dribbling out over his muzzle and smearing across his cold nose. "That's it, get inside me, Bubba."

Duke's licks were getting precariously close to my cock and when his rough tongue met my cock head my whole body seemed to convulse. I wasn't ready to cum, not just yet. Holding my cheeks apart with my hands, my face once again pressed into the grass, I let Bubba eat the last dregs of cum from my out-turned asshole. "Bubba, here boy."

His cock was still hard, violently violet and flared. Without me even having to situate him he hobbled in front of me, his tail wagging, his heavy balls hanging in full view. Turning his head he stared back at me with a full smiling face, his cum smeared across his nose like I had thought. It was silly but I I felt more fatherly pride in my dogs than I ever did for my ex's son. He wasn't my own blood so that was almost enough in and of its self, but My dogs were more a part of me and I of them than anything I could have shared with the human boy. A sudden lyric from a favorite band of mine came to mine. 'How low can a Punk get?' I thought. From the outside world I knew this sort of thing, bestiality, was looked down on. And rightfully so. There were a lot of cruel people out there who treated animals horribly. But my dogs, my boys, my sons, were family, my lovers, my life and if this was 'Low' then I didn't want to be 'Right'.

Hefting his cock between his legs until it pressed against his balls, balancing each testicle on either side of the knot like furry eyeballs on a mutated plum. I leaned in, teasing the tip of his flare with my tongue like I used to tease my ex's clitoris. Duke was still lapping at my balls and sporadically trying to find remnants of his brother's cum stuck to my ass hair. Following the same routine with Duke, I throated Bubba's cock, the wider girth challenging my oral skills that were virtually nonexistent before my boys. I had learned a lot in the last two years and as my nose pressed into the pit-bull's furry sac, breathing in his spicy canine musk, the smell of his cum and the inside of my guts, my body seemed to build towards orgasm without the need to stroke my cock.

The steady breeze was rejuvenating, as it tickled my belly and lower back but I could feel my fourteen hours of work beginning to work through my intoxication and the need for more beer crept through my sore muscles like a hunger. Signaling my gag reflex; I dry heaved, my saliva dripping from my lips but that didn't stop me from diving back in for more. Twice I tried to kiss the knot of my pit-bull but could only barely brush my lips against it. He was being a good boy, staying put as I worked but Duke had become bored with lapping at his brother's handwork. My gaping asshole wind kissed; a testament to our backyard debaucheries but I wasn't done yet. I still needed to cum and I was so close my loins burned.

Rearing up on my calves and letting the cock flop from my jaws, I aligned my cock with that of my blue-nosed boy; our two cock's cross-species differences blending as I stroked my pale pink cock along side of his red-purple monster. With my large hand-span, I stroked both members together, thrusting my hips a bit, dribbling out trace amounts of pre in clear smudges. Bubba' tail was wagging and I could tell he was excited. He knew what was coming. Inching close I let his cock fall between his legs until my cock-head was pressed right up against Bubba's puckered tail-hole. I was never one to blatantly fuck my boys, knowing well that dog's didn't have anal sex naturally, but they never mined a healthy load in their butts, especially Bubba. I knew he'd let his daddy do just about anything.

He turned his head and let out a whine, but from his smiling face and wagging tail I knew it to be a message of approval. Careful not to stimulate the head of my cock beyond my tipping point, I gently massaged a healthy bead of pre into the rough and bunched skin of Bubba's tail-hole, moistening the puckered flesh in preparation. It didn't need a thorough lubing, just enough to slip an inch or two inside. Holding his haunches steady with one hand while the other aimed the tip of my penis with the dog's hole, I tenderly eased forward, pressing through that rough sphincter of muscles. Another whine came from Bubba's muzzle but his brother was instantly there to give him kisses of encouragement, having been in the same position before.

When my head was finally buried, I paused, teetering very precariously on the threshold of orgasm. I could feel my cock throbbing with blood, engorged, partially buried inside my canine son. My testicles ached with impending ejaculation and my whole body poured sweat as I drunkenly reveled in my sexual bounty. Bubba's cock pulsed between my legs , shadowing my own desires. It was here that I normally held my position and slowly tensed my muscles to orgasm, but for the first time ever Bubba stared back at me, with his deep dark eyes as if he wanted to say something. I knew canine's didn't think like humans and couldn't normally consent to acts like these, but I knew my dog's well enough to know their limits and Bubba was clearly beckoning me forward.

I sunk into his rectum another inch, his warm insides cradling my cock like a warm sock, fresh from the dryer, caresses a foot. Another inch and I was half way, the star of muscles constricting around my invading member. I swayed, side to side, loosing him up, sinking deeper until I was another inch deeper.

"Almost there, baby." I moaned a coo, sweat dripping from the bridge of my nose. My whole body felt hot. A heat that even the open breeze couldn't cool. The chirp of birds, the growl of distant lawn mowers, passing cars, rustling brush, all seemed to fade away as I closed the final gap and sunk balls deep into my pit-bull's tail-hole. He whimpered and whined but I was cumming; so suddenly I erupted, flooding Bubba's canine colon with a weeks worth of pent up cum. Like son like father, I clenched my own asshole, remembering the load he had only just given me, an exchange, a bond, forever a unity that could never be undone.

I knew my boy's limits and before I even finished unloading, I pulled my entire length from Bubba's hole with an audible splosh, dribbling the last few ropes of cum across his knot; his tail hole already beginning to seep as my cum was forced from his gaping cavity. I collapsed, spread-eagle into the grass, the entire weight of the past few days at work finally catching up to me in the glow of my post orgasmic shine. My boy's surrounded me and for a time all I could do was gaze lazily up at the fast moving puffs of white cloud. In my nakedness, I felt almost as if I had dissolved into the dirt, the only tangible things being the furry bodies of my boys as they gathered beside me; Duke with his head in my left armpit while Bubba curled up beside me, his head resting on my belly. While I rubbed between Duke's ears, the fingers of my right hand found Bubba cum soaked tail-hole where I began to gently kneed the puffy flesh with a couple of digits.

Sleep never took me, but there were a couple of times I almost felt high, out of my body, almost as if I were looking down at myself, cuddled up with my dogs. All thoughts and responsibilities fled my mind and for a while all I had were my boys, the clouds in the sky, a belly full of beer and canine cum and myself.

Warm rays of sunlight cascading over my stocky body signaled noon and brought me from my splendorous stupor. Duke and Bubba were both up, wrestling nearby, lost in their own oblivious joy and canine ignorance. I sat up, still a little woozy from my four beers. When the boy's saw me up they were instantly at my side, each one trying to leap into my arms or trying to give me kisses at the same time. I returned the sloppy kisses gladly, stroking under their bellies to their soft sheaths, the warmth in my asshole still resonating such a tremendous tie.

"I think it's time to start up the grille." I said feeling the sudden pang of hunger arise in my hairy belly. "I'm sure you two could use a couple of juicy steaks."

That got them really excited. They knew that word very well. So steadily rising to my feet, we made the short journey back to the porch. In the afternoon breeze, the smell of freshly cut grass rose up the hill, a green and pleasant aroma. From my wooden deck I could see a few of my neighbors further down the hill enjoying themselves by the pool. I made a mental note to get a hold of my buddy up in the suburbs to set up a small pool party of our own.

Inside, I went straight to the freezer while the boys got their share of water out of their bowls before retiring for a quick rest on the couch. I pulled three massive slabs of t-bone from out of the ice box, setting them in the sink to de-thaw. Grabbing another beer I sauntered over towards my bedroom, my flaccid cock bouncing and flopping even at it's modest two and a half inches. My phone was flashing and I quickly remembered all the missed calls I had, not to mention the ones I ignored on the way in. Cracking open my beer I picked up my phone and pulled up the voicemail.

"Five? All from her?"

Playing the first one I chugged half of my beer, I had half of a thirty case anyways.

"Jacob, call me back, I need to ask you a favor."

'A favor?'

I played the second.

"Jacob, I'm serious, It's about Derek. Call me back."

'Her son?' He would have ended up being my step son had our plans for marriage actually gone through. The boy was probably sixteen now, and while I got along pretty well with him he always seemed distant when it came to his personal life. He could throw a football and shoot the shit in the back yard but every time I had asked him about girls or school or his interests he always seemed to clam up. I had simply figured he was gay and in the closet but it wasn't really any of my business now.

The third message went like this:

"Listen Jacob, I know we had a bitter ending but you were always good with Derek. I just need some advice, you're a guy, come on, help me out."

'Yeah, thanks for reminding me that I have a cock between my legs.' I thought grudgingly tugging on my furry ball sac.

The fourth:

"Jacob, seriously. Call me back."

It was the fifth one that really floored me.

"I can't take it. I'm bringing Derek down to your place tomorrow. I need you to let him stay with you for about a week or so. He's out of school and refuses to get a summer job. He sits in his room sulking all day long and I have had it. I'll see you around ten thirty tomorrow. You have no idea how much this will help him and I."

"What the fuck?" I grunted staring down at my phone. I hadn't seen the kid in two years and now he was going to be staying with me for a week? Who the hell did she think she was? She was my ex, not my mother, Rest in Peace. "Fuck..."

Duke must have heard my exclamations and came padding through the door placing his head on my thigh. Bubba was quick to follow. Their eyes regarded mine as if they knew something was amiss. Indeed it was. It meant everything I had planed was going to go awry. It's not like I had a bunch of free time. I had two days off in between my sixty hour work weeks and now I would have to plan around having a sixteen year old invading my personal space.

"Looks like the weekend plans are changing boys. Gonna have a visitor." I grunted and Bubba let out a sigh through his nostrils. Duke simply whined as if he was bummed. It meant I would have to put on clothes, sober up and hide the douche in my shower. I would have to pack away my porn and plans to head to the city might have to be put on hold. "At least he has great tastes in music. Maybe it won't be so bad. Time for one last beer I guess."


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