Beer Brawl

The bartender hands the two beer goggles just as the strippers motion to him that they're finished as well. at the same time, the friends with benefits and drivers arrive on the scene. "only ten shots?" toby asks. "awwww man." "come on, hun."

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Beer Goggles

"hey stud, how's that beer?" he asked. i told him all about it, while the coon nodded and made a few notes on his notepad for future reference. "you really seem like you have a _handle_ on your beers, bill. it's bill, right?"

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Beer Me

"barkeep, beer me!" a blue-and-pink skunk yelled across the crowded bar.

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For a Case of Beer

Then they stopped for one brief moment before the nervous little man said "so...send the guy a bottle of beer?" "oh, _hell_ no! send him a case."

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Beer Goggles

I rose from my chair and strode over to her seat, leaving belinda to pick up the empty beers while i carried the fresh one with me.

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Beers with Mates

"you would trust some back-alley salesman to sell you good beer. it's probably just fosters again." miles sighed. "lighten up and live a little, man. it's been a wild ride. here's to our last night."

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bathtubs and beer

The world swirls around him and suddenly it occurs to him that someone could have spiked their drinks. He leans into Holly and asks. She laughs, and that comes into Fee's mind clearly. Then, she says, "Why do you care?" Fee realizes that she's...

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Badder Beer

I served them that beer. i served everyone that beer!" he said, realizing he might get fired before his first day was over, "uh, how much beer would you say a person would need to consume before they start seriously questing for fire?" "relax.

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Fennecs are Short (Otherwise Untitled)

#39 of short stories a fennec tries to buy beer. ~ the gas station smelled strongly.

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SO Sorry For My Long Absence........

I have two knives in my room right now as we speak with beer as we speak. anyway, for my stories and my profile on sofurry, i don't know anymore.

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Chocolates and Beer Nuts

Sydney put a candy chocolate in tj's mouth, and tj put a beer nut on sydney's. they stayed like that, just them and the waters and the fading light, even when the stars showed up in the sky. "happy valentine's, sydney."

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Your Last Beer

In a few seconds you completely gulp half the beer inside. perhaps not even enjoying it - you just wanted that sweet beer in you. most of your friends would call you a slob or loser at that point - especially since it was good beer.

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