Frat Party

Story by Kalebthecat on SoFurry

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Chapter 9

Merjuh University, Dorm 6 Room 1

23rd of September, 1:41 PM

With his two paws slung up on the frame of Leon's bed, the seemingly indolent teenage wild dog lay idle whilst his tutor spaded through a messenger bag. It's strap was worn out, fraying to the point where snapping seemed to be only minutes away and the bag itself stank of orange juice, dirt and grass. It was rather feminine for Leon's tastes, but it had been given to him as a gift when he started high school, so he had taken great care in preserving it. Now it served as a home for books that Leon wanted to read, but was being re-purposed as a place to store Teofil's test books until the year was over.

The meerkat sat on a black leather, bean bag that Callum had dragged in to become a sub rosa storage compartment for Callum's toys. Unfortunately, it meant that it was intolerable to sit on for a long period of time and already it had Leon shuffling about on it. The diminutive amounts of beads that had been replaced by rigid sex toys were responsible for the discomfort Leon suffered. Preferably, Leon would have been sitting at his desk or on his bed, but he feared that Teofil would drop onto the bean bag and be penetrated by a dildo; that would be the end of their tutoring sessions.

"I have somethings for you Teofil." Leon informed. The wild dog opened his eyes to see Leon's forepaws thrusting two books and two scripts in his direction. He chuckled, Leon looked incredibly nerdy. His eyes were wide, shining almost. They were complemented by a broad smile that was etched onto his face, as if he were delighted by the selection of literature which had been chosen by none other than the ineffable equine, Dr. Kristen Rajj. He wore a quaint black sweatshirt that, thanks to it's cherry red accents, looked like it belonged at a Christmas party, the tan trousers didn't make his outfit any better.

"Have you heard of any of them?" Teofil took them from Leon's forepaws and languidly flipped through them. He shook his head to each one, Leon's happy expression dropped like a bird diving for it's prey. "Do you know what they are?" His body slumped into the bean bag, it was going to be a long afternoon if Teofil kept up his record of being un-cultured. "Vedish, stuff... Books and... ehh theater?" Teofil listed in confusion. He couldn't make sense of the words that created the blurbs. "Well you were right about one thing at least." Leon sassed.

Pushing his glasses up by the frame, he began to explain. "Of Mice And Men..." He spoke loudly to catch Teofil's attention. "And Lord Of The Flies are the two books we'll be analyzing together. You'll be looking for reoccurring themes and then finding evidence in the text to support this. I'll set the question, so don't panic. You'll be tested once on each book, one test at the start of December and one at the start of March. Fortunately, you can choose which one you'll be tested on first..." Leon sounded like an infuriated high school teacher who was stuck teaching cocky cubs who couldn't tell the difference between a sonnet and a haiku, let alone write a simple one. "Do you have any idea on which you'll want to study first?" Leon asked, he begged that Teofil would choose Leon's favorite book.

"I want this one first." Teofil held up the script to 'Romeo and Juliet' and began flipping through it. He became puzzled immediately. "That's not a book Teofil." Leon sighed feeling enervated. "It's called a play. That one's written by Shakespeare, ever heard of him?" "No." Teofil shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal, then again Leon wasn't surprised at all. He was beginning to regret signing up for the tutoring, even if it did mean that he got to stare at a comely body. Today, Teofil had chosen to dress as if he were going to the beach; he wore shorts that didn't reach his knees and a white tank top that showed off his busy, but manly, arm pit fur. The curve in the front of Teofil's shorts indicated that: a. his underwear was loose-fitting or b. non existent. Callum had caught Leon uncontrollably blushing when Teofil had entered the room, which was why the crocodile had stormed off.

"Why can't I do this play first?" Teofil questioned with an annoyed expression. "Do I have to tell you the order in which we're doing this?" Leon asked, cocking his head and glaring at him. "Go ahead." Teofil smiled, he either didn't catch on to Leon's aggression or wanted to piss him off even more. "Blood brothers first, that's easier and we'll test you on that before the end of October. Then a book of your choice, then Romeo and Juliet and finally the other book. Alright?" "That's sound great. But why do I have to do this, does it go towards my IELTS?" "No..." Leon admitted. "I know that it's stupid, but this is a good way to prepare I promise." "Okay, but if this goes wrong..." "IF this goes wrong, it'll be your fault." Leon quipped. "I'm doing my best, but if you don't put effort into this..." "I am putting effort into this! If I fail I'm dead! I'll have to go back to my tribe and spend the rest of my life..." Teofil sighed suddenly, ending his tirade early. "Sorry. That was wrong of me." "It was, but I'm at fault as well." Leon admitted defeat in the most grown up way possible. "Shall we just move on from the literature and speak.." "Vedish literature!" Teofil cried out, shooting up from his resting place. "That's what I was going to say earlier." He grinned with fulfillment. "Oh and plays, not theater. Sorry." He chuckled and settled back down on Leon's bed.

"Right." Leon's nose twitched in irritation, he still had a little bit of anger that would bubble away soon. "Do you want to talk about IELTS?" "I know about it." Teofil asserted haughtily, holding a fist to his chest as if he were swearing a oath. "I'm studying aca-academ..." His brow furrowed and the pride he had seeped away speedily. "Ac-a-dem-ic. Acdemic." Leon drawled for Teofil in order to hurry the conversation along. "Thanks. Is it two hours and forty-five minutes?" Teofil asked for conformation, he drawled as he recalled the words he needed to use. "Yes, but since you're the only fur taking it in this university you can end the test when you want to. So you don't have to use all that time." "Sweet, but err... My writing and speaking isn't good." Teofil suddenly become nervous and much more withdrawn in his body language. "We can work on those." Leon smiled. "And don't worry about speaking perfectly just yet, how long have you been speaking Vedish?" "One year. I've been speaking for one year. My brother used to teach me." Leon wrote down what Teofil had said. "That's fine, you'll get better at speaking and pronouncing over the year. Oh and don't try to put an accent on when you speak, it makes it harder to understand you." Leon advised. "Thank you."

"What about your reading and listening?" Leon questioned, preparing his pen and paper. "Fine, so long I don't come across a word that I don't understand." "So long as..." Leon muttered under his breath. "Okay we can do some work on inferring." Leon scribbled down yet another note. "In... In what?" Teofil flinched. "Perfect." Leon grinned. "What do you think that it means? "Well... In means to be in something..." A terrible explanation, but Leon could understand at least. "And fur is this stuff." He pointed the fur on his arms "And ing is an ending. So does it it mean to go into somefur?" Teofil asked. "In a way... Well done for trying thought. To infer means to conclude something from evidence and your own reasoning." "I'm good at that stuff." Teofil's tail wagged between his legs as he spoke. "So how are we going to do... the writing stuff?" "I'll have you write out a story, a page or two, then we'll go through it together. Then I'll re-write it, which will allow you'll go through it and highlight every word that you don't understand. This should teach you some bigger words, so don't be afraid to use a dictionary." Leon had worked himself into a state in which he would continually spout words under he was interrupted. "In fact... whenever you hear or see a word that you don't understand, write it down and I'll tell you what it means. Or you could search it on the internet..." "Err... I kind of didn't understand a word of what you say. Slow down, please?"

Leon threw his copy of 'Lord Of The Flies' at Teofil, the wild dog caught it. "You fucking moron!" Leon screeched. "Get out and do this by your fucking self!" Teofil cocked his head at Leon, playing dumb once more with hopes that Leon only needed a few seconds to calm down and start thinking straight again. Leon stomped his paw and pointed to the door, glaring at Teofil with unexplained rage.

With movements matching a stroppy cub, the wild dog propelled himself off of the bed as Leon threw up his arms to defend himself, knowing full well that he'd angered somefur who was two times the size of him. Leon's manner changed on a dime, the anger becoming pure terror in just a few seconds. "D-don't!" He begged, stammering as he did. Teofil was over him in a second, the meerkat cowered further and prayed that the beating wouldn't last long, perhaps Teofil would have the courtesy to knock his prey unconscious before pain set in. Leon's arms were grabbed, he was pulled to his feet and held close to Teofil. He felt the dog's lips amorously osculate on his neck. Leon shoved him away and starred at the virile, but vile, dog. "Oh shit yeah!" Teofil let out a guffaw as if it were just a game or a joke. "You're not from tribe, err, just ignore that dude."

"You-you." Leon stammered with a bemused expression, the anger and disgust fading to allow intrigue to take over. "I'll explain later. But... About that whole, not understanding thing? I joking. It was a good joke, right?" "You were joking." Leon corrected. "Oh right... Err... I were joking." He giggled, stressing the 'were.' "No... no... Okay forget about it." Leon grinned, finding Teofil's confusion unbelievably adorable when paired with his pride stricken and confident look.

Teofil nudged up against Leon on the bean bag. "But.. Err.. Could you tell me what, 'fucking' means." "Oh.. Well it has two meanings." Leon chuckled as his lewd mind kicked into action. "It's slang for reproducing, but that wouldn't make sense in your sentences." "It's also used as an insult.. And it gives emphasis I guess." "That's... Emphasis is stressing word right?" "Words, but yes. Yes it is." Leon smiled in relief, maybe there was hope for Teofil.

Turning to the meerkat, Teofil squeezed the suricata's supple waist. "Thanks! You're cool dude." Teofil grinned and leaned in to give Leon another sloppy, wet kiss like a feral dog might. "Wow, calm down!" Leon laughed, pushing Teofil's muzzle away and averting his head to the side to avoid it. "Aww, please do it! Don't you want a thank you kiss?" The canine licked Leon's forepaws as a compromise. Leon pulled his forepaws back, Teofil saw the opening and dived. "No! Go away!" Leon howled as Teofil overpowered him, collapsing on top of him and pinning him to the floor. They bumped heads and Teofil erupted into joint laughter with his friend.

They stopped after a minute and looked at each other. Leon stuck out his tongue and winked. "Okay we should stop playing like cubs." Teofil suggested and lifted Leon onto his bed with ease. It was a tight fit, but Leon found that he didn't mind snuggling up into the crook of a male's arm. "Could I take my shirt off? It's stuffy here." Teofil requested, lifting up the hem of his purple polo shirt to show off an impressive six pack. "G-good idea." Leon stumbled on his words and picked up Teofil's copy of 'Of Mice And Men' to avoid further embarrassment.

Deciding that didn't have enough counter measures, he reached under the bed to take out a highlighter, coming back up just in time to see Teofil shirtless and fumbling with his jeans. "Don't take your jeans off!" Leon blushed. "Callum might think that we're up to something." He added as an explanation. "Shit yeah, he would." Teofil chuckled, but left his fly un-done. "But..." Teofil licked his lips. "You're being too prude! Show some fur!" He jeered and un-buttoned Leon's plaid shirt with one forepaw, the other pressed against Leon's shoulder to keep him from protesting. "Err..." He too was shirtless before he could prevent it. "You have a nice, flat stomach." Teofil complimented and patted Teofil's stomach. "T-thanks." Leon's blush became thicker, he'd never received such intimate attention from a jock like Teofil; it wasn't exactly what he'd expected.

"Anyway..." Leon put the highlighter in Teofil's forepaws and explained his plan. "We're going to read the first chapter together, you'll read aloud and highlight any words you don't understand. Then, when I see you tomorrow I expect all the words to appear in a separate sentence." Leon instructed. Lifting the book so that Teofil could read the words, Leon asked "Ready?" Teolfil took a breath and began reading in a stoic voice,

"A few miles south of Soledad... What's that? Soul, dad? Is Soledad a Dad's soul?" Teofil asked, the meerkat once again burst out laughing and leaned against Teofil to contain his chuckles. "No... No... Soledad is a city, a human city in fact." "Are we allowed to be reading this?" Teofil questioned, he positioned his forepaws to tear the book in two as if it had suddenly morphed into a small abhorrent monster. "Yes of course we are! And don't you dare tear this book in two!" Leon pulled it out of Teofil's range and cradled it to his chest. "Well in my country, the mention of humans is forbidden. They tried to kill our ancestors..." "I'm well aware of that. After all, I am a meerkat. Are there meerkats where you live?" "There is, but they're hard to hunt..." "You eat feral meerkats? Teofil!" Leon complained. "What? It's showing appreciation for what we've been given. Do you guys refuse to eat meat?" "No we refuse to eat feral meat. We do however, eat the meat that is bred for consuming. Domestic meat we call it." Leon explained. "So you don't eat meerkat?" Teofil seemed rather surprised. His expression was rather extreme for what Leon had told him, he looked as if Leon had confessed to not knowing that the fiery orb in the sky was called the sun. "No. We don't breed meerkat's for eating. On another note, remember those facts. In your speaking test you might have to argue, the whole feral meat law is a hot topic. Now continue reading..."

Teofil did as he was instructed and drawled for the entire time that he was reading. It pained Leon to hear the book being read out at such a slow pace, but it was good to know that Teofil had grasped reading aloud. The wild dog got stuck on a few of the longer, less familiar words and the names were a nightmare, but in at least three minutes the first page was over. "I suppose that we could work on putting emotion into your reading..." Leon mumbled to himself. "But at least you can read to a certain standard."

He stopped muttering as Teofil went over the page in his head, picking apart everything that could mean something. "See, any word with a capital letter at the start, that isn't at the start of a sentence, is a name of a place or a furson." Leon informed, hoping to help Teofil with his understanding of the words. The wild dog slammed the book shut. "Do you think that I'm an idiot?" He scowled. "We have that rule in the Erian language as well." Teofil frowned. "I understand basic-" "Yes, yes I'm sorry for assuming. I was honestly trying to help..." "I know, but you were underestimating me! That could be abashing for somefur if they're in a throng..." "A what?" Leon's mouth hung open in disbelief. "Teofil a thong.." "I know what a thong is, Leonardo!" Teofil cried. "Stop taking me for a fool!" "No, no Teofil! That's amazing. How do you know those words?!" Leon beamed, pressing his face close to Teofil's with wide eyes. "Did you read it somewhere?" Leon asked. "Well yes... Not the phrase though. I just kind of searched it in the dictionary and found a bunch of words." "Good, good! Keep on doing that, put them into your writing. It'll help so much if you learn things like that." "So... I'm smart now?" "Not necessarily, but you know a few good words. Be proud!"

They had gotten awfully close, Leonardo was now pinning Teofil to the bed almost. "Leon, do you mind me asking you something?" "Go ahead." "Why are you doing this? This whole tutoring thing." Leon sighed to Teofil as he tried to think it over in his head. "Admittedly? The money does interest me, but I suppose that I'm trying hard to make sure that you can get your degree. Look I don't know you too well, so maybe you'll end up being a horrible furson, but I do want you to get a degree..." "So the rewards aren't important?" "Well I think that I'd come out the other end with a friend even if I wasn't getting paid. My rewards might not even happen if the Dean disagrees at the final stretch."

"And if he does, I help you pay for your next few years. I owe you after all..." "Teofil that is not a suitable payment, thousands of pounds for a little bit of help with a test just seems absurd." "Then will you settle for some payment now? A thank you?" "This is getting romantic and cheesy, Teofil." Leon remarked and sat up. "Look if you want to have sex with me, it's a no..." "I figured. But I only want a kiss." Teofil clutched Leon's cadaverous waist and lowered him slightly, their muzzles touching at the nose. His breath was hot on Teofil's face and he could feel something beginning to muster in his boxers. Teofil, on the other paw, was already erect. Teofil twisted his muzzle and kissed the side of Leon's. "I promise that for every time I learn something from you, you'll get a kiss."

Unfortunately for both of their reputations, the door swung wide to show Luke and Callum standing with visages expressing disbelief. "So... Did we walk in on something?" Luke chuckled light light-heartedly. Callum gave the meerkat a caustic look, Leon got off of his crush and picked up his shirt; he looked ashamed. Teofil laughed with Luke for a moment as he got dressed. "So what are you two here for?" Teofil asked. "We were going to ask if you wanted to come to a frat party..." Callum hissed at Teofil. "But... I've got something to do now. Coding and what not. Leon promised that he'd help me." Callum lied.

"Awww what?" Luke threw his arms in the air in complaint. "You swore..." "I forgot about my coding. Besides, I've got better things to do then get smashed." Callum put his forepaws in his pocket and walked to the computer that he was in the middle of setting up. "Fine. Teofil, are you coming?" Luke asked, holding out his forepaw. "Will Mason and all the other racists be there?" Teofil scowled. Leon shuffled over to Callum's computer, but lingered closer to the bed. "Yeah, but we'll just ignore them. Jiyeon will be there anyway, so we'll be fine." "Great. Count me in." Teofil jumped off of Leon's bed and was out the door with Luke, chatting about what had just happened.

Callum slammed the door shut and turned on his heels to glare at Leon, who dropped now and cowered with his back just under Callum's bed. "ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE FUCKING FAG!" Callum hissed, he was across the room in seconds and had his shoe digging into Leon's side. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?" He demanded, pressing the sole of his shoe hard onto Leon with so much force it felt as if his shirt was about to rip; there were already several dirt stains marking where Callum had assaulted him. "I-I! We were just speaking to each other!" "Shirtless? In bed together?" The crocodile listed. "Weren't you supposed to be tutoring that bitch? Or are you sucking his dick now?" "I'm not sucking anyfur's dick!"

"Oh really? Tell me boy, what do you love to do to me when I wake up in the morning?" Callum asked with a smug grin on his face. He took his paw away from his catamite and kicked off his shoes, Leon felt relieved knowing that he wasn't going to have a shoe rubbing on his balls. "I don't love to do anything..." Leon demurred. "You do. You make those slutty little mews in the morning, you're the fur who wakes up with an erection every morning. You make me horny, so I take it out you. Although... I could always take out my frustrations with my fists..." "No." Leon croaked in pain. "So what are you going to do to make me happy?" Callum asked, he sat down on his bed and pulled down his sweat pants to reveal his leathery sack and erect penis. Shakily, Leon got his knees and stuffed is nose underneath Callum's musky balls. He lapped at Callum's taint with his tongue, picking up all kinds of hated aromas. "Hah, fucking slut." Callum stood up and made sure to drag his balls across Leon's face, marking the fur with sweat. "Now go do what the fuck you want before I use your throat as a flesh light."

Leon moved to his side of the room with silent and graceful steps, despite his humiliation. "Strip off though." Leon froze up and considered protesting, but between stripping or being stabbed by a knife, a little bit of nudity was clearly the best option. Leon did as he was told, leaving his clothes on his desk. He sat on his bed and turned on his phone, he opened his e-mails and sent one directly to the furson he could trust the most.

Meanwhile, Callum produced a harsh looking whip from under his bed and turned to face his blackmailed slave; he wasn't about to get off that easily.

There two satin rabbits sitting on opposite ends of the single bed, their paws touched in the middle of it. The first was Garret, the owner of the bed and room. He was an eighteen year old photography major, his fur was inked a porcelain color which covered most of his body. It was disrupted by bronze adornments in the form of spots that were littered across his thighs, belly and neck. His fingers, toes, the tips of his erect ears and his fluffy tail were tinted a similar color, but appeared to have been dunked directly into a vat of said pigment. The boy had his forepaws stretched out behind him, resting on the banister of his bed. His partner, Serena, had her forepaws crossed over her naked belly.

Other furs might have chosen to get sexual in their situation: Garret's roommate was out at a frat party and Serena wasn't in heat, but neither of the two were in a sexual mood; they felt playful and cubish. "Okay, okay..." Serena giggled at her effeminate boyfriend's face. Garret had pulled his mouth wide open with his fingers, squinted his eyes, wrinkled up his bunny nose and stuck out his tongue. In her own drunkenness, Serena found this hilarious.

"How about a name game?" Serena suggested as she took a sip of her haematic colored red wine. The white and bronze rabbit raised his eyebrow at her, "A name game? Isn't that a little cubish for our age?" Garret retorted. Serena stroked her white belly with her fawn forepaw as she thought for a moment. "Garret Björne Ellstrom..." Serena tutted as she pulled an orange orb from a nearby socket and waved it in front of Garret's face. "You sleep with a night light-" "Serena!" Garret laughed. "That's Tyson's I swear!" He tried to lie, but Serena wasn't easily fooled. "Oh no it isn't! I saw this in your room when I visited in the holidays..." She placed it back in the socket and flicked it on, fire lighted around the dark room.

"It seems like you're about to tell me a ghost story." Garret commented. "You'll be a ghost story if you don't hurry up and start the game." Serena winked. "And how will you do that?" Garret smirked, knowing that his girlfriend wouldn't really cause him any harm. "I'll go ahead and show Tyson these!" She shot her forepaw down the side of the bed and pulled up two magazines. Garret's eyes went wide and he lunged, but Serena was too quicky and held him back with her paws. She began to read aloud. "Oh! Oh! The vixen cried as her dominant forced his toes into her pussy..." Serena whistled in a teasing way, the magazine was snatched from her forepaws. "Calm down, Gaz! It's not like I care about your fetish." Serena howled with laughter. "Thanks." Garret pouted and put the magazine back where it belonged.

"Don't be mad, Garret! I was only playing." Serena rubbed a paw against Garret's gray boxers. "I'll take my bra off if you want me to." Serena suggested. "Serena let's not make this sexual..." "Boobs aren't sexy on their own, Garret. Besides, I'll let you fondle them..." "Deal!" Garret suddenly agreed, contradicting his previous statement. Garret leaned in and pressed his nose against Serena's, then hooked his forepaws behind Serena's back and clipped her bra off in a swift movement. "How the hell do you know how to do that!" Serena laughed. "I can't even do it without a mirror..." "You learn a few things in performing arts." Garret hinted. "Devil!" Serena giggled and shoved Garret down onto his bed; she straddled his body, their hips grinding together. "Go on then you horny bugger, fondle away."

Garret reached up and roughly squeezed both breasts. He grunted as he became hard in his boxers. He moved Serena's rack about in his forepaws, right to left, left to right and back again as he grinded his boxers against her panties slowly. "Right then Gaz, a boy's name beginning with A? Five seconds, go!" "Err... Err..." Garret stumbled. "Alison?" "Alison? A boy's name Garret." Serena took Garret's forepaws away from her breasts and dismounted him. "Hah sorry. I was a little bit distracted, that was fun." Garret chuckled and put his arms behind his head to relax further as he savored the fleeting experience he'd been given. "What, the fondling and the humping? Or the game?" "Doing both at the same time. Why don't we carry on? And whoever gets the most right, wins?" "What are the rewards?" Serena was tempted already, but what's a challenge without it's rewards? "Hmmm. I win, you give me a blowjob and lick my paws-" "No deal." Serena shook her head. "But if you win-" Garret added. "-I eat you and finger you. Got it?" Serena nodded. "No humping and no fondling though. I just want to cuddle and relax..." Serena yawned and rolled over to rest her head in the crook of Garret's arm. Garret tilted his head and kissed Serena's forehead. "Right then, a boy's name beginning with A..." Serena started.

Half an hour later, the game was over with a score of 21-18 to Garret. "Queeny is not a name!" Serena argued. "Oh it is." Garret smirked. "Besides it wouldn't make any difference." Garret stretched and lowered his boxers until his sheath was revealed. He relaxed in the corner of his bed and kicked out his paws for Serena to lick. "Okay then honey! I win, you know what that means..." Garret rubbed his flaccid sheath and closed his eyes. "Start with my feet please." With his spare forepaw he took out a porn magazine and opened, he started to read it.

"Bzzt!" A klaxon sounded. Serena smirked and reached for her bra. "Bzzt, Bzzt!" It sounded two more times, the third elongated drastically. "Ah!" Garret noised and tossed his magazine onto the floor where it could be seen. He stood up and walked to the door. "Garret you shouldn't answer the door whilst you're naked-" "Don't worry! I know the guy and he doesn't care!" Garret opened the door wide. "Come on in Jiyeon!" Garret invited and the vulpine stepped directly into their room.

The ostentatious fox wore tight fitting jeans and a black tank top. "Hi Garret, hi Serena." Jiyeon greeted and flopped himself down on Tyson's bed. He saw Serena fumbling with her bra, the porn magazine and Garret's nude body. "Oh my, did I walk in on something?" "Yeah, but don't worry about it. Serena didn't want to do it anyway." Garret dismissed Jiyeon with his forepaw and pulled his boxers back on. "So what is it?"

"Me. You. Frat party." Jiyeon listed simply. "Unless... Serena wants to come with us?" "No it's alright. I'm in a sorority in case you forgot, I'll probably get thrown out of for attending a frat party. It's a good thing that you two aren't frat boys!You go with your 'bro' here and enjoy yourself!" She ordered to Garret. She pulled up her mini skirt and started to search for her blouse. "Well, err, will you be alright with getting to the sorority house? Where is it?" Garret fretted, he didn't really like the idea of Serena having to walk numerous blocks alone whilst it was dark. "5th street. So it's not too far from here." "And the party is on frat row. Luke could drop you off if you want." Jiyeon suggested. "It'll be a tight fit, but we could pull it off." "Thanks, Jiyeon." Serena smiled expressing her friendliness.. "Come on then Garret. Get dressed and let's go, the other girls will be thinking that I'm up to something if I'm gone any longer. I said that's I'd be back at 12, they've probably changed the password by now and I doubt that my sisters will cover for me again." "Err.. Sure. Right, I'll be a while since I need to run a bit of maintenance, why don't you go wait in the car?" Garret stood up, grabbing a comb from his desk and diving in front of the mirror. He pulled at his disheveled hair, evening it out to look more presentable. "Jeep." Jiyeon corrected. "Luke drives a black jeep, just look for a wolf and an Erian Wild Dog." "Thanks, again." Serena picked up her jacket from the floor along with her impractically small, but fashionable, handbag before leaving. Her heels clicked against the floor as she went.

Jiyeon shut the door behind her and cocked his head at Garret who appeared to be rather concerned now that Serena had left. "What's wrong bunny?" "I'm not a bunny!" Garret complained. "Okay, rabbit. Or are you a hare?" Jiyeon sat on the edge of Tyson's bed. "Rabbit. I'm a rabbit." Garret frowned. "And nothing's wrong, just go if you're ready." Garret put on his boxers and adjusted his sheath's position so that it was comfortable. "Hmm... I'll be ready when you are, so why don't we do some talking to pass the time?" Jiyeon proposed.

He looked around the room, hoping to find an object that would serve as a good basis for a conversation. His eyes scanned across Garret's magazine and suddenly his intentions became filled with devilry. He plucked it from the ground and flicked it open, his eyes opened wide. "Oh my!" He exclaimed with glee. Garret happened to gaze up from his wardrobe where he had been selecting his clothes and hissed like a feline. "Jiyeon put that down!" He wailed. "Is this gay?" Jiyeon whispered so that no fur would hear through the walls. "Is this your cum?" "It's Tyson's!" Garret lied. "No bunny-" "Rabbit!" Garret interrupted. "-this smells like you." Jiyeon finished. "Care to explain?" "What is there to explain?" Garret walked around the bed and took the magazine back from Jiyeon. He sulked and held the magazine close to his body. "You know everything now. Go on! Out me to Tyson and let me get beaten up." "Wow, is some godly force sending all the closet cases my way? Who's next, Mason himself?" Jiyeon joked to no fur in particular, Garret didn't comment.

"Garret I'm not going to out you to anyfur..." Jiyeon tried to say, but was cut off by Garret's sobbing. Frustrated slightly, Jiyeon sighed; he'd had enough of guys bursting into tears when he was around. Fortunately, he knew just how to deal with guys like Garret. Jiyeon hooked his arm around Garret's shoulder and patted his arm. "Did you hear that? I won't out you, ever." "T-thanks..." Garret sniveled and did his best to dry his tears. "But I just feel so conflicted... I love Serena, but I like guys..." Garret admitted. "I hope you know that gay and straight aren't the only sexualities on the spectrum..." Jiyeon frowned. "Yeah, yeah I know-" "So have you ever considered that you might be one of them? We can cross ace and fray off of the list, you've been dating Serena for what, four years?" "How do you know!?" "Our roommates speak sometimes, word travels fast when it comes to romance and love. However, sometimes those words aren't exactly kind-" "Has Tyson been saying shit about me?!" Garret shot up with clenched fists and a puffed out chest. "Wow! Calm down buddy, you're no where near his size and he'll pound you to a pulp." Jiyeon pointed out. "Try speaking to him about it, he'll be at the frat party so you can do it then."

"Err... Good idea." Garret tossed his magazine down the side of his bed and moved back to his wardrobe to pick out something casual. "Say, why are you allowed into the frat house? Don't they hate you or something." "Oh they hate me, but there's a glory hole in the library basement. Perhaps my lips have found themselves wrapped around a few frat cocks and so I have blackmail on some of them. If I was to, I don't know, say that they had a small penis and were therefore terrible in bed that would be a triple blow on them and their relationship. Excuse the pun please." "Isn't that illegal?" "No more illegal than the hate crimes they commit." Jiyeon quipped But yes, it is illegal. However, none of them have the brains to tell the police. The frat boys in Delta Kappa like to use their fists and their dicks more than their intelligence." "They aren't all sex loving brutes-" "I know, I know, but if you step in there house with a black light... well..." Jiyeon chuckled.

Garret smirked at Jiyeon's joke as he slipped on the last piece of attire to complete his outfit for the party. "Right, shall we get going before Serena thinks that you're sucking my dick?" "About that..." Jiyeon winked as he stood up and swiftly stalked closer to Garret. "Wow! You're coming on a little strong, Jiyeon." Garret backed away from Jiyeon as if he were infectious. "Oh I know, I was just wondering if you've done you're experimenting." "Err... No. That's why I feel conflicted." Garret stated. "Well then, I would happily allow you to experiment with me." "I have a girlfriend!" Garret said, his lips moving quickly. "I know, but I'm more concerned with your mental health. If it stresses you out, you should act on it as soon as possible. Work something with Serena..." "She'd break up with me and Tyson would smash me-" "Good point. Then, just do it behind their backs. Look I know two guys who aren't sure of their sexualities, maybe you could do it with them?" "I'd rather have sex with somefur who knows what they're doing." Garret admitted. "So... Err... I guess that you're my only option." "Yep. Unless you think that you're a bottom?" "I'll just borrow a dildo or something." "You wouldn't be the first to do that." Jiyeon winked and giggled to himself as if he'd just told the funniest joke on the planet. "Okay, let's go." Jiyeon smiled and squeezed Garret's shoulder before tossing Garret the keys to his room. The two left side by side, chatting about how the party would be.

The car journey to the Theta Upsilon sorority house was short, but eventful. Garret and Jiyeon sat in the back with Serena in the middle, the two satin rabbits couldn't keep their forepaws off of one another for once second and both were flirting. But they weren't the only furs who were flirting, Teofil lied to Luke saying that he was nervous about being in 'newfangled vehicles' and that he was only used to horseback riding. To comfort him, Luke occasionally took a forepaw away from the steering wheel to squeeze Teofil's as the wild dog looked around frantically trying to feign fear. Serena hoped off of Garret's lap, kissed him on the forehead and then jogged to the front door of the house. She knocked on the door twice with her fist, kicked it with her paw once and then banged the letter box. The door opened and Serena slipped in.

Frat row was only two streets away and so they arrived a few minutes after dropping Serena off. Upon turning the corner, the four furs picked up on the blaring music. "Oh god, it's going to be one of those parties..." Garret complained as house music filled his ears. "Uhh... How about we hijack the speakers?" Jiyeon suggested. "We don't want to listen to your hipster Ivian music, Jiyeon." Luke chuckled. "Besides, this isn't too bad..." Luke tried to argue, but then a new song started playing. It was desperately trying to be house music, but have a tempo that somefur could slow dance to."Oh no. Yep, let's hijack the speakers. Should we spill beer on them?" "What are speakers?" Teofil asked amidst the conversation. "Devices that amplify the volume of music, I think..." Garret answered. "Yep. They're big boxes that look like they have meshes over them." Jiyeon explained, Teofil opened his mouth to ask about meshes, but didn't want to make a fool of himself.

Luke parked the car in a safe place where it was out of harm's way and opened the doors for his passengers. Jiyeon rolled his eyes at Luke, he was trying to show off to win Teofil's favor. "What I like him..." Luke muttered to Jiyeon as they walked towards Delta Kappa's frat house. "Cute." Jiyeon giggled and dropped back to allow Teofil to walk next to Luke. They became awkward quickly, blushing as they looked at one another and doing their best to avoid eye contact.

The lawn of Delta Kappa was sullied by passed out furs, conscious, but drunk, furs, inflatable animals that had been violated both sexually and physically, spilt beer and what could have been vomit along with several empty beer kegs; it truly was a frat party. "I bet that the punch is spiked." "Rohypnol or laxatives?" Garret questioned. "Both." Jiyeon contributed. "Because what's funnier than a passed out fur shitting themselves?" "Did any of you bring markers?" Teofil asked, shocking the other three. "What. I've been to a party before, drawing on sleeping fur's faces is an international thing. What about a bowl of cold water? Or glue..." "Why glue?" "You rub it under their boxers, add water and it looks like they've had a wet dream. A truly genius work of art." Teofil smirked. "No we didn't bring those." Jiyeon shrugged. "But I will next time if it means embarrassing a few frat boys."

"So... Who wants to knock on the door?" Luke asked as if he wasn't going to be the one to do it. "Bagsy not doing it!" "Bagsy not doing it!" "Bagsy not doing it!" Everyfur in their group apart from Teofil chimed in, Teofil looked from furson to furson in confusion. "The fuck?" "It means that we're not doing it. The last furson to say it has to do it." "No fair! You guys didn't explain that to me." Teofil frowned. "Too bad! Suck it up and knock on that door!" Jiyeon laughed.

Angry and slightly confused, Teofil lumbered up to the door and went to knock on the door. "What the hell is their secret knock?" Teofil asked. "Delta Kappa's? Hmmm... I think that it's: pull on the handle once, knock, knock again and then try the handle again. Somefur will open it up." Garret said. "How do you know?" Luke asked as Teofil tried to get the door to open. "I'm roommates with Tyson, he's in Delta Kappa." Garret explained. "Doesn't he want to live in the frat house?" "Nah, most of Delta Kappa don't live in the house. They use it for secret meetings, private parties and... well..." Garret chuckled. "I suppose that you'll find out when hazing weeks comes." "Fuck? Hazing week? You should probably stay out of Tyson's way when that happens." Luke warned.

"Who is it?" A voice grumbled from the door. "We want to come in." Teofil said stoically. "Who are you?" Teofil turned to Jiyeon and the others, the fox stormed up the door and slammed his fist against it making the hyena on the other side jump. "Dean let us the fuck in before I open my mouth and tell everyfur something special." "And what will you say? That you're gay?" Dean chuckled and went to walk away from the door. Jiyeon started coughing into his forepaw, "Mhhhp, library! Mhhpp, glory hole!" Jiyeon said between coughs. Luke, Garret and Teofil laughed. "Shut the fuck up, Jiyeon!" Dean complained and opened the door wide.

The shirtless hyena had a muscle gut hanging over his grey sweat pants. He reached aside for something, presumably a weapon. With an unbelievable reflex, Jiyeon's forepaw shot out and chopped Dean's arm to make it go limp. He twisted it behind the hyena's back and kicked out Dean's leg, making him collapse onto his knees. "Dude! I'm just reaching for my fucking shirt!" The drunken hyena slurred. Jiyeon released him. Dean picked up his sweat and beer stained shirt. "Fucking asshole..." Dean grumbled and walked away. "Remind me not to mess with Jiyeon." Teofil said to Luke, patting him on the back. "Come on, let's go find the food table!" Teofil and Luke followed Dean's path into the crowd.

"So what's first on the bucket list? Find some honeys? Get smashed?!" Jiyeon asked, turning to Garret to see that the rabbit was slowly retreating towards the pavement. "Garret where are you going?" "Err... I have a girlfriend. I mean, I shouldn't be getting drunk and cheating on her." "Okay, we could just dance." Jiyeon shrugged. "That's a little gay Jiyeon." Garret rubbed his arms. "Look parties aren't my scene-" "It's university. You need to get used to loud noises. What if they throw one in the common room?" "Then I'll ask them to stop. Actually... No. No I wouldn't. Mason would probably kill me or something..." "Why?" Jiyeon questioned, he stood next to Garret and nudged him to get a response. "Is this about you turning down all of their requests about joining Delta Kappa, are you worried that they're holding a grudge?" "Yeah I heard that Mason-" "Mason won't do anything." Jiyeon assured Garret. "And if he does I know martial arts, he's big, but he's not smart." Jiyeon promised. "Now come on, are we going to enjoy ourselves inside or outside?" "Inside... Unless you want to hump an inflatable zebra with me?" Garret grinned. Jiyeon picked up one of the animals and tossed it at Garret. it bounced off of his leg harmlessly, "Jiyeon!" Garret laughed. "That had spunk on it, I swear if I have some on my jeans I'll kill you!" Garret warned. "You'll have to catch me first!" Jiyeon laughed, flipping off Garret and running into the house. Garret pursued, ebullient and content despite the fact that he was running into a rather ravenous orca's mouth.

"Damn look at her ass." Luke growled as he took a sip from his beer can. In truth, he hadn't spotted anyfur and he wasn't even hunting for girls, he just wanted to impress Teofil. "Hmmph." Teofil shrugged. He scanned the food table that housed the remains of the not-so delectable party food: half-eaten mini sausages, a seemingly un-touched bowl of fruit punch, sticks that used to carry squares of fruit and a plate of conspicuous brownies. Reaching out with his red plastic cup, Teofil attempted to drink his fill of the punch since no fur else wanted it. "Wow! Don't do that!" Luke warned. "It's probably drugged or something." "And these are pot brownies, right?" Teofil asked, sounding sarcastic as he dropped his cup. "Yes! Don't touch them." Luke fretted. He stepped forwards and pushed the plate as far away as he could. "Stick with a beer can, they can't drug those." Luke said, holding up his own. "Just don't leave it alone for too long."

"Noted." Teofil said and flipped open a can of beer. He put it to his lips and drank it down, wiping his mouth with the back of his forepaw. "This tastes horrible, is this what passes as good in this country?" "Well this is cheap beer, I could stock the mini-fridge with good beer if you want?" "Let me taste it first. I don't want you wasting money on me." Teofil smiled.

"So how did you know that these are pot brownies?" Teofil asked, he plucked one off of the plate and moved it close to his muzzle. "Teofil!" Luke gagged in surprise. The wild dog sniffed it, but dropped it the floor and stomped on it. "Yep! Definitely weed." Teofil sniffed his beer can in hope that he would stop smelling the drug. "How do you know what weed smells like?" Luke asked. "The shaman in our tribe smokes hallucinogens in order to commune with our god." Teofil explained. "So we have stock of marijuana and magic mushrooms." Teofil grinned. "But, we don't smoke for fun. Well... We burn some of stock on the 25th of December for our party."

"You guys celebrate Christmas?" "Nope. That's a human tradition, however have our own version. It celebrates the anthro victory in Africa and the renaming of the country." Teofil explained. "Cool. We still celebrate Christmas here, it's a good idea..." "But a human tradition." Teofil stressed. "I understand that the wars weren't too harsh in the other three countries, but Eria's furs got slaughtered in case you don't remember." "Yes I do. I did study history-" "So why do you think that we would celebrate Christmas?!" Teofil carped. He coughed into his forepaw. "Sorry, I'm overreacting about things again. I get a little defensive when furs speak about humans." "So the whole of Eria holds a grudge against human-kind? Don't you think they got hit harder?" "Don't ask me about why we celebrate running them out of Eria! Ask the elders, besides, we don't know anything about how the humans are doing. For all we know those idiots have gone extinct."

"So er.... How do you guys celebrate... Whatever it's called." "Narodzenie Boze." Teofil corrected. "That." "We give gifts, dance and generally enjoy what we have." Teofil smiled. "I know, it's a lot like Christmas when you think about it. But I suppose that my tribe is a bit more advanced." "Meaning?" "Toilets, a TV, pumps... We're not primates, but we hunt for food if that lives up to stereotypes." "Do you hunt?" "Yep. I'm not good with swords or spears, but I've been told that I've talent for most of the ranged weapons: bows, javelin, throwing knife. That sort of stuff. Are you proficient with any weapon?" "Err... I did a bit of archery when I was younger. I'm not good at it." "I could teach you if you want?" Teofil grinned filled by a sense of pride. "I have a certificate somewhere. I might need to get it when I go back to the tribe though." "I'd like that." Luke smiled. "But don't start crying when I beat you!" "You wish."

"Luke!" Somefur from the crowd called out. Teofil's ears shot down, he spat something under his breath. It was in Teofil's mother tongue, but Luke caught the gist of it; a swear. Luke looked around for the furson who had hollered, he spotted a black bull pushing through the crowd towards him. "Luke!" Logan shouted again. "Err... Hi Logan." Luke said, he looked to the wild dog who was slowly retreating. "Hi you two." Logan smiled at Teofil, the canine scowled at him. "Err..." Logan pulled on the collar of his shirt nervously. "I'm sorry about what I said about Shaun and Jiyeon." Logan apologized. "Apologize to them, not me." "Yeah, but I was just... I don't know, hoping that you'd still be on for a drink soon?" "Will Teofil be coming with us?" Logan grunted in disapproval, but changed his mind when Luke almost turned away. "Sure! If he wants to." Logan looked at Teofil who shrugged his shoulders. "Eh." Teofil responded. "I'll take that as a yes!" Luke cheered. "So when-" "How about now?" Logan suggested.

"LOGAN!" A masculine voice shouted. Teofil recognized it again and zipped off into the crowd to hide. Logan and Luke flinched, they turned to look at the lion. "What's up?" Logan asked in the most urban voice he could muster, he sounded more country than anything. "We're doing that thing now. Come on!" The Herculean lion towered over Luke and Logan, shirtless without any worry. Luke blushed, Mason was a horrible furson, but he was undeniably sexy when he was shirtless. His jeans were tight around his legs, they were rather feminine, but no fur was dumb enough to tell him that. His mane was combed perfectly even though he constantly ran his forepaws through it. He was flanked by his pals, Tyson included. "Sure." Logan shrugged his shoulders as if he'd completely forgotten about taking Luke and Teofil out for drinks. "Later, Luke..."

"Why the fuck were you hanging around with that fag?" Mason asked, they weren't even out of Luke's hearing range yet. "Ehh. I was just asking the fucker to get out of the way. Probably contaminated all the food..." Logan said.

Luke's growled to Teofil as the dog returned, suddenly he didn't want to be at the party. He grabbed his friend's arm and charged towards the exit, "Come on we're going to a bar." "Wh-what about Logan?" Teofil asked, searching the room in an attempt to spot the bull.

"Who needs that pig?"

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