So Still

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Chapter 8

Merjuh University, Dorm 6 Room 7

22nd of September, 5:30 AM

Jiyeon swept his forepaw over Shaun's clean face furs and gently kissed him on the cheek as the cat began to stir. Considering that Monday night had been filled with violent outbursts, nervous vomiting and enough tears to make Shaun dehydrated, he looked adorable as he slept. He lay with his arms twisted around his torso and his mouth hanging open, but those weren't the lovable things about him. What had made Jiyeon giggle were Shaun's fluttering eyelids and his snores that would occasionally come out as kitten mews.

"Shaun... Time to get up." The marble fox hummed. He crossed his arm over Shaun's waist and puled himself closer to the cat, until he was able to fold his legs over Shaun and climb on top. Nudging Shaun with his muzzle as he leaned over, he rubbed their naked bodies together. After one hour of foreplay last night, Jiyeon had been allowed to tear of Shaun's sweaty clothes and spoon with him. Shaun had been, understandably, awkward about having Jiyeon's erect cock rubbing on the small of his back, but he'd started to relax when he felt Jiyeon's silk lips osculating across his body.

"It's Tuesday isn't it?" Shaun's tired voice asked. He didn't wait for an answer, "I'm way too tired right now. Can I go back to sleep?" "Well you wouldn't be tired if you'd actually fallen asleep earlier last night." "Fair point..." Shaun opened his eyes, only to see that Jiyeon was kneeling over him. "Hi." Shaun blushed slightly and stretched out his arms. In one swift movement, Jiyeon grabbed his wrists and held him to the bed. He crimped his legs tight around Shaun and stuck out his tongue. "What do we say?" "Thanks Jiyeon." The entirety of Shaun's face had been taken over by his blush. "For... For staying with me last night. I know that I was being pathetic with all my crying and stuff... But thanks for not absolutely ripping my head off head when I threw my books at you." "Not a problem." Jiyeon lowered his body until his muzzle sat in the crook of Shaun's neck. "Cuddle time." The fox stopped tensing his body and relaxed on top of Shaun.

"I got a text from Dr. Rajj, which is what woke me up. They say that the cub will be on time." Forgetting that Jiyeon was keeping him on the bed with his body weight, Shaun tried to stand up and failed miserably. "Jeez Jiyeon! How much do you weigh?" Shaun laughed. "Shaun!" Jiyeon howled. "You don't ask anyfur that question." "It's not like it's fat or anything, it's all muscle." Shaun tried to salvage the conversation, but was rewarded with a finger on his lips. "Shush now kitty." Jiyeon slipped into a standing position at Shaun's bedside.

"If you're still feeling tired, you can sleep in the car. Luke is driving us to the hospital." Jiyeon informed as he stretched his nude body. "Get up Shaun. If we hurry up we can eat, shower quickly and then maybe have time for a quick handjob." In an attempt to vivify Shaun, the fox reached under he covers and tickled the cat's sheath, but he pushed him with his forepaw. "Jiyeon, my very own cub is about to be born today. I don't need to be baited with sex." Shaun zipped out of bed, pushing the covers away with enthusiasm.

As he did, he tripped, but used Jiyeon's arm to stabilize and haul himself back up to his paws. He came face to face with the marble fox and his blush reappeared in seconds. "You go and use the bathroom, I've already been." Jiyeon ordered as he moved away from Shaun, but only after the at had awkwardly kissed him on the cheek. Embarrassed, Shaun dashed off to the bathroom as he fantasied about Jiyeon. The fox turned on his phone and walked to his suitcase to gather his shower equipment.

"Beep! Beep!" Jiyeon bolted at his phone as the alerting light started blaring at him. "One message from 'Dad'" _The lady's voice informed him, Jiyeon stopped and clenched his fists. What did he want? "_Jiyeon? Jiyeon? I'm sorry for not calling, rules and what not, but as your father we need to talk about..." _His father coughed. "_About what you did when... Beep!" Jiyeon turned off his phone and shoved it deep into his suitcase. "Fuck off..." He mumbled to himself as he bundled up everything and charged for the showers, oblivious to Shaun's feelings thanks to his own unbridled rage.

A few minutes after Jiyeon had left, Shaun emerged from the bathroom with his bottle of 'Ocean sunrise' clenched in his forepaws. He flipped the cap off and sniffed as he collected his own equipment, it smelt similar to Jiyeon's scent, but he fox's had an addition of natural musk and cum. Despite those two particular aromas that lingered about him, he was a rather clean and pure furson. Shaun thought of Jiyeon gracefully dancing about his room, demonstrating one of the many dance sequences he'd mastered over the years. He pictured the passionate, clandestine kiss they'd shared in the hallway and the intense fondling before Luke had interrupted them. He had been ready to let Jiyeon deflower him there, but he didn't know how to ask.

Shaun wrapped a towel around his waist and followed after Jiyeon. Upon arriving, he quickly tossed his things down onto a bench and forced his way into Jiyeon's cubicle. There were others in the shower, so he drew the curtains all the way and pushed his lips against Jiyeon's before the fox could say his name. "Shh..." He whispered to the fox, "Be quiet." Jiyeon smiled warmly at his presence and turned around. "We'll get in trouble if somefur walks in on us." Jiyeon pointed out, Shaun didn't seem to care. "But..." Jiyeon purred, he turned around and let Shaun rub up against him. "I need to wash my back. Could you get that for me?" Shaun happily set about washing his friend.

Half an hour later, they stepped back into Shaun's room with combed, glossy fur. "Mhh..." Jiyeon moaned as he sniffed Shaun's fur. "You smell great, kitty." He complimented as he walked over to Luke's bed, where he'd laid out enough clothes for the week. Shaun moving to his wardrobe to select his own choice of clothes, smiled at the fox and replied, "Thanks, but my shampoo smells better on you." "That's because it's my shampoo. Tell me when you run out, I'll buy you a few more bottles." Jiyeon sat on the edge of Luke's bed and pulled up a pair of snug, red boxers with blue lines making an 'X' across the pouch which held his sheath. "You don't have to, but I won't say no to a few expensive gifts." "Consider it a well done gift, for having a cub." Jiyeon winced, he shouldn't have been encouraging Shaun.

As he pulled on a pair of boxers that were no where near as flashy as Jiyeon's, Shaun smiled and sighed to himself. "I'll probably need to shower a lot anyway..." Shaun dressed himself in a pair of black skinny jeans, Jiyeon wore denim shorts that hugged his thighs tightly. "I'll be running about all over; looking after a cub, buying things, working at the bar and doing my school work." Shaun explained as he applied the most expensive deodorant he had. "Well if it ever turns out to be too much..." "I'm not going to give up my cub!" Shaun snarled, whipping around and starring down Jiyeon. The fox shot his own glare back at Shaun, which warded him off for the moment. "I was going to say that I'm always willing to help as are Luke and Oliver. When I told them..." "You told them that was having a cub?" Shaun hissed, buttoning up his checkered shirt. "Shaun. I needed advice and neither of us know anything about proper cub care. Oliver's majoring in it and Luke looked after his younger siblings for years. They could be a big help to you." Jiyeon tried to advise. "I'll be fine." Shaun grumbled as he walked over to Jiyeon to help him with his own shirt.

"Shaun..." Jiyeon groaned in annoyance when the cat began to straighten out his jeans instead. "We're going to a hospital, not a wedding." "And I want us both to look good." He leaned down and kissed Jiyeon on the nose, the way a husband would kiss their partner. "Not that you don't always look good." Shaun loured when he saw what top Jiyeon had picked out to wear, a garish, hot pink t-shirt that had the number '69' emblazoned on the back in big bold letters. There was a mid-riff which showed off his slim belly, that was what annoyed Shaun the most. "Jiyeon!" Shaun cried. "We're going to a hospital! Don't dress like a slut. Put a real shirt on and stop cross-dressing." Shaun frowned. "For fucks sake, you're being way too serious about this. It's a birth, not a funeral!" Jiyeon rolled his eyes. "So put up with it otherwise you can walk there, I'm the fur who organized the car." "Fine, but if you start grinding on somefur or being girly you can wait outside." Shaun scowled and put his forepaws in his pockets as he sat down on his bed.

"Aww.... Is Shaun mad with me?" Jiyeon smiled as he stalked closer to the cat. He pouted and made puppy eyes, "Jiyeon's sowwy." He sniveled mockingly, pulling puppy eyes on Shaun.. "Fuck off fox." Shaun smirked and give Jiyeon a playful shove. Dramatically, Jiyeon flung himself on to the floor and pretended to die. He pushed out his arms and made his tail flail about as he acted out what would have been the most energetic, happy death that had ever occurred. A minute later, he sat back up and brushed his top down.

"Right, what time is it?" He asked as he stood back up. Promptly, Shaun checked his watch and the color flushed from his face. "6:01! Come on come on!" He cried as he grabbed Jiyeon's wrist and dragged him towards the door. "We'll be late!" He fretted. Jiyeon laughed and freed himself with a twist. "Calm down. You're forgetting the dorm key and your money." Jiyeon plucked them form the side and put them into Shaun's pockets. "Luke will be waiting outside for us in a black jeep. It's hard to miss." Jiyeon walked ahead of Shaun, leading him to the front gates.

As Jiyeon had said, Luke was waiting just around the corner in a borrowed Jeep Compass. He honked his horn at Jiyeon who, upon entering the car, smacked Luke on the back of the head. "I could see you parked here. There was no need to make so much noise." Jiyeon chastised as he buckled his belt and leaned over slightly to rub Shaun's leg. "Do you know the way? What did Jiyeon tell you? Can we hurry up? We're late!" Shaun bombarded Luke with questions as he bobbed up and down in his seat, the belt helped to keep him from flying upwards. "Yeah I know the way." Luke smirked as he rubbed the back of his head and took a hold on the steering wheel. Luke pressed down on the pedal, they sped off from the curb and Luke performed a U-turn to get them on the right path.

"Jiyeon I really hate you sometimes." Luke jested as they were driving. Jiyeon knew that he was joking. "Why's that?" He asked with a giggle as he locked forepaws with Shaun. "Well you two are teasing me back there with all this rubbing and not only that, but you didn't tell me that Teofil sleeps naked." Luke gritted his teeth as he confessed.

"Oh!" Jiyeon grinned. "Did we enjoy our first night with Teofil? He's very self accepting isn't he? Flopping those big balls of his everywhere." "You don't say? Wow.... I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Is... Is it weird to get turned on by a guy who's sleeping? I... err.. I kind of watched him all night." "Aren't we a creeper? If it makes you feel any better I've been watching Shaun for the past few nights as well." Jiyeon winked. "Hah! And much more apparently." This time Shaun reached forwards and quipped the back of Luke's neck with a slap. "I'm driving here!" Luke exclaimed with a chuckle. "You should really ask him out for dinner, try to date him? Maybe you'd be able to work out all of those sexual frustrations." Jiyeon relaxed, his legs slipping under the empty seat in front of him.

"Y-you think?" Luke blushed. "Is he into guys?" "Him and I talk about guys all the time!" Jiyeon replied. "He's pansexual, apparently that's kind of normal where he comes from. Why don't we have a challenge, whoever can bed him first gets fifteen from the other?" Jiyeon asked with a smirk. "Deal." Luke smiled, absolutely sure that he would win the bet.

Luke parked just outside of the main doors and Shaun was disappearing through them before Luke could say a word The two canines chuckled to each other. "He really wants to meet his cub doesn't he?" Luke asked, leaning over to look at Jiyeon. "Well you'd do the same wouldn't you? I mean... If either of us ever ends up actually getting to see their own flesh and blood being born." "Maybe. But I know for a fact that when I get married, you're being my best-man." "You, married? Fat chance." Jiyeon grinned and leaned forwards to peck Luke on the lips. "But if you do get married through some miracle, I'll be the one giving you away." "Who said that I'd be the fur being given away? I'm the one who'll be waiting at the altar. Although... maybe you could give us the rings?" "Knowing you'll I'll be the fur buying them." Jiyeon rolled his eyes and gave Luke another decorous on the lips, which was ruined by a lick from Luke. "Alright you." Jiyeon's face twisted to look happier.

"I should go after Shaun, no doubt that he's probably cavorting around the maternity ward and invading everyfur's privacy." "Okay. Have fun, try not to get pregnant." Luke teased. "I'll be waiting in the car park for you both, will the cub be coming with us?" "I doubt it." Jiyeon informed before getting out of the car. He waved goodbye to Luke as he walked and followed after Shaun into the hospital.

Jiyeon checked his phone very quickly, flicking onto his messages tabs and looking for any updates. His last message that he'd received from Dr. Rajj, was on the screen. "No improvement yet. I'll be outside the door waiting for you, Shaun might not be allowed in." It read. Jiyeon's finger tips had been numb ever since, he didn't know how to tell Shaun or how he would interrupt those words. Even he struggled to understand what that meant, perhaps they were just worried that the cub would pick up diseases easily.

As he walked through the automatic glass doors, he was hit by the smell of cleaning agents, the bustle of about a hundred furs; some wincing, some crying and some looking unbelievably pallid. Jiyeon had always hated hospitals and anything to do with the medical profession; hospitals were places of death and disease. Doctors, although they'd undoubtedly saved a countless amount of lives, had the power to set Jiyeon writhing underneath his fur. His own doctor, despite having seen him naked, made him uncomfortable. 'What if he lied to me?' Jiyeon thought when he saw_ a nurse passing by carrying a clipboard. His nether regions suddenly felt incredibly itchy. _"What if I do..."

"Jiyeon!" Shaun called to him, several fursons scowled at the pair. The fox put a finger to his lips to get Shaun to quieten down. "Sorry..." Shaun apologized with a lowered voice. His tail curled about behind him as Jiyeon's hung low between his legs. "Hey..." Jiyeon replied awkwardly. "Do we know where we're going?" "No I was waiting for you. The front desk is free now though, so let's go ask..." Shaun tugged on Jiyeon's arm as he had done earlier that morning. The lioness at the desk scowled at the two of them when they stood in front of her.

"Hi." Shaun spoke. "Where's the maternity ward?" He asked politely. "I'm sorry you two, but at this hospital we don't currently stock the necessary equipment for a gay couple such as yourselves to be able to have a cub together. Also, you'd need a surrogate to carry the cub." She implied without looking away from her computer. Shaun and Jiyeon looked at her in confusion before Jiyeon burst out laughing. "No that's not we were talking about. I already have a cub..." Shaun proudly announced. "Oh, I'm very sorry." The lioness apologized without remorse. "Do you know who is giving birth to the cub? If I have a name I'll be able to search them up for you to see if they are here."

"Vicky Rajj." Shaun announced. The lioness appeared to be taken back. "Is something wrong?" Shaun nervously asked, looking to Jiyeon for support. "No... No. Nothing's wrong." She shook her head and typed a few words into her computer. "Your names please?" "Shaun Fletcher." Shaun pointed to himself and then to Jiyeon. "Jiyeon..." The fox was reluctant to give his last name, but croaked it after a moment. "Tsubasa. Jiyeon Tsubasa." He repeated, biting his lower lip. The name rolled off his tongue with some difficulty, as if he hadn't pronounced it in a long while or as if it pained him. The receptionist smiled at him, "I'm very sorry for not recognizing you, sir." She said to him, leaving Shaun slightly confused. "What was that about?" Jiyeon shushed Shaun with a sharp slap to the leg.

"One moment." She pushed away from her desk, swiveled on her chair and picked up a phone. After punching in the numbers, the phone rang two times before being picked up. The number had been unbelievably short, three numbers. That and along with her surprise, Shaun was getting ready to run away. His fears dispersed when he heard a familiar voice. "Hello this is the front desk. I have a Shaun Fletcher and Jiyeon Ts-" "Tsubasa." Jiyeon once again repeated loudly, the phone picked up and the voice rang through. "Oh! Those two, let them through." Dr. Rajj's voice came through the phone. "We've been expecting them, but do give them a tongue lashing for being so late." The phone clicked off.

"Head down the main corridor to your left and you should see the sign saying 'maternity ward.' Vicky and her cub are currently residing in room 49 along with her aunt and parents." The lioness informed with unbelievable efficiency. "Thank you." Shaun set off with the speed of a peregrine falcon, but Jiyeon lingered behind for a moment to speak to the lioness. "Umm... Would I be able to book another appointment?" He asked as he rubbed his arm. "Another? Sir... Are you, by any chance, being sexually abused? Or used as a sex slave? Sold to different partners? If you are, please, please, please tell us or the police. We'd like to help." The lioness smiled warmly at him as she turned back to her computer. Jiyeon didn't respond to her question.

"Jiyeon!" Shaun shouted again from the other end of the corridor. "Could you just slot me in whenever? And send me the times on my phone?" Jiyeon requested. "Of course, sir. Have a nice day, but could you please tell your friend to stop shouting?" "Will do." Jiyeon waved as he set off down the corridor towards Shaun's voice. He was just in time to see the white tail of the cat whisking around a corner, following the signs. Jiyeon hurried after him and grabbed his shoulder, he shot around and almost slapped him, but Jiyeon caught his wrist. "Hey, be careful." Jiyeon warned with a frown. "I know that you're excited, but quieten down before we get kicked out." They rounded a corner and saw the appaloosa mare standing at the other end of the corridor, looking at them. She waved her arms, Shaun took that as a sign to go closer to her.

"No!" Dr. Rajj hissed to herself as the two approached, she took out her phone and texted Jiyeon frantically. "Trn around now!" She saw Jiyeon freeze up as his phone buzzed, he took it out and read the message. By now the two were in speaking distance with her. "Hey!" Shaun called out, "How are they?" He smiled massively. Jiyeon butted in before Dr. Rajj could tell the truth, "Shaun, Luke's been given a ticket. Come on we need to go pay it." He winked at Dr. Rajj to tell her that he was lying. "How much?" Shaun frowned. "Fifty. He says that he didn't bring any money, so they're threatening to clamp his car. We need to pay it otherwise we won't be able to get home." Jiyeon whined urgently. "You go do it! I want to see my cub." Dr. Rajj disappeared into the room whilst the two were speaking, _"So much for backup..." _Jiyeon thought to himself. Shaun thrust more than enough cash into Jiyeon's forepaws. "Go pay it!" Shaun snapped as he walked into the hospital room. Unable to bear the guilt of lying to Shaun's face, Jiyeon turned and went down the corridor to tell Luke the lie.

There was a disgusting, palpable air in the room, one made of sadness and rage. Shaun's skin rapidly became ablicant as he caught on. Vicky was lying down in her hospital bed, the covers pulled up other her head with both of her parents sitting at her beside stroking her twitching body. They didn't turn to look at Shaun, or at least when they did, no fur shouted or said a thing to him; if anything they wrenched their eyes to look away. Dr. Rajj was at the other end of the room, speaking to a gray wolf who was most likely the doctor. The two turned to Shaun and just their look was enough to tell Shaun everything.

"Shaun..." Vicky croaked from under the sheets. "Fuck..." Shaun thought in his mind. Vicky was always blithesome and energetic, but now she had been reduced to a blubbering mess that couldn't move. "Vicky..." Her father croaked, adjusting his shirt collar has he dabbed his eyes. Her mother exploded into tears which added to the tense atmosphere. Shaun felt as if all of his emotions were being unleashed at once, he didn't know how to feel. "No..." "Where's my cub?" Shaun asked casutically. Just about every other fur in the room physically flinched, even the doctor. "Please wait outside." Dr. Rajj requested with a breaking tone of voice. "We're still working out all... the legal documents." "Can I just see him?" Where is he?" Shaun asked, he stumbled closer to Vicky's sheets and tried to remove them, hoping that they were hiding his cub. Vicky's father's forepaw shot out to block his advancements.

"Right you need to leave!" He claimed, pointing a forepaw at Shaun accusingly. Vicky didn't say a word. "You should, honestly. You weren't invited by Vicky and by law, she can have you arrested if you don't leave immediately." The doctor advised, looking to Dr. Rajj for support. Shaun didn't budge, but instead starred down Vicky's father green eyes until the canine doctor spoke once more. His black lips had curled into a snarl and his grey fur was standing on edge slightly, "Son, do I need to call security?" The wolf asked again. Shaun sighed and backed away. "No. I'm leaving." He opened the door to the corridor. "I'll be waiting outside until I get to see my cub. I have rights you know!"

The door shut behind him, muffling the tears, both his and theirs. He felt them rolling down his face already, had he been crying in front of all of them? He sat down on a nearby chair and buried his face in his forepaws to stop the flood. No matter how hard he tried, they just kept coming. He didn't know anything about what happened, they could have simply been crying over the fact that the cub had some horrible mutation as most hybrids did. But, maybe it was worse. Fear bubbled in Shaun's mind.

The door to Vicky's room opened, Shaun's head shot up. It was only Dr. Rajj and she was looking past him, "Jiyeon? Come here." The marble fox moved past Shaun and into the room, the door closed once more. Had Jiyeon been watching Shaun cry? Anger started to bottle up in Shaun. He glared at the door, forepaws and claws ready to fly at whoever left the room next.

It turned out to be Jiyeon, he looked disturbed, greatly. He sat next to Shaun on the chair and put an arm around him without saying a word. What little joy he had left was replaced with panic until he couldn't hold back his question. "What's wrong?" He growled accidentally, claws digging into his own flesh. "Shaun..." Jiyeon whimpered, he looked as if he were about to cry. "We should just leave. Dr. Rajj told me that Vicky and your cub will be in the hospital for a long long time. There's no point in us staying." Jiyeon tried to get up to his feet, but almost collapsed down. "Come on." He begged and tugged on Shaun's sleeves.

"No." Shaun said in absolute disgust for Jiyeon's idea. "I'm staying until I see my cub." He promised himself. "Where is he?" He asked again. Shaun saw Jiyeon bite his lower lip. "He's in the nursery." "Bullshit they stopped using nurseries years ago. Where is he?" Shaun stood up and his claws began to dig into Jiyeon's wrists instead of his own thighs. "Shaun you're hurting me." Jiyeon informed without taking Shaun's forepaw away from himself. "Where is he?!" Shaun growled again through gritted teeth again. Blood was starting to welt around Shaun's claws, but still he didn't let up. He knew that Jiyeon was about to burst and tell him where they had his cub, what they had done with him. "Look I don't care if my cub as a third arm if he's got five fucking heads! I want to see my cub!" "Shaun, no." Jiyeon tugged to get his wrist free. "He's..." Jiyeon's tears were getting stronger and not because of the pain.

"He was a miscarriage. He died!" Jiyeon cried.

Shaun physically collapsed into Jiyeon, knocking him over in the process. "Shaun!" Jiyeon cried as he stumbled backwards, managing to catch the cat in his arms. Miraculously, Jiyeon stayed on his paws even with the weight of a fainted fur. "Can I have some help please?!" Jiyeon called out with enough volume to alert the entire ward. Dr. Rajj was out of the room and by Shaun's side in the next second. She helped to haul Shaun onto the chair that he'd been sitting in.

"Did you tell him?" The mare asked. "Is... Is he alright? He just collapsed..." Jiyeon fretted, searching Shaun's neck for his pulse. "Well you did just tell him that his cub died without him ever meeting them. Who wouldn't pass out?" Jiyeon was slightly relieved to know that Dr. Rajj inappropriate humor was still intact. "I'm sorry, his claws were digging into my arm and I didn't want to beat him up to get free." Jiyeon sighed in shame. "It's fine. He would have found out eventually." Jiyeon kept Shaun's head up with his forepaw and nudged him over slightly to sit down. "Right... I'll go and tell the others that Shaun knows. I suppose that we're going to be having a long day now. If he gets violent again, don't be afraid to put him back to sleep." Dr. Rajj warned before she slipped back into Vicky's room.

Jiyeon sighed as Shaun slumped against him, it truly was going to be a long day of tears, sweat and blood.

Several Hours Later

It could have been minutes, hours, or even days for all Shaun knew. He remembered Jiyeon spitting words that had cut deep in his skull and then it had felt as if his soul had been ripped from his body for a while. Now he was sitting back in a chair with a cup of water in his forepaw and no fur in sight. No fur had gone into or left Vicky's room, not even a doctor or a nurse. Well, somefur probably had gone into Vicky's room, Shaun was too despondent to notice now. He'd payed attention to Jiyeon's soft, tearful voice telling him that he was leaving for a few hours to get a few things together, but that was all he'd taken in for the past few hours.

He took another sip of his water. His tears had stopped at least as had the shaking which had made him spill more than a few cups of water, coffee and milk. "Shaun?" Dr. Rajj asked, he hadn't even heard the door open. "You're allowed in. Vicky's parents have gone home and she says that she wants to talk to you." Shaun was out of his seat in less than a second, dropping his cup of water without another thought. He rudely pushed past the doctor and took the seat that Vicky's mother had occupied.

The leopard appaloosa mare was asleep, or at least she appeared to be; her eyes were closed and she breathed periodically, but Shaun saw through the guise. "Vic?" Shaun asked, not daring to reach out and touch his ex-lover's forepaw. Her juniper eyes fluttered open. "How are you?" "Sad... I feel like shit as well. I'm guessing that you feel the same way?" She gave her white furred arms a scratch and poked her spots, that was a nervous habit of hers. "Yeah... I imagine that you feel worse though, you just gave birth." "It was a cesarean delivery, so I don't feel that bad. My stitches hurt though..." Vicky complained. She rubbed her stomach. "I shouldn't be doing do that."

"I remember that there was time when you would have rubbed my tummy for me, but I guess that you've moved on." She added. "Yeah..." Shaun admitted. "To that fox who was outside? He's cute... You should go for him." Vicky smiled, glad that she and Shaun were able to talk without throwing their fists. "No... He doesn't date furs." Shaun blushed. "But I would if he'd reconsider that." "Get you, player. That would make it three partners in a year? Me, Erik and him. Who else Shaun?" "Well I have had a wolf in my bed recently. No sex though." Shaun listed. "What about you?" "I've been pregnant for the past nine months, so no I haven't been active. I haven't even been working-" "Do you need money?" Shaun asked as he dug in his pocket for change.

"No. I'm fine. My parents have me covered. I'm surprised that my Dad didn't murder you." "I'm surprised that your aunt hasn't murdered me." Shaun smirked. "I can hear you two!" Dr. Rajj stated. "We know Kristen." Vicky grinned and then the room went quiet for a few minutes.

"Do we know why he died?" Shaun asked, gagging slightly Vicky balked as well, but perhaps she was thinking. "No..." She responded after a while. "Thank you, for trying to adopt him." "He was my cub, he wouldn't have been adopted." Shaun pointed out. "Okay then, thank you for trying to look after him even though I've put you through so much shit these past months." "I was the one who brought a defective condom." "No... That was Erik. Dr. Rajj filled me in the whole Erik thing. So are we suing him or not?" She asked. "It'll be good to get a few pennies in my pockets for once." "I don't think that we can. He's too rich to sue, Jiyeon told me that he tried before..." "Shaun there is no way that he can afford to pay off three, possibly four, law suits. If we keep trying we'll be able to get so much money for all the shit he's caused." "I'm not interested in the money." Shaun cried. "I swear to God Shaun. If you start getting corny and say that you want your cub, I will get you thrown out. I want my cub as well, but it won't happen." "I know..." Shaun fell quiet again.

"What did he look like?" Shaun forced himself to ask. Vicky didn't speak, but instead broke down into sobbing again. She put her arm around Shaun and leaned on his leg. Shaun started crying soon after and held her forepaw to comfort himself. For a moment, Shaun doubted that he'd ever find out about his cub. "He had.... He had your eyes and my face." Vicky smiled as she recalled her cub's looks. "He was really small as well, I think that he was... Two and a half kilograms. That was my fault..." Vicky admitted with a sad look in her eyes. "No it wasn't." Shaun assured with a purr. "Don't blame yourself this, things happen." Shaun forced the words out of his mouth without believing a singe thing.

"What was his fur like?" Shaun asked before Vicky could quieten down. "White all over, your fur. Except for his forepaws, they were black." Vicky listed. "He had paws instead of hooves and a cat tail as well." She added. "He looked a lot like you, except for his face. He had my face." "So he was a horse, with cat eyes, forepaws and a tail?" Shaun asked. "Yep..." Vicky sighed. "He was beautiful." Shaun felt a twinge in his heart again.

"I think that I would have called him Toby." Shaun stated. "We spoke about this, he would have been a Tobias." Vicky chuckled. "Same thing." Shaun smirked. "But Toby sounds better." "No... Tobias is the better name. It's longer and his nickname would have been Tob." "No fur uses Tob." Shaun smiled, "It would have been Toby." "Tobias." Vicky repeated. "Toby." Shaun growled sternly. "If you two are going to start fighting over this, I'm out." Dr. Rajj interrupted. "Aunt, we're just playing with each other. Anyway... I think that this conversation is over. I am way too tired to keep this up." Vicky admitted as she put her head down on her pillow. She closed her eyes and rolled onto her side, "Leave when you want..." She fell back to sleep remarkably fast.

"I've no idea how she does that..." Shaun mumbled as he stood up, it was creepy to watch his ex-girlfriend sleep. "It's a family thing. All of us can nod after when we put our head downs." Dr. Rajj admitted. "I called Jiyeon and Luke a minute ago, they're waiting outside now. Are you going back to the university? Or are you going to call your parents?" Dr. Rajj asked. "They'd want to know about your cub." "No they don't need to know." Shaun dismissed her with a wave. "I'm going now." Shaun informed as he turned around. "Shaun I expect you to be in my office at 12 in the afternoon sharp every day from tomorrow forwards, dean's orders." Dr. Rajj dismissed Shaun with a wave of her forepaw as she turned back to her computer that she'd mounted on a nearby desk.

When the door closed for the final time behind Shaun, he collapsed into a ball on the cold floor and sobbed into his knees again. he hadn't been able to cry in front of the equines, he didn't want them to know how broken he was. "Oh Shaun..." Jiyeon's voice was close by, just above him. "Luke pick him up." Shaun felt himself being lifted from the ground and cradled into a soft shirt, he could feel the wolf's warm fur underneath. Luke carried him through the corridors with Jiyeon in pursuit, he felt like a helpless cub and was undoubtedly drawing lots of attention. Jiyeon warded most of them off by explaining the situation, by the time they got out of the doors most of the hospital knew.

He placed into the backseat, his head resting on Jiyeon's legs. The fox draped a blanket over him and dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief. "Go on buddy. Let it all out, it's over now." Jiyeon whispered as he patted the tuft of head fur on the top of Shaun's head. He felt the car bob slightly as Luke reversed and started driving back to the university. "We went and picked up a few things for you... They're a little bit, sexual..." Jiyeon admitted. Shaun didn't catch most of what Jiyeon was saying. he'd already started to tune everything out. "Anal beads, small ones since you're still a virgin, but they'll be fun to use and get some practice with." He explained. "You're not listening are you?" Jiyeon giggled. Shaun shook his head shamefully. "That's alright. You deserve to get some rest." Jiyeon admitted, that was all Shaun needed to hear. He fell asleep with Jiyeon stroking up and down his back to make sure that it was a peaceful one.

The next thing Shaun knew was that he was in his bed, naked and with Jiyeon getting ready for bed as well. The fox crossed his naked legs and slipped off his top, stretching out his lithe body to attract Shaun's gaze; it didn't work. "Would you like a blowjob, or a handjob to get you tired again?" Jiyeon asked with a purr as he stalked over to Shaun. "No." The cat spat venomously. "Shaun... I thought that we worked past this. You don't need to be aggressive to me, I won't rape you." "Yet you always go on about sex... You're always asking to go down on me. Do you fucking love me or something?" Shaun exclaimed as he lay paralyzed in his bed. "No." Jiyeon scowled. "I don't love anyfur." "Well then, you can go back to your room if you don't love me." "Shaun there's a difference between love and friendship. You're my friend and I will have sex with you sometimes, there just won't be any love behind it." Jiyeon tried to explain. "I know. You say that all the time. Now go." Shaun ordered, he didn't have the energy to point towards the door.

Jiyeon sat on the edge of Shaun's bed and stroked the cat's breast, Shaun wanted to push him away. "Don't you want somefur to spend the night with?" "I have my thoughts." "And you're thoughts are bad." Jiyeon frowned. "Look. I promise that I won't try to have sex with you, but I do want to cuddle with you." "I'm not in the mood to be near furs. Just leave me alone..." "Alright. Alright." Jiyeon gave in as he sat up, Dr. Rajj had warned him that if he pushed Shaun too much he might snap for good. "I'll be in Luke's bed, just ask if you want anything. Even if it's just something small like a bathroom trip."

"I don't need your help going to the bathroom." Shaun scowled and rolled over to face the wall. He rambled, "I don't need you for anything. I don't need anyfur."

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