The Harem

Story by Kalebthecat on SoFurry

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Chapter 8

5th of April, 6:03 PM

3 Sugar Breed Mountain, The Basement

"Ugh..." Nate groaned as he began to stir for the first time in what seemed like centuries. His recuperating senses felt something pliable underneath is body, it was squishy and it gave the impression that he was slowly sinking into it with every passing second. He bundled up is forepaws and managed to grasp hold of a fluffy blanket that was keeping him warm whilst he slept. He tried to bring the blanket to cover his back, but when he tugged it wouldn't move. The answer to the puzzle was simple, he was lying on it and therefore it would be nearly impossible to move. Despite already knowing what to do, Nate didn't have the energy to even lift his tail.

The lighting, he noticed, was similar to what he'd encountered in Sodom's basement. He sniffed what he was lying on, hoping to identify the more solid object that sat beneath the blanket, it smelt of nothing. No furson or food's scent lingered on it, which made Nate relax knowing that he wasn't intruding in somefur's territory. Nate tried to listen out for anything, but only heard a deafening silence; he truly was alone in the room.

Having found the energy to move, Nate attempted to sit up, but the slightest movement set off a terrible ache in all of his muscles, especially where Sodom had injected him. "Ugh..." He noised as he thought about the limousine ride, perhaps what he was experiencing was a hangover spawned from the combination of the tranquilizer and the alcohol that he and Sodom had imbibed. In one swift, panicked moment, Nate shot up out of his curled position. "SODOM!" He screamed with a mixture of fear, anger and worry. He had no memory past the fleeting pain that had pierced him, which created hundreds of questions. Where was he? Where was Sodom? Had Sodom lied to him, was Nate now being held captive waiting to be auctioned off into the world of anthro trafficking?

"Sodom... Where are you?" Nate sniffled. He hated he doberman with a passion, yet he felt undeniably safe in Sodom's presence. Squinting and straining his eyes, Nate tried to see past the nebulous darkness that could have been hiding his master. "He's upstairs." A feminine voice giggled. "There's no need to panic." There was a rustle of feathery pillows as the furson who had spoken, presumably a female, moved about; their movements masked by the darkness. "Who are you?" Nate backed away from who could have been his kidnapper and bumped into a concrete wall. "Dannie, I'm Sodom's pet. Will, one of them I suppose. Oh and before you ask, I'm male." Dannie scowled at Nate through the darkness. "I wasn't going to ask. Where are we? "What, did Sodom not give you the brochure?" Dannie grinned. "We're in Sodom's basement. His mansion's basement if you want to be picky." "How long..." "You came in about an hour ago, Sodom scratched my chin, took my bowls and then told me not to go near you." Dannie listed.

Nate heard more shuffling coming from Dannie's direction "So can I touch you now?" In shock Nate cried out, "No!" He threw himself back against the wall again, pushing against it with all his might to get further away from Dannie. " Are you fucking demented?" Dannie snorted with laughter. "Don't be rude! I only want to sniff you." Dannie lost it and started having a fit of laughter as he rolled about on his bed. "Okay, okay..." He panted to get his breath back. "That was weird." "Yeah, no kidding." Nate rolled his eyes. "Where are the lights?" He stood up and held his forepaw against the wall, searching for the switch. "There's a fireplace if that counts, otherwise you'll just have to get used to darkness. But Sodom did... Let me..." A beam of light erupted from Dannie's direction, hitting Nate square in the face and blinding him.

Flinching and shielding his eyes, Nate squealed and flopped down onto his bed. "Sorry!" Dannie apologized earnestly and aimed the torch to the south wall. He scanned along it until the brick fireplace was illuminated by the torch's light. "Okay, Nate-" "How do you know my name!" "Sodom told me. Now there should be some faggots, for starting a fire. Bring them to me." Dannie shuffled to the fireplace and fumbled around with a few of the logs to arrange the mover the grate. Nate did as he was told, sloppy albeit.

"Ah!" He hissed as his bare paws touched the concrete floor that was cold enough to be numbing. The freezing temperature started to nip at Nate, "Is it supposed to be this cold?" Nate shivered. Stroking his arms to warm himself up, he stumbled along the wall to find the bundle of twigs. "It'll warm up when I get the fireplace on. Have you found it yet?" Dannie shinned the torch into the corner to show Nate where he was going, Nate had been going the wrong way. Mortified, Nate hurriedly walked to the faggots and picked them up.

Dannie whistled when Nate came into the light. "You have a good looking body... You should honestly put yourself on display more." Dannie mentioned. Nate covered his crotch with the bundle. "I'm not a thing." Nate said quietly, to be honest he didn't even know what he was anymore. He was being kept in a basement, so how could he call himself a furson? "In a way, we are things. Sodom owns us legally, so technically we're objects now." "Not if we're in Veden..." "So you want to swim an ocean to get away from Sodom? Sorry Nate, but Sodom probably has a tracer somewhere in you now." "Great! So instead of dying, I get to live the rest of my life as a slave under Sodom's surveillance?" Nate handed the faggots to Dannie, who scattered them along the bottom of the logs. The otter slumped down onto Dannie's bed. There were several blankets, all fluffy and comfortable, covering it and pillows as well; they all smelt of seed and piss. Disgusted, Nate crawled away towards his own bed. "Pets, we're pets. We have free will, so we're not slaves." Dannie corrected him and covered the log pile in tinder and newspaper. He lit the fire and soon the whole of the basement came into view: the gray, un-decorated walls, the ceiling that was covered in copper pipes and more importantly; Dannie.

With Dannie's looks revealed to him, Nate saw that he had been speaking to a young look fennec with well kempt cream fur covering his body and a warm smile etched into his fine. "See? I'm not some big monster who's going to eat you. Now get over here, bring your bed as well." After dragging his own bed in front of the fire, Dannie curled up on top of it to enjoy the relaxing warmth of the flames. Nate picked up his bed and dropped it slightly on top of Dannie's. He sat down and looked at the fennec, observing him to see if Dannie was sane.

"Mhh..." The fennec exhaled as he rubbed his back onto his bed. "This is the life, huh?" He tilted his head to look at Nate. "Getting pampered by Sodom with gifts and toys, getting to sit in front of this all day. No work, no school, no responsibilities..." Dannie sighed again. "Just, this." Dannie squeezed Nate's toes to elicit a response from him. "I guess that it is. But doesn't he make you... I don't know, have sex with him?" "More times than I can count." Dannie answered looking composed. "But, that number is linked to me being the only pet. You're not alone though, so you won't be getting a dick in your ass twenty four seven." Dannie assured him. The fennec shuffled closer on his belly and nibbled at Nate's paws. "That's good to hear. Will I get free time?" Nate pulled his paw away from Dannie, preventing the fennec from playing with his toes.

Dannie frowned at Nate and gestured for the otter to return his paw, he didn't. A sharp, commanding growl escaped the little fennec's muzzle which made Nate jump out of his fur. "Dannie, what's wrong?" Nate questioned in concern, his head whipping around with unbelievable force to check if somefur was sneaking up on him; he and Dannie turned out to be the only furs in the room. Dannie snapped into a leaping position and in the next second, pounced for Nate's chest.

The fennec's forepaws collided with Nate's breasts making the otter fall backwards. Dannie pinned him down by straddling him and dug his elbows into Nate's side which caused the otter to howl in pain. Next, the fennec stretched out Nate's arm as to the side and kept them there. "G-get off!" Nate begged and struggled underneath Dannie's exiguous weight, but Nate was too weak from famine to get Dannie off of him. Dannie lowered his teeth to Nate's neck, still releasing his low snarl. "Wha-what did I go?" Nate squeaked as he felt warm breath spreading over his neck, getting closer and closer by the second. Soon, cold, sharp, canine teeth were pressed to his neck and toying with his flesh. "Aww you're so afraid!" Dannie giggle, the bite turned into a lick. "I just want to play." Dannie showered Nate with more licks, releasing the otter's arms and allowing him to escape.

Dannie was pushed off of Nate, he landed in a crouching position as Nate backed away a second time. "Come on! Sodom bought you a bunch of new toys! Shall we play fetch, or, or... err... Tug of war? Or chase? Wrestle again?" Dannie bobbed back in forth in excitement and stuttered several times, it had been months since he'd spoken to a furson who wasn't Sodom or an anti-social guard. Dannie leaped for Nate's chest again, but the mustelid was ready and managed to roll out of the way. Dannie went crashing over him and landed on all fours, he whipped around for another attempt.

"I just want to go to sleep!" Nate complained, stomping his paw like a cub. He sat down by the fire again and covered his eyes. "Leave me alone." Nate demanded, his voice was teary. He started to reflect on his situation, stuck in a rich man's basement with an annoying fennec without food (unless he was willing to eat Dannie) or water paired with no sign of escape or rescue. Sulking, Dannie sat next to the otter and crossed his arms and legs. "Fine. All I wanted to do was play with you and the new toys before I have to leave."

They sat in silence for a minute, but it was broken by Nate squeezing a lapis blue bone that he had found nearby. It squeaked. Dannie turned his head to say Nate using his forepaws to squeeze it. The fennec dived and grabbed it was his muzzle, he wrenched it from Nate's grasp and padded off on all fours to the corner of the room. "Hah!" Dannie exclaimed, spitting it out and putting his forepaws over it. He lay down and stretched his body out. "Dannie I only wanted to look at it! Let me see." Nate shuffled closer on all fours, something made him feel obliged to move like a feral animal. He was awkward walking at firs, but soon realized that he needed to put his right forepaw forwards with his left paw and then his left forepaw with his right paw. With this knowledge he moved a little faster and reached Dannie in a few seconds, but the canine went bounding off to the other side of the room and chewed on the bone. The squeak riled Nate, the otter gave chase.

When he came in grabbing range, Dannie slipped past him once more, but failed to anticipate Nate playing dirty and biting his tail. Dannie yelped and stopped moving, dropped the bone and flailed. Nate released him, but jumped on top of Dannie and pinned him to the floor. He growled and sat on Dannie's back to stop him from rising. The fennec whimpered, his tail retreated between his legs and his ears flattened. "Did I hurt you?" Nate asked, standing up and putting a forepaw on Dannie's tail to check if he'd pulled a muscle in his tail. Before Nate could get a good look, the fennec jumped away with the bone in his maw. "Hah, tricked you!" Dannie laughed and waved his tail at Nate, "Come get it!" He began running around the room on all fours, Nate grinned and once again initiated a chase. It was a foolish game with no tactics, instead of going the other way Nate followed Dannie's route and soon obtained the bone for his own. The game turned on a dime, the rolls switched and they went around the room until Nate flopped down on the beds in tiredness. Dannie slumped on top of him, sweating and panting. "That was fun!" He exclaimed and got off of Nate.

Nate noticed that Dannie smelt of musk and sweat, two things that were beginning to be appealing to him. He gave out a soft whine, his sensitive cock was peeking out of his sheath and stimulating his senses. Dannie was in a similar predicament, but his own cock was entirely out of his sheath. "We could... we could do sixty-nine?" Dannie suggested. "Man it's painful isn't it? Sodom pumps some kind of chemical in here through the A.C unit. He told me that it makes everything colder physically, so we have to get closer to the fire and closer to each other. Then of course there are pheromones, which clearly make us hornier and more feral-like. Have you had any urges yet?" Dannie asked. "I've kind of wanted to move around on all fours... and bark..." Nate admitted. "Trust me Nate, those are some of the most normal urges you'll get down here. Just follow them, man!" Dannie advised. "But... I suppose that we could just speak for a while. I'm way too tired to play with you or even have sex." "Would Sodom let us? Have sex I mean? Wouldn't he get mad with us?" "Nah. Sodom wouldn't care as long as we don't orgasm. But... we don't have lube, so anal isn't an option." "Oh... that's off limits anyway. Nothing is going in my butt until I say so." "That might change! Sodom will force you if he has to, but you only have to say that it's a hard limit for you. Then he won't even finger you! But he might handcuff you to his bed for a while." Dannie winked.

"So... What do you want to talk about?" Dannie asked when Nate didn't respond, the fennec began pulling on his toes; he was tempted to bite them, but feared that Nate would scare easily. "I just want to go to sleep now..." Nate complained. "Maybe it's the stuff Sodom puts in the air." "I've been sleeping down here for three months, trust me the pheromones galvanize. There's no way that they're tiring you out." "Leave me alone." Nate demanded. "Stop being annoying." Sulking, Dannie made a noise of frustration and lay down, facing the wall instead of Nate.

"Why... Why do you have to leave?" Nate asked when the silence became too much to bare. Dannie was relieved to be finally speaking again. "Umm, because Sodom and I made an agreement." The fennec stumbled to his knees and starred, wide-eyed at Nate."He got to keep for three months and... and then when it's over, which is today, I go back to home with my boyfriend and we both get to leave! Gale, Gale, was working with-for Sodom, but we wanted to go! So that was our plan, I become Sodom's pet and then we get to leave!" Dannie explained, his tail shook violently behind him. "We're going to go off and live in Veden! Fix everything..." Dannie sighed in ecstasy and fell backwards onto his bed. "I can't believe that I'm so close." He looked up at the ceiling for a moment, panting, he felt faint know that he was thinking about it.

"So... Why, why are you here?" Dannie asked, tilting his head to see Nate shaking. "What's wrong?" "I... I was on death row." He said as he curled up to contain his emotions better, not that it lasted for long. "So Sodom saved you?" "Yeah... I guess that he did. He made me sign something and then I woke up in a basement..." "Oh you should get used to that. Sodom has a penchant for drugging his pets and then putting them to rest in some dank, dark place. But don't worry, he's not the kind of guy for date rape. He prefers his partners to be fully conscious, he likes to hear our moaning." Dannie winked. "Right..." Nate grunted, he'd suddenly lost of his urge to be garrulous.

Dannie didn't pickup on Nate's changed attitude and so he continued to attempt a conversation. "If you don't mind me asking. Why were you on death row?" He chirped. "Don't be invasive!" Nate snarled and lashed at Dannie with his claws. If they hadn't been trimmed only hours ago, they would have caused damage, but Nate's flat claws drew only the smallest amount of blood. "I'm sorry!" The fennec apologized and wiped the welting blood off his face. They turned away from each other the final time.

Between them, there was only the sound of howling flames, the whistling of pipes and the cracking of wood. Dannie tried explain, "Sodom's moving about above us. It sounds like he's-" "I'm not stupid. I know that it's him." Nate responded bitterly. Dannie sighed, now he realized that he'd blown his chance to be friends with Nate.

"Nate!" Dannie hissed after a few moments. "Get on your knees, face the door, stick out your tongue and curve your forepaws down." Dannie did what he had described, his tail wagged behind him as he did and his panting became genuine. "Why should I?" Nate asked, his answer came soon.

"Dannie, Nate!" Sodom's projected voice called out. Nate's ears became filled with the wicked, but familiar rustling of chains and the droning of stairs as they cried out from beneath Sodom's weight. Instinct ignited in Nate, the otter tried to flee and ended up cowering in the corner under the cover of darkness where Sodom wouldn't see him. Sodom shone a torch around the room, spotted Nate and then moved the torch light onto to Dannie. "Good boy!" Sodom exclaimed with a lively tone of voice as he dropped a bag. He walked over to Dannie with grace and ran his fingers along Dannie's large ears. He leaned down and kissed his forehead. "Do you know what day it is?" Dannie nodded furiously and barked in excitement, his whole body shaking uncontrollably. A tear started from his right eye and he began to bark more more.

Sodom sighed and knelt in front of Dannie, his voice changed, backed by tears and sadness. "What if I told you that Gale wasn't coming, huh?" Sodom put both forepaws around Dannie's waist and held him still. It felt as if an icicle had just been thrust through Dannie's heart, impaling the organ and ripping it out when the cold shaft was withdrawn, only it felt much more painful on an emotional level. His body began to shake more as his reflexes kicked in, he curled up and collapsed onto Sodom. His tears soaked through Sodom's white shirt, but the doberman didn't seem to care about that. He patted Dannie's back and stroked down the left side of the fennec's spine. "No..." Dannie's hoarse voice screeched. "Just fucking kill me then!" He begged, his forepaws dived into Sodom's pockets in search of something sharp, but found nothing. "No I won't do that." Sodom lay back, bringing Dannie down to the floor with him. He cradled the boy against his body and rocked him from side to side. "Why doesn't he want me? Is he dead..." Dannie's tears cut off his speech as he began wailing loud noises that resembled depressed howls, each one expressing how devastated he felt. "Please don't make me leave! I don't want to be alone..." Dannie pounded on Sodom's chest, hoping to find mercy within the doberman's iron heart.

"He's not on his way because he's upstairs." Sodom grinned now that he'd gotten enough laughs from Dannie's tears. The fennec did what was expected and slapped Sodom's muzzle, jerking the doberman's head to the side. He brought it back and smiled at Dannie, he stuck out his tongue and the fennec took hold of it. "YOU BASTARD!" He laughed with puffy red eyes. He released Sodom's tongue and dried his eyes with the back of his forepaw.

Dannie slapped Sodom's chest. "Oof!" Sodom noised and grabbed Dannie's naked waist as the fennec straddled him. "Aww did I make the fox mad?" He was given another slap on the muzzle, playful and harmless. "Shirt, off!" Dannie demanded, but ended up removing it himself. He started to slap Sodom's bare chest, making dry smacking sounds as his paw pads collided with Sodom's body. "You shouldn't do that to furs!" Dannie frowned and hit him again. Sodom reached upwards and put his forepaw on Dannie's face, thumb sticking into Dannie's muzzle. "Was that a slap, or a poke?" Sodom asked.

Dannie growled and bit Sodom's thumb. "NO!" Sodom howled. The sudden noise made Dannie flinch, he released Sodom's thumb and found himself being thrown onto his back. Sodom launched at him, only seeing red. He pinned Dannie down by his throat and shoved a finger to his face. "No! No!" He shouted at him as if he were giving discipline to a feral animal and not a young adult. "We do not bite!" "I'm sorry." Dannie said when Sodom released him. "Can... Should I go upstairs to Gale now?" Dannie asked, not daring to move until he was given permission.

"If you want to. I'm very sorry that I got violent." Sodom helped Dannie to a standing position and pulled his ex-pet in close. He kissed him on the lips with passion and pushed his tongue into Dannie's mouth. Dannie surrendered and relaxed to let the invader explore his mouth. Sodom pulled out with slobber around his mouth, he wiped it away with the cuff of his shirt and used his thumb to remove the spittle from around Dannie's own mouth. "I really want to fuck you now." He had gotten hard in his boxers already and was desperate to play with his fennec once more. "Damn you're a tease even when you're not my pet." "Well I'm sorry, Sir. But I don't think that Gale would appreciate it if you were to have sex with me again." "Yeah I know." Sodom chuckled and kissed Dannie chastely on his neck. "Gale has clothes and a few things for you upstairs, but if you want you can take a few dildos. Would you like that?" "Thank you sir."

Sodom unfastened Dannie's collar and rubbed his neck. "That's not a problem, Dannie. I bought those toys for you to play with and I'd hate to see them sitting in a cabinet in one of the play rooms. But... If you do take one of the expensive dildos, maybe I might show up at your house and demand sex." Sodom grinned and pocketed Dannie's collar. "Well I won't turn you away, unless I have cubs or guests." Dannie stopped smiling. "You should phone ahead." "Oh I won't be visiting Veden anytime soon, what I do to these pets of mine might be illegal over there." Sodom hinted. "But if you do come back to Ezil, my doors are always open for you." Sodom promised. "Now run along, tell Gale that he's dismissed. There's a breif case waiting for you by the front door, it has money in it and I want you to have it." Sodom instructed. "Oh Sodom you shoudln't-" Two fingers were forced inside of Dannie's mouth, pinning down hi tongue. When they came out, Dannie said. "Thank you sir." He gave Dannie a smooch on the cheeks. It looked as if Sodom was blushing. Dannie rested a forepaw over Sodom's crotch. "Dannie..." Sodom whined. "I heard that Gale has a wedding ring upstairs..." His eyes lighting up and he sprinted from the basement. "Send the rest of my harem down with their bowls please!" Sodom shouted after him.

Nate had so far been cowering in the corner, observing and over analyzing every thing. Sodom took a step towards Nate, but stopped when his white otter flinched. "Why could I hear chains?" Nate questioned with a squeak of his voice. He peered out from behind his arms that he was currently using to cover his face. "Because I have some in that bag I brought down." Sodom answered. "Don't worry, you're not going to be chained up for long. Only a few hours to let you adjust to them, there's no need to be afraid." Those words went over Nate's head, he whimpered again and tried to hide himself.

"Are you going to help me get this place back to normal? You'll get a belly rub if you do." Sodom said as he dragged Nate's bed into the top left corner of the room. He patted it down to smooth it out and then fluffed up all of Nate's pillows for him. Next, he lay a blanket over the bed and tucked it under the corners to prevent it from moving. "There. Why don't you come and test it for me?" Sodom requested. "I need to know how smooth it is before you sleep on it." Crouching down to Nate's height, Sodom approached him with a forepaw stretched out. "Come on, I have a treat for you. I won't hurt you." He said with a clam voice to assure Nate that he was safe.

Nate unfolded himself, but stayed put until Sodom reached him. There was nothing in his forepaw, Nate felt betrayed. The otter scowled at Sodom and was surprised when Sodom began to rub Nate's chin. "See? Nothing dangerous or harmful, is there?" He held Nate's forepaw and walked the mustelid to his bed. Nate lay down on it, his ensconced between two pillows. A blanket covered him seconds later and Sodom rubbed Nate's tail. "Go to sleep, Nate. I'll wake you back up in a minute."

Sodom began to align the other beds, Nate took a few moment to observe his surroundings. Sodom had positioned another bed at the other corner of the room, between Nate's and the empty bed there was enough room to fit two, possibly three more beds. Above Nate, there were two curved hooks that looked sharp. Nate wondered if he would be able to hang himself from... "Nate." Sodom growled softly. "I'm trusting you not to do anything dangerous, Nate. Otherwise I'll have you put in a cage and watched 24/7 when I let you out. This is your life now Nate, please don't try to leave." It sounded as if Sodom was begging him. "You're so beautiful and precious." The doberman added, making Nate blush.

The otter sat up, the blankets falling away from his naked form, to see Sodom bouncing a foam ball against the fall. It was colored like a football, but small like a tennis ball and squishy like a shuttle cock. "Catch." Sodom ordered. He threw the ball underarm in Nate's direction, the otter caught it with both forepaws and nestled it close to his chest as if it were valuable. "No, pet. Catch it with your mouth." Sodom chuckled as Nate passed the ball back to him. Sodom repeated his actions, Nate leaned closer and tried to chomp the foam ball. It hit him square on the nose and bounced back to Sodom, Nate whined and peeled back, rubbing his injured nose. "Move about a bit Nate next time." Sodom pocketed the ball. "But don't worry about that now, I won't make you run about on all fours without pads to protect you."

Sodom approached Nate and checked his nose for any serious injuries, he found nothing. He pressed his own nose to Nate's, it was cold and wet, but somehow soothing. Sodom pressed his body to Nate's. "How does sleeping in my bed tonight sound? Just me and you if you be good. I'll let you sleep naked?" "I want to sleep with some clothes on..." "No, Nate. Clothes are for anthros, not pets like yourself. But don't worry, maybe we can play-"

"Master?" A boy's voice called followed by the sound of paw steps coming from the stairs along with what sounded like hooves. "Kai is making a commotion again!" The boy complained. Sodom rose away from Nate, "I'll be back in minute, pet. Be respectful to these two." He ruffled Nate's hair and left the basement, but two more furs came into Nate's view a few moments later.

The first was a dalmatian covered in a copious amount of vibrant, honey colored spots'; everywhere except for his face and belly were afflicted with the circles. He wore a red collar with a small charm dangling from the loop. The second furson was a buck, more traditionally colored with browns, whites and blacks. His collar was a dark blue, but had no charms or any decorations on it. One of his antlers had broken away, which was strange because buck anthros had stopped their habitat of breaking off their bone antlers hundreds of yeas ago. They didn't seem nervous at all, despite being fully naked and shivering. They were struggling to carry several metal bowls.

"Err... Hi." The buck spoke. "I'm Jewels." He introduced himself and approached Nate, who growled and backed away. The buck continued to approach and sat down next to him, setting the bowls down in front of him. "Who are you?" 'Jewels' asked as he held out his forepaw. Acquiescing, Nate shook Jewels' forepaw and shuffled up to let him on to the bed, the dalmatian sat on Nate's other side.

"This is Luca." Jewels gestured to the dalmatian who looked eager to snuggle up to Nate. "Or Spots when he's being playful." Jewels added. "He can't speak though, so don't make him do that." With a hoarse voiced, head pushed forwards and throat strained Luca spoke a word: "True." It was so guttural that it made Nate's throat feel funny. Looking at the dalmatian, Nate asked: "How did that happen?" Jewels answered for him. "That's a question which we don't ask. No fighting and no coming. The two main rules." Jewels listed.

"Great. Rules." Nate mumbled. "Rules, are what's keeping the guards and other furs from killing us. Not only that, but there's a very disobedient red panda upstairs who would have killed somefur by now without rules." "Still they don't need to be harsh, no orgasms? Who the fuck came up with that rule?" "Sodom. But don't worry, you'll get used to it and I will say, Sodom is lenient when it comes to that rule... Just stay on his good side and you'll be spilling your seed again in a few weeks." "Does he let you come?" "Not sure. I haven't had a session with him for months, but I suppose that he will once he gets his paws on me." Jewels giggled.

Luca rattled the bowls and glared at Jewels. "What? You can set out a few bowls without my help." Jewels pouted. "Water..." Luca croaked. "Oh... Come on Nate, you can help." Jewels said, he stood up and walked over to a tap in the wall. He turned it on, clean water flowed out and into the two bowls. Luca and Jewels together filled up the four bowls and handed one to Nate. "Drink it when you get thirsty, get used to drinking like a feral though." Jewels advised and headed for his bed. Luca sat in his, got on all fours and began lapping at the water like a feral dog. His tail wagged behind him as he did and his sheath swelled slightly, how he could become aroused from acting like a feral Nate did not know.

He looked to the deer, he was copying Luca, but without as much excitement and stability. Sighing, Nate quickly came to terms with his situation and stuck his muzzle into the bowl. It tasted exactly how water should have tasted and soothed Nate's dry throat, how long had it been since he'd drank pure water? The prison drinks certainly weren't water, his bath water had been disgusting dirty and the wine had left foul tastes in his mouth. As Nate began lapping up his water, Sodom entered the room dragging a chubby red panda by the ear.

Where as Sodom wore a suit that was tailored to his frame, the red panda had been stripped naked. There was a steel cage locked around his sheath and a butt plug cramming his tail hole, his erection strained across his cage and the cold metal made it feel as if his fleshy cock was burning. He settled down on the spare bed and Sodom brought chains to him. "Kai!" Sodom growled when the panda began to struggle, his ferocious expression shocked the man into silence. In a matter of seconds, the chains were clamped around his wrists and ankles, but were loose enough to allow some movement. Sodom moved around the room and chained all of his pets in the exact same way.

Sodom lowered his lips to Nate's and kissed him. "This isn't permanent." He assured him. "I know that you're afraid of cuffs, but nothing will happen to you whilst you're in my possession." He kissed Nate's navel and rubbed his lips over Nate's sheath. "I only want you to adjust to them, you'll be in here for a few hours at most." "HOURS?!" Nate shouted and rattled his chains to be free. He began sobbing and complaining. "Nate, I don't want to gag you, but if you continue to make such noise I will have to force your silence." He pushed is finger inside of Nate's mouth, risking Nate biting him and losing the end of his finger. Nate stopped wailing, but couldn't prevent his tears.

"When I'm back, I promise you that I'll give you a long belly rub." Sodom smiled. "Does that sound nice?" He swirled his forepaw around Nate's chest and patted his slim figure. Nate nodded and was kissed on the forehead as a goodbye. Sodom stood up, stretched and forced his hips forward to place his bulge in front of Nate's face. On instinct, Nate leaned forwards and pressed his mouth against it. Sodom chuckled, "No, pet. I'm just stretching." He pulled them backwards and scratched Nate's chin. "Be a good boy and don't do anything naughty whilst I'm gone. That's go for all of you!" Sodom left up the stairs and locked the door behind him.

"Lucky..." Luca grunted at Jewels who giggled. "Yeah you are lucky, Nate. What did you do to get so much affection?" Jewels sat on his butt and gave out a pleasured whine. He tried to reach between his legs, but found that his chains didn't allow for such movements. He pouted and shuffled about more, hissing as he did. "All I did was cry..." "And it was pathetic." Kai interrupted, spitting at Nate. "Kai..." Came Luca's croak. "Kai just because you're pissed off with Sodom, it doesn't mean that you have to take it out on Nate. This just might be something that Nate absolutely hates, I mean, I cried once when Sodom fisted me." "That's understandable." Kai argued. "Still... This sort of stuff is rough on a first timer." Jewels mewed.

"Mark?" Luca croaked to Jewels, somehow to the deer understood the dalmatian in a second. "Oh! Yeah, good idea." Jewels cried as if he'd forgotten something. "Kai, Nate, you two should mark your beds." "And how are we supposed to do that?" Kai questioned. "Piss on it." Jewels said stoically, as if it wasn't disgusting at all. "What? Fuck off, mate. I'm not going to the toilet where I sleep and you two had better not either." "Fine, but if Sodom gives me he chance I will mark my territory." Jewels stated and began to roll about on his bed, kneading his body scent into the blankets, the pillows and everything else. Luca did the some, but made sure to rub everything with his sheath at least once.

"There." Jewels announced when he'd finished. "Now if any of you come over here without my permission I'm allowed to bite you!" Jewels giggled. "Like I'm going anywhere, I'm staying here until my lawyer gets me out of his crap." "Kai, you were on death row." Nate stared at Kai in shock, was Jewels speaking truthfully? "It's this, or the needle." "Hah! Death is a hundred times better than being some doberman's bitch." "We're not his bitches-" "Are you sure? Because you two sluts we're going wild on his dick up there." Kai chuckled. "We hadn't seen him for three months! We love him, why wouldn't we..." Luca broke out into a coughing fit, he'd been struggling to get his words out and now Nate knew why. The dalmatian dropped to all fours and began hacking up wads of spit and flem, fortunately no blood came out. "Take a drink Luca, use your forepaws if you have to." Luca stuck his muzzle into the water and drank slowly to help repair his damage throat.

"Does that happen often?" Nate asked with curiosity. "Only when somefur pisses him off, please don't tease him. We've both had enough shit in our life already." Jewels and Luca shared an emotional few seconds in which they stared at each other and began to tear up slightly. They both bundled up into small balls, but Luca let out noises that were similar to sobbing, his throat was unable to make a continuous noise and so it wavered constantly. Jewels broke down into a puddle of tears and shaking, he dropped onto his side and tried to hide among his blankets.

Nate caught sit of something protruding from Jewels' tailhole. "Jewels, what's that? In your tailhole." The deer stopped sobbing out of shock and tried to hide it by lowering his tail, but the object prevented him from moving his tail all the way down. "Is that a buttplug?" Nate howled in laughter. Kai joined in, but soon stopped when Jewels' crying started up again. "Nate." Kai rumbled. "He clearly isn't happy about it..." "I'm not!" Jewels said between tears. "Shut up!" "It's a fucking butt plug! This is hilarious. What's wrong Jewels, can't keep your shit in?"

For a brief moment, the world seemed to stop. Silence erupted into the room and a chill ran down Nate's spine, Kai closed his mouth and made himself smaller. Luca shot up onto his knees, pulling with all of his might to be free of his chains. He tried to fly at night, already his fangs were bared and his tail stood alert. "NATE SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Luca screeched. "STOP ASKING HIM ABOUT IT!" "Luca be careful, your voice!" "SHUT UP!" Luca growled to Jewels, the deer cowered away from the canine and stayed quiet. "You're new here Nate..." He began panting for breath as he struggled to speak, his face was painfully red beneath his fur. "But. You don't ask... about our conditions. Ever. Otherwise, we'll have Sodom... throw you out." Luca threatened. The dalmatian once again began coughing, but this time tears flowed from his eyes thanks to the pain he'd just tried to endure. He lowered his head to his bowl and took a few sips of water, his bowl was almost finished.

Kai spoke this time. "Luca, I'm very sorry for asking this, but by any chance have you ever been strangled?" Luca nodded, his eyes wide and teary. "Then stop speaking for god's sake, it must be painful to even say a word let alone shout a whole sentence." He spoke quietly and softly to the dalmatian, coaxing him into settling down and ignoring Nate. "Now put your head down and don't say another word." "Luca you must have enjoyed it." Everyfur in the room knew what Nate was talking about. "Shut the fuck up otter!" Kai snarled. "Kai, he clearly enjoys the pain otherwise why would he be speaking still? He should just be quiet from now on." That hit a few nerves in the room. Kai clenched his fists into balls, shaking violently in his chains whilst the two femboys resumed their sobbing, but with much more volume and movement. Nate grinned at the chaos he'd caused. "Oh come on Jewels, keep your shit together!" He howled with laughter. Kai opened his mouth wide to screech at the otter.

"NATHANIEL TODD!" Sodom shouted from the stairs. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY TO MY PETS?!"

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