Let Sleeping Bears...

Story by Aurem on SoFurry

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Let Sleeping Bears...

By: Tryan

Gengar shifted in his attempted sleep again and groaned, stuffing his arms into his ears. It helped for only a moment before his tree home was rattled again by the eardrum shattering snores outside. This had been the case for the past three days and while Gengar didn't need much sleep and enjoyed wrecking it for others he needed rest now!

The chubby ghost type rubbed his eyes and waddled over to the hole that led into his private paradise, too tired to concentrate on simply going through the wood. Outside his hollow was the exact same sight that had greeted him for the past 72 hours and seemed to be becoming a permanent fixture in the area. Snorlax rested beneath a pear tree, limbs sprawled out around it and giant, full belly lifting and lowering with the rattling snores.

"Fucking... Hell..." Gengar muttered, his usual smirk completely gone. Normally he could care less about what happened outside of his home but this large creature was affecting the inside and that was not tolerable in the least.

Shaking his head to get rid of some of the tiredness, Gengar floated over to the lummox and poked his belly. Besides it springing back into place immediately, nothing happened. Snorlax had lived up to his reputation of being nigh impossible to wake these past few days so Gengar didn't do much more.

Floating around the giant led to some interesting discoveries however, though only one mattered to Gengar. The giant had an erection.

The ghost looked around, but in the back of his mind already knew that there was no one else in the area. The most stubborn had left last night to avoid the constant snoring. Slowly a grin made its way back to Gengar's face and he swooped in close for a nice long look.

Snorlax was hung, or that might just be from Gengar's position, considering that the small Pokemon was actually the same size as the shaft. The scent was completely clean so there was no reluctance on Gengars part to place his hands on the hard member. He slid them up and down, watching the skin shift back and forth.

"Uncut." Gengar murmured, relying on his experience with trainers in the past. Now he couldn't resist and pulled the foreskin down, watching it roll back over the plump cock head then sit underneath the ridge, not moving to cover the head again.

"Now that is a sight I wouldn't mind getting used to." Gengar commented, forgetting about his lack of sleep as he extended his long tongue and ran it up the large cock. He moaned at the taste of male against his taste buds and got a special surprise when he licked over the tip and received a drop of super sweet pre.

The ghost was now lost in his play as he hugged the shaft, long tongue wrapping, licking, and stroking from every angle until he brought his mouth up to the tip. Gengar opened wide and pressed down onto the head. He wanted to feel all of it sliding into his mouth. The fantasy and lust were interrupted then, his mouth not big enough to get even the head past his lips.

With a grunt of frustration Gengar reverted to licking, his mind racing. He wanted this badly and he wasn't big enough... but Emboar was!

With a cackle, the ghost flew as fast as he could, leaving Snorlax to shuffle a little in his sleep as the attention ended.

Emboar lived close, but not close enough to have been driven away by the snoring. He was a heavy sleeper besides, and when Gengar phased into his home he was happy to discover that this male was sleeping as well. The ghost grinned wide and put his hand to either side of Emboar's head then kissed the sleeping Pokemon deeply. Slowly he used his tongue, then his body seemed to grow less and less visible until Emboar's eyes opened with a snap.

The pig Pokemon held his hands out in front of him, grinning wide as he began flexing. After a minute he was out of the house and walking on his way back to Gengar's, a slight red shine to his eyes.

Snorlax was exactly where Gengar had left him and he grinned happily as he brought the new body close and picked up where he left off. Emboar was on par with Snorlax's size but had less pudge filling him out. Being careful with his tusks, he opened wide and dipped his head, Snorlax's uncut cock head being enveloped in the warmth of the fire type.

Emboar moaned softly and dipped down more, bobbing his head eagerly on the shaft. With one hand he started rubbing his own cock, the shaft filling with blood quickly as he really got into this. Tongue lashed against the meat in his mouth, invoking a rumble from Snorlax and an eager and hard suck from Emboar.

Eventually Emboar came up for breath, licking his lips and taking a step back to stroke his shaft while taking in the view. He had to admit that the spit shined cock was a nice sight, but now with an aching erection of his own he craved a bit more. His eyes trailed downwards slowly, finally landing on Snorlax's tight asshole.

"Fuck yeah." Emboar said in his deep gravelly voice. He spit into his palm and slicked his shaft with that before stepping back in and lining up. "This is for keeping me awake." And with that Snorlax was pierced. The sleeping Pokemon finally startled awake, hips thrusting up slightly to get away from the pain from his ass stretching only.

"Ah, what the fuck!" he called in a sleepy tone, struggling against the rough hands that had just taken hold of his hips. Emboar grinned at the line eyed Pokemon over his large belly, thrusting hard and burying his comparable shaft into the large Pokemon's ass.

"Fuck yeah, you're tight. If I'd have known that this was all it took to wake you up I would have done it as soon as you layed down." The possessed Pokemon said, fucking the plump ass roughly. For all the padding on the outside the muscles inside were clenching hard, only driving Emboar wild with the need to fill his impromptu fuck buddy.

Snorlax finally figured out what was going on and dropped his head back with a soft, pleasured sounding moan. "Arceus you have a big dick." He moaned, causing Emboar to look up with surprise. Of all the things he had expected the Pokemon to say, that was not one of them.

"Keep clenching like that and you'll get more than just my cock. Ever been bred by a fire type?" Emboar replied with a smirk, slapping the fat Pokemon's ass.

"Ah! Just like that!" Snorlax panted, trying to reach down for his own hard cock. "And no, but it's always been a fantasy."

Gengar chortled in Emboar's mind, causing the fire Pokemon to widen his eyes in shock and struggle a little mentally until Gengar's Hypnosis took effect again. He cursed himself for letting the suggestive control slip for a moment, but the large Pokemon getting his ass pounded hadn't noticed the change. "I'm getting close!" Gengar said through Emboar's mouth, feeling the fire Pokemon's imminent orgasm.

"M-me too. Squeeze my cock right when you cum and I'll cum too."

Gengar mentally drooled and made Emboar pound his hips faster, the edge fast approaching. At the very last moment he forced Emboar to squeeze hard, then jumped from his mind, pressing his ghostly lips to the tip of the large cock as Snorlax yelled out, cock throbbing and his balls emptying. The ghost moaned happily, swallowing every drop of the tremendous load, mind going hazy.

Emboar grunted in ecstasy, his mind snapping fully back to his control for the amazing orgasm. Tiredly he patted the ghost once he was finished before resting on Snorlax's belly. Snorlax grinned at the fire type, moaning over the heat that now filled his inner passage. The fire pig winked and made a mental note to thank the ghost that was now sleeping in between their bellies for such a great orgasm.

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