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Some have already read some of this story, it was originally written when I was known as Aliana or Aliana DeSanta. Any questions please contact me. Enjoy!

It was one of those nights where the night was cloudless and the streets surrounded by endless silence. Odd as it were not even the grasshoppers melody that pierced the nights, seemed to have deceased. Eerie echoes as she walked, blending into the nights surroundings. The cloak she wore draped down to the floor barely touching the black depths of the cracked road. The dull shine of her boots as the clothes clung to her curves, the way it hugged her thighs and caressed her hips. The way the shirt she wore hung lose but clung enough to show her abs she dedicated to build. Hidden by the cloak she embraced as the night engulfed her was endless.

On cue she caught the scent of a wolf, not daring to break her confident powerful stride, her almond eyes glowed beneath the hooded cloak she felt her lip tremble. Although not from fear, but from a coyly smile that dare to mock this intruder that followed her. A hint of shadows wrapped around her ankles, just the need of command was a thrill, an enticing arousal that would make the cloth that covered her hidden treasures to become misty as if it were dew upon the morning grass. She lowered her ears determined to seek this follower that she strode down another bit of the block before he dared to emerge as if she were his prey.

Letting her claws be summoned from wrath as he appeared behind her like a skilled rogue he thought he was. Digging her claws into his thigh as she felt the cold steel against her thin neck. She felt a few bits of her fur get sliced as they floated like lightened clouds to the surface of her boots. She growled as her fur stood up not caring to just how greatly sharp this knife against her throat was. Instead she mocked him by dragging her claws up his thighs ripping the pants he wore.

Using the power of the shadows that licked her paws, thankful for her whim to use them at her disposal. Her features changed as her eyes became sharper, her fur became rigid and her arousal was fiercely stronger within the windless night. She used the shadows to scout this pathetic rogue that dared to even lay a finger let alone a blade on her. Hearing the whispers of the shadows course through her veins she felt that familiar ache she deathly welcomed. The ache growing fiercer, fangs slowly grew from thirst as the shadows peeled the blades that were hidden amongst his fur. Hearing the sharp intake of his hissed breath as she snickered, "Scared or insulted are you pup?" sneering between her snickers.

The sudden growl that seemed to have echoed as if raging water toward a city threatening to destroy. She let out a small yelp as she was suddenly facing downward, tasting the rubble of the cemented floor. A slight stinging pain as a warm crimson liquid drip from her lip she dug her claws deep into his thighs, the clothing he wore would not shield her claws; tingling sensations of something warm filled her fingers. She saw the sudden death gripped paw slam down next to her face on the concrete, quickly noticing the glowing blue that seemed to justify from two of his claws. Finding it dangerously amusing still searching this paw in front of her seeing the sketched lines. Some anew others faded as if dug into the skin some time ago. At first she didn't recognize what they were but soon enough saw the lines, "no..." she whispered coming into indulged terms that they were ancient runes. Her fur stand at attention, she licked the crimson colored fluid, quivering at his breath harshly pierce her ear drum while he spoke, "Dare to challenge me, do you have any idea who I am? I shall teach you a lesson in daring such disrespect." Exclaiming as if he seemed to have been caught off guard taking in the wiff of her scent. Laughing a cold ruthless laugh into the stars, "Seems as if I shall stand corrected, pathetic is more like it. Seems you find this sexually arousing." he snarled into her ear while she struggled against him. Hissing at him, she was strangled mid way when she felt a hard bulge press against her perfectly curved ass causing that hiss to turn into a small lusting moan. Mentally kicking herself for allowing this thing, this beast know what her body was indeed portraying. Her heat, her need was a passion that even on command overpowered her bloodlust like a frenzy. She struggled beneath him and hit him hard in the face with the back of her head. The cracking of a bone echoed inside the core of her mind scrambling to her feet she swayed her cloak out of the way letting the silver edges glisten in the moonlight. Quickly turning to her assailant she saw him fully. A wolf that bore the figure of an alpha, the muscles that rippled beneath his shirt that remained hidden slightly by the cloak he himself wore. Holding his gaze drawing the powers of her bloodlust summoning them ready to strike as he ran toward her and she towards him. The clash seemed to have enslaved the none existent clouds to swirl and cloak them as the fighting hence had began. Her heat enflame his vision and control, both of which he lost, he bared his jaws and let out a howl. She knew it there on the spot, the sound of being marked as a territorial claimed prize; her clothes barely hung upon her delirious curves that could make a man weak.

Beads of sweat and blood ran down her fur, as her breath became rigid, quickly turning to disappear. She couldn't risk being branded by this intruder, whoever he was. Yet it clung like a overflowing waterfall. Surging his howl was rhythmic to the pulse of her blood she felt an attack on her mind, it sent everything within her freeze and the temperature that uncoiled from her body as a quick panic-

"Raven- Mine" That cold freezing sensation rushed through her veins as he staked his claim.

Her thoughts pounded against her head, 'How?' Replaying what had occurred between this little amusing conflict, gasping in horror to realize he had touched her mind.

Using the shadows, the bloodlust that pounded through her core growling, "How dare you claim something you never will own, peasant."

He roared and crashed into her mind, she had expect the same trickery to fool her, yet when their minds clashed a linked vision of him taking her as a submissive bitch, forcing her to beg him to sate her heat. The vision played like a strung violin her nipples became hard and beaded. Her blood felt as though it all rushed between her legs creating her heat to yearn. Her own mind becoming fussy growling in frisky passion; she ran away from this assailant. Running at full speed transforming fully into her hybrid self the adrenaline rush caused within her. Her thoughts warped inside her mind just as they built quickly they came brushing down when she was tackled from behind. Baring her fangs the pain that cuffed into her wrists while being tied down. Paws behind her back with a form of chain that seemed to bend and seemed indestructible.

Feeling the dirtiness of the road claim her fur upon her face, the steady warm flow of her blood going down the side of her face. Being rolled over as if her weight was nothing like a bag of potatoes; snarling she tried to sink her jaws and fangs into him, wrapping her legs around his waist realizing a little too late the comical ideal in this. First she tried to hurt him, in her current position it was as if she were offering a sweet invitation.

He instantly thrusted his hardened thick bulge against her. His primal growl over bearing to her ears a reminder of what only dwelled deep within her fantasies. Before she could react, she was tossed over his shoulder a cold swirling tornado of snow engulfed them. Her whiskers froze, her nose held the burning sting of frostbite. The city faded away, being tossed upon the hard earth ground, the snow gone a moment after. Taking in the surroundings, her body ached from the impact, there were only grass, trees and no civilization.

His teasing was there one second and gone the next, the way he stalked her, like a lion to a zebra set on that seed of doubt within her mind. Peering up at him, taking in his actual features. His silky hair of blue jet ocean color that spilled over his face hiding his silver glowing eyes. Standing at nearly six feet tall, his muscles flexing beneath his clothes, he was cut with the muscles of some of the bloodiest battling grounds. Her eyes wondering, the growl he sent towards her as she blanched out under the ferocity of his thriving muscular attention. "You will learn to listen and to obey, you are mine! Beware shall I be displeased I'll take great pleasure in putting you in your place."

Her nod was stiffed, more shocked than ever to be treated in this manner. Yet her body was eager to please as her mind tried contemplating her way of escape or how to kill him. Being yanked to her feet he placed a hand on her shoulder and she was out like a light, her body being carried through a portal as the scene of the trees and grass faded away.

Till Next Time..

Written as Aliana/Aliana DeSanta.

Aliana belongs to Driana. questions or concerns please contact me.

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