More Then A Conquest

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Laying down on her rather large empty bed the sheets laid a mess, beads of sweat rolled down her figure glistening her black and purple fur. Moving her leg to the side arching, letting a loud moan of nearing her climax echo within the room; the moon shined through her windows displaying she was alone. Her paw laid between her legs dipping in and out of her sweet nether folds. Her moaning became louder, needing with lust; the sound of ripped cloth following behind her moans. Lost in transit she heard distantly the bellowing cries of anger coming from the dungeon. Growling out of frustration she licked her paw and untangled her other from the ripped sheets as she quickly stood, no satisfaction.

Grabbing her combat boots slipping them on stealing a glance at her robe, she pulled her black laced panties on slowly letting the cloth embrace her thighs as it slide up to hug her curved ass. Bending back down slightly over she tied her boots letting off a small huff. Walking by the stand grabbing her silk robe that was transparent enough to see her pink hardened nipples upon her perky, rounded DD's. Marching out of her room, the stomps of her boots bouncing off the ground she grabbed her favorite weapon letting the length of it drag on the floor. Her fast paced striding made her robe flap, not that she cared. She reached for the door that led to the basement eyeing the corridors to be deafened by silence except her hard breathing. She suddenly hesitated to enter this domain of a dungeon that laid within the walls of her home. Opening the door to the dark corridor, slipping into the darkness that were welcoming her, cloaking was more like it as she silently stepped down the stairs the only sound were the sounds of her own and the breathing of that prisoner. Looking to make sure the camera was indeed active pointing towards her prisoner's cell she emerged from the stairs to full view.

"Let me go!" The male snarled standing in the corner of his cell. His eyes glowed that of a sky blue, changing colors to a fierce red. She knew him well, from a hunters view, all he knew was the look of smug etched upon her lips when she had captured him. He knew her smell, that of death and nature, he had yet to still hear her voice.

Standing by the cell, the shadow of the light covered a bit of her face, with her body barely holding any type of clothing to hide her or protect her she leaned against her weapon in a casual manner. Her eyes swept up and down his body in a primal manner, given she was in heat but she noticed every detail.

Aillen had spent hours pacing back and forth in the unknown location, "I must be somewhere in the southwest." more to himself then to the deafening aches of the dungeon. The first things he noticed was the cleanness of it, no blood, carvings of past prisoners that seemed to have been scrubbed over. To spotless perhaps for his taste. How could he have been so stupid? Tricked by the unexpected. Growling in frustration he slid a scaled covered set of claws through his hair fisting it at the base of his neck.

"Who does she think she is? I'm Aillen.. Who dares, how does she dare?" calling out, where he grew frustrated in the endless growls that echoed. He ended up resting against the cold dungeon wall, its cooling aroma sent peace through him. He thought back to the day in the forest, he had been hunting. There was an ogre and her. The struggle as she cried out, blood splayed upon the ground. The scene was haunting, little did he know it had been but a trap.

"I should of left her.. No I couldn't have it on my conscious.." he growled softly as he shifted on the wall. His impatience got to him, he began calling out, demanding she come. Seemed merely like hours or maybe minutes. She didn't show, his thoughts clouded on his impatience, closing his eyes he took in deep shallow breaths. His mind fogged and clouded as he thought back once more on what had occurred.

‾Blood everywhere, bodies of victims, all fresh as if a few hours ago. He was in the tree observing after he had heard the disturbance. Having to cease his hunting he watched the ogre chase this woman. She wore rags for clothing, her hair hid her features, the soles of her feet covered in dirt and blood. The laughter of her predator had him leap into action to save the woman. Instead, to many things happened, he was backhanded hard against trees where he was knocked unconscious. After awakening the pure bliss of grogginess' laid like a thick mind fog. Her smile was all he had seen before being knocked unconscious.‾

His ear twitched, the room's air had become disturbed, 'She is here.' he thought. No sound, only the steady breathing from his nose. He could smell her before she even appeared. The scent made his scales seem tightening, his clothes suffocated him, the unbearable pressure of his pants as his hardened member was trapped in its confinements.

He had difficulty concentrating on when all he could think about her soft pink lips upon his shaft, having her head bobbing up and down. Clearing his mind the best he could he focused back on her voice.

"Images like that will do more then get you into trouble you couldn't afford." The way she said it was full of cockiness, more surprised than ever he starred. "How..?"

She carefully opened the door with a wave of her hand, it seemed like an illusion but he caught the trick when it was her tail that opened a secret compartment that released the door. She stepped into the cage closing the door firmly behind her. The weapon laid on the outside, out of reach. He wondered what her game was.

She hadn't ever done this before, usually she interrogated by other means but she knew more about him, knew he was different. Her robe still revealed that she only had boots and panties on, her breast bounced slightly. "Lets get to the point shall we, that way we can get down to business." At that she dropped her robe in front of him, her body displayed old scars, some faded some more recent. She could feel his gaze burning through her fur, the way he seemed to undress her even more without touching. She walked towards him where he stood, his own scent grew, it seemed to have its own hypnosis upon her. The hormones from him made her want to touch herself. She barely had to step forward, he had her bent over on the bed. Her tail up, his pants unbuckled as the growl of mating echoed through the dungeon. She wanted him; without hesitation she wiggled her hips pressing her heat towards his crotch. She quickly fisted the small beds covers, crying out in lust, arching as he penetrated every inch in one quick thrust. He wasn't gentle, he didn't give her a chance to adjust. Pounding her hard over and over, her moans were loud full of heat, need, lust and sexual conquest. "Ha-Harder!"

He pushed her torso down onto the bed, he growled as she grew tighter, never loosening her hold. "For being my captor, you look much better bent." Thrusting harder and deeper, lifting her leg around his waist he was able to access her clit where he moved his paw and rubbed vigorously at it. Her walls were pulsing around the throbbing painfully member, he felt the sudden wave of intense orgasm. The release of his scent grew stronger as he marked her as his connecting their bond, he reached for one of her arms still keeping one leg wrapped around his waist. Pinning the arm upon her back he thrusted harder, hitting her sensitive spots over and over.

"Ooh! I-..I close!" she cried out, her walls clenched again around him, she was squirting and drenching his cock with her sweet juices. The smell of their sexual conquest filling the dungeon. Her panting was hard, barely able to hold her breath he spun her around, picking her up and slamming her into the wall. He ravished her sweet red bruised pussy. Having her bounce on his cock, He forcefully kissed her suffocating her of any breath. Digging his claws into her waist he slammed her harder down each time, he couldn't hold back, he spurted rope after rope of cum filling her strawberry looking pussy. He pulled out of her slowly, setting her on the ground steadily as their mixed juices dripped down her entrance. Turning around he looked over at her, "That was worth it." She grabbed her panties and walked out of the cell and up the stairs leaving behind the pool of cum on the floor.

Until Next Time.

Written as Aliana/Aliana DeSanta.

Aliana is Driana Le Souris. Questions or concerns contact me.


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