Flying Home

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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It had been a long rainy day, depressive was more so the word when I had arrived at the Madrid Airport on my way back to the states. First of all, it felt like the trip had been far too short and joyous memories to preserve all through life. Yet I felt very miserable deep down inside. It was going to be a long flight, dealing with crowds, let alone security, was always a pain with me. Not having passed the security procedures as normal, it was rare that I was felt up, but there were his grimy hands feeling over the bulge on my crotch. "Drugs?" The first ridiculous observation. Stripped of the right to defend myself the bushy black haired hyena that came behind me and escorted me into the interrogation rooms

Not only had I missed the flight but at least I didn't have to deal with those snobs, instead a sharp voice demanded that I took my clothes off for the unwelcomed search. Glancing over with a startled look, jaw dropping as I saw the lynx with a cute little name tag that read Rufina. The security guard was to the back left in this little room with an intense face on the screen, his mouth was slightly open and his eyes widened a little. Shifty glances between the lynx and myself, he didn't realize I was still watching, licking his lips a little he moved a hand down and started unzipping his pants. Only able to see two or three inches of his shaft reflected against the light from the screen. He slowly started stroking up and down----

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way, Panda." Practically jumping up in my shoes, I began the slow travel of button after button down my white shirt. Shaken in place, the little caresses against my nipples as I unfastened the top buttons finally shrugging it off and tossing it aside. Turning away to hide my now fully erect hard-on feeling the weird look upon my back with the skirt and leggings down around my thighs with the panties doing nothing to hold back my monster. My scrotum felt unbelievably tight and my balls ached in apprehension, gasping as the lynx ran an index finger up my cock as a bead of precum appeared on the head of my dick. I involuntarily moaned out, moving my hips back and forth against the furry hand, I couldn't take it anymore.

Moving my hands down, wrapping them around the pulsing length, stroking furiously up and down before I was shoved onto the floor by the feline. Shi had been wearing a skirt that was hiked up around hir waist, crying out in protest but was instantly shut up with the dick banging on my forehead and the pussy that was shoved around my mouth. Spreading my legs a little more as my balls continued to enlarge, with a hand wrapped around the base still jerking off, I inhaled hir overwhelming sweaty pussy scent. My hand was soaking wet from my juices, licking and feasting on the salty but sweet taste only to feel hir tight walls spread around my mouth, forcing inch after inch of my snout inside her dripping cunt. It was difficult to breath, taking little breaths from the corners of my lips. Scared that I would faint, I slid my tongue in swirls around the deepest parts of hir depths.

Gagging at the excessive amount of juices I was force fed, I couldn't believe it when hir leg moved and shi bent down, hugging hir breasts to hir own shaft and forcing the tip of hir dick inside of hir mouth, slowly bobbing up and down grunting in pleasure moans. Jerking my head up and down with much effort to bounce hir up and down, hearing the wet sloppy suckles of hir own blowjob before shi blew hir own load, half of which was swallowed as much as I could handle but it didn't save me from being turned into a facial pridefest. Letting out a sigh as I relaxed against the floor. My still erected shaft flopped against the tightness of my stomach blushing heavily, shi let out a content groan climbing off my face, drooling tiredly, sensitive from the rooms breezing caresses,making my tool jerk in response.

Rufina was anything but done with me, I was weak, but it didn't stop the lovely lynx from leaning down to bite gently on my ear, giving it gentle flicks of hir tongue with playful tugs. It made me feel handsy and wanting more, sliding my hand over hir cheek. Shi climbed over me in a 69 position, surprised that shi didn't lower hir mouth down against my mouth but shi crawled further down to straddle my magnificent toy for hir own. Rufina positioned hirself against the awaiting shaft, teasing hir slit back and forth finally taking the member into hir tight pussy squeezing the head hard making me groan in pleasure. Hir hands rested on my legs, slipping hir slippery sex down driving my cock deep inside hir snatch, Rufina arched hir back pushing hir hips back and forth like shi was riding a bull, gripping hir hips I thrust up hard and fast not letting hir move away from the well deserved poundings shi would get. Pulling hir down in hard slams as I reached around stroking hir flaccid member making it nice and thick all over again.

Each stroke of my hand had hir legs pressing against my hips slamming hirself down sinking my member into hir honey deeper and deeper as if craving to go in deeper still, hir pussy holding my cock firmly, clenching up finally letting a meow of pleasure spraying all over my cock. I couldn't hold it back anymore sending my own spurting load after load of white hot cum inside of hir. It was almost perfect but I was left craving hir luscious ass. Pressing hir forward until shi was on all fours in front of me. Shi moaned out in pleasure as my cock slid out of hir tight slit, listening to hir moans feeling proud at how well I had pleasured her, I didn't stop there. Leaning down I spread even hir legs more bringing my mouth down to hir balls gripping them in my hand as I latch my mouth on them sucking on them even rewarding the tensing skin of hir balls with laps of my tongue.

Hir scent got stronger even more so as I ran my tongue across hir balls one more to caress over hir slit licking up the cum I had just dumped inside of hir. Flicking my tongue dangerously slow over the most sensitive places of hir slit, tugging hir pussy lips teasingly. Shoving my tongue into her depths forking out scoop after scoop of cum slowly making hir squirm around begging for another round of fun. "Fuck that feels good." Rufna looked happy even in her superior attitude it was such an incredible turn on. The head of my cock teased and pressed against hir opening, "Tell me what you want, Slut." I demanded full well knowing what shi wanted. It was going to a tight fit, painful at first with little to no lube but shi would get used to it. "Please fuck me, I want you to take me." Needing no further words I pressed forward gripping hir hips. Hearing the grunts of from hir, it made me smile, working my way in and out of hir little by little until I was buried deep into the hilt with a loving groan. "Fuck, you're so tight."

Going in and out of hir ass, sawing it with each buck of my hip until hir face was pushed down onto the floor, hir torso was a light defined muscle toned, hir tits jiggled hypnotically with each thrust. I was both shocked and nearing over the edge when shi spoke, "Can I touch my tiny, pathetic, clitty?" I knew she was referring to hir cock. "Sure thing." I growled and fucked hir even harder. Shi moved enough to slid hir hand down stroking and jerking hir cock knowing shi was thinking of all their fun this day. It hadn't taken long before a few globs of cum slipped between my fingers onto the floor. "Give me that!" I yelled at hir, "Tsk. Barely even enough for me to taste." remarking with disdain. Moving harder and faster, thrusting as deeply as I could to relieve myself in hir ass. it was a beautiful sound of my crotch pounding against hir ass, it felt like an eternity of fucking, the day was going by fast.

I used hir to achieve my orgasm, like the many shi had so many, I was still yet to receive even a second one. I was close to blowing my load but even I had a better thought in mind. Grabbing hir by the neck I had hir laying down on the floor gripping hir neck jerking myself off fast. "Open your mouth." I growled at hir, I was in the mood for making a mess. I knew shi was watching my balls contract. Even I felt jealous at such a view, but I closed my eyes opening my mouth to take a deep breath of hir thick scent. Taking another gulp of hir scent, I hungered for my release. Struggling to get past it, I finally jerked fast enough to push over the edge splattering hir face and hair finally letting hir get up. "Clean the tip." I rewarded hir with that final taste.

Taking my clothes as we all finally started getting dressed, I swiped my panties from the ground placing my half erected cock creating a very noticeable bulge. My cheeks flamed with a heavy blush. "Hurry the next flight is boarding."

Till Next Time...

Written by Driana Le Souris.

Written for GameSlayer013 owning both characters.

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