Becoming Hers

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Everything I was promised was a lie. It was never like the virtual worlds where one could simply click a button like in Second Life and appear somewhere else with the ability to flirt around. No. No. This was nothing like it at all. This was the real world or so I thought. A video game had been invented by the government in this year, 2035. It gave promises of never ending happiness. The way this game was manipulated to create jobs that actually paid your real life bills. Rent. Food. Debts. Ever since the war things were different and ran by the nerds. Sure even us poor people had these. It helped us do something while we waited for the clear to go back outside. So much had changed, it wasn't like the history books told it where you rode buses or drove a car let alone go work out there.I was a twenty five year old virgin male in this furry world. I never blended in with the crowd. Worked day in and day out in several clubs strip clubs and adult industries. The life set to be boring.

Who would of guessed that I would get bored of watching the most beautiful girls undress every night literally at my feet? Ironic.

The way was unlike any other. I felt the need to visit a club someone had mentioned to me the night before. I had gotten off work early since I had the first Dj set for the night. It was the first time in a long time that I got off so early, usually I was covering a shift for the lazy bum who always had to have his dick in some girls ass, lucky him. Yes I was jealous. One of the new strippers had the wildest ideas of wanting to have some fun. Not that I had anything to worry about. I mean come on, I was a virgin with the only plus side of never having to hear the dangerous words, "we need to talk." from some lover. I was blessed but lately my dreams needed something. No. My life need something. Excitement. Tonight was the night I was going to go to the infamous prison mansion better known as "Hopes End."

Honestly I didn't know what to expect when I found myself staring at the large blood red double doors with posted guards on the outside. The sounds were muffled but enough to make out moans and squeals of delight. Was I really about to do this? Finally after standing there for eons I took hold of the doors handle pushing it open as I was greeted by the long red carpet across this long narrow hall, two pillars stood tall, twisted and white however between them my gaze was lead to a sole chair with a white wolfess sitting in a tight black leather outfit. Exploring this creature before me, I was but a humble husky entrapped in the single sight of her silver eyes.

Silver eyes.

They weren't like the eyes of others. Usually a touch of brown or a black pupil at the very least. Yet here she was staring at me with those smoky eyes freezing me to the very spot.

"On your knees." The most sensual woman's voice was not only teasing but came like a wave across the walls but her lips didn't even utter a single word. Something was off about her. She was too perfect. Was that possible? To be perfect? The white and silver tresses that fell from the top of her head to her mid back with black tips, framing and bringing out the delicate features of her lips permanently curving up into the sexiest smile that made my heart stop. There was no point in gazing on the rest of her, it was all marked on her face as I was glued onto the floor on my knees like the slave that just warranted off their soul.

Maintained in this illusion her voice spoke again with a single word. "Crawl." Barely dropping on all fours like a good soon to be pet, I transformed into my feral self. The painful hard erection between my legs had never happened to me like this, on the very verge of cumming. I was scared and obviously very aroused to under her spell.

Every cowardly step I took to her, dragging my front across the red carpet 'crawling', my feral senses were not only stronger than in my anthro form, but her scent was intoxicating. I could see her nipples stiffening, strained against that flimsy bra, her panties were getting damn as I got closer and closer, I could tell she wanted a good fuck like any girl. -CRACK!- Something had gone through the air and hit me across the back. Yelping and whimpering. What had I done? Looking up at her I slowly understood what I did. I was looking in other places rather than her eyes. The anger that floated beneath her silvery eyes sent a shiver down my spine. Slowly I began crawling yet again.

I wanted her. I needed her. I was a virgin lusting after her like a wolf ready to breed his bitch. Before she could even react, I was on top of her. My eyes, shaded purple, burning with a fiery passion into her silver ones almost like a wolf. Pinning her down to the ground with little comfort of the chair to keep her in place. Not even a scream but a simple squirm. Growling low stop her squirms, I towered over her. Paws on either side of her hips with her legs hoisted up against my hind ones. Rubbing my member against her stomach with my teeth sinking into her neck marking her as mine. Dragging my paw across her front having my dull claws drag down her bra exposing her cleavage greeted by the brown little nubs that dripped milk, with a final lick to her neck I moved down to her breast.

An unspoken glance shared over them, not breaking the eye contact as my long tongue took a slow lick over the nipple. Licking all over her chest, dragging it over her nipples, before finally latching onto the one that appeared more full. Grazing my teeth painfully slow with a turn of my head going left then right, intensifying the torture with quick flicks of my rough tongue. Releasing the nipple only to catch it with the edges of my fangs, squeezing the little bud hard enough to puncture the sensitive flesh, "Ohhhh godddd!" she squealed and moaned beneath me. Drinking heavily the very milk that gave life and the crimson liquid, lips tugging harder, needier with each passing moment until there was no milk left. Switching to the other breast giving it the very same treatment.

Humping her stomach smearing more and more of my pre, pushing my paw down on her front trying to drag her panties off, little glimpses of her pussy lips with just a little brown landing strip, now at my mercy yet these panties wouldn't come off. Another attempt of dragging my paw across the front managing just to pull the undies to her thighs. A dog like me didn't care, not with this burning lust, even with her pussy glistening wet I glanced down at her and smiled. This Mistress inhaled deeply, scared as she was, it didn't matter with how wet she had become making it no longer rape. Logic tried to clear her thoughts and here I was thirsting to lick more than her tits.

Fuck IT.

Moving my paws closer and tighter to her hips, drooling pre all over her pussy lips slamming hard and deep inside of her pussy. Instantly her legs spread further apart on my crotch with her hands cupped behind her calves tugging her legs closer to her petite little frame. Hips raised even better for my cock adjusting within seconds sliding inch by inch in and out of her at first but she wasn't having that. Her wolf tail slid underneath her ass pushing her pussy up meeting each slow thrust I dove into her. Her tight pussy squeezed so hard, my breaths stumbled and I nearly lost my load, whimpering against her chest trying to hold off, slipping my stiff cock out of her slippery sex without leaving her baby making factory. Thrusting harder and faster against her, balls slapping against her ass forcing her to involuntarily arch up shoving her tits into his face. Instantly moving to her nipples they appeared larger and more sensitive, flicking my tongue over them.

Done. Simply done. I lost my load just moments before her squirting orgasm even came close to releasing on my lap. What shame was this? Grinding into her, the only thing I could do as my seed flooded into her, my only hope was that she would eventually carry a litter of huskies. Lifting my head up from the blood red nipples pulling on them with my fangs, she let go of her legs dragging her claws across his fur before it wrapped around my muzzle. "What a disgrace you are, you had me fooled." came the pretty voice. Before I could move though, countless slender hands wrapped around every part of me, pulling me away from her.

Dragged away like a worthless mutt trying to scream but I was thrown into a large cage that was set inside of a large painted red room. One set of hands came back placing something over my snout, thinking it was chloroform, but with every rapid breath I drew in, I felt more energized forced to change back into my anthro form. Squirming to try and get this stranger off me, only inhaling whatever into my lungs, creating a burning urge to mate. For several seconds the person stood there before they retracted and the loud echoes of the cage haunted my thoughts.

Looking around as I tried to tug the door open, frustrated and yelling at them to get me out. Nothing. No one looked at me. I didn't exist to them. The other slaves. The door opened slowly as I turned like a rabid dog, there She stood with the cocky smile, despite the red tint that had rolled down her white fur, her body was incredible. She didn't say a word, only looked at me with that perfect smile, her sultry gaze....


everything.. got.. foggy.

Her lips were moving but I couldn't hear anything. My eyes grew heavy and before long I was unconscious.

Who knew how long I was out before the subtle sounds of metal against the cage, a constant tap, tap, tap; shook me from the forced slumber. I tried to lift my head, but it felt like my muscles had turned to jelly, trying a second time before giving up, settling with my hazy eyes blinking as my mind tried to make sense of the foggy confusion. Forced into sitting up on the cool metal floor of the cage, only to find a heavy metal collar fastened tightly around my throat, tethered by a hefty silver chain that slithered to the bars behind me. Panic wasn't as welcoming as the pressure between my legs, it made me feel freaking amazing, looking down I saw a pink tentacle latching to my dick.

Where did it come from? Gasping under the pressure of the squeezes and twisting, almost having wished I hadn't looked down, I hadn't even heard her come into the cage. Frozen in place, not that I had the choice to leave at my own free will, gulping slowly as I saw HER looking down at me. Her succulent breasts swaying with a timid bounce when she shifted from one leg to the other, favoriting the left leg more with her curvy hip popped out, "You are now my pet, husky, as you know now that you'll never be able to please me, but by the time I am done with you... Well lets just say, you'll be thanking me." Sensual but hypnotic.

A fool I was in having come here, turned to my worst fear, I looked at her with pleading eyes as I tried to speak only managing a low broken moan. The tentacle between my legs was taking me right on the edge of a climax but couldn't cross over. The air froze around me as she squatted and sat right on my thighs, reaching out with her small soft hands to cradle my loins. I was sure she had muttered something under her breath, sounding almost like she said 'pathetic', her hands felt warm but the slime from the tentacle and my pre had her hand grow warmer. It was both frightening and arousing to be under this power.

One word. Torture.

I was delirious, needing to cum, yet I couldn't. Tears finding their way out as I looked up at her silently pleading. Her hand had started stroking over my cock, rubbing and twisting with the tentacle, "Oh, need to cum? You are not worthy yet to spray your seed. Not after your little stunt earlier. Until then, well I guess you'll just have to suffer." She leaned forward giving me a quick view of her nipples, I saw the little marks I had left making me almost feel ashamed that I had been so savage. She spotted me of course, my head was yanked back hard forcing my back to arch, silently pleading for her mercy only to feel the nipple I had been ogling earlier slip into my open mouth. I didn't need more encouragment, suckling hard enough to feel the jets of her milk filling my mouth, swallowing eagerly to satisfy my thirst. I had only gulped down the milk a few more times, looking up at her sheepishly, greeted by the wolfess sly smile. I was unconscious once more.

Startled awake I felt different, the sheets of the bed clung to my sweaty fur, gulping air as I looked around. It didn't make any sense. Frantically I ran my hands down my front, noticing that my flabby gut wasn't there. I shoved the sheets off, gasping when I noticed that I had abs, tossing the sheets fully off of me scared at what else that Bitch had done. I hadn't exactly been originally gifted in the size department, one of which I was still a virgin at my age, but now..



I knew that I was still in the mansion, not even my sheets at home felt like egyptian cotton, the deep fear that rested in my chest that it wasn't all just a dream, stumbling like a child learning to walk as I tried to regain control of my balance, I was suddenly stopped as I was reaching for the door, it opened before I touched it and She walked in. "Well, well, well..." forced to step back as she advanced toward me. "How do you feel, Pet?" Not only had I not liked the title of 'pet' but i was fed up with being treated this way. I was a person not a slave.

"I'm not your fucking pet. I don't know what you did to me. I am going home. Any minute now, I'm going to wake up to find this is all a dream and you were some sick fantasy." Pushing past her to try to leave, intended to not look back, but when she grabbed me by the wrist feeling the prick of a needle be shoved through my neck, god it fucking hurt. Stumbling back, why did it hurt? You can't feel pain in a dream... "Do you get it now..Pet?"

I wasn't going to stand here and listen to this. To be emasculated by this treacherous Bitch. I pushed her aside more firmly making my way out of the room rushing down the first set of stairs frantically. I had just reached the bottom of the stairs as I felt the same collar constrict against my neck. How could I forget? The sudden stings of not only one needle but multiple shot through filling my blood stream with lust. Whimpering in submission as my hung dick stood at full attention. Veins bulging around the thick meaty fuck stick aching for Her. I swore my cock could break this fucking door in front of me. I ached so bad. It was a poisonous need. Turning on my heel I climbed the stairs two at a time. Racing back like my life depended on it. And it did. I wasn't out of breath but I still panted hard like a crazed canine. Standing once more at the doorway, the very same one I wanted to escape just moments ago, only to see my mistress on the bed with her legs spread wide open. One slow stroke of her finger running from the bottom of her asshole, up her taint, spreading her peach colored lips getting an eyesight of her strawberry honey pot. God damn it. I knew my dick was oozing making my fuck meat glisten for her. What an eye candy.

My body screamed lust. She spread her legs even more for me invitingly. I wanted to taste her, to ravage each lower lip with my teeth but I stayed there concentrating through this lust filled mind until my own will broke. I was a man dying of thirst. Everything was tossed out the window the second I dove into her legs. Grasping her hips with force as I yanked her to to my awaiting muzzle glaring at her. She had created this.. This.. Beast.

I was everything but gentle. Flicking my tongue over her puffy lips catching her pussy lip between my teeth. I gave her everything. Endless nibbling. Sucking. Tugging. I tortured one lip after the other. She looked like a strawberry but tasted just like honey. Her legs tightened and squeezed around my head, wiggling her hips to try and place my attention to her clit. I knew she was getting frustrated but I made her orgasm wait. She was panting hard, arching against the bed and rewarding me with the perfect vision of her bouncing tits.

"Pet... Now.." she gasped.

That damn name. Her moans broke my thoughts as she pushed her pussy against my face smothering me in her intoxicating scent. At this point I couldn't hold off anymore. Flicking my tongue rapidly up and down her little button furiously, her quivers and gasps drove me further. She was as feisty as her claws which were sunk into my skull. Latching onto the button I grinded my teeth roughly forcing her orgasm to finally tip over the edge leaving her spasming. Feasting on her juices I greedily drank until she offered no more. Showing my wide tongue into her entrance wiggling it like a bull. A bull she so happily rode over and over, until her scent was branded into his nose, his fur, his mouth. Fuck she tasted amazing.

After an hour between her legs, I was left breathless and drenched with her juices, I licked my teeth one last time. I swore my dick was purple. I needed to fuck her. Her sly smile appeared once more.

"I don't think so, Pet. You aren't ready."

Dumbfounded, I looked at her bewildered but her smile said it all.

To Be Continued....

Written for Hiero Kasumoto.

Written by Driana Le Souris.

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