Bad Doggie or Bad Bitch

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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It was no secret that I was a whore, but not just any whore, a whore that loved opening her legs for the feral dogs. I could still remember the first time I had done it with a pitbull, the second time had been with a mixed pit. If I pressed my legs tightly together I could still feel their rough tongues against my clit and that made me wet just thinking about it. Let's backtrack just a tiny bit, I am Driana. Driana Le Souris, currently a freshmen in college looking for the new thing. I liked to party often and of course find the biggest dick around campus. Word was this white wolf with a muscular build had a dog on campus, it was a secret that I didn't share but I missed the feeling, the feeling of being rapidly fucked by a feral canine. There was a pool party coming up at this wolfs house, off campus, the perfect time to have my slutty pussy fucked.

The party was less than a day away, how in the hell was I about to convince this guy to let me fuck his dog? I needed to rub my clit, this thinking was getting my panties wet and the yearn for a little release had me whimpering like a horny bitch. Sliding my hand down my rainbow colored frilly panties, I parted my pussy lips quickly rubbing my clit. Stretching my legs, arching my back, silently screaming into my thoughts, 'Please.. please.. let me.. let me fuck your dog.' I begged my mindless thoughts. Pressing my legs together tightly as I furiously rubbed my clit, panting hard as I arched up, whimpering loudly as my moans erupted out of my mouth. I humped the air, 'fuck me.. oooh fuck.. fuck!' I screamed out as I collapsed back down falling into a heavy deep sleep.

The blaring sounds of my phone woke me up, I had slept till nearly noon! Shit! Shit! Shit! Quickly getting dressed and groping my tits, doing the typical boob check, I put on my bikini thong, short shorts and the top. I didn't bother with much else, I was a hot bitch regardless. Spinning on my heel I left the dorms heading over to the party. I didn't know what was more exciting, the fact that I was gonna have a dog fuck me or that I still smelled like my masturbationn session last night. Giggling like a high school girl I did a quick glance over in the reflection of a car window. Confidence was always sexy. Walking around the side of the house where the party was happening, typical species making out, dancing and what not. It wasn't long before I had spotted the famous dog, it was a husky that looked almost like a great dane. Wet panties for the win.

I just had to find the owner of him now, it was hard not to anticipate what would happen today. Sitting down near the dog, I petted my lap coaxing the husky closer, soon he was like a big teddy bear licking all over my face. He started licking my lips and eventually going down my neck. The shiver that was going down my spine had my thighs pressing together, leaning into the pool side chair the husky stayed by my side. I slid off my shorts tossing them into my bag and the feral seemed to like that quite a bit, in fact he often pressed his snout to my thong swimsuit. Cooing out softly hoping no one would notice the devilish delights in this, Occasionally forcing his mouth down to steal a lick before brushing the mutt away. I could tell the husky was getting confused but even then he was growing horny. The husky started humping my leg and I enjoyed it, stifling my moans as I finally spotted the white wolf. I guess he was the owner, so I pretended to brush the dog off forcing my drink to spill on my chest.

"No down! Bad dog!" The wolf yelled at the canine, he apologized sincerely inviting me over to the house to go to his bedroom, something about a towel but I didn't mind. Casually talking to him as I wiggled my hips, waiting to walk in front of him or brush against him. it was hard not to take the advantage, I was granted several times to grind my ass on him, a little sway this way or that way. He hooked his masculine hand on my wrist playing with my thong as he got comfortable. "Horny bitch." He hissed into my ear as he slid his hand around the front, sliding his fingers into my swimsuit front instantly rubbing my clit. I moaned out, grinding into him as we danced or walked around people heading upstairs to his bedroom. His dog was happily following behind us. I was feisty, moaning loudly, and kissing him roughly. He liked it but even then he spanked my perfectly round ass for making his dick harder then a brick. "Mmmf.. daddy." She cooed.

His hand slid up and around while the other rubbed my clit furiously, I found myself gripping both his hands. The one in my thong and the one that was squeezing my throat. He was eager to get me into his bedroom, I opened the door and he slammed it behind us as his dog rushed in afraid to be left out there with all the chaos. "Came to get fucked didn't you, babygirl?" The way his voice carried across my ear had my pussy soaking wet. His voice was both gruff and suave, he nudged me forward lingering his fingers against my cute little pierced clit before sinking his fat thick fingers inside of my cooch. He was rough about it, fingering me hard and fast until I was bucking in his hands. It was an insatiable desire pushing my panties all the way down and peeling off my bra. His breath was caressing the edge of my shoulder trailing up my neck to my rounded pierced ear.

"C.. Can.. I ask you.. something?" Nervously asking, I had never told anyone about this fetish of mine and I was worried he wouldn't take it lightly. "Can.. Can, your dog please.. Fuck me?" Asking ever so innocently. He went incredibly still, perhaps I had scared him off. With a rough shove I was face forward on the bed. "Mount." He commanded his husky, but the only mount that came was the dog's cold nose being shoved into my pussy. Screaming loudly in ecstasy covering my mouth quickly feeling ever rough lap of his tongue rapidly lick up my juices. I spread my legs further, lifting my hips a little, biting down on the covers in pure heaven. The sexy wolf liked it, he was busy stroking his dick in front of me. The husky didn't know the meaning of stopping and I took advantage of it. Pushing my hips back against his mouth feeling the sharp odd bites of the canine teeth against my pussy walls trying to shove his snout into my cunt. My 'Daddy' had plans for my mouth, he sat in front of me, his hand mixed in my hair as he forced my mouth down his dripping cock forcing my head up and down until he held my head down leaving me with no air.

Gagging several times, I squirmed against the canine finally pushing his face away frying him from my soaked pussy. It was of no surprise that my lower lips were swollen, red and opened begging to be fucked. The wolf didn't like that, he gripped my wrists pinning them against lower back, bucking his hips up into my mouth face fucking me until I was in tears, pushed past the gagging and leaving nothing but a slobbering mess. I needed to cum. It was so incredibly sexy, not what I had expected from him. He finally let me up, leaving me panting and staring at his glistening messy cock. "Tell me again." He demanded and I was happy to comply. "Please let your dog fuck me." Begging him with desperate need and obvious lust, it was hard not to look over my shoulder to look at the dog that was staring at my dripping cunt, ready to drill and breed me. Between his leg was a dark pink almost red stiff cock at least nine maybe ten inches in length. It wasn't real thick but its imposing size had me spreading my legs wide enough to be standing on my tip toes.

Finally I felt the feral hover over me, his cock hanging down within easy reach of my cunt, but his Master's cock was still waiting for more attention. Closing my eyes I wrapped my lips around his glistening pointy tip, listening to his whimpers of pleasure, flexing beneath me until he was diving in and out of my throat. Nearly choking but I had no choice but to take it, sucking him off hard and fast, making several slurping noises and running my tongue over the underside until he was pumping furiously into my mouth, gasping for breath and struggling to regain any type of control. He finally succeeded in pushing his dick all the way into my throat stretching it open until his cock twitched and jerked in my mouth. I knew that the wolf was about to cum, and as I tried to pull away, he wasn't going to let me struggle free, he only pumped harder and harder until he force fed me his load. Gagging I swallowed and swallowed until he wasn't coming anymore. Finally I pulled my mouth away from his cock just to see the mushroom head was bigger in size almost bigger than my fist. I could have died if he didn't stop.. I wanted more.

I had almost forgotten about the husky, just as I tried to get up to go to the bathroom for some water he knocked me onto my hands and knees on the floor. He quickly mounted me from behind like I was a bitch in heat. Maybe I was or maybe I smelt like one, I didn't care, I wanted it. It was what I had come for. The husky was stronger than I thought and he was pinning me down good, he pumped his hips trying to find the opening of my pussy. His huge cock swung and rubbed against my inner thighs or jabbed up the crease of my slit towards my tailhole. His heavy weight was tiring and I was forced to rest my head on the carpet, I didn't think he would actually find his way into my cunt. The more I struggled to get up, giving him a challenge of course, all for show he used his jaws on the back of my neck forcing me to stay still. Wiggling my hips until he cock jammed straight into my pussy lips forcing every inch of his baseball bat piston down my very core. I screamed, he was thicker than I thought, he felt so huge inside me. In and out over and over, until he got my tightness to loosen up, it was like never before. No guy had ever fucked me that hard and fast, let alone making me cum under a minute.

His whimpers were loud against my neck, his jaws tightened their grip as his dick twitched inside of me. Dumping his first load inside of my juicy twat, I swore that his thick head was growing, it was trying to tie himself to me. I didn't care, I pushed my hips back against him until he finally locked in, my pussy was swollen with his massive dick jammed against my cervix, pounding my pussy over and over until he came a second, then a third, until he collapsed on top of me. He whimpered for his Master, who was still hard and stroking his dick to the abuse of his dog humping me to heaven over and over. He jerked off, "Pretty whore. Is that what you wanted?" he groaned in ecstasy until he got up and grabbed me by the hair. Jerking his dick, rubbing the tip against my cheeks until his head fell back and he froze barely humping my face while spilling his seed all over my face and hair. "You belong to me. You have new adventures awaiting and my dog is more than happy to satisfy your every needs. Call me Veral. Veral Hunter."

The End.......

Written for Veral Hunter.

Written by Driana Le Souris

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