Admitting his feelings.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#10 of Something unexpected.

Luna has a temper and figures a way to piss off Rosie while Blaze admits his feelings for Ruby.

Ruby had left the campus altogether that night after catching Rosie and Blaze in the gym showers. She walked down the street as fast as she could, not paying attention to where she was going until she heard the sound of running water. She looked up and saw the fountain in the park. She folded her ears back against her head and slowly moved to it, sitting down on the edge of it as tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked into the water, staring at her reflection and the lights in the water. She wasn't sure on what to think and it seemed like a dream to her. She crossed her arms tightly and looked down to the ground with her tail curled around her hips tightly now with a soft whimper coming from her. She was wishing her brother was still there now as she lowered her head.

Blaze hauled ass up the stairs to Rubys apartment, banging his hand on the door when he found it locked. Luna groaned and pulled the door open with a pained look on her face with an on coming headache. "What the hell Blaze?" The husky moved out of the way as Blaze came into the apartment, looking around frantically for Ruby, the last place he looked was her bedroom. When he didn't see her he lowered his ears and turned to Luna. "Ruby never came back here?" Luna shook her head, looking confused. She was about to ask him what was going on when he left the apartment, pulling his phone out and trying to call her. Ruby never answered her phone. He cursed softly and headed out of the apartment building, moving to leave the campus and hunt her down. Rosie and Jacob were in his apartment with Rosie laughing softly and clearly satisfied with what had happened. Jacob rolled his eyes a bit while looking back to his game, yawning a bit like he didn't give a fuck on what was being done. Blaze was running down the street, looking around for Ruby. He stopped at every single cafe or store he went to with her before finally making his way to the park. Ruby had already gotten up and walked away from the fountain, heading along the path. Blaze came up to the fountain and looked around with his ears low against his head before sighing, rubbing his fingers through his hair before sitting on the edge in the exact same spot Ruby had been sitting in. "Son of a bitch Blaze...your a fucking idoit." He rubbed his forehead as he sat there before deciding to go back to campus. He figured she would come back to her apartment eventually and decided he would try to talk to her in the morning. He sighed and got up, walking back to the campus.

Ruby remained in the park for almost an hour before making her way back to the campus, tears rolling down her cheeks as she walked into her apartment. Luna was sitting up on the couch working on a large cup of coffee when she came in. The husky set the cup down and got up, moving to Ruby with her ears down. "Ruby...Blaze came running in here like hell was chasing him...he was looking for you....Ruby what is wrong? Why are you crying?" Luna gently put her hands on Rubys shoulders as the feline looked at her before hugging the girl tightly with a whimper. Luna gasped softly and hugged her in return, closing the apartment door soon after and leading Ruby to the couch as she listened to Ruby telling her what had happened starting at the club. Luna gently pet her head as she sat in silence, gently calming Ruby down by rubbing her ears gently. Luna stayed with Ruby, unsure of what to say. When Ruby finally cried herself to sleep Luna laid her on the couch and covered her up gently with a sigh coming from her. Luna quickly left the apartment and soon was knocking on Blazes apartment. Jacob answered the door and looked at her with a confused look. "Who the fuck are you?" Luna folded her ears back and growled softly before pushing her way into the apartment. "Blaze?!" Jacob growled and moved to grab her while Rosie was looking from the couch with her ears folded back against her head. Luna looked at Rosie and growled. "You...Your Rosie aren't you?" The husky growled softly as she stood up, looking at Luna as she stepped towards her, looking a bit stunned when Luna grabbed her by the front of her tank top. "you sick little bitch!" Luna was about to punch Rosie when Blaze came running into the apartment. He saw Jacob moving to grab Luna and pushed him out of the way, his arm going around the husky and pulling her back.

"Luna! Calm down!" Blaze held the kicking female as she tried to get a Rosie. Blaze glared at her and snarled a bit while he held Luna back. "Rosie get out...your not longer allowed in this apartment...and Jacob if oyu let her in again your ass is going to be finding a new place to live." Jacob folded his ears back and growled as Rosie glared at Blaze before huffing and walking out of the apartment. Blaze finally let Luna down and looked at her. "What in the hell Luna?" The husky huffed and punched him in the shoulder, making him wince and step back a bit. "You are a dumb ass Blaze! I came here looking for you! Ruby came home like an hour ago in tears and told me what happened tonight at the club all the way up to her walking in on that bitch trying to suck your dick!" Blaze lowered his ears then grabbed Luna by the shoulders, gripping her tightly. "What did Ruby tell you Luna? I need to know." Luna folded her ears back as she looked at him while Jacob was listening from the kitchen. "Ruby came in...and told me that Rosie sat with her at the club while the two of us were dancing...she told me Rosie told her that she dumped you because you would fuck other girls when she denied you sex..Told Ruby to be prepared for when it happens." Blaze growled and slapped his hand over his face with a groan as he shook his head some. "Oh that isn't why my relationship with Rosie ended...she was the one fucking around behind my back and would throw a fucking hissy fit when she didn't get her way...She went after Ruby like that on purpse to try and get her away from me...she wants to keep me as a back up fuck...if I am with Ruby she knows it won't happen."

Luna folded her ears back and bit her bottom lip lightly as she looked uncertain while Blaze looked back at her, shaking his head some. " I tried to stop Rosie tonight..I was about to push ehr away and that was when Ruby appeared...she ran off before I could get to her to explain." Jacob listened with a small grin on his face before frowning a bit while he watched the two from where he was. "Luna please...keep and eye on her...I will be at the apartment in the morning to talk to her. Don't let her leave." Luna looked at him and bit her bottom lip harder before sighing and nodding a bit. "Alright Blaze...but if you want to keep Ruby your going to have to cut ties with Rosie altogether in anyway you can...that won't you know...get your ass thrown in jail." Blaze took a deep breathe and nodded a bit as he looked at her and smiled some. "Thank you Luna.." He walked her to the door and let her out while he sighed heavily.

Jacob growled and moved to his bedroom, shaking his head a bit as he began to dislike his own brother and Ruby a bit more. Blaze ran his fingers through his hair before going ot his own room to lay down for the night. Luna went back to her own apartment and found Ruby still sleeping on the couch. Luna laid down with her, hoping to keep her calm when she woke up. Ruby slept soundly for a few hours until the next morning when Blaze knocked on the door. Luna was up by then and let him in. Ruby groaned and sat up on the couch, rubbing her head a bit as she leaned back some until she saw Blaze coming around the couch. she folded her ears back and hissed at him as she moved to get up. "Ruby wait..please." She stopped and looked at him, her ears remaining down as her fur stood up a bit. Blaze slowly moved and sat on the couch, keeping a distance between the two of them as he lowered his ears, looking guilty as he spoke softly. "Ruby...I am so sorry for what happened last night...I had no idea Rosie was planning that nor did I know that she had spoken to you at the club...That was all her doing Ruby. I tried to stop her several times and was about to try again when you walked in looking for me. I looked all over the place for you last night...when I got back to my apartment Luna was about to beat Rosie...I kicked Rosie out soon after." Luna was sitting near by as Ruby looked to her. The husky nodded to her that it was true before she looked back to Blaze, tears coming to her eyes. "So...I was a target for this woman? Why is is she so bent on getting you away from me?"

Blaze gently reached over and took her hands into his, kissing her fingers gently a few times as he looked at her. "Because she is a bitch...She likes to get what she wants when she wants it and will go to hell and half of Georga to get it. When she somehow found out I had hooked up with you she didn't like it. She didn't like the fact that meant she couldn't pester me as a back up fuck buddy." Blaze kept his ears down as he looked at Ruby who looked uncertain as she looked from him to Luna then back to him, tears coming back to her eyes as she stood up and paced around for a minute or two before Blaze got up and grabbed her gently, pulling her into a hug before taking a deep breathe. "Ruby I would never purposly do something to hurt you...You are a sweet and amazing girl...I would have to have no heart to treat you badly or to hurt you on purpose..I promise I will make sure Rosie leaves for good." Ruby was still while he was holding her against him before nodding and hugging him back tightly, her head buried into his chest wit ha soft whimper coming from her.

Blaze spent most of the day with Ruby after they called in sick to classes. He bent over backwards to do things for her even after she told him not to. He brought her some flowers and hugged her with kisses to her cheeks. He spent a long time that afternoon just cuddling with her, petting her head gently while kissing her forehead a few times. That night Luna had a date with none other then Todd. The tabby smiled and looked at Ruby. He had heard from Rosie and Jacob what had happened. He lowered his ears and whispered something into Lunas ear before moving to Ruby and Blaze. "Come with two look like you need a good evening so...come with us. We are going to a new bar in town to have dinner and some drinks." Blaze shifted and looked at Todd for a moment before looking to Ruby, leaving it up to her. Ruby got a thoughtful look on her face before giving a small nod and smiling a bit. She moved off of the couch and went to change her clothing while Blaze stood and waited with Todd. When Ruby had changed into some shorts and one of her brothers T-shirts she walked to Blaze, gently taking his hand into hers before they left with their friends.

When they reached the bar Todd led them all to a booth and slid into the seat, Luna sitting beside him while Blaze and Ruby took the other side. They all relaxed and smiled. Blaze ordered some chicken fingers and fries to split with Ruby, knowing she wouldn't eat much on purpose. Todd and Luna ordered pizza. When their food and beers were given to them the group ate while talking about their weeks. Luna was the first to notice they were being watched by Rosie from a table that had a clear view of the group. Luna twitched her ears and looked to Blaze. "We are being watched..." Blaze stood one of his ears up and glanced long enough to see Rosie looking angry. He rolled his eyes and was about to get up to confront her when Luna stopped him. "No no...lets just...get under her skin..." Todd and Blaze looked at her confused while Ruby tilted her head after sipping on ehr beer as Luna grinned. "Lets just fuck our dates here in the booth." Todd choked on his drink a bit while Blaze snickered softly as Ruby blushed brightly.

It took a few minutes to convince Ruby and Blaze to go along with it but soon enough the girls were in each dates lap. Ruby blushed as she looked at Blaze, her ears twitching nervously as he smiled to her, whispering it would be alright. Ruby nodded to him as she glanced to Luna and Todd who already was sucking on one of Luna's nipples and tugging on it gently. Ruby blushed and gasped softly as Blaze kissed her deeply to destract her. She purred softly and began returning the kiss as he lifted her shirt up over her breasts, pulling her bra up with it. He cupped her breasts and began kneading his fingers into her flesh gently before breaking the kiss as she purred a bit louder. "Remember you two...don't get loud." Blaze whispered to both Luna and Ruby who only nodded. Blaze smiled and gently nibbled on one of Rubys ears before tugging on it gently. His hand moved down to her shorts as he whispered. " We need to get these down enough..." Ruby chuckled a bit and nodded some as she moved off of his lap long enough to pull her shorts off of her body. She put them between them and Todd as she got back into Blazes lap. By then Luna was already letting out soft moans into Todd's shoulder, her hips moving on him hard and slow making it clear she was already riding his cock. Blaze got a grin and quickly turned Ruby so her back was to him, making sure her shirt was down to cover her breasts. He slightly bent her over the table while she was still sitting in his lap making her blush and look at him over her shoulder. Luna glanced to them and giggled softly as she shook her head some.

Blaze snickered softly and put one of his hands between Rubys legs, beginning to rub her pussy through her panties while his other hand undone his pants, freeing his already hard cock. He groaned, feeling his cock throbbing as a bit of excitement ran through him. Ruby was already wet and biting her bottom lip to keep from moaning out. Blaze pulled her panties aside and pulled her hips down so his cock pushed into her slowly. Ruby dug her claws into the table a bit as she began moving her hips on him slowly as she let out a soft groan. Luna was already panting softly on Todd, both close to cumming while Blaze was taking his time with Ruby. He gently pulled her back against him, his hand going up under her shirt to rub one of her breasts, pinching her nipple in his fingers while he kissed her neck softly while Ruby began moving her hips on him hard and slow.

Blaze let out a soft groan as his other hand moved down to rub her clit gently in small circles. Ruby bit down on her bottom lip hard as she laid her head back on his shoulder, groaning softly against his neck as she buried her face into it. She was beginning to move her hips on his cock harder and faster now, panting against his neck while Luna let out a gasp from her orgasm, shivering and going still in Todds lap as she began panting, both grinning and relaxing before looking to Blaze and Ruby. Blaze pressed his lips to Rubys in a deep kiss to silence her as she began moving harder on his cock, her pussy clenching onto him tighter then before as his cock throbbed hard, his knot beginning to form and hit against her pusy lips. Ruby was clawing at the table lightly as she moved on him more and more until he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard, his knot stretching her and popping in with a wet sound that made Luna giggle. Ruby let out a gasp as she broke the kiss, her hips moving harder on him harder and faster then before until she came seconds later, her juices gushing over his cock and knot. Blaze closed his eyes tightly and shuddered as he pulled her down hard once more, his cock throbbing hard as he released in her with a groan coming from him. The two went still and began panting softly. Luna pulled off of Todd's lap and fixed her skirt before giggling as she looked to them.

Todd purred as he fixed his pants while Blaze was stuck in Ruby for a while, both chuckling a bit. Blaze kissed her neck and shoulder softly before glancing towards Rosie who looked beyond pissed off now and was getting up to leave. Blaze snickered and kissed Ruby's cheek softly, nuzzling into her gently as they relaxed. When he was able to pull his cock from her he helped her get her shorts back on before he fixed his pants while she pulled her bra back down. They sat there for a while before paying for the food then leaving with Todd and Luna. They walked back to the apartment and headed inside, Todd disappearing into Luna's room with her. Blaze smiled and scooped Ruby up, carrying her to her bedroom and laying her in the bed where she stripped from her clothing. He got undressed as well then laid beside her, smiling as she cuddled into him with a soft purr. Blaze gently rubbed her back and kissed all over her face and cheeks before taking a deep breathe and whispering. "Ruby...I love you." Ruby pulled back and looked at him with wide eyes, looking like she was just slapped. She stared at him for a moment or so in nothing but silence before blushing and slowly leaning in, pressing her lips to his, kissing him deeply for a moment before pulling back and nuzzling into him. "I...I love you too Blaze." Blaze couldn't stop his tail from wagging as he hugged her close after nuzzling her in return. They fell silent and cuddled until each fell asleep with a soft sigh.

The problematic Ex.

Conner stayed with Ruby for almost a week before he had to head out and visit their father before making his trip back to his base. That evening Luna ran into Ruby's room, jumping onto the bed with Blaze and Ruby not caring if they were naked or not....

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Ruby's double surprise.

Ruby shifted a bit on top of Blaze as she started to wake up, her phone ringing in his room where she had left it. She quickly moved off of him, her knee hitting the edge of the table. " DAMN IT!" She almost fell back on the couch, rubbing her knee...

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The stalking Ex and a growing love.

The next morning Ruby woke up a bit later then normal and had to scramble out of bed even though she felt sore from the night before. Blaze almost fell out of the bed when she jumped up from realizing she would end up being late to her class. He sat up...

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