The fox and the city hound.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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Just a random story to give me a break from the other I am doing...don't know if I will do more with these two...just something done out of boredom while watching tv.

The vixen twitched her ears a few times as she worked her way through the bushes after leaving her den that morning. She made her way to a near by lake, poking her head out of the tall grass to glance around her for a moment before grinning some. 'Good no one else is around yet.' She twitched her tail and moved out into the small clearing around the lake, her long golden brown tail swaying around with each step she took. she settled down onto the grass and took a deep breathe as the sun shown against the golden brown fur covering her body, her ears and tail tip in a bright white color. She stretched her arms above her head with a soft groan coming from her before running her fingers through her long blonde hair, murring softly to herself before her hands ran over her large breasts, smoothing down the fur. She was only about 19 years old and was in her first heat cycle of the year. She laid back into the grass and let her hands roam her body with pleased little murrs and coos coming from her. Her right hand soon found her slit between her legs and began rubbing along it slowly, feeling her fur already damp from her arousal. The vixen wasn't counting on anyone coming around soon then again she wasn't truly thinking clearly at the moment as her fingers pressed into her clit while her legs spread open a bit more, her own attentions bringing a soft moan coming her.

From the bushes a few feet away a pair of bright brown eyes watched her, the owner of those eyes being a large German Shepard male that had gone off from his group that he was camping with only a few miles away after getting bored of hearing them snore all morning. He grinned some when the vixens scent hit him, making his growing cock throb hard in his pants. The male bit his bottom lip, his instincts starting to get the better of him as he ditched his clothing. He remained where he was though, his thick nine and a half inch cock throbbing with precum leaking from him as he watched the vixen continuing to rub her fingers along her slit, her middle finger rubbing at her clit every so often until she finally pushed two of her fingers into her pussy with another moan coming from her. She arched her back up as her free hand began toying with her own breasts, her fingers pinching and tugging at her nipple while she closed her eyes with a small grin on her face and allowing herself to relax and enjoy what she was doing.

The male couldn't take it and silently stalked forward from the bushes, making his way over to the vixen. When he reached her the male leaned his head in between her legs and licked at her pussy slowly as she was thrusting her fingers into her opening. The vixen's eyes shot open and she lifted her head to look and see where that lick had come from. She gasped softly and pulled herself back only for him to grab her ankles and pulled her back to him, grinning when their noses touched. She stood her ears up and stared at him as she took a deep breathe, getting a nose full of his scent now and feeling a small shiver run through her. She soon smiled and murred as she rolled over under him, lifting her rear up until it began grinding into his cock slowly making him let out a soft groan from the feeling. He shifted and gripped her hips as he sat up on his knees, rubbing the pointed tip of his cock along her pussy slowly before suddenly thrusting his entire cock into her pussy with one hard push. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure and moaned as the fur along her spine as she began pushing her hips into him slowly while her hands lightly gripped at the grass under her. The male kept a firm hold on her hips as he looked down at her, beginning to thrust into her hard and slow, the wet sounds of his cock moving into her pussy filling the air while he let out a few small grunts. He soon leaned over her, his claws lightly digging into the ground as he began thrusting faster into the fox under him.

The vixen panted softly and let out a loud moan when he began thrusting harder into her, the soft thud sound of his hips hitting her ass and making it shake from the impact could be heard along with the sounds of his cock pushing into her. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes tightly as she bucked back into the male as hard as she could now, her breasts shaking from their movements. The male bit down on her shoulder as he began pounding into her now, feeling her pussy clenching down on him with each movement he made into her as he brought one of his hands between her legs to rub at her clit slowly, pinching and tugging on it every few seconds as he began pounding faster into her. The vixen felt herself tightening up as she clawed at the ground with loud yips and cries of pleasure as she pushed and bucked back into him harder then before. The male felt his cock throbbing harder and faster as his knot formed and began hitting against her pussy lips with each thrust. He soon let go of her shoulder and was once again sitting up on his knees, gripping her hips as tightly in his hands as he could before slamming into her as hard as he could, his large knot stretching her open and pushing into her with a loud wet pop sound. He grunted as she let out another loud cry of pleasure, his knotting her sending over her edge and making her cum hard, her pussy tightening on his cock over and over as her juices gushed over his cock and knot. The male slammed into her once or twice more before pressing his hips into hers, the tip of his cock pressing into her cervix as he came hard in her, his cock throbbing with each shot of cum.

The two of them went still with heavy panting coming from both of them. After a few minutes the vixen turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder, murring and grinning some before chuckling softly. "About fucking time you showed up Dante..." The German Shepard laughed hard and ground into her a bit, making her moan softly and shiver in pleasure as he whispered into her ear. "Oh shut up like it when I keep you waiting for me." Odette giggled softly and nodded a bit then let out a soft groan as he maneuvered them so he was sitting with her in his lap, his tail wagging happily behind him as he licked along her neck softly a few times while his hands gripped her breasts and began kneading into them slowly while she moaned softly again, laying her head back on his shoulder. "How long will you be here?" Dante twitched his ears and kissed into her cheek softly a few times before hugging her as he took a deep breathe. "A week...then I go back for more training in the academy..." She folded her ears back and pouted a bit as she turned her head and looked at him. "Dante...I wish you would just stay out here with is more peaceful and free then that city your living in." Dante nodded and rest his head on her shoulder while his hands ran along her stomach slowly then down along her thighs, his eyes closing as he took in her scent. "Yeah well it doesn't work like that...I can't up and leave all my bills and my home to live out here." Odette folded her ears back and huffed, crossing her arms as she growled a bit while her tail twitched in annoyance. she finally wiggled and pulled free from his cock, causing a bit of pain for the both of them. she sat down in the grass a foot or so away from him with her back to him. "That is the same thing you tell me every time you come up here to camp with your friends..." Dante winced as she pulled off of him growling and shaking his head as he stood up and looked at her, his ears folding down against his head. "You know I was born in the city and raised there. I can't leave it to come running around the woods with a-" The fox stood up and whirled around to look at him, the fur on her tail fluffed out as she growled at him. "A wild animal?...the only reason you come here is to what? Get your rocks off then skip back home?" Dante flinched a bit as she spoke then sighed as he rubbed one of his arms. "Odette..." The fox growled and narrowed her eyes.

"No don't Dante...I won't bother asking anymore...hell you don't have to come back." She had tears in her eyes and turned, leaving the clearing and Dante standing there in shock. She returned to her den and curled up in her bed of furs as tears rolled down her cheeks, her ears lowering against her head as she laid it down on her arm with a small whine coming from her. Dante shifted and went to get his clothing back on, looking back to where they had been before heading back to his camp with his tail down low. When he got back to his camp his friend were all heading off to go fishing. Dante shook his head and went back into his tent to lay down for a while. Dante ending up laying awake, going through his phone as he thought back on when he first met the fox.

Six months earlier~

Dante shifted a bit at the lake with a bored sigh on his face, his phone sitting on the ground beside him. "How in the hell did I let these morons talk me into coming out here with no internet connection?" He groaned and ran his fingers through his thick short black hair, letting out a yawn before a scent hit his nose. He blinked and looked around, sniffing the air a few times before he heard something coming up beside him. When he looked there sat a young fox, golden brown fur with white markings, bright eyes and long blonde hair. The big thing he noticed she was stark naked. He felt his jaw drop a bit as he stared at her while she had his phone in her hands, looking it over and sniffing at it a few times before the camera on it clicked, startling her and making her drop it. Dante shook his head and started to chuckle a bit as he shifted so he could face her. "What is the matter? Never seen one of these before?" The fox blinked and looked at him in silence before shaking her head a bit as she spoke softly. "No...I haven't...what is it? Why did it make that noise?" Dante smiled and picked up his phone, showing her the picture she had accidentally took of the ground. He then turned the front camera on and showed her image to herself. She blinked and stood her ears up, the expression on her face was rather cute to him and made his tail wag as he pressed the button to take her picture. She heard the click again and tilted her head, seeing her image pop up a few seconds later before he turned the phone off and chuckled. "It is my cell helps me keep in contact with my friends and family. I can play games on it as well as take pictures." Odette sat there and listened to him with a curious look on her face before she spoke while her tail curled around her legs lightly. " A...cell phone? I haven't heard of something like that before...interesting." Dante chuckled softly and held his hand out to her to shake but grinned when she stared at it, lightly poking his hand before letting out a cute noise when he took her hand into his. He gently squeezed her hand before shaking it as he spoke softly. "I'm Dante...I live in the city...who are you? And why on earth are you walking around naked?" Odette watched him with her hand before blinking and looking at him.

"I'm Odette! And...I have lived here all my life...I haven't been beyond this forest so..I don't know what the city is. And why aren't you walking around naked? Is it not something you do in" Dante laughed and shook his head some as he let go of her hand, leaning back some as he looked her over. "No...we don't walk around naked. He where clothing." As he answered her he reached to his shirt and shorts, plucking on them to indicate what he was talking about. Odette twitched her ears and moved closer to him, tugging on his shirt a bit as she felt the material. Dante let out a soft gasp when she suddenly got close to him like that, her scent filling his nose as he went wide eyed for a few seconds. When she lifted her head to look at him, ehr nose gently brushed against his making them both blush. "But your not in the why wear something that looks like it is uncomfortable?" Dante blinked a few times and smiled some as he gave a bit of a shrug. Before he could give a proper response she was lifting his shirt up off of his body. Dante let out a small bark of surprise and grabbed her wrists gently when she went for his shorts. " hold on a minute Odette! What are you doing?" The fox blinked and looked at him, her head tilted to the side. "Getting these...things off of you. They don't look comfortable. And besides..your not in the city. It isn't like others are going to see you besides me." Dante looked at her and bit his bottom lip with a uncertain look on his face before finally letting go of her hands and standing up.

Odette sat back on her rear and watched him as he hesitantly removed his shorts then his underwear, setting them with his shirt. He sat back down with a bright blush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his head with a nervous smile. The fox smiled brightly and moved back so she was right there at him again, her nose lightly brushing his as her tail swayed around slowly behind her. "See? More comfortable then those clothes yes?" Dante blushed more and nodded some as he looked at her before he started to reach for her. She giggled and grabbed his hands, making him jump a bit before she stood up, pulling him with her. "W..What are you doing?" Odette smiled and pulled him to the lake with her, pushing him into the water. Dante surfaced and coughed a bit then let out a laugh when she jumped in after him, splashing water at him. Dante and Odette spent some time chasing each other in the water or splashing before he finally pinned her in the shallows, keeping her under him as his tail wagged behind him. Odette panted softly and smiled before suddenly pressing her lips to his, kissing him softly for a moment. Dante went perfectly still with a look of shock on his face. When she pulled back she giggled again. "Your cute Dante.." All he could do was give a goofy little grin before kissing her softly in return, letting out a soft groan when she pulled him closer to her. Dante felt her breasts pressed against his chest when she pulled him close, his tail beginning to wag again as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Odette rubbed her tongue against his for a moment before pulling back and licking his cheek softly. Dante was becoming aroused now as he shifted, spreading her legs slowly and watching her to see if he was going to far. Odette just laid back and looked up at him with a smile on her face.

Dante smiled and moved his hand down between her legs, rubbing along her pussy slowly as he kissed her again. Odette let out a soft moan and ran her fingers through his hair slowly, gripping it when he pushed one of his fingers into her pussy then began thrusting it slowly. It wasn't long before his finger was soaked in her juices so he pulled it from her as he broke the kiss, licking his finger clean. His cock was already erect and throbbing by then as it began leaking precum. Odette reached down to rub his cock slowly, making him gasp softly and moan a bit as he looked at her. He stopped her and stood up, grabbing her hand and pulling her to stand then moving them back into the grass before sitting down and pulling her close. He made her remain standing as he leaned his head up to lick along her pussy lips softly a few times, flicking his tongue over her clit after each lick he gave her and shivering some with her soft moans she let out.

Odette shivered and let out moans become louder when he pushed his tongue into her pussy, rubbing it around against her inner walls for a moment before pulling back and gently pulling her so she was sitting in his lap, straddling him with his arms wrapping around her. Odette wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply while grinding her hips along his cock slowly before letting him guide her down, his cock pushing past her pussy lips and filling her up slowly as she lowered down. Once he had her filled she broke the kiss and pressed her head against his, smiling as she began lifting her hips up then dropping back down on him slowly at first. Dante placed his hands on her hips now and massaged them gently as she rode him, enjoying the feeling of her pussy gripping and rubbing his cock as she moved on him. Odette bit her bottom lip and moaned out softly as she started to pick up her pace, her hips moving faster and harder on his cock now as she let out a louder moan then before as he began bucking up against her movements with a soft growl coming from him. He soon had her on her back and started to thrust into her as hard and fast as he could while biting along her shoulder softly a few times, the sounds of his cock moving into her filling the air around them along with her loud moans. She gripped at him with her hands, her claws raking along his back as she arched her own back up a few times. "D..Dante!" He felt a shiver run through him when she moaned his name and began pounding into her as hard as he could now, his cock throbbing hard as his knot formed only to begin hitting against her pussy lips with each thrust he made. He gripped the ground under her as he moved into her while she wrapped her legs around him and began slamming her hips into her own. He finally gave one hard push, his knot popping into her with a loud wet sound after stretching her out a bit more. Odette arched her back up a bit more and moved against him as ahrd as she could before finally crying out as her orgasm hit her, her pussy clamping down on his cock as her juices gushed over him. Dante let out a grunt, slamming his hips into hers as hard as he could before he released in her, his cum filling her quickly and pushing past his knot some. Dante rolled them quickly so he was on his back with her on top of him, both panting heavily as her head rest on his chest. Dante laid his head back with a soft groan coming from him before his breathing slowly returned to normal. After a few minutes of silence with the exception of their breathing and the crickets talking with the frogs Odette spoke softly. "How long will you stay here? And...will you come see me again?" Odette lifted her head and looked at him with a smile. Dante nodded and gently pet her head as he chuckled softly. "I am here for a few days...I will be sure to visit you as often as I can Odette." She smiled and kissed him softly before relaxing. When he was able to pull his cock from her he moved to get dressed while she was sitting in the grass stretching out. Dante grinned and took a few pictures of her before giving her as kiss and running back to his camp.


Dante sat up in his tent, looking at those same pictures he took six months before, his ears low against his head when he realized he never once offered to bring her back to the city to stay with him for a while and show her what that kinda life was. He cursed and climbed out of his tent, running back to the lake and looking around. He sniffed the air for her scent then followed it when he found it. He walked slowly as he looked around, not stopping till he was a few feet away from her den. "Odette?" The fox opened her eyes and stood her ears up when she heard him, wondering if she was dreaming. When she heard him call for her again she moved across her den and climbed out of the hole leading down into it, stopping about half way out when she saw him. "Dante...what are you doing out here?" He smiled and moved to her, kneeling down and offering his hands to her. She bit her bottom lip and took them, letting him pull her the rest of the way out of her den. He pulled her to him and hugged her tightly, kissing her cheek softly a few times before pulling back some to look at her. "Odette...come to the city with me...get an experience of my have never been beyond this forest...maybe now you have a reason to?" Odette blinked and stared at him for a moment before looking frightened. she lowered her ears and shifted some as she bit her bottom lip. She looked away from him and took a deep breathe. "I...I don't know Dante...that sounds frightening from what you have told me...and the pictures you have shown me..." Dante lifted her head by her chin gently and kissed her softly. "Odette...please? I want you to see my world...If you do I will spend my next break from training out here with your den." Odette stood her ears up and looked at him for a moment before smiling some and nodding a bit.

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