Blaze's choice.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#11 of Something unexpected.

Blaze makes a big choice in ones life. But give the man a medal for giving up those video games for Ruby. I might get yelled at for that one XD

Jacob ducked down with a soft yelp coming from him as a glass shattered on the wall behind him. At the moment he was in Rosies on apartment a few miles away from the campus after Rosie had called him in anger. Jacob folded his ears back and looked at the brandy and glass shards on the floor before looking to Rosie who was standing a few feet away at the kitchen sink, her ears folded back against her head as she let out a soft snarl, the fur along her tail standing on end as she looked at him. "That damned feline! Why is it hard to get rid of a fat little bitch like that?!" Rosie growled as she ran her fingers through her hair, leaning against the counter as she looked down at the floor. Jacob shifted and moved to cleaned up the glass before one of them ended up slicing their foot open from stepping on it. As he was picking up the shards he spoke softly. "Blaze is in know damn well how he is when he gets those feelings for a experienced it before your relationship with him went south...he will bend over backwards to keep her there and make her as happy as he possibly can. It is enough to make you puke up what you ate a week ago." Rosie growled and glared at him before huffing a bit. She got a thoughtful look on her face as she ran ideas through her head on how she could attempt to make Ruby leave Blaze. Jacob finished cleaning up the glass and moved to her, jumping when she grabbed him by the front of the shirt with a grin. "Well I do have an few ideas..."

While Rosie was with Jacob planning on making Rubys life hell Blaze was walking back onto campus from a trip to the store, humming softly to himself as his ears twitched a bit. He was still worried over what had happened at the gym and had stopped going altogether out of fear Rosie would try again. Ruby was in her apartment when he knocked on the door sopftly, smiling when Luna let him in. He stepped inside and put his bags in the kitchen while Luna giggled, bouncing a bit around him. "Did ya get it?!" Blaze watched her with his ears standing up and a grin on his face before nodding and grabbing her shoulder gently to hush her. "Calm down...I have it set up at a small place at the beach...they are getting the food cooked. Her father will be there tonight. I just need you to get her ready and get her down there without stopping at the stores." Luna smiled sheepishly and nodded some as she wagged her tail happily. Blaze smiled and chuckled a bit as he put the items he bought away with the exception of a small stuffed owl toy. Thanks to Luna snooping while Ruby was in class she had found her small owl collection. Ruby shifted in her bed, rolling over onto her side with her back facing the door as Blaze put a small black box up out of sight for that night. Was it early? yes it was very early but he knew he wanted it. He was just nervous Ruby would freak out. He smiled to Luna and made sure she knew to keep her mouth shut on what he was going to do. "This is going to be a kill two birds with one stone kinda thing Luna...I get Ruby as a wife..and Rosie gets the picture that she is out of my life for good...hopefully." Luna giggled and nodded as she promised not to let the surprise slip. Blaze gently ruffled her hair then headed into Rubys room with the owl. He closed the door behind him and moved to the bed, laying down behind her and putting his arms around her, taking the owl and gently tapping the soft beak of it against Rubys nose a few times until she let out a grunt and opened her eyes some, almost jumping back with bit of shock before relaxing when she realized what it was. "Fuck..." Blaze laughed softly and nuzzled his head against her own gently.

Ruby smiled and purred softly as her tail curled around his leg gently, her hands taking the owl as he handed it to her. She twitched her ears and turned her head to look at him before setting the little toy down on her night stand. She rolled over to face Blaze and gently bumped her nose to his as he smiled and began to pet her gently, his fingers slowly moving through her hair before kissing her softly. "Sleep well kitten?" Ruby nodded a bit as she returned the kiss before laying her head against his shoulder, hugging him against her gently as she took a deep breathe. "Yeah...Blaze? You know you don't have to keep bringing me things right? I know you feel bad still for what happened the other day...but I know it was all her doing and you had no part in it." Ruby lifted her head and looked at him then smiled as he kissed her forehead gently before nodding a bit. "I know makes you smile doesn't it?" Ruby nodded a bit as she pulled him a bit closer to her, nuzzling her muzzle against his own before sitting up in the bed and stretching out with a soft groan coming from her.

Blaze shifted some and watched her with a small smile on his face, his hand coming up to gently rub along her back slowly, his claws raking down against her skin slowly making her groan in delight as she relaxed. Blaze soon sat up and pulled her into his lap, kissing her deeply for a moment before pulling back and looking into her eyes with a smile on his face. "I got a late night class to get ready for kitten...I will be back here when I get done. Stay out of trouble?" Ruby rolled her eyes and kissed him again before nodding with a small pout on her face. " careful Blaze." He nodded and gently swatted her ass before moving out of his lap with one last kiss before getting up to head out. When he left Ruby walked out of her room, stretching with a soft groan coming from her while Luna bounced around her with excitement. "Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Go shower and get dressed! A new place down on the beach opened up and I managed to get us a table for dinner tonight!" Ruby twitched her tail around some as she watched the husky bouncing around her with a small smile before shaking her head some. " Not tonight Luna...I just want to wait for Blaze to come back from class and spend the night hugging him" Luna lowered her ears and pouted a bit. "Aww come on! Tell him to meet us there after he gets done with class! I'm sure he would enjoy it to! Please Ruby!!! Please?!" Luna gave Ruby a cute pleading look as she lowered her ears a bit more. Ruby groaned and shook her head some before taking a deep breathe and looking away from her, thinking on it for a moment before nodding some. " Oh alright! Just stop giving me that look please?" Luna barked happily and hugged Ruby tightly, both smiling and giggling softly. When Luna finally let go of Ruby she ran off to her room to get ready while Ruby went to the kitchen, pulling out a can of soda and taking a few sips of it with a soft sigh coming from her. She put the can back then headed back to her room.

Ruby sent Blaze a message on meeting them at this place by the beach before stripping down from her shirt and panties before getting in the shower. she took her time getting her hair and fur clean before she finished and dried off. As she came out of her bathroom wrapped in a towel Luna bursts through the door giggling and carrying a black strapless dress. "Put this on!" Ruby jumped a bit and looked at Luna with her ears standing up, raising a brow. "Isn't that a bit...formal for dinner?" Ruby looked at the dress that was an empire style dress much like the one she wore on her first date with Blaze, the bust of it having beautiful bead work on it while a ribbon hung from the sides to be tied in the back. Luna twitched her ears a few times and shook her head some with a smile. "Nope. This place is a formal style would be perfect...and with oyur white fur it would look great!" Ruby blushed as she looked at Luna for a moment, looking reluctant before she took a deep breathe and nodded a bit. Ruby took the dress and watched Luna leave the room before laying the dress down on her bed. She took the towel off, drying her hair a bit more with it before pulling on a black strapless bra and some matching panties before looking to the dress again. she bit her bottom lip before pulling the dress on, getting it tied in the back before looking at her reflection. Messy hair and fluffy fur stood out with this dress. She rolled her eyes wondering what had gotten into Luna. She turned and went back to her bathroom to get her fur brushed out before pulling her hair into a french braid, her ears twitching nervously. Something was off but she wasn't sure on what.

When Ruby stepped out of her room after pulling on a pair of black flats to go with the dress Luna was waiting in the kitchen with a drink, wearing a purple and white dress similar to Rubys. Luna looked at Ruby and smiled brightly. "Ruby you look great! Blaze will hit the floor when he sees you." Ruby rolled her eyes and blushed brightly as she rubbed one of her arms lightly as her tail twitched nervously while she shook her head some. "I...I do not look good just...under average." Luna lowered her ears for a moment then sighed heavily as she looked down at the floor for a moment before shaking her head then smiling. "Come on lets will see his reaction." Luna walked with Ruby out of the apartment, locking the door behind them before heading off campus. Luna flagged down a cab for them and off they went. When they arrived at the beach there was a lovely little cabin that had been built within the last year. The deck of the cabin decorated in faint purple and lbue lights. Ruby blinked as Luna lead her inside and giggled a bit. Inside the scent of jasmine hit ruby and she purred a bit, her ears twitching some. A few of their friends were there and smiled when the two walked in. Blaze was there and slowly came up to Ruby, moving behind her before she could see him. He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently squeezed as he leaned his head down. "Hello beautiful." He kissed her cheek after she turned her head to look at him, blushing brightly before turning some to face him. "I..thought you would be a while...Blaze what is going on?" The wolf grinned and gently nuzzled his nose to hers before kissing her softly. "You will see in a bit....for now just relax alright?"

"He is right sweetheart...besides you have some explaining to do." Ruby went still when she heard that voice. She looked at Blaze who smiled and gently turned her around. She now stood facing a large white male cat with bright blue eyes. "DADDY?!" Ruby moved to him and hugged him tightly as he smiled and pet her head gently, making her purr as she smiled brightly, her tail swaying around some before curling around his leg softly. John twitched his ears a bit and pulled back some to look at her. "I know it has been a while since I last saw you but I didn't expect you to up and have a boyfriend in that time." Ruby blushed brightly and smiled as she held onto him. Blaze chuckled softly and moved to leave them be, sitting at a table with Luna who was giggling with excitement. John gently lead Ruby over to a near by table, sitting down with her and holding her hand in his with a gentle squeeze. " I know what has been going on Ruby...Blaze is bending over backwards for you...he spent most of this evening with me talking." Ruby blinked a few times and looked at her father confused. She was about to say something when he stopped her and shook his head some. "No no it is nothing to be worried over little one...just enjoy your night. And you know if something happens that you need me and I will be here as fast as I can." John leaned in and kissed her forehead before getting up as Blaze came over and sat down with Ruby, gently kissing her cheek then nuzzling her. Ruby purred softly and smiled as she looked at him, her tail curling around one of his legs as she hugged him tightly.

Over the next hour Blaze and Ruby relaxed with little kisses or nuzzles while they ate, listening to the chatter from the others around them. When they finished eating Blaze stood up and gently took her hand, taking her outside to the deck. He stood against the railing along the deck, looking out towards the water as the others began dancing to the music that had begun to play. Ruby looked back in to see Luna and her father dancing. she grinned and shook her head some before standing her ears up as Blaze put his hand over hers and looked at her with a smile on his face. "Ruby...I got something to ask you...I know it has only been about a month but I can say with pure confidence that I love you greatly Ruby...and I will bend over backwards to make you happy until you tell me to leave." Ruby blushed brightly as she listened to him, her hands gently gripping onto his as she purred softly, bringing his hand to her lips, kissing his fingers softly as she smiled to him. "I love you too Blaze...but what is all this? Why go through this trouble?" Blaze grinned some and kissed her forehead softly before kissing her lips. "Because I want you to marry me." Ruby blinked a few times and looked at him, pulling back some as she tilted her head to the side a bit wondering if he was joking. She stared him in the eyes for a moment before seeing he was serious as he showed her a simple diamond ring he had bought after selling most if not all of his games. Ruby stared at it for a moment before looking back to him, her cheeks turning a darker shade of pink. "A...are you serious? Like..really drop dead serious?" Blaze chuckled and nodded a bit then stumbled back some when she hugged him tightly, pressing her face into his chest as she lowered her ears some as he began petting her. "Ruby listen...this just means we will be engaged...we finish with college and move on from there...we don't have to have a wedding now...when your truely ready for that and if it happens then..we go through with it." Ruby nodded as she hugged him tighter then before, purring softly as he gently coaxed her into looking up at him, seeing a smile with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Blaze gently pressed his lips to hers as he kissed her deeply. Ruby returned the kiss with a heavy purr before letting him put the ring on her finger. She purred and nuzzled her head to his for several minutes before laying her head against his chest. After a few minutes he led her back inside to the others who all giggled and clapped for them. John moved to her and gently pet her head before kissing her forehead with a purr coming from him. "I'm proud of you Ruby.." She smiled and nuzzled her father softly before gasping as Luna hugged her tightly with a giggle coming from her. The group remained at the cabin before all of them but Ruby and Blaze left. Ruby kissed her fathers cheek and hugged him before he left. When they were all gone Ruby turned and looked at Blaze with a bright blush on her cheeks while he was sitting at a table leaned back with a soft yawn coming from him. "Blaze?" Ruby walked to him as he let off a soft sound to acknowledge her as she sat down in his lap, putting one of her arms around him. "Where did you get the money for the ring? Don't tell me you put a debt over your head for it..." Blaze laughed and shook his head some then gently kissed into her neck before giving it a soft bite, making her gasp softly. "Nope...I sold almost all my video games...and a few of Jacobs...might be a while before he realizes it...but oh well.." Ruby laughed and pressed her head against his for a moment before he kissed her deeply with a soft and playful growl coming from him.

Ruby let out a soft groan into the kiss then grunted a bit as he picked her up and laid her back on the table, his tail wagging hard behind him as he broke the kiss with a grin on his face. "We have this place until tomorrow night thanks to your father..." Ruby blushed and giggled softly as she laid her head back on the table, looking up at him as he lifted her dress around her hips slowly while he began kissing down along her neck and collar bone a few times. "Blaze...Is...Is there a bedroom?" Blaze nodded a bit then grinned a bit. "Yes we will have a place to sleep love." Ruby nodded a bit as he pulled her panties off of her body, tossing them off to the side to be hunted down later. Ruby laughed softly and gently ran her fingers through his hair with a heavy purr while he sat back in his chair, grinning as his head moved between her legs, his tongue licking along her pussy softly a few times before sucking on her clit softly, his fingers spreading her pussy lips open. He moved his tongue down and began licking at her opening slowly before pushing into her.

Ruby let out a soft moan when she felt his tongue on her. She relaxed and closed her eyes with a heavy purr until she felt his tongue pushing into her, her tail curling around his chest gently as she moved her hips some. She gripped the edge of the table lightly in her hand as she smiled. "B..Blaze...what..if someone walks in on us?" Blaze grinned and pulled his tongue from her, licking up to her clit before nipping at it gently. "They won't...don't worry." He grinned to her and pushed two of his fingers into her pussy, curling them up to hit against her G-spot. She let out a loud moan when he did, her back arching up hard for a few second before her hips began moving against his fingers so they were hitting that same spot over and over again. Blaze used his free hand to pull his pants open, freeing his cock as it throbbed hard once or twice.Blaze then stood up and ditched his pants altogether as he pulled his fingers from her pussy. she pouted a bit before he grinned and gently pushed his fingers into her mouth. She purred and suckled on them softly, blushing to her own taste. He groaned softly as he watched her, his ears standing up as he smiled to her before pulling his fingers free from her mouth and pulling her to the edge of the table, her rear hanging off the edge of it some as he leaned over her with a grin.

Ruby giggled as she was pulled like that, her eyes locking onto his own before he kissed her as he pushed his cock into her pussy slowly. She groaned a bit into the kiss while pushing her tongue into his mouth while her arms wrapped around him and held him against her. Blaze pressed one of his hands against the table top while his other grabbed the front of her dress, pulling it down along with her bra. He freed her breasts and instantly put his hands on one of her breasts, kneading his fingers into the soft orb of flesh while he began thrusting his cock into her hard and slow, pulling back from the kiss with a growl coming from him as he looked down at her. Ruby let out a soft moan as she laid her head back to look up at him, her blush remaining on her cheeks as she lightly gripped at the back of his shirt. He smiled to her and lowered his head down, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and began suckling on it hard for a moment, his teeth biting down gently while he began thrusting harder into her. Ruby arched her back up, letting out one moan after another while her hands moved from his body to the edge of the table, her claws digging into it instead of him. Blaze tugged on her nipple before letting it go, licking over her breasts slowly. "F..Faster Blaze!" He lifted his head and glanced to her, smiling before gripping her hips now instead.

As soon as he gripped her hips Blaze began thrusting harder and faster into her now, his ears twitching to the sounds of her moans as well as the table shifting under her from his movements. He kept his eyes on her now, watching her breasts bouncing from his impacts into her, the sounds of his cock moving into her pussy filling the air and mixing with her moans. Ruby arched her back up a few times as she moaned out louder and louder, her pussy clenching down on his cock with each thrust the wolf made into her while her claws left deep scratches in the wood of the table. "B..Blaze...Fuck!" She arched up again as she began feeling herself getting closer to cumming. She bit her bottom lip hard, trying to fight it off as she stared up at him, their eyes locking. Blaze felt his cock throbbing hard now as he began pounding his cock into her as fast as he could, his knot beginning to form as he came closer to cumming. Ruby was trying to warn him as she arched her back up a bit more. Blaze soon slammed his hips into hers as hard as he could, his knot stretching her pussy more before popping into her. Ruby arched up one last time as her orgasm hit her, her pussy clamping down on his cock hard a few times as her juices washed over his cock. Blaze leaned down and pressed his lips to hers in a deep kiss to muffle her moan as he pressed his hips into hers as hard as he could, his cock throbbing violently as he released in her. The two went still, holding the kiss for a bit longer before pulling back with heavy panting. She laid her head back with her eyes shut and let out a soft groan. Once her breathing was under control she began purring heavily, smiling as he gently ran his fingers along her neck before cupping her cheek and rubbing his thumb against her fur slowly. She opened her eyes and stared up at him, biting her bottom lip before sitting up some and nuzzling her muzzle against his. They remained like that in a rather blissful silence before he was able to pull his cock from her. He helped her off the table and lead her to the bedroom in the back of the cabin to rest for the night.

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