A not so fairy tale marriage.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#1 of Her Escape

Alright soooo I am taking a break from Ruby's story and decided to write one kinda based on a Rp I done a while back with a friend through email. No one and I mean no one is going to like this girls husband what so ever.

Crystal twitched her ears as she looked up from the morning dishes. She was about half way done with them when someone came knocking on her front door. "Who the hell.." She sighed and dried her hands off wit ha dish towel before heading to the door and pulling it open to see her friend Bonnie standing there with a smile. "Hey! You didn't answer my text message so I just figured I would show up....he is gone isn't he?" The little mouse looked around past Crystal who sighed and nodded, letting her inside. The feline closed the door and went back to the kitchen. "Yeah...he left like twenty minutes ago after making sure I was doing these damn dishes." She pointed to the sink as she made her way back to it while Bonnie sat down at the table and watched her. The little mouse admired her friend. Crystal was a lovely feline, silky smooth silver fur with white markings and bright green eyes as well as long jet black hair. Crystal and Bonnie grew up together and had always hung out. The mouse pushed some of her blonde hair our of her eyes as she leaned back while Crystal finished her chore, grumbling under her breathe. "Crystal...why did you marry him?" The feline dried her hands off after draining the dishpan and wiping down the counter before looking to Bonnie with her ears low against her head. "Because at the time he wasn't like this Bonnie...Besides I was stupid and thought it was happily ever after." Crystal gave a shrug and moved to sit down at the table with her as an awkward silence fell between the two of them. After several minutes Bonnie looked at her and smiled. "Well he is going to be gone for three days right? So...you can actually have fun! Come to the bar with me tonight Crystal...relax and have some fun. You deserve it more then anyone I know!" Bonnie gently took the felines hand and squeezed it as Crystal looked at her for a moment before taking a deep breathe and nodding a bit. "Alright but...only if we are back in time for me to answer his call." Bonnie sighed and nodded a bit before getting up and hugging her friend. "I will pick you up at six after I get off work...see you tonight hun." Crystal returned the hug and smiled a bit before walking with her to the door and watching her leave.

Crystal sighed and spent the rest of her day cleaning up the house. Her husband, a large black male cat with a white marking over his left eye had gone on a business trip for the firm he worked for. She knew he would be fucking his assistant while he was gone but she honestly could care less. After six years of marriage to him she had given up on her feelings for the man since he didn't seem to really care for her unless she was keeping his house clean. When she was done she sat down on the couch with one of her books, enjoying the silence until her cell phone buzzed on the couch beside her. By then it was about five in the afternoon and Bonnie was letting her know she was getting off work early. Crystal smiled some, glad she had at least one friend in this city. She put her book away and headed upstairs to shower. As she was getting her fur dry she ran her hands over some old scars her husband had given her a year or so before after a bad argument that went way out of hand for her. She lowered her ears some and brushed her fur over them to hide them before getting some panties and a bra on. By then Bonnie had come through the front door knowing Crystal left it unlocked for her and sprinted up the stairs. "Oh nice..matching undies. Plan on actually having sex with someone or just teasing yourself?" Crystal smiled and stuck her tongue out at the mouse before walking into her closet. "Oh shut up. You know I like to keep something on me that matches..." Bonnie giggled and sat on the edge of the bed, watching as Crystal pulled out a short pair of black capri pants with a rose pattern sewn onto the right leg of it. She then dug through the shirts she had before pulling out a light blue shirt with short sleeves that had a small flare to them at the elbows so the rest fell around her wrists. Bonnie nodded and smiled with her approval of the choice before Crystal got dressed. The feline pulled on a pair of short boots and grabbed her wallet as well as her cell phone before heading out with Bonnie.

When they reached the bar Bonnie walked in with Crystal, both chuckling softly. Bonnie led her friend to a table and both sat down to relax. Bonnie got up a minute later and walked over to the bar, getting them some beer before returning and sitting back down again. Crystal thanked her and curled her tail around her own legs as she sipped on her drink. The two sat there talking about their childhood when a group of males walked over to them, one of them being a stallion who looked at Crystal and grinned. " Well now...aren't you a pretty little pussy?" Crystal folded her ears back and glared up at him as she hissed softly. " Buzz off..." The stallion shifted and moved to her, putting his hands on her shoulders as he leaned in,stinking of vodka and beer. "Oh now come on....surely you want to ride a stallion for a night?" Crystal jumped up and pushed him back away from her while Bonnie stood as well, moving to get between her and the stallion as the male was getting ready to grab at her. Bonnie and Crystal stepped back when a male canine stepped in, grabbing the stallions wrists tightly and snarling, pushing him back. "Leave the woman alone jackass...your half drunk and she said no." The stallion stepped back a bit and glared at the male before moving to start fighting when the bartender yelled for the bouncer. The stallion and the others with him instantly hauled ass while the male that stepped in sighed and looked at Crystal then to Bonnie who smiled and excused herself to go for the bathroom.

Crystal blushed lightly and rubbed one of her arms a bit as she looked back at the male. Now that she was getting a better look at him she found him to be rather good looking. It was clear he was a mix of wolf and husky, his fur having the black and white markings of a husky while his features were more wolf. The male looked from Bonnie as she left to looking at Crystal with a small smile, his bright ice blue eyes shining a bit as he gently put his hand on her shoulder and guided her back to the table to sit down. He sat down across from her and spoke softly. " Sorry...I couldn't sit and watch that scene unfold...My name is Jason." He smiled more and held his hand out to her. Crystal stood her ears up and stared at him as her hand gently took his, getting ready to shake it but was shocked when he kissed the back of it gently before letting go. "I...I am Crystal. And um..thanks for stopping him...This is what I shoulda expected when my friend got me to go out tonight...get hit on by a drunk stallion.." She took her hand back as he let it go and crossed her arms with a soft sigh coming from her while Jason laughed softly. "I watched him for a while...you were like the tenth girl he hit on tonight...he doesn't know when to stop until someone clocks him over the head with a bat." Crystal giggled softly and flicked the tip of her tail as she watched him with her head tilted to the side a bit. "You have been a while then to have been watching him like that." Jason nodded as he leaned back while the bar tender brought over some drinks to them, apologizing to Crystal for what had happened and telling her the drinks were free that night. Jason grinned and looked at Crystal as he answered her. "Well Yeah I kinda have to be...I own this little shit hole." Crystal stood her ears up and looked at him with a raised brow. "Only at night am I here...during the day I train boxers at the gym." crystal smiled and nodded some as she sipped on her drink, not yet noticing Bonnie had slipped off to the bar to watch them. "I don't work...my husband wants me to be the stay at home maid." She shook her head and huffed a bit while her tail curled around her legs.

Jason tilted his head back and watched her before rolling her eyes. "So he is one of those...that is stuck in the old times I take it?" Crystal nodded some as she looked to him, chuckling a bit. "Yeah.."She looked at her phone then folded her ears down with a sigh. "In fact...I need to head home...he will be calling soon to check in on me." She hissed a bit and stood up. Jason stood up and gently took her phone from her, his fingers tapping a few times before handing it back to her with a smile. "Well if your ever bored..you can text me and talk...or come by here and hang out. You don't have to stay cooped up all the time. Your to pretty to look at to be stuck in the house all day." He smiled and turned to head over to the bar, leaving her blushing and stunned with wide eyes. Bonnie came back with her keys in hand and gently guided Crystal out the door with a giggle coming from the little mouse girl. "Wow Crystal...you seem to have sparked some interest in him."

Bonnie dropped Crystal off at home before heading off to her own apartment. Crystal walked inside and shut the door only to be pinned up against it by the neck, her husband standing there with his eyes narrowed. "AH! D...Dale! What the hell?! I thought you were on your trip?!" She gripped his wrists in her hands as her ears lowered against her head while looking at him, seeing the anger in his eyes as he began sniffing at her before tightening his grip on her throat. "My trip was canceled at the last minute...I came home expecting my wife to have dinner ready and to actually be oh...I dunno...SETTING THE FUCKING TABLE! No instead you come skipping through the door smelling of other men and beer...where the fuck were you?" Crystal winced as his grip tightened and she let out a soft gasp, wiggling a bit as she whimpered. "D..Dale...please don't..B..Bonnie just took me out for drinks at a bar...I came home so..I could answer your phone call when it came!" Dale folded his ears back and pulled her off the door, shoving her towards the kitchen with a growl. "Liar...you were probably fucking a few other men. Get your stupid ass in there and do your job." Crystal coughed when he shoved her and stumbled forward, hitting the floor with a soft grunt coming from her. she lowered her ears and quickly pulled herself up off the floor before he decided to do more to her and ran into the kitchen with tears coming to her eyes. It was one of the few times she was glad her fur covered her skin.

Tears rolled down Crystals cheeks as she scrambled to get supper cooked for Dale, getting some chicken fried with potatoes and greens with it. When it was done she set the table with the plates full of the food before nervously calling him. "I...I got it cooked Dale." She quickly wiped her eyes before he walked into the kitchen, not even looking at her or thanking her as he sat down. She hesitated before sitting down as well but she didn't touch her food, only toyed with it using her fork before taking one or two bites. When dale was done eating he leaned back in his seat to check his phone. Crystal glanced at him and stood up, taking their plates from the table and tossing out what wasn't eating before getting the dishes started. As she was working on them Dale moved up behind her, grabbing at her capris and yanking them down roughly making her let out a loud gasp of shock. "DALE?! What are-" she let out a pained grunt as he bent her over the sink , the sound of his own pants unzipping and coming undone hit her ears. She lowered her ears down and whimpered, knowing this was going to be rough. He used two of his fingers to rub her pussy for a few seconds before they pushed into her. Crystal let out a small pained groan and closed her eyes when he gripped her shoulder hard with a warning squeeze. Soon she felt his barbed cock being pushed into her before she was even wet. She winced and gripped at the edge of the sink tightly in her hands.

Crystal kept her eyes closed tightly as Dale began pounding his cock into her with his claws lightly digging into her shoulder from the tight grip he had on her, his other hand gripping her hip just as hard. Crystal tried her best not to think of what he was doing while he began speeding up his thrusting into her, the rough sounds of his hips hitting her ass filling the room along with his grunts he let out every once in a while. Dale pounded into her pussy with no real care towards her, his cock throbbing as he came close to his release. Crystal felt his movements becoming rougher as he came closer only to gasp when he pulled out and forced her onto her knees, his cock soon being pushed into her mouth as he gripped her hair tightly in his hand. He thrust his hips against her mouth a few times before forcing her to take him into her throat as he released, Crystal gagging a bit until he pulled back, letting the rest of his cum land across her cheek and muzzle. He covered her mouth and nose with his hand, forcing her to swallow it all before letting her go and fixing his pants before leaving the kitchen without a word to her.

Crystal sat there shaking for a few minutes with tears rolling down her cheeks before she finally pulled herself up, fixing her capris back to her hips and cleaning her face off before finishing the dishes. When she was done she made sure everything else was clean and in its spot before heading upstairs to the bedroom. Dale was in his office across the hall on his computer doing some late night work which made Crystal feel a bit more relieved. She walked into the bedroom, shutting the door a bit before changing into a thin night gown he always made her wear. She lowered her ears as she brushed her teeth and mouth out for nearly ten minutes before finally finishing and going to the bed. She climbed under the covers and laid there after putting her phone on the charger. She lowered her ears and curled up on her side with her back to the door, listening to the sounds of her husband typing at his computer for a few minutes before falling asleep knowing she was going to be sore in the morning.

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