The first time.

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#2 of Her Escape

Not bad timing for someone working half asleep at the keyboard. XD Anyway enjoy the story!

The next morning Crystal was indeed sore from Dale's forced sex on her. She laid in bed groaning faintly until her alarm on her phone began going off. She growled and quickly shut it off before it woke her husnband who was still sleeping beside her. She slowly got up and moved to the bathroom, taking a shower and washing her fur clean, being gentle with herself when she had to wash between ehr legs. As she was washing she found dried blood on her shoulder and hips, her ears folding back a bit. "Great...more scars..." She shook her head some and finished cleaning herself up before getting out and drying her fur off. She got dressed in a pair of clean panties and some jeans along with a tight tank top and a pink T-shirt layered over it. She grabbed her phone and put it in her pocket, looking to see Dale was already up and getting dressed for work. She folded her ears back again and quickly left the bedroom, almost running downstairs to get to the kitchen. Once she hit the kitchen she began cooking a quick breakfast for him, just setting the plate of bacon and eggs on the table for him before turning to get started on the dishes. Since it was Tuesday she was a bit more relaxed. He normally worked late at the office and she would spend most of her morning shopping for groceries at the store with Bonnie. Dale walked into the kitchen with an angry look on his face. He looked to the plate of hot food but ignored it. He had gotten an email from his boss demanded his last stack of paperwork for a project be redone by the end of the week and it pissed him off. Sadly Crystal was usually the one who was on the end of that anger when he let it out.

The next thing Crystal knew she was being grabbed and practially thrown on the table that shifted with the impact. She let out a yelp of shock as she hit the table, groaning and moving to get up when Dale grabbed her and slapped her across the face as hard as he could, her head turning some from the hit. She growled and rubbed where she had been slapped as tears formed in her eyes while she looked at him wondering what she had done for him to attack her. Dale hissed and grabbed her by the front of her shirt. "Do not growl at me bitch..." Crystal for once tried fighting back and slapped him across the face in return. That was her biggest mistake of the morning. He growled and grabbed her by the face hard, slamming her back against the table and holding her there as she kicked and gripped at his arm to try and get him to let go while his other hand lifted up the t-shirt and her tank top before grabbing the plate of still hot bacon and eggs she had fixed for him only minutes before. He glarred at her as her eyes widened with fear, her kicking becoming harder as she started to tighten her grip on his arm getting ready to sink her claws into him when he dumped the food out on her stomach, the heat and grease from the food sinking past her fur and hitting her skin. She let out a muffled cry of pain and bucked up hard while he tightened his grip on her to the point both her cheeks would be bruised under her fur. It was a good five minutes before he let go to head out to work. "Get your fucking mess cleaned up bitch..." He grabbed his keys as well as his paper work before heading out the door.

As soon as he let her go Crystal leaped off the table and quickly got the food off of her stomach with tears streaming down her cheeks, her skin already burned from it. She whimpered as he left the house, her hands shaking as she looked at the mess before looking to her fur that was dark and grease stained now. She lowered her ears and moved to get her fur cleaned up once more, rubbing some burn treatment cream into her fur and onto her skin afterwards before changing her shirts. "Fuck...fuck fuck Crystal why in gods name did you marry that man?! Mom told you not to over and over but no your stupid ass didn't listen!" She banged her head against the bathroom door lightly as she sobbed silently for several minutes before taking a deep breathe and going back to the kitchen. By the time she got it all cleaned up and the table back in its place as well as the dishes washed and put away Bonnie knocked on the door.

Crystal took a minute to get herself calmed down a bit more before letting her friend in with a forced smile. "H..hey Bonnie! I'm almost ready just need to get my hair brushed and make the list!" Bonnie blinked and looked at Crystal before lowering her ears. Bonnie knew what Dale was like. She had seen it first hand when she spent the night after a break up a year or so before. Bonnie had tried more then once to help Crystal, even called the cops on him once or twice. But nothing ever came of it and Crystal finally told her to stop. Bonnie stepped inside and nodded some as she watched Crystal grab a brush she kept downstairs, beginning to run it through her hair to pull it into a quick low pony tail while going through the pantry and the cabinets to see what was needed, getting it all written down on a sheet of paper before returning to her friend with her bag and another small smile. Bonnie gave her a knowing look but was silent as they left to head to the store.

Bonnie walked down the small stretch of street with the coffee shops, the stores and the gym on it after parking near by the store. Bonnie walked with Crystal as they passed by the gym. Bonnie happened to look in and see Jason in a boxing ring with another wolf, coaching him and helping him with his fighting skills. Crystal watched Bonnie before looking in through the glass to see what had gotten her friends interest so suddenly only to see Jason. She took instant notice of him wearing nothing but work out pants and grinning big to the wolf he was helping. It wasn't long before Jason noticed the two and stood his ears up, his gaze instantly going to Crystal. That was his mistake, leaving himself open for a hard punch from the wolf that knocked him back. Crystal and Bonnie both gasped, Crystal moved to the doors and walked inside without thinking, making her way to the ring and moving to Jason as he sat against the corner of it, rubbing his jaw as he spoke. " Damn kid...your punch is more then I thought it would be..." Jason looked at the wolf who smiled proudly before laughing. "Well it was a cheap move since you were looking at her." Jason stood his ears up when the boy motioned to Crystal who was looking at him with worry. She shifted some and rubbed her arm a bit. " alright?" Jason blinked a few times then smiled and nodding before motioning for the wolf to go on and head home. Jason rolled off the ring and rubbed his jaw a bit more before chuckling some. "I'm fine...It isn't your fault. He took his shot when he saw I got side tracked."

Crystal blushed a bit as she looked at him before the wolf came up to him after changing and downing half a bottle of water. "Thanks Jason! I will see you in a few days....and your girlfriend is pretty!" Jason blinked and went to playfully swat the boy but missed as he hauled ass out of the gym. Bonnie giggled hard as she came up to him and Crystal who was blushing even darker then before. "So Jason? Are you free? Crystal and I are going to the store for groceries. Would you like to join us? Maybe we will have lunch afterwards?" Jason stood his ears up and looked at Bonnie before getting a thoughtful look on his face while glancing at Crystal who was looking away from them, her ears twitching a few times as her hand rubbed along her stomach lightly. It was an excuse to hang out with her and possibly learn more about her so he smiled and nodded a bit. "Sure..just wait here and let me get cleaned up?" Bonnie nodded and moved with Crystal to sit down near by while Jason went to a set of stairs leading to his apartment upstairs. "Bonnie...don't...Look Dale was home last night! His trip was canceled at the last minute and...well." She lowered her ears as Bonnie frowned and looked at her. "Crystal I love you greatly. Your my best friend...and knowing he is doing this frightens of these days he might actually end up killing you. You need to get out of that marriage...finding someone who will love you and treat you like a princess isn't a bad thing! Hell it will help you." Crystal shook her head and looked down at the floor with tears coming to her eyes, neither knowing Jason was listening from the top of the stairs with his ears down against his head.

When he got cleaned up and changed into some baggy jeans and a sweat shirt he came back downstairs and smiled to them. "Ready when you two lovelies are." Bonnie giggled a bit to him and stood up with Crystal who only smiled a bit and walked with them out of the gym. Jason locked it after putting up a sign saying he was out on some errands then walked slowly with the two of them to the store, looking to Crystal as she walked in front of him. Bonnie hung back and looked up at him, whispering softly. " You like her...I can see it." Jason looked at her and smiled some. "She is a pretty girl...but married...and I'm sorry but I heard you talking to her in the gym...her husband is worse then just making her stay home isn't he?" Bonnie nodded a bit and sighed with a worried look coming to her face. "He is...I'm frightened for her...I won't even stay at her house if I know he is home...she needs help but won't let anyone try.." Jason nodded and lowered his ears some before looking to Crystal who glanced at them as they approached the store.

Once in the store Bonnie patted her shoulder and smiled. "I will head off to get my stuff...take your time Crystal...let something happen." Bonnie looked at her before heading off with her cart. Crystal blinked and watched her as she put her bag in the child seat of the cart before glancing to Jason who smiled to her. She twitched her ears a bit nervously but began walking slowly with him in an awkward silence before he spoke softly. "What time does your husband usually come home from work?" Crystal blinked and looked to him, raising a brow before taking a deep breathe and shrugging a bit. "It depends...if he has a bunch of paperwork then he usually worked till about midnight...if not then usually comes home about eight or nine." Jason nodded a bit, chewing on his bottom lip as he went silent again. He had to admit he felt a attraction to Crystal and he wanted to spend more time with her alone. After a moment he looked at her again. "Well...if your interested you can...have dinner with me at my apartment...I mean if your husband is going to be really late coming home and all that." He began rubbing the back of his head as she looked at him a bit shocked. She thought on it for a moment, thinking of Bonnie's words about letting something happen. She took a deep breathe and stopped walking to put a few things in the cart. "I..I will think about it Jason...I won't know if he is going to be home till late or not till I text him about what he wants for dinner." Jason smiled some and nodded, sticking his hands into his pockets. "Fair enough." Crystal looked to him and smiled a bit.

Jason walked with her through the store, helping her find the things on her list before they met Bonnie at the check out. Jason helped them get their bags to Bonnie's car. Bonnie turned to them and grinned. " Tell you guys what...I will take Crystals things to her house and get them unloaded and put away for her. I know where everything goes...that away you two can..hang out and have lunch." Crystal blinked and was about to protest but Bonnie stopped her. "Hush it is needed. You stay cooped up in that house to much so...this is a break. Dale won't know. I know the code for the alarm and I have that copy of your key for when you go out of town." Crystal hesitated before sighing a bit and nodding. "A..Alright just...don't leave any trace of it being you alright?" Jason stood his ears up when he heard her, standing behind her he looked at Bonnie who lowered her own ears and nodded before getting in her car and heading off. Crystal bit her bottom lip and turned to look at Jason who looked back at her and smiled. "Come on...I make homemade pizzas...better then some crummy cafe." Crystal chuckled a bit and nodded some then walked with him back to the gym.

Once they got back Jason locked the doors and flipped his sign to closed then lead Crystal upstairs to the large apartment. Crystal was surprised at how clean his apartment was and looked around for a moment after setting her bag down on a chair by the door. Jason looked at her and smiled then walked into his kitchen to start work on that pizza. "Um...anything you want me to do?" Crystal toyed with her fingers nervously as she walked into the kitchen and looked at him as he was getting what he needed out. "Not really just...keep me company?" Jason looked to her and grinned some as she blushed and nodded a bit with a small smile. As Jason worked on the dough for the pizza he glanced at her. "How long have you been married anyway?" Crystal leaned against the counter, watching him while absently toying with her gold wedding ring. "About six years...I kinda tried to lose count on it." Jason chuckled a bit and took a deep breath as he went back to work on the pizza. Things went silent between them as she watched him as if she was trying to learn how he was doing it. Jason grinned and soon offered to show her properly. Crystal nodded and he moved a bit closer to her with more dough, showing her how to do it while his tail wagged a bit. By the time the two pizzas were in the oven Crystal was a bit of a mess with flour on her muzzle and hands. Jason laughed as he grabbed a wet paper towel and stood in front of her, looking at her as he wiped the flour from her muzzle slowly while she was working on her hands. Soon enough her eyes were locked onto his and she went still, feeling a small shiver going down her spine when she saw he was a bit closer then before.

Jason knew he shouldn't since she was married and it would more then likely get her in trouble but he couldn't stop it. He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her softly. Surprisingly Crystal returned the kiss, her hands gripping at his sweat shirt when she did. She even began purring when he deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her a bit closer to him then before. When the kiss broke he nuzzled his nose to hers gently, seeing her blush as she looked back at him with her purring continuing. He shifted and turned the heat on the oven off before kissing her again, slowly leading her out of the kitchen and towards his room. As soon as she felt her legs hit his bed she was down, falling back onto it with him moving over top of her. He kissed her once more while lifting her shirt up, letting her sit up long enough for him to remove it and toss it to the floor. He broke the kiss and began licking along her neck slowly while he pulled her bra off of her, throwing it to join her shirt. She laid back again and tilted her head to give him more of her neck with a soft groan coming from her, the little voice in her head yelling for her to stop but she was ignoring it. He soon made his way to her breasts and began suckling on one of her nipples while he kneaded and groped at her other breasts, enjoying the fact they were medium sized for her body. He sucked hard before letting go, looking at her with a small smile before she pulled him to her and kissed him again, her tongue pushing into his mouth to rub against his own while he was undoing her pants. It had been a long time since Crystal felt as aroused as she was that moment, her panties soaked through by the time he pulled her pants off. He broke the kiss and moved down, pulling her panties aside and licking along her pussy slowly a few times.

Crystal laid her head back and let out a soft moan, a shiver running through her when she felt his flat, smooth tongue against her. Her moaning grew louder when he used his fingers to spread her pussy open and began sucking on her clit, his tongue rolling against the little nub a few times before he moved his tongue down and pushed it into her. She let out a gasp and gripped at the bed covers as her back arched up a bit, her pussy clenching down on his tongue as he moved it around inside her a few times before pulling back and grabbing her panties to pull them off of her. Now she laid there naked before him, blushing and panting softly as she looked up at him. Jason smiled to her before pulling his shirt off of his body, throwing it to the floor before his pants and boxers joined them. His thick ten inch cock was already fully erect and throbbing as he climbed over her, kissing up along he body until his lips pressed into her own. She returned his kiss, her tongue pushing into his mouth once more and shivering to her own taste still on it. Jason spread her legs gently and slowly pushed his cock into her. Crystal broke the kiss with a moan coming from her, his cock was definitely bigger then her husbands and it surprised her. She gripped at his shoulders as he pushed his entire length into her, his hips now pressed into her own as he kissed into her neck again. Crystal found herself enjoying the kisses and touches he was giving her more then anything.

Jason smiled and gently nuzzled his head against her as he began thrusting into her gently, his ears twitching to the next moan she gave off. He kept his pace gentle and slow while Crystal wrapped her legs around him lightly and began pushing her hips against his. She laid her head back and looked up at him, her fingers running through the fur along his shoulders gently as he stared back at her, feeling a spark from her that took him by surprise. within minutes Crystal had him on his back, sitting up on him and beginning to move her hips on him. Her pace was a bit harder then his had been but for the time being she kept the speed slow. She was enjoying it and Jason could see it in her eyes as he watched her while his fingers massaged up along her thighs and into her hips before moving up along her sides to her breasts. She placed her hands over his own as she blushed and stared to speed her movements up to the point her breasts were bouncing in his hands a bit while her own were gripping at his wrists lightly. She let out a loud moan and grunted a bit as Jason began bucking up into her when she lowered down onto him. She bit her bottom lip hard and placed her hands against his chest, beginning to ride him as hard as she could now, the sounds of the bed squeaking and the headboard shaking a bit made them both chuckle a bit between their moans.

Soon the sounds of her pussy moving along his cock filled the air and mixed with the other sounds as she leaned down and pressed her lips against his. That was when Jason flipped them over again and gripped her hips, beginning to pound his cock into her now as he returned the kiss. The feeling of her pussy clenching and rubbing along his cock with his thrusts sent chills down his spine as he let out a growl into her ear after breaking the kiss. Crystal gripped his sides tightly, her claws raking against his skin as his growl made her shiver with excitement. "J..Jason! Fuck...Harder!" She arched her back up as he grinned and began pounding his hips into her as hard as he could, letting out a small grunt as he pressed his head to hers, his cock throbbing hard now as his knot began forming and hitting against her pussy lips. It was now when he thought of needing a condom but he ignored that thought knowing he was to far into this to really want to pull out long enough to get one. Crystal was tightening up on him as her claws dug into his sides from ehr grip, making him wince a bit but he ignored the pain as he slammed into her hard, his knot stretching her pussy open and entering her with a wet pop sound. That was enough to make Crystal cry out as her orgasm hit her hard, her hips bucking and slamming into his as her juices gushed over his cock, her pussy clamping down on him tightly as she shut her eyes tightly. Jason growled and slammed into her once or twice more before his hips pressed firmly into her own as his cum spilled from his cock with his release. Soon both went still, panting heavily as Crystal pulled her claws from him. Jason gently rolled them so he was on his back once more with her on top of him. She laid on him with a bright blush on her cheeks as she looked at him with a small and cute but rather goofy grin on her face that made him laugh. He gently kissed her lips a few times then relaxed as his breathing became normal again.

After a few minutes Crystal tried to pull her hips off of him only to make him whine in pain. "AYE! Wait! Don't do that Crystal!" He grabbed her and made her lay still, blushing a bit as she whined and looked a bit panicked. He gave her a smile and sighed. "sorry...guess you have never had sex with a canine knot isn't small enough to let you pull off gotta lay still till I can pull out. If you try now it will hurt me." Crystal lowered her ears against her head and bit her bottom lip with a guilty look coming to her face as he chuckled and began petting her softly. "It is ok...just don't pull yet." Crystal purred from the petting and nodded some as she relaxed on him. She rest her head down on his chest, listening to his heart beating before speaking softly. "I...have never slept with another man husband was the first...and the only one." Jason stood his ears up when he heard her then shifted under her some as he ran his fingers down along her back, making her arch up into it before the pain from her burn hit her and made her wince with a small whimper. Jason shifted again and looked at her, his ears lowering as she shook her head before gasping as he rolled them and sat up enough to rub his hands along her fur, lifting it in the area of her burn. When he saw it he looked at her. "It...It is nothing! I swear!"

"Don't hand me that! It is a fucking burn Crystal! What did he do?" When Jason was able to he pulled his cock from her, wincing a bit since he wasn't exactly deflated enough to do it smoothly. He sat up on his knees as he looked over her, rubbing his hands over her side and back a bit more then before, finding the old scars as she sat up with her ears low. " I don't know...what caused it Jason...this morning he...just...attacked me...I made the mistake of fighting back and that is what I got..." She moved to get out of the bed so she could clean up and get dressed only for him to grab her and stop her, making her look at him as he lowered his ears again. "Crystal...that isn't right for him to do that..Next time it could be much worse then a burn!" She let out a whine and closed her eyes tightly as he pulled her back to him and hugged her, kissing the top of her head softly.

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