Surprise At Home

Story by AstroSecant on SoFurry

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Another one of those first-time Poképhilia stories that ended up being their own thing. This time with a bit more consensuality. You just know this kind of thing is happening all over the world of Pokémon, and why wouldn't it?

OBLIGATORY CONTENT WARNING: This story contains sexual acts between two males as well as between a male and female, size differences, rough sex, heat, delicious awkwardness, and mental scarring to one of the characters.

A brown-haired boy sailed along the road towards the outskirts of town, zooming along with hardly a care in the world. Kell loved a nice fast bike ride, and he'd been pining for something like this since the last time he'd been around. This was the place he called home, or at least the town he called home, his place was just on the outer edge, perfect for getting a nice fast pace going. The wind whipping around him was sharp and quick, cooling him off effectively in the warm summer day.

Roads like this were few and far between on the travels of a Pokémon trainer. Most of the time they were either hilly, uneven, or in environments where fast-paced biking was highly inconvenient. Sure, there were plenty of people who biked when they were out, but they didn't really care about what Kell liked about it. The last time he'd left, he'd just left the bike at home, not bothering with what he knew would be a disappointment. That didn't mean he didn't miss it, though.

It had been a long trip for him, his longest ever away from home, being out of town for nearly a year. He'd been out on the road with just Kap, his Golduck - no other Pokémon, and not catching any either. It was a bonding experience, which he'd done with some of his others over his years as a trainer. Just the two of them, facing the trials of travel on their own, and getting stronger as a result. Not something every trainer did, not something every trainer could do...he was thankful for his experiences, they made his life better in every way.

But the time had come for him to return, to recharge. As much as he'd enjoyed the trip, it was becoming clear that they both needed a break. Kap, in particular, wanted to relax for a while...Kell was even considering leaving him at home when he went out next, give him more of a chance to rest. While he'd miss the Golduck's presence, it would be good for him to bond with another Pokémon as well.

The high-paced bike ride came to an end as he turned into the long driveway, slowing down as the incline forced him to work harder and made him sweat. He wiped his brow as he pulled the bike into the garage, setting it against the wall and grabbing the bag off the handlebars. The ride had had a purpose, or perhaps it would be more accurately called an excuse - picking up a couple of things for his mother at the store, just small things that wouldn't put a burden on him as he rode. He did that a lot, there were reasons all over the place to just get on his bike and ride.

He stepped inside, grabbed a glass of water, and guzzled it down. The house was pretty empty - his siblings were away on their own journeys, and his father was out of town on business. Only his mother and a few Pokémon were around, and the latter generally stuck outside. It left the house empty and quiet...which was why the odd sounds he heard coming from upstairs were audible to him.

Curious, he climbed the stairs and looked around. They were definitely coming from his mother's room, no doubt about it...he couldn't quite tell what they were, though. Maybe she was watching TV or something...he had the bag for her anyway, so he decided he could find out for himself. Shrugging, he opened the door and stepped inside.

The scene rendered him stone cold speechless.

His mother was lying on the bed, completely nude, he legs spread wide, as none other than Kap thrust into her, driving his cock deep inside her with a wild frenzy only a pent-up Pokémon could muster. Far from seeming bothered by such a thing, she was moaning in an unmistakably pleasurable way, and the way she was holding Kap definitely didn't look like she was trying to push him off.

Part of him felt like he should be stopping this, or running away, or or doing...well, anything, but his mind was having trouble rebooting, and it just left him standing there staring open-mouthed. The two had clearly noticed his presence, but that hadn't stopped them. All that happened was that Kap sped up his movements, trying to finish things up so that they could deal with the unexpected twist.

Utterly thunderstruck, Kell just stood and watched as Kap thrust one last time into his mother, letting out a contented cry as his copious fluids gushed into her, as she came with him, the mix of their emissions leaking out onto the bed below them. She held him tight, making sure he didn't exit until he was good and finished. Neither one of them seemed to care all that much that he'd just witnessed the finale of their act, or to be in any rush to make themselves decent, which was all the more baffling to Kell.

What the hell am I even seeing?

"Kell! Sorry, I didn't expect you back so soon!" His mother finally rose up, Kap removing himself and letting a flow of duck spunk trail out of her. "Kap, be a dear and grab me that robe, will you?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Kap didn't hesitate for a second, jumping down off the bed and grabbing the robe lying on a chair nearby. He looked quite chipper despite being caught in the act - in fact, happier than Kell had seen him in a while.

"Mom...what the fuck is going on? He...did he really do that to you?"

"Oh, don't worry, it was my idea! I know how it can be on the road, and Kap certainly seemed like he needed some attention!"

"You...wait...y-you asked Kap to..."

"Yes, I did, Kell. I've been waiting a while, all those pictures you sent had me thinking about him quite a bit!"

"But...he's a Pokémon!"

"And?" Kell's mouth opened again but he found himself at a loss for words; he wouldn't have thought that 'he's a Pokémon' would somehow fall short.

"In case you were wondering why it was so easy to convince me..." Kap chimed in, as he used his water and psychic powers to start cleaning the fluids off the covers of the bed.

"Excuse me!" Kell snapped.

"It's not a problem, Kell! If we both want the same thing, it doesn't make sense to say no just because of that. It's not like there's any law against it."


"Oh, your father isn't going to have any problem...why, he's shared me with his partners, it's a natural consequence of living so close together-"


"Oh! I...guess that's not something kids like to hear their parents talk about!" She giggled, and Kell was floored that she could find this funny; he certainly couldn't do the same. "But you have to learn about these things sometime, and I would have thought you'd have learned about it on your travels already! You mean to say you've never seen a bond like that between a trainer and their Pokémon?"

"No! I don't even know! How am I supposed to see something like that?!" Kell's mind was spinning; now every interaction he'd seen between another trainer and their Pokémon was in question to him. Even though he'd never had sex, the idea was hardly foreign to him, but somehow the thought that it might not be confined to species had never even occurred to him.

"I knew I should've told you." Kap sighed as he tossed the ball of water, laden with other fluids, out the open window. "I sure as hell could see it, but I couldn't read how you'd react...damn my rule of not looking into your mind. But if you'd been looking for the signs you'd've seen them all over the place."

"I'm surprised you never noticed anything!" Kell's mother added. "It does happen a lot...especially with, well, cases like you and Kap, where it's just two of you alone. The age you're at, you feel those urges, no one around except someone you really never thought about it?"

Kell just gaped at her. "No! Never!"

"Really? Oh, sweetie...I know you're going to find this an incredibly awkward thing to hear from your mother, but you're missing out."

"Oh, lord, mom!"

"I'm sorry, but it's true! I think you should try it, maybe you'll find it a little less strange! I even know someone you can try it with...Max would be interested, and I'm sure he'd be quite good to you!"

"Are you serious?!" As if the whole thing wasn't hard enough for Kell, now his was apparently trying to set him up with the semi-stray Charizard that hung around the property. It felt almost like he was being set up for some kind of massive prank, if he hadn't just walked in on proof that she was quite serious.

"Completely serious! I mean, poor Max doesn't have any interest in females - goodness knows I tried - and he's been on his own for such a long time! And I figured since you swung that way, that would be one of the more likely options!"

This struck with greater force than Kell had anticipated. He didn't want to know how his mother had learned of his orientation; he had planned on saying something at some point but not while face-to-face, at least not broaching the subject that way, out of fear of not knowing how she'd react. To hear her talking so matter-of-factly about it, even to the point of encouraging such a took a significant source of anxiety off his back, to the point that he found himself calming down for the first time. I suppose if you've been with Pokémon, the difference between guys and girls seems kinda trivial by comparison...

She seemed to notice his moment of uncertainty. "I think it'll be a good thing for both of you. You'll be giving him companionship and you'll be getting to experience what you've been missing for so long! Here, why don't you let me get dressed and we'll go out and see him, all right?"

He still wasn't sure about this, but at this point it made sense to at least go and talk to Max. Maybe his mom was wrong and he was perfectly content with how things were, and if so, that would be the end of it...and if not...well, he'd have to address that when they got there.

About an hour later, Kell found himself walking out to the woods behind his house - alone, despite his mother's prodding, he didn't want her to be around to witness anything just in case. His parents owned a large parcel of land, and there were numerous Pokémon who lived on it and helped keep it in good shape. Some of it was made up of fields and farmland, some of it was woods, and there was even a sizable pond made by some Water-types. Most of the Pokémon were owned by his parents, or were independent but had close ties to them. Max was a rare exception, a formerly trained Pokémon who had been released and didn't really know what to do with himself. Kell had talked with him from time to time on his brief trips home, he sounded like the kind of Pokémon who liked being trained and wished he could go back to that life, but he didn't want a trainer he couldn't trust to keep him by his side.

Kell had always felt a bit sorry for him. Being a trainer and having raised a fair number of Pokémon, he knew the bond between trainer and Pokémon could be extremely tight, and breaking that could be exceptionally painful. But he'd always been too busy caring for the Pokémon he'd raised to ever make any offer to Max. Still, it was clear the Charizard was fond of him, judging by his enthusiasm when they did have contact. Whether that was going to extend to erotic matters, Kell couldn't know.

He could see the Charizard as he approached an opening in the trees, where Max had pretty much made a little space for himself. He spent most of his time out here, even though the offer was always open for him to go anywhere on the property. Despite always proclaiming his contentment, he did look a bit unhappy sitting there by himself. He'd always suspected that Max was rather lonely, and that was part of the reason he came out here when he was home. As usual, he called out to Max, "Hey, man, how's it going?"

Max looked up at the sound of the familiar voice, and brightened up the moment he saw Kell. "Oh, hey! Nice to see you...I, uh, didn't expect you to come by. What's up?" The Charizard was eager yet slightly awkward around him as usual, which now made him suspect that his mom had kept exactly how he felt a secret from him. Maybe he'd totally misread Max's responses to him before...

"Ah, well...I just came home earlier, and..." he paused, not sure if he really needed to tell the whole story. "Mom mentioned to me that you, uh, you're only into males."

A nod from the Charizard. "She told you correct. But why this all of a sudden?"

"Well, Mom thought...uh, that you and I might be, uh, compatible. In that way. And she thinks I should, well, try it out with you."

"You'd do that?" Max's voice instantly sounded hopeful, which had Kell grimace inwardly; he clearly wanted to be with someone, and that was going to make it a lot harder to say no if he couldn't go through with it.

"Well, maybe, I mean...this is really new to me, I never know, humans and Pokémon..."

The Charizard cocked his head, perplexed. "You...never? After meeting so many trainers?"

"You...think I should have?"

"...I dunno...I thought it happened all the time. My former trainer did it...not with me, because, well, female, but with others on the team. And we met a lot of other trainers who were the same. Heck, for some trainers we met they even loosened up their sexuality for it. I just thought pretty much every trainer knew about it, even if they didn't do it themselves."

Somehow it was a bit different hearing it from a Pokémon than from his mother, not spurring that shock and incredulity. After all, she might have just been justifying her own actions...but there was no reason to doubt Max's motives, especially since he seemed perplexed about his lack of knowledge. "Er...well, I guess that means it's not a bad thing, or a wrong thing...are you okay with it, though? I mean, I'm not exactly a Charizard..."

"Why should it matter? We're always mating with different creatures...we can even make eggs with them. It seems totally natural...heck, a lot of Pokémon find it strange that humans seem to mate so often with creatures that all look the same."

"I...never thought about that."

"It's not a problem...I mean, most humans don't think about that. Why would they?"

"I guess we wouldn't. So, do we, uh..."

"W-well, we could just do it right here...I mean, it's a nice day out, and no one's gonna be watching us from in here. Though, if you'd rather, we could go back to your house..."

Kell shook his head. "Er, no...I think here's better, I...kinda don't want her watching me."

"You think she-"

"Yeah, yeah, I do. Okay..." Trying to ease his nervousness, Kell focused on looking at the Charizard as he disrobed. He'd never thought about Pokémon in a sexual way before, but now that he was trying to...well, Max wasn't that bad to look at, for sure. He'd always thought Charizards looked pretty cool, and he supposed that that could mean sexy as well...and Max was definitely in good shape, being formerly trained and living on his own in the wild had kept him strong.

As he left the last of his clothing in a pile on the ground, he saw something new: the Charizard's erection, rising out from his slit with a little steam rising off of it. It was something to behold, looking far unlike his own with a tapered shape and a deep red color, and drastically larger than his own. "'re huge..."

"You really think so? It's really about the same size as other Charizards."

"Seriously?" That was pretty shocking to Kell...then again, he realized, even Kap had been on the larger side compared to him. Maybe Pokémon were just hung that would help explain why trainers would be tempted. "Well...okay, as long as it's not going to hurt going in."

"It shouldn't. Pokémon usually don't have troubles with that." Max stepped over and laid Kell on the ground underneath him, letting his hot rod poke at the human's virgin hole. He had to pause as he realized that he was making an assumption about how things would go down. ", sorry...d-you mind if I, um..."

"No, I mean..." Despite the awkward, previously unfathomable situation, Kell found himself desiring it more than expected; perhaps it was the pleasure of having another in contact with him, so different and so much better than his own hands. "Just...please be gentle..."

"Ah," Max replied knowingly, smiling and nodding. "Always been on top before?"

", I mean, I've never...been, period..."

The smile faded, replaced by surprise. "You're...a virgin?" Kell felt himself redden as he nodded in the affirmative.

"...How?! You're gorgeous!"

The reddening turned to a full-on burning blush, as he saw Max's eyes widen in shock at the sudden outburst. Whatever he'd heard himself described as before, it certainly wasn't 'gorgeous.' That the Charizard would pay him such a compliment, well, it certainly wasn't hurting his cause.

"Uh, I mean...not that that's the only thing...that is, you are, but I'm sure there's more...and it's not like you have to..."

"It's fine!" Kell smiled a bit more, putting a hand on Max's nose to settle him. Max, it seemed, was as flustered as he was...but in a way, that was working for Kell. It was putting him much more at ease that his partner felt no less awkward than himself; somehow, he felt they were on even ground, despite their differences. It was feeling less and less set up, and more natural. "I...thank you, Max...I don't get that a lot. Or ever, I guess. It's really nice to know someone thinks that. You, go ahead now, I think I'm ready."

"Y-yes, okay..." Max swallowed and nodded, excited yet noticeably anxious. Holding Kell in place just a bit, he pushed his cock into that tight, inexperienced hole, slowly stretching it beyond anything it had ever tried to handle. Steam hissed out his nose as he sighed out the pleasure, having not felt anything like this around his shaft in far too long. He only hoped that Kell was liking it as well.

Fortunately for him, Kell was also getting quite a bit out of it, letting out quiet moans and cries as he was worked open. There was no question he'd been wanting to try sex with someone, his hormones at that point that they were really racing through him, and this was the start of a dream come true, even if that dream hadn't involved a Pokémon. The size of the lizard's cock had been imposing, but the sensation in his rear didn't betray any pain - Max seemed to be naturally slick, making it easier for him to enter, and the stretching was just a sensation, more pleasurable than anything. Perhaps the most bizarre aspect was the heat, reaching deep inside him and warming him up in a fashion he'd never dreamed of.

He brought his legs up against Max, giving the Charizard an easier line to his ass. With the better angle, it wasn't difficult for Max to push in all the way to the base, his slit meeting the human's rear. "Gods...Kell, you feel so good..." he moaned out with such deep, pure joy that it sent a chill through Kell. Feeling good himself was one thing, but he'd never heard anyone else sound so pleasured before.

"So do're so big and hot in me what you can do, Max..."

Max didn't need any further prompting. He drew himself partway out, then pushed back in, again slowly and steadily, making sure Kell felt every movement he made. His cock was dribbling steamy pre inside him, and as he pulled out Kell could see some of the heat rising off of it. As Max started to pick it up a bit more, his own fluids were making an appearance, dripping off of his cock down onto his groin. His hands found Max's arms, and he clutched at them as the pleasure started to really overtake him.

The sounds of sex and pleasure rose through the woods, making clear how much the two of them were getting into it. Max was truly fucking him now, using a very measured and controlled pace to ensure he didn't overdo it. Kell was definitely appreciative...he was sure Max could've been a lot rougher with him, but that might have been a bit much for his first time. As it was, the feeling was so overwhelming, that huge hot dick spreading him so wide every time it went in, rubbing against his pleasure button strong enough to get him to jerk around. His toys didn't have a prayer of matching the real thing.

"K-kell...I'm getting...really close..." Smoke was rising from Max's breath as he bucked into Kell, feeling the slow boil start to bubble up inside his body. He couldn't help it, it had been so long since his last release and he hadn't fucked a hole this tight since he was a Charmeleon going at it with a wild Snivy. He wasn't going to be able to hold out, not that he really wanted to.

Kell was in the same boat. "Me t-too! D-do it, Max, I want to feel it in me!" He clung harder to Max, doing his best to hold the Charizard to him. He was on the verge of an orgasm of his own, the novelty of the sensations he was feeling were rushing through him and driving him to ecstasy.

Within moments of each other, they cried out as they hit the limits of their endurance. Kell was filled with burning hot spunk as he let out as much of his own as he could, making a mess of his stomach and chest while Max made a mess of his rear. The feeling of heat inside him ramped up considerably as the Charizard spurted an enormous amount of his essence into him, making him feel even more full even deeper as most of it surged farther inside, with a bit flowing back around his cock and dripping out around his hole.

After a couple of minutes of rest together, Max pulled himself out of Kell, the two letting out quiet mutual moans as they disengaged, more of the hot fluid inside Kell dribbling out. ", that was...fantastic..."

Kell could only nod, chest heaving up and down. "Yeah...that was really amazing. I can't believe how good it wonder everyone does it..."

"Heh, guess you won't be going without much from now on now that you know what you're missing, right?"

"Well, apparently this is common, so if anyone else wants to come with and do that..." Kell trailed off as he noticed the long red Charizard staff still standing at attention. "You're still hard?"

"Er...yeah...don't worry, it'll go down soon..."

"You guys don't just go once, do you?"

Max gulped. "Not usually...I mean, we don't have's just that we're made so that it can..."

"No...that's just fine. Let's get you done right."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I mean, I should be able to handle it...can't be much worse than jerking it twice in a row." Kell sat up and turned himself over, getting onto his hands and knees and spreading his legs a bit more for Max. "Let's try it this way...I've always wondered how this would feel."

"It's really good...I've taken it like that before, it really lets the guy on top go all out on you. Er...I don't know if that'll be what you want, though."

Kell shook his head. "No, I...I want to know what it's like. Can you go at your own pace, Max? How you would go if I was another Pokémon?"

Max found himself at a mental crossroads again with that question. "That's gonna be a lot more than before, Kell...I don't want to hurt you..."

"If you do, I'll say something. But I...well, I'm curious what it's like."

"Well...okay, if you really want that." He didn't say that he wasn't sure if he'd be able to stop in the midst of that kind of rush, but he knew he'd have to try. He stepped over so he was standing over Kell, lining his cock up against the human's ass once more. Taking a deep breath, he gripped Kell tightly and rammed himself in at full force. Kell gasped out as he felt himself spread again, much less care taken for his ease this time, but the stretching he'd gotten from the first round helped him take it without too much trouble. Still, Max kept himself still for a moment, wanting to check on him. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah...damn, that was intense that what it's gonna be like all the way?"

"It won't last long, most likely, going that hard'll get me really hot really quickly."

"I'm looking forward to it. Go ahead, Max."

With that affirmation, Max let go of his inhibitions and started railing the human at top speed, grunting and snorting as smoke blew harshly out of his nose and mouth. Though he in no way disliked his first dalliance with Kell, this was definitely more his style of fucking, and he was relishing the pleasure surging through his cock as he made the human's hole his.

Kell's fingers clawed at the ground, his head spinning as his body was pushed beyond any length it had been pushed before. This harsh, relentless rutting was hellishly stimulating, infinitely more intense than the first round, and he could do nothing except take it and let it rage through him. The speed and strength of the Charizard was fully evident now, more than any human could match, and the size was what it always was, obscenely large for his body. But the heat was the biggest thing, it had been a lot before but now it was even more intense, it was like his rear was on fire but it didn't hurt at all, in fact it was wildly pleasurable, especially when that big cock made contact with his prostate, like a red hot poker stabbing it over and over.

"Fucking hell, you feel good!" Max roared as he drilled Kell harder, toes digging into the ground as he shifted his body to slam in as deep and hard as he could. Already he was back on the edge, only holding himself back to make sure that Kell got his own release before he did. It wasn't easy, but he clenched his jaw tight and tensed up as much as he could, fiercely blocking any release as much as he could.

"M-max, I'm close!" Kell found himself overcoming the tornado of pleasure just enough to shove himself back into Max every time the dragon thrust into him. With all that he'd gone through, he was well hard again, and could feel himself racing rapidly to the finish. It was almost painful, so soon after his original release, but he couldn't have asked Max to hold back, not when it felt this good. Closer, closer, the dragon's cock felt like it might start dripping lava it was so hot...

And then there he was, nearly screaming out as his balls tightened and his dick started shooting its load, feeling almost equal to the first or perhaps even greater. His ass tensed a bit around Max, and from there the Charizard finally let go, roaring into the air with a jet of flame as he let loose another flood into Kell's bowels. The heat was so intense Kell could scarcely believe that it wasn't charring his insides, but no, all he felt was wonderful raging heat that had him sweating profusely, warming him from the center of his body and radiating out all over. He felt Max's arms suddenly wrap around him and grip him even more tightly as he lifted Kell up bodily, grinding himself deep into the human and milking his balls for everything they could shove into him. The pleasure kept him going through his own climax for a lot longer than before, that hot cock refusing to let him drop out of it until he was good and drained.

Finally, though, it had to come to an end. Max's cock softened inside him, and he pulled out of Kell once more, letting an even larger amount of fluid gush out of him. He laid on the ground next to Kell, panting and exhausted, but happier than he'd been in ages. "Wow...Kell, I'm amazed...that was a lot to go through..."

"It felt so amazing, wonder you like it so much." Kell was completely wiped out, his body wracked by all that the Charizard had done to him. There was still some lingering pleasure from it, even without the cock inside him, but there was no way he could have done anything more than lie there with Max. The heat that had raged inside him had faded away surprisingly quickly, leaving only a moderate warmth still in the pit of his gut, a pleasant and restful sensation that he knew he'd want to feel again. "Can't believe I've been missing out on this for so long..."

"Well, you won't be missing it anymore. But I'm so glad I got to be your first. You want me to bring you back in?"

"Not yet...let's just rest here for a while."

"Mm, all right..." Max curled around Kell a bit, sharing more of his warmth and contact with the human. It was a rare feeling, the contentment he had at this moment...he'd been longing for it for quite a while, finding it elusive since his split with his previous trainer. Now he'd found it again, and he hoped he wouldn't have to let go for a long time.

A few weeks later, Kell and Max were on the road, just leaving home. Although it had been a rather short break for Kell, he felt the urge to go traveling again, and this time he knew exactly who he wanted to go with him. Max had eagerly jumped at the chance to accompany him, and it would just be the two of them...though now Kell knew things would be a little bit different from the typical trip.

"Was Kap disappointed to be staying back?"

Kell shook his head. "He actually asked. I think he wanted to relax for a while...get to know my mom better..." He gave a little shudder; even though he was used to the idea of interspecies relations, thinking about his mom's sex life was still not a pleasant thing.

"I heard he got you in the shower yesterday, though."

"Oh, that...he just wanted one crack at me before I went away. Says he's gonna make up for lost time when we get back..."

" I have some competition, then?"

Kell blushed. "Well, not right now you don't, not with him staying at home..."

Max smiled and wrapped his arm around Kell. "Well, I guess I'm just going to have to take advantage of our alone time while we have it."

Despite himself, Kell smiled back up at him. "Just so long as we actually get some traveling done."

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