Crystals risk.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#3 of Her Escape

Crystal is addicted to Jason now and wants more of him even with the way her husband is.

Crystal folded her ears down as Jason rubbed more burn cream on her skin under her fur after she had taken a long shower and worked over board to get her fur clean from their fun in the bed. Crystal watched him in silence after he finished, pulling back and looking at her. "Go head and get dressed." Crystal nodded a bit and watched him disappear into the bathroom. Crystal found her clothing and pulled them on, leaving her panties behind for good reason. She was just getting her shoes back on when Jason came out of his bathroom in sweat pants, running his fingers through his hair as he watched her. He folded his ears back for a few seconds before walking to her and gently running his fingers through her hair, looking at her. "Crystal...if that ever happens again come here...don't let him do more or do worse." She stood her ears up and looked at him for a moment before gently taking his hand and kissing his fingers softly, blushing when he pulled her to him and kissed her softly for a moment. Crystal let out a soft purr and nodded a bit as she looked at him while he whispering. "I want see you again as well..." She nodded and kissed him again before he walked with her downstairs, unlocking the gym door to let her head home. "Be careful Crystal." She looked at him and smiled before going out the door and heading down the street with a bright blush on her cheeks.

Crystal made it home and nervously looked around before sighing with relief that her husband hadn't come home early. She sprinted upstairs and out of paranoia took another shower. She changed her clothing and put a load of laundry in the washing machine before heading downstairs and sending Bonnie a text that she was home safe before checking everything in the kitchen, smiling when she saw Bonnie indeed had everything she bought put away. Crystal looked at the time and took a deep breathe. She moved to the couch and laid down with her phone, sending her husband a message to find out what he wanted for dinner that night all while rolling her eyes in disgust. She laid her head back and stared up at the ceiling as she thought back on what had happened with Jason, feeling a small shiver run through her spine with a delighted little grin coming to her face and a purr following. She liked Jason and wasn't afraid to admit that to herself. She jumped a bit when her phone buzzed with a reply from her husband. "Oh joy...pasta..." She sighed and laid her head back again, letting out a yawn as she stretched out with a soft groan.

An hour before her husband had to come home Bonnie came through the door and closed it behind her, grinning big as she walked into the kitchen where Crystal was starting supper for the evening. "Well now! Took you longer to send me that text then I thought it would! What happened?" Bonnie looked at Crystal as she moved to stand beside her, her ears twitching as she looked at her friend with a curious look on her face. Crystal was fighting hard to not grind but she failed and chuckled a bit. "You slept with him?!" Bonnie grabbed Crystal's arm and laughed, pressing her head against her shoulder before looking at her. "You...had fun right?" Crystal nodded some and purred as she looked at Bonnie who grinned big. " Your going back again aren't you?" Crystal twitched her ears as she thought on it for a moment before nodding again. "First chance I get." Bonnie giggled and blushed brightly as she clapped her hands, happy her friend seemed to look forward to seeing someone.

Bonnie hugged her friend tightly then giggled. "I'm heading to the bar tonight to meet up with that bar tender from the other night...If I see him want me to say anything to him?" Crystal stood her ears up and thought on it for a moment before looking to her and smiling as she nodded softly. "Tell him I will see him again the first chance I get." Bonnie grinned and nodded before leaving the house. Crystal sighed softly and ran her fingers through her hair, her tail swaying around slowly behind her as she got the pasta and the meat sauce cooked. She put it in a baking dish before putting the cheese on it and sticking it in the oven. While it was baking she washed the dishes up, her ears twitching when her husband came through the door right as she finished. She felt her heart drop as she stood there, waiting to see what he was going to do. Surprisingly he said nothing to her and went upstairs to change. She took a deep breathe and relaxed some. She put the last of the dishes to dry before the oven beeped. She grabbed her mitts and pulled the dish out, setting it on a heat proof pad on the table before setting it.

Dale walked down to the kitchen a few minutes later wearing a T-shirt and shorts. He sat down at the table without a word to Crystal as she set a cup of drink down in front of him. She took her seat and was silent as she fixed her plate before beginning to eat. She learned long ago not to bother asking him how his day went and with her day she didn't care what his own was like. She stared off at the wall in silence as she ate, her tail swaying around slowly behind her. Dale twitched his ears as he ate, glancing to her finally and watching the look on her face before shaking his head some as he looked down to his plate. When she finished she took the dishes to clean the off and put them in the dish washer. She let out a soft yawn and stretched out before putting the left over pasta in the fridge after covering it. Dale folded his ears back as he watched her. She was way to calm for this to be normal. Crystal checked everything while he was watching her before leaving the kitchen and heading upstairs to their room. Dale flicked his tail, feeling a bit annoyed that she hadn't sat there nervous like she normally did. He shook his head some and headed up to the office, looking to see their bedroom door shut. He pushed it open and looked in to see her sitting up in the bed with one of her books. "Why is the door closed?" Crystal stood her ears up and looked to him before she spoke softly. "Your typing...I figured it would keep me from hearing having the bedroom door shut a problem?" Dale narrowed his eyes at her. He would have slapped her if he didn't need to get to work with that project. He shook his head and closed the door, disappearing into his office.

Crystal took a deep breathe and relaxed, having braced herself for his anger. She closed her book and set it on the bedside table next to her phone before leaning back and staring up at the ceiling. Again her thoughts went to Jason, his scent still strong in her mind. She shivered a bit and felt the fur on her tail fluffing out a bit when she remembered his gentle touches and the way he felt when he was in her. She bit her bottom lip hard, shaking her head a bit before sighing and laying back altogether. She undone the button to her pants and pulled them down, kicking them off before her panties joined them. she blushed and spread her legs, her hand moving down and beginning to rub her pussy lips slowly as she laid her head back into the pillows. She almost never done something like this but god her thoughts of that man were getting to her. She began rubbing her clit slowly with her middle finger, letting out a soft moan as she lifted her shirt and bra up over her breasts, her hand griping her own breasts and kneading into it lightly as she let out another soft moan.

Dale stood his ears up when he thought he heard something from the bedroom. He blinked and raised a brow and got up, his curious nature getting the better of him. He silently moved to the bedroom door and cracked it open, glancing inside to see what his wife was doing. Crystal had her eyes shut as she pushed two of her fingers into her pussy, curling them up to hit against her G-spot. she let out a soft gasp when she hit it, her back arching up as another small moan came from her. Dale watched in silence wondering what had gotten into her. He folded his ears back as he listened to the sounds of her fingers moving into her pussy over and over again. Crystal purred between her soft moans, fighting to keep it down as her palm brushed against her clit while her fingers thrust into her opening a bit harder then before. she arched her back a bit more while her free hand pinched at her nipple, twisting it lightly. Dale watched still, his tail twitching a bit as he raised a brow. Crystal arched her back up again as her fingers hit her G-spot hard, biting her bottom lip to muffle a moan as she came hard on her fingers, blushing as she felt her pussy clenching down on her fingers for a moment before she pulled them out and rubbed her clit quickly, prolonging her orgasm before she went still and let out a deep breathe. She purred lightly and began to relax as she laid there rubbing her fingers through the fur along her breasts and stomach. Dale slowly backed away from the door, shaking his head a bit.

The next morning Dale was up before Crystal, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at her curled up on her side with her tail curled around her legs. Something she had done since before they even started dating in school. He twitched his ears and took a deep breathe, shaking his head some before getting up to get ready for work. He didn't bother waking her since he wouldn't have time for any kind of breakfast. When he left for work the sound of the front door closing woke Crystal. She shifted and stretched out in the bed, looking around before laying there for a few minutes longer. She bit her bottom lip and quickly got up, getting changed, pulling on a clean pair of panties with a matching bra before pulling on a knee length blue skirt with a white tank top. She pulled her hair back in a low pony tail before grabbing her phone and leaving the house.

Crystal couldn't believe she was doing this. The excitement she felt now was almost to much for the feline and it made her wonder if she even felt this for her husband when she had first met him. She soon arrived to the gym, looking in to see Jason lifting weights while laying back on a bench with that same wolf from the day before. She grinned some and silently stepped through the door. Jason had his eyes s hut as the wolf with him was counting out loud for him. Crystal walked up and motioned for the wolf to be silent about her presence before slowly taking his spot at Jason's head. The wolf kept on counting with a grin. When Jason finally had enough and put the weighted bar up he took a deep breathe. Crystal quickly bent over and pressed her lips to his, kissing him softly with a small purr coming from her. Jason returned the kiss then grinned some when she pulled back to look at him. "K..Kevin...your good to go..get your ass to school." The wolf nodded and left the gym with a laugh coming from him. Jason sat up and grabbed Crystal, pulling her to him and kissing her again after making her straddle his lap while he was sitting there on the lifting bench.

Crystal purred louder and returned the kiss as she wrapped her arms around him, grinning back to him when he pulled back from the kiss, his fingers running through the fur of her thighs as they went under her skirt. "Bonnie wasn't joking when she gave me that message last night at the bar..." Crystal chuckled a bit and shook her head some before kissing him again while her fingers ran through his hair slowly. When she broke the kiss she sucked on his bottom lip gently making him groan out softly and shift as his cock began to get hard. "C..Crystal...I have other people that will..come in soon for their training sessions..." Crystal ignored him, sucking on his bottom lip again before whispering. "Then I will wait upstairs..." Jason shivered some, his ear twitching rapidly after she gave it a gentle nip. He growled and got up after moving her from his lap, moving to the door and flipping the sign to closed. He moved back to her and pointed to the stairs to his apartment.

Crystal smiled and headed up the stairs. After she entered the apartment she walked over towards his bed. Jason moved up behind her quickly and pinned her down against the bed with her back against his chest. He ground his bulge into her ass hard a few times while biting along her neck. Crystal let out a soft moan and lifted her rear up against his grinding while his hands pinned her wrists down against the bed. "J..Jason...I.." Jason grinned and licked the back of her ear gently before whispering. " You what kitten?" Crystal purred heavily as he ground harder against her ass, making her groan softly. "I...I want you to fuck me Jason.." He grinned and chuckled as he nodded. He let go of her wrists and pulled his pants down, freeing his cock before lifting her skirt up around her hips. He pulled her panties down and rubbed her pussy with his hand, grinning when he felt her already becoming wet with arousal. Crystal gripped his bed covers tightly in her hands as she let out a soft moan at first. Soon he pushed his cock into her pussy, gripping her hips in his hands as he looked down at her.

Crystal turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder, purring to him and grinning as he leaned down and kissed her cheek before he began thrusting his cock into her hard and slow, his hands keeping a firm grip on her hips. She let out another moan as she began pushing back against him now, falling into a decent pace with him as he let out a soft groan. He nuzzled his head against hers, making her purr softly from the sweet gesture before he began thrusting into her faster now, the soft thud of his hips hitting her ass could be heard mixing with her moans. He soon pulled his cock from her, moving up onto the bed with her and grinning as he looked at her. She purred and crawled up to him, taking his cock into her mouth with a soft groan. She began bobbing her head along the length of his cock with her tongue swirling around against him. Jason growled and leaned back a bit, gently running his fingers through her hair before gripping it lightly in his hand. He looked down at her, watching as her head bobbed along him before she took him into her throat and held herself there with a groan before pulling back and climbing up into his lap, lowering her pussy down on his cock as she pressed her lips to his with a muffled moan coming from her.

Jason wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss, beginning to buck his hips up to thrust his cock into her as she began riding him as hard as she could. Jason broke the kiss with a growl, making her shiver in excitement as she locked her eyes on his before he pulled her shirt off of her body, pulling her bra with it soon after. He lowered his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, tugging on it between his teeth before rolling it tongue against it. Crystal gripped his shoulders and let out another moan as she began riding him faster and harder, the head board of the bed beginning to move again as the sounds of his cock moving into her pussy filled the air with her panting and moaning. Her pussy clenched his cock tightly each time she lifted her hips up on him, making him moan against her breasts before letting it go and gradually putting her onto her back before he began pounding into her as hard as he could, his cock throbbing hard with each thrust he made into her while he looked down at her, his hands pinning hers down against the bed. Her fingers laced together with his as she stared up at him, blushing as her breasts bounced hard with each impact he made into her.

Crystal arched her back up as she pushed against him as hard as she could, moaning out louder then before. Jason felt his knot forming and hitting against her pussy lips as he began slamming his hips into hers as hard as he could until finally his knot popped into her. Jason let out a grunt and pressed his hips into hers firmly as he released in her, his head pressing to hers. Crystal let out a soft grunt when he knotted with her, her hips moving against him still until her own orgasm hit her, her pussy clamping down on him hard as she moaned out loudly while her juices washed over his cock. She went still under him, both panting heavily as they looked back at each other. Jason smiled and pressed his lips against her own, kissing her deeply while pushing his tongue into her mouth and rubbing it against her own. Crystal purred and returned the kiss as she squeezed his hands in hers before he rolled them so she was laying on top of him.

After they were breathing normally Jason began to gently pet her, his claws running down along her back slowly and making her groan in delight to the feeling. "I...have a feeling this is going to happen often huh?" Jason smiled and looked at her as she lifted her head to glance at him before grinning and nodding. " Oh you better believe it. " Jason laughed and laid his head back as he let out a soft groan while his tail wagged between his legs some. Crystal purred and kissed his neck softly a few times before laying it down against his chest and relaxing until he was able to pull his cock from her. She let out a soft moan when he did and grinned as he rolled them over and kissed her deeply for a moment before getting up to get some drink, letting her lay there and relax in the bed.

The first time.

The next morning Crystal was indeed sore from Dale's forced sex on her. She laid in bed groaning faintly until her alarm on her phone began going off. She growled and quickly shut it off before it woke her husnband who was still sleeping beside her....

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A not so fairy tale marriage.

Crystal twitched her ears as she looked up from the morning dishes. She was about half way done with them when someone came knocking on her front door. "Who the hell.." She sighed and dried her hands off wit ha dish towel before heading to the door and...

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Blaze's choice.

Jacob ducked down with a soft yelp coming from him as a glass shattered on the wall behind him. At the moment he was in Rosies on apartment a few miles away from the campus after Rosie had called him in anger. Jacob folded his ears back and looked at...

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