Dales attack.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#4 of Her Escape

Dale is an ass.

Crystal ended up falling asleep in Jasons bed after he laid back down with her, purring softly as he ran his hand along her side slowly with his fingers running through her fur, his finger tips feeling her scars from past fights with Dale. He didn't let her sleep long knowing she would end up getting in trouble. When he woke her he kissed her lips softly a few times before giving her neck a gentle bite. Crystal let out a soft moan and shivered with a groan coming from her before she stretched out beside him while taking in a deep breathe before turning her gaze to him after opening her eyes. "Don't start something with me." Jason laughed and kissed her deeply, his tongue pushing into her mouth and rubbing against her own as she hugged him tightly while returning the kiss before pulling back and taking a deep breathe while he nuzzled his muzzle against her own.

Crystal purred as she laid there with him before sighing softly. She knew she couldn't stay and it bothered her. Jason smiled and watched her as she got up. He sat up in the bed, watching her hunting down her panties as he grinned big, holding them up from where he had hidden them. "Looking for something kitten?" Crystal stood her ears up and looked at him with a small grin, moving back to the bed and reaching for them only for him to pull them out of her reach. She chuckled and tried reaching for them again only for him to pull them back again. Crystal gave a fake annoyed huff before grinning and grabbing one of his pillows, hitting him with it and grabbing her panties, moving to get off the bed but wasn't fast enough. He grabbed her and pulled her back, both laughing as he hugged her against him before kissing her neck softly a few times. Crystal purred and smiled, enjoying the kisses before pressing her lips to his in a soft kiss before pulling back and getting off the bed to pull her panties on. She looked to him and tilted her head to the side a bit as she giggled softly. "Come to the bar tonight Crystal..." She stood her ears up and stared at him with a nervous look before she bit her bottom lip. " I..I will try." She pulled her bra and shirt back on. He got up and kissed her deeply while hugging her to him tightly for a moment before letting her go and smiling, letting her leave for home.

When she got home she was heading upstairs to take a shower when Dale came out of his home office, instantly catching Jasons's scent on her. Crystal didn't even see it coming, his hand grabbing her around the throat and pinning her to the wall roughly. Dale folded his ears back and snarled as he moved closer to her, sniffing at her as she lowered her ears down against her head. "You been fucking some dog?!" Crystal flinched and let out a gasp when his grip on her throat tightened. She felt his claws slowly sinking into her skin. She hissed and punched him in the nose, catching him by surprise and getting him to let go of her. She turned and ran for the stairs to get out of the house. Dale rushed after her, grabbing her by the tail and pulling hard, making her fall face frist at the bottom of the stairs. She turned and looked at him, her bottom lip bleeding where she had bitten down from the impact with the floor. She hissed and kicked at Dale, yanking her tail free from his grasp and crawling towards the door as she scrambled to get up. Dale hissed and tackled her into the door right when she reached it, pinning her head against the door as caught his breathe before yanking her head back by her hair. Crystal cried out in pain and grabbed at his hand, sinking her claws into him. Dale hissed and let go to get his hand free only for her shove him back as hard as she could. She pulled the door open and ran outside, heading down the street as fast as she could while Dale stopped at the door, hissing and watching her while he began shaking in anger.

Crystal had tears rolling down her cheeks as she ran for Jasons gym. When she got there she ran right into the door, falling back onto her ass with a grunt because the doors were locked. "Fuck!" She shook her head and looked at the gym, seeing the closed sign still showing. She panted and got up before someone could offer to help her up. She ran off towards the bar Jason owned and worked at during the evenings. When she reached it she felt relief from the doors being unlocked. She slammed the door shut behind her and sunk down to the floor shaking hard as her tail curled around her legs. The bar tender, a young fox male looked to her like she was nuts until he saw the tears and blood. He put the glass he was cleaning down and moved to her, helping her up as she looked at him with her ears low against her head. "Where...Wheres Jason?" The fox lowered his ears and lead her to the back office of the bar. "He went to pick up some extra vodka since we are running low...he should be back soon." The fox got her to sit down and left for a few seconds before returning with a wet rag and some ice wrapped up in a dish towel, offering to help her only for her to pull back and cover her face with her hands.

Jason pushed his way through the doors to the bar carrying a case of vodka, setting it down on the bar as the fox moved to him, speaking softly. " Dude that girl from the other night is here in your office...she looks bad." Jason looked at the fox with confusion before it hit him. He pushed past the fox and towards the office, closing the door behind him when he saw Crystal sitting there sobbing with her tail curled around her legs tightly. "Oh...Crystal." She looked up at him when she heard his voice, his ears lowering when he saw her lip bleeding and her cheek swelling some where her head had been pinned to the door. He moved to her and got onto his knees, gently getting her to turn her head for him as she took a few deep breathes before grabbing the rag and starting to clean her face off. "what happened?" Crystal lowered her ears and gently held his hand against her cheek as she looked at him while her tears rolled down her cheeks. "I got home and Dale was there working....he came out of his office when I was going to the bedroom to shower...he attacked me Jason...he caught your scent on me." Jason folded his ears down and pulled her to him, hugging her tightly and laying his head against hers as she buried her face against his shoulder while he whispered. "Your staying with me from now on Crystal...I am not letting you go back there alone." She only nodded a bit as she held onto him tightly. Jason shifted and took her spot in the chair, pulling her into his lap and beginning to gently rub her back as she kept her face buried against him.

After a while the fox knocked on the door and poked his head in, looking at Jason who motioned for him to keep silent. Crystal had fallen asleep in his lap and was still holding onto him. The fox nodded some and left the two alone. When guests that came to the bar started filing in for the night the sounds woke Crystal who lifted her head with a groan. Jason gently patted her rear to get her to stand, checking her lip and cheek before he kissed her forehead. "Come on." He took her hand and lead her out of the office. He put his hand on the fox's shoulder and whispered in his ear to keep a watch on the bar for him. Jason then took Crystal and left, heading back to the gym and to his apartment. When they got there Crystal let go of his hand and moved to the bed, climbing in and laying down only to curl up on her side. Jason moved to her and took her phone out of her pocket on her skirt while she fell back to sleep. He covered her up and kissed her forehead gently before sitting on the edge of the bed, finding Bonnies number and calling her.

Within an hour Bonnie was knocking on the gym doors. Jason came down and let her in then lead her back upstairs. "She is still asleep..." Bonnie moved past him and moved to the bed, looking at Crystal and pushing some of her hair out of the way as her ears lowered. Bonnie sighed and looked to him as he lowered his own ears. Bonnie moved and sat down on the couch with him, rubbing her head some. "How in the hell did she marry a man like that?" Jason looked at Bonnie with his head tilted to the side a bit as she looked down at her hands. "They met in high school...she fell head over heels for him and they became the school couple. He wasn't like this until we all went to college together...our second year I noticed small patches of her fur missing or a swollen lip. She played it all off as accidents. She finally told me after he gave her a smack to the face that was hard enough to make her right eye swell shut. I begged her to break up with him more then once but she wouldn't. She just played all the fights off as stress from their classes...By the time we finished she married him...after that he cut her off from her family. Her mother ended up dying from a sickness and he wouldn't even let her go to the funeral...he forces sex on her when he doesn't get it from his assistance at his work or some whore from his business trips. I kept telling her it was going to get worse." Bonnie rubbed her forehead while Jason was on his feet pacing around, snarling softly. " He comes around her anytime soon and I will skin his ass alive!" Bonnie looked at him then grabbed his wrists, making him stop as she shook her head. "You do and you are the one who ends up in jail...I swear he pays some of the cops to turn a blind eye." Jason lowered his ears and sighed, looking over to his bed as Crystal shifted a bit. Jason looked back to Bonnie and bit his bottom lip. " Do me a favor...in the morning get her some clothing and underwear. She will be staying here with me and I will make sure she is safe." Bonnie stared up at him and smiled as she nodded some. She stood up and rubbed her arms some. "She shoulda married a man like you Jason...not Dale...I pity the next woman he ends up with." Bonnie turned and left the apartment, Jason following her as he locked the gym doors after she left. He headed back upstairs and laid down in the bed with Crystal, pulling her close and laying awake as he kissed the back of her head gently a few times.

Crystals risk.

Crystal folded her ears down as Jason rubbed more burn cream on her skin under her fur after she had taken a long shower and worked over board to get her fur clean from their fun in the bed. Crystal watched him in silence after he finished, pulling...

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The first time.

The next morning Crystal was indeed sore from Dale's forced sex on her. She laid in bed groaning faintly until her alarm on her phone began going off. She growled and quickly shut it off before it woke her husnband who was still sleeping beside her....

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A not so fairy tale marriage.

Crystal twitched her ears as she looked up from the morning dishes. She was about half way done with them when someone came knocking on her front door. "Who the hell.." She sighed and dried her hands off wit ha dish towel before heading to the door and...

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