Dog Dicked

Story by Leo_Todrius on SoFurry

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Dog Dicked

Anonymous Commission

Written by Leo_Todrius and Trickster_D

Young Justin is constantly bullied at school. On one particular day, attempting to flee his persecutors, he comes across a rather beguiling glory hole. Taking advantage of it leaves him with a rather peculiar change to his body, but it also gives him the will to change his situation.

Dog Dicked Anonymous Commission Written by Leo_Todrius and Trickster_D

Morning had not yet officially arrived, but Justin Cherry was already awake in his converted attic bedroom, sunk in his computer chair with a black and blue striped comforter wrapped around his body like some sort of cocoon. It seemed that Justin had many things going for him. His dark blond hair framed his head with the loose, flowing medium length cut that many young teenagers sported. The sloped wood panel ceiling had been covered with Tibetan prayer flags, and the white finished walls of the attic room were covered with skater memorabilia. For all intents and purposes, Justin should have been one of the popular boys... but he was in the wrong place for any of that to matter.

Justin's idols grew up in skater Mecca's, covering the west coast shores of California and LA, or roamed the wild streets of New York back east... but Lawrence wasn't the sort of town where such alternative cultures were accepted. Skating had no long term potential, no application to a vocation. It was a waste of time, and thus anyone who practiced such acts were seen as deviants to society. Justin's passions had led him to be ostracized in the backwater community.

The young man watched as the numbers on the glowing red clock display clicked over to five a.m. No matter how much he willed time to stop, it kept moving forward. Justin shed his comforter and stood up, the cool morning air gliding over his skinny abdomen. He brushed his bangs out of his eyes by habit before he moved out of his bedroom, hoping that for once that the bathroom was empty. His mother was notorious for occupying it for hours on end. The small sliver of light peeking out from the door frame filled Justin with glee as he all but bolted in. With an all too eager hand, he shut the door behind himself and locked it.

It was a lonely thought, but sometimes Justin felt best when he had no one around to fear recrimination from, or judgment or expectation. He just wanted a moment to be himself and not feel the crushing weight of everything around him. He wanted to get away from it all, but even the clock in the bathroom was clicking forward, pushing him ever closer to school. All of his nightmares were just waiting there for him to show up, to start the whole cycle over again.


A great and encompassing silence reigned across the morning in the city. The air held a unique scent of the morning dew soaking cement streets and somewhere along the horizon a fleet of garbage trucks lumbered along their morning duties. Along Pacific street, though, there was only one sound that disrupted the peace. The growl of Justin's skateboard tires echoed off of the houses on either street as the young man navigated his way to school. Sometimes Justin felt a little bad about his main method of living being so loud so early, though he made sure not to do any tricks.

Justin had dressed himself in a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans, a fairly generic wardrobe he hoped would keep him from getting noticed at school. The jeans were getting a little snug though and hugged him too tightly around the posterior. His parents hadn't gotten around to buying him any new ones yet. Still, Justin's gaze drifted down to his feet, taking in the sight of his pride and joy.

Every cent that Justin earned from doing chores or got as a gift went to one of two things; his skateboards or his skate shoes. This morning's combination was a military camouflage deck skateboard and a pair of DC skate shoes with black . red, orange, and yellow detailing. Justin couldn't help but love the way they felt on his feet. It was as if having them gave his day a good foundation.

Justin was picking up momentum coming down the street as he left the slightly higher elevation of his home neighborhood. It made coming home a bit more of a slog, but it was fun picking up speed when he could get away with it. Once more Justin performed his usual maneuver and brushed his long blond bangs out of his face, his pink lips a bit bright against the cool morning air. There was something almost enchanting about the city bathed in the pre-dawn light, how the sun managed to light everything up just by bouncing off of the clouds before it had even arrived... but Justin wasn't the only being to inhabit the morning hours.

A glint of silver was the only warning Justin had before he caught sight of a nightmare ahead. On a street corner there was a trio of Justin's classmates, each straddling a lowrider bicycle. The leader was Dario, a Puerto Rican kid with a peach fuzz mustache so dark he could likely get away with a fake ID soon. He was flanked by a Thai student, Akara, who had artfully styled black hair and black piercings. The last member of their team was Lance, a muscle headed punk with short shorn red hair and freckles across his nose. They had been the outsiders once but had banded together to become the most feared bullies at the school.

Justin tried to stop his board, but the sound carried. The bullies turned and spotted fresh prey. Justin bit his lip and pushed off hard, letting the angle of the hill build speed up for him.

"Where ya going pussy, don't you want to stop and say hi?" Akara called out.

"Time to pay the toll, pipsqueak!" Lance roared. The three pushed off on their own, their bike tires spinning as they started closing the gap. Justin kept pushing on his board, anxious to beat them to school and find some kind of solace. He sailed past the Land's End strip mall but every shop was closed, giving him no shelter. Justin's skateboard rattled as he headed over more cut up cement, pebbles flying out. It took every ounce of his strength to balance and remain upright before he got back onto smoother roads.

A whirring was growing louder and louder behind him as the trio closed in. By all rights it was Lance that should have gotten there first, but it seemed Dario was the most committed. He stood up, using his full body weight on the bike pedals, catching up before he lunged off the bike and tackled Justin. Justin winced and yelped as he hit the ground and skidded, but he was silenced as a fist hit him in the mouth.

"Who could you that you had a right to run, huh?" Dario questioned as his cronies caught up. Dario shook his head, "This is my neighborhood, got it? I don't need you wakin' nobody up with that board of yours, or you thinkin' you can get away with nothin'." Dario added, grabbing at Justin's shoes.

"No, NO!" Justin cried, trying to stop the bully but Akara moved to hold his arms while Dario got the DV shoes off, tied them together and threw them. All four boys watched the shoes sail through the air before they caught the power line above the intersection, swinging back around, hanging from the wire.

"When you come around here, you're gonna show us respect. But to learn that, you gotta know not to take this place for granted. I don't want to see your face on this side of Ninth street for a week. If I do, you're going to have a lot more to worry about than missing shoes and a missing board." Dario said. Justin again struggled to get up, but Akara was too strong. Lance grabbed the board and flipped it over, looking at the pattern on the deck before he hurtled the whole thing toward the nearest roof line. It hit a gutter and flipped up over the edge, barely making it up onto the roof. Dario smirked as he grabbed his bike and started to ride away, forcing Akara and Lance to catch up behind him.

Justin laid on the ground for several moments, trying to cope with the pain in his lips, hips and ankle. Most of all, though, he gazed up at his shoes dangling twenty feet in the air, out of reach and hopelessly lost. Justin wanted to run back home, to hide out the day, but after so many absences his parents had taken away his key. He had no shelter until three in the afternoon. He had no choice but to carry on all of the way back to school.


Step by step, Justin closed in on the school. He opened the door and took his bare foot off the harsh rocky cement and brought it down on the linoleum. A soft sigh escaped his puffy, swollen lip. His feet were dirty, sore, cut up... but in a strange way it felt like more of a relief to be on the smooth, waxed floors of his school than if he had gone through no tribulation at all. Justin moved down the hallway, walking tenderly before he came up this his locker. He wished in a way it was further down the north hall, separating him from prying eye. He opened it up and pulled out the last of his supplies for school, sliding them into his bag before he rifled around for anything to cover up his feet with.

Finding nothing, Justin closed the locker and turned to go to class, instead coming face to face with Mister Forest. The school counselor was in his mid thirties with brown hair and streaks of gray. He had a short kept, somewhat woolly beard on his face. Justin followed Forest's gaze down to his feet and then looked back up sheepishly.

"Should I be calling your parents?" Forest asked. Justin shrugged.

"You could try, but they aren't home... And it isn't like they'd stop what they are doing to bring me replacements." Justin said softly.

"I think you have just about depleted the lost and found for replacements... If we can't find anything, I can't let you go home to an empty house. You could do your class work in my office..." Forest offered. Justin shook his head.

"If I disappear, they get what they want. I just have to face it, right? One foot in front of the other..." Justin said. Forest smiled a bit at that and nodded.

"I'll see what I can do about replacements, but I think you've got the right attitude." Forest said comfortingly. Justin smiled a bit at that, glad that at least someone in the school got him a little. Still, there were bound to be questions he'd be fielding all day.


While the sun had risen to full height outside the school and reflected off of the near by paint store's pristine white shell, the lights inside the science classroom had been turned down. The white erase board had been covered up with a blank screen and an LED projector was showcasing a video on the flukes and mysteries of the genetic code.

Most of the class had been distracted by the section on mutation, thinking about X-men and mutant turtles, all the superpowers that came from flights of fancy. A few had gotten sad, knowing that cancer was a rather specific mutation and an issue that afflicted so many. Justin, however, had spent nearly the entire period thinking about his feet. His bare toes tapped on the fake tile surface beneath him, idly daydreaming about having a spare set of shoes in his locker or wondering if he had been like the weird boys that painted their toenails if he'd have been beaten up even more. When the lights to the room snapped on, Justin was a bit jarred by the change.

"Alright class, I want you to actually take time to read chapter nine tonight and get ready for tomorrow. No dawdling... But as long as you're heading out into that bright weather, I want you all to have a great afternoon too." The woman at the front said.

"Thank you miss Bree!" Several students said cheerily. The movie was shut off and the bell rang at the edge of the classroom. The floor started to rumble at once as hundreds of students filed out of their classrooms and stormed toward the stairs, ready to set out into the day.

Justin lingered behind as he had most of the day, letting students leave ahead of him. Perhaps there was a chance a few hadn't seen, that a few wouldn't have noticed or cared. But still more had seen. The whispers and rumors had circulated in every class. Justin was finally tired of all of it. He gathered up his things and moved for the door. All he had to do was get home. Perhaps the next day he'd hide in the house until his parents thought he left, and then have the run of the house to himself. Justin moved for the door of the classroom, taking one last breath to steel his nerves.


Ninth street, land's end... It was a bit of a misnomer in a way. If anything, the neighborhoods beyond rose up above the city like miniature mountains. The slopes were fine coming down, but going home presented a problem - and on this particular day, it presented two. Justin stood at the intersection where his shoes had been cast that morning, looking up the rode towards home.

It was hard enough to evade his bullies on any normal day, but without a skateboard and all up hill, his only alternative was to loop around and get home from the other side... but that would take almost an hour extra to get home. Justin looked at the Havana restaurant that had his skateboard lodged on their roof, but he usually had to walk his board home anyway. No matter how Justin put it together, nothing seemed to work - Nothing except a straight run home.

Justin took a few breaths before he broke into a sprint. His hood rippled behind his head in the wind, his pants filled up with puffs of air from the momentum. He dodged a few stray cars and started up the slope. The young man's pale blue eyes sought out any shelter he could manage, from bushes to sides of houses to garbage cans. If he could stay out of sight there was a chance nothing bad would happen... but one glint of light warned him that this wasn't going to work.

The bright sunlight shone off of the spokes of Dario's bicycle as he rolled back and forth on a driveway, patting a pack of cigarettes against his knee. Further up the hill, Lance was sitting on a retaining wall, and even further up it was like Akara was rifling through someone's recycling, probably looking for bottles he could cash in. They hadn't just gone out in force, they had taken up strategic positions - enough to afford them a bird's eye view.

"Dario!" Akara shouted from where he stood. Justin didn't wait around to see if Dario saw him. He dove around the side of the Land's End strip mall to get out of sight, lunging for the nearest door. He could hear the wheels of the bikes growing louder on the road. He fumbled for a door handle, grabbed it and yanked it open. A wall of music came flooding out, nearly deafening. Justin gulped and bolted in anyway, disappearing into the darkened interior.

It took a moment for the young man's brain to process where he was, but it slowly came back to him. A new night club had opened up on the corner of the strip mall, taking advantage of fairly competitive lease terms. It had been converted into a nightclub since it was just far enough away from the school. The windows had been painted black, neon lights had been installed, and the place had been converted rather formidably.

Justin had never been in a nightclub before and he stood there, looking around a little stunned. The bar seemed well stocked with glasses and coasters. The tables around the place were almost all empty. It seemed it was being set up for later that night, but the music was already going and a few people had gathered. Justin was soaking it all in, his eyes darting around the place until he spotted the white, black and red sign right near the entrance; no minors permitted at any time.

Normally Justin obeyed all rules, but he knew that just outside the nightmare triplets were ready to beat him senseless for violating their arbitrary commands so immediately. Justin looked toward the bar and the few patrons, deciding that none of them had actually turned to notice him yet. He wouldn't linger on the floor, but if he could hide long enough to make the bullies think he'd gone somewhere else, they might venture on and leave the path home clear.

With one more pause to brace himself, Justin stepped out and casually walked around the corner and right into the men's bathroom. The door was heavy and took a bit of doing, but as he stepped inside onto the sea foam green tile and the door shut behind him, he thought at last he was safe. His toes wiggled on the tile floor, feeling the gritty grout in-between, wondering just what fluids had been spilled there. The bathroom wasn't the worst Justin had seen. In fact, almost any city or state park had one more questionable. It certainly could have used a clean still, but as far as a hiding place went it would work.

There were three urinals and four toilet stalls, a number he could work with. No matter how many people came or went, there'd be enough room for him to hide for a bit. Justin walked slowly down to the end and tried the last stall, only to learn the door was locked. He blushed and darted into the second from the last, stepped in and locked the door. Sitting down on the seat, Justin let out a sigh of relief that at last he had somewhere to be alone.

With his eyes shut and the bathroom quiet, it seemed Justin's other senses were trying to pick up the slack. He slowly became aware of the aromas of the bathroom... The earthy peat of sweat, the alkaline and ammonia like tang of urine, a few whiffs of cleansers and cologne. It smelled a lot more adult than the bathrooms at school, not entirely bad though certainly not clean... but there was another scent, one that was hard to detect at first but grew stronger with each whiff.

Justin slowly inhaled, taking the smells in deeper, filling his lungs with it all. It was almost surprising he hadn't picked up the other scent when he first came in. It smelled a bit salty, very musky, moist and hot, and earthy too. It was on the edge of being pungent without actually being all that bad. A shiver ran down Justin's spine from his neck to his pelvis, and then slowly in his pants something started to change.

It was surprising to feel his member start to harden. Blood coursed into Justin's shaft, forcing the tube of meat to grow longer and thicker, stiffening and lengthening. Justin blushed furiously, embarrassed even without witnesses that he'd become aroused in such a public place - but the original mystery still remained. What was causing such an intense smell? Justin slowly stood back up and looked into the toilet he had sat on. It was, surprisingly, clean. No remnants to explain it. Then again, Justin couldn't exactly go down the row and check every stall.

Out of the corner of his eye, Justin spotted movement where he shouldn't have and his heart skipped a beat. About waist level, partially obscured by the toilet paper dispenser, there had been a small spot of shifting light. The source proved to be a hole almost four inches across that had been covered by something before, and now was blocked by something else. Justin panted in shock, though the fact that it wasn't an eye was a relief... but still, Justin leaned down just a bit, trying to figure out what was going on.

The rather large hole had been blocked before by a piece of wood or tape or some other obstruction that had since been removed, but now it was covered by something far softer - flesh. The slight curves on either side turned out to be ass cheeks, and in the center was a quivering, slightly puffy anus. Justin felt somewhat revolted having leaned in to examine the blockage, but as he got closer the mysterious smell hit him ten times stronger.

Justin staggered back, panting more as an electric charge ripped through his body. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end, his nipples tightened and his cock raged in his pants. That hole smelled like sin and sex and masculinity. The man on the other side was clearly pressing it to the hole for Justin's benefit - and that alone was a revelation. The skater stood there with a very hard cock, looking at an ass on the other side of the wall begging for his attention. He looked down at his own tented pants for a moment in disbelief before a hand slowly traced down to the fly.

With a heart racing as fast as a humming bird's, Justin slowly unzipped his pants, popped the button, pulled the cloth aside and lowered his underwear. His four and a half inch wood sprung up, eager and aching with need. It was the most aroused he'd ever been, but it was also the most scared Justin had been. He slowly approached the wall, not sure why at first, but he licked his lips as he contemplated.

Maybe it was because he had such a hard time getting people to like him? Maybe it was because he thought if he grew up more, he'd have an easier time in the world. Maybe it was because after a lifetime of being nagged and hounded and having to cope with the insanity of others, the idea of being with another man that needed something simpler, something primal, seemed somehow calming in a strange way... or maybe it was the idea of being a rebel.

Justin reached down to hold his hard cock aloft, inching ever closer to the glory hole. His mind raced through a litany of possible alternate timelines for himself. What if this was the first day of the rest of his life? What if fucking some stranger in a nightclub bathroom, underage, hiding out, opened up his entire destiny? What if he became a slut, fucking men for money? He could afford even more skating supplies that way, maybe even go into the porno business. Did guys even want squeaky blond kids anyway?

Biting his lower lip, Justin realized there wasn't any more room to hesitate. He was on the brink, the last chance to turn away. Justin didn't want to turn away. He edged his hips forward, the head of his shaft pressing against the puffy anus before him. The flesh was hot and moist to the touch, and as if expecting a visitor it started to pull apart at his presence. Justin gasped as he got the tip of his cock in, then another. It got so easy the more he pressed in until it slid in like a knife through butter.

Justin braced both hands against the wall of the bathroom stall as he slid his entire length in, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. The soft, serene moan on the other side of the wall only encouraged him more. Justin panted hard, wiggling his cock around in the hot, wet ass before him before he pulled halfway out and then thrust in again. Once more his partner moaned, but louder.

Blond bangs fell across Justin's face, but he didn't bother to push them out of the way. His fingers splayed out on the ply board between the stalls as he started to really thrust back and forth, picking up speed, driving deeper and faster. Justin had masturbated before, but that was the extent of his experience. This was so much more visceral, so much more real. He grunted harder, picking up the pace and the force, loving how sloppy it felt.

With his eyes clenched shut, Justin grinned ear to ear, fucking as hard as he could. Each time he drew his cock back it felt more exquisite, like he'd managed to explore ever deeper into his mysterious partner's ass. He had no idea what was really happening, what changes were taking place. Justin's cock was raging hard, coated in a mixture of sweat and a previous occupant's seed. It glistened with a coating of someone else's slick, yellowed sperm. The seed tingled and throbbed as it soaked into Justin's meat.

Every thrust into the mysterious ass brought more blood into Justin's cock, the flesh turning redder and redder. It looked almost sunburned before it surpassed even that becoming a bright cherry red. The mushroom shaped head had bloated more and more, but it wasn't growing in an even shape. The tip was stretching out before the rest of the cock, tapering to a point, curving ever so slightly. The urethra flared wider, allowing more of the tainted juices to come in contact with Justin.

Fingernails dug into the wood as Justin kept going at it, inhaling the heady scent deeply into his lungs. He was too aroused to realize he was thrusting in and out with far more length than he had ever possessed. His cock was stretching like taffy, growing to six inches, then eight, then ten. The length was more veined than ever before, glistening brightly. What had once been his foreskin had pulled back, pooling around the base of his cock, the anatomy adjusting to the new physiology.

Justin's boy balls remained as human as they had been, but they were starting to bloat and grow as well. His testicles swelled larger, descending more into the stretching sack. They expanded to the size of golf balls, then kiwis, then grew even more. It almost seemed obscene that such a large package was extending from the groin of an otherwise skinny, small young man.

Despite the fear and the anxiousness that flooded Justin's brain, his body was in its prime. It knew he was having sex, it knew the ultimate end purpose, and it was sending him careening toward that end. His balls tingled and throbbed, his cock pulsed, and then Justin let out a scream of ecstasy as his back arched. There was a moment's delay before a thick jet of cum squirted out into the ass on the other side of the glory hole. It was pearly white, slippery, clean. Another jet came out, then another, before suddenly the texture changed. The cum was far thicker, stickier, tainted and crude. It was yellow and copious and seemed like it would never end.

Drool leaked down Justin's chin as he held his cock in the wet ass, feeling his orgasm rip through his body, pumping a huge load of strange cum into his partner before finally, at long last, it ebbed to an end. Wobbling, dizzy and spent, Justin stumbled back away from the wall. He nearly fell onto the toilet, grateful to be able to sit. He panted and groaned, his chest heaving for breath. There were even black spots in his vision from how over the top it had been.

There were muffled noises outside, a change in the light. Apparently Justin's partner had left the glory hole as well, diffused sunlight passing through the hole. Justin wasn't sure if the stranger had left the bathroom or if he had collapsed as well. As Justin started to come back to his senses, though, something felt different - strange, out of the ordinary, and very unfamiliar. There was a hot, wet pressure between his nipples, one he'd never felt before. Justin slowly looked down, his eyes widening in shock.

Resting along his stomach was a huge, sloppy, achingly red canine cock. It was a proud example of the breed, tall and thick, coated in dog spooge. Seemingly, even after an orgasm, it was ready for more. Near the base the flesh was extra puffy, demonstrating the ability to knot with one's mate if the experience took enough time. Justin blinked, trying to clear the confusion from his eyes, thinking if he blinked enough times everything would go back to normal. It did not. Justin quivered on his ivory throne before he let out an intensely loud scream of shock.


Crickets chirped loudly from the brush on the hillside, moths swirling around the street lights along the street. Night had fallen, then half of it had passed. Justin sat on the porch of his house, his back against the siding, gazing out into the night. His mind had been replaying the events of the day for hours. After his encounter at the glory hole he'd broken into a run out of the night club and up the hill. Even if his bullies had spotted him, there was no way they could catch him. He'd run faster than he ever had in his life.

Justin had numbly let himself into the house and collapsed in bed. He'd turned away his parents offers of dinner and they had not inquired after him further. When they had finally gone to bed and every light in the house was off, Justin had gone outside into the open air. Somehow he didn't want to be confined in a small space again... but it was so hard to shake that smell, to shake the feeling. It had felt so good...

Just thinking about it made Justin's new dog cock quiver beneath his clothes, forcing the young man to bite his lip and whimper. It wanted to be used, abused. It craved to fuck again, to assert its dominance and let loose its seed. Justin had been fighting it all day. Every time his shirt or shorts moved, every time he brushed against something, it begged to be used.

Justin was well aware he was hideous, that he had become a monster, but after fighting it all day, he could resist no longer. Justin threw up his shirt, revealing the top half of his dog cock sticking out of his shorts. He slowly lowered them down and brought his hand up. One by one, the fingers wrapped around the meat. It was quite firm, but coated in a thin, slick layer of natural lubricant. It was so big too. Justin slowly started moving his hand up and down the length, squeezing tighter, moaning softly. He knew that there was a small chance he could be caught. If any of his neighbors were insomniacs with good night vision, there wasn't much to obscure him in his current spot, but he didn't care. Justin picked up the pace before he added his second hand, lovingly wrapping it around his monster meat as well. Before long he was humping his hips into the air, panting hard.

His dog cock throbbed with blissful levels of pleasure that made every muscle in the young man's body feel like jello. He humped his double fists, fucking them good, thinking about just how much he had made that stranger in the toilet stall moan. He wondered if that person was out there, in the town, relishing the fucking he'd gotten, wondering which of his neighbors it had been. Would they meet? Would they fall in love? Would he be the alpha dog?

Justin moaned out again as a thick dribble of yellow dog cum leaked out of his shaft at the thought of it. Justin kept going, his eyes clenched shut. He felt so much more powerful and manly with the changes. Even if he had to hide the truth, it filled him with a confidence. It was a terrible, beautiful secret. It was his to keep... but it wasn't going to be hidden away all the time. Nothing felt better than fucking with his new meat, and nothing would ever stop that. Justin tilted his head back and let out a soft, amateur howl as jets and volleys of semen started to erupt out of his cock.

Justin showered his shirt and chest with his seed, a puddle forming in his lap. He was coating himself in the heady, salty scent from the bathroom. It was clear that staying clean would b e difficult, and hiding his meat at school would be hard... but there was something alluring about moving around with a secret hidden right beneath the surface, an inch away from everyone and no one the wiser. Even as the last of his first orgasm ended, Justin knew his cock would be ready for one more round and one more wonderful fantasy.


With a single chime of the school bell, the contents of every classroom were loosed upon the otherwise empty and still hallways. Almost two thousand students flooded into the open spaces, frantically trying to get to their next class and cram in a little socializing before their time was up. For Justin, it was an entirely new experience. While he had been too wary to ride his skateboard to school, and too lazy to take the entire circle around his hilltop residence to bypass his bullies, he had decided arriving on foot would be the safest compromise. Not tipping off his location had worked, though he had been forced to set out earlier. Still, things were going remarkably well.

The shame Justin felt about having such a strange member, or how he got it, had been eclipsed by an ever growing confidence. Rather than shrinking out of the way of the crazed heathens rushing to the next class, he stood his ground. A few had bumped into his shoulders and arms at first, assuming he would duck out of the way as always, but when it became clear that wasn't the case he had been like a sharp stone parting the rushing waters of a stream.

Justin had actually enjoyed geometry class for once, and he'd been bold enough to move forward one row in English. There was a faint smile on his face - at least until his mind caught up to what was next; gym class. His confidence faltered a bit, a fear creeping back into his heart after a short absence. Gym class had several requirements that seemed particularly dangerous given his current condition, namely changing clothes and taking a public shower. Justin's mind raced through all of the available options before he remembered the extra weight in his bag. He had just washed his gym clothes. He could duck into a bathroom and change before class started, saving at least one of the issues. For the other, he just hoped he'd be able to skip it without getting in trouble. Justin's eyes glanced through his blond bangs at the clock. It'd be tight, but he would have just enough time.


The sound of sneakers on basketball flooring was a little unlike any other sound that Justin heard. It was a firm contact, yet there was some recoil, some give. It had never been one of his more favored atmospheres to conduct activity in between the sound, the smell, or the type of individuals that it brought to the fore. Sadly, one of his classmates was Dario. Apparently showing up to class already dressed was enough to pique the bully's attention, though there had been little he could do under the watchful gaze of Coach Dubman. Luckily for Dario, the fates had conspired for a wicked change in course activities.

A sharp whistle sounded from the brutish hulk that was Mrs. Dubman. The red bouncing balls had been distributed to a selection of the students, smelling of rubber and polymer. Their shells were textured for grip with bumps and grooves simulating the surface of a cheese grater. The strong had been selected by Dario and his ilk, and the rest had been left as fodder and prey.

The first whistle had brought them to the ready, and the second started the hunt. Balls started to fly across the court, picking off students one by one. Justin was having a better time than ever dodging the balls since the force behind them wasn't all that great. It seemed more than just his cock had changed, granting him better hearing and smell and sight. He was practically calculating trajectories, getting so distracted at his new found abilities that he had not been paying full attention to Dario.

Dario had been standing in place, stewing. His punishment for Justin had fallen through twice. He knew the skater had snuck back up to his house after being seen at the strip mall, and there was little doubt he'd taken the same path back to school. More than that, he'd come into gym already dressed and skipped on any locker room time. Something was going on. Justin had gotten too good at evading. He was becoming something more than that, he was becoming a threat. Dario brought the ball back in his arm, summoning every ounce of strength and skill he had before he launched it full force.

The red ball whistled through the air, the texture cutting the oxygen around it. It almost seemed to pick up speed as it traveled before it hit its mark. Justin was caught off guard, hit in the cheek with such intensity that it picked him up off his feet and he toppled to the ground, sliding. There was an audible gasp of shock that resonated through the class. Balls fell to the floor and Mrs. Dubman whistled again, starting to move over.

With one flail of his legs, Justin got himself back up onto his feet. He slowly rose back to his full height, his lips curled into a snarl as blood leaked out of one corner of his mouth. His glaring eyes burned with intensity and rage as he set his sights on his target. Justin crossed the basketball court before the coach could catch up, his mouth opening to release the heated bile of pent up outrage.

"You mother fucking piece of cunt shit, you taint licking piss ant, you ASSHOLE!" Justin said with growing intensity, coming up to Dario before his fist came up and hit Dario in the nose. Dario toppled backward, a spray of red leaking from the nostrils before he hit the floor. This time there were no gasps, only stunned silence of students that had witnessed an event they would likely remember for the rest of their lives. Even as Justin's mouth continued to bleed, even as he felt the gorilla strong hands or Mrs. Dubman grabbing his shoulders, a smile crossed Justin's lips. His life wasn't ever going to be the same. It was going to be better.


There was no mistaking the sound of an industrial grade toilet flushing, though for Justin and Dario it was a sound they were becoming increasingly familiar with. Gym class had ended with a trip to the office, the office visit hadn't ended until seven at night. It turned out both students had a guardian that couldn't be bothered to show up on time, and so corrective action had been delayed. When the dust had settled, against the counselor's judgment, it had been decided that the boys would perform janitorial duties during their study hall period and for an hour and a half after school for two weeks.

To Justin's surprise, Dario had turned out to be rather good at cleaning the bathroom stalls. He knew his way around a toilet brush and he seemed to know which solvents worked best on permanent marker graffiti. Justin was relieved that he wasn't having to do more than half the work, though he found his punishment to be oddly ironic and highly distracting. Justin's eyes searched the bathroom stalls for any hint of a glory hole, any way to re-live his glorious rebirth, but it was to no avail. The stall walls were made of metal and any breach would have been reported.

"You an only kid?" Dario's voice cut the silence that had pervaded, his voice amplified from the stall next to Justin's. Dario's nose was covered up by a white bandage strip, cemented and affixed to keep the cartilage in place as it re-set. Justin stopped scrubbing for a moment, his attention snapped back to the present.

"Yeah... You?" Justin asked back. Dario gave the toilet he was working on one last flush before he came around the corner and opened the door to Justin's, bringing in his cleaning equipment.

"Four brothers. Two are working, one's in college, one lives at home." Dario replied. Justin looked at Dario for a moment.

"So you had to be tough because you were the youngest?" Justin asked. Dario looked vulnerable for a moment before he nodded.

"You gotta be strong or someone's going to take advantage, survival of the fittest and all that." He replied, leaning for the toilet. Justin tried to back away in time, but Dario slowed. Even with a broken nose, he sniffed at the air, confused. Justin's eyes widened as he realized what was happening. The hair on the back of Dario's neck slowly stood up on end and his eyes dilated slowly. Dario looked at the toilet and then at Justin. Justin looked at Dario's groin, seeing the clear bulge.

"What if I told you I found a way... to get stronger?" Justin asked. His heart was racing again, his mind burning with the possibilities. He recognized the same reaction in his former nemesis that he had experienced, but there was no way that he was going to let things take quite the same course.

"What, drugs? That why you been so flakey lately?" Dario asked. Justin shook his head. His hands drifted down and he slowly pulled the waistband away from his shorts before he drew them down. The waistband had been acting to keep Justin's secret pinned to his body, but without that restraint it tilted down under its own weight, coming into view. Dario stumbled back, hitting the stall wall.

"What the fuck?! What..." Dario muttered, though the smell of the released dog cock was far more potent. His eyes glazed over a little more even as he tried to claw his way out of the stall.

"It's amazing, isn't it? Ever since I got it, I've felt great. It gave me the confidence to finally stand up, to survive." Justin said, moving closer, practically wafting the smell at Dario. Dario trembled, fighting his own body as his senses and emotions clashed.

"What do you mean, got it?" Dario stammered.

"When you were chasing me, I hid in that nightclub... There was a hole in the wall there, a guy on the other side. He put his ass to the hole and I fucked him hard. When I pulled out, I was like this. I thought for a little while I had been cursed, but it was just me losing my virginity, becoming something more, something better. It's amazing, isn't it Dario? I can tell, you want to taste it, don't you?" Justin whispered.

"Fuck no, man, that's-" Dario panted. Justin licked his lips.

"You don't have to keep fighting. You don't have to be the strongest one. If you have strong friends, they can protect you, they can let you do what you want to do. You want to lick it, don't you?" Justin asked. Dario stood there, his hand numbly groping at the door, gazing at the cock.

"What's it feel like?" Dario whispered. Justin moaned softly.

"It feels amazing... So hard and hot and wet, it's always ready for more. It's the best thing that ever happened in my life." Justin whispered. Dario gazed at the dog cock almost hypnotically. Justin reached out, his fingers digging into Dario's black hair before he pulled his bully forward. Dario's lips parted as the pointed dog dick plunged in. Justin moaned louder, watching his shaft disappear into that mouth, watching the bully's mexistache flex and bend over his rod.

Dario all but fell forward before his hands grabbed onto Justin's waist. He had been clumsy at first, awkward and uncertain, but he was getting used to the way the cock slid back and forth across his tongue, nudging the back of his throat. As Dario's hand slowly drew Justin's shorts down, the fabric falling to the floor around the dog dicked boy's ankles, Dario's fingers grabbed onto Justin's far more round and pert bubble butt. It seemed the ass cheeks had firmed and flexed, his hips rounding, his body becoming all the more alluring.

Justin grinned ear to ear, his eyes remaining locked on the bully mounted on his cock. Justin felt Dario lick the length clean of its natural lube and the leftover cum from his morning session. He watched Dario get more relaxed with the whole process, but soon he wanted more. Justin pet Dario's head before he stroked the bully's ear.

"You want your alpha to fuck you now, don't you?" Justin asked. Dario whimpered softly, not wanting to stop sucking the cock in his mouth, but at the same time his ass was twinging and tingling in ways he never dreamed possible. Justin slowly pulled his cock out of Dario's mouth, remarking to himself just how sexy Dario's face was when he wasn't trying to be tough.

With his own raging erection dangling between his legs, Dario slowly braced his hands on the toilet seat before him. Justin circled around, standing behind his bully. He hoisted up his fat, dog prick and guided it to Dario's virgin hole. The tapered tip seemed to be a good adaptation for a virgin ass, though as the red canine tip touched the unexplored Puerto Rican flesh, a soft dollop of pre leaked out of Justin's cock.

With that serving as just enough moisture, Justin started to push in. Dario groaned, drooling out of his lips, panting hard. Justin started to ease in more, inch after inch before he hesitated and pulled back. Dario let out a symphony of noises, wondering how he had lived this much of his life without such experiences. He felt so fulfilled every time Justin thrust in, and so gapingly empty without the cock lodged up his posterior when his partner drew back.

"That's my good slut, you love my dog dick, don't you?" Justin asked, fucking faster and harder, gaining more depth. There was always the chance they could be caught by another student or the principle coming to check on them, but Justin didn't care. He had conquered his greatest adversary. He had learned that Dario was human just as he had once been, and now he was going to be Justin's bitch.

Justin grab onto Dario's ass, digging in with his fingernails, feeling something rather interesting. With each thrust of the dog cock into his own ass, Dario's cheeks were firming and tightening, becoming plumper and firmer, rounding into a pert bubble butt just like Justin's. Justin wondered if the bully's cock would meet a similar fate just from being fucked. That only spurred Justin on more.

Dario hung onto the toilet for dear life, his ass presented to his master. Dario felt broken down, exposed, but at the same time he was wanted, craved, needed. He had been threatened by Justin and his fears were realized, but if he wasn't the alpha... at least he could be loyal to the alpha, to be his favorite. Dario started to grin softly, breathing through his mouth as his nose healed. He clenched his ass around the invading cock, making Justin howl out in surprise. Dario grinned at that and started doing everything he could to make Justin feel even better. No matter how many bitches Justin might take, Dario was going to be sure he was the best.

Justin moaned and grunted, fucking the bully harder, loving how into it he was getting. It seemed so relieving to be able to share his secret with someone, and somehow the idea of the next two weeks of detention seemed a hell of a lot better. Justin started daydreaming of doing naughty things with Dario, commanding him to give head beneath a desk or in the locker room, or in the back seat of one of Dario's brother's cars. Justin moaned and howled even more.

Dario's eyes were rolling into the back of his head, his body swaying forward and back. His youthful cock was slapping him in the stomach and the balls as he was dominated, but each time it hit his soft skin, it didn't slap quite the same spot. With each thrust into his ass, Dario's cock was elongating. Blood rushed in with such intensity that it turned from a creamy cinnamon to a fierce red. The mushroom shaped head started to extend and thicken, tapering to a point and his cock flesh pulled tight until it was slick and distinct. The manhood grew from seven inches to nine, eleven, then thirteen before stopping. With it, Dario's balls swelled larger, pumping more testosterone through his system.

Dario's writhing and shifting became more intense as the muscles on his arms started to grow. His biceps and triceps firmed, followed soon after by his glutes. Just as Justin's had, Dario's ass cheeks started to round and firm even more. Dario's peach fuzz mustache darkened and thickened as well, turning into a complete and proper mustache.

Justin had tried to keep the pace up, but something was happening. His cock wasn't sliding as easily as it had been. It was sticking and jamming, throwing their rhythm off into chaos. One time he pulled back and it didn't come, then popped free and he came careening back down. Then it was hard to get back in, but finally he succeeded. Dario clutched the toilet bowl harder, grunting and growling as his body bulked up. Justin nearly screamed in delight, feeling his bitch get so butch.

The flesh at the base of Justin's cock had swollen as part of the mating, growing and plumping to the point that the blond could no longer extract himself. Justin tugged and pulled, but to no avail. His dog dick was locked in Dario's ass. Justin threw his head back and screamed out in bliss, letting his heavy balls churn out his tainted seed. A wave of tingling heat washed over Dario again as his changes cemented even more. While his muscle mass increased, other parts of his body became more toned and lithe. It was as if his pubescent potential had been released all at once, honing him into the perfect twink. His spine stretched, his legs grew, his arms got meatier, and still he was subservient to the alpha lodged in his ass.

A wet squelching sound came as Dario's dog dick came, spraying out the last of his ivory human seed before unleashing thick yellow dog sperm down the front of the freshly cleaned toilet. Justin panted hard, leaning into Dario's muscled back, clinging on for dear life in the wake of such overwhelming pleasure.


The writhing sea of students was in full force, clamoring around over one another in tumultuous waves, trying to get to lockers or classrooms or hang out spots. It was a contradiction of biology. No teenager wanted to be up that early, but being exposed to each other seemed to bring energy and exuberance from a void where there would be none normally. The doors opened and more students arrived, but something strange started to happen. The throngs of students began to part like the red sea, making way for the new arrivals.

Two weeks of detention had passed, but it didn't look as though Justin or Dario had reformed. If anything, the two looked far more like trouble. Justin stood several inches taller, his blond hair shaggier than ever. Diamond studs rested in his ears, glinting in the early light. Justin had grown taller during his punishment, now dressed in a loose white activewear tank top. The sides were completely exposed, showing everything from his armpit down to his waist. His shorts left little to the imagination either, though the lack of any underwear line made some suspect he only wore a jock strap beneath it.

Flanking Justin was Dario, standing an impressive six feet tall. His hair was gelled into a bit of a fauxhawk, his mustache out in full force. Gold rings almost large enough to be pirate hoops hung from his ears and both sides of his bottom lip had been given spider bite piercings. Dario had adopted Justin's new wardrobe as well, though in black. The sheer material betrayed the heavy rings in his nipples and the lack of sleeves showed the tribal tattoos around his muscled arms.

Dario practically licked his lips, his eyes drifting to all the places in the school that he had been fucked by his alpha. His eyes returned to Justin's fantastic body and his dog dick started to stir in his jock strap, screaming to get out. The idea that they had been so corrupted, that they had become so sexy, was exhilarating. Dario was practically ready to snuggle up behind Justin when something unexpected happened; while every other student had gotten out of the pair's way, two remained in the path.

"Dario, where have you been? What happened to you?" Akara asked, Lance by his side. Justin glanced back at Dario and gave a half nod. Dario stepped forward.

"It's nothing personal, man, I just found a new path to walk." Dario replied. Akara looked incensed at that, but it was Lance's turn to speak.

"A new path? With this guy? He stands up to you once and you go pussy?" Lance asked. Akara expected Dario to go off, but that wasn't what happened. Dario shook his head.

"You guys have no idea what really matters in life. We don't have time for this." Dario replied. The shock that spread across Akara and Lance's faces gave Justin and Dario enough time to pass, moving into the throng of students beyond, disappearing into the day.


After the strange morning encounter, Akara's day had continued without much disruption. He had gone to math, social studies, and then finally gym. He'd hoped to confront Dario again, but after seeing him at the last possible second before the bell in the locker room, he hadn't shown up in class. Akara was fuming. Why hadn't Dario or his pussy boyfriend showed up in class? What were they doing down there? The Asian boy's forehead was scrunched in annoyance and confusion: he might not have been the brightest tool in the shed, but he at least knew what he wanted, usually. Akara elbowed Lance, before turning his head towards him.

"We have to go and find Dario," he hissed. Lance glared back at him, probably bothered by the elbow.

"Why?" he replied. "I don't want to catch Justin's pussy germs." The two of them were sitting on the bleachers on the side of the gym with the other guys, while the girls were busy having a volleyball match under the scowling eyes of coach Dubman, though she certainly seemed more invested in the current match than any of the boys making their moves. Akara raised his eyes to the ceiling.

"That's exactly why we should get Dario back... and kick Justin's puny ass while we're at it. I dunno what that pipsqueak did to Dario, but I'm sure as hell not leaving my pal with that scrawny fag." He raised on his feet and stared at Lance with an intense gaze. "So? You coming or not?" Lance sighed.

"Fine, fine..." the boy raised a hand and said, in a half-assed tone. "Coach, we need to use the restroom."

"Yeah, yeah..." the hulking woman murmured back, without even turning her head. It seemed she was going to be distracted for quite a while longer. Akara and Lance made their way across the gym floor, faking into the bathroom before they doubled back around the wall and moved down into the locker room. The smell of sweat and perfume faded behind them, leaving just the smell of sweat instead.

It was a little surreal to see the locker room without other people. It seemed so big and lifeless. It wasn't really a sight either of the boys usually saw. Lance was wondering if Justin and Dario had even stuck around. What was the point? The odds of getting caught were higher. Akara, though, knew something was off. As the boys advanced, the musky smell of the room seemed to get more potent and there was an ever so soft tapping noise coming from the shower room. Lance sniffed the air, rising his head a bit; he looked like a blunt-muzzled, stolid mutt from the motion.

"What's... what's this smell?" he asked to nobody in particular. "So weird." After a moment of perplexity, Akara nodded.

"Y-yeah..." he agreed. "It's like... you know, the smell of a big animal or something." The two wondered in silent contemplation if the senior football team was capable of making such a smell as they came around the corner and saw a sight far more unlikely. Under the cascade of water that long since went cold, Dario was on his hands and knees, panting hard, fingers clawing at the metal drain in the tile floor. Standing behind him was Justin in his naked glory, his shaggy hair soaked through. The two were going at it full bore, but the sight was surreal for the unexpecting voyeurs.

Dario and Justin were even larger than either bully had anticipated. Their bodies were exemplars of perfect musculature. Their flesh was tone and fit. Their hair was glossy and healthy. Without clothes, it was easy to see that both Justin and Dario had far more tattoo work done. Dario's was almost organic with the way the tribal marks moved up his spine and radiated out across his shoulders, while Justin had gone for a more grunge pattern.

The single most shocking feature, though, was swinging back and forth between Dario's legs with the impact of each thrust. Descending from his groin was not the shaft of a young man entering maturity, it was the meat of a brutal junk yard dog. It was fat and red, tapering to a point and boasting a plump, inflated knot at the base. It seemed to be drizzling, the ivory pre swirling around into the drain. While Justin's member was only visible for a few moments between thrusts, it seemed his was of the same ilk, furiously red and incredibly hard. Akara gulped: he felt like he had a hard, viscous lump stuck in his throat.

"W-what... what the fuck i-is..." he whispered, his voice completely covered by the feral noises made by Justin and Dario and the cascade of ice cold water. Next to him, Lance had to lean over the corner of the wall in order not to fall on the ground because of the shock. His fingers were trembling madly, and even if what he was seeing was unnatural and disgusting, he couldn't divert his gaze from the meaty, scarlet canine dick growing from the crotch of his best friend and former leader. "W-we... we need to get the hell out of here," Lance hardly heard Akara's voice as it pierced through the misty haze covering his brain. He felt his friend's hand grabbing his arm before he was forcibly dragged away and the freakish show disappeared from his view. As they once again walked around the corner, Lance's mind snapped back into place, and he started looking more like a terrified teenager than a drug-filled zombie as they darted for cover.

"Oh my god..." he murmured, his lips trembling. "What... what the hell was that?" Akara shook his head, as the two of them darted inside a bathroom stall and closed the door behind them, enjoying a semblance of safety in that tiny cubicle. Akara's almond-shaped eyes were bulging and watery.

"I don't know, man... Justin w-was... he was fucking Dario, but... that was so wrong..." the Asian boy replied. Lance was trembling, feeling sick to his stomach but conflicted at the same time.

"I can't process this, we... we gotta get out of here. Let's just leave, okay? I can't... be around this." Lance said. Through all the mixed sensations and feelings, Akara rested a hand on Lance's shoulder and nodded.


As soon as Akara arrived home, he ran straight to his room and closed the door behind his back, panting. His dark eyes were bulging, and the skin of his face looked glossy and feverish because of the sweat.

"W-what the fuck... was that?" he asked himself for the nth time... without, of course, managing to find any kind of answer. All he could think of - all he could see when his eyes were closed - was that disgusting, weird, otherworldly act of shameless and animalistic lust between Dario and Justin and their impossible dicks. Was that the reason Dario had changed so much? Had Justin done that to him, or had they both been caught up in some strange accident? Whatever the cause, though, there was no denying what had happened to the two... and there was no way to get that wet, squelching rhythm out of Akara's head. A grunt escaped from the boy's lips as he turned on his laptop and sat down in front of the screen.

"I need some distraction..." he murmured to himself. Apparently, though, it was all in vain: he tried listening to music, playing some online game, even watching a porn or two... but the image of Dario and Justin and their scarlet, glistening dog cocks was stuck in his mind as if someone had pinned it directly on his brain. They had looked so primal, so wild... Not like high schoolers, but beasts. A shudder moved down Akara's spine and reached his groin, stirring the last thing that Akara had anticipated. Blood began to flow and his meat started to harden.

Having already tried to pleasure himself with porn, his hand seemed almost too ready to continue the process. His fingers slid into the waistband of his shorts and circled his human meat, giving it a tug, a squeeze and a stroke. His eyes were shut, unable to focus on anything other than what he had seen. Akara knew he couldn't get it out of his mind, but he could try focusing on different elements. He tried shutting Justin out of the picture, focusing on Dario... how manly their bully leader had gotten in just a few days, the complexity of his tattoos, and that pulsating, thick dog meat between his legs.

Akara bit his bottom lip, jacking off harder, stroking his cock with quick intensity. For so many years, their lives had made sense. Dario was their leader, their protector. The fact that he'd gotten so wild, so beastly, that wasn't a problem to Akara. If anything, it was sexy... Their leader had a big furious puppy prick, a mustache, tattoos and piercings... He just had to find his way again, to become dominant. A shiver moved through Akara as he pictured just how bad ass Dario could be like that, and what he could do to make that happen.

Maybe Justin was just a bad fit, maybe he was an influence that had thrown Dario off track. If Akara could re-channel that energy somewhere else, even by making the ultimate sacrifice, he could help Dario get on top again. Akara sunk lower in his chair, his second hand drifting to his cock. With both fists the Asian boy was pounding his meat, groaning sharply. He would do what it took to help Dario get on top, even if it meant having his leader get on top of him.

Akara's fantasies shifted to being on all fours, Dario pounding into his ass. Beads of sweat were forming on the young man's head and chest as he masturbated. He was so embarrassed, so turned on, so furious with himself and so prideful that he had thought of a solution. Had he always been attracted to Dario? Had it been subconscious? Or maybe it was more now, now that Dario had changed so much. Akara moaned louder and louder before he gasped, feeling the hot splatter of semen hitting his chest, throat and chin.

With heavy pants and shocked eyes, Akara looked down at his meat, his brain bathed in the glow of post-orgasmic bliss. Never before in his life had he reached such a point thinking of another man, but never before in his life had the outcome been that powerful. Akara numbly reached over and fumbled for his phone, dialing Lance. There was a long delay before finally the other end clicked.

"Lance? I got a plan, but it's going to sound crazy." Akara murmured.


The chirping of the crickets surrounded the mountain and drifted out through town like a roaring, high pitch ocean. The street lights had snapped on, but the sky held on to the platinum and midnight blue of a tumultuous stormy sunset. There were ions in the air, it smelled like rain, but not a drop had fallen yet. Beneath it all, there was the buzz of a tightly tuned mountain bicycle shifting gears, moving up the road.

Dario was leaned forward low to the handlebars, using every muscle he had to propel not only himself upwards, but Justin as well. Justin was standing on spokes on the back wheel, one hand wrapped around Dario's chest, tugging on his nipple ring while the other was groping the rather large bulge in the bully's jeans. Dario was nearly drooling, looking fiercely determined. His hair and mustache were dark, contrasted with Justin's shaggy hair.

The two rounded the corner and began their ascent, Dario pumping the bike pedals with all he had. Before their encounter and change he wouldn't have made it very far at all, but now even the weight of two teenagers couldn't slow him down. The two ascended higher and higher, focusing on what was to come. Countless encounters at school hadn't been enough. Dario and Justin were crazed for each other's bodies. As they neared the top, though, something unexpected appeared before them.

Standing beneath the street light, Akara and Lance had been waiting. Figuring that Justin would bring Dario back to his lair, they knew just where to wait. Dario slowed and Justin stepped off the bike, both boys looking at the bullies inquisitively. Akara had known that merely being there wouldn't be enough to get through to Dario or to sway him. More drastic measures had to be taken to win him back.

Lance leaned against the street light, wearing a black denim vest with nothing beneath, his black jeans torn up at the knees. Chains hung from his waist and he had found boots with spiked tips somewhere. His mane of red hair had been shorn even shorter on the sides, leaving a furious strip along the center. Akara had taken a different approach, casting away his normal style in favor of a skin tight wife beater and saggy shorts showing off the curve of his ass. Looking at them, Justin was rather tantalized.

"I see you two might be coming to your senses." Justin said, rounding the bike, advancing toward them. Lance's eyes widened slowly, looking at Justin backlit by lightning ripping through the steely dark clouds. Like Akara, he had been shaken by what he had seen in the locker room, unable to get the image out of his head, but he hadn't been able to focus it like Akara. He trembled gently, his eyes looking into that face before drifting down to Justin's groin. Akara, though, had still held on to his stubbornness.

"I am... I realize what's happened to you and Dario isn't all bad. I mean, look at you? You guys are stronger, bolder... But Dario is my leader. He shouldn't be subjugated by someone like you." Akara replied. Justin looked back at Dario, licking his lips.

"Dario, do you feel subjugated my love?" Justin asked. Dario chuckled softly, reaching up to scratch his cheek.

"Are you kidding? I've never felt more free... I can be who I was meant to be, do what I want to do..." Dario replied.

"But... That punk, he's - he's fucking you with his dog dick!" Akara shouted, his words nearly getting swallowed by the growing thunder coming in from the distance.

"Akara, you don't get it... I don't like it, I LOVE IT! It's so fucking huge, so wet. When Justin's pounding my ass I feel like I'm in heaven, and when that knot ties with me and his seed pumps into my gut I'm on fire." Dario groaned. Akara shuddered again, inhaling sharply. He wanted to be disgusted by what Dario was saying, but he had started to think just the same thing in his fantasies. Akara looked up again at his former best friend, his former leader.

"But you could be on top again, I could be your bitch, you can run our gang again..." Akara called out. Justin slowly smiled at that, moving up to Akara. As he did, he reached down and unfastened his pants, dropping the zipper, whipping out his prodigious puppy pecker. Akara looked at it, unable to look away. Back on the bike, Dario did the same, starting to stroke his crimson canine cock. Lance openly started to drool, the liquid splattering onto his exposed chest.

"This is what our gang has, this is who we are... " Justin murmured, "I won't give up Dario, we're just where we want to be, but I'll make you a deal Akara." Justin said, starting to slowly stroke his meat, "You'll belong to Dario, and Dario will still command your gang in the school. He'll fuck you and fill you just like you dream about, but he still answers to me."

"But... That's..." Akara murmured softly.

"Come on Akara, does it matter if I'm someone else's boyfriend if you can still look up to me? You were always such a good follower." Dario said, "I bet you've wanted to taste my manhood for a long time." Dario whispered. Akara felt torn, not sure what thoughts were his and which ones had been tainted. he took a few steps toward Dario, trembling. Dario stepped off his bike and closed the distance, reaching out. His fingers latched around the tent in Akara's shorts, giving them a squeeze. With a long sniff, Dario purred, "You already came for me tonight, didn't you?" Dario whispered.

"Dario, this is so weird, and so different." Akara whispered.

"Change always is, but it can be a good thing. I mean, even Lance is falling in line." Dario said, gesturing with his head. Akara turned, gasping. Just a few feet behind, Lance was on his knees, bobbing his head back and forth on Justin's huge dog dick. Justin stroked the stubble on the side of the red head's skull, gnashing his teeth, fucking the face before him hard and deep. Justin felt so powerful again, feeling that he had found his place. He was so turned on his cock was already starting to leak the addictive cream down Lance's throat, feeding the newest member of his group.

Akara jumped as a hand touched his shoulder, but he turned back to look at Dario. Lightning danced from cloud to cloud, lighting up the top of the mountain for a moment. Akara shook gently like a leaf in the wind, afraid of the change. Dario put a hand on the back of his head before leaning forward and kissing him. Akara melted into the kiss, feeling so accepted, protected, as if his life had been leading to this moment.

Their lips locked and Dario's tongue plunged into Akara's mouth, dancing around his mouth. Akara returned the kiss hesitantly at first, but as his inhibitions melted he started to kiss with more energy, more focus, more attention. Dario growled, pressing into him, grinding against his former grunt. Akara gasped as he felt the hot, slick dog dick poking up under his shirt. Dario's free hand reached down to tug down Akara's shorts and underwear.

A wet, slick sound came as their members pressed together. Dario started humping against Akara, grinding and thrusting. Akara's kissing shuddered but soon he was humping back until Dario pinned him against the light post. All thoughts of reasserting Dario's dominance faded away. Akara realized Dario was just as dominant as he needed to be, and even if his former best friend was Justin's bitch now, that didn't mean Akara didn't need one. Even in the midst of kissing, Akara stripped off his shirt and tossed it to the ground, humping back in wild furtive movements.

"Fuck yes, you love it, don't you?" Justin groaned, looking down at Lance. It seemed that Justin was getting more potent with each passing day. The arms sticking out of Lance's vest had started to thicken up with a bit of muscle and the red head's neck had thickened. Red stubble crept across his cheeks and chin and upper lip, and the bully had drawn out his own cock, masturbating furiously as he suckled on the meat of his new leader.

Lance had always been a follower. Before he had anyone to follow he'd been ostracized, but Dario had saved him from that life. Dario falling in with Justin didn't seem like a betrayal as it had with Akara. His leader had only led him to a new life, a new way of doing things. He was still with Akara, with Dario, but now he had Justin... and Justin tasted so good. Lance sucked and drew on the cock, not even gagging as it tipped down his throat and filled it down to his Adam's apple, dribbling pre.

Justin was panting hard, his heart racing - even skipping a beat when a clap of thunder struck in the distance. He looked over at Dario and Akara going at it, and then down at Lance. Justin threw his head back and started to laugh, feeling so alive, so accepted, and no longer afraid. Life had rewarded him, life had given him the best gift of all. He opened his mouth wide and howled in bliss as he hit his wall and his rich, tepid seed poured down Lance's gullet.

Lance buried his face into Justin's bush, gulping greedily at the seed, not wanting to share a drop. He let it flow down into his gullet and he basked in the warm tingling that spread out through his body. Justin kept pouring, Lance kept stroking his meat, but even in his hand it was changing. The flesh pushed out longer and thicker, throbbing and vein. The foreskin started to pull back and back, growing taut and tight along the meat as more blood rushed in. The human flesh tones were left behind as it became an ever brighter shade of red, and the head stretched out most inhumanly into a point.

Justin shook with power and lust, basking in his flow. He had conquered the bullies of his school and made them his own. He opened half lidded eyes, glancing over at Dario, hearing his boyfriend pant. Akara looked like a wrung out wash cloth, but as Dario stepped back, sticky strings of inhuman cum stuck between their stomachs, revealing that each boy had an achingly hard dog dick between their legs. Justin's smile only grew, knowing that his life would only keep getting better, and that he would go on sharing his gift just as that stranger had shared it with him.

Getting Comfortable

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