The Troll Atoll

Story by Leo_Todrius on SoFurry

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The Troll Atoll

Written by Leo_Todrius

Commissioned by Velianaris

Two friends have ventured to the Troll Atoll, invited for a bit of a college vacation. Before long they are swept up in island life and their stay might be a lot longer than they planned.

The Troll Atoll Written by Leo_Todrius Commissioned by Velianaris

Azure and cerulean waves crashed across the bow of the ship, splashing back into the vast sea of turquoise that spread from horizon to horizon. The ship was a mid range boat, setting out from Australian shores. It was characteristically white and gold, reflecting the bright tropical light. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, making it a little hard to tell where the sea began and the heavens began... but that wasn't an issue for the passengers of the charter boat.

The slap-slap sounds of flip flops emanated from the deck of the ship as a young man moved out from below deck. He had sun bleached brown hair down to the nape of his neck, contrasted by an almost neon turquoise hat and board shorts. A loose fitting silver tank top hung off his wiry frame and the glint of diamond studs shone from his ears. To top off his ensemble, he had on a cheap pair of sunglasses with teal arms tucked behind his ears.

Sean looked out at the ocean waters with a wide grin, still finding it hard to believe that fate had conspired to bring him such bounty. The trip had originally been envisioned as his graduation trip after high school, but between financial worries and how quickly college had crept up, it had turned out to be a winter vacation between semesters his first year. Spending the holidays in the tropics certainly wasn't bad at all, especially if it was spent with his best friend.

Right behind Sean, the door opened again to admit another teenager onto the deck. Myk was dressed similarly, though he seemed to favor shades of orange and yellow in his board shorts and tank top. Myk's blond hair was pulled back into a top knot, the sides shaved a little shorter. He bounded after Sean before kicking off his flip flops, letting his bare feet feel the grain of the deck.

Sean moved up to the bow of the ship and leaned against the guard rail, soon joined by Myk. Both boys had lived rather ordinary lives in Spokane Washington. They had learned their loves of skateboards and punk music early, gone to good schools and started their college lives at Evergreen. The idea that they were out in Micronesia, heading toward a famous Atoll was beyond belief.

"Can you imagine the look on everyone's faces when we get back, all tanned and shit?" Myk grinned wide. Sean rolled his eyes.

"Assuming, of course, that you don't burn to a crisp and I have to introduce you to everyone as my friend the Baconator." Sean smirked.

"Do you think they have surfing classes there? Think it'll be harder to pick up than boarding?" Myk asked.

"That's what I'm worried about, you'll be out there all day and fry... Meanwhile I'll be kicking back in a bungalow, sipping coconut inspired drinks, getting fanned by palm leaves." Sean grinned. Myk snorted.

"We didn't sign up for the royal suite, this is just a little tropical getaway." Myk replied. Sean smirked.

"You underestimate how charming I can be." Sean replied, though his back straightened a bit. On the horizon there was a slowly building distortion. It looked almost like a mirage at first, but little by little it grew.

When the boys had first learned about their trip, they had to look up exactly what an atoll was, though the pictures did a great job selling the trip. The coral ring was ancient, the last remnants of a long-eroded volcano. Atop the structure was a doughnut shaped island covered with sand and trees and plant life. Even from such a distance, there were signs of life; colorful beach umbrellas, people playing in the surf... but there was far more to discover about the island.

The Troll Atoll had not been named because of the shape of the island, nor for any ancient legend. It had been thirty years since the first human hybrids had been born. No one knew why or how, but it had revolutionized society. There had been battles for rights and recognition, for sovereignty. An entire generation of humans had grown up accepting that there were many different forms of sentient life that shared their world. Most of the trolls had gone to the tropics. While many were reclusive, some had opened up their home to profit from the tourism.

Hunter Brody had been the first of Sean's friends to visit such a place. He'd gone right when high school had ended and had fallen in love. It was all thanks to Hunter that Sean and Myk had tickets, passport clearance, and even the chartered boat ride. Everything had been arranged. Sean felt almost giddy at the idea of seeing his friend again, though he was still a bit dubious that he'd spent six months on the island. Was there any way that an eighteen year old from Washington could earn enough to live in the tropics?

At long last the boat started to slow, curving a bit to bring it around toward the immense docks. The floating platforms were made out of stunningly beautiful wood with carved lamp posts that looked almost like totem poles. Hanging planters hosted intensely colorful flowers and vines, and flags with tribal symbols fluttered in the breeze. What caught Sean and Myk's attention more than anything, though, were the locals mixed among the tourists.

Almost every troll towered over the human visitors, ranging from six to seven and a half feet tall. They came in a variety of body types from lanky and lithe to hugely muscled to bordering obese, and they came in an even wider variety of skin tones. Some had flesh the color of the sea, others of plants, and still others the night itself. Many were tattooed, almost all dressed in loin cloths that dropped do the ground, and each had long, broad, slightly curved tusks extending from their mouths.

Sean's grandfather often talked about a time when trolls existed only in video games, the delusional dream of programmers and nerds. When Sean had shared his plans to visit the Atoll, there had been a bit of derision. Why didn't he want to visit the Satyrs, the elves, or someone a bit more trustworthy. Sean hadn't said anything, but there were factions of elves that lived with the orcs and gnolls. No species was a hundred percent safe.

The boat rocked a bit more than it had before as ropes were cast to the docks and the anchor plunged down into the water, stirring up teal silt for a few moments before the rippling waves washed it away. The boat was ever so gently drawn to the docks before the clatter of the ramps unfolding echoed through the air. Three ramps hit the docks and the guard rails were drawn back before bells were rung across the ship.

"Attention passengers: We have arrived at our destination. Welcome to the Troll Atoll! The ship will remain docked here until eight P.M. tonight and will return on the final day of the excursion at one P.M. Please ensure you have all of your items before disembarking." The captain's voice sounded over the speakers, but Sean and Myk were in their own world. While others had come up on deck to see the docking, they were still near the front of everything. Myk grinned wide, brushing his blond hair out of his eyes before he jogged down the ramp.

"Wait up, bro!" Sean shouted after his friend, trying to catch up. The ramp rattled as they descended before their sneakers came out across the well crafted deck. Myk all but skidded to a stop, his eyes widening. Several trolls from the island were coming with leis to put on the passengers, but to Myk's surprise it seemed their clothing was not substantial enough to leave anything to the imagination. Whether it was the slightest of breeze or a deft turn, the trolls had their manhoods on display. Stretching down to their knees, the members were quite enormous by human standards. Mk stared a bit, dumbfounded until Sean slapped him on the shoulder.

"So what do you want to see first?" Sean asked. Myk tried to swallow a it, the grin returning across his lips.

"There's so much to see and do, but maybe we should find Hunter first? I mean, he is the reason we're here after all." Myk replied, though he looked up as a particularly tall troll with flesh the color of the night's sky brought down a lei of green flowers around his neck. Sean grinned a bit as he got a purple lei, bowing his head in thanks. They stood there, examining their floral necklaces as the troll moved along, granting the same gift to all the other disembarking passengers.

"I know finding Hunter is important, but... they say the island doesn't have a minimum drinking age." Sean said slyly. Myk's eyebrows rose slowly.

"If that was even remotely true, why would you wait until now to tell me?" Myk murmured in doubt.

"Because I wanted it to be a surprise and blow your mind." Sean grinned. Myk looked at Sean for a moment.

"You wanna blow my mind, you better prove it to me bro." Myk replied. Sean clapped his arm around his friend's shoulder.

"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you." Sean quipped, leading his friend along the docks and onto the Atoll.


What had started in disbelief had been met with wild acceptance. The boys had ventured into one of the larger campgrounds, stumbling onto a veritable feast and celebration of the bounty of the island. There was loud music, stuffed pigs, dancing and most of all drinking. Myk had been a bit shy at first, but in typical fashion once he got going there was no stopping him. Sean had taken a more measured approach, trying to balance the alcohol with bottles of rain water, but the hours had passed, the sun had set, and the two had wound up royally drunk.

After nearly six hours the festivities had started to swindle down. Many of the guests had passed out at the large wooden tables while trolls had wandered off to bed. Finally admitting that the party was truly over, Myk and Sean staggered out of the camp ground, a grin on their lips, their hair matted with swear.

"Groll vosh u'deyo, schan troskh hodayo!!" The boys slurred, trying to remember the words to the drinking song as best they could. They both had enjoyed quite a wild time, getting to see sides of another culture.

"Fuck man, I'm like... soaked to the bone in sweat." Sean smirked.

"I can tell dude, you reek... But so do I." Myk smirked brightly.

"Must be the tropical weather. All that humidity or something. I can't wait to get changed." Sean murmured.

"Did you get our bags to our hut or whatever?" Myk asked, blinking only one eye. Sean, however, looked somewhat ensconced.

"Was I s'posed to? Didn't you get our stuff?" Sean asked. Myk frowned.

"How could I if I was wit' you?" Myk asked.

"But how could I if I was with you?" Sean shot back. Myk frowned even more.

"But our stuff's on the boat, and the boat was leaving at like eight or whatever.... We have no stuff!" Myk gaped, looking increasingly terrified.

"Relax, Bro, it'll be okay. Hunter's here after all, right? Ivy four... That's his cabana. We just have to crash at his place until we can see if they left our stuff here or not." Sean said. My looked around until his eyes fund the sign indicating the neighborhoods. Icy was near the northernmost houses, laying at the edge of the border between the habitated lands and the portions of the atoll they used for livestock, crops and assorted other goodies.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to crash like one night and check the lost and found or whatever..." Myk said softly. Sean nodded at that.

"And think what a great story it'll make, our drunken bender on troll town! I mean, the Troll Atoll!" Sean slurred, clapping Myk on the shoulders again. In his drunken stupor, though, the action only sent Myk toppling face first into a wet sandy puddle of sea water. The impact splashed water up across Sean, causing him to wince heavily.


The knock on the weathered wooden door was rapid and uneven, perhaps even louder than it needed to be. The cabins of the Icy block were quiet, the trolls within having already gone to bed. There was a stir of life, a shimmering teal light filling a lantern by the door before the wooden barrier slowly eased open. Vibrant violet eyes peered out from a jet black face, white hair pulled back into a sloppy ponytail. Two long pointed ears jutted out from the sides of the trolls' head, tipped with three silver rings on each side. A soft tuft of white covered his pointy chin as well, complimenting the long, curved ivory tusks extending from either side of his mouth. The troll peered out to see Sean holding Myk up, the two dizzy and drunker than skunks. The troll slowly grinned ear to ear.

"Sean, Myk, what took you guys so long! Come in!" The troll called out in excitement, opening the door the rest o the way before standing aside. Sean, however, remained where he was.

"Oh, uh, is Hunter here?" Sean asked. The troll hesitated.

"Yeah, oh... Right, I mean I know I look different dudes, but-" The troll was interrupted.

"No, not like... any hunter, we knew a guy named Hunter and he told us to find him here." Sean said. The troll crossed his muscled black arms.

"I get it, but I am hunter... That's me dudes." The troll replied. Myk's eyes widened sharply at that.

"I don't know what you're trying to pull, but it won't work. Just cuz we're on 'cation don't mean you can take 'vantage of us." Sean slurred. Myk, however, stepped away from Sean's protective clutches and reached out a hand, touching just to the left of the muscle bound troll's abdomen to a crescent moon shaped scar.

"Your kidney..." Myk murmured. One white eyebrow arched at that.

"Appendix, actually." The troll replied. Sean gasped at that but Myk grinned.

"See, only the real Hunter would know that!" Myk said.

"Or anyone that knew my medical records you dip shit... trying to trick me." Hunter smirked before he pulled the other two into a huge hug. Sean was still taken aback in shock, not sure even with such proof that he could accept it. Myk, however, snuggled into the affectionate hug in his drunken state. After a moment Hunter released the boys.

"Hunter..." Myk said softly, looking up at the dark skinned troll.

"You guys are a hot mess... Come in, I'll wash your clothes and you can sleep it off." Hunter said, turning around, revealing his bare black ass. Myk's eyes widened yet again at the sight. Sean, however, started to strip on the spot, tossing his wet shirt to the side. He looked around at the cabana, trying to take it all in.

"So like... You're a troll" Sean asked slowly. Hunter nodded, opening some of the drawers in the dresser by his rather plush bed.

"Yeah, it's a long story. I'll have to tell you in the morning. If I tell you now You'll just forget and I'll have to tell it all over again." Hunter said, pulling out a long strip of black and purple cloth to toss at Sean before he found a tan cloth with gold tribal markings for Myk. Sean caught the cloth thrown at him, but Myk's just landed across his head, temporarily blinding him.

"Don't you have like, real clothes man?" Sean asked. Hunter looked back with an arched eyebrow.

"Don't you guys? Where's your stuff?" Hunter asked.

"On the boat!" Myk said helpfully, shucking his own pants and wet underwear.

"Which isn't... here anymore." Sean replied. Hunter nodded.

"That's what I thought. Those are all I have, so it's that or nude." Hunter replied. Sean looked down at the cloth a bit sheepishly but Myk was already finishing up tying it around his waist. He gave the loin cloth a good tug before he let it go. The cloth unfurled all the way down to the floor and then dragged a bit, having been designed for someone a bit taller.

Myk looked around and spotted a straight pin before he crouched and folded the loin cloth and pinned it into place, smiling at his own ingenuity. Sean, though, kept staring down at the loin cloth before he finally looked up at Hunter, feeling completely out of place. Hunter reached out and rested a hand on Sean's shoulder.

"It'll be alright dude, just get some sleep and we'll get things squared away in the morning." Hunter replied. Sean nodded weakly a bit at that. As strange and wonderful and shocking as everything was, the booze was taking its toll. The idea of passing out seemed infinitely reasonable at the moment.


Tiny slivers of early morning light crept through the wooden slat blinds of the cabana, falling across the make shift cots and the floor alike. Sean was out cold, drooling into his pillow, his hair roughed up from tossing and turning earlier in the night. Myk, however, was sleeping a little lighter. The salt water from the puddle had made his blond hair seem coarse and thick and he'd continued to sweat up a storm over night. Having rolled onto his stomach, his bare ass was in the air and he ever so slowly undulated his hips, grinding his morning wood against the leather loin cloth he was wearing. There was something so primal about the feeling, so rough and smooth at the same time. His rod was achingly hard, stretched out to lengths it had never before reached, but the young man was all the unwiser. He kept humping, murmuring in his sleep, his tongue sliding over his newly sharpened lower molars.

Across the room, Hunter sat, sipping from a hollowed out coconut, watching his friends sleep. he hadn't imagined that things would turn out like this, at least not for them. What were the odds of the same mistakes being made, or that he'd be the one to receive them? He continued to drink his morning tea, watching and contemplating, knowing just what was unfolding before his eyes. A slow smile was building on his lips as his own jet black cock started to harden beneath his loin cloth. One huge, strong hand slipped under the fabric to wrap around the meat, giving it a slow and methodical stroke. Life was simply going to be amazing.


The front door to the cabana creaked as Sean eased it open, moving out onto the porch. He blinked a bit in bewilderment, feeling the edge of a hangover picking away at his brain. As bad as it was, though, Sean had expected it to be worse. It was only around noon and there were still almost eight hours of light left. A soft yawn sounded from behind Sean as Myk stumbled out. Sean peaked back over his shoulder.

"Where's, uhm, Hunter?" Sean asked. Myk rolled his eyes.

"You can stop being so paranoid, it's really him, but he had to go off to work. He left a note telling us to have fun." Myk explained. Sean shrugged.

"I guess telling us what happened will have to wait. Did you grab our clothes?" Sean asked. Myk groaned.

"For the last time, that isn't my job. Besides, I thought you did. They aren't in there." Myk replied. Sean's shoulders sank.

"I guess Hunter really is taking them to get washed. I guess we're stuck in these for a while." Sean said, looking at is loin cloth and how perfectly it seemed to frame his masculinity. Sean slowly stretched his shoulders and popped his neck before he looked out across the Atoll stretching beyond.

"We did the feast thing, but I'm pretty hungry already. Let's see what they have for breakfast foods and then take a hike?" Sean asked. Myk nodded eagerly at that, almost squeaking.

"Sounds perfect!" He said happily, "and after we come back, we can check out that hot spring spa place!" Myk replied. Sean murmured at that.

"Maybe get a nice massage, you know I really like the sound of that." Sean said. Myk sprinted forward, hopping off the porch and moving across the sand. Sean smirked and followed after, trying to distract himself from the throbbing in his head.


The hike had been beautiful and panoramic, showing the boys a multitude of scenic vistas. They had seen the island's farms, vineyards, clear rain water pools and more. They had traveled to the highest point on the island and looked out across the ring shaped atoll, and they had done it all in loin cloths. The constant rubbing of the leather against their shafts had left both young men rather horny. Sean had even elected to go barefoot after his sandals made his feet so sore after the first mile, so by the time he got back to the campgrounds his feet were blackish with dirt and his toenails a little rougher for the wear.

The two had wandered into the misty springs spa and settled down for their massages. The trolls had been remarkably skilled, using tingling cinnamon oils on their weary flesh. They spent an hour on their shoulders, backs, butts and legs before having the boys turn over. Even their chests had gotten a massage. Myk had decided since his hair was already so kinky from the salt water the previous day that he would go wild and have the troll give him dreadlocks. He laid in the chair, his eyes closed, feeling the hands work his hair this way and that. It felt so oddly liberating that he was in seventh heaven. Sean, however, had taken a different approach.

The cool brown glass lip of the beer bottle found its way to Sean's lips as he took another swig, letting the cool liquid spill down his throat into his expectant stomach. The troll massaging his stomach, a purple skinned Troll, slid a hand down Sean's thigh and then under his loin cloth. Sean's eyes snapped open as he felt someone else's hand wrap around his cock, let alone another man's hand. It had been too easy after being horny all day. The masseur started to stroke up and down the length, squeezing in all the right ways. Sean wanted to object, but slowly his eyes rolled into the back of his head. It was too fucking weird, but he didn't want it to stop. The masseur was too good. Seeing that the human wouldn't object, the masseur picked up the pace, stroking harder and faster. To him the human seemed woefully inadequate in his present state, but Hunter had given his instructions to the island and that wouldn't be a problem much longer.

In the troll's capable hands, Sean's member was stretching longer and longer with each tug, fattening up each time the troll's hand returned to the base. More blood was gushing into the member, making it look reddish or almost purple. The troll grunted hot breaths as he watched the human stretch more, feeling such power... But he couldn't spook the human too much, he had to save the right moment for Hunter. As much as the masseur wanted to let the experience linger, he picked up the pace, squeezed harder and let the calluses on his hands add that much more friction. Sean bucked and moaned, his back arching before his creamy ivory cum gushed out of his newly lengthened meat. The semen arched back, splattering across Sean's very full stomach before the masseur returned the loin cloth to its previous position. While twenty four inches was nothing for a troll, it was quite a length for the human to achieve... and it was just the start.

"Are you okay over there?" Myk called out from where he lad. Sean panted, laying in the seat, nodding slowly.

"Best fucking vacation ever..." Sean whispered, looking up at the masseur that just gave him a coy smile. Sean had never really thought of himself as gay, but he hadn't fought the strange advance. Then again he'd heard about 'happy endings' at massage parlors before, but mainly about how girls didn't want to give them to their customers. Maybe it was better to have a guy masseur, maybe he truly understood what other men needed. Sean shook his head, realizing he was thinking too much. He closed his eyes and basked in the afterglow, not wanting to waste the moment.

On the far side of the room, obscured by a wall of bamboo shoots, Hunter stood. He'd been out of sight, masturbating his own member. The three and a half foot jet black shaft curved up his muscled abdomen, the meaty head resting above his nipples. Watching his friends change little by little was intoxicating. Knowing just how much their lives would change and what would come ahead was thrilling to say the least. Part of him wanted to rush it and get it over with, to see his friends turn just like he had... But another part wanted to drag it out, to make it exquisitely long. Only time would tell which road they would take.

**** The crisp morning air hung around the island, lingering among the trees. It was different than morning on land. The air had dropped in temperature over night, leaving the sand cold, but the ocean's temperature had not changed. While Sean was sleeping off another late night of drinking, Myk had decided to venture out and make the most of his morning. Once more he wandered along the Atoll, leaving behind the resort, heading to the side of the island where the population worked to sustain itself.

Myk smiled gently, even though the cold sand between his toes made him shiver a bit. His blond dreadlocks swished back and forth across his bare shoulders as he walked, longer than he remembered. His nipples were erect in the cold air and his cock dangled behind the loin cloth, perpetually half hard. There seemed to be more grace to his walk as well, his arms swinging fluidly as he ventured along.

The far side of the Atoll had a bit more elevation to it, keeping portions away from the sea water. There was enough altitude for fields and a few rice paddies. Myk slowed as he reached the top of a hill looking over the farm lands. The sun had barely risen beyond the ocean's horizon, casting out silver and copper light, but already the trolls were hard at work, tending the fields.

Myk sat down on the edge of the hill, looking out at the workers. They were so tall and strong, so healthy and fit. Many were even taller than the ones in the resort, at least eight feet or so. They came in more colors than Myk had seen, including a burgundy red and a pale yellow. Some had mohawks, others dreads like he had, but all were impeccably strong. Their multicolored skin glistened with sweat as they tilled, plowed, plucked, planted, and sprayed their crops.

With each passing moment, Myk felt more and more lost in the moment. His hand drifted down under his loin cloth, slowly curling around his man meat. He gave it a soft squeeze before his hand started to slide up and down with growing urgency until his other hand flipped his loin cloth out of the way. The morning air on his shaft was brisk, but the shock only seemed to make it harder. Myk's eyes were half lidded as he stroked himself more and more.

In his mind he was thinking about the Trolls and what life must be like on the island; no school, no crippling debt, only working the land with one's own hands for survival... and what hands they were, so big and strong. Myk's eyes closed as he leaned back, panting harder, starting to sweat despite the cold. The sweat around his waist soaked into the leather banding of the loin cloth and soon a strange staining had worked its way around the boy's waist. The flesh that touched the cloth was a vibrant, almost lime green. The staining was only on the surface at first, but it sunk down into Myk's skin all the way through.

Myk moaned louder, the loin cloth brushing his hand and his leg. As he kept jacking off, the tingling was spreading further and further. His entire right leg was starting to stain, but more than that it was growing. His calf muscle was rounding and thickening, then his thigh. His toes ached and throbbed as they started to stretch. The green soaked through the flesh down to the muscle. The faint blond hair on his legs had been nearly invisible against human flesh, but in troll tones the yellow stood out.

The friction from the leather loin cloth rubbing against Myk's hand had seemingly irritated the flesh, his hand swelling. The edge of the palm was first, but soon his fingers had grown larger too. His hand was longer, wider, thicker. The blond hair on his arm was getting incredibly thick as well, as if a second puberty were forcing thick rivulets of the curly hair out.

"Oh fuck..." Myk moaned, his eyes still squeezed shut. In his mind his masturbation had changed, instead getting a hand job from one of the sexy beefy trolls. He could never admit it to Sean, but he was starting to think he was gay. Girls were stimulating, of course, but his eyes always seemed drawn to the boys. He always wanted to see what made them unique, what set them apart. Coming to the island had only made it worse as it seemed there were only male trolls on this particular Atoll, and they left so little to the imagination.

In Myk's ministrations, he had failed to realize the green was spreading dramatically. His right leg, his right arm, his ass cheeks and the small of his back were all green. The pigmentation was spreading more quickly with each passing moment. Myk's ass cheeks had been fairly fit before from years of skateboarding, but they were bloating, rounding, firming. Muscle was compounding and building on itself, lifting his waist further off the ground. Even the blond hair was starting to push out along his ass in a fine dusting worthy of a gentlemen of more advanced years.

The creeping green worked down along Myk's taint, curving and slipping. It started to advance down his bare left leg, but it also reached another destination. As if sensing the coming changes, Myk's sack started to relax and expand. The tightly packed wrinkled flesh grew looser, letting his balls dangle lower. The sack grew larger and larger, at first just from the difference in body temperature, but soon it was more than that. The balls inside were starting to expand, growing more complex.

Myk's panting was becoming more intense, his fantasy seeming so real in his mind. His lover was so skilled, so dedicated. Their bodies pressed together, their lips touched, the large hand stroked his cheek. Without even being touched in reality, a streak of green crossed Myk's left cheek. It crept from the elfin like bone down to his jaw line... and then something else started to happen.

What had started as a gentle tingle became a fire as bristly blond hair started emerging. The tips were blunt as if he had been shaving far too much. The flesh beneath turned the bright green, making the yellow hair seem even more out of place. The green spread along his jaw just ahead of the growing bristles of beard. Myk moaned out louder, his back arching and his voice cracking. His eyes snapped open, gazing upward, realizing he was no longer in control of his body.

A huge green hand with hairy knuckles pistoned up and down his cock, dwarfing it in size for the moment. Both legs had stretched to unnatural length, covered in a forest of blond fuzz. The bones in his feet popped and cracked as they grew, stretching the toes longer, the arch taller, the heel broader. Myk grunted out at that as his stomach cramped - or at least the skater thought it was a cramp at first.

Barely able to lift his head, Myk gasped in shock at what he saw. His smooth, flat stomach was splotched with green. The flesh was toughening up, but not before the muscles beneath could reform, reshape, and grow with intensity. Myk watched his huge green hand pound his pale pink cock with fury as his abdomen developed a four pack, then six, then eight. A perfect stomach... though the detailing was slowly getting obscured. His normally well groomed bush of pubic hair was creeping up, but as it touched the green flesh it grew wild and bushy, untamed and unkempt. The trail of fur climbed up hair by hair until it encircled his navel.

Myk flopped back onto the hillside, gasping as his chest felt tight. His hard nipples started to broaden and widen, turning from pink to brown to dark forest green. The flat flesh rounded, turning almost boxy as his pectoral muscles came in. Then breathing became even more difficult as Myk's ribs started to push apart, expanding his chest wider and taller. Even the young man's back was throbbing as the vertebrae grew larger and larger.

The skater's once lanky body was stretching. Muscle bound legs, broad back, long neck. He pushed past his original height by leaps and bounds, reaching six foot six in a few moments, then seven feet, then more. His dreads had not stopped growing either, sinking down past his broadening shoulders, reaching almost all the way to his nipples. Myk tried to cry out, to stop, but he couldn't - not that his momentary prison didn't feel good.

Every inch of Myk's body was bathed in pleasure. He felt so strong and vibrant and healthy. The blond fuzz growing out across his chest blew in the breeze, bringing with it a strange physical sensation of pride. Myk continued to writhe and pant as the green spread across the rest of his face. His bottom lip got puffy and swollen, his nose popped and extended slowly into more of a point. His forehead throbbed and his ears burned.

There was a strange sound of running water filling Myk's ears, or perhaps it was blood? The sound was almost deafening, though buried beneath that were strange crinkles and snaps. The cartilage in his ears was reshaping and reforming as the flesh turned green, stretching his ears out and up. They tapered to points, but the points surged out from his skull well past those of an elf. Inch by inch the green pigment expanded, surrounding Myk's eyes.

With each panicked blink, even the colors of his iris were changing. The pale blue was taking on hazel flecks, turning them muddy green at first before the color came out the other side. The green skinned skater had eyes the color of honey and a beard to match. He groaned harder and harder, but his deepening voice was distorted and partially muffled by something changing in his mouth.

It started at first like a mild tooth ache - a sensitivity, a pressure, a throbbing and a dull ache... but as it advanced, it felt far different, almost like a double erection. Myk's moans stopped, his thrashing paused. Only his hand continued working away on his rod on auto-pilot, unable to be stopped. The edges of Myk's lower lip started to be pushed out of the way as something grew, something extended, something lengthened.

Myk's gold eyes darted down, watching as the tiny tips of two ivory tusks emerged from his mouth. They were slow at first, only growing a few centimeters each second, but their mass was increasing. The tusks unspooled from Myk's head like some hidden double stiletto. They pushed out more and more and more, and in a strange way it was incredibly sexual. This mass, that size, that double presence. Myk inhaled sharply, his back arching even more.

The surges of pleasure through Myk's body were intensifying. It was clear he was nearing the end of his physical transformation, but somehow it seemed that his body had saved the best for last. As his brain was soaked in the bliss of his tusks coming in, it seemed his cock was finally struggling to catch up. Blotches of green had spread around,t he troll tone spreading to fill in the gaps. With each tug of his meat, it stretched up taller. Each pound of the fist to the base made it fatter and wider. Soon Myk was stretching his cock like taffy, letting it grow in leaps and bounds.

Drool escaped from the corners of Myk's mouth, by accident at first but soon he didn't care at all. He gazed at his growing tusks as if they were hypnotizing him, willing them to grow more and more. Not by any particular aspect of will, the tusks obeyed and grew longer, curving down and then up again, becoming formidable. Myk moved his head and watched the tusks remain stationary to his skull, fixed and forever. Myk hissed at that in delight, his gold eyes snapping shut.

Ever so slowly, Myk's paralyzed left arm started to move. It lifted up, drifted over, and another huge green hand wrapped around Myk's growing cock. The green flesh had dominated Myk's body, covering his head, torso, legs and arms - even his huge green hairy balls and the base of his cock. The last vestiges of his humanity were at the tip of his quickly changing cock. Both troll paws worked the meat fast and hard, jerking up and down. The flesh had grown looser, growing back foreskin Myk had lost years ago. The green shell slipped up and over the bloating pink head until at last green pigment curved up and over, creeping toward the urethra, tainting the last human skin.

In a moment so subtle that Myk almost missed it, his last human cells changed, turned troll. There was no way to tell the seven and a half foot tall, green skinned, blond haired troll on the hillside was not from the island. He looked the part, sounded the part and even had the loin cloth - even if it was a bit too short. Myk threw his head back, his tusks rising into the sky like spires before he let out an intense scream of pleasure and his cock erupted like a volcano.

The first few squirts of cum were pristine white cream, but soon the semen thickened, coming out more like hot jelly, taking on a faint yellowish tinge of a man more primal, more beastly, more feral. The cum rained down across Myk's hairy, muscled torso. He was strong and fit, practically an island adonis ready to work in any field or simply show off his body to the tourists. Myk's mind was reeling from the sexual afterglow of his change, not yet considering the consequences of what had happened. In fact, his mind couldn't have been further from the future. If anything, the smell of his salty, savory troll cum mixing with the ocean air was turning Myk on all over again and his cock was getting hard again. It seemed his fun was far from over.

**** It was a credit to any bar that was able to keep up pace with its drunken patrons when it came to cleaning. It was one of the few crowds that became harder and harder to serve the more satisfied they were. Between spilled peanuts, accumulation of containers and any other manner of mess, it was a true hallmark for the best to maintain that clean, welcoming environment. It was some semblance of that sentiment that rattled through Sean's mind, though he was feeling too woozy to come up with any of the specifics.

While Myk had been hiking, Sean had set himself on a very specific task; to try every form of alcohol the island offered. He'd been on a bar crawl around the atoll after learning that there were at least three different places with wide selections. Now he sat at the far end of a bar, leaning back a little on his stool, his eyes a bit blood shot and the world spinning around him. His long brown hair was a bit sweaty, as was his chest. His legs tingled and his cock throbbed beneath the loin cloth but he was sure it was just his body trying to stay upright.

One of Sean's hands drifted to his stomach, rubbing up and down slowly. His normally lithe, smooth stomach had not only been filled with booze, it had over-filled. The flesh was distended, rounded into a true beer belly. The presence of the muscles beneath was still detectible with the slight crevices and symmetry of the muscle over the swollen gut, but the sheer girth of the growing belly was all too easy to see across the bar.

A purple tongue slowly slipped across icy blue lips. The trolls had all been told the plan, but this seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up. The ice blue troll moved forward, coming over to sit down at the bar next to Sean. The drunken skater turned his head, looking at the new patron, nearly falling off his stool. While all the trolls were huge, this one was setting several records. He had to be almost four hundred pounds but he was built like a tank. His arms and legs were world bodybuilder class, his neck was corded with muscle, but his belly was gigantic, rotund and sloshing around as he walked.

The troll's ice blue skin was contrasted with a thick snow white mohawk and a bushy, curly full beard that could make Santa envious. The troll's long, curved tusks were even ornately carved with tribal lines, though not very deep in order to keep the integrity of the bone. The troll turned and bowed his head to Sean.

"Welcome to the atoll my friend." The blue troll said, turning to the bartender, signaling for his usual order.

"Hey there..." Sean said, still a bit taken aback and very drunk. The blue troll grinned.

"You have a favorite drink yet? Looks like you've been able to sample quite a few." The troll smiled. Sean tried to think, though that proved particularly difficult. The troll chuckled at the lack of response and nodded, "I know the feeling. I'm having to fuel up so I can try again."

"Try again?" Sean asked. The troll nodded, stretching his huge arms a bit, revealing the forests of white hair in his pits along with a rather musky aroma as he stretched.

"You can't just drink and drink all day, you need to hydrate and have food. Otherwise you just pass out and wake up with a hangover. The true connoisseur knows when to fuel." The troll grinned, "I'm Avory by the way." He said, offering his gigantic hand. Sean reached out and shook it, though his dainty hand nearly disappeared in the blue palm.

"Sean." The skater replied. Avory smiled at that, grinning wide as the bartender returned with a huge platter of food.

"Now this is what I'm talking about." Avory beamed, helping the tender set the platter down. Once more Sean was nearly overwhelmed at the variety of foods. There were kebabs, roasted fingerling potatoes, a mountain of tiny cheese wheels, stuffed zucchini and much more.

"How do you have room for all that?" Sean asked. Once more the troll chuckled and lifted one of the cheese wheels, offering it to Sean.

"You'll find that the body knows what it needs and it'll do what it takes to make room." Avory said. Sean looked into the blue troll's eyes, feeling oddly comforted. As much as he loved to drink, he had started to feel far too sick and alone. Having a compatriot that knew what he was doing was very liberating. Sean opened his lips and Avory popped the cheese wheel inside his mouth.

Upon contact with the skater's warm saliva, the cheese started to dissolve with a pungent, heady, rich aroma and an incredibly creamy texture. Sean was shocked, never before having experienced the odd mix of a flavor being simultaneously so bad and so good at the same time, but the sensations more than made up for it. He initially tried to chew, but the creamy froth was too soft so he ended up just licking it off his teeth, swallowing it down. Once he had traced down as many morsels as he could, Sean felt free to speak again.

"What in the hell was that, I've never had cheese like that." Sean said. Avory chuckled.

"It's made on the Atoll here. Part goat cheese since that's what we have mostly, but it's pretty cool, no?" Avory asked, picking up a kebab next. The spicy sauces used on the meats were both savory and potent. Avory brought the kebab in like a train coming into the station. Once more Sean obediently opened his mouth, let the long chain of food enter before his lips closed. Avory drew the kebab back out, letting Sean's lips collect the left behind food.

As Sean's teeth crushed down into the mix of meat and vegetables, his eyes slipped shut. The meat gushed with juices, the vegetables exploded with flavor. It was beyond any barbecue or foreign food Sean had before. It was on a completely other level. He barely wanted to chew, hoping to keep that flavor in his mouth. Still, by instinct he started to chew and swallow it down. The warm, spicy mash tingled as it slipped down his throat and settled into his stomach, giving some substance to the pool of alcohol.

"Oh fuck, that was goo-" Sean's exclamation was interrupted by another kebab slid into his mouth. Once more he closed his eyes, obediently eating. Avory grinned, his own loin cloth tenting as he watched. The process had started before he even got there. Sean's legs had been stained a deep, rich purple. His half hard cock laid over his leg, stretched to an inhuman fourteen inches already. It was possible that Sean could have drunk himself into a troll life, but Avory was hoping to influence things a bit - and it seemed he was succeeding.

Sean's already disproportionate beer gut was starting to grow larger again, but it wasn't just the size that was changing. As if shifting from the inside out, Sean's stomach was darkening, toughening up, turning a rich purple and growing even more. Before Sean had even finished chewing his kebab, Avory pushed another miniature cheese wheel into his mouth, then another. Sean drooled and moaned, a tear of pleasure leaking from his right eye as he gulped at it all.

The masticated mess of food in his mouth was barely contained, but Sean grabbed a mug of beer and took a deep drink to wash it all down, his upper lip plunging into the frothy yellow ale. As if seeds had been planted and needed the proper nutrients to grow, the beer soaked upper lip darkened as a thousand tiny hairs began to emerge. The brown hair was soft and velvety, curving out and down over his upper lip, making a curtain of manly mustache. His sweaty cheeks were darkening too, at first with brown stubble, but then the flesh beneath turned purple as well.

As the expanding violet pigment reached Sean's fit pectorals, they started to grow quickly. Avory nearly drooled, wanting to grope and fondle the expanding flesh but he restrained himself, merely watching. The changing human's chest retained some semblance of its strength, but that muscle was covered up by creamy, soft, luscious softer layers. The skin had to toughen up, fighting with the strain of being stretched in every direction. Even Sean's nipples turned purple, spreading out to the size of quarters, half dollars, and then bigger.

Avory suddenly dipped his hand into the bowl of hummus and brought it to Sean's mouth. Sean grunted and moaned in surprise, but the spicy red peppers of the paste made it all too palatable. He took the troll's huge fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean. Avory snarled and grabbed Sean's long brown hair, wrapping it around his fist like a leash. He grabbed several fingerling potatoes and began sliding them into Sean's mouth.

The bar stool was starting to strain underneath Sean. While the most distinct growth was in his stomach and chest, the rest of his body was struggling to catch up. His legs thickened, his arms were bulking out and even his beard was filling out, remaining shortish on the cheeks but the mustache was filling out and the hair was extruding from his chin into a bushy brown tuft. His eyes glazed with lust and pleasure as his stomach expanded to nearly the size of a watermelon, blossoming with curls of brown hair across the purple skin.

Avory was panting hard, thrusting up into the air, letting his immense troll cock slap around his own legs as he got his jollies on. The bartender seemed wary at the way things had turned, but Avory shot him a look to keep him in line. Sean, meanwhile, was opening his jaw wide, wanting more food in him... though it seemed there was a second reason his jaw was taking more relief in being open wide. Rooted just behind the lower canine teeth, two of Sean's molars had deformed. The jaw had spread wider, the teeth had parted out of the way and bone was extending out of the jaw at an accelerated pace. At first they were just two jagged, uneven, irregular teeth. That changed quickly.

As the two miniature tusks emerge from his mouth, it was becoming harder to feed Sean. The tusks curved and developed, emerging at an ever quickening pace. The way the white tusks contrasted with the dark purple skin and the brown hair was exquisite. Sean was starting to hunch some, his head held in place by Avory. His back was elongating, his legs now resting on the floor rather than dangling. His entire body had grown. Even the loin cloth seemed inadequate to cover his huge meaty, hairy legs.

The blue troll was practically drooling himself at the power of turning a human. He grabbed his own mug of dark bitter lager and brought it to Sean's lips. The former skater opened wide before a wave of the alcohol spilled into his mouth. He gulped at it greedily, but much of it washed over his bearded face and dribbled down his chest and his muscle gut. The last of Sean's human flesh disappeared, replaced with the violet tones of a troll. Avory threw his head back and let out a deep grunt as thick spatters of yellowed troll cum hit the floor, his orgasm incredibly potent. Sean, however, merely let out a deep belch. Avory grinned, starting to lean down towards Sean, though he was stopped as a blade came to his throat. The long, curved blade was faintly orange in color, held by the bartender. The orange skinned troll's dark eyes narrowed as he looked at Avory.

"You know the plan. You were risky to even push things this far. You will deliver the new recruits to their new master as planned. Is that understood?" The bartender asked.

"Y-Y-Yes, Isunn, understood." Avory murmured. The blade was slowly drawn away but Sean remained where he was, panting, coming to grips with a brand new body.

**** While the Troll Atoll had many beautiful vistas and miles of white sand beaches, there were a few places that no human was allowed on the island. It was one of these places that Myk and Sean had been led by the others. They had ventured down a long rocky tunnel, heading into the deepest recesses of the mountain range. Torches burned with green light and spider webs were covering black and silver flags covered with troll runes.

As the two new recruits neared the end of the tunnel, the air fizzled with electricity, even rippling as they passed through the mouth of the cave. Myk and Sean stepped through the barrier, feeling a soft sweet mist falling into their skin. As they opened their eyes and looked around, they were amazed by what they saw. The large cave had likely been part of the original volcano that sat at the center of the Atoll. The ceiling of the cave had collapsed, allowing sunlight to come in. The center of the cave was one massive turquoise lake, and several waterfalls cascaded down through holes in the cave ceiling.

A broad network of floating wooden docks and boardwalks ringed the cave and a few huts had been built in the enclave. Myk's eyes were drawn to a particularly evocative totem pole off to one size. The faces on the bottom were rather human, but they showed ever more troll characteristics the closer they got to the top. Sean, however, was watching the hulking black skinned form of Hunter as he moved up.

"There are my boys..." Hunter murmured, one hand toying with the knot of his loin cloth. He untied it slowly before the leather fell to the wooden planks below. Hanging from the troll's loins was a three foot long veined, throbbing cock and balls the size of small melons. Myk started to drool at once, eyeing Hunter up. Hunter came to a stop before them, looking them over.

"Hunter, what happened?" Sean whispered. Hunter grinned.

"You were welcomed by the island, you embraced a new way of life just like I did when I came here... As many have now. It started when I found this cave, actually, but since then it's been happening more and more. It was here that I learned my true place, though I couldn't imagine life going on without something from my past, without my friends at my side... or my feet." Hunter murmured.

"What do you mean, at your feet?" Sean asked in surprise. Hunter grinned, holding out his hand. Isuun handed Hunter two black leather collars.

"I wasn't just the first human to become a troll here, I became a leader. The trolls respond to me in any way I wish. But every leader needs those to serve him, a harem, if you will. There are rewards of course... but I need servants I can trust." Hunter said, opening one collar up. He moved toward Myk with a grin, "Oh Mickhael, I knew you'd be good to me, ever since I knew you were gay." Hunter said, strapping the collar around his neck.

Myk suddenly gasped, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. His blond hair started to grow out of his scalp a bit more, his muscles bulged just a bit larger, but the true change came from his loin cloth. Myk's jade green troll cock went hard at once, but then it got harder than hard. It started to elongate and stretch. Isunn moved, cutting the loin cloth. The fabric fell away, revealing the pillar of flesh extending from Myk. Inch after inch of length stacked on, the girth swelling outward as well. There was no doubt that even when soft Myk would likely drag his cock along the ground.

The blond troll wobbled on his legs before he fell to his knees before Hunter. He leaned forward, a long pointed tongue starting to lap at the black troll's cock. Hunter reached out, ruffling Myk's hair before giving the troll's tusk one long affectionate stroke. Hunter murmured as Myk sucked the head of his cock, but he still turned to look at Sean.

"And Sean... You got a bit bigger than I expected, though I know that'll just make all the other trolls even more jealous." Hunter said, reaching out to stroke Sean's beard. Sean moaned, though he was still resisting a bit more.

"I didn't... I mean, I'm not gay..." Sean murmured. Hunter started to laugh.

"But Sean, you haven't seen any girl trolls on this island, have you? It isn't like you have a choice. Your master is gay, you serve your master, there for..." Hunter trailed off, "But it won't be bad. In fact, it is very rewarding. Men know what men like, it's natural. Besides, you can't go to a human life, not after everything you've been through. Do you have any idea how bland and tasteless human food is? Human sex is the same way. Trust me Sean, this is a lot better." Hunter said, taking the other collar, sliding it into place. Sean's brown beard was so long and thick in front that it almost obscured the collar from view, thought he black strap stood out a bit more around his thick neck.

Sean groaned suddenly as his body reacted outside of his control. His nipples puffed up fatter, his stomach gurgled and growled, and his cock started to surge out of his loins with impressive mass and volume. The huge troll trembled before he too fell to his knees, his eyes glazing over with need. He leaned in, scraping his tusk against Myk's, fighting for some of Hunter's cock to lick. Hunter moaned louder and louder, reaching to pinch one of his own nipples, looking down at his friends, his harem, his lovers.

In just a few short months he had taken over control of the entire Atoll, restructuring the society as he saw fit. He'd lured in tourists, found ways of keeping people from talking about the missing boys. It was only a matter of time now before he had all of Micronesia under his sway. Countless islands of gay trolls, spreading their kind and their ways, all hailing their ultimate master.

Somewhere, beneath the plans of domination, Hunter still felt a bit relieved that he wasn't facing his future destiny alone. Myk and Sean were right there with him, supporting him. Hunter gasped a little, and then much more. His huge balls seized up, his tower of a cock throbbed and huge jets of hot sperm shot out, raining down over the new troll harem. Hunter screamed out in defiance and lust as Sean and Myk were showered with salty spooge. In their new roles they eagerly licked Hunter clean before fighting over the tip, guzzling cum as it came out. Moments later the new harem trolls were cumming as well, their potent seed running across the sand, leaking into the fertile lake in the heart of the cave, harnessing the potent energies that ran through the entire Atoll.

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