Getting Comfortable

Story by Leo_Todrius on SoFurry

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Getting Comfortable

Written by

Commissioned by Tyrik

When preparing for an upcoming cosplay event, a sudden and mysterious transformation takes grip, leaving little to a young man's desires except to get comfortable in the best spot in the apartment.

Getting Comfortable Written by Leo_Todrius Commissioned by Tyrik

Narrow slivers of light pierced through the cheap apartment blinds, hitting the beige carpet before diffusing to a general soft glow. The apartment was well decorated, perhaps because it wasn't quite as big as either occupant would have wanted. Still, they had made it a home. Cloth wall scrolls were hung with care, depicting a variety of anime shows - though 'Final Fantasy: Advent Children' seemed to have a predominant place. Even the computer desk by the window was covered with scraps of fabric and print outs of the characters. A long black trench coat was hung from a hook, still in a dry cleaning bag to keep it ready for the upcoming convention.

One of the apartment's tenants was asleep on the couch, an arm draped over his eyes to block out the light. Damon was twenty nine, his brown hair shorn short, his hazel eyes hidden by sleep. While he wasn't quite as invested in the con as his roommate, he was debating going as Loz. His muscled build and short hair might be enough to let him get away with that, and then he would have a complimentary costume to James. James, on the other hand, had thrown himself full force into the role.

While most of the apartment lights were off, the bathroom light was on and filling the room with a creamy off-white glow. James rather hated that he couldn't get full spectrum light and was worried that it might mess up his costume, though so far it was going great. Even at the age of 29, James had managed to maintain the lithe and fluid form of his youth. He was tall and skinny but with just the right amount of strength. His shoulder length hair had been carefully bleached and dyed a platinum silver, looking almost metallic.

James had done some test make up to give his skin a more pale pallor and was checking it out in the mirror, looking behind his ears and checking for the general effect... He looked just like Kadaj with one exception, the eyes. The turquoise snake like eyes the character called for were hard to get, though they were in the mail. In the mean time, James had been desperate to get used to colored contacts. Luckily he'd found some interesting yellow ones in a curio shop downtown.

The cosplayer wasn't even sure what had drawn him in at first. There had been something eclectic about the collection in the window, reminding him of the bayou with its mysticism. Regardless of why he had gone in, though, he'd come out with a rather nice pair of yellow contacts to help in his transition. James took out a bottle of artificial lubricant and poured it into the contact container before he carefully extracted the first one. Blinking a few times before opening his eye wide, James started sliding the contact into place, nestling the edges against the sclera. With a few more blinks to make sure it was in place, he looked back in the mirror.

A chill went down James' spine, seeing the bright yellow eye peeking out from behind a curtain of silver hair. James grinned and swept the silver locks out of the way so he could do the other eye. With just as much care he positioned the second lens and blinked, settling into it. His field of vision was reduced a little, but the image looking back in the mirror at him was more than making up for it. James bore his teeth to the mirror like some sort of wolf before he chuckled softly and left the bathroom, flicking the light off on his way out. If he had remained a moment more he might have seen the liquid in the container shimmering, turning from clear to a silvery metallic color.

James wandered into the kitchen, not wanting to wake up Damon. His stomach growled a bit and he instinctively went for the big bag of bargain cereal. The tiny pellets of dried food rang out as they were poured into a wide bowl. James didn't even go for milk, taking the bowl with him into the living room. He settled down in his chair and started to eat, though the spoon soon seemed to be inadequate to feed him fast enough to satiate his hunger. James set the spoon aside and leaned down, putting his mouth into the bowl. His teeth crunched through the food with satisfying power.

Damon stirred a bit in his sleep with the noise but did not yet wake up, leaving James to his own devices. James had felt a strange sense of contentment sweeping over his body, filling him up inside and out. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought about what the woman had said at the shop, that if he wasn't comfortable in his own skin that the contacts would help him become comfortable in someone else's. It had seemed somewhat strange to hear at first, but the more he thought about it the more it made sense. After all, cosplay was quite a calling.

James continued to eat out of the bowl, getting more and more ravenous. No matter how much he ate, his body seemed to be craving more. The young man's body was going out of control. His heart rate had increased, his breathing, even his body temperature. James clutched the bowl tightly, his finger tips throbbing as the nails started to turn from ivory white to brown and then almost black. They thickened up as well, pushing out at an accelerated pace, curving and sharpening. Soon they were claws, scraping along the bowl.

Having extruded out from James' fingers, the claws were dangerously over-exposed. They wobbled against the bowl, but soon the flesh at the base of the claws began to expand, spreading over the claws, anchoring them better. James felt some subconscious power at having such modified digits, but he was so wrapped up in eating that he hadn't yet noticed the changes. If anything, it seemed that he needed more cereal.

James stumbled to the kitchen, putting the bowl down on the counter, grabbing for the bag. The bag toppled from his strange fingers, falling to the floor, spilling out across the linoleum. Damon groaned at the noise, but it was James who whimpered. He dropped down to the floor and started eating the bits up, crunching them in his teeth, his silver hair falling over his head and dragging along the floor as he ate.

The carbohydrates congregating in James' stomach were put to quick use, being fed throughout his body. New hair was starting to grow out of the back of his neck, not emerging in his natural hair color but almost a metallic shade of brown and silver. The hair crept down his spine, disappearing beneath his shirt. His knuckles had grown hairy too, the hair sprouting at an insane pace. James noticed none of it, eating off the floor like some kind of animal. His fingertips were getting puffy, swelling and rounding almost like the paw pads of common animals. His toes were aching and throbbing as well, but not nearly as much as his feet.

Somewhere amid the crunching of cereal on sharpening teeth was an odd crunch and pop as James' feet started to warp. The length was disappearing, but it was being made up for in width. His heel all but melted away, his arch shrinking down more and more. His toenails too extruded outward, developing into claws that slid and scraped harmlessly across the kitchen linoleum.

James had been lost entirely in the act of feeding, unaware that his eyes were looking distinctively less human by the moment. His teeth, coated in bits of chocolate and sugar and powder, had stretched out into sharper implements. His tongue slurped up the food from the floor until there were only a few stray kibbles around. James licked his lips, twitching his head. Pointed ears stuck out of the silver hair before the changing cosplayer turned and moved back into the kitchen on his hands and knees.

Seeing Damon on the couch, James felt a vague sense of camaraderie, of loyalty, of delight that his friend looked so happy. While jealousy never entered his heart, James wanted to be comfortable too. He took a running lunge and jumped up onto both the couch and Damon. Damon grunted out in surprise, woken from his slumber. Damon looked around with fuzzy eyes, trying to come to grips with what was going on.

"James, what in the hell is wrong with you?" Damon muttered, though he started to realize his friend was far heavier than usual. James, however, seemed to be completely unaware that he had disturbed his friend. For James the only thing he could feel was an odd pressure in his spine, one that needed alleviated most quickly. He arched his back, wiggled his shoulders, stretched his neck and tried to work it out. The sensation of pressure did radiate down his spine, but his back started to get a bit more ridged with pieces of vertebrae distorting the skin. The pressure moved all the way down into his waist and pelvis, branching out from there.

"James, get off me. This isn't the time for a prank..." Damon muttered, looking up at his friend. James, however, didn't move. He let out a big yawn, his tongue lolling out of his lips for a moment. Damon growled at that, "James, get the fuck off!" Damon said, trying to sit up or roll over - anything to dislodge the unwelcome guest. James was not shaken loose, unaware of the man trapped beneath him. The pressure on Damon's shoulders got even more focused as James' hands began to shrink more. His fingers retracted centimeter by centimeter, making the palm and claws seem far more prominent.

Damon didn't focus on James' hands so much as his face, trying to figure out what his roommate was up to. Even if it was some kind of joke or prank, he would have said something. Damon had never been yawned at before. Was it possible that James was sleep walking, or hypnotized, or high? Damon sniffed the air, but there was no smell out of the ordinary. In fact, all Damon could really smell in the air was a bit of cereal.

"James, you need to wake up. You're having a dream." Damon tried out, looking up at his friend. Once more James yawned, stretching his back more. There were faint pops and snaps coming from the cosplayer's hips as the joint inside started to rework. At first it felt uncomfortable, causing James to wince, but as he rotated his legs forward it relieved the pressure. If anything, it felt odd to have his limbs stretch straight down below his waist. The change in posture forced James' ass up into the air and tightened the weight on Damon's knees even more.

While the captive roommate had not noticed it at first, it seemed that growth and change were not the only metamorphosis James was undergoing. His forearms had started to shrink and contract, becoming stockier and less gangly. As the mass was used up for the length, it was reshaped into muscle and flesh. The shifting started to settle into James' hind legs as everything below the knee began contracting much faster.

Damon had been studying the ghostly, distant expression on his friend's face, but even in his trapped state he was starting to pick up on the other cues. He felt the weight shifting, saw the shoulders slope forward and the ass drop down. Damon slowly, almost as if disbelieving his subconscious, followed his hunch. He lowered his head down as much as he could, looking under James' head and down his underside. What he saw nearly broke his mind.

"Holy fuck, James, your arms, your legs, you-you-you..." He stammered, not sure how to follow it up. Would he tell his friend he wasn't human? Maybe he wasn't ever human. Maybe the ribbons and awards he had won at cosplaying had been cheats, some natural ability or mutation? Damon closed his eyes, realizing how stupid that was. His roommate couldn't be a mutant, could he?

Damon's eyes wandered down to the points of pressure on his shoulders, the ones that had been pinning him in place so awkwardly. A sharp breath of air slipped over Damon's lips as he looked at them, seeing that James' hands had devolved. They were stubby and boxy. The toes were barely there at all, but there were distinct and clear claws. Damon froze in shock, now sure what to do at first. His eyes watered, he felt light headed. If James really was changing, transforming, or mutating... It wasn't wise to be trapped beneath him. He had to try new strategies. Damon's first instinct was to kick, but he tried lifting either leg and the paws on his knees kept him immobilized. Instead, he resorted to a method more primal. The paws resting on Damon's shoulders had caught him in such a way that he couldn't move his upper arms much, but his lower arms were still mobile. He tried flailing a bit, balling his hands up into a fist, swiping towards James. The real problem was that even with his changing stature, he was still a skinny son of a bitch. All Damon man aged to do was lightly brush James' right side. Once more the silver haired man's tongue slipped out of his mouth, coated in a thicker than normal drool. If anything, James seemed to like it and was starting to pant.

Even the slight affection directed at his side had awakened something in James. It started along his ribs, but spread out through his body like the feeling of summer's sun coming through a window and warming his flesh. James closed his eyes and turned his head upward, basking in it. Damon struggled even more, grunting and straining. Both of them felt the first prickly pokes at the same time. Tiny tingles filled James' paws as the skin was disrupted. The flesh wriggled and the pores opened up, shifting around the growing presence inside of the skin.

Tiny golden brown hairs emerged from James' skin, blunt on the tips and feeling pokey as they pressed into Damon's shoulders. The hairs came slowly at first, but started to pick up speed as they covered the cosplayer's paws. The emerging fur swept up past his wrists and spiraled along his arms, climbing ever higher. At first it seemed almost like some sort of fuzzy aura, but as more and more hairs pushed out they blended so densely that they obscured the skin and even musculature beneath from sight. The furry sleeves were not the only vector for change either. More golden brown fur was sprouting from James' chest and down the small of his back, spreading out along his ribs. Damon grunted even more, flailing against his captor.

"James, you need to fuckin' wake up! Wake up bro!" Damon shouted out, but James kept panting. Damon closed his eyes, took a breath, and then slammed his head up, smashing it into James' face. James yelped in pain and pulled his head back, his claws digging into Damon's shoulders. Damon howled out as the claws cut through the last vestiges of his shirt and into his flesh. Hearing his roommate howl, James' yellow eyes snapped open in concern. He looked down at the man on the couch before he lowered his face and came nose to nose with Damon. Damon grunted hard, his head aching.

"James, you need to get off. We can get you help, we can figure out what's going on, we-" Damon's speech became mumbled as a foreign tongue plunged into his mouth. James licked all over the inside of Damon's mouth before the tongue came back out, slobbering over the human's lips, nose, and forehead. Like a dog trying to make it better, James lapped all over. Damon coughed and sputtered, unable to get the extra sticky saliva out of his mouth. The distraction to the two had only given the transformation more time to progress. The golden brown fur was spreading, connecting along James' stomach to his chest, over his shoulders, up his neck and down his spine. His dyed silver hair had already crept down his neck and the two kinds of hair started to battle, turning black at the border between the territories.

Damon was panting himself, trying to catch a breath after such a tongue lashing. His vision was throbbing as well, likely from the head impact. It had been a stupid, stupid decision. Now he could barely move. He looked back at James warily, knowing he had no way to stop what was going on. The fur dominated most of James' body, but his body itself had changes so much that his clothing wasn't fairing too well. The human's more dog like shoulders and shifted torso had caused the material to slink up and pool almost like a scarf or a bandanna around his neck, and his pants had long since started to slide down and pool around his hind paws.

Clinging to the young man's furry ass was a pair of turquoise underwear, but the fabric there was wriggling and shifting. What James had for an ass before had been termed by many to be a bubble butt. The muscle had been etched away, sent elsewhere into the body with far more need. The more concave ass left behind was flatter and sleeker, but there were still differences that were key. The meaty cheeks were starting to pull apart to reveal a swollen picker. Just above it, James' nub of a tailbone was starting to wriggle on its own, feeling new life.

After an entire lifeline of being immobile, the coccyx was being wrapped in new cords of muscle and pried outward. The gaps made between the bones were filled with hyper fast growing cells, expanding on what had moments before been impossible. The cloth underwear stretched as the tailbone curved out and away from James' spine, tugging and pulling before finally the nub of flesh slipped up through the top of the waistband.

At first the new proto-tail emerged like a rat tail - all pink and ugly, but the fur that had colonized so much of the cosplayer's body began to move again. As it reached the tail, though, it darkened significantly, growing from root to tip before the fur on the tail started to thicken and length more than any of the rest of James' coat. James almost started to vibrate, his eyes squeezing shut, feeling thousands of hairs push out of his tail. The rapid extrusion felt amazing all on its own.

Damon suddenly groaned, trying to break free again during the moment of distraction. James' eyes suddenly snapped open as he wobbled, not fully used to his changing body. His paws shifted momentarily before he pinned Damon back down onto the couch, leaning to nuzzle and lick his short brown hair. Damon coughed and grunted again, roaring out in dismay at not being able to throw off his roommate.

Since jumping on Damon, the changes ripping through James had not stopped or abated. The shifting had advanced on all fronts, surging in a race toward completion. While some changes were more drastic than others, it seemed it had left parts of the body to catch up. After every bit of growth or shrinkage, the body had to recover. More pops and snaps came from James' bones as they re-aligned, softening long enough to change before re-hardening again. The fur that had pushed out with such fecundity and uniformity at first was starting to differentiate, taking on different shades. For Damon it was clear that his roommate was becoming more canine like, but the browns and silvers and blacks narrowed it down only a little. Somewhere in the back of Damon's mind his only solace was that it didn't seem as though James was becoming some sort of saint Bernard.

To say that James had been lost in the change would have been a true understatement. His mind was a cloudy fog of pleasure and pressure. His body was warping and shifting and he was lost in a sea of it all. Somewhere at the edge of his awareness he was able to pick out little details like the tingling of his nipples - not just where he had remembered them to be, but tiny mirrors of the feelings appearing below his pectorals, then another set below those, eight in all creeping down along his torso and covering his furry abdomen.

As the dog boy's tail wagged around, it pushed the turquoise underwear further and further back until James' general lack of an ass provided no barrier and they toppled down to join the pool of pants over Damon's legs. Damon inhaled sharply in shock, not knowing what to expect. Once more he squished himself down and looked along the underside of his roommate, not out of any desire to see what he had between his hind legs - or perhaps that was indeed the reason, a morbid curiosity to see how far things had changed and how much they would.

Damon blushed sharply at that notion, wondering if maybe the dog drool was getting to him. What he saw nestled in the furry groin of his roommate was both familiar and embarrassing. It seemed the change had not yet reached the rather human meat in his loins. Damon wriggled back up, trying to erase that sight from his memory. In his years of living with James, he had never had to see the man's cock before... but this was new territory.

"I wish you could hear me, that you could tell me how this happened..." Damon muttered, "I mean, you're turning into a dog and you're doing it right here." Damon whispered. It felt good to say it even if his roommate couldn't understand a word. Damon groaned softly, "Was this a secret you've always been keeping from me? Was this something that just happened? Did you let your guard down and make a mistake, or did it just happen? Is it contagious? Is it a curse of your family for all generations?" Damon asked. James only winced, closing his eyes, quirking his head to the side. Damon sighed at that.

James shivered gently as his ribs contracted a bit more, creating a tighter mesh along his underside. Feeling that the changes to his lower body were more or less complete, the wild instincts that filled James' cloudy head reasserted themselves. He had come to the couch merely to get comfy, and standing that long served no purpose. He shifted back and forth from paw to paw before he finally laid down atop Damon.

Damon groaned suddenly, feeling the weight press on his chest and stomach. His arms were no longer pinned by the pressure points of two paws, but now he felt even more immobilized than normal. He had to wager a guess that James was at least two hundred pounds... no, a hundred and fifty - or perhaps almost three hundred pounds? Damon was starting to sweat from exertion when he realized that not only was James transforming, his very mass was fluctuating wildly. His muscles, bones, hair - all of it combined into something that the laws of physics would normally not allow. But these were no ordinary circumstances.

Having a canine body felt rather nice to James, at least in his diminished animal senses. His tail curled around his hip, his paws were tucked up beneath him. His fingerprints and palms had swollen into paw pads he unceremoniously rubbed against Damon's chest. Damon tried to wriggle around just enough that his lungs weren't going to cave in with the weight changes. He looked back at James' oddly human face, knowing that it had to be the last thing to change - assuming, of course, that the process continued. That realization alone horrified Damon. What would it be like to be cursed by some gypsy and have the body of a dog but the head of a human? Then again, maybe there would still be a way to communicate if that happened... but if he went fully dog, was there a way for that to work? Damon groaned, wishing that fate had unfolded rather differently for them.

It was clear that there was no feat of strength, well timed defense, or carefully calculated strategy that would lead to Damon's escape. I t also seemed that at least for the moment that he wasn't going to change like his friend had. Part of him wanted to cry out in horror, or to plead for help from anyone that might overhear from beyond their apartment. If he did that, though, what would happen to James? What would society do to a human turned dog? Had it happened to anyone else before?

While it was true that Damon was not the most comfortable in the apartment, James wasn't feeling all that bad at all. While he had not had the rational to think or consider Damon to be an owner, master, alpha or friend, he did find him to be a nice bed. His change wearied muscles were relaxing curled up on the body of his friend and he lowered his head, resting it on Damon's shoulder. Damon tried to lean away but he failed, smelling the brand new fur of the dog boy that paid half the rent.

Even in the moment of relaxation, the changes ripping through James had not ceased. They started out subtle, working up his neck. His spinal column was rebuild, supporting a perpendicular stance from his shoulders as well as elongating. The bones pushed apart and then grew larger, somehow managing to keep the precious spinal cord intact. As the bones reset, there were soft crunches that radiating through James' skull. Damon shivered a bit, hearing them far too closely to be comfortable with it.

Getting such an up close and personal view, Damon turned his head, looking at what he could see of James. From this vantage point he mostly got the young man's lips. They were parted by the abnormal, far too long canine tongue hanging out of his lips... but that interruption was just enough to reveal James' teeth. While they had once been almost criminally white and perfect, they had yellowed and started to sharpen. Some looked ragged while others looked pristine. It seemed that whatever Damon was becoming had distinguished tastes, likely for meat and kibble and not much else.

Damon was breathing shallow breaths, not just from the weight on his chest but from getting such a close up view. He watched with strange wonder as James' teeth started to soften before his very eyes. The white dentin, the enamel, all of it became almost soupy and slimy - but it didn't cling to anything or melt away. It was almost gelatinous as it began to build taller, sharper, more robust. The canine teeth were the first to turn into fangs, but soon all of James' mouth filled with sharp teeth that stretched outward.

A hot tear ran down Damon's cheek as an odd, stray thought crossed his mind. Seeing James with his otherwise normal face dominated by those fangs gave him cosplay ideas... Wendigos from Teen Wolf, Japanese horror characters, there were any number of options... But here his friend was, turning into a dog. Their days of cosplaying were very likely over forever. Whatever had caused the changes in James had set their lives on an entirely new trajectory, one that Damon wouldn't be able to fix on his own.

Damon closed his eyes, another tear leaking down his cheek. Would he have to take James for walks? Move to an apartment that allowed dogs?? Take him to the vet when he got sick? Was this what life would be? Surely people would investigate the disappearance of such a beloved cosplayer. Net fans, James' family, his co-workers... They'd all come looking and he would be the number one suspect. A soft, hot lick on Damon's cheek shook him back to the moment.

Once more Damon blushed. Had he become so lost in the moment that he forgot where he was, trapped beneath a changing dog boy? Damon felt almost sick to his stomach at being so selfish. It was James that was changing. It was he that was losing everything... though he was gaining something else. The introspection came to a quick end as there were more pops and snaps coming from James' face. Damon wriggled his shoulders, trying to get his roommate to lift his head again.

"James... I know you can't hear me probably, but I need to look at you. James? JAMES!" Damon shouted. James lifted his head, looking at the human he had captured. His ears had warped, stretching before Damon's eyes into points. His lips had toughened up a bit and his nose seemed blunt. Somewhere in the back of Damon's mind he thought James looked rather cute like that, but this soon caused him to blush again. James winced slightly, his eyes closing as his lower jaw began to throb and extend, bloating outward. As the jaw grew it made more room for the canine fangs to grow larger, taking up more space.

Damon looked at the last of his friend's humanity slipping away, powerless and helpless to be anything but an audience to the event. He tried once more in futility to get up, to move, but James was heavier than ever. More pops came as James' nose flattened and widened out, blending into the expanding portions of his face. His upper jaw was extending to match the bottom, forming the starts to a muzzle.

It seemed that the bone softening in his skull were taking more of a toll out of him than much of the rest of the process. Even as the pointed ears on the side of his head grew dog fuzz and climbed higher up on his head, they started to flatten. Patches of honey and silver fur grew out of James' cheeks, blending into his hair, creeping down along his cheeks and jaw bone. They spread down to his chin and then crept out across his extending face.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything to save you James... that I couldn't help you. I promise I'll take care of you and make sure you're alright." Damon swore, looking at his roommate. The fur swept over the bridge of James' nose and surrounded his yellow eyes. Only the tip of his nose remained flesh, but that too was changing. The skin darkened and moistened, the flesh becoming bumpier. It tore a little along the nostrils, making for larger channels to bring scents in.

With more sickening twists, pops and shifts, James' face finished pushing out into a canine muzzle. At last his face and head matched his body. From snout to tail, he was a german shepherd - or at least that was what Damon thought for a moment before he felt an odd shifting near his groin. The way James had laid down on him brought their respective manhoods together, seperated only by a thin layer of cloth. While James had been fairly soft before, the growing weight and pressure sliding against Damon's lap was indicating that that too was changing.

Damon squirmed, closing his eyes, grunting a bit. Even without seeing it he could feel the heat, the girth, the length - and soon the moistness. He could feel the mushroom shaped head tapering into a point and sliding along his leg. He could feel wetness penetrating his clothes, not from any specific source but from the general lubricant that canine phalluses were bathed in. Even James' balls swelled larger, plumping as a sheathe formed around the base of the member.

It was hard to say just what lead to it... Sometimes human brains read sensory information wrong. Shock became hysterical laughter, depression became anger, or in Damon's case fear became arousal. Maybe it was that, or maybe it was just the weight of someone on his lap. Damon blushed more furiously than he had in months as he felt his own manhood betray him, growing hard in his pants, stiffening up.

Feeling the human's log tightening against his own, the german shepherd started to get distracted from his own changes. He closed his eyes and started to bear down, grinding his backside against the human's lap. Damon moaned softly at that, struggling more, causing the dog to only increase his humping. Damon bit his bottom lip, eyes shut, whining out.

"James, please!" Damon called out, though there was no indication as to if he was begging for the dog to stop or to continue. Still, the words themselves were finally potent enough to cut through the haze in James' mind. The fog of the transformation was shattered, the words sinking down into his consciousness. The mind of the animal, of the predator, was pushed aside as James reasserted his own consciousness. The yellow eyes blinked before the canine ears perked back up.

"D... Damon?" James muttered, though his voice was oddly deep and distorted. Once more Damon looked to the dog on him in shock.

"James, how can you even talk like that?" Damon whispered. James' head tilted to the side as he looked at Damon quizzically.

"Like what?" James asked, reaching to scratch his cheek. His canine paw flailed about, unable to coordinate to the movement James had thought of. James' jaw dropped, "Shit..."

"So this isn't something... that happened before?" Damon asked.

"What? HELL NO!" James countered, "I... That bitch in the curio shop!"

"Are we talking canine bitch, or-" Damon grunted as James bopped him with a paw.

"Be serious about this." James countered. Damon chuckled.

"I don't know if I can now that I know your mind is still alright in there... It's kind of funny actually." Damon replied. James growled a bit, though his growl softened as he looked down at their position and then finally realized the bulge between his hind legs wasn't just his own. If James still had eyebrows, no doubt one of them would rise right up.

James slowly started to stretch, his long spine and gangly limbs making it an extra slinky one. Damon groaned more as his roommate's package was ground against his. James yawned a bit and flexed his paws, wriggling his toes and claws before he looked back into Damon's eyes. Damon looked back, afraid to move, not sure what was going to happen next. James slowly leaned in a bit closer, sniffing his roommate.

"Care for some fun? You know, before I try to get the contacts out..." James whispered. Damon looked shocked at that.

"Is that what caused it? Those contacts?" Damon murmured.

"That's my best guess, but it's not every day I turn into a dog. Maybe it's the new body, maybe its that we're like this, but I want to play with you Damon. I want us to have some fun." James whispered before he turned his head and spread his muzzle over Damon's face. Feeling the teeth slide across his cheeks was one thing, but as the dog tongue plunged into his mouth Damon was lost. It was so wrong, so forbidden, so animal - and it felt so good.

The human started to grind and hump upwards, feeling the German shepherd press back, their cocks getting harder and harder in the embrace. No doubt they would get to the bottom of what happened, find out if there was a way to save James, but for the moment he didn't want to be saved. James just wanted to be with his roommate in a way they never had been before. The two humped and kissed and finally James moved enough for Damon to get his hands free.

Two strong arms swept up, fingers digging into the soft dog fur, stroking James' coat. James' tail flicked around in surprise at how good that sensory detail was. Perhaps the lady at the curio shop had been right that he needed to find a way to get comfortable in his own skin, even if that meant turning his own skin into something else. At long last he felt content in who he was, who he was with, and what was ahead - but maybe that was just the life of a dog, a dog that had found his master.

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