Employee Benefits

Story by TastesLikeGreen on SoFurry

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Working overtime is always a drag, even if you love your job, and Todd's not really that thrilled about where he works. Fortunately, he's about to meet a raccoon from HR who's got a plan to make his night a lot more bearable...

Not much to say about this one that I didn't say in that last journal; I wrote it in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday the 23rd/Monday the 24th (they kind of blur together at that time of night :B), and I did it all in one sitting, minus the proofreading. I rather enjoyed writing it, so I hope you guys enjoy reading it. :-)

Employee Benefits By Green

Todd sighed and rubbed his eyes, leaning back in his chair. Here he was, a young, healthy bachelor, and he was spending Friday evening at the office, working on figures for what seemed to him to be a totally meaningless report. The rabbit didn't have anyone to blame but himself, of course, since he'd volunteered for this. It's not like he had anything better to do anyway. It had been so long since he'd had a social life, so long since he'd been on a date... Glancing off to the side, his eyes came to rest on the empty cubicle of his friend Mike. He'd done the impossible and started a relationship at work, somehow ended up dating the floor's shapely secretary, Linda. The only thing he'd said on the subject to Todd was that 'the first date was as memorable as the way it started', whatever that meant. The two of them were probably somewhere warm and cozy right now, doing unspeakable things to each other. If only Todd could be so lucky... Of course, Linda wasn't exactly his type. He was fine with her being a skunk, but the 'female' part was kind of a deal-breaker. But he was jealous of the concept of what Mike had somehow accomplished. Todd hadn't been to a nightclub or a bar in what felt like forever, and his social life had all but dried up. If he could find himself a boyfriend at work, maybe the rabbit could get himself something that actually passed for a life. Shame that there wasn't a single guy in the office who caught his eye. Maybe if their secretary had been a nice, buff wolf or fox instead of a curvaceous skunk... "Excuse me," came a polite, restrained voice. It was kept to a low tone, but against the near-total silence of the office before that, it still startled the shit out of the daydreaming lapine, who nearly jumped out of his fur. Looking to the entrance to his cubicle, he saw a lithe, gently smiling raccoon in a shirt and tie, who raised his hands apologetically.

"Oh, I'm sorry," the raccoon said, "I didn't mean to startle you. I'm Roy. You're Todd Andrews?" Whiskers twitching nervously, as it took a while longer for rabbits to calm down than some species, Todd slowly nodded. "Yeah..." he replied. The raccoon smiled gently and spread his arms wide. "Well, I'm from HR, I just wanted to thank you for working overtime this evening on the company's behalf," he said, "We really appreciate your efforts." Todd managed a smile. "Oh, well it's nice to be appreciated... You're welcome, then," he said, feeling oddly self-conscious, "Ah, was there anything else?" Taking a step forward into Todd's cubicle, Roy smiled even wider and nodded. "Yes, actually..." he said, in a slightly quieter tone of voice, "In order to compensate you for your time and ensure that your overtime work is as productive and stress-free as possible, you're entitled to some fringe benefits you might not be aware of." Tilting an ear to the side curiously, Todd turned his chair entirely around to face the stranger, who now had his full attention. "Oh?" he asked, "What kind of fringe benefits?" Todd distinctly saw the raccoon's gaze move up and down his form as he responded, as if he were undressing the rabbit with his eyes, but that wasn't the part that shocked him. "Well, to ensure that you're comfortable and not distracted with thoughts of... a primal nature," Roy said, "you're entitled to a complimentary rimjob, Mr. Andrews."

Todd's eyes widened and he stared at the stranger incredulously. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" he asked, beyond stunned, "A complimentary what?!" There was no way he heard the guy right. No way. "A complimentary rimjob!" Roy repeated, happily, "Oral sex, as performed on the anus. Technically the act is called anilingus, but 'rimming' is the more popular term for it. You may have also heard it referred to as 'tossing someone's salad', or -" Waving a hand to cut off whatever pervy synonym was up next, a blushing Todd shook his head. "That's what I thought you said... You've got to be putting me on, right?" he asked, "Is this like a hidden camera thing, or something? There's no way HR would just send a guy to straight-up offer to - to lick my ass!" To his dismay, Todd couldn't help giving the raccoon the once-over, realizing that Roy was actually quite attractive, and the idea of what he was suggesting had the rabbit's penis stirring slightly in his pants. Roy shrugged, seeming perfectly at ease. "Well, it's an unorthodox plan, I'll grant you, but it's been proven to decrease stress and increase productivity in male employees," he said, his striped, fluffy tail floating from side to side behind him. He hesitated for a moment before continuing, saying "The company doesn't mean to pry, and it would be illegal to keep records on the subject, but observations were made, along with certain assumptions... would you be more comfortable with a female representative, perhaps?" Blushing even harder, Todd shook his head and tugged at his collar. This was crazy! "N-no, uh, that's not it," he said, squirming self-consciously, "I mean yeah, I'm gay, and you're good looking and everything, but I can't just, you know, accept a rimjob from a total stranger! I don't even know your last name! I -" This time, it was the raccoon who interrupted him. "Newton." "What?" "Newton," he repeated, "My name is Roy Newton. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Andrews. You are well within your rights to turn down this service, but I must admit, off the record, that I'm personally disappointed... you're much more handsome in person than I realized, your office ID isn't very flattering." Todd swallowed as Roy smiled at him warmly, gazing at the rabbit with what could only be described as bedroom eyes, and the lapine swallowed a nervous whimper as he felt his penis slowly fattening and lengthening in his slacks. "...This isn't a trick or something?" he asked, quietly, "A-and the company is okay with this?" Roy nodded. "Oh yes, completely on the level, I assure you," the raccoon said, "If you accept, I will perform the complimentary rimjob on you, and give you adequate manual stimulation to achieve release, which I genuinely hope is satisfying for you." It was very, very surreal for Todd to hear the reach-around described so clinically, but all the same, it turned him on even more. "...Okay," he finally whispered, his heart pounding, "Let's do this."

Soon, after hastily saving his work and putting the computer into stand-by mode, Todd was self-consciously shucking his suit jacket and unbuckling his belt, quietly thanking his lucky stars that he'd gone to the gym on his lunch break, since he'd been quite thorough in the shower afterwards. "I d-don't normally do this..." he said, as he eased his slacks down, revealing the bulge in his boxer briefs, "Fool around with g-guys I've just met, I mean..." Nodding understandingly, Roy made a 'zipping my lips' gesture across his mouth. "Of course. The company promises discretion," he assured the nervous bunny, "This will not impact your career at all." That helped a little, but Todd still found himself looking around as he took hold of his underwear. "Well... what if somebody comes onto the floor unexpectedly?" he asked, "Maybe this is, uh, standard procedure, but I'm not - you know, an exhibitionist or anything..." Roy gestured to the desk. "Well, how about you climb up on the desk on your knees and lean against the back wall of the cubicle," suggested the handsome raccoon, "I'll sit in your chair, and you can peek over the top and watch for anyone getting off the elevators." Slipping his shoes off, Todd nodded. "Yeah, okay, that sounds good... Here goes, I guess..." blushing, he tugged his underwear down to his ankles, revealing a cock that had already reached half-mast. Stepping out of his clothes, naked from the waist down, Todd climbed onto the desk, leaving his socks, dress shirt, and tie where they were. Roy sat down immediately and placed his hands on the backs of Todd's bare thighs, and the rabbit had to swallow a moan. It had been so long since he'd felt another man touching him so intimately, and Roy was running his fingers through his fur so tenderly, so lovingly. "If I may be so bold," Roy breathed, "You have a gorgeous ass, Mr. Andrews..." from the tone of his voice, dripping with arousal, the raccoon's words weren't empty flattery. "P-please," Todd replied, "If you're g-gonna do this... call me Todd." Caught off-guard as Roy's hands moved up and firmly gripped his buttocks, the rabbit whimpered out loud and looked away, blushing furiously. "Whatever you please, Todd..." replied the raccoon, sounding like he was talking to a lover, nothing like the professional tone he'd maintained before. Todd found he kinda liked that.

Wasting no time, Roy bent closer and teased his tongue against the back of the other male's scrotum. Todd inhaled sharply and leaned against the cubicle wall, lowering his ears so they wouldn't stick up like old fashioned TV antennae, and peeking over the side, which did indeed give him a perfect view of the doorway to the stairwell and the elevator banks. His eyes were operating on auto-pilot, though, as all of his attention was focused on the tongue gently licking and lapping at his balls, bathing his scrotum in the raccoon's warm saliva. Roy moved unhurriedly, playfully, taking his time like he was savouring the taste of the rabbit's sweat. Roy had barely begun, had yet to touch his cock or his entrance, but Todd was already rock-hard from the raccoon's attentions. Suddenly, he felt something prodding at the very base of his scrotum, something that could only be the other man's nose, and he shuddered as Roy began to sniff, inhaling deeply of Todd's masculine scent. "Fuuuuuck..." Todd sighed, quietly. He fucking loved it when his boyfriends did that, like they were entranced by his unique scent, couldn't get enough of it. A couple of them had only done it to humour him, but from the subdued sigh Todd heard behind him, he suspected Roy's reverence was genuine.

The raccoon kept it up like that for a while, kissing and licking and sniffing at Todd's gently swaying balls, getting him more and more turned on until a shudder of pleasure passed through him, and Todd couldn't help but moan softly, feeling his rear entrance involuntarily clenching, and the little tuft of his tail twitching, as though it wanted to flag up high for the raccoon, who started moving northwards. Todd blushed as he finally understood; Roy had even provided foreplay, focusing exclusively on Todd's balls until he was so horny, even his body was begging for it. God, this was so hot... He moaned again, this time with relief, as he finally, finally felt Roy's tongue slip up between his buttocks and begin to lick at his back door, teasing the tip against the tight ring of muscle, moving back and forth across it and licking in circles around it, not trying to gain entrance, at least not yet, just getting acquainted with the territory. "Oh Jesus..." the rabbit breathed, as he felt the other male's hand wrap around his achingly stiff prick in an upside-down grip. The instant Roy's gentle, warm fingers touched Todd's penis, it pulsed gently, and a drop of pre-come drooled out of his tip and down to the desk. Looking down, Todd was relieved to see that it hadn't landed on his keyboard, which he'd pushed out of the way before climbing up. "H-hey... I don't wanna c-come on my desk when this is over," Todd said, "I've got some, uh, Kleenex in my desk, so..." Pulling his tongue away from the bunny's rear, Roy whispered gently. "Shhhh... don't worry about it, Todd," he said, stroking the other man's tail-puff soothingly, "I'll take care of everything. You've earned this, so just relax and enjoy yourself." With that, he began to stroke the rabbit's cock, nice and slow, before returning his tongue to Todd's anus and beginning to apply pressure. The stubborn ring resisted for a moment, even as the rabbit tried to relax, but it didn't take long before Roy's tongue succeeded in gaining entrance, and slid into Todd's backside, earning a moan so strong the rabbit was compelled to cover his mouth with one hand, lest his lusty cries slip through the ceiling to the office above.

Soon, Todd was shivering and panting, feeling hopelessly aroused. He hadn't been with a lover this skilled in a long time, and as Roy's talented tongue slid back and forth in his rear, teasing at the walls of his channel and prodding at sensitive spots, he couldn't help but shudder with pleasure, couldn't help but leak more and more pre onto his desk as the other man's fingers coaxed it out of him. "Holy f-fuck," he groaned, "You - you're so good at this..." A quiet chuckle came from behind him, but the raccoon didn't make any response that would have required him to take his tongue out of Todd's tight warmth. The rabbit was practically drooling by now, his fingers so tight on the top of the cubicle wall that they would have been white-knuckled if they weren't already covered in snow-hued fur. They were in the clear, too; in the whole time they'd been doing this, the only thing in the office Todd had seen change was the screensaver on a computer somebody had forgotten to turn off when they left, cycling through various fractal patterns. After a while, it registered in the bunny's lust-addled brain that the hand that had been massaging one of his buttocks wasn't doing it anymore, at about the same time he noticed a new sound beyond the lewd slurping and his own panting. Looking down, between his legs, he groaned again as he saw that Roy had undone his fly and fished his own cock and balls into the open air of the office, and was now gently stroking his own dick as he pleasured Todd. "Christ, you're getting off to this just as much as me..." the rabbit murmured. He couldn't help but think that everybody should be so lucky as to have that kind of job satisfaction... "Wait. Wait, Roy, stop..." he said, as an insane thought entered his mind. The raccoon reluctantly leaned away from the other man's ass, his hand stilling, but not letting go of the hard lapine cock. "What's wrong, Todd?" he asked, seeming dejected, "Is - is something wrong? You want me to change something up? Um, is it not okay that I'm j-jerking off while I do this?" Todd shook his head. "No, this is amazing... but I - I want something more..." he breathed, his voice low and hoarse with burning desire, "Oh God, Roy... take me."

For once, it was the raccoon who seemed shocked, blushing hard under his mask-patterned cheeks and lowering his ears slightly. "Wh-what?" Todd wiggled his tush invitingly at the other man and grinned hungrily. "I said take me, Roy," he repeated, gesturing at the wall of the cubicle opposite the entrance, "I want you to push me up against that wall and fuck me." A visible shudder ran through the raccoon's body, and as he moaned involuntarily, his prick throbbed, leaking a drop of pre - thinner, more watery than Todd's - down the knuckles of the hand that still clutched it. "I - you - that's n-not standard p-procedure..." he finally managed to stammer, somewhat nervously. Gently brushing Roy's hands off his body and turning around, the rabbit slipped off the desk and moved up to the wall, where he bent forward, spread his legs, and reached up to grip the top of the partition, bracing himself. Roy's eyes locked onto his pert ass like his longing gaze was stuck there. "I don't care," Todd said, "Getting rimmed by a stranger isn't standard procedure for me, but I went along with it... I need you, Roy. Aren't you going to help make me comfortable? Make sure I'm not distracted by all these primal thoughts? Or is that nice dick of yours just for show? Come on, sweet cheeks, get over here and fuck me." Swallowing, Roy shuddered again and got out of Todd's chair. "Oh God, yes..." the raccoon groaned, stepping up behind a smiling Todd. "Anything for the c-company, right?"

Roy unfastened his pants and let them drop around his ankles, and quickly shoved his underwear down to join it, but he was so desperately aroused that he just left them there, puddled around his feet, as he moved to embrace the bunny. Since neither of them had K-Y on hand, Roy pressed up against Todd from behind, grinding his erection against the rabbit's bare ass as he licked and kissed and nipped lightly at the other male's neck. Meanwhile, he began to squeeze and stroke Todd's dick, milking him of pre-come and slathering it all over his hand, which he then began to rub onto his own prick. It wasn't the best lube, but it was better than spit, at least. Todd unbuttoned his shirt, leaving it on and ignoring his tie, and he had to swallow a moan as he felt the tip of Roy's hard cock nudging against his entrance. "Ready?" the raccoon whispered in his ear. Todd nodded and repeated his plaintive request. "Take me." With that, Roy began to push forward, his pre-lubed erection spreading Todd's tight ring and sliding into his backside, its passage eased by the way Roy had already been rimming Todd so enthusiastically. Todd whimpered with pleasure as he felt the other male's hot, stiff cock slowly pushing inside him, making room and spreading him open. Inch by inch, it made itself at home, until with one final push, Roy fully buried his prick under Todd's tail. After lingering only a moment, the raccoon pulled back and began to thrust into the rabbit's tight, slick rump, his hips slapping gently against Todd's soft, plush buttocks as Roy sheathed himself in his newfound lover again and again. Once he had a good rhythm going, the raccoon reached forward and took hold of his partner's dick, stroking Todd's aching shaft in time with the pounding he was receiving. Soon, Roy placed his other hand on Todd's bare chest, stroking and scratching at his fur, taking some time to tweak and play with the other man's nipples as he continued to kiss and lick at his neck. "God, you're s-so tight..." Roy moaned. Todd began to push back, wanting to feel that thick shaft ever deeper inside him. "And you're so big!" he gasped, as the head of Roy's manhood pressed against his prostate, sending a pulse of pleasure to fill the rabbit's body with warmth. Todd lost track of time as they coupled energetically; all that mattered was the strong, masculine scent in the air, the warm body pressed against his, the hand on his penis, and of course, the thick cock sliding back and forth within him as Roy rutted against him for all he was worth.

The two men panted and moaned, completely lost in each other, making love with a passion and enthusiasm Todd had only rarely experienced. Before long, he was fighting the pleasure building inside him, but the raccoon seemed to sense this, and pressed forward to kiss his cheek. "D-don't fight it, Todd," he whispered, "Just let go, enjoy it... close your eyes and - nngh! ..._and c-come for me." The lapine was on the fence about this, but Roy nipped at his neck and continued trying to convince him. "P-please, I - I can't last much longer..." Roy pleaded, "I wanna feel you c-coming around me..." A moment passed, and then he added, "D-do you want m-me to pull out when I...?" Todd moaned with need and shook his head. "D-don't you f-fucking _dare!" he cried, closing his eyes and pushing back against Roy's thrusts even more ardently. With that, Todd surrendered to the pleasure, stopped fighting the release building inside him, and he was almost immediately overcome by his orgasm. The rabbit covered his mouth with his hand as he cried out wordlessly, pleasure exploding inside him so powerfully that his knees went weak and his legs began to shake. He barely noticed, understandably, since he was more focused on the fact that his prick began to throb and spasm in Roy's hand, spurting thick jets of hot, wet come into the cool air of the office, and as he felt another finger bump against the head of his dick, Todd realized that the other male had kept his word; the raccoon had moved his free hand down from the rabbit's chest in order to catch his seed before it made a mess of his cubicle. Of course, at this point, Todd felt so good, he wouldn't have given a shit if he was nutting all over the only copy of his report, but it was a nice gesture all the same. With every pulse of his cock, Todd's rear clenched down involuntarily on the hard length still thrusting into him. This extra stimulation handily brought Roy over the edge with him, and the raccoon shuddered and buried his face against the other man's neck to muffle his moans as he joined his lover in climax, ejaculating copiously into Todd's tight backside, painting his bowels with long, gooey strands of raccoon semen as he continued to make love to the rabbit, wanting to drag their ecstasy out as long as he possibly could.

When their pleasures had burned themselves out, the two men sagged against the wall, panting and shivering. Todd's legs ached, felt almost numb, as though the only thing keeping him upright was the dick still buried inside him, but it was completely worth it. Roy retracted the hand that was coated in rabbit semen, and his lover shivered as he listened to the raccoon eagerly licking the warm cream off his hand, savouring every drop like it was a rare delicacy. When he was done, Roy gently pulled out of Todd, only to grab his lapine partner's shoulder and turn him around, then lift one of the rabbit's legs and push his still-hard cock back into the other man's rear. Todd opened his mouth to moan, and Roy leaned forward and took the opportunity to kiss him. This wasn't some cheesy, low-budget porno, Roy hadn't magically retained his stamina through climax, he just wanted to stay inside Todd for a while, in a position that would allow him to kiss the other male. The bunny was only too happy to oblige him, and he raised his arms to embrace Roy, kissing him back just as hungrily. They made out shamelessly for a while, and then Roy pulled out again, his penis finally fully limp, glistening with come. Feeling incredibly self-conscious, the rabbit retrieved his clothes and stepped into his boxer-briefs, shuddering at the sensation of hot semen slowly leaking out of him and soaking into the material. As he tugged his pants on, he looked at the raccoon, who just stood there, looking unsure what to do.

"You're not really from HR, are you?" Todd asked, with a gentle smile. Blushing, Roy shook his head. "N-no..." he admitted, "I'm, uh... I'm a clerk down in the file room. I've seen you come down there a few times, and I was just struck by, umm... how handsome you are, and I... Oh God, I guess I've got a schoolboy crush on you. Never had the courage to do anything about it, but today I heard from a co-worker that you were gay, and when I realized there might actually be a chance of you, um, not rejecting me..." Todd grinned tiredly as he sat down in his chair and reached for his shoes. "...You came up with a ridiculous scheme that would let you give me a rimjob?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. Roy shrugged and smiled self-consciously. "I really like giving rimjobs." Todd actually laughed at that, and began to re-button his shirt. "Well, why the stupid story about employee benefits?" he asked, "Why not just ask me out?" The raccoon lowered his ears and blushed even harder. "Who, me?" he asked, incredulously, "I'm just a file clerk. I don't even wear a suit jacket to work. You're all the way up here, doing important work for the company, what the hell do I have to offer you?" Standing up, Todd walked forward and put his hands on the other male's shoulders. "Well, for one, you're incredibly creative, making me buy into a silly story like that, even for a little while," he said, nuzzling tenderly against the raccoon's cheek, "And you had a hell of a lot of courage, actually going through with that plan, even if it was kind of absurd." Gently kissing him on the lips, the rabbit cupped his hand against Roy's blushing cheek and smiled. "And if you don't mind me being blunt," he added, "That may actually have been the best sex I've ever had. How about we go out tomorrow for drinks? Maybe get a bite to eat?" Roy swallowed and somehow managed to blush even harder. "Are you asking me out?" he whispered, eyes as wide as dinner plates. Reaching into a pocket, Todd produced a business card and a pen, scribbling his cell number on the back and handing it over. "Absolutely. Yeah, okay, maybe that was a bit crazy... but maybe I could use a little crazy in my life." Giggling self-consciously, Roy took the pen and wrote down his own number on a scrap of paper Todd provided, and then, after safely tucking it away, the bunny grinned widely and winked. "Now then. If I'm gonna be free tomorrow, I'd better get these figures finished up," he said, before gently patting the raccoon's flaccid penis, which twitched and leaked a drop of leftover come onto the carpet. "So pull your pants up and skedaddle on out of here, or I won't be able to think about anything except your sexy self." Smiling widely, Roy got himself looking presentable again and chuckled. "Well, I'd hate to be a distraction, especially after doing so much to help you be productive," he said, "I... I really enjoyed myself, Todd. Um... I'll call you tomorrow." Sitting down in his chair, Todd waved as the raccoon left. "Already looking forward to it."

Once he was alone, Todd chuckled to himself as he grabbed some Kleenex out of a drawer and cleaned up all the pre on his desk, took a deep breath to savour the scent of sweaty, passionate lovemaking in the air, and then, bringing his computer out of sleep mode, he got back to work, this time feeling like a million bucks. Maybe Mike wasn't the only lucky one in the office. It seemed he would have to start inventing more reasons to visit the file room in the future... As he clenched his inner muscles and shivered at the feeling of Roy's still-warm seed squishing inside him, Todd smiled and started crunching numbers. Working overtime wasn't so bad after all, he decided. Okay, the hours kinda sucked, but he had to admit, the company perks were amazing.

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