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A story done part as a challenge to see if I could write and proofread a story to completion in only a week, but also because a certain special someone had me all inspired and flustered in the best sort of way.

Aylaria is my character, but Tenebrae belongs to http://aryion.com/g4/user/Elf_Sponge and has been used with their permission ^.///.^

This is NOT an RP log. Despite its length, this one actually has very little buildup to the main event. As before, if you find yourself put off by certain aspects of sexuality, the warnings are below.

Adult Content Warning: Everything past page 1. One non-morphic western dragon unbirthing one handsome anthro dragon, including but not limited to oral sex, entire consumption, and digestion into draconic honeys / absorption combined. You have been warned!

Misc. Content Warning: Florid unbirthing, vorish content (see above!)

Author's comments

This story was born from Ayla's desire for her mate. Sometimes, a dragon just wants to have her partner, and when your partner wouldn't ever dream of arguing... something like this is born. Pleasure, desire, want, love, care... Yeah, she reflects a lot of my own thoughts for my mate, who quite wonderfully allowed me to share this story with you all.

Too much detail? Not polished enough? I guess I'm looking for feedback on this kind of writing, too, but I'm fairly certain there's more work coming. Possibly involving my delightful dragon! After all, I just can't get them out of my mind.


by Emberell

The warm light of the moon shone brightly through the mouth of the cave. The night was a cloudless one, happily humming with the buzz of cricket song from the fields just out of sight echoing through the cave's portal. A glowing fiery yellow flickered inside, lapping at the edge of the deep blue light as a campfire crackled happily from its base of dried wood. Its light illuminated the silvery rocky grey of the mountainside cave and kept its two inhabitants warm on the cool summer's night.

Resplendent green scales shimmered and sparkled in the dancing light of the fire, a beautiful growing grass green that decorated the reclining body of a large dragoness. She was curled up protectively with her belly the fire, a single strong wing extended like a blanketing tent over her paws. The soft rush of her breaths billowed in the fire as her chest rolled up and down, each wave rolling from her to the fire like the tidal surface of the sea. Relaxed, but not asleep. Her sparkling brown eyes gleamed in the firelight, watching the one curled up under her wing protectively and lovingly as he yet slept.

His brow was strong. Decorated primarily by handsome sky-blue scales, there were two cloud white ridges along the back of his head were cloud white protective scales lying over the smoother sleeker blue scales of his body. He was smaller, built to stand on two legs, unlike mythically shaped green creature surrounding him. He was just as comfortable as she, curled up on a cushion of skillfully sewn leaves and grasses under her loving wing. His sinuous tail twitched to and fro as he slumbered, in her watchful gaze. To her eyes, he was a more radiant and wonderful sight than any other, her grand treasure and light. He mumbled a few incoherent words in his sleep, his eyes wincing as he tossed, beset upon by some old thing contained in the realm of his dream.

A melodic voice swelled through the shallow cavern, her caring reassuring murmur, "I'm here, dear one. Rest, relax, and slumber, my beloved dragon."

In a single rushing sigh, relief coursed through his dust a cobweb in a single flap, flap, and he nestled his muzzle happily up against her blanketing wing. But wakefulness had begun to stir already over him. The warm presence of the magnificent dragoness watching over him as he slept guided him safely from the land of ethereal dreams to turn back into the reality of her embrace.

Slowly his eyes opened, and theturn of his muzzle transformed into a bemused smile as he found her visage by memory, "Good morning, my desert emerald." His cheery and happy energy flowed into his words, "Ayla." So lost were his green eyes in her loving gaze that it took him a moment to glance out of the cave into the twinkling stars shining beyond the mouth of the cave. He began apologetically, "Forgive me, my dearest-"

Ayla interrupted him with a passionate kiss, a delicate lunge as she locked her muzzle against his and captured his words with her maw. The handsome dragon could not but muffle as she stopped his apology, a masculine, "mmph!" of surprise murmured before he melted into her embrace. He passionately kissed her back, his eyes drifting closed as his tongue skillfully matched hers despite her size.

Moments became minutes, but eventually their kiss broke. Ayla's tongue teased against his, her muzzle staying close with a voice that flowed, "Tenebrae, my love. There is nothing to forgive. Your rest is as important to me as you are, and your well being is my own. My little dragon." She fondly nosed a happy nuzzle down, and embraced him in a powerful hug.

The blue Tenebrae rubbed his cheek against hers, his words sure and strong, "I love you, my Aria. Good morning, sunrise of mine. Would you care for me to prepare a meal for you?" He tasted at the air with his tongue as he spoke, catching the faint taste of spicy strawberry on the air, and a blush spread over his muzzle. "Ayla. I can smell your fluster and need on the air, my dragoness. How may I be of service, milady?"

A red blush burned under the green scales of her muzzle, a soft flush crossing her face as his tease hit its mark. She dipped her head, her deep brown eyes never leaving his face as she spoke in a voice that dripped with sensuous and seductive arousal, "I want you." Three words speaking her desire, three simple words that said a world of her lust for her mate. Here and now, he was the only one that could quell that raging fire burning in her chest, her only one that could sate the need flowing through her veins.

"Very well! I will see what I can do," Tenebrae exclaimed with a mischievous fervor. He rested his hand lovingly against the side of her muzzle, his soft blush lingering on the scales of his muzzle as they exchanged a wordless conversation of wanting looks.

A dull rustle of moving scales announced as Ayla folded her wing and rolled onto her side. In a single liquid motion she displayed the alpine green of her belly scales, but her true prize was lower. She lifted a rear paw high into the air, flexed her thigh, and displayed for her mate's questing gaze the swollen lips of her vent. Her puffy nether lips were plump with arousal, tightly closed to the air with a single clear droplet of honey to decorate their mouth-watering entrance. The digits of her rear paw curled at the air, her dark green pawpads beckoning an unmistakable invitation to draw Tenebrae in closer.

Yet, his gaze lingered on her face. Tenebrae's loving gaze was taken by her needy smile, by the deep blush and inspired twinkle sparkling in her eyes. She stuck her tongue out teasingly as he looked into her eyes, a soft curl beckoning him forward like her paw below. This time he could not resist the call of her tongue, and his own danced out over his lips in anticipation.

The merrily crackling fire was forgotten with a few steps as Ayla's heat billowed out in its stead. Tenebrae's hand caressed along her tail, his fingers stroked lovingly up its strong underside as he caressed her haunch as he drew in closer. He teased the edge of her swollen depths, toyed with a massaging hand at her soft belly scales. Slowly, diligently, he began his work. A flicking tweak of his fingers played over her, he his muzzle dipped in close and breathed in her fiery pheromones, their hot scent of strawberry drooling out as a thin stream of her fluids meeting his nose as her passage cried out in anticipation. He could feel her heart beating powerfully, her netherlips squeezed and as they awaited his penetration.

Huff. Ayla's impatience washed over him in a single mint-scented breath. With a curl she rolled her long tail inward, each stroke of her spade massaging in a mirror of his own travelling ministrations. But it wasn't enough. Her tail's tip flowed to the back of his head, and with a single indomitable press she pushed him down to meet the kiss of her lower lips. She issued a single husky command, "Now."

In a different mind, Tenebrae could have used his impressive strength to deny her press. But the tone in her voice, his own deep desire for her pleasure bade him to allow her tail's push to press him forward. Rather than resist, he dove right in, dipping his muzzle down and nosing his face between his dragoness's full lower lips. Her tail flattened against the back of his head, pressing him against her sensitive hole as it pulsed about his nose, and a lewd squish erupted as he met her in a lustier passionate kiss. An incredibly intimate slurping kiss, his tongue dove between her squeezing folds hungrily. Searching, he licked and nosed his handsome muzzle into her passage only to bury himself inside of her. An experienced hand reached up to pull at the bottom of her entrance to capture her heated lower lips between his fingers, skillfully massaging inwards and spreading her clenching and needy depths wider so he could burrow deeper into his mate's sex.

Each wet lap of his tongue met her glistening pink depths, their silky walls glazing his tongue with the delicious flavor of citric strawberry. The firelight revealed every detail inside her wanting vent for his muzzle as he nosed into her, quickly staining his face and neck with the shimmering fluid that drooled from her lower entrance. He cared not at all as her arousal drizzled over him, dipping his muzzle into her passage to capture more, kissing back down to her entrance to tease at her lips with his tongue. His hands reveled over the beautiful soft scales of her intimates, his lower pressing into her sex when his maw left to tend to her swollen and delicious lips and belly outside. But she wanted more.

"Deeper." Ayla spoke her want in a single word, lingering powerfully on the air, rumbled through the satisfying spasms of pleasur, each syllable won from the draconic purr that rolled through her body. Her tail wantonly pressed down against his head and pushed Tenebrae's muzzle into her sex, his nose mired and lost between her floral lips. His eyes closed as his brow was pushed up against her swollen lips, a passionate kiss as he did not resist her push at all. Instead, he twisted his mouth within her. Her sticky honeys flowed out overt him, each wet clench of her internal muscles squeezing their heady strawberry spice soaking his licking tongue and welcoming maw. It was a familiar flavor, at once both his and her favorite flavor, and so he burrowed his muzzle up into her depths as he challenged the press of her tail with a potent push of his own. Each lick of his tongue mixed his saliva with her juices, rolled his tasting muscle over the walls of her vent and fought against the desirous squeeze of her passage against his nose, as it spread and claimed his brows.

Lewd and wet squelches met his activities, no noise spared in order to please her. His free hand caressed the top of her vent, replacing his ministrations as his other dropped between his legs to rub over his own powerfully bulging arousal. With a worming thrust he slipped his fingers then arm into her begging depths. Fingers first he plunged up into her canal, his deft digits spreading out against of her walls in a skillful massage. A rolling feminine moan escaped her maw, announcing vocally as the squeezing squish of her vent around his arm pushed it wetly against his glistening muzzle her depths squeezed his arm down against his cheek. Radiant pleasure bore down around him, and still his fingers fought to move forward in a battle with his tasting tongue for dominance over her pleasure as he buried himself deeper within her sex.

All the while, Ayla's tail kept his head from retreating, grinding him more and more between her lips, then at his neck as his neck and shoulders vanished between her nether gates. She could not resist the urge to roll her hips up in a thrust, and soon she was humping powerfully around his filling body. Her sex spread over him with every buck of her hips, farther with each roll and wave of her muscles within. Her guiding tail led him straight into her vent, wound around his body and pulled powerfully instead like he was little but her toy. She broke the air with an uncontrolled growl of pleasure, the spaded tip of her tail still stroking her need down his back. Like it could not make up its mind, her tail unwound from around him. This time, her spade flicked down between his legs. Even as her draconic vent engulfed him, even as her vent squeezed powerfully and pleasure rocked through her body she tended to his own arousal and hid it away beneath her spade as though to claim even that pleasure as hers.

Tenebrae rumbled a murrling moan of his own as he diligently ministered to his dragoness, each lash of his tongue capturing another mouthful of her heated honeys, each burrow of his muzzle pressed out against her walls first in one direction then another as he spread her wide and squirmed into her. His desire to please his dragoness only grew and grew as she thrust against his body, as around him her purr rolled and vibrated her pleasure into his penetrating muzzle. Her tail lovingly tended to his arousal, its strong tip massaging over his length and stroking along its underside, and within her he opened his maw wide. His voice burbled through her fluids, a dexterous and sticky tongue fighting to speak with only a mind for her pleasure, "All yours, love. Take me." He teased and toyed at her passage with each word, tickling it with the tip of his tongue only to tackle it with the next syllable as her heated pink depths swallowed his voice.

Ayla's reply was not with words. A forepaw replaced her distracted tailtip against his back, her soft pawpads pressed down against his body. With a powerful needy pull she mashed him against her lips. A wet _squish_bounced off the cave's walls, the soft splattering noise of viscous dragoness nectar as it painted her digits now too. Her paw guided him into her innermost depths, a single digit on the back of his neck pushing his form slowly but surely beyond the light of day.

Her tight passage squeezed and spasmed around Tenebrae's head, an engulfing slup of wet and rippling folds as they parted with a claiming squeeze around his shoulders and needily swallowed him further up into her. Her fiery hot depths were thick with the scent of her undiluted juices, a potent scent of sweet strawberry and spicy draconic arousal stickying his nose and dripping down out around his shoulders. Each clench of her love canal ran in waves down his body, and another desirous thrust of her hips fucked him deeper into her. The green clawed finger on his back slipped with him into her vent, spreading her wider as her folds pulsed and pulled squeezingly around her mate as well. The skillful ministration of her digit massaged a lustful caress over the handsome dragon, whose own spreading arms rolled and stroked against the soft and tight folds of her vaginal passage from inside, and wiggled playfully back down against the back of his head. Within, he was compressed tight against her scaly paw, her tight tunnel rippling around his neck, squeezing down and flexing over his arm, drawing as her swollen vent parted began to lose him entirely. Her body wantonly worked to draw him deeper, and all the while her canal squeezed and pulsed hungrily up around him as it stimulated his body, working to soak him in pleasure and slick feminine lubricant as though his entire body was a draconic cock.

Tenebrae had no complaints at all when her plush walls compressed down tight around him. His only voice was in a thick bubbling moan, lost to her juicy depths as his muzzle fought against the incredible ministrations of her draconic pussy as she guided him up into her. Thrust, thrust. and still she pressed her tailspade against his member, lubricated by her own honeys now as his humble draconic length approached the fluttering folds of her depths. Slk, slrk, and still he stroked over her walls whenever they relaxed around him enough, then braced himself as they rolled back down over him, clenched tightly in around his arm, face, shoulders, and chest to tug him in deeper and deeper with hungry suckling contractions.

Ayla's powerful moaning growl snapped at the air, a throaty unconstrained burst of pleasure as she fucked him deeper into her and rode over his muzzle, as her paw slickly thrust its fingers into and out of her passage. Her vent squeezed, and her paw pushed him in deeper, a slurping crashing thrust of her paw into her folds hotly pressing against and around his shoulders as her vent claimed yet more of him and pulled him up into her. Her tight snatch flexed welcomingly, each ripple of her intimate flesh around him drew against his scales and pulled against him tightly as they would a cock, compressed against his nubs and captured his body for her own pleasure. He said no word, he could not, though his voice broke the sweet draconic miasma of her pulsing depths with another powerful pleasurable moan.

Once more as he felt her body consuming his, as he felt the outside world fade behind him, the light of the fire ice cold in comparison to his dragoness's magmatic depths, a familiar desire to be consumed pulsed through his body. So surrounded by her fiery heat, so compressed, so squeezed, so kneaded by her swallowing muscles, by the indomitable press of her paw as her body pulled his inside, it all combined to loose his instinctual desire to be utterly consume, to give himself to her. It was more than just a pull as she retrieved her paw from her depths with a sticky splattering pop. She wrapped her paw around his body and bodily dragged him forwards, stopping for a moment to pull him back as though he was nothing more than a toy for her pleasure. After all, he was entirely his. But she could not tease herself long, and once more she ground his scales up between her lips, she thrust forward and surged her hips against his entire form. All of her wanted him, her entire being cried out to be filled by him, an unquenchable fire roiling through her as she rocked the cave with another powerful moan as Ayla desired him.

Tenebrae_was_ hers. His hand brushed back up to his member, instinctually allowing it to be pressed to his cock, but he found his way blocked by her tail's spade as it pressed in and massaged against the underside of his length. He did not need sight as he traced her smooth spade, and in but a moment he had found his prize: the very tip of her tail protected by that bony protrusion, nestled safely away. He met her tight depths as they contracted around him with a squeeze around her tail's tip, her wave of pleasure around him met by a powerful massage over her incredibly sensitive tailtip. Her vent closed powerfully around his chest, around his stomach as tight radiant waves of pleasure struck through her body like bolts of electricity. Her love tunnel surged forward with wave after wave of her sexual honeys, dousing and drowning him with each wet squish of her muscles rippling down around him and all but drowning him in her lovely juices.

Ayla's leg curled in, her thighs clenched closed around her penetrating mate as he delved her deepest depths, and she drenched his every breath with the sweet strawberry tang of her sticky nectars. His was an experienced dive as he swum up into her dark deeps, his waiting maw ready for her drooling fluids, each breath bated until leach closing clamping tight wave of pleasure relaxed. Then he took a breath, a single inhale through his nose of her pheromones straight from their source deep within her, of her heated and slightly fruity musk, the only scents hers on the humid air inside her black-red tunnel.

The magnificent green pads of her rear paw flexed at the air, grabbing a mirror of her tightening tunnel as pleasure overwhelmed her body. Her strong paw caressed down Tenebrae's back, stroking and pressing him against her sensitive flesh, and with a commanding hug of her digits she pulled him again into her sweltering depths. The spade of her tail continued to grind her juices over his cock, pressing it against his soft white-blue belly scales as his hips spread her vent open. The tip of her spade guided the way and pushed up against his sensitive length, against his body as she pulled with her paw, rolling her hips in thrust after thrust after thrust of her hips. Each fucking hump speared her depths wider open around his wriggling shoulders, each bucking roll into the air spread her binding walls farther apart only for them to collapse wetly under a muscular wave of pleasure.

Every billowing burst of flaming pleasure radiated from Ayla's nethers, her vent's lips squeezing down around the scales of her mate as he slid only ever inwards. Her soft flesh squeezed down tightly around him, surged forward to grip his thighs as her begging depths worked in tandem with her thrusting to massage him entirely deeper, to stimulate cum from his entire body like he was nothing but a cock to be enveloped and drained. Her internal walls compressed down against her tail, each undulating wave of muscles wetting his cock with the lubricating strawberry-flavored honeys around him. Her hot and sticky juices mussed her tail, dripped out and soaked his every scale, al lher tight walls incredibly powerful around him as her internal muscles rubbed down all about his body. Each wave of explosive pressure was expressed as an oceanic wave of her fluttering muscles, submerging him in her growing tide as his tail and legs were squeezed together. Bucking hips thrust him deeper into her, thrusting against her clawed hand as she masturbated herself from the outside, as she cupped him to her sex and gave him no option but to go submerge and be lost inside.

It was not gentle, but it was not forcing either. With every step that she buried him into her, he wormed forward of his own accord as well. Tenebrae used his body like a snake, swimming and flexing his limbs up and down within her to meet her walls with his nuzzling nose. Back and forth within her, alternating each nuzzle with a powerful dragging lick across her sticky walls, all the while he massaged at her internal walls with both hands that were trapped within. One clamped ahead of him, held and guiding his way, slipping lewdly through her depths, and with it he flexed to spread her constricting tunnel wide so he could see through the dark glistening red into her very depths. The sight took his breath away, though the dim light was mostly swallowed up by her closing lips behind him. Dripping stands of nether honey drooled, stickily connecting the top and bottom of her chasm, a slick reflective sheen drooling down her living walls as they massaged back down over him and rained those same nectars down over him. His hand brushed up against the deepest corner of her tunnel, and he saw the clenched oculus of her cervix, that final portal to her intimate womb.

The sight only lasted for a moment as his ministrations caused a clenching wave of pleasured muscle contractions. Squelching squeezing tightness enveloped Tenebrae as with yet another ripple her vent pulled him in deeper. Hr paw stroked down his tail, its careful ministrations massaging it like his twitching length was an extension of her own arousal. She tweaked and kneaded his tip between two digits, before in a striking curl she massaged with a single pump down his sleek scales. Within, her tail squeezed down over his member, and sparkling pleasure raged through them both.

Despite her ravenous need, the engulfing red haze of wanton pleasure begging her to claim him entirely, she teased. She tightened her paw around his tail and held him steady, her suckling depths unable to draw him deeper though it fought against his scales with pulsing swallows, and toyed with him within her. She caressed his tail, her tight passage binding down all around him as she played with her mate, with her toy. Every beat of her heart pulsed her tunnel around him, a fiery beat of steamy dragon juice each time showering down over and around him. There were no words on her mind, no tangible thoughts as she curled her neck down between her legs and nipped at the tip of his writhing tail. A soft slurping lick of her own rasped out against his tail, then she lunged forward with a decisively predatory snatch of her jaws to capture his floundering tail in her maw, rolling him deeper with the welcoming red carpet of her tongue.

Tenebrae's tail vanished between her lips, Ayla's tongue swiping the heady flavor of spicy strawberry from him. She suckled her own sticky honeys off of him, replaced them with a different sheen of her minty saliva instead, and her paw rubbed down his tail and found his legs as they wormed back and forth. Deep within her he was still snaking his way deeper, though it might have more been to grind his length against her buried tail trapped against his member, engulfed and entrenched behind her clasping lips. Easily, she collected his feet together with her strong paw, delicately massaging down his body, tracing her pawpads over the armored scales that protected his shins as she lined them up.

With a last gentle push, her tail said its farewells and slid down his member. It toyed between his legs before she pulled it out with a splattering and wet shlik, splattering her hand and her belly and jaws with little clear droplets of her fluid. Her tail painted his legs with the dripping honeys that fell from it, dancing up to her tongue, before finally she pulled it away with a twinkle in her eyes.

Passionately she opened her maw wide, her tongue winding around his tail to keep it from dropping back down, then took her mate's feet and legs into her jaws. Her jaws closed gently, swiftly, and her tongue swirled out to dance over his feet. She licked and slathered all over him, licking over his claws and delighting over his foot pads, and she bobbed her head down. At the same moment she thrust her hips into the air around his body, her neck rolling to meet her thrust, and with a singular thrust she penetrated her maw with Tenebrae's body as though he was her cock and she was ministering a skillful blowjob to herself. Her maw compressed down around his feet as her tongue lifted up, and she swallowed around him. But her tongue pushed him forward, thrusting him forward along into her fluttering depths. Each swallowing wave of pressure from her maw drew the flavor of her honeys from his body, her tongue dancing out from between her lips as she dipped down to tease at her swollen lips; each swallowing wave was met with a steamy consuming squeeze of her powerfully hot internal walls down around him. Her nethers compressed down and held him in place, her strong muscles pulling him out from under her hungry tongue with their pure squeezing power. Each concussive wave of pressure flexed around his body, pressed her velvety soft walls against his body wetly.

All the while, Tenebrae never stopped licking at her from the inside and never stopped stroking over her deepest depths. He lapped up each surge of her fluids and pleasure, he found his eyes closing as her devouring draconic depths collapsed in around him as her climax approached. He allowed his muzzle to close under the pressure, not bothering to fight against her compacting tunnel contracted in around him, from every side her walls pressing and hugging at his scales in an embrace like no other.

His dragoness's muzzle followed his vanishing legs into her. Ayla's nose pressed between her lips as he vanished inside, her tongue kissing with a slurp around her lips, taking a delicious savory taste of her mate lathered in her strawberry jam. She nosed and ground her muzzle up into her own vent powerfully, indomitably. Her tongue rolled around his legs as she stopped suckling, as she stopped trying teasingly to swallow him out from between her netherlips, and instead it pressed up against his feet. Slickly, powerfully, she pushed him straight into her, sluicing him through the clutching grasp of her reproductive tunnel. With that single burying thrust of her tongue she coaxed his feet into her depths, with a rolling dropping lick she grazed between her swollen lips and pushed his tailtip down between their hungry and spasming gate. Her voice rolled out a trilling growl as her pleasure peaked, as everything shattered around her.

Within, it was truly a climax to behold as her lips sealed closed around his feet, slurped up his tail with one final lewd wet noise. Ayla's tunnel crashed closed around Tenebrae, a singular claiming wave starting from those closing swollen lips. A hungry gripping pulse, flex after flex her muscles worked around him to push his arm and his nose straight up against her cervical entrance. Harder and harder he was pressed into that giving entrance, its tightness surging as stream after stream of hot fluid drooled out, her body hungrily raining wave after wave of pressure and pleasure down on his body. Each swallowing wave of her draconic depths pulled him in tighter against her cervix, fought to claim his entire body as her own, each compressive surge of her muscles forcing him tighter against that desirous opening.

Finally, it let up. It spread luxuriously slowly over his muzzle, the tight oculus opened and drug across his face. As it opened, sputtering spurt after spurt of her sticky honey rained down on him from within as she climaxed, as her body shuddered and pushed him straight up against the cascading waterfall of her nectars. His welcoming maw took every mouthful he could while the rest splattered out down his body to meet her muzzle. She had pushed her snout deep into her own vent, pushing up against his body and guiding through that last opening, for a moment across her mind wonderful spiking pain fought at the edge of her pleasure. Delightful fulfilling pain fed her surging climax, inspired her vent to close around his legs.

Clutched and held by her opening, guided and massaged forward into her innermost depths, Tenebrae was subsumed in the hot sea of her fluids. As Ayla climaxed, the fluids were forced out the way he came in, geysering out of her spasming tunnel orgasmed. She drank each wave of strawberry honey that squirted out of her spasming vent, each powerful spasm clenching down around his hips as her cervical opening drug across his scales and closed tight to draw him further and further out of even the dim light of her vaginal canal. Pulse, pulse, squeeze, she danced her tongue in her depths, licking up against the sensitive walls of her canal, and teased at his feet. With a final reaching lick she pushed even that final edge of them deep into her, far beyond the reach of even her questing muzzle, of her sinuous serpentine tongue. With a final squelching sqrlch the entrance to her womb sealed tight, clutched finally around his tailtip with a loving and tight hug as it returned to its original size an sealed him within. Her tunnel felt empty, and yet incredibly satisfyingly full as his scales rubbed up against the walls of her womb and slurped into a veritable ocean of her sexual fluids in the heart of her body.

Certainly not an empty feeling, she mused with her muzzle still buried in her passage. Soft squishy noises rippled around her as she took deep breaths, as she felt his weight settle in the core of her womb. With a wet splatter she pulled her muzzle out from between her inflamed netherlips, a couple of thick strands of draconic honeys tethering both sets of lips together.

With a satisfied lick of her muzzle, with a satisfied smack of her lips, she savored the last of his flavor mixed with hers. It was mostly her strawberry fluids, but she would always recognize the natural taste of her mate anywhere. Between her still-spread hindlegs her snatch continued to dribble droplets of pristine clear juices. Ayla rumbled approvingly, a draconic purr, and her voice was deep with want and almost lost to a rolling moan, "Rrahr, that's right... I want you. All of you." Her head leaned in, unable to open her eyes as she felt him wriggling and massaging and pressing at her still from within. Powerful pleasure decorated her senses, a consuming pleasure as he ministered to her needs even after being so entirely subsumed and swallowed away by her pleasure.

Within her draconic depths, he was caressed and squeezed gently by the plush walls of her womb. The flowing heat around him was incredibly intense, eased into his scales as her sea of honey lapped up against his body, the sticky juices transmitting her internal heat directly into his body. Each soft rub of her walls pushed down against his hands, against his head, worked to guide and compress him into the proper curled position within her sacred depths.

For the first time, Tenebrae resisted her body's needy press. He knew Ayla's weaknesses well, and with a surge of his own strength he began to work anew. Almost forgotten was his draconic spire, throbbing with fierce and fiery arousal almost great enough to match her own, as he pushed out with his arms and legs against his dragoness's womb. Stellar knowledge of anatomy, thorough knowledge of of the internal workings of creatures big and small - he knew exactly what buttons he would need to press to find his way out, to struggle and break his way free of her.

But he had no intention of getting free. Instead, his knowledge was directed at every point of pleasure she had - the ones she knew, and the ones she did not. His hand went up and out, pressing against the spot right below the tight exit of her cervix, massaging and kneading at a cluster of nerves buried around that ravenous entrance that had swallowed him whole. He had no need of the light as it was sealed away, as outside her vent squeezed shut with one final splurt of sexual fluids shot out to splatter wetly against the cave floor. He didn't need the light.

Push, he rolled his knuckles up against her, twisting his feet out against her walls, and with every motion he willingly mired himself under the surface of her pooling collection of liquids. With each dunk her heat washed over him, and the sound of Ayla's beating hear reverberated around him soothingly, ever present within her embrace. It was Tenebrae's favorite noise, the beating thump-thump rolling as her walls pressed back against his ministering limbs. The music of her heartbeat welcomed him to his new home, resounding across his ears, its pulse increasing as he curled and pressed with his tail against the top of her womb, drug his length out against the spot between where her ovaries were nestled away beyond and pressed up around another cluster of nerves. Lovingly he nuzzled up against her belly from the inside, nosed and kissed her forgiving walls with a careless passion. His eyes were closed in the pitch blackness within her, closed to the rain of her sweet sexual fluids being massaged into his body with every release of his muscles, against his cock as with a flex her chamber squeezed his tail up between his legs.

It was a powerful remind that he had yet to cum, his breaths deep as all around him Ayla's body massaged ardor and his dragoness's desirous need into his mind. Once, he might have felt apologetic for allowing her body to guide his to orgasm before she was entirely sated, and he even opened his mouth to do so now only to receive a mouthful of strawberry honey. He could only redouble his efforts within her as his length spurted his gooey seed into her broiling depths, straight into her womb and lost in the overwhelming turmoil of her juices sloshing about.

An earthquake shattered through the cave, a rolling shuddering roar bursting and echoing about as Ayla cried out a pure draconic roar. Her womb squeezed down around Tenebrae's body, closed in around him, and exploding stars erupted as she truly came, as bliss washed over her mind and blinded her to all but her mate. Within her, her little dragon's body was pushed and squeezed down as her muscles locked again, stronger than even he was expecting. He couldn't fight it, his tire mounting as her indomitable crashed down around him, her womb capturing him and holding him in a fetal position. Its press dunked his head beneath her fluids, mired him in the quagmire of her sweet heat as outside her vent audibly squished closed tight, as her passage constricted down around an imaginary member.

Her sonorous roar struck even the skies outside, the truest sign of pleasure, passion, satisfaction, as her mate filled that aching fiery spot inside of her, as he writhed and squirmed under the impossible-to-resist cradling pressure of her womb's walls. Her eyes managed to open again, sightlessly looking down over the wriggling bulge in her tummy, and a paw lifted up to possessively rub over his entrenched form. "You're all mine, now, my love. There's nowhere you can go, nothing you can do to escape me. I do believe I will keep you a while..." Her teasing voice dripped with the tinges of arousal, several last spikes shooting through her as he bucked and rocked his own orgasm deep in the center of her womb. Her walls were clutched tight around his scales; each surface gently massaged and kneaded her heated fluids into him, the pool of her cum drained with that explosive orgasm.

The cave shimmered slightly as the pools of cooling dragon nectar bounced the light of their fire and the moonlight around, reflected as beautiful strips of light across the wall as Ayla breathed deep. She let her leg fall with a soft thump, closing her thighs and squeezing her vent shut with the weight of her relaxing body. Like that, there could be no escaping, not without her will, as her muscles held her entrance closed with help from her glittering scales. He was truly lost to her whim, hers to keep, hers to hold.


A gust rushed as Ayla huffed powerfully, breathing a soft sigh of release onto the air. She watched lovingly as her bulge shifted slightly, as within Tenebrae allowed her muscles to curl him up into a comfortable ball, as he allowed her body to soak him in its massaging fluids. Once more his instincts welled up in his core as her walls embraced him, as her heartbeat sung into his ear, the same destructive call every time she devoured him. He wanted her to take him, he wanted her body to break his down and combine his genetics into her own stream. To be one with her heart forever. As much as he was her dragon, she was his dragoness, his Aria. He submitted entirely to his well, his body begged for the churning devouring press of her stomach.

But it was not her stomach that Tenebrae was curled up within. Ayla's womb caressed down against him, each rippling wave of heat massaged her sticky strawberry fluids directly into his scales. Silky wave after silky wave of her chamber stimulated his muscles, mired him beyond belief in the delicious honeys of his mate. Lost in her heat her heart beat powerfully all around him, a resounding drumbeat the only accompanying sound to his ears beside the soothing sloshes and squishes of her juices and her soft flesh working over his scales.

Ayla shifted outside. Between her legs there was a soft rise in her forest green scales, a small shifting bulge betraying to her careful gaze where Tenebrae was. With every squirm of his body, with every shift, his bulge would roll in one direction, the impression of a tail or hand or even his muzzle pressing out. She kept her eyes on her belly as her scales glittered and moved, but before long she began to move again. First one set of paws then another braced against the ground, and with a single practiced motion she rose. A quiet rustle decorated the cave, of scales sliding over stone and claws clutching at the ground as she stood. All the while she watched single-mindedly the bulge in her belly, another deep blush spreading over her muzzle as he sloshed around within her. With every caress of her wombs walls, with every tease of her sensitive depths her pleasure began to return to her mind. Her need.

It was like a falling tumble to Tenebrae within his engulfing prison as his body slid about within her, as his scales slicked against her walls and tumbled as she moved. He could tell that his beloved dragoness was moving as her heartbeat sped up, and as it continued to pulse a throb not unlike his prior arousal he knew her pleasure was returning. Up and down mattered not at all in the world of her body so lost was he within her body, as with every motion her sacred temple caringly clutched at him and kept him from falling. He nuzzled his kissing muzzle against the wall of her womb, delighting a passionate kiss out against her rubbing flesh with his tongue. Her gently caressing walls messaged back and met him with the kiss of wet flesh, with rolling droplets of her feminine fluids just as passionately.

He stroked with open hands out against her consuming depths, welcomed her press, and wondered as his slipping slide within her womb slowed what she had in mind next. Ayla allowed her front legs to end, she straightened her rear legs, and presented her glittering rear. Her ear fins twitched as she listened for words from her mate. Tenebrae's response was not a vocal one as she presented her vent, his body squished tight as her muscles constricted down around with her energetic motion. He was far beyond familiar with the motion as she beggingly revealed her swollen netherlips to the world, though it was only the cave that saw that flexing entrance. Her tail curled up around her body, its base raising high as she took her tail's tip, spade and all, into her maw. As though she was tending to her mate's own arousal she sensuously yawned her maw open, slick strands of saliva connecting her jaws, and took her tail into the skillful embrace of her tongue. With a soft suckle she began to draw at her tail's sensitive tip like she drew at his body before. Her skillful maw glazed it with roll after roll of her tongue, each deft ministration squeezing it up against the roof of her maw and leading it dutifully to the entrance of her throat. Between her hind legs her treasure drooled another droplet of her spicy honeys, her teasing touch inspiring her heated arousal to new heights.

The fiery red blush covering Ayla's muzzle only increased as she rocked her hips backwards wantonly, only lit up as she plunged her tail into her suckling muzzle. As she rocked back to meet her mate's imaginary thrusts, her sweltering womb squeezed down against Tenebrae, each thrust a splashing wave of her caressing walls that massaged his body with more and more pressing ministrations. Diligently it coated him in her sticky fluid, each wave of her internal muscles coating and miring warmth into his handsome scales. It was not just warmth, however, and soon biting pleasure began to tickle at his senses. The hint of digestive tingling wormed its way into the back of his mind as the cloying sweet fluids around him began to burble contently, and as he floated held by her core each squeeze and caress of her womb softly pressed it deeper, between his scales, washed and soaked him over and through with her delicious strawberry honey flavoring.

Ayla could feel it each wave of increasing pleasure in her heart as her womb bore down on her beloved. Pleasure. Her heart raced, each beat thumping in her chest as she splayed her legs wide, spread them to hold the imaginary weight of her strong dragon on her back. She bobbed her head over her tail and swallowed teasingly over the solid spade, compressing it to the back of her throat with her tongue, every trace of her sexual fluids long since captured by her dancing tongue and thirsty maw. Her eyes clenched tighter as she rolled her hips backwards again, as with a flex she squeezed her thighs and worked her internal muscles to feel the weight of her dragon that sloshed around inside of her. Each wave of her womb around him set of sparkles of satisfaction across her mind, and as her bubbling sweltering temple truly began to work over her delicious partner, he began to melt inside of her.

Within. Lost. The blue dragon could feel her every movement pulse down around his body. Tenebrae's scales met the hungry caress of her womb willingly, a soft smile on his face not only of pleasure as her body bore down against him in full. With a powerful splurting squeeze, he realized she was flexing her thighs, an indomitable undulation of her womb around him clamping him tight with her silken depths. Her womb's walls were forgivingly soft to the touch, plush even with every tight wave and flex of her body, but in each ministration as ceaseless as the sea. Ayla's pleasure rose once more, cresting slowly up that grand zenith as her womb worked her thick fluids against him. The shooting pleasure shot tendrils of echoing bliss through his body, her honey working his scales softer, melting him like a candle in open flame with every indomitable squeeze as she fucked the imaginary dragon outside. Compression after compression worked her juices into his body, deeper into him this time, her nectar seeping down and subsuming him entirely in the gently gurgling fluids.

He could feel it in his bones. He knew exactly what was happening, and still he could not find himself objecting in the slightest. No, Tenebrae welcomed it, he squirmed and writhed within her until his hands were comfortably pressed to her sides, even as her womb worked to digest him away into nothing but pleasure, to absorb him as hers entirely, he did only one thing. He submitted. Without care his hands massaged her sweet juices into his chest, he rubbed her sticky liquids over his face and nuzzled up against her walls. With a roll he ground his back against the sealed exit of her cervix, not in an attempt to escape but to grind against her fluttering vaginal canal in a singular press, a skillful thrust that he knew would only guide her pleasure to greater and greater heights. Each powerful flex of her walls closed down around him, and slowly the thorough soft caress of her walls became a distinct churning. The sound of liquids wetly squishing against him and the sound of her flesh massaging him was no longer his only company beside her heart. Her womb groaned happily, her liquids around him cheerily blorped and grrgled around him.

Fiery pleasure coursed through Tenebrae's body, the heated warmth more than just from the beating heart around him, more than just the juices around him working their way under his scales. His instinctual need to feed her drove his mind to calm and placid bliss even as his body softened under the continual press of her womb down around his form. Down to his core he welcomed that digestive pleasure with welcoming arms stroking contently against her walls as he truly became nothing but hers. A throaty murrling moan escaped from his chest, and a moment later he realized it was his voice swirling in the moist humidity that embroiled his world. His opening maw yawned wide and his tongue curled with pleasure, filled in a surging press of her womb with a mouthful of her steamy strawberry honey. Without thinking twice about it he swallowed them down and returned to her sensuously dripping walls with his lolling tongue, he drew up against her slick and syrupy walls to get more of that radiant taste. He hardly paid any mind as at his core his stomach began to pulse with that melting pleasure, the same erotic spreading of electricity sparkling through his insides.

Squeeze. Ayla's tail slid from her maw released as she met the air with a moan of her own, a beautiful musical melody of her roiling and undeniable pleasure. Her voice dripped with lust, with want, with satisfaction, "Yes... I can feel you softening within my core, my Tenebrae." She breathed deeply, powerfully, through clenched muscles, "How does it feel, love, to feel your scales melting away to become mine? My pleasure, my desire, they are yours... but you are mine." She spoke to him, her voice rolling across her scales, but she found that she did not care at all whether he had heard her or not. No, that thought was nowhere near her mind now. A jolt of lightning burst across her mind, and she found her eyes closing once more as within she felt his body squish wetly under a pressing roll of her womb. She could feel him press together within her, she could feel now that with every roll of her hips his body sloshed around, rolled up and pressed against her walls less like scales and more like that viscous honey that was inundating him. Light flashed across her eyes, sightless fireworks. Fire, need, desire, " Mine." She hardly realized she had growled that last word, a powerful blush capturing her face as she heard the echo of that possessive growl deeply echoing as a deep and ancient want welled up within her.

Long forgotten in one of the corners of Tenebrae's mind was the need to escape, a single seed of fear that told him it was his doom that was flaming pleasure through his body, that told him of his certain end if he stayed any longer within the eroding oceanic embrace of her womb. Each squeeze crashed over him in a gentle caress, each rippling undulation massaged her juices into him as with every roll of her hips he found himself tossed and slopped and sloshed about. Every time his body submerged beneath the sticky pool of her nectar a tickling pleasure fought at his lungs to inhale and breathe in the product of her growing need, the product he was becoming, as her innermost depths worked dauntlessly to join the two at last. But he fought, not out of a desire for his own life, but to sustain her pleasure as long as he could. Each time he wriggled and squirmed, his gooey scales sliding around until with a soft splattering burst his nose breached the top of the fluids. Pop, a bubble formed and burst as he exhaled, then he took in a deep breath. Sweet, delicious, rampant lust was his breath as he took in the pure scent of her pheromones laced into the strawberry heat, of her fire and desirous droplets straight from their source.

Glorp. The sound of his gentle digestion bubbled up from his bulge to meet Ayla's ear fins, her attention consumed with the tightening feel of her womb filling. Another powerful squeeze, and she felt within her mate squishing down tighter in on himself, giving under the claiming desire, she could not withhold her voice. A loving and breathy moan consumed her words, replaced them entirely, "A-aahnn~," it rolled off her tongue, echoed dully against the cave walls. Her neck lifted up to the sky, tilted her head back, and her eyes opened sightlessly, that one channel allowing the pleasure to escape from her maw. Between her presented legs her vent drooled a rain of sexual fluids. Each droplet cascaded down her thighs, here and there falling from between her swollen lips to splatter wetly against the wet ground. It was fortunate, she found her mind wandering oddly, that she did not live in this particular cave She was making such a terrible mess of the place, after all...

Swamped by tingling all-consuming pleasure, Tenebrae's world was not entirely dissimilar to his dragoness's fire raging around him. Hot deep red darkness pulsed around him, each soft squeeze pressing in to the relaxing rhythm of her heartbeat, its fast badump badump echoed into the simmering chamber like paws running on a grassy field. The squishy wet walls rolled into him, her slick fluids glurped_and dribbled around him as her womb massaged ceaselessly down against him and her chamber _gurgling around him as each wave of fluids soaked him through deeper than his bones. Even if he had wanted to escape, he knew it was far beyond too late to do so. It had been too late she had said those words, I want you, words he would never have fought against. He could not disappoint his dragoness. Her heartbeat echoed around him, unstoppably soothing to his senses even as fiery pleasure rippled in his core, even as his own began to list like a bird coming to roost. The dragon's heart fluttered, beating proudly to match her own, the last part of him standing strong even as his body melted, even as with every tight caress of her womb's walls his body squished in tighter on itself, curled up into a tighter ball. A bubble, a single wanton bubble broke the surface, his words devoured by their surroundings, "I want you too."

Tenebrae's scales were no longer protective and resilient, softened and softened by the heated broiling fluids that crested over him again and again, no longer even sky blue as they lost their consistency within her. Ayla's womb stroked over his form from every angle, her temple kept him curled up tight within her, and with each squeeze it closed in tighter and tighter. The deep forest green lump in her belly scales smoothed out around him as he conformed to the walls of her hungry depths, a rolling ravenous grooan accompanying the soft sound of _slish-sloshing_fluids. Possessively, a green paw rose to her belly and clasped her bulge, the rough sound of stone breaking shattering through the cave as her claws dug into the earth and snatched a clump of the rocky cave from its solid moors. Her eyes locked closed, fireworks of ecstasy a nd delight exploded across her blind brown eyes. She felt every moment as he came apart within, as her womb claimed and absorbed him. For her.

Once a proud dragon, Tenebrae was little more than dragoness honey within her. His body squished and glorped wetly in the glittering gurgling fluids, rolling into itself and massaged into a formless collection of fluids with every wave of her womb. He was so melted and softened that he could no longer tell where his neck began and his tail ended. Sqlrsh, his body made a disconcerting noise as it pressed and faded into heavy juices, and the only thought on his mind was the magnificent sheer pleasure rocketing through his slowing mind. All hers, claimed and absorbed by her fluids, melted away into his sticky surroundings. Subsumed. The last coherent thought passed over his mind, as he realized with a dull inhale that he had been submerged beneath the surface of her shimmering fluids for far too long, it didn't even register as wordless pleasure overwhelmed him. He could no longer tell where he began and her fluids ended, deep beneath the surface of her scales, lost beyond all light, and that shuddering thought rolled and quaked his body as an earth-shattering orgasm crackled into his center. Like a bolt of powerful lightning it arced and lanced all through him, her womb collapsed in within him with finality, the last pocket of air overtaken by fluidic pleasure, sunk to the bottom of her fiery sea, a final burbling moan, and pure white bliss took him.

Her little dragon's climax was a spurt of white fluids, indistinguishable from the swirling clear honeys within her womb as he faded at last and her womb caressed down around its overfull contents. Ayla's was next, that last powerful bolt from him striking at her and setting off the chain reaction of her orgasm. She slapped her tail solidly against the ground, its base raising to the air as her neck curled toward her belly and her body erupted with its own mind numbingly incredible orgasm. A true earthquake shattered the cave as she roared, a powerful sonorous trumpet that put her earlier murmur to shame, a stammering voice stumbling as pleasure clamped down on her lungs, exhaling out and trailing off into a cute feminine moan, a throaty murrl of pleasure, lust, and love all.

The deep green scales, flushed a blushing brown with arousal, squeezed tight as Ayla's passage collapsed down, as her womb squeezed and pressed her orgasm and released it to stream from her flood gate. With a lewd splattering waterfall her passage squirted out thick delicious honey, sticky juices rolling and drooling out in spray after spray as she came powerfully. It was more than a simple climax, her tight depths washed out as the drooled hot and fresh strawberry juices. As her vent released its payload, he was her climax. What was left of Tenebrae ran out and drooled down her thighs, shimmered and stickied the underside of her curled tail that displayed her satisfied and delicious depths for the entire world to see. Each soft splattering splash resounded brightly, her womb churning, and then with one final squeeze and push of her internal muscles something new. A solid clattering noise, a sticky splash as it landed and rolled wetly through the glimmering pool of her warm nectars.

It was a single beautiful gem, a pure amber pearl clear and pristine yellow, glowing with a golden star. It was the only solid thing left after everything else had melted away to feed her desire, to drool out as her lust, to become her pleasure incarnate. Her still swollen lips still dripped droplets of dragoness cum lewdly, though now she clenched her passage tight. With a curl she flexed her tail ,rolled it between her legs possessively to keep the last of her mate sloshing in her womb for herself. The glittering green dragoness turned, slowly, surely, and sought the pearl with a leaning dip of her muzzle down to the pond of her honey in the cup of the cave. With a nosing nuzzle she dipped her muzzle into the surface of that warm pool, her tongue reaching out to claim her own juices, and she pulled with her maw to sate her thirst, Like she was drinking from the most delicious of rivers she took swallow after swallow of her own fluids, brushing her muzzle across the surface until she met the pearl.

There was a heated and deep blush painted on Ayla's muzzle, powerful satisfaction and care in her eyes as she took hold of that precious gemstone with a snaking wrap of her tongue and drew it into her maw. As though that last draught of liquid Tenebrae was enough she lifted her head, a sticky smattering splatter of fluids sparkling in the light and swallowed. Like that the amber pearl vanished again, lost down her long neck to stew with the rest of her fluids in her belly. Her minty breath huffed a final rush, tinged with strawberry scent, each deep breath recovering from that incredible climax that had rocked her world and thrown her muscles into a frenzy. Dully her legs ached, a soft complaint as they told her she had been standing and thrusting improperly for too long. But it had all been worth it, More than worth it, She was nothing but satisfied now, delightfully wondrously satisfied.

With a contagious yawn, Aylaria allowed herself to curl up. Her paw almost unconsciously relaxed over the soft small bulge in her womb, protectively feeling every moment as her womb worked to absorb its contents into her body. She sighed contently, once more curled up around her mate. All hers now, and forever more. One thought danced across her mind, sure and sweet. She definitely enjoyed that. That would not be the last time she allowed her pleasure to be so entirely overwhelming, she knew.

In the Heart of the Desert Spirit

In The Heart of the Desert Spirit By Emberell A Braviary's screeching cry echoed across the chilly hills, its warble distorted into a single wavering note by distance. The midday sun illuminated the sparse trees, reflected brightly off the patches...

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