Love........SERIOUSLY!? Chapter 9

Story by Admiral Q on SoFurry

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When Cadance awoke she was still tired from the night before. She had spent a good few hours with her aunts, relishing the company, and helping Luna tease the heck out of Celestia. It was one of the most enjoyable things she had done since she came to Equestria, but the long day, and subsequent night had taken it's toll on her, forcing her to bid her aunts goodnight and crash on her bed.

Yawning loudly, she checked her clock, finding it to be almost noon. She rolled out of bed, still somewhat dead on her hooves, and shuffled to her bathroom, before taking care of business. After the few years she had been here, she now hardly noted how weird it was to go to relieve herself. Trying to do it as a pony took away from the shock of trying to do it as a female. All said and done, she headed out for lunch.

Once at the dinning room she saw Celestia was already there eating her lunch. She smirked at Cadance;

"Well look who has risen from the dead."

Cadance levelled her with a glare; "Considering the events of the past couple days, I earned a lie-in. I was the one keeping ponies calm while you sunbathed in the sun."

"I wasn't in the sun." Cadance looked at Celestia with a shocked and confused expression. "I hid in a cave near Ponyville when I felt my sister's release, not wanting to confront her unless Twilight failed. How do you think I was there so quick on her victory?" Celestia then look at her confused. "Why would you think she had the power to banish me to the sun? I needed the Elements of Harmony to do that a thousand years ago." Cadance just sat there, unable to refute her logic, finally reaching the conclusion:


"Everypony just assumed she did that since you just vanished."

"Well, they're wrong." Admitting defeat, Cadance just shrugged and turned to her meal. A flower filled sandwich awaited her. It seemed like the usual faire, a mixture of flowers, but it also contained a blue flower she couldn't say she'd seen the castle serve before. A quick sniff didn't reveal any secrets, so she took a bite. It was surprisingly pretty tasty, and from the quickly hidden smile she thought she saw Celestia make, she assumed it was a ingredient trial - perhaps it would now be served more often.

"By the way, thank you for that lovely prank, it took me half the night to finally convince Luna that you are my in truth my niece, and not my daughter."

"How did she respond?" Cadance asked curiously.

"Oh she laughed it off, saying that it was good that somepony else can prank me." Somehow Celestia manage to pull off a predatory grin with equine features. It unnerved Cadance a bit seeing that. "I will get you back for that." Then her smile grew mischievous and playful. "But on to more serious things. In a couple days, I want you to help my sister adjust to the changes these past thousand years, bring her upto speed. I would like to do it myself, but the needs of the country demand my attention again." Celestia said dejectedly.

"Things will be different this time around aunty. Ponies enjoy the night hours now. I have no problem helping Aunty Luna." Cadance gave her aunt an evil grin of her own. "Besides, she can tell me embarrassing stories about you." Celestia's eyes shrunk to pinpricks and her ears flattened to her skull, forming a frown.

-'AH! So that's where Twilight got that look.'-

After lunch, Cadance helped Shining pack the bulk of Twilight's stuff, ready to be sent to Ponyville. For a mare seemingly obsessed with organisation, she had jumped at the chance to live in Ponyville whilst completely forgetting to take her own belongings. After that, it was quiet chillaxing till bed.

* * * * * *

The following morning, Cadance woke up at her usual time, stretched and yawned. She frowned when her yawn didn't sound right, it was too high for her voice. She rubbed her eyes, and looked around blearily. Her bed seemed bigger. Confused by all this, she put it up to not being awake yet and headed to the bathroom. Once again, everything seemed higher or taller then they should be. As she walked to the bathroom she caught sight of her length mirror nearby. What she saw caused her to stop dead, and her eyes bulged. She ran over and took a long look at her form. She wasn't Cadance anymore. But she knew this form, she'd seen it before.

She. Was. Fluffle. Puff.

It took all of her willpower not to scream to high heavens.

-'HOW!?- How was she Fuffle Puff? It was bad enough being the Pretty Pink Pony Princess but this pink fluff ball?' She sat on her hunches, or at least tried to. She ended up rolling onto her back. -'This is just great.'- She thought back to what she did yesterday that might have caused this. She got up late yesterday after the REALLY long night and party that followed. She went to the dinning room, had lunch with her aunt Celestia where she had that tasty sandwich.......that was there waiting for her. It was a flower sandwich - with blue flowers. Blue. Flowers. -'Well played aunty, well played.'- Now she had to go about find that Supernatural remedies book for the Poison Joke cure.

It didn't take her long to find out she didn't have a copy of the book in her quarters. With a heavy sigh, she went to her desk and hopped onto the chair.

-'Having no magic sucks!'- She thought as she had to grab a quill with her mouth. She was too fluffy to use a hoof. She wrote out a request for the book, and made up a cover story about being ill, and not wanting to spread it to others. She placed the note on the table by the door, pulled the rope for the serving bell, then rushed into her bedroom and closed the door. She waited, and soon she heard the door open.

"Yes Princess?" There was a pause "Prin...." The maid that answered the door spotted the letter. After a few minutes. "I'll get that right away your highness, I hope you're not too unwell." Cadance then heard the door open and close again. With nothing else to do, she waited for the maid's return. Meanwhile she checked out her changed body. While she was visually large, she didn't feel heavy at all. If anything she felt lighter. She tried jumping, only to find she hit the ceiling. -'Holy crap, does gravity not care about this body?- After a few minutes of bouncing around, she ended with a triple backflip rather hard, and all of a sudden, a few feathers fell out of her fluff. Deciding to check what else was in there, she stuck a hoof in. Pillows. What she found was pillows, more and more and more. Slowly running out of floor space, she soon found herself next to the window. She had a perfect view of the garden on a sunny day, but today, she had a clear view of her dear aunty Celestia, sitting down at a table to enjoy some tea and snacks.

The setup was just too perfect.

Using the pillows, she started assembling a pillow cannon. (Don't ask her how she knew how to make one. It's in the Pinkie Pie zone, don't question it.) She was interrupted by the sound of her door opening, then soon closing again. She poked her head out of her bedroom door, and saw the book lying on the table. She had placed another message asking the maid to wait on the other side of the door and she could hear her shuffling outside.

She went through the book to find the entry on the Poison Joke. Once she had it, she wrote down the ingredients, and slipped it under the door for the maid. A muffled 'yes your highness' was heard, and Cadance went back to her cannon. Once completed, she took aim and her aunt. Just as Celestia was about to take a sip of her tea, Cadance pressed the fire button. There was a muffled 'pomf', and then a fainter one became impaled on Celestia's horn. She didn't even flinch, and resumed drinking her tea. Her staff and guards were all too stunned to act.


She pressed the fire button multiple times till Celestia was buried in pillows. It was hilarious seeing ponies freak out as their princess was assaulted by pillows. Her giggling was interrupted by the sound of the outer door opening. She stayed quiet as she heard something be set down and the door closing. She opened her bedroom door and saw a basket with the items she requested. She quickly gathered them, and the book, and raced to her bathroom.

After following the instructions CAREFULLY, she dived into the bath (which was more like a jacuzzi). After a few seconds she rose up again and looked down at her right fore hoof. It was normal again, and she sighed in contentment, (Yes it was pink, but she'd come to terms with that years ago. Being FLUFFY pink she couldn't stand.) She was just about to lean back and enjoy the bath, when her doors burst open and a pair of Royal Guards came in.

"WHAT THE HAY!?" She yelped in surprise. The two guards then looked at her, and at least one had the decency to blush and avert his gaze. (Hey, if I have to be stuck as a girl then I better be a hot one. Of the tomboyish kind.............. DON'T JUDGE ME!)

"Sorry princess, but Princess Celestia was assaulted and we are making sure that the royal family is safe and secure." Feining concern she asks a question she already knew the answer to.

"Is my aunt okay? What happened?"

"Yes, she is fine. She was assaulted by......pillows." One guard said. Cadacne gave a 'huh' look before she started laughing.

"Oh That's rich. Tell me, did Shining or my aunt put you up to this?" The two guards just looked confused before saying.

"Your highness we are serious. Princess Celestia was assaulted by pillows." She eyed them before asking.

"Okay if true, then how is my aunt taking it?"

"Well," One guard said scratching the back of his neck. "Well some said they heard....giggling under the pillows."

-'Wow, her life must be really dull if a pillow assault gets her to giggle. I must prank her more then, and I may have help now.'- aloud she said. "Well regardless I am fine so you may return to your duties. Shoo. Go on - get!" With some stuttering they leave, and Cadance went back to enjoying her bath.

* * * * * *

It was early evening when Cadance went to dinner. She had spent a few hours watching poor Shining and the other guards race around trying to find the master of pillows. They won't find her.

Stepping into the dinning room she saw both of her aunts, with Luna still in Woona form. Celestia notices her first.

"Ah, Cadance. I trust you had a good day?" She asked with a knowing glint in her eye.

"Why yes, the story of my great and powerful aunt buried under pillows made my day." Luna had a look of confusion on her.

"Sister, is pillow burying a new tradition in thine kingdom?"

"No Luna, I believe it was an attempt at revenge for yesterday's lunch surprise." Cadance took a menu not trusting Celestia to not try anything else.

"Well Poison Joke can backfire if the victim knows how to use it right." Luna eyed her sister and her niece a couple times before saying.

"Thou is having a prank war with our niece, and thou didn't include us?"

"Well, I kinda did with our meeting aunty. The prank was solely aimed at Celestia. You presented a too good of an opportunity to pass up." In a dead pan look Luna addressed Celestia.

"Sister, we like our new niece. However, are thee sure she isn't a blood relation to us?" Celestia actually looked at Cadance seriously before answering.

"You know, I'm not so sure anymore." Cadance's response was to give and impish smirk before going back to the menu. She was just about to place her order when she saw a scroll appear in front of Celestia. Her aunt opened and read it before starting her own letter.

"What is it aunty?" She asked.

"Oh it's just Twilight. I gave her two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. However she doesn't want to go without her friends, so I'm going to send seven back to her."

"Aunty, why are you torturing her? The gala is THE most boring thing the Kingdom does. I'm surprised you endure the thing. That kind of event was never sort of Twilight's thing. Hay, I stopped going years ago."

"Well I'm hoping they can liven it up this year." Celestia finished her letter and put the tickets in, and before Cadance could say more it was off. Cadance just face hoofed, and vowed vengeance for the unleashing of Trollestia on her favorite filly.

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