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#1 of Stargazing Book One: Celestial Affairs of the Heart

Continuing the story started when I entered the Wish Upon a Star contest, the content to be featured will involve the following at some point: metaphysics, extrasensory weirdness, intersexuals, sex, graphic depictions of sex, and rough quick editing of each chapter.

Continuity wise this is an immediate followup that takes place the day after the events of the sleep-out. I introduce more cast, and try to keep things fresh by starting out with graphic sex right at the start between two guys...kinda.


By Bluevirage

Chapter One

V ale's hips collided with Brett's own as he experienced what the feline's inner muscles had to offer. The two boys tried to keep their noises down as they rutted; but gasps and soft moans escaped the two as the pair used the gym teacher's office desk to satisfy their mutual lust. Vale never believed he was anything but into girls. But Brett, a self identified male, had indicated some interest in males before subtly but no one was certain.

Even Vale was not certain as he fucked the feline, his cock sliding back and forth as his hips rocked forwards and back between the legs spread just for him on that desk. Heels dug into his ass and encouraged him to go as deep as he could. The boy barely could keep himself from experiencing bliss from the moment he entered his first pussy, literally and figuratively.

Now as he flexed his simian hips and scored himself deep into Brett's warm hole all he could think was how good it felt to be with him like that. How good it felt to have Brett writhing and bucking back against him. To have him beneath him whimpering and softly moaning his name.

Brett was surprised the teen had followed him so readily; he had no real way of assuming the unassuming boy he had his eyes on for weeks would react positively to his offer. He had assumed he was a racial purist considering the boy's parent's political and social leanings. He had also thought him completely against anything sexual with a male. But his testing the waters by flirting then boldly suggesting they _borrow_the gym teacher's office was something he had no idea would pay off so well.

Now he had monkey shaft inside him and it felt so good. The uncut meat reached places he never had anyone else touch before. The household he was raised in never accepted his determination to be anything but a male. They said it was a phase, and maybe it was, but he would be damned if he did not pursue boys and girls to scratch his carnal itches.

"Come on, come on, come on!" Brett grasped Vale by his shoulders and squeezed his inner muscles down on his flexing cock.

"Stop that, I want this to last!" Vale hissed as he kissed Brett.

"We need to hurry, I already came!" Brett bit his lip as his pussy quivered again and another tremor passed through him.

"N-no way!"

"I was thinking about your dick in my pussy all last period!" Brett gave his biggest grin, his face flushed. "Plus, I am easy."

"Easy on the eyes too," Vale pumped his hips a few more times and groaned as the first few streams of his seed coated the inside of Brett's pussy.

Brett hugged Vale tighter as he finished his first act of sex with him. "Mmmm, we have to do this again." Brett whispered as he closed his eyes and savored the moment.

The two did not register the door to the room open and a third party observe their interaction. Their eyes danced over the thrusting hips, skin against fur, the fluids dripping down the side and top of the desk. And the firm kiss the pair shared without a single care in the world as their coupling ended.

Kip Brightson never thought his jaw would drop in shock but the scene before him was enough to make him stare for a long moment until finally Brett said something and flexed his hips quickly before stopping as he closed his eyes in pleasure. The lemur had seen enough sexual acts recorded and posted online to know an orgasm when he saw one. He kept on staring as Vale pumped hard a couple of times before pulling out to spurt what was left of his seed all over Brett's tail and ass-cheeks.

Kip shut the door quickly and considered himself lucky and cursed. He was in possession of potentially damning knowledge. Knowledge that would make him a target or someone very powerful if he played his hand right. This knowledge that could get him in good with one of the old moneyed families at Morning Star Academy


"That is the summation of events on that night involving my Annoying Students." Professor Trisha Bernbach said with a bow before the Council of Regents, her direct employers as the controlling force behind Morning Star Academy.

Twelve chairs faced her and at rest in the fourth from the left sat a primate woman of mixed simian heritage. Her golden eyes studied the night sky hunter, her gaze was firmly locked on the figure of one of the better tenured teachers at the private facility.

"Donations were made, results were expected, you were expected to reasonably look the other way as suggested in the letter you refused to read." the woman tossed a sealed envelope at Trisha's clawed feet and pointed with a perfectly manicured finger at the owl. "You were even equipped with the means to prevent any needless pregnancies if you had bothered to check your additional supplies for the overnight trip. And you say nothing happened?"

Trisha rose to her full height and flexed her wings slightly. Keeping her arms at her sides she locked eyes with the ape woman. "Yes, nothing that I could see."

"I suspect you are trying to avoid scandal by lying to this Council; or having just learned of this new arrangement for the yearly stargazing trip, are refusing to give us any information on any youthful indulgences. Said indulgences can result in blood forged alliances between the many families that rely on our organization's campus and accompanying assets to assure proper breeding and education!"

Trisha answered in a polite tone of voice while never breaking eye contact with the tree dweller. "Nothing of the sort, you asked me if I spied any lovemaking going on, I did not." Trisha said very precisely.

"Okay, I have a question about your annoying students." a wolf wearing a suit that cost more than his butler made in a week. "To be direct, since we all know you love verbally sparring with certain members of this council, did you see any fucking, Ms Bernbach?"

Trisha bowed to the wolf and rose to her full height once more. "That, I did see."

The ape woman exploded into speech with flecks of spittle flying from her mouth. "Semantics! You could have just answered-"

A graying bear tapped a gavel that silenced everyone. "You always let her press your buttons, Maybelle."

"And you always forgive her precision disrespect, Leonarte!" Maybelle said with a huff and a glare at the bear.

"Whom were the participants in this, for lack of a better word and to not beat around the bush, "fucking"?" Leonarte asked Trisha while studying a computer tablet set before him in a charging cradle, a scene repeated eleven more times around the table that Trisha faced.

Trisha lifted a tablet set on a smaller table before her person and began to highlight certain names and move them around the device's window. A virtual blackboard program was installed that allowed for ease of teaching and the holding of classes in any location on campus large enough for a group. All the tablets were networked to run it, including the tablets the council used.

Murmurs erupted as Trisha finished her task and the couples were revealed in real time. "May I be excused?" Tisha asked as she realized she had nothing else to offer except opinion at that point.

Leonarte lifted his gaze from the device in his large paws and nodded. "I never thought the Winright's would ever end up involved with the Dargrove's. Thank you for your somewhat lackluster diligence in keeping the teens sequestered to their own sleeping bags that night." Leonarte offered with a firm gaze.

Trisha was not sure how to read the statement but knew the man was praising her. "I am always happy to serve."


Timothy had sex.

The message awaiting Timothy's father Malachi as he checked his personal phone was from his wife, Regina. Passage into adulthood, but with whom my son? Our family is taking a risk allowing our only son to possibly breed with more common stock.

The thoughts within Malachi's mind raced as he read the next message.

"It was with a DARGROVE?"

The driver of the sedan was used to his employer's tantrums. His stocks could perform well and he would yell. His wife spending a fortune on clothes during a sudden trip to a boutique and he would yell. But this yell, it was filled with a venom he knew all to well as the family driver for three decades.

"Samson!" Malachi bellowed as the divider between him and the older feline vanished.

"You bellowed, Mal?"

Malachi would hate the old man for use of his teenage nickname but forgave him in an instant as he realized the true possibility of having something to hold over the Dargrove's. "Yes," Malichi straightened his tie. "Take us to the Dargrove Estate."

"The paintball gun is at home." Samson said flatly.

"I am not that petty."

"We used it last weekend, I wore black as always and you wore dark blue and was drunk. It was a rousing good time, sir. In particular the stench of vomit from too much fermented berry juice was somewhat easy to clean out of the backseat after your wife aided me in removing you from the car you currently now occupy."

"Just drive." Malachi said without any enthusiasm in being reminded of how petty and bitter he could be about the old rivalries involving the Dargrove family.

The family that his son had literally fucked the youngest daughter of.

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