Denny Mouse And 5-Year-Old Fievel In, On The Way To America.

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#4 of Denny Mouse And Fievel Stories

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Denny Mouse And 5-Year-Old Fievel In, On The Way To America.

Like my other story, as follows, my warnings copied and pasted. WARNINGS. Underage character. Scat. Possible scat consumption. Peeing, / watersports. (Golden showers.) I do not condone such behavior in real life, to such minors. A 2 year old child would probably be harmed quite a bit if any of this was tried with a real child. Fievel is not Real, so he can not be physically harmed. All creatures in this story are animals. Please Note; there's things in here, which I would only do for Fievel, if he were living, and would ask me to. I at least would never do it to my plushie, not in his face. Not like it matters. And no I don't consume poo myself.

Years went by as Denny Mouse and Fievel Mousekewitz stayed friends. Of course the parents thought it was weird, that they'd become so close, but they left it alone. If only they knew, they'd probably not let us hang out any longer. I would be in deep trouble, as they'd probably not let us hang out together anymore. But Fievel only ever said anything to my poppa, whom for certain reasons, already had an idea, what I would do to Fievel at times. Fievel's house had been burned down, and I found out about this. At 17, my parents decided that they'd let me go with Fievel's family to America. I was behind Fievel's poppa for every time Fievel stopped and then asked some silly questions. Fievel had a better grasp on what sex was, but still not well enough to understand the correct place where babies come from. That didn't matter too much, as Fievel loved my company. He didn't mind sex. And he loved what his body did, when it peaked. By this point, he'd actually been caught by his parents masturbating a few times. And it wasn't only just masturbating sometimes, he'd been caught placing fingers in his anus. His parents told him he shouldn't be doing it, but he did it every chance he got anyways. He loved playing with his own anus, while playing with his penis. He never said who he learned it from. His parents just assumed he learned it on his own. They never would have thought it came from innocent Denny, as him and Fievel are good friends. They just couldn't imagine that Denny would place his paws on little Fievel.

I felt kind of nervous, as I hung with the family. I wanted to find a private place somewhere, where I could take Fievel to. I also wanted to explore some, just wanting to see what all was on this ship. Why oh why we took the ship, I don't know. There's both birds, and special planes for us mice, but we took the ship to America. I started to wonder away, wanting to explore, when Audrey stopped me.

"If you are going exploring, you take Fievel with. And don't let him out of your sight." said Audrey.

"Yeah okay Maam." I replied. Fievel happily followed after me, as I did my best to keep him in my sight. I went from room to room, mostly looking for a room, which Fievel and I could mayhap get away with playing in a naughty way. I wanted to toy with him like old times, as I continued looking for a place we could play.

"Hey there, is there something you are looking for?" asked a stranger I've never met.

"Just a place where him and I can be alone for a little while." I replied.

"Why not play in here?" asked this mouse, whom appeared to be maybe 12-years-old. I walked closer to him. He was wearing overalls, and appeared to have nothing on besides. Just overalls, and nothing on underneath. I could tell that, when I was closer to him.

"So do you play at all?" I asked.

"Well sure I do, but we shouldn't be playing with him." he pointed to Fievel.

"Hey, I am able to play. And I know how to play." said Fievel.

"Well he shouldn't be playing with you that way." said this mouse, whom I'd just met. He undid his buttons on his overalls, and then flopped the front down. He exposed the fact he really wasn't wearing anything underneath, as he penis flopped out. "Close that door, and then we can play for a little while." said this mouse. I done so, as Fievel and I approached this other mouse.

"So how old are you anyway?" I asked.

"I'm 10, and don't you be forgetting it." said the mouse.

"So is this your first time to America?" I asked.

"Well, just look how I am dressed." said the mouse.

"Looks like you may have been there once already." I said.

"Well actually, I am just riding the ship, as I like to." said this mouse.

"So what is your name?" I asked.

"I am Tom." said the mouse.

"So Tom, if Fievel plays too, where do you want to be?" I asked.

"I don't know, this is my first time." said Tom.

"Can we get started?" asked Fievel.

"Yeah my favorite bud, what would you like to do?" I asked.

"Well, I could lick Tom's anus." said Fievel.

"That would kind of feel good." said Tom.

"I hope so, as I did ask if you'd like that." said Fievel.

"Yeah well you might not like the surprise I have for you." said Tom.

"Don't be so sure, depending what you are talking about, he'll enjoy it." I said.

"So he'd like if I pooped into his mouth?" asked Tom.

"I kind of have been teaching him things since he was 2." I said.

"So you taught him things about sex too?" asked Tom.

"Well I at least thought that's what we were talking about." I said. Tom way standing in a pile of hay, but there was also a mattress laying on top of it. Fievel walked over to it, and then laid down on the mattress. "Well looks like your buddy is kind of anxious to play." said Tom.

"Well then it is time to choose where you want to be." I said.

"What if I wanna fuck your little buddy?" asked Tom.

"Well did you want to take turns?" I asked. Fievel's clothes were all over the floor, as he just took them off any which way. I took mine off, and then placed them on nails on the wall. Tom did the same as me, and then I took Fievel's clothes, and then hung them up. I got over Fievel, and then mounted his legs.

"Where am I to be?" asked Tom.

"Why not allow my buddy to lick your anus, and then give him his surprise." I suggested.

"Yeah okay. Will Fievel actually eat my poop?"

"If you give it to him, he will." I replied.

"Just start guys." said Fievel.

"Yeah okay little mouse." said Tom.

"Tom, you are only 5 years older." I said.

"Yeah and you are ahh, how many years older then me?"

"Seven." I said.

"Yeah?, at 17, you shouldn't be playing with Fievel like this." said Tom.

"Shut up Tom, and just lets get started." I said. Tom got over Fievel's mouth, as Fievel opened his mouth, and got himself ready. Then Tom moved himself down far enough for Fievel to lick him, and Fievel did just that. He licked at Tom's anus, as Tom pressed to poop.

Fievel could taste Tom's poop on his tongue, as Tom pressed more of his poop out. Fievel didn't seem to mind, as he licked around Tom's poo. This was actually very arousing to Fievel, as he had a strong erection going.

I peed some onto Fievel's body, watching what Tom was doing. Tom was pooping into Fievel's mouth, as Fievel swallowed it as best he could. I peed a little bit more, as Fievel also peed then too.

"Oh Fievel, you are doing so well." I said.

"He sure is, might make him swallow something else next." said Tom. Fievel seemed to have a smile on his face, as if to say, he liked this idea. Tom soon got done pooping, as he moved himself down a little. Fievel sensed what he was up to, and then opened his mouth.

I felt quivers go through me, even though I hadn't even placed my penis up Fievel yet. I rubbed my penis against his penis, as we both got erect. Fievel smiled some, as Tom soon peed into his mouth. Fievel swallowed it down joyfully, as he peed his bladder. Fievel lost some from the sides of his mouth, as Tom finished peeing.

I started pressing my penis against Fievel's anus, I pressed some, as Fievel grunted. The movement of the ship wasn't a turn off, as I pressed harder, trying to dry penetrate Fievel's anus.

"It is so tight." said Fievel.

"It'll be okay Fievel, once I penetrate a few times, your anal fluids will help us." I said.

"Oh Denny, it is going in I think." said Fievel. I was pressing pretty hard at this point, getting my penis to dry penetrate Fievel's small anus. I say small, cause it's not as small as it was when he were 2. His anus opened for me, as his body was pressing him to poop. Fievel was trying his best to not poop, but this helped me quite a bit, as my penis slid in fairly easily now.

Tom was moving his penis against Fievel's mouth. Fievel stuck out his tongue, and then licked it as Tom moved it up and down against Fievel's mouth. Fievel licked and lapped over Tom's penis, as Tom brought it against Fievel's young mouth.

I started pressing and pulling in and out of Fievel's anus, as Fievel groaned. My penis was against his poop, as it was trying to come out of Fievel's anus, but I was preventing this from happening. I myself groaned, as I went into orgasm. Fievel seemed to be going into orgasm too, his penis was showing that, as it was hard as a rock.

Tom pressed his penis at Fievel's mouth, Fievel opened it, and accepted his penis. Fievel did his best at sucking on Tom's penis, as Tom shoved it at Fievel's mouth, like fucking it. Fievel gagged as he tried his best to take Tom's penis. Tom started pumping Fievel's mouth, as Fievel lapped at his penis, ever time he pulled it out. Fievel knew the sooner Tom came his semen, the sooner he'd get a break.

I reached down and then began masturbating his penis for him. For such a little guy, his penis wasn't bad, when hard. Then again, I was able to grip it all in just my right paw. I moved with a rhythm in and out of Fievel's anus. Fievel groaning as best he could, as that's about all he could do, with a penis deep in his mouth. I rubbed at Fievel's stomach, as I done the deed I was doing to Fievel. Fievel seemed to enjoy my left paw rubbing over his tummy.

"Attaboy Fievel, blow me well." said Tom.

"Fievel's body is liking this." I said.

"Yeah it sure seems like it, doesn't it?" said Tom.

"I believe he'll probably enjoy your semen." I said.

"He likes that?"

"Yeah he does Tom." I replied. Fievel moaned some, as Tom moved slightly faster.

As a matter a fact, I began moving faster on Fievel's anus, as Fievel panted some. Don't ask me how I knew he was panting, as he sucked on Tom's penis, but for some reason I could tell. I moved my paw over his shaft faster, as Fievel's penis was actually pulsing in my paw, his body was going into orgasms.

Tom was groaning quite a bit now, as he moved his penis in and out of parts of Fievel's throat, Fievel didn't mind, even though it was gagging him some.

I kind of in a way wondered what look might be on Tom's face, but since he was facing away from me, I couldn't tell. The way he had himself positioned, I could barely tell what he was doing to my little boy, boyfriend.

I moaned long, as I felt my peak coming, and so was Tom.

"I am going to cum." I said.

"So am I." said Tom. There was droplets hanging from Fievel's penis, as it was going onto my paw. The droplets were slimy like semen, so I knew Fievel was going to peak any second. I kept moving, in and out of Fievel's young anus, as Fievel suddenly moaned long, squirting seminal fluid, like spitting a full creamy load of semen, just that it was clear.

Tom suddenly moaned too, as semen was leaking from Fievel's mouth, Tom spat so much into Fievel's mouth, that he couldn't swallow it all. When I myself felt Fievel's peak on my penis, as his anus pulsed, I myself peaked into Fievel's anus. His poop prevented most of it from actually going into his works, as a lot of it came squirting back out. I panted, as was Tom also, as I pulled out of Fievel's anus. Semen mixed with poop dribbled from Fievel's anus. Fievel merely groaned, as his body spat some more seminal fluid. He spit about sixteen times, and then spat a second one about fourteen times. I looked over Fievel's body, as Tom got up, Fievel's mouth was filled with semen, as I watched Fievel close his mouth, swallowing the rest of it.

"Well Denny, I am pretty tired." said Tom.

"Me too, but after a little bit of time, I believe I can go again." I said.

"I might not want to, that really tired me out." said Tom.

"I could go another round." said Fievel.

"Want to poop on me?" I asked.

"Could you eat it, like old times?" asked Fievel.

"Want me to give you a good rim job first?" I asked.

"If you want to, I would rather enjoy that." said Fievel.

"I still have to poop though, I guess I could do that while I rim you." I said.

"Why not do it like a 69?" asked Fievel.

Now it would be just Fievel and I, as Tom would just sit and watch this time. I laid down first on the bed, as I grabbed my feet. In a certain way, that Fievel could still get on top of me. Fievel got on me, and then got into a 69 type of position. I managed to move my butt far enough so that Fievel could get his mouth on it. Fievel folded his legs in an odd position, but one that he could get his ass at my mouth.

Tom watched, as Fievel and Denny got into these strange looking positions, so as to give each other a rim job. Fievel licked at Denny's anus, as Denny licked at Fievel's anus.

As we got started, Tom just sat aside watching. I licked at Fievel's anus, as I pressed myself to poop. Fievel being half my size, made this a bit difficult, but we somehow managed.

Fievel felt his tongue over Denny's anus, as Denny pressed to poop. Fievel could taste in his mouth, the flavor of Denny's poo, as he continued. He was licking his tongue over Denny's poop, arousing him some, as Fievel liked what it was he was doing.

I pressed a little harder, feeling pressure and pain, as I licked over Fievel's pungent poop. It aroused me quite a bit actually, tasting Fievel's mess on my tongue. Fievel pressed himself further, as I could feel with my tongue, Fievel's poop move further.

It was arousing for both Denny and Fievel, as they both began pooping. Their mouths on each other's anuses, as they tasted the flavor of each others poop. Fievel felt orgasm pulse through his body, as did Denny also.

I felt so good, about something so nasty, as I felt Fievel's poop start sliding out of his body, and into my mouth. I could feel my own poop start leaving my body, as Fievel seemed to not mind taking in a mouthful of my poop.

Fievel took in a mouthful, as did Denny as well, as they both swallowed each others mess. They both had erections, as Tom watched. His own penis came up, even though he'd thought his body was already done. But his body had other ideas, as his penis became erect. Tom grabbed at his penis, and then began masturbating it, watching Fievel and Denny.

Tom could tell as he masturbated, that Denny and Fievel were lovers, even though they did have age differences. And even though, many would look at this as abuse, they seemed to very much enjoy each others bodies.

Fievel moaned some, as he took in Denny's poop. Fievel moaned too.

I pressed some more, pooping more into Fievel's mouth, as Fievel himself did the same to me. We definitely enjoyed each others bodies, as we licked at each others anuses, when there was no poop there to swallow. It felt admittedly good having Fievel licking my anus. It was likewise with me, as I licked Fievel's hole.

Without any warning to Denny, Fievel moved, so that his penis would go into Denny's mouth, as Denny didn't mind one bit. Denny lapped at Fievel's young crotch, as Fievel groaned some in early orgasm.

I moved next, pushing my penis at Fievel's mouth. Fievel gladly took it in, and then began sucking on my penis. I was holding part of Fievel's legs, as I sucked on his penis.

Tom was watching Denny and Fievel, getting quite turned on as he watched, he was enjoying watching them 69ing as best as they could, giving Fievel's size. It was feeling good to Tom too, as he masturbated even faster.

"Fu, fuck me, instead of just standing there." said Fievel, taking a break from sucking on Denny.

Tom came over to us, as I sucked on Fievel's penis. He got over my head, and Fievel's ass. He crouched down some, and then placed his penis on Fievel's ass. His penis was already erect, so all he had to do is stick it into Fievel's anus. Fievel groaned as he felt Tom's penis go into his anus.

Fievel didn't stop what he was doing, as he felt Tom's penis penetrate his anus. Denny didn't stop sucking on Fievel's penis either, as Tom started pumping the young mouse's anus.

I groaned as I felt orgasm going through my body. Fievel was doing a really good job of sucking on my penis.

Fievel seemed not to mind continuing sucking on Denny's penis, as his ass was getting fucked by Tom. Tom moved with an almost rhythm, as Fievel groaned. Denny was moaning constantly, as his orgasms stacked up on top of each other.

Tom felt good fucking this young mouse, this time in his anus. He moved his penis in and out of Fievel's anus pretty fast, moaning as he did.

Somehow even though I was doing so much work, my peaks were now stacking up on top of each other. It felt like I peaked, but nothing came out. On the other paw, I wasn't complaining either, as it was really feeling good. Tom was moving his penis in and out of my buddy's body, faster and faster. Since that Fievel's anus was over my head, when Tom would cum, parts of his load of semen would dribble onto my face.

Tom moved faster, groaning as he did. Denny and Fievel were enjoying themselves immensely as they sucked on each others penis. They were moaning constantly, as they sucked.

I wanted to warn Fievel, but there was no way to do that, with Fievel's young member in my mouth. Likewise probably with Fievel, as I could already taste something which wasn't pee. I knew Fievel was going to spit his semen soon, as I was full willing to swallow every last drop.

Tom moved himself pretty fast, as he felt his own orgasms stacking up, feeling a peak, and then another peak. It felt as if he'd peaked on Fievel's anus, but then nothing. Tom wasn't complaining, as he moved his penis in and out of Fievel's anus.

My peak hit me suddenly, as I moaned. I spat hard into Fievel's mouth, as I tasted semen, or seminal fluids, squirt out of Fievel's penis.

Tom himself maxed out, as he spat into Fievel's anus. It came spilling out of Fievel's anus, as Fievel spat another clear load. I ate it joyfully, as I swallowed another load. Fievel ate another one too, as I spat another load into his mouth.

Gawds it felt so good, losing so much semen. Fievel rolled off of me, shortly after Tom pulled his penis from Fievel's anus.

"Fievel, that was so good." I said.

"Oh Denny, and Tom, thank you so much." said Fievel.

"Kiss my love." I said to Fievel. Fievel did so, and then the two of us got going. We still had a bit of exploring we wanted to do. We didn't get far however, when poppa Mousekewitz caught up with us.

"It is dinner time you two, time to come back." said Bernard.

"But poppa."

"No Fievel don't." I broke in quick.

"Listen to Denny son." said poppa.

"Yeah okay poppa." said Fievel. We headed back for the small room, which they were staying in. if you could call it small. It was the same room they sung that song (There Are No Cats In America.) of course to find out later, there are cats in America.

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