Denny Mouse’s Movie Night, With 2-Year-Old Fievel.

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#3 of Denny Mouse And Fievel Stories

Formatting gets lost when I copy and paste. So please do NOT complain.

Denny Mouse's Movie Night, With 2-Year-Old Fievel.

WARNINGS. Underage character. Scat. Possible scat consumption. Peeing, / watersports. (Golden showers.) I do not condone such behavior in real life, to such minors. A 2 year old child would probably be harmed quite a bit if any of this was tried with a real child. Fievel is not Real, so he can not be physically harmed. All creatures in this story are animals. Please Note; there's things in here, which I would only do for Fievel, if he were living, and would ask me to. I at least would never do it to my plushie, not in his face. Not like it matters. And no I don't consume poo myself.

Fievel was coming over to my place again, and excited wasn't even hardly the word for it. Oh, sorry, I am Denny, and I am only 14. But I know a lot of things about a lot of stuff. I know a lot about sex, more so then I probably should know. I was in my room, thinking about what I wanted to wear, not like it was staying on. I dressed in a Rock N Roll shirt, with red shorts. The outfit looked pretty badly mixed, but what did I care, I was only 14. Also, I wasn't leaving the clothing stay on anyways, as I knew I would be messing around with little Fievel again. I couldn't say as to why I was so attracted to that young body of his, especially since that it was so small. Something about Fievel just seemed to arouse me for some reason. I walked to my door, and then opened it. I walked the hallway, and then downstairs, to wait in our living room. I was as nervous or more nervous then a person at his first job interview. I nearly peed my pants, I was so anxious to see little Fievel. Fievel as small as he was, shouldn't have anyone doing things like I kept doing to him, but I kept doing so anyways. I didn't worry too much about that however, as I waited for his parents to bring him over. Mom and dad went off earlier, leaving me home alone. Being 14 does have its advantages, as I was trusted alone for hours on end. This was one of those times I probably shouldn't be trusted alone since that little Fievel was coming over. My bladder hurt me, as I was holding it since morning. My gut also hurt me, as I had to poop pretty bad. I was holding in an amount of constipation, but unsure of how much. It didn't much matter to me, but I did want to have a bit to go. I liked having a dump, and a pee on Fievel, before doing anything to his anus yet. If mom and dad saw me, they'd know instantly that I was too overly excited to see little Fievel. If I couldn't play it cool soon, Bernard and Audrey might notice just how nervous I was. I had little things of lubricant hidden all over the house, so that I could fuck little Fievel from nearly anyplace. God I was so nervous, I just sat for the time being, sitting on the very middle of the sofa, tapping my right foot-paw, as I waited for Fievel's parents to drop him off. I felt my bladder pushing me hard, as I had a thought about grabbing a pair of training diapers, which actually fits me. It would just feel so good, placing on a diaper overtop of underwear, just to feel the underwear getting wet. But then I'd waste the pee on that, and then wouldn't have my current build up of pee, for peeing it on Fievel. I felt almost like maybe they weren't coming for a little while, began to get a little worried, that Fievel had told on me or something. I began getting nervous about that then, as I sat imagining Bernard bitching me out for touching his little boy. It wasn't long, until they actually did knock on my door, as I nervously got up, to go answer the door. I somehow managed to come myself down on the way to the door, as I opened it.

"Well guys, come on in." I said, as I gazed over the four of them.

"Thanks Denny, but we're not even staying for a quick hello." said Audrey.

"Oh." I said a little depressed.

"Don't worry, we'll visit for awhile tomorrow... would that be okay?" asked Audrey.

"That would be great. And I'll ask mom to make something special for it." I replied.

"Well that'll be fine. Now take good care of Fievel. He'll need changed before the evening is over. And he'll need a bath."

"Don't worry Mrs. Mousekewitz, I'll take good care of your boy." I replied.

"You better not be doing things to my brother." said Tanya.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You know, just don't." said Tanya.

"Don't worry, she's just very protective of her brother." said Bernard.

"Yeah that she is." agreed Audrey. I stood there, mostly listening at this point.

"Well Denny, just take good care of him." said Tanya.

"Yikes guys, he'll be just fine." I reassured them. There was little more conversation, as they handed me some clothes to change Fievel into later. Tanya felt it necessary to give me funny looks before they left. The kind saying don't be touching her brother. I had Fievel laying on the floor near the TV, as I waited to start doing anything with him. He was dressed in a red shirt and blue pants. The red shirt didn't fir him correctly, as his paws didn't quite make it out of the sleeves. I sat watching what was on the TV a little longer, as his body was turning me on, even though I wasn't seeing it naked. It wouldn't be long until I would pull all his clothes off though. I first checked to see if his parents were away first. And then I returned to him, so as to pull off his clothes. I bent down, and then grabbed at Fievel's shirt. Fievel in turn helped me by placing his arms up. He probably had an idea of some of what I wanted to do to him, even though I hadn't even started yet. I pulled off his shirt, and then worked on his blue pants. He somewhat helped me there too, as I pulled them off. Now he was only in a diaper, as I left him on the floor like that for a little while. I was somewhat nervous my body would react too fast, and I just didn't want that. Not like I wasn't going to do something to this kid. I just wanted to wait a little while. Besides, it was very arousing watching him laying on his stomach, with only just a diaper on anymore. The poor mix of clothes which I had placed on, soon came off, down to my underwear, as I was moving forward slowly, to eventually touch and abuse this young boy. My penis was erect in my underwear, as I started over the back of Fievel's body.

"Well little guy, it is just about time to take those off." Fievel turned around, and then rolled on his back. "Okay, do me here." said Fievel.

"Right here? If I pee, it's all over the carpet." I said.

"Can't say I had accident." said Fievel.

"No I can not just say you had an accident." I replied. Fievel himself took off his diaper, but nowhere near as neatly as I would have taken them off. He smiled at me, and then pointed to his crotch. His own crotch was somewhat erect, as he was standing on the floor.

"We going somewhere?" asked Fievel.

"To my room I guess." I answered. Fievel got up, and then followed me to my room. I walked in, and then waited for him to come in, he came right in, not hesitating at all. He seemed almost anxious in a way, even though he probably knew what I would be doing to him. He stood holding himself some, as I watched his standing there. He peed some, as he cupped his paws over his penis.

"I peepeed." he said.

"Well Fievel, crawl on my bed, and then I'll make you even wetter." I said. He listened to me instantly not even trying to argue with me. I got on my bed too, and then mounted Fievel's upper legs. I was very careful not to hurt Fievel, as I didn't placed all my weight on him. I pressed my penis against his some, as his penis was so small next to mine. I allowed some pee to escape from my body, and all over Fievel. Fievel himself peed some, as I watched it go all over his own body. I peed some afterward, as Fievel seemed to enjoy me pissing on him.

"Oh Denny, your pee feels so good all over me."

"So you don't mind if I pee more Fievel?" I asked.

"Oh Denny, I'd love you to." said Fievel.

"Well I am feeding you too." I said.

"Feeding me?"

"Yeah, feeding you some of my poop." I said.

"Oh wow, that might actually be fun." said Fievel.

"Well then, here I come." I said. I moved myself up his body, my legs on either side of Fievel. It wasn't too difficult, as much smaller as Fievel was then I. I made it to his face, and before I had my ass over his mouth, my balls brushed against his mouth. Realizing this, I moved back down his body some, and then peed some right at his mouth. Fievel seemed to sense what it was I was about to do, as he opened his mouth. He seemed more then happy to swallow some of my warm, still very yellow, saved from morning, morning pee. I soon moved back up his body, rubbing my ass against Fievel's face. Fievel stuck out his tongue, lapping at my ass as I moved my but a little. He seemed to be overjoyed, to taste my ass.

"Want my poop yet?" I asked. Fievel didn't say anything, but he did nod as if to say yes. I looked under myself better, so that I would know when I was over his mouth. "Are you ready?" I asked, as he nodded again. I groaned some, as I pressed to poop... being pretty well able to do so, while also having to pee. I looked as best I could to see how big my poop was, it felt like 3 inches thick, but was probably just one. I looked as best I could at Fievel's open mouth, as I did my best being sure I was over it with my anus. I felt my poop begin coming from my anus, as now I could see some of it. I pressed myself hard, to try not to let it all out. I wanted to poop on other parts of Fievel, before sticking my penis up his young anus. My poop slid out further, as I did my best to hold back some. My poop finally broke off, and then landed in Fievel's open mouth. Fievel chewed up my poop, and then swallowed it. In a way, I couldn't believe it, as it was more then a mouth full. I moved myself down his body slightly, and then peed at his mouth. He opened his mouth, just about the very moment I had my penis on it. I peed some, holding back most my bladder, as Fievel took down my pee. He seemed more then glad to take down my pee, after swallowing some of my poo. I moved down Fievel's body further, allowing my penis to drag half erect against it the whole way down to his small penis. The little thing was sticking straight up, as he was enjoying what it was I was doing to him. I rubbed my penis against his for a little while, as I then moved up his body slightly. I wanted to mess up Fievel's body some yet, before pounding his ass. I pooped on Fievel's stomach, as Fievel too pooped, right onto my bed. I didn't care that he did either, but it seemed like kind of a waste. I soon moved off of Fievel, to get a cleaner area of space for full sex. I picked Fievel up, and then carried him to the bathroom. Hell, he was suppose to get a bath anyways, so the bathroom just seemed like the best place. I placed him in the bathtub, and then got in with him. I had to crouch down some, in order to match up our penises, so as to pee the rest of my bladder. Fievel probably didn't know what I was doing, until I began peeing. Fievel sensed what it was I was doing, and then he himself began to empty his bladder. It felt pretty good too, peeing with this toddler. It felt so good having his penis somewhat against mine, that I half felt that I'd blow my load before time. I did not squirt my load though, and I was glad about that. Fievel smiled at me, I smile back at him. I had him lay down in the tub, as he grabbed his feet. He knew what was coming, and was being very accepting of what I was about to do. There was some lube next to the bathtub, as I grabbed it. It didn't take me long, looking at him holding his feet, to get a good erection going. His ass looked so sexy, as his penis was bobbing about some. I got on paws and knees, and then proceeded to crawl toward Fievel. I got into a good position, soon over Fievel, as I directed my penis toward his anus. I had spread lube all over his ass, and some on my penis. There was over enough, but I just wanted to be sure. I pressed my penis at his super tight ass, as the head of my penis penetrated his anus first. Fievel stretched himself further, nearly placing his own penis into his mouth, as I pressed my penis in him further. Fievel merely groaned as I pressed my penis deeper into his anus. Fievel and I moved a little further together, as now he was stretched far enough to suck on his own little penis. Fievel lapped at his penis, almost like a lollipop or something, before he sucked on the tip of his penis for a little while. I began pumping Fievel's young anus as he sucked on his penis. It didn't bother me that Fievel was enjoying this, if anything, I was kind of glad he was enjoying himself, while I violated his body. I moved my penis in and out of his anus faster, feeling orgasm shooting through my body. Fievel himself was going through orgasm, I could feel it, as I fucked his little hole. Pee leaked from Fievel's mouth as I fucked his ass, even though I had thought he was finished peeing. I moved my penis in and out of Fievel even faster, moving with an almost metal rhythm, as I went into stronger orgasm. Fievel himself was starting to shutter some, as his body went into further orgasm. I somehow managed to pick him up, while still keeping my penis in his anus. I carried him to the living room, still with my penis in him, as I laid Fievel on the changing table. Yeah, we have a baby changing table in our living room. I continued moving my penis in and out of his red anus, as he moaned in orgasm. I was moaning constantly in orgasm, as I moved my penis in and out of poor Fievel's little anus. Little Fievel didn't seem to mind though, as a slight bit of blood was dripping onto the changing table. Lucky for me, there was changeable padding down soaking it up. It wasn't a lot of blood, just very very little, dripping from parts of his anus, where's I stretched it a little too far. I began panting, even though I hadn't yet came my load. When I would, it was going up young Fievel's body. I even had a thought about pulling out of Fievel's anus, but then I felt my peak coming, and didn't want to stop any longer, as Fievel continued sucking on his own penis. I moaned long, pumped in, then out, and then back in again. I felt the start of my peak, as I had pulled out some, I shoved back in deeply, feeling it squirt hard into his anus. I moved my penis out just a little, as my cum spat some more, I panted as I spit my load some more. And then my penis spit again, on the way back in Fievel's anus. Fievel moaned, and then went into his own kind of peak, as I pulling out a little, semen leaking from Fievel's anus as I did, and then shoved back in, spitting again. I continued moving in and out of Fievel's anus, semen leaking and then dripping all over the pad. We had hard wood floors, so if any were to leak onto them, they'd be pretty easy to clean. Some of it did dribble onto the floor, as I began wondering when my body would be done cumming, but just as I wondered, that's when I was done. I pulled my penis out of Fievel, making a Plopping sound as I did. Fievel's anus had a gaping hole in it, from my penis, as semen leaked out. His anus was still bleeding slightly, as it would probably clot pretty soon. Probably after taking a bath, it would stop bleeding. I didn't figure it would keep going much longer, as none was coming from within. Fievel was laying flat on his back, panting as this really took it out on little Fievel. He seemed though, like he was glad for some reason, as he had a smile on his face. I picked up Fievel, and then brought him to the bathroom. I ran the bath water, and then placed him in. I washed every part of Fievel's body, and then after his bath, I placed him down for the evening. Soon after Fievel fell asleep, and after giving him a kiss, I cleaned the mess I made. I placed a clean diaper on Fievel, and one piece pajamas. I waited until about ten thirty at night, and then pulled off Fievel's pajamas. I just wanted to check his diaper. The bleeding had stopped, but there was a red spot on his diaper. So I carefully wiped him off, and then replaced it with a clean diaper. I would later be explaining how he had bad constipation, as an excuse, and it worked well. No one seemed to question it. The only one who seemed to know, was his sister. But she just whispered that she knew. She never said a word for some reason.

They never did watch the movies which Denny had setup for them to watch.


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