Mikaela's Master

Story by DeamonPrince on SoFurry

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After five years, Mikaela finally lost to her rival bodybuilder Diana. And now Diana feels its time to show Mikaela who is top dog in another way too.

A small story Commissioned by ElricLite

Mikaela groaned, her failure to defeat her rival stinking her dark fur as she sat down in her dressing room. She closed her eyes as she tore off her bra, her massive breasts bouncing out as she heard the cheers for her rival outside her room. She pulled down her shorts, revealing her shamefully erect cock, it's long fourteen inches bobbing up and down. "I am a married woman. I have a very happy wife at home." She grunted, thinking of her beautiful wife, naked in bed, her legs wide open. Suddenly the image of Diana appeared with her legs open, her cock in her hand as Mikaela's cock was deep in her cunt. "AH!" She gasped, "No." She groaned, her canine fur rustled and angered.

She sat down in her chair and began stroking her cock, thinking of anything she can about her wife. "Her sweet lips." She moaned as she imagined receiving a blowjob. She then saw Diana instead of her wife and again she gasped in angered lust. "No." Mikaela then rushed over to her couch and laid down, "Sleep is what I need." She concluded, closing her eyes with her cock still pulsing with need.

An hour passed, the noise died and people were gone. Mikaela opened her eyes and standing before her was Diana, her black furred rival. "AH!" Screamed the naked Mikaela. "I'm naked!" She screamed, looking down to see her younger counterpart was also naked, and sporting a massive eighteen inch cock.

"As am I." She said stepping forward, leaving the thick meat in her view. "I just wanted to come over and ask a few things." Diana said, her eyes focusing on Mikaela's hardening cock.

"What is it?" Mikaela moaned, the scent of Diana's pussy and cock mixing together teased her even more now than it did during the competition.

"How many inches can you take?" Diana said with a grin, gripping her massive beast cock.

"What! I am a married woman!" She hissed, turning away and walking to the mirror and table.

"Just because you have a wife at home doesn't mean you have to ignore your female needs." Diana said with a chuckle.

"If you mean my pussy, I got a vibrator, and my wife has a strapon.

"But..." Diana saw Mikaela's hand stroking her ample cock and sack, "Nothing is better than a nice hard cock." She said as she grabbed Mikaela hips and forced her massive cock into Mikaela's sweet, wet, warm cunt.

"God yes!" Mikaela cried out, the sudden penetration exciting the lust filled canine. "Wait. I'm married." Mikaela moaned as she bucked against Diana's massive cock.

"I give no fucks." Diana grunted, reaching around and grabbing Mikaela's cock. "I just want a new toy." Diana suddenly began pumping into the tight wet pussy, her thick cock slamming into Mikaela's cervix, slamming into her harder and harder, making Mikaela's cock and ball sack bounce happily with each thrust. "Now who is a good little slut."

"I am." Mikaela said her eyes closing as she began accepting Diana's forceful poundings.

"Yes you are." She grunted pumping faster and faster, "Who wants my cum deep inside their whore pussy." Diana grunted, her cock throbbing, her sack tightening, her body aching for release.

"I do. I want it all." Groaned Mikaela, the image of her wife in her mind as Diana grunted and began filling her with hot semen and sticky cream.

"Get on your knees and clean me off." Demanded the black canine as her thick cock still bobbed with lustful ambition. Mikaela dropped down, her legs shivering as her cock drooled lustfilled precum, her pussy aching with desire for more of Diana's massive meaty beast. "Suck me dry then get on your back." barked the assertive and hulking bodybuilding bitch.

"Yes... master." moaned the completely submissive Mikaela. She did as commanded, quickly licking and sucking the thick white cream off of her master's cock before laying down, her legs wide open as her pussy dripped with Diana's cum and her hot juices.

"Good slut." Diana mused, her devilish grin and lusting eyes made Mikaela's heart pound more and more, her stomach filling with butterflies.

"Fill me again. Please." begged the hermaphrodite canine.

"No." Diana hissed as she mounted Mikaela, her dripping wet cunt, grinding against Mikaela's thick cock. "I want you to fill me." Diana said, her massive arms pinning Mikaela down, her hot cunt swallowing Mikaela's beast cock. "God you are huge." moaned the riding canine, her hand gripping her own cock as she bounced over and over, slamming her ass down to slam Mikaela's thick cock into her cervix.

"You are bigger." groaned Mikaela, the euphoric pleasure overwhelming her with lust, bliss, and ecstasy she could never imagine as she bucked up into Diana's perfect cunt.

"Yeah, well... you are the second cock I've ever fucked." grunted the hulking canine as she stroked her massive meat over and over as her other hand awkwardly slid its two largest fingers into Mikaela's wet cum filled pussy, grinding her g-spot with her fingertips.

"Good god." Mikaela moaned as she felt the pussy stimulus along with Diana's tightening cunt. "I'm close." Mikaela moaned, her mind going blank.

"Fuck. Me. Too." Diana said, her cock suddenly exploding with strings of hot cum, shooting into Mikaela's face, covering her tits and finally pooling on her belly as her pussy came as well, her own sweet white cream coated Mikaela's cock.

The feeling of the silky cream on her senstive cock, Mikaela released as well, her own hot cream shooting up into the very tight and wet warmth. Her cock pulsing over and over, as each string of virile seed shot up into Diana's hungry want womb.

"Good fucking god." moaned Diana as she rolled onto her back off of Mikaela.

Mikaela turned her head slowly to look into Diana's eyes. "I have never felt a pussy as tight as yours... It was almost virgin like."

"I'm a married woman as well... My husband however, only married me for the money. He prefers petite little sluts who suck dick for fun, not money." Diana sighed, "So every competition I've been to in the past five years I've fucked my opponent if I beat them. And for five years you've destroyed me... You finally lost... so here I am making up for about thirty competitions, and thirty times I could have pounded this perfect cock and cunt..."

"Am I your first Herm?" Mikaela asked, her cock still pulsing and drooling cum as she turned to face her rival

"Yes actually. I was shocked." She chuckled, "I never knew you had both sets of equipment... Do they fully work?" She asked patting her stomach and grabbing her sack

"One hundred percent for both. My wife is actually wanting me to knock her up when I get home... and I've been knocked up twice." Mikaela said sighing, "I wasn't a good person... I gave them both up for adoption... can't have bastard children with a mother and a father rolled into one freak." She said with a sullen grin. "Now enough of this sad sappy shit. Lets fuck some more." Mikaela said with a smile as she rolled on her stomach, lifting her ass up into the air as she pressed her cheek into the floor.

"Now that is more like it." Diana said with a grin and quickly got up and immediately mounted her toy, sliding her thick cock into the cum stuffed cunt. "God its so wet."

"All for you." She moaned, feeling her cock spring up as Diana began thrusting her cock into her sensitive cunt. "More master." Moaned the hot and horny bodybuilder.

"No talking. Only screaming my name." grunted the now gentler yet still vicious Diana.

"Yes Diana! Yes. God fucking yes!" screamed Mikaela as she felt Diana's hand on her back forcing her stomach further down while keeping her ass up.

Diana grunted and crooned as she felt Mikaela's tightness growing stronger and stronger with each thrust, making the black canine cry out in lewd bliss. "Yes Mikaela." She finally moaned as she thrust faster and faster, slamming her cock into the ready womb.

"Cum for me again." moaned Mikaela in her lewdest voice. "Please Diana! Oh yes baby!" She moaned louder and louder, over and over. Diana grinned and pulled out and rolled Mikeala onto her back. Diana then dropped down and began sucking Mikaela's cock, her precum sweet and salty driving Diana insane with lustful desire and lewd anticipation. "Oh yes Diana." Mikaela moaned as she watched Diana bob up and down, taking all over her meat into her mouth, over and over, gagging again and again. "Ah." She moaned as she watched Diana pulled her cock out and instead drag her soft tongue down her cock's underside, she then sucked on her sack , pulling one of the orbs into her mouth to gently suck on before spitting back out and burying her snout into her hot and cum filled cunt.

"Your pussy smells so fucking good." Diana moaned as her long tongue slid into the spunk stuffed pussy, rubbing every wall perfectly, making the canine squirm and moaned louder and louder.

"While we are here..." She moaned, her voice growing more and more lewd, "Its is yours." She gasped, as she suddenly felt Diana's thick fingers wiggling inside her.

"Well my cock and pussy need some attention too." Diana said with no hesitation. She climbed up her rival, her drooling cock running along her body. She mounted her face, and slid her cock into Mikaela's mouth, she began to pump slowly, each thrust making her moan lightly. "Thats it. Keep sucking my cock you dirty slut." She said as she quickened her hips.

Suddenly Diana gasped and fell forward from an overwhelming ecstasy. She looked back and saw both of Mikaela's hands around her cunt, sliding three or four fingers in to quickly rub her cunt's walls as Diana's cock fucked her face. "Yes you filthy slut. Finger my pussy as I fuck your face." She moaned, her voice cracking as the pleasure began to flood her and become to much.

Diana pulled her cock out and began pressing her cunt into Mikaela's face. Mikaela slid her tongue into the semen scented cunt, her hands reaching up to grab and vigorously stroke her cock. "Fuck! ME!" Diana cried out, her eyes rolling back as she back arched and she pressed her hips down harder.

Mikaela continued her hands stroking the thick meat faster and faster as her tongue twirled and stroked the delicious pussy walls. Diana moved back slightly and began stroking herself faster and faster until finally she began releasing a flood of semen, spraying and soaking Mikaela's face and fur with her hot sticky semen. "Yes." Moaned Mikaela as the flavor of Diana's baby juices dripped onto her tongue.

"I want you inside me again." Diana moaned collapsing onto the floor, her massive breasted chest pressing into the floor, the flooding pleasure overwhelming her, her mind blank with lust.

"Good." Mikaela moaned as she with no hesitation, opened Diana's legs, exposing her wet cunt and cock. "Hold still." Mikaela commanded as she mounted Diana and slid her cock into the dripping wet cunt from behind, pumping faster and faster with each passing moment, pounding her full speed with in minutes, making her rival cry out louder and louder with blissful lust.

"Yes Mikaela, fuck your master just like that." She moaned, bucking back to push her massive cock into her pussy deeper.

"Yes, yes, yes." Mikaela moaned, her mind flashing with images of her wife with Diana.

"Pump harder!" Diana commanded.

"Ride me then."

"Fine." Diana grunted. Within seconds Diana was riding Mikaela, her back facing her.

"Yes master. Yes Diana." Moaned Mikaela, her body aching from the sex. "More." She begged, the pain of lustful actions dull as the pleasure overwhelmed Mikaela's mind.

"Fuck your master." Diana commanded as she bounced up and down harder and harder, her fingers sliding into Mikaela's cunt, concentrating on her g-spot.

"I'm already getting close." She moaned, her mind flooded mess of lust, her body a torrent of ecstasy.

"Then cum for your master and keep fucking me until I cum." She moaned, bouncing harder and harder as Mikaela bucked up in perfect rhythm.

"Diana!" Mikaela cried out, her crooning voice a lewd sensation exciting Diana with a flood of lustful need and desire.

"Cum for me my dirty cum slut." She commanded, her fingers still deep inside Mikaela as her hand stroked her cock over and over, faster and faster and faster.

"Yes! Master! I am." Mikaela moaned, her mind completely lost to the torrent of lust and desire.

"Yes!" Moaned Diana as she felt Mikaela's thick cream shooting into her cunt for a second time, flooding her womb, drowning her womanhood with virile spunk and seed. Diana then stood up walked over Mikaela and continued stroking herself as Mikaela's own seed drooled out of her cunt and onto her chest and face. "Who is my dirty slut?"

"I am." Mikaela responded, her mind still lost as she slurped and licked the cream off her massive tits.

Diana sat down and continued stroking her cock as she grinded her dripping wet cunt over Mikaela's perfect ample chest. "Ready for a lil more?" Diana asked as she began releasing yet again, spraying the hot spunk onto the cum covered face of Mikaela as her mouth sat open wide, wanting to drink as much of her master's perfect cum as possible. "Good girl." Diana said before kissing the cum covered lips of Mikaela. "Lets clean you up and go for round... some number." She said with a grin. She then began licking the cum off her face and kissing her to transfer it to her, letting her swallow the seed happily.

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