Daddy's Little Girl

Story by DeamonPrince on SoFurry

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Barbara decides to pay her father a visit. Seeing he is stressed, she decides to be a good daughter and help him relieve that stress. Batman Fanfic, Barbara Gordon X Jim Gordon

I was commissioned on for this, hope you like it.

Barb slowly walked through the GCPD, the officers in a frenzy as they worked to find a lead to the new vigilante Batman. She giggled at the thought of dressing like a bat to beat up criminals as she walked into her father's office. "No! I want him found." He shouted on the phone before hanging up. "What is it sweetie?" He asks her as he sits down, trying to manage his anger.

"I was hoping to come and see how you were doing." Barb said, brushing her red hair from her face with one hand as she locked the door with the other.

"I'm a bit stressed and feel like beating something." He grunted as his head went back and he began massaging his temples.

Barb giggled slightly. "Why not do something else to relieve some stress." She suggested, walking up to her father from behind and pulling him away from his desk.

"Sweet heart, I'm busy." He groaned as she began massaging his shoulders.

"You are stressed, and too much stress can kill ye." She said in a light hearted and plucky tone.

"Are you a doctor?" Gordon asked jokingly as the massage began loosening his muscles.

"No, but I am a genius who loves her father and knows common knowledge about anatomy and feels it is her duty to help." She said in a single breath, gasping as she finished.

Gordon chuckled. "Sweet heart. The one thing that I could really use to calm me down, I can't get from you." He said, as he slowly felt her hands go down his chest.

"Yes you can." She said in a lewdly plucky tone.

Gordon suddenly stood up and looked at his daughter. "I am your father, you are my daughter. Sex between us is wrong." Gordon barked quietly.

"Daddy. I am on the pill by your command. I am a young woman with a supple body and you are a strong man with a big dick." She said in a lustful tone, smiling as she pushed her father onto his desk, his eyes wide.

"Barbara!" He hissed at her, pushing her away.

"You seriously don't want me?" She said, opening her jacket revealing her naked body underneath. "Where else you gonna get sex from? Prostitute? Some office skank?" She hissed as she tossed her jacket aside and began undoing her pants.

"Barbara! Stop this. I have your mother." He said, confidently.

"She has three other men, all bigger than you drilling her every day. She even told one to fuck me to keep me quiet. But I would rather have my daddy inside me than some piece of shit thug you put away three times." She hissed. "Momma doesn't love you dad. She doesn't want you, your dick, or even your money."

"How dare you!" Gordon began, when suddenly a Barb pulled a file out of her bag and tossed it on his lap, landing on his hardening cock. He opened it up and read the divorce papers. "She...

"Yes. Now give your little girl the love she wants, and you need." She walked up to him crouched down and began unzipping his pants. She pulled his thick cock out and slowly began sucking it, taking in inch after inch until all seven inches of thick hard cock were pressing into the back of her throat and she was gagging with each bobbing motion.

"Barb." He moaned letting her seduce him.

She pulled him out and smiled, "I want it in my pussy, please." She begged, her ass in the air, her hands on his desk as her hips wiggled back and forth teasing him.

"Don't move." He commanded as he dropped his pants, slid his cock inside and began pumping into her. "God this is so wrong."

"But it feels better than right." She said with a smile, "Now don't hold back. I want every inch in me, pounding the fuck out of my sluttly little pussy." She said with lust coating her voice.

"God Barb." He said, grunting as he thrust into his daughter's cunt. "This feels too good." He groaned as he pushed her away and walked to the couch in his office, sitting down with his cock still throbbing and bobbing about, his daughter's juices still soaking his meat.

The red haired beauty slowly sauntered towards her father, her fingers rubbing her clit as she got closer. "But daddy. I want it." She said as she mounted him, pushing his shoulders back and kissing him lightly.

"Barb. We shouldn't." Gordon moaned as his daughter's tight cunt kept bouncing up and down, taking in his thick meat into her tight warmth over and over.

"Then why are your hands helping me fuck you." She asked with a grin, bouncing harder and taking it in deeper and deeper, penetrating her deepest reaches.

"Because I want it." He groaned, feeling shame and lust for his daughter and himself. "Please tell me you are really on the pill." He groaned as he felt his cock begging for release as she continued.

"Dad. Of course. I'm seventeen, I'm sexually active, and I want to go to college." She said smiling as she felt the thick meat inside her throbbing. "Now cum for me daddy."

"Oh Barb. I want to so badly, but I'm afraid." He groaned, his hands lifting her up and dropping her down in rhythm with her hard bouncing.

"Don't be afraid. I'm not going to fuck you over. I love you dad." She said as she felt him pulse and throb again, his head arching back as he began to release, shooting his thick cream deep into his teenage daughter's womanhood, flooding her cervix and drowning her hungry womb. "Yes daddy!" She moaned, "Fill me with your cum." She gasped as she fell over next to him and laid on the couch for a second, a single drop of his cum seeping out onto the cushion.

"We can't do this again." Gordon moaned, watching his daughter pull up her panties and get dressed.

"Yes we can. And we will. You need it. I need it. Plus its not like anyone will know." She said dropping to her knees in between his legs. "Now hold still." She commanded as she took his slightly limp cock into her mouth and sucked the cream and juices off. "I love you dad."

"I love you too." he said to his daughter, a thought of her naked in his bed flashing through his mind pleased him. "Come back later, we can discuss arrangements then." He said, caving into his daughter's whim. Smiling as she kissed the tip of his cock and began heading for the door.

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