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#22 of Hospital Hijinks

Jacob and Lona decide to take the twins up on their offer to help them experience new things, but when they arrive at a small town movie theater, the following events are more than either Wolves were expecting.

Jacob slowly pulled into the parking spot of the small movie theater, the parking lot was nearly empty and littered with dozens of buckets of over-buttered popcorn and cold, salty nachos. "This theater?" He asked, looking back at Kim and Kelly, their heads bobbing up and down as they adjusted their outfits.

Kim got out of the car wearing a short black skirt and a tight black tank top, no panties or bra underneath so as she walked in front of the car Jacob and Lona both saw her bare rabbit ass and cute fluffy tail. "This is where Greg brought us for our first public fuck." She said with no hesitation.

Kelly then got out and adjusted her silky black dress, the end just passing her tight ass, but just as her sister, no bra or panties allowing all to see all underneath. "He took us to the front of a theater, screwed Kim. He turned to me, made me eat out his cum from her cunt, then as I did that, he drilled me." She said, catching the attention of a young buck exiting his car. Kelly saw his reaction in the reflection of the window, she turned to him and waved, "Hi."

He waved back, "Hello?" He said questioning the rabbits as Lona and Jacob exited the car wearing modest casual clothing.

"I'm guessing you heard about me and my sis?" Kelly asked, he answered with a nod. "Kim." She said, walking towards him, Kim following close behind. "Go to theater 8 and we will fuck you too." Kelly said with a smile and kissed him lewdly, her tongue entering his mouth and dancing with his. She pulled away and Kim dropped to her knees, yanked out his cock quickly and gave it a quick couple sucks before standing up and walking away with her sister.

The buck stood there in shock, his hard six inch cock throbbing with desire. "Holy shit." He muttered before following behind them.

As the twins entered the theater finding their wolf friends at the counter waiting to purchase their tickets. "Theater 8, the movie is some dumb as shit Rated R action flick with no hot chicks for guys to oogle, and hot guys for chicks to get wet over. So it should be kind of empty." Kim said as they reached them.

"Theater 8?" Lona said looking up,' The Pummeler Reloaded, Back with a Revengeance'." She said confused by the name.

"Its an ancient movie from about twenty years ago. Thing is, this theater is not very well funded, so they play whatever they can get. The town doesn't mind since their TV only plays the same damn shows all day everyday." Kelly said with a grin, she waved to the ticket counter person, a beautiful young Panther, her golden eyes seeming to pierce their souls.

"Kim. Kelly. Here to fuck a few more guys into divorce?" She asked with a smile and a wink.

"First off, we didn't know that a few of those guys had wives, so the divorces are not our faults." Kim said with a chuckle.

"Second off, we brought our own toys this time." Kelly said motioning towards the tribal wolves behind them.

"And would it be ok if I got a couple shots?" She asked, picking up a camera from the lower shelf. "You two and Greg are the only reason we still have customers."

"Shots?" Lona asked.

"Yeah, record you?" The Panther asked.

"What!" The white wolf said in shock.

"Lona." Kim said, "They sell it on the darkest dirtiest part of the internet... which happens to be the absolute largest part of the internet. Your video will be lost so fast that by the time anyone you don't want seeing it sees it, you will be a grandmother and have absolutely no shame for what we did."

Lona sighed, "Fine. As long as I don't get in trouble."

The Panther giggled and handed them four tickets and the camcorder, "On the house, as usual."

"Thanks Lily." Kim said taking the tickets and leaving Kelly the camera.

Five minutes later, the four of them were in the theater, sitting in the front row, the movie already playing. Kim sat on the left of Lona and Jacob was on Lona's right. Kim sat on his right and they watched the movie for a bit, trying to understand the cheesy plot.

Kim leaned over to Jacob and whispered, "Pull her into a kiss and get this started."

"Get it started how? There are at least twenty other people in here." He whispered back.

"Fondle her tits then slide your hand into her pants. If she says no because she's shy, tell her we are here to make sure she is ok, safe and sound, then finger her anyway."

"Wouldn't that be rape?"

"In my opinion no... Its forced a bit, but she said she wants it and needs to break from her shell."

"OK." Jacob said, his heart pounding with nervous butterflies in his stomach. He turned to his beautiful lover and pulled her into a kiss, She stood up slightly and then mounted him, pushing him back to deepen the kiss. "Um." Jacob said in shock as they finished, her eyes darting back and forth in nervousness, as she attempted to lift her shirt. "Where did this come from?"

"Kelly told me to do it. I need to break out of my shell." She said, stopping with only her stomach exposed. She looked up and realized all of the people in the theater were watching her. "I can't do this."

"Honey." Jacob said, pulling her into another kiss as she got back into her seat. "Don't worry." Suddenly there was a bright light as Kelly turned on the camera and began recording. "Just focus on me." He said as he left his seat, dropping between her knees and kissing her stomach as he pulled off her pants.

"Jacob." Lona whispered, moaning as his kissing lowered and entered into her crotch area.

"Shh." He said, hushing her as he pulled her panties and pants down past her knees, exposing her delicious cunt to the public.

"Jacob." She moaned again, her head arching back as she felt his lips against her clit.

"I said shh." Jacob said.

"Lona." Kim said as she pulled off her tank top, revealing her ample tits. "Suck my tits to distract yourself."

"But I'm not a lesbian." Lona said before gasping as she felt Jacob slid two thick fingers into her wet pussy. "Oh Jacob." She moaned as the lust began to seize her.

"I'm not either, but I do seem to remember just last night you let me eat you out while Jacob jacked off." Kim chuckled as she began pulling off Lona's shirt, revealing her black laced bra.

"Kim!" Lona said in shock and shame, covering her breasts with her arms before moaning from the waves of pleasure.

"Lona. Kim is just trying to get this moving along. Don't you want Jacob's massive cock inside you?" Kelly said behind the camera, getting close to show Jacob's intense pussy licking and clit sucking. "Also Kim, He didn't jerk off, I blew him."

"Really?" Kim said as she absent mindedly removed her skirt revealing her totally nude body.

The crowd of men behind them began whooping as Kim turned to Lona and began kissing her, getting the shy wolf to finally lower her arms and remove her own bra. "Very good." Kelly said, "And yeah sissy. I only had two shots of Vodka, you had six. You were so smashed that when you finally passed out I fucked your ass with a strap on and you didn't even budge."

"What!" Kim said standing up in shock.

"Kidding. But seriously, you were shit faced." Kelly said with a chuckle.

"Yeah yeah." Kim said before pulling Jacob off Lona. "Now Jacob sit down and Lona, get on your knees and service your man."

Jacob grinned slightly as he sat back down and saw some of the crowd behind them moving closer to watch the action. Lona looked at them and shook her head, "I can't."

"Lona. If you don't suck his dick, I will gladly do it. And I'll take all his cum and share it with my sister." Kim said with a lewd smile.

"No. He is mine."She said defensively. She took a deep breath, got on her knees between his legs and slowly pulled his pants down, exposing his massive cock, she gasped upon realizing how hard he was already. "You really want this?" She asked him looking up at him seeing his eyes filled with lust and love. She then looked behind him and saw three women with lust in their eyes, desiring his massive meaty cock in them.

"Yes I do." He said smiling at her.

"Ok, I will then. For you." She said staring into the eyes of the horny women behind her lover as she slowly took his cock into her mouth. She began sucking on his tip, her tongue twirling around the tip over and over, concentrating on the underside of his head.

"Oh yes." Moaned Jacob as Kim and Kelly moved to sit next to them, Kelly focusing the camera on Lona's intense oral appreciation.

"Suck my tits." Kim commanded as she lifted her chest and Jacob leaned down to begin passionately sucking Kim's ample breasts, her nipples sending waves of pleasure through her as Jacob's tongue twirled around it.

"Good fucking god." Kelly said, her cunt getting wet as she watched Jacob sucking her sister's tits and Lona sucking his cock. She turned to the back and smiled, "I need two men, one to hold the camera and get his dick sucked, while the other fucks me for a minute." Kelly said lifting the camera, suddenly it was snatched from her hand by a stout Goat, his cock already out and hard.

I'll fuck ye!" Shouted a horny buck as he stripped out of his clothing, tossing his shirt and pants back at his date, leaving her the beautiful chipmunk in shock.

"You disgusting pig!" She shouted storming at him.

"Sorry but you rejected my move earlier, so now I am rejecting you." He said with a smile as he dropped his boxers onto her face and finished running down the steps to lay on the slightly sticky floor.

"You are a complete asshole." Kelly said as she mounted him, lifting her dress up slightly, slowly sliding his seven inch cock into her dripping wet cunt. She turned to see Lona still blowing Jacob, his hands in her fur, massaging her scalp. She then noticed Kim on the floor under Lona, her snout buried into the white wolf's pure and innocent cunt. "Enjoying my sister?" Kim asked the gopher who was lifting up her hips as he pumped into her. He nodded and continued drilling her as she ate out Lona. She then turned to the camera man, "Do you have a date?" She asked, slowly stroking his dry cock, noticing the precum starting to build at the tip.

"Yes, but she enjoys me fucking other women. As well as guys." He said turning to wave at the naked and masturbating white tiger two rows back.

"You are a lucky guy." She said slowly taking his cock into her mouth as she began bouncing up and down on the Buck's cock.

"Thanks. My name is-" He began before Kelly grazed his four inch cock with her teeth.

"No names, I don't want to remember you, just the sex." She said, smiling up at him before looking down at the buck, "Same goes for you bucky boy."

"Don't worry. I'm only interested in the wet cunt betwixed your legs." He said with a sense of entitlement and arrogance.

Kelly sighed and continued bouncing again, harder this time, while jacking off the goat. She turned to see Lona on the floor, Kim's pussy buried into the white wolf's snout, forcing her to engorge herself on Kim's delicious cum filled cunt. Jacob was lifting Lona's legs, resting them on his shoulders as he slid his massive meat in and out of her over and over, her juices glistening in the dimly lit theater. She then noticed three men standing before her sister, each one nearly naked, and she watched as her sister sucked one and jacked off the other two for a minute before switching up the order.

"Kimmy." Kelly shouted, startling the heated rabbit. Kim turned to look back at her sister while still jacking and blowing the men. "Don't swallow, I want to share with you." She said as she turned back to the goat. "how old are you?" She asked as she took the cock back into her mouth.

"Twenty seven. Been married for eight years." He said, his hand stroking her fur softly.

Jacob, meanwhile, was thrusting faster and faster into Lona, his cock begging for release as the need ached and begged, and pleaded. "Are you close?" He grunted to his lover, answered by Kim's exasperated nod. "I'm close too." He said feeling her tightening on his cock, her juices dripping down his shaft and onto the floor from his sack.

"Dude. Just fill her up and I'll take over for you." Said one of the men Kim was attending too. He was a tall antelope, small horns and a massive twelve plus inch cock. He smiled as Kim stopped jacking him off and took his cock into her mouth. "Its not like I'm gonna be long." He grunted, his cum boiling in his sack. "I am close to cumming myself."

Kim pulled the antelope out, "All three of you, are close?" She asked, kissing the antelope's tip. She was answered with a set of nods. "Ok all three of you jack off and cover my face and fill my mouth with cum. Now." She said, one hand massaging her left tit, pulling her nipple slightly, while the other hand rested on her cunt, her fingers rapidly rubbing her clit as Lona's tongue passionately plunged in and out of her rubbing all the right walls each time making Kim grunt with lust.

"Lona." Jacob moaned, feeling her tense up more and more feeling her inching closer and closer to a public orgasm.

"Jacob. Just cum and keep fucking her, even though you might be a bit sensitive." Kelly said as she jacked off the goat, his head arching back as he neared his release. "Sadly most men don't do that. But if you do, trust me, she will love it." She said before looking down at the asshole deer, snoring on the floor as his limp cock slowly slid out of her cunt, his spunk spilling out onto him.

"OK." He said turning back to his pearl white beauty. "I'm cumming." He groaned, his words exciting Lona, making her lick Kim faster.

"Holy fucking shit." Moaned Kim as she closed her eyes from the pleasure. Suddenly, the three men began to grunt, growl, groan, and gasp as they released. First was the stout bulldog, his six inch cock spraying three strings of thick cum into her fur, and two shots into her mouth. Next was the tall bull with his five inch cock spraying all of his cum into her mouth before collapsing to the floor beside the bulldog. They laughed and high fived as they watched the tall and very well endowed Antelope shoot three very long and thick streams of cum into the young rabbit's face before letting a few shots shoot into the back of her throat, and two heavy drops fall onto Kim's very pronounced chest. He turned to the two men on the floor, his meat still pulsing with strength.

Kim looked down and smiled as she saw Lona's eyes roll back into her head as she felt Jacob's thick cum shooting into her pussy as his cock still drilled her, slamming his hips into her's over and over. She then watched her sister walk over, her dress stained white from the buck's messy release.

The men all watched as the two sisters then embraced, and began kissing, their tongues forcing the cum back and forth in their mouths, while still dancing with each other. Kim's fingers found their way into her sister as Kelly's found her hands massaging Kim's plump ass. "Now that is hot." grunted the antelope as he got dressed, his meat still pulsing in his pants.

Suddenly they parted, Kim's fingers still fingering her not as sexually pleased sister. They both crouched down with cum filled mouths and helped sit Lona up. "Kiss me." Lona said, the lust driving her as Jacob watched on, watching his beautiful lover kiss Kim, drinking some of the cum from her mouth before Kelly slowly let some of the cum drool out of her mouth onto Lona's face. "Its so wet and sticky." She said, giggling slightly as she looked to Jacob. "I hope this doesn't upset you."

"Only a little, but then again I did suck Kim's tits a little bit ago, and I did jizz onto Kelly's tits last night.

They chuckled as Kim and Kelly swallowed their cum and began slowly licking he cum off of Lona's face. "Kelly was a drunken dare."

"Still." He said pulling up his pants as the other men in the room began getting dressed as well. Slowly the crowd began to filter out, the large antelope kicking the sleeping buck on their way out.

The buck sat up, looked around, and began calling out, "Hey! where did everybody go? Where are my clothes." He said before turning to the door to see his now ex-girlfriend and two local cops. "Um. Hi honey..."

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