Hellboy: Slave of Tears

Story by silversnake on SoFurry

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Hello, my beautifuls! And good morning/afternoon/evening for you all in your timezones! The Mad Hatter is back with a story for you all, horny frickers, to enjoy!

Ok, let's get serious now. This here is a pretty hefty commission for our lucky Mr. E, who has decided to remain anonymous. Give him an applause, everyone! The good sir asked, and was promptly given, an erotic fic depicting beloved character Hellboy being roughly manhandled and sexually broken by his enemy, Gruagach. Now, this piece here contains fairly strong material of a non-consensual nature, as well as tapping on certain kinks that, while not everyone's cup of tea, were of the client's taste. Now, if you feel like any of this too much for you to handle, I'll gladly ask you to leave and refrain from leaving nasty comments, but then again this is the Internet and you're free to do as you may wish.

In a less serious note, I warn that this is quite the wall of text, people. Almost 20K words; that was scary to write and might be scary to read for some, but I encourage you to do so and find the horniness! Anyway, without further ado I leave you with the story. Stay tuned for the next time I'll open commissions and be sure to check my other sites, where non-furry stuff might be posted someday!

Hellboy and Gruagach © Mike Mignola

Black hooves hurried through the ground, their steps loud against the gravel until they skidded to a halt behind a rock. A massive, muscular chest heaved agitatedly, the bare red skin visible through an open brown trenchcoat. A strong looking arm held an oversized gun while what seemed like a gargantuan rock hand loaded new rounds into the empty chambers. It was all mechanical; force of habit even, which is why Hellboy needed to put no attention to it. No, his attention was over his shoulders, behind the rock he was using as a hiding spot from what had become more of an annoyance than anything in his opinion.

He was panting. He could feel it in the way the air went down his throat, the speed with which his lungs filled and emptied, the raspy sound of his breathing... But he was in no way gonna stop. Breathing normally would mean calming down, and calming down would mean letting his guard down. And he had enough experience to know what happened when you let your guard down. He needed none of that; if he had to pant and stay a bit agitated to keep his edge, he would. This thing warranted it.

A crash echoed through the air. Hellboy immediately held his breath, knowing that the incoming noise wasn't enough to drown them out and keep his cover. He could feel his hair standing on edge and could even swear that the flat stumps on his head where his horn where supposed to grow burned as if anticipating the danger.

They were steps.

From afar, but not far enough Hellboy thought, the tall figure of the Grom approached. A mountain of walking muscle, interrupted only by a prominent gut that he knew, from experience, was way harder than it looked, and on top of it all a large boar head that loudly exhaled hot air, clearly visible in the English cold weather; such was the beast now turning and scanning its surroundings for the demon.

It would be no surprise for most people to hear that this monster was merely a weapon; a giant created only for war and destruction back in the old days. But Hellboy had fought this beast countless times before and knew better than to let looks trick him. Two things were different from the first time he had faced the Grom: First, back then it was far larger. That's not to say it wasn't scarily big enough now, but he was literally only a fraction of the gargantuan behemoth he had been once, and Hellboy himself was to thank for that; he and a few trinkets that came in handy at the occasion.

The second thing, however, was more intrinsic. The kind of thing you could only notice from the look in its eyes; the look that wasn't merely looking for a target but an enemy, someone to destroy, to tear apart and gleefully laugh while doing it. A look full of anger and bloodlust, atypical of what was supposed to be just a war machine. That look didn't belong to the Grom; this body belonged to the Grom, but the Grom itself had been long gone. This body was now under the unwilling command of the fairy, Gruagach.

Hellboy shuddered as it came to mind that most people would think of tiny, finger-sized girls with delicate butterfly wings when they heard the word 'fairy'. Little flying girls sprinkling shiny dust instead of possessed giant killer boars; how Hellboy wished he was one such naïve fool right now.

He held his good old trusted gun next to his chest, begging it not to jam and hoping his shots wouldn't go bouncing off those armbands the giant wore. Again. A sudden lack of bullets was the last thing he needed right now.

He stepped out of the security of the rock and eyed the creature for the half second it took him to notice his presence. Hellboy immediately whipped his gun up and pulled the trigger, and boy it could've been beautiful...


A giant's fist got him on the chest and sent him flying several yards back, crashing on a nearby rock. Hellboy grunted and cursed at the gun in his hand for jamming again and berated himself for still choosing to bring it on missions instead of changing it already, but he had too much history with her for that. He didn't have time to reminisce however, as the boar colossus finished covering the distance between them. He had only finished getting up and he already had to jump around to avoid the hits being shot at him right and left. He had to commend the fat bastard for his speed.

An incoming left hook, but it seemed off somehow. Trusting his instincts Hellboy threw his large rock hand at it and it immediately broke Gruagach's pace. He thought he had heard glass breaking but he didn't have time to start hearing things. He threw his right rock hand at Gruagach again, landing one clean shot on the boar's jaw and following up with a left. He went for another right hook but the beast seemingly swatted his hand away and it fell heavy on the floor, dragging him with it. Hellboy was left standing on one knee, honestly perplexed, for probably one more second before two more hits and one hell of an uppercut sent him flying for the second time today.

He slowly started coming back from his daze to the hot taste of iron on his mouth, too familiar for his own comfort, and maybe a tooth dangling dangerously. No teeth had actually fallen though; that was new. His coat wasn't tattered to shreds; also new. Keeping up the same line of thought a new image presented itself in front of him; that of Gruagach standing over him and leaning close enough to his face that the rancid breath filled his nostrils in a matter of seconds.

"Anything I can do for you, ugly?"

"Quite a mouth you have, Anung Un Rama," the fairy spoke and the stench that came out of his mouth almost made Hellboy lose consciousness again.

"There's this recent invention called mouthwash-"

"Silence!" the boar bellowed and Hellboy winced, more due to the smell than anything. "The vial you broke before contained the tears of Her Majesty, Queen Mab. They are the greatest blessing of the Daoine Sidhe. To be bathed in them is to be received with open arms by the fairy folk. And even the Right Hand of Doom, the profane power that can bring the end to all life that walks upon this Earth, cannot bring itself to deny this baptism, impromptu as it is"

"Get to the point, bacon strip," Hellboy was honestly getting impatient with Gruagach's grandiloquence, and with words like 'baptism' being thrown around he knew he had no time to waste listening to him. In this business, religious terms like that were never good news when coming out of the bad guy's mouth, and if Hellboy's current train of thought was correct he had every reason to be worried.

"Her Majesty cries over fairy blood needlessly spilt, and to receive Her direct blessing and needlessly spill fairy blood would be to spit right on her face! To receive her blessing is to swear never to raise arms against your brethren, and not even the Right Hand of Doom can break such ancient law," Gruagach leaned down and his face was now mere inches away from Hellboy's- Scratch that; with the fetid fumes that were the boar's breath causing the bile to rise up his throat so easily, he couldn't be more than an inch from his nose. "You can hurt me no more, Hellboy. But I'm a disgraced fae, fallen from grace and forever trapped in this abominable form, no longer under the watch of our benevolent matriarch. I can certainly hurt you!" and as if his breath hadn't done a good enough job he shot one final fist straight on the demon's face, knocking him out cold.

Hellboy slowly came to. Where was he? How much time had passed? His senses came back to him one by one; first his touch, which told him he was being pulled by the neck of his coat. His hearing followed almost immediately and now he could hear his own ass grinding on the floor as he was dragged by a grunting creature behind him. His smell came next and the disgusting scent of death permeating the air instantly filled his nostrils, making him nauseous, made only more sickeningly painful by the empty stomach that had little to throw up. When he gathered the strength to actually open his eyes the unmistakable sight of a dungeon welcomed him. Shackles chained to the walls, to the floor, behind small empty cells, not even beds or latrines inside, and many of them still holding their prisoners, most gray bones that had been cleaned by maggots long ago, some more recent, still rotting, still a feast for bugs as their putrid aroma clung on the air. For a short, admittedly disturbing second the idea that some of them might be rotting alive crossed Hellboy's mind, and despite the outlandishness of such an idea it still sent shivers up his spine.

The hand that had been dragging him threw him forward and he crashed against a wall, the air escaping his lungs and he gasped in a desperate attempt to cling to it. Grunting from the pain Hellboy looked up at Gruagach, his porcine factions still not a treat to the eyes; those beady orbs stared at him, brimming with hatred, the kind that would make most people tremble and cower in fear, but Hellboy found himself staring back.

After a while, Gruagach snorted. It was a rough, nasal sound, expected of his form, but not for that any less chilling.

"You confuse your arrogance for 'unbreakable will', Hellboy. It will do you good to remember that you're a prisoner with no options for escape. The Right Hand of Doom, the wretched artifact that you have feared for most of your life is now a chain that keeps you forever bound to the fairies, never powerful enough to slip off our grasp. My grasp, Hellboy; that's the ultimate fate that you must accept, that you belong to me now"

"Since when did you get so eloquent, pork chop?"

"Watching an enemy groveling at your feet can be a quite inspiring experience," Gruagach said with a sinister chuckle that almost made Hellboy step back. "And inspired I am, Hellboy. A so-called paragon of justice you are, you're nothing but a scourge in my people's struggle to survive. To end you is an honor; a privilege, even. But I don't seek glory, I seek revenge. And my revenge will be far more enjoyable than to simply end your life"

The hairs on the back of Hellboy's neck stood on alert and he just knew something bad was coming. He tried to move away from his standing spot but the rock hand weighed him down by whatever magic the boar giant had used earlier and he could only see as Gruagach slowly, leisurely approaching him, taking his time with each step and enjoying the growing stunned panic on Hellboy's face.

"This body, Anung Un Rama, screams at me to fulfill a primal need. The most primitive of all desires, if you may," Gruagach said and his body pressed against Hellboy's, pushing him down and pinning him to the floor. The gut sucked in and their chests collided, weighing Hellboy down and trapping him in front of the pig-like monster, victim to his wretched breath and the drool threateningly dangling from his tusks. "Killing you would be too easy. I want to break you instead. To use that desire and thrash on your spirit, trample it until you become a withering shadow of your former self. Do you know what that desire is?"

Hellboy was about to shoot another of his typical one-liners at the fairy but just as the words were about to leave his mouth an idea, and a terrifying one at that, formed in his head. A primal need. The most primitive of all desires. Something strong enough to break him. Of all the things that came to his mind the one that seemed the most logical was also the one that seemed the most convoluted. And the last of Hellboy's options, had he actually had a say in the matter. He refused to believe, though. He couldn't accept that, of all things, as his fate. It was simply impossible.

Until Gruagach's rough hand slipped under his coat and started caressing his chest. Hellboy froze, not even breathing as to not rile the hand squeezing his pectorals. His eyes drifted upwards, almost as if they didn't want to witness how his body was slowly tainted by the monstrous fingers, but instead they landed on their owner as his tongue slobbered all over his lips, a look of lustful hunger being their greeting. Hellboy could barely contain his horrified reaction, wide-eyed and gritting his teeth, still deep down in his brain telling himself hat this wasn't happening, and Gruagach let out a maniacal cackle filled with snorting sounds from his snout.

"There it is," he said once he stopped laughing, "That beautiful look of terror. This body, Hellboy... This body wants yours. The Grom is yelling at me to make you his. To make you mine!"

"You wouldn't dare..."

"Your mistake," Gruagach bellowed and his hand fell from the massive red chest, down the chiseled abs and started toying with the rim of Hellboy's shorts before cleanly ripping them off his legs, "is to doubt the lengths I'll go to for the sake of my revenge!"

Hellboy watched, now truly and utterly terrified, as his own length jumped out of his now tattered garments and hung limply between his legs. Normally his pride, the massive red cock, as long and thick as his forearm and covered in veins pulsing with the power and rage of his demonic blood was the least of his concerns. What truly worried him was the draft of air he felt on his balls and further down, on his virgin hole, contracting and expanding in synch with his already hurried breathing. It made him feel vulnerable.

Gruagach kicked him on the side. Logically speaking, it had been with just enough strength to make Hellboy turn around, but the griping pain shooting into his brain made logic take a seat in the back of his mind. As he laid face-down on the floor his dick touched the cold dirt on the floor and it only reminded him of the giant's plans. The pain suddenly mixed with the worry and the fear, twisting around each other in his mind and sickeningly gnawing at the small part of him that was still desperately denying it all. The same hand that had dragged him to this place pulled the back of his coat's collar and forced him on all fours before ripping the coat off him, and the cold breeze now rubbing his exposed skin send that denial next to logic.

A low click echoed clearly in the chamber's silence. From his position Hellboy looked past his own bent legs and dangling dick as Gruagach's kilt-like armor fell on the floor with a loud jangling, sounding almost too ominous for his personal taste. There was no more denial after this; that would be stupid. The next best thing to do was to try and escape but no matter how hard he tried; Hellboy's rock hand wouldn't budge an inch. The fairy's magic filled the Right Hand of Doom and from there travelled down his whole body, tingling, crawling and shivering all over, keeping him pinned down for the beast.

A particularly dark chuckle reached his ears, occasionally marked by a short snort. Rough, hairy hands full of blisters massaged his inner thighs, brushing against his flaccid length. Very few hands had ever touched it, most often his own and even then that was uncommon at best. The touch was unfamiliar and uncomfortable, and the more Gruagach's hands rose the more unease he felt. Those same rough hands reached his buttocks, grabbing and squeezing them. Hellboy gritted his teeth and tried his best to move out of the pig's grasp despite knowing his magic made it impossible, but of course it did nothing but increase his panic. One final gasp left Hellboy's mouth when he felt his cheeks being spread and a fat thumb started circling around his tight red pucker; and he could swear he could even feel the thirsty look that was now being directed at it.

"It's beautiful," Gruagach said in a raspy voice, sounding almost like a cry of joy. "The Grom is fascinating, Hellboy. It doesn't really care for your gender, it just wants gratification; a release for its own pleasure. And I must admit I'm rather excited myself!"

"Never knew you fancied the other team," Hellboy spat, some of his usual spunk still alive in him.

"Not particularly, no. The male body never caught my eye before. But the Grom is so desperate that it spills over into my own consciousness. And I must say it's rather liberating not having many preferences. Makes everything more enjoyable," with that single statement Gruagach leaned down and let out a large tongue out of his snout. The tip touched Hellboy's balls and a small moan almost escaped his throat but he held it in, not wanting to give the fairy his so-called 'gratification'. The moan quickly died down in there, however, as he moved up along his taint and approached his hole, slobbering it, covering it and filling it with his slick saliva, pushing against it to get in and coat his insides. The sensation made Hellboy tremble in revolt and he had to hold back, this time from screaming in disgust. "Fuck..." Gruagach sighed after his tongue left the hole and if his heavy breaths were any evidence he had been toying with his own junk while doing so.

Sound was all the evidence Hellboy had as to what was happening for he wouldn't dare to see what Gruagach did to him. He stared forward at the rock wall of his cell or in its defect at the ground, but never back. A grunt and a slight dragging reached his ears as warning along a strange throbbing down his legs, far different than the one he usually felt around that area if any. Some sort of intuition screaming at him in unintelligible gibberish that still gave him goose bumps, becoming clearer by the second. By the time he understood what exactly was making him feel like this the tip of Gruagach's member was already rubbing his ass, making it wet and slick with the giant's pre and pressing against it in a hideously teasing manner.

Hellboy froze in horror at the sheer size the head seemed to have and tried his best to block any thought that made him even remotely wonder how big it was. That was by the far the last thing he wanted to know, and it would be the one thing on his mind any time now. The irony didn't escape him at all and it made it all the more disturbing.

Gruagach gave one first push forward, grunting from behind his own gritted teeth while the red hole futilely tried its best to fight back the invading force. Any sound from the pig stopped being of any use for Hellboy to identify what was being done to his body as they were all drowned by his own pained roar at the massive head pushing inside him, but he no longer needed them as the burning sensation that started crashing down on his body was more than enough for him to tell. Just as he had feared the girth alone was stunning enough, proportionate to the Grom's size or perhaps even wider than necessary. The creature was well endowed, a thought that humorlessly passed through Hellboy's mind as he didn't need anyone to tell him. No, experience itself was doing that for him.

"Shit... Fuck..." Gruagach breathed again, stopping at the engorged head alone and fell forward, landing on top of Hellboy's back and breathing down his neck and his ears.

One more thought passed through the demon's mind; of how in many other contexts this image would be that of two lovers in the middle of an intense and passionate session of love-making. But even if he swayed that way Gruagach wouldn't be his type. Perhaps; who knew, really?

"You know..." the pig's words got Hellboy out of his trance, along with his chest being roughly rubbed. "I fell in love once... With a human woman at that. And she loved me just as much. So much that it was her love what eventually led to me turning into this monster... And as much as I despise the idea of defiling her memory, today no other thought comes to mind other than all the nasty things I never had the chance to do with her," Gruagach's head rose and leaned, his lips now close enough to Hellboy's face that even the slightest whisper would be heard, and even the slightest breath would smelled. "All those things I will do to you today, Hellboy! And I plan on enjoying each second of it!"

"Do you want me to put on a dre-"

"Nobody said you could fucking talk!" Gruagach screamed as he planted Hellboy's face on the ground and pinned it there, pushing as if he wanted to crush his skull against it. Just as he had believed no pain could be worse than getting his ass spread open by Gruagach's cock the pig came with this, almost as if to remind him of who was in charge right now. It was said that rape isn't about sex but about power, and it became clear who had more of that.

Rape. The word stuck on his mind as Gruagach let go of his head; as his ears kept ringing from the pain. He was being raped. It was cruelly fascinating how he had been fully aware of the fact but it hadn't really downed on him until he actually used the word in his head. It made him feel small, almost as if he deserved it for being so small. He knew from theory those things were typical, but it was completely different to know them from practice. If he could he would fight back; he would swing that gargantuan monster of a hand and bash Gruagach's skull open and smash that disgusting snout until he was hitting the ground instead. But he couldn't. He was helpless and that was the most demeaning part.

Gruagach's arms fell next to Hellboy's face and the weight lifted off his back as the giant prodded himself a few inches above him. A slight thrust from his hips and all thoughts drained from his mind, once again flooding with the intense pain of his ass being slowly expanded. More and more of Gruagach's impressive length started making its way in, inch after inch of boar meat pushing in against his insides' useless attempts at tightening to stop him. If anything, Hellboy knew that the tightness would be an incentive for the giant to keep going as pleasured moans and snorts had already started leaving his snout.

Gruagach stopped after what felt like hours, his dick lodged deep inside Hellboy's pucker, gushing small trails of pre that he could sickeningly feel dripping down his body. A part of his mind wondered how it would feel when the giant actually came and he didn't even bother with pushing it back. There was really no point to that. Gruagach was panting now and used Hellboy's back to support himself back up; the action made his dick shift inside his ass and a grunt of discomfort from him elicited a snicker from the boar.

"Not bad," Gruagach said in an almost mocking tone. "We're already half way in"

And Hellboy couldn't help but shoot his eyes wide open at that. Half way in. Half way fucking in!? He could practically feel Gruagach's tip poking his prostate and now he was telling him it was only half!? He knew the fairy well enough to know that something like lack of space wouldn't stop him; in fact, any chance to inflict pain on Hellboy would only encourage him into going forward. Who the hell needed a dick that size anyway!?

Once again one more inch of Gruagach's meat pushing inside Hellboy shoved everything outside of his brain. Nothing more than strained screams and enjoyable moans filled the air, growing in ferocity with every second that passed; with every amount of cock being crammed inside a hole long ago packed to the brim and sending nothing but agony up its owner's nerves. And just as Hellboy thought he could no longer keep it up, just as his nails dug on the ground and the Right Hand of Doom, to some degree moving at his command, tore the hard floor like sand, did Gruagach's groin touched his butt.

The massive length had gone all the way in. Hellboy breathed in short gasps but it wasn't enough to fill his lungs. He tried his best to calm down, to convince himself that it was all over at last, but one particularly loud snort on his back drew his attention. For the first time in the past minutes he dared look over his shoulder and Gruagach's empty look gazed back at him. His eyes were blank as if his brain had shut down and the idea of making a joke about that crossed Hellboy's mind. He immediately shot it, though; given his situation jokes weren't the best thing to use his time for.

And right then, without any kind of warning Gruagach let out a deafening squeal; a horrific, ear-shattering sound that left Hellboy unable to do anything. Paralyzed with fear he just saw the boar's head frantically thrash about before their eyes locked again. For one second Gruagach was still; the only evidence of him being more than a statue was the heaving on his muscular chest as he breathed. And after that second passed another squeal came out, this one not as loud but not for that any less shrilling. Strong arms took hold of Hellboy's hips and pushed him forward, taking the fairy giant's dick out of his ass up to the hilt before shoving it all the way back in. he repeated this action two, three more times in the following second and with each thrust let out a delighted snort. Hellboy instead went back to staring at the ground, screaming as he was furiously humped by the creature above him; that thing could no longer be called 'Gruagach'. That thing was a lustful demon that had given in to the sexual frenzy that was his virgin pucker, humping and thrusting like mad, maybe four every second, their balls slapping harshly against each other. His ass' natural reaction was to clench despite his brain's protests and that only made the thing go harder at it.

It took less than a minute. A few seconds that could easily amount to one hundred madly fast shoves of the boar meat inside him. And with a booming, snorting roar Gruagach's dick shot out its millennium old load deep inside Hellboy's ass, not stopping or slowing down his humping in the least. As gallons of the white, hot liquid filled the hole for the first time the member that provided it kept pushing and pushing. Hellboy could feel the fresh cum sticking to his inner walls and the massive prick pushing it forward and pulling it back, the substance itself aiding its entry as more of it was poured in him. He could hear the squelching the cock made while squeezing its way inside the wet ass; feel it vibrating through every fiber of his being and he could only scream to try and drown the sound out.

The onslaught of cum finally ended and Gruagach pushed Hellboy to the ground, releasing his cock from the confines of his ass. Hellboy fell limp on the ground and heard as his captor did the same, his heavier frame making a noticeable rumble. His now empty hole then started the arduous labor of contracting from its lost virginity and he hissed at the burning soreness in him, letting out a small scream from time to time. Gruagach looked at him groggily, panting tiredly but still letting out a mocking snort every once in a while. Hellboy hadn't bothered to look back at him but he could picture him clearly, sitting on the ground, watching him grovel and playing with the softening monstrosity between his legs, maybe hoping to get it hard again and keep his torture going. But instead the same rough hand that had spread his butt cheeks minutes ago rolled him over, making him lay on his back. He let out a surprised grunt and then looked at the boar next to him.

"That was quite decent for a start," Gruagach said with a tinge of sick joy on his voice and walked over to sit on Hellboy's chest, giving the demon an up-close look at the massive length that a minute or so ago had been lodged inside him. And certainly as Hellboy had calculated from that experience it was about twice as big as his own, length and width, glistening all over with cum and still dripping with some. Why a war-made creature like the Grom needed a cock, especially one so big was beyond him, but he refrained from making any comments about overcompensation, at least for the time being, and let Gruagach continue. "But as you see, the Grom isn't so easily pleased," he said and lifted the monster of a dick to reveal a pair of colossal testicles, brimming and pulsing with what Hellboy could now believe was millennia of semen. The musk alone was overwhelming and made him dizzy, and for a second he was sure Gruagach would shove them down his throat. That he wouldn't have.

"So I should assume you got into the Grom's body to compensate for your own?" he said, some of that spunk still alive somewhere deep inside his being. It would take more than a few measly cumshots to put it off. But a backhanded slap from the Grom's gargantuan hands would certainly keep him quiet for a while, or so he thought as his head fell to the ground, his ears ringing from the pain again just when a hand pulled him up fast enough to make him dizzy, not even giving him the courtesy of letting him touch the floor.

"You think you're clever!?" Gruagach yelled and the anger behind his words almost made Hellboy flinch. The boar's breathing became heavier with his commotion and the air coming out of his snout was almost as visible as if it was steam, but Hellboy stared at him, remaining defiant. "Don't give me that look! That sickening fire in your eyes, screaming that you're still alive... Maybe... Maybe it needs to be doused"

Gruagach grabbed Hellboy by what little hair he had and pulled his head back so that the demon would look up to him. The second hand slowly caressed his bulging gut and lowered to his engorged cock, aiming the head at his face, his slit staring back at him, dripping dangerously. Hellboy figured he would just jerk it off for a few seconds before ropes of cum came out flying straight on his face, and as disgusting as it sounded as long as he kept his mouth shut he would keep his dignity intact.

Hence his surprise when a shining stream of yellow came out instead. In his shock, his mouth opened up just enough for way more than a few drops to slip their way in and the acidic taste of Gruagach's urine crashed against his tongue. He desperately tried to spit it all out before it fell down his throat, but with his head being held in place every attempt just meant his mouth was open for more and more to come in until he reflexively swallowed. The warmth flowed down his body all the way to his stomach and Hellboy felt the need to throw up to get the it all out of his system.

The stream eventually stopped. Gruagach let out one final sigh of relief before flicking his already flaccid dick to get rid of the last few droplets and then got up and took a few steps back to admire his work. Hellboy was prodding himself up with his elbows so everything that hadn't landed on his face was instead all over his naked chest, some dangling from his nipples and dripping down his abs to his own hairy crotch. Gruagach sensed a gentle stirring in his own loins and he absentmindedly wondered if this new excitement came from the Grom's desire to defile a strong, beautiful body like the one in front of it or if it was some sort of personal taste he had been previously unaware of. None of that mattered to the conscious side of his mind, though, as what truly turned him on was the look on Hellboy's eyes; a mix of hatred, anger and poorly hidden shame.

A thought crossed Gruagach's mind then. That it didn't matter what was between someone's legs, as long as he could use it for his own joy and their suffering he was perfectly fine no matter what kind of sexual implications it may have. With this curious moment of personal growth he grabbed the kilt-like armor that had been forgotten on the ground and slung it over his shoulder; there was no point on denying his meat some well-earned fresh air. He made his way out of the dungeons, a bit of a victorious swing to his walk that made his balls dangle from side to side, and just as he was about to cross the threshold of what could be called his new prisoner's cell he turned his head around to look at him one last time.

"I suggest you rest up. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow," he said with a nasal grunt-like laughter and left Hellboy to his own musings.

The demon panted nervously, unsure of what to do or how to react. Unable to think of anything else he gave in to exhaustion and dropped to the ground. He closed his eyes and thought to himself quietly for the first time in he didn't remember how long. He had just been raped. The whole idea never left his head after it first came, but only now could he properly ponder on it without the unbearable pain on his ass distracting him. Truth be told, given his line of work he had weighted the possibility that this could happen to him at some point, but after so much time with nothing happening it pretty much slipped to the part of his mind where all unimportant things were kept, subconsciously convinced it would just not happen to him.

He thoughtlessly fondled his balls and cock in some sort of adolescent reflex from simply lying naked. Of course he wasn't going to jerk off after getting his ass plowed hard by a giant fairy boar but the fact that his body reacted so calmly to the whole ordeal made him think it would be ok. He had been through worse crap in the past and it all made him confident in his ability to live through this as well.

His left hand- the one that he could loosely call 'human' -reached for his eyes and wiped the few tears that had started forming there. Naturally a part of him wanted to just cry it all out and fall asleep in the hopes that it was all a horrible nightmare and that he would wake up back on his bed in the Bureau, maybe with a stain on his sheets caused by the sexual nature of his dream. But that was just wishful thinking, each piece of it more convoluted than the last one, all in a hopeless attempt to comfort his wounded soul.

He breathed in to calm himself down. He would have plenty of time to lament himself once he got out of here, but right now he had to remain sane enough to figure how to do just that. He called upon his years of experience; the decades that had roughed him up, making him nearly impervious to most forms of physical and psychological torture and applied them here and now. He had to remain at his best.

A quick glance around the room told him all he needed. Despite not being locked to a cell himself, instead being left in more or less an open space in the dungeons, the lack of windows meant that his only way out would be to go around the boar's chambers, and given the new nature of his right arm stepping in front of a fairy wasn't ideal for an escape. Besides, he was too tired and sore to even stand up. Giving to this thought he closed his eyes and tried his best to sleep, but deep in his mind the gears had already started turning, looking for ways out. Tomorrow would be another day.

"Look who comes for a morning greeting!" Gruagach said with morbid glee from his seat.

Hellboy sneered at him as he walked over, still bare from their encounter the night before. The Right Hand of Doom hung limply next to him but he could feel the fairies' magic pulling him from it towards their master. Gruagach himself was sitting on a rock chair on top of stacked slabs of stone, all set as an impromptu throne of sorts. Just like Hellboy he was naked, his legs wide open to show the monstrous length between them gradually stand longer and straighter at the sight of its prisoner. Gruagach leisurely licked his lips at the demon, sending a shiver up his spine.

He was unsure how long he had been asleep; between his own inner clock being messed up due to the previous night's events and the lack of any outside lighting, it was impossible to determine whether it was day or night. The only reason he had woken up at all was because of the magic around his stone arm tugging at his mind in his sleep; same reason why he had left the dungeons and reached this place in a single stroll, as if naturally knowing where everything was. Gruagach's magic influenced his mind for him to follow his orders at his best, but he was already thinking ways he could use that particularity in his favor.


That very same power pulled his arm down at Gruagach's words and with it all of Hellboy's body. The sudden action got him out of his musings and he gritted his teeth in anger at the sound of the pig's snorting, clearly his own version of a chuckle at his expense. Hellboy looked up, not trying to hide his contempt in the slightest. The massive length stood fully erect above Gruagach's crotch and would occasionally poke against its owner's chest, causing thin, almost invisible threads of pre to link them together; it only seemed to entertain the boar when this happened though, as if it was a delightful reminder of this body's endowment.

"Don't be afraid. Come closer. Kneel by my side," he said with clearly fake endearment, gesturing Hellboy over while fondling his length. He would've loved nothing more than breaking his nose with the very hand he was using to control him with, but that very hand was why he had no saying in the matter. Instead that very hand was what coerced him into walking over and kneeling next to Gruagach's throne. The boar's hand cupped his chin and gently raised his head in what would've been a touching image if not for the other hand playing with the tip of the throbbing cockhead. "You still look at me with such defiance in your eyes," he said when he looked at the demon's fiery expression, rubbing his cheek with the back of his hand before smacking it. Hellboy held back a hiss, not wanting to give him the satisfaction, but he had to admit the pig was insanely strong.

Hellboy felt his head snapping up against his will and his gaze locked with that of Gruagach's. The boar's beady white eyes remained on his own yellow ones for a second at most before they started going down, inspecting every inch of his body, every inch of his exposed red skin. He couldn't see Gruagach but he could almost feel him eating him up, devouring him with his eyes while smacking his lips with that rasp tongue of his and images of his nipples being licked and sucked and his cock and ass being ravaged by it rushed their way into his mind. Hellboy shook all the thoughts off his head; being a sex slave was degrading enough without his own unfounded fears adding to it.

But then, as if reading his mind, Gruagach lowered his head just enough to reach his crotch right above his own flaccid dick and lick all the way up his abs, in the cleft of his pecs and around his neck. All the way up Hellboy could feel the drool being left on his body, heavy, sticky and cold, almost like sweat, and just as the pink appendage reached for his face and tasted his cheek he held back a shiver. A shiver of disgust, anger and horror as Gruagach simply did whatever he wanted with him; a shiver that only got worse from the dark snort the fairy let out right next to his ear.

"Say, are you hungry, Hellboy?" he asked, again with that tone that pretended to care for the demon's well being. It only downed now on Hellboy that it had a certain inflexion to it, similar to the ones parents' used with their kids in those overacted sitcoms from the '70s. "Do you want a nice, juicy treat?" Gruagach kept asking. Hellboy saw something move out of the corner of his eye and against all internal debate he turned around to see.

And immediately wished he hadn't.

Next to him Gruagach was shaking his hard-on at the base and the whole length wobbled as if waving at him. Hellboy wasn't stupid as to not realize exactly what he had meant by 'juicy treat', but actually having it in front of your face was a whole other matter. He didn't have time to ponder on it, much less try and complain as Gruagach yanked his head back and a second later shoved his meat inside his mouth. There had been no premeditation, only reckless abandon poking against the back of Hellboy's throat, popping his jaw open and making him gag from exertion and thick fluids coating for easier access.

It was terrifyingly amazing how much Hellboy could feel; every single vein in Gruagach's rock hard member immediately registered by his tongue, each one pulsing with the Grom's warm, powerful blood, each pulse echoing through all of Hellboy's body, making him tremble in astonishment. The hefty testicles, still holding their centuries of unclaimed seed continuously slapped against his chin and reaching down enough to hit his neck as well; the smack against his red skin joined the slurping and squishing from the dripping wet cock slamming against his mouth, already coated in a glistening mixture of saliva and its own pre. The room's deep silence was broken only by the sounds of their session and Gruagach's occasional grunt, far more controlled than the previous night, but each one seemed to further entice the boar into slipping inch after inch of him inside the demon's throat.

With one final thrust of his powerful hips and one last loud snort out of his snout Gruagach's impressive load shot again, this time straight inside Hellboy's throat who could do nothing but swallow it whole. The boar pulled and held his head in place and Hellboy's nose crashed against his crotch, right below his gut. As if the fountain of cum gushing down his stomach and the tip of the boar's length almost reaching as far as his chest wasn't enough the overwhelming stench of his musk filled his nostrils and dazed him just enough to shut down any sense that wasn't already being ravaged by the pig. And just as he could feel his insides finally shift to accommodate the invading member, Gruagach pulled his head back and held his cock in place in front of his face. For less than a second Hellboy stared at the slit in the middle of the pig's cockhead right before one more rope of cum landed straight on his face, followed by several others that coated his face, his neck and just a bit of his chest white in a matter of seconds.

When he was finally don, Gruagach fell back on his throne, huffing and playing with the few strands of cum that lingered around his length, reaching to lick some of it off his fingers. He licked his lips, seemingly relishing on his own taste before looking down at Hellboy. The demon was barely holding himself in place with his arms, breathing hoarsely as his windpipe tried to get used again to the free space. The look of shock on his face was priceless, and framed by the thick white seed made it simply beautiful. Almost imperceptibly, Hellboy swallowed; it was most likely some sort of spasm from his throat's new experience and from the look on his face he didn't even feel it, but Gruagach couldn't keep a chuckle from rumbling deep in his chest at the idea of his enemy drinking his seed out of free will. There was something empowering and arousing on the idea.

"Seems like you had your fun as well," Gruagach said in the same falsely caring tone and Hellboy sneered at him, though the pig's stare wasn't directed precisely at him. No, the pig was looking just slightly lower and Hellboy followed his gaze at his own crotch, where his dick stood proudly and twitching in wait for someone's touch to help release its burden.

"What?" Hellboy muttered in a voice far too filled with panic to even try and come up with a snarky comment. He couldn't find any conceivable way that he had enjoyed this enough to get this hard -and man, was it hard! How he hadn't felt the pressure between his legs before was a mystery but now it was so evident that it was hard just to not moan from the casual breeze hitting his head. "This is wrong! I didn't-"

"Shhh..." Gruagach cupped his chin again and his fat thumb made its way inside Hellboy's mouth. Confused and unsure of what to do his tongue started moving by itself around the digit. Gruagach smiled at that before continuing. "Between all the pheromones being thrown about just now and last night it's completely normal you would experience some sort of arousal. Honestly, you should be worried if you didn't!" he cleaned off the semen still clinging to the demon's face, all the while talking in that attempt at a soothing manner that did nothing but make Hellboy's hairs stand on end, and took his time to lick the seed off his hands, apparently having found a personal fondness for his own flavor. Once he finished, he looked at the demon again with eyes that poorly hid their contempt for him. "But if it does indeed bother you so much I'm sure there's something we can do to make sure you're comfortable from now on"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't talk back," Gruagach replied in an uninterested voice at the time he slapped Hellboy with the back of his hand again, making his head recoil in pain. Instead of the usual glare he would've given the pig, however, Hellboy simply looked up, still confused and upset over everything that had gone in the past few seconds. Gruagach smiled at his despaired expression. "Now, sit like the dog you are"

Every presumed interest he had on Hellboy's wellbeing had been thrown by the window as his voice once again took a despotic inflection for him. Hellboy, bound as he was by the fairy's magic felt his stone arm immediately push him down to sit on his butt with his arms resting forward, just like any mutt would do in its master's presence. Gruagach took a leather collar and leash from his throne and while the demon wondered just exactly he had been keeping it, it was clasped around his thick neck, completing the dog image the boar's order had started.

"Don't you look charming like that," Gruagach said in that fake voice again, somehow retaining that disdaining quality to it. Hellboy almost winced back but whatever part of his brain kept his slowly diminishing dignity chose to snarl at it instead, unaware that in the boar's mind it just contributed to his position as an unruly pet waiting to be disciplined. Gruagach chuckled at the thought before pulling on the leash, making Hellboy follow him down the throne in all fours.

For the next minutes Gruagach led the bound demon down long series of corridors, halls, stairs, always going down, deep under the ground as if descending on the bowels of hell itself; the dread and anxiousness Hellboy felt on the pit of his stomach certainly made him believe that was the case. There was something in the air, a certain quality or essence that he couldn't quite put his finger on that made his perception fail him. How long it had been, how many steps had he took, how many turns and ups and downs; it was impossible for him to remember. Gruagach was the one that knew his way around, and most likely his jumbled perception was the boar's fault as well. He needed the boar if he wanted to have a chance to leave, and that was the most dreadful thought of all.

At last they reached a large, dark chamber. Hellboy couldn't see anything beyond the deep darkness, consuming the world around him, but he could still feel... He could feel his own hands and legs against the cold stone floor, his breathing getting increasingly rasp as his brain went into overdrive from the fear, and Gruagach's pacing in front of him, tugging at the leash, that unwavering chain that further pinned him down to the boar's sick will. They kept walking and in his blindness Hellboy had an even harder time telling any form of distance or anything else that would help him leave by himself. And then he saw it.


Beyond the darkness the only thing that could be seen now was a low crimson light seemingly pulsing on the floor, and the more they approached it the more he felt the infernal heat coming from it. It made him think of burning coal and for a second he asked himself why Gruagach would bring him down here. The thoughts that popped on his head weren't pleasant and he was sure that what the boar had in store for him was far worse. By now, though, he had come to accept that there was hardly anything he could do to escape so for now he just steeled himself for the torture he was about to endure. He had gone through enough things in life to know that if he willed himself to it, he would survive.

When Gruagach finally stopped they were just inches away from the source of the light. Instead of coal, as he had somewhat been expecting, Hellboy saw a small cluster of shining red stones, their light threateningly throbbing like his captor's massive length (a metaphor for which Hellboy would berate himself later) and their intense heat crisping and distorting the in front of him. There was no water or humidity around them but he could still hear them sizzling on the low, almost as if they were burning something else. Gruagach petted his head gently, almost as if he had read his thoughts and wanted to soothe him but all the action got was irritation from the demon.

"You must be kicking the gears inside your head trying to figure out why you're here, aren't you my pet?" he said and for the first time since leaving his throne room Hellboy looked up. In this room and with these stones as the only lighting Gruagach seemed utterly demonic. The shadows casted around him by the curves of his own body gave him a dark profile more befitting of the gods and devils Hellboy had seen during his career and he could almost swear that his eyes shone as red as the rocks below them. The dog charade must've been getting too deeply into the demon's head because he had to hold back a whimper. "Do you know what these are?"

Hellboy looked down at the red stones again. They could've fooled him as just everyday rocks recently taken out of an industrial furnace but he would be damned if the fairy would go to such simple measures to torture him. In a way that was the most unnerving part, not knowing what he was facing. He tried to come up with a snarky remark, anything that could show the boar that he wasn't afraid and that his spirit wasn't broken, but the sad truth was that everything was starting to get to him.

"These are volcanic stones taken from the island of Elma, one of just many fairy settlements that were unfairly taken from us by the humans," Gruagach explained after noticing the lack of an answer from Hellboy. What little hair the demon had was used as a lever to yank his head backwards and the boar's rough, leathery hands started rubbing his chest and down his abs. Hellboy did his best to keep from moaning as Gruagach's explanation continued. "They usually don't do much but under the right rites they shine with the red anger of the gods of old, looking for sins to burn," his hand reached all the way down to Hellboy's crotch, where his still painfully hard cock waited, constantly jumping and begging for attention. The boar's fingers gently stroked up and down until reaching the head and playfully playing with the slit, pushing against it, almost trying to make their way inside; it was at this point that Hellboy couldn't help himself anymore and simply let loud moans of pleasure out at the touch. "Like I told you before, there's something we can do to make sure you're comfortable"

While still fondling Hellboy's dick, Gruagach leaned down to bit and pull on his nipple before licking his way up to the demon's face, tasting his sweat and sucking as much of it as he could from his neck. The attention felt amazing on his body and in the dim light of the stones it all started to feel right. A little voice in Hellboy's brain told him to give up and accept this peaceful joy; this pleasure that so willingly was handed to him, and for a second he actually considered this, trapped as he was in his euphoric daze, unable to think beyond the delightful sensations between his legs.

It was this euphoric state what Gruagach wanted. To dull his senses and focus them all on his loins as poor Hellboy was thrown on the scalding rocks on the floor. The demon's eyes shot open and a booming scream filled with searing pain shot out from the depths of his chest as his balls and cock were pressed by the boar's foot against the burning rocks. The sticky, heavy smell of burning flesh started filling the enclosed space; Hellboy himself was too drowned with pain to notice anything else, but Gruagach licked his lips lustfully at the scent of his enemy's suffering and the sound of his skin frying, slowly turning into a charred delight.

It had only been a few seconds but Hellboy's throat was already rasped from the magnitude of his pained yelling. The heat was insane and had his brain not being drowned by it he would've thought to himself how 'volcanic' was a good definition for these damned rocks. Gruagach's heavy hoof pushing on it didn't help matter as it pressed hard enough to make Hellboy feel like his cock would burst in little pieces of flesh long before it was burnt to a crisp. But the boar wouldn't let this chance to inflict pain on the demon slip away and just pressed hard enough to make sure he wouldn't try and lift it away from the scorch. No, he was staring at the member, admiring from afar as the demon's pride blackened; waiting for the time to show off his handiwork.

"Look at it," Gruagach commanded Hellboy and guided by the fairy's magic still lingering on his right arm he opened his eyes and against all common sense looked down, expecting the nauseous sight of his junk turning into a black blister. What he saw, however, horrified him even more.

It was indeed black, crispy skin, seemingly fragile to the touch and even falling off on some parts, revealing some of the tender pink flesh underneath only for it to start carbonizing as well; but the actual worrying part was how it was about half the size it had been before. Hellboy wanted to believe it was a lie but it was the one dick he had been seeing all his life up until Gruagach kidnapped him, and he had spent enough quality time with it to be familiar enough to tell. Black fumes seemingly exuded from it, reeking beyond anything Hellboy could've described even out of a state of seething pain, and he was sure that with every small tendril of smoke coming out of it his cock shrank further.

Realizing what was happening had some sort of effect because now he could actually feel it: His member, his pride and joy that would stand erect above his whole body on the slow nights he would have for himself in order to keep him company, progressively getting smaller. His nutsack, usually so hefty and eager to release his load, send it flying all over his body in a show that would elicit gentle chuckles from his chest started disappearing, his crotch slowly losing the nostalgic weight.

"Are you enjoying this too?" Gruagach whispered on Hellboy's ear and the demon jumped back in surprise. He now noticed his rushed breathing, evidence of the panic attack that had slowly being taking over his head. His mind was overwhelmed by fear and pain, but not enough for it to go numb; rather, it was filled by them just enough to feel them both in their pique and nothing else. Just fear and pain and the degrading sensation of his cock reducing itself into a juvenile prick while his testicles faded away. Gruagach noticed all of these thoughts flashing through the demon's eyes and grinned before pushing what little was left of Hellboy's manhood against the embers, eliciting another howl from him.

Had it not been for Gruagach holding him from his hair, Hellboy would've fainted then and there and the rest of his body would've fallen into the crisp and char as well. But the boar wasn't going to let the sweet release of death to reach his new favorite toy so soon and the sudden yank only woke Hellboy up to more suffering. He didn't dare to look down again, sure that if he did he would found nothing in his crotch and only bits of black flesh vaporizing in the stones, the last of his length drifting and filling the tepid, empty air of this underground chamber with the fiery stench of his burnt sins. For a second that felt as long as hours he wanted nothing more than death, convinced that salvation was a faraway dream; he wouldn't have to submit to this wretched fairy's will any longer and he wouldn't have to suffer any more of this emasculation. But Gruagach was too cruel to let it end so pleasantly for him.

Hellboy felt himself being pulled back and unceremoniously thrown to the ground behind the burning brass. Another yell as the air touched the sensitive skin between his legs but he still didn't see; he clenched his eyes shut to reject the morbid curiosity. A porcine snort forced them to shot open, however, and in front of him once again stood his captor. Gruagach stood between him and the dim light emitted by the Elma stones, shadowing his entire frame except for a dull red outline on his sides and the towering mass that was his cock. Hellboy looked at it in the darkness at the time he felt the sinking realization that his own familiar weight was missing and an involuntary tinge of jealousy coursed through his veins. The boar fell on top of him, keeping himself barely above the demon's body with his fists on the ground; only his large gut touched the demon's marked abs and he blew a breath of foul steam on his face in what seemed like a devilish smile framed by his prominent tusks.

"Look at yourself now," he said as his hands travelled up and down Hellboy's warm thighs; the touch stung enough to make him clench his teeth and the lack of things bumping on each other only made things worse. "So small and defenseless; like a little baby in desperate need of daddy's help," a part of Hellboy- the part of him that still kept some of his signature sharpness -couldn't help but laugh dryly at the irony on Gruagach's statement. He was still a huge, scary demon, brimming with pulsing muscles and enough strength to bring down an elephant, but not even as a toddler had he felt, in the boar's words 'small and defenseless' as he did now. "Is that what you are, Anung Un Rama? A weeny wittle baby?"

A tongue was pushed down Hellboy's throat immediately after and in a matter of seconds his lips linked with those of the boar currently dominating him. A leathery hand started rubbing up his thighs before reaching to the freshly exposed flesh on his crotch and squeezing where just moments ago his erection had stood proudly, and Hellboy couldn't help but yowl painfully into the kiss, getting a delighted moan from Gruagach as response. He kept pressing and the demon kept screaming, making his chest rumble, his tongue agitating deep into his throat and his cock twitching in expectation. Their kiss lasted just a few seconds before Gruagach pulled back, still rubbing the demon's nether regions and closing his eyes to take in the symphony that was his tortured wailing.

"Adorable, don't you think?" Gruagach as he pulled Hellboy's chin up to look into his hopeless eyes before pushing it down just enough for his field of vision to reach the one thing Hellboy had been vehemently refusing to see. The thing between his legs was nothing short of a pencil, hardly living up to the magnificence his dick had before the stones reduced it to this pitiful sight, and his balls had truly disappeared, leaving only a smooth surface of tender flesh in their wake. Panic flooded his brain again and his breathing started rushing, trying to understand the image before his eyes; a single brush from one of Gruagach's fingers, however, sent a jolt of pain sharp enough for it to shut off again. "Really sensitive too"

"Stop that..." Hellboy managed to say in between short breaths, sweating profusely from the pain and from the chilling cackle that came out of the boar's snout following his voice.

"You should respect daddy more!" the boar said and even in his distressed state Hellboy sneered at him and the idea that he would keep the 'daddy play' thing up. Gruagach on the other hand seemed thrilled by the game and with a single finger trailed Hellboy's stomach, playfully tickling him. "Then again, daddy should be more concerned about your booboo, right? You want daddy to kiss it better?" he said and lowered just enough to lick along the demon's nearly barren crotch. A wave of relief filled Hellboy as the coolness of the boar's drool momentarily put off the burning sensation like an ice pack and a deep moan escaped his lips. Almost as fast as he had started though, Gruagach got up and slowly the seething started creeping up the demon's leg again, making him wince slightly. "Do you want daddy to kiss your booboo again, baby boy?"

Had it not been for the sharp pain picking at each nerve on his new tiny pucker, Hellboy would've raised an eyebrow at Gruagach's choice of words. The way he was right now however he was actually considering the boar's offer. As pathetic as it was to beg an enemy for mercy, especially one so infuriatingly diminishing as this, the growing pain was too much for him. He swallowed his pride and weakly nodded at Gruagach.

"No, no," the boar cupped his face far more roughly than any time before and looked at him with a disturbing mix of fake care and killing intent bordering on a psychotic smirk. "Daddy Gruagach loves his little Hellbaby's voice, you know? So daddy Gruagach wants to hear his little Hellbaby ask him in that adorable baby voice of him for help"

Hellboy bit his lower lip, at first to keep himself from cursing but then to keep another scream from leaving his mouth as the pain started shooting upwards. With a heavy sigh he surrendered. "Daddy... Daddy, pwease... It huuu'ts..." he said in the best baby accent he could muster, but the sobbing was far from fake as tears started swelling up in the corner of his eyes.

Gruagach grinned with eyes wide open like a maniac and pushed Hellboy's legs apart roughly enough for the demon to feel something popping out. Beyond just his excuse for a dick he could feel the touch of the vacuous air of the chamber on his ass, slowly contracting, still somewhat loose from the previous night, and then the hungry fumes coming from Gruagach's snout as he approached his lower parts. A tongue drooled and leaned forward, playing with the spent hole for the slightest of seconds before going up the red taint, flesh becoming softer with each inch until he reached the demon's crotch and a delighted shiver shook all of Hellboy's body.

As much as he despised the boar Hellboy had to admit that Gruagach's tongue felt incredible, and his skills with it were masterful. Every single swipe, even every brush against his ass felt strangely compelling and small grunts started coming out of him. Lap after lap resounded on the room and with each a new layer of cool saliva shone on his loins, sending fresh relief up his legs. He felt tempted to gently push the boar's head down, make him eat his crotch faster without much concern over the fact that he couldn't make him gag anymore as he would've so proudly done so in another time, but he didn't entertained this thought for long; Gruagach's thick appendage was a fine distraction, an admission for which he would berate himself later. Maybe.

It was rather curious how the roles had slowly changed and now, in a moment of need, Hellboy found solace on Gruagach's attentions. Stockholm syndrome perhaps, he wouldn't deny it nor did he care. The pain, the sadness; all of it came mostly from his still ignited desire to escape, fueled by his own rash streak, but wouldn't it be easier to just give in, accept and embrace Gruagach's treatment?

Hellboy pushed those thoughts out of his mind; they were better to be had at a later time, in private, in a clearer state of mind. Right now he preferred to sit back and relax; to enjoy his captor's body as much as the boar had enjoyed his, no matter how contradictory his brain said such a thing was.

"Fuck," he sighed without even realizing it, intoxicated as he was by the boar's ability. No sooner had he said it, however, said boar suddenly stopped his lapping and slowly got up. A gentle, almost imperceptible breeze blew between Hellboy's wet legs, sending a small chill up his spine despite the sting that followed, far tamer than the smoldering sensation from minutes earlier but still fairly noticeable.

"Baby!" Gruagach gasped in an overly dramatic fashion. For a second Hellboy looked at him, confused, unaware of the devious glint in his eye. "You can't say that! That's a very bad word to say!" Hellboy heard the words but it took him a while to actually understand them, and even before he fully did he was turned over and prodded on the fairy's knees. A hand rubbed his butt before a dark whisper reached his ear. "You were a bad baby, and bad babies need to learn"

A falling movement later and the dry sound of a slap echoed through the chamber. Hellboy winced more out of instinct than actual pain but that didn't mean t hadn't hurt, and Gruagach meanwhile rested his hand on his buttock for a second, slightly groping it before delivering a second smack that once again filled the room with its loud, clean noise. Gruagach finally sat down on the floor and Hellboy rolled down on his knees until his whole body was touching that huge boar gut just as he raised his arm for a third hit, this one getting a yell-like grunt out of the demon.

When some sense finally started dawning on Hellboy's mind he tried to look behind him to the boar's face. Gruagach was trying his best to keep a serious semblance, like any loving, worried father would when put in the situation of spanking a son, but behind that he could clearly see the wicked arousal it produced him, hidden under small signals like the slight biting of his lower lip. Spank after spank, hit after hit, each one made Hellboy's body rock forward and back, like the humping they had the night before, and underneath he could feel Gruagach's length stirring, pulsing against his abs and already smearing them with pre.

While short grunts and moans of pain were indeed leaving his throat Hellboy wasn't really screaming. Getting spanked hurts, especially by hands as large as Gruagach's own, but after every other crap he had gone in his career as an agent for the Bureau his skin was thick enough to live through it. This was all just part of the boar's sick paternal fantasy, so he wasn't really worried about what he would feel; just a minor sting in his rear, nothing compared to the scorching of his balls or the piercing of his ass. And yet, a part of his mind couldn't keep itself from noticing what kind of big contrast was there between a few seconds ago and now, when Gruagach's actions had urged him to moan and thrive in the pleasure of his company and actions. The contrast was too big for Hellboy to grasp its meaning in his current state, so when Gruagach talked and shoved it out of his mind it wasn't that much of a loss.

"This is worrying, Hellbaby," he stopped and just rubbed Hellboy's ass, a disappointed expression drawing on his face as he realized that the demon's already red skin wouldn't allow him to see the marks of his craft. He stayed in character, however. "I know you want to look strong in front of daddy, but it's not healthy. You have to cry it out, not keep it in," he said with a hint of a snicker in his voice.

At any other time Hellboy would've rolled his eyes and just kicked the crap out of the guy, but the twitch and pull of the fairy's magic lodged in his arm, long forgotten after his emasculation, moved up to his throat and eyes. Gruagach smacked his ass one more time, this time harder than before and a small whimper made its way up. Hellboy's eyes shot open the second he heard himself utter such a weak sound but before he could think of anything to protest the feeling of another whack shot through his back, making him cry out even louder. The pain wasn't that much higher than a few seconds earlier, but he couldn't keep his eyes from tearing up as Gruagach's hands kept coming down on his ass. One more spank and his voice creaked into short sobs.

"Daddy! Daddy, it hurts!" he croaked falsely. His screaming was overly acted and while his eyes watered it was more akin to dryness than actual sadness or pain, and no tears fell down. The magic around his arm kept shoving the idea into his body, however, not even his brain; it was all done almost automatically and he was just a spectator to the show of his image being torn apart by the shame he was slowly being put through.

"I hurts me even more, baby!" Gruagach said, almost sounding sorry but Hellboy could hear and feel the smile creeping on his face and distorting his voice, joined by the occasional snort as he started humping the air beneath them, his cock gushing more and more pre all over Hellboy's bare chest and abs. His arm kept moving in the exact same motion, falling down on the demon's red rear and forcing sobs out of his throat, each one louder than the last until they became a single continuous wail, a perfect imitation of an infant's cry.

"Waaahh! Daddy, don't!" Hellboy cried out, every second louder and whinier. He could feel his whole body flaring up in embarrassment and he started biting his lower lip in regret. The shame of being treated like a baby by his enemy, the fear of having being captured and not knowing what was going to be done to him next, the jealousy towards Gruagach's massive monster cock coating his underside and covering his still stinging loins where his once large beast once stood -it was all a turmoil of emotions in his head, wrenching at his common sense; in a way, just letting himself go and obey Gruagach's orders was a blessing in disguise, soothing in its own strange, contradictory manner.

Gruagach spanked him one last time and the echo kept bouncing off the cavern's walls for a few seconds before the only sound left was Hellboy's weeping. It was a fake sound, he knew, but he couldn't stop it, almost as if his body deemed it real and necessary which he knew was the magic's work. As his wail went on he could feel Gruagach's cock under him, throbbing furiously, still shooting pre every other moment, and he could see his balls raise in anticipation; he knew the boar would want to take care of a boner that size, but the question was what Hellboy's role would be on it.

After a while his whining declined into a low sob. No tear had fallen out of his eyes yet and Gruagach had taken to play with his hole, poking it with the tip of his fingers and sometimes pushing all the way to the end of his fingernail just to see Hellboy squirm a bit. A strange mix of emotions unlike any the demon had felt before downed on him, spearheaded by a burning humiliation. He had no reason to feel this way since none of this was his fault, but he was too ashamed of himself to even look Gruagach in the eye. His sworn enemy and kidnapper, a creature so low in the world that he had to make his living in a secret society's underworld, and here was he was making Hellboy feel too small to look up at him. He slouched with a sigh of surrender that the giant took as cue to get him off his knees.

"I'm sorry, Hellbaby. I really am, but I had to," Gruagach said in a cruel tone, not intent on keeping the charade much longer, but Hellboy didn't care. Despite everything there was something soothing about being carried by the Grom's gargantuan arms, leaning against his massive, heaving pecs and letting go of all his worries to just be a toy that didn't have to bother with the tiresome task of thinking. He just nodded absentmindedly before dozing off against that muscular chest's warmth, his left thumb sliding inside his mouth out of instinct rather than Gruagach's orders. The boar leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "Daddy's here for you, baby," before licking his cheek and lips and sliding his tongue in for another rough kiss.

With the sleeping demon in his arms Gruagach looked down at the sticky mess his pre had made of his chest and couldn't keep a grin from forming in his snout. He considered for a second licking the demon clean when he woke up, taking special care of biting in all the right places. He shelved the idea, though, preferring to let his new adorable baby a night to get used to being covered in his manly scent. Carrying his new toy in his arms he exited the room, his thumb occasionally flicking the limp inch of flesh that was now Hellboy's cock just to see the little thing wag a bit.

It had been days, probably weeks; Hellboy no longer knew. Time had become such a meaningless, inconsequential thing. Ever since the incident with his testicles (the effects of which, he had pitifully realized, were apparently permanent) Gruagach had kept his treatment of him constant, yet inconsistent. At times he would treat him as a baby, spoiling him, feeding him, demanding him to go along, to cry and scream and look at him with admiration, expectancy and just the right amount of fear, all at the same time. At other times he would be a dog, kneeling next to his master, accepting his petting, his games, his punishment, always held by the leash that anchored him to the boar. At rarer times he would be both in an unspeakable mixture of relationships that honestly disturbed him far more than either of them did separately, but one thing always remained, and that was the sex.

Hellboy was Gruagach's sex slave and he would remain as such, no matter what the situation of the day. If he was his baby, his father would play with his ass while changing him or spanking him, slip his tongue deep down his throat to keep him from crying, eat his loins to keep the burn scars from stinging too much. If he was his pet, his master would order him to suck his dick, lick his pits and ass and sniff every bit of his musky self. His dick would always touch him; he would always wound up covered in the boars pre and on times he felt particularly frisky he would take the bother of actually jerking off and showering him in his cum. And yet, he hadn't fucked him again, not even once.

Hellboy was confused, to say the least. He had come to dread the angrier, kinkier mood swings on the boar's part, the days he would be nothing but a toy for him to try and break, to drill his frustrations on, and he was particularly anxious about the time he would decide to take a turn on his ass again. But there was also a strange feeling of yearning for the nicer side Gruagach had shown him, the mask he put on as a father or a loving owner. As fake as it was, the attention was a ray of hope lighting the darkness of the underground, and even if the light itself was just a teasing punishment, he enjoyed basking in it as much as he could on those rare occasions it shone down on him. He hated Gruagach, but because he had nobody else to project any other emotion he had come to love him as well.

Unsuspecting to the demon Gruagach chuckled besides him. He relished the idea that Hellboy was racking his brain trying to figure out what was going on inside it, how to make heads or tails of this mess, never suspecting it was all premeditated on the boar's part. To punish and reward him blindly served to acclimatize him; in his brain Hellboy was starting to associate both, reward and punishment with happiness, love, fear and hatred, all of it mixing and twisting to keep his mind in the idea that, no matter what, he was Gruagach's now to do as he pleased, which the boar was convinced would slowly break down his mind until turning him into a depending heap of flesh.

Yes, Gruagach hated Hellboy, but he had come to fall in love with his body, with every crease of his muscles, every pore of his skin and how he could use each to bring out more screams and weeps out of the demon's mouth. More than once he had heard him crying himself to sleep and every time he had pleasured himself to the sound of his lonely suffering, to the point that his own body reeked of his seed, one more thing he had come to enjoy, as even now the musk from all over his body reached his nostrils and started stirring his length.

Beyond all that, however, today was particularly different, as it was Hellboy's first time out. 'Out', of course, was a loosely used term as they were still underground, but at the very least he had left Gruagach's domain for the first time since his slavery began. It was one of those rare 'days' when the boar would mix things up and see him as a pet baby, but Hellboy had been surprised when he had been approached by him, speaking on that sugarcoated voice he had grown used to, and rolled him down on the floor to secure a tight white diaper around his legs. He had no way of knowing what kind of expression he had given when the boar had finished, but based on how hard he had been biting his knuckle he figured it wasn't a pleasant one.

So now here he was, humiliatingly wearing a diaper in the middle of a crowded plaza, walking on all fours as a gargantuan boar pulled him by a leather leash; all things considered, he had to give Gruagach some credit for having the decency of putting his kilt back on and hiding that monster cock of his, but it made him nervous how a part of him wanted to be able to see it again, as some sort of nostalgic reminder of the magnificence he had sported once.

He could feel the stares of everyone around them too, some of them of surprise and disbelief but always turning into the same mocking sneer. What seared through his skin the most, however, were the ones he knew recognized him, either as Anung Un Rama, holder of the Right Hand of Doom and bringer of the Apocalypse, or as Hellboy the agent from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense that had probably put more than one of them in their place at some point. Those weren't laughing at him because they found him amusing, they did so to hurt. Their laughter wasn't filled with the simply insensitive joy that you would find on children laughing at the small kid being bullied, they were sharp blades meant to prick on every inch of his skin, sending jolts of shame through his body.

He fought off that shame and dared to look up at his master- he might as well started getting used to the role. Gruagach wore a distinctively devious smirk that somehow complimented the image he gave with the leash in hand and Hellboy couldn't help but dart his eyes up his strong arm and back to his chest and gut; he had found some sort of solace in admiring the boar's body recently, not sexually but more as a sign of power. The strong arms and pecs and the prominent gut gave him such an air of relentless authority that Hellboy felt at ease, no longer needing to worry and instead letting his master take care of everything for him. He often pushed those thoughts back, of course, as he couldn't allow himself to fall victim to Gruagach's mind games, but he couldn't deny how easy it would be to just give it all up and allowing it all to keep happening.

He held a resigned sigh at the realization before his eyes darted further down his master's body and he took note of the peculiar way in which he was walking. It was unusual, and yet strangely familiar, slowly picking at Hellboy's brain as he tried to connect where he had seen such movements. A glint of what was under Gruagach's kilt, which may or may not have been done by the boar on purpose, made him realize just what it was. Under his garments Gruagach was sporting one of his trademark erections, desperately trying to make its way out of the kilt in any way possible, and the boar had to walk to keep it hidden away with his thighs, down enough so it wouldn't come out of his armor, but up enough so it wouldn't peak underneath it. Of course Hellboy recognized it; having had his own massive cock before he was fully aware of how hard it got to hide it, pun intended, but being the first time he had seen his master trying to hide his length it struck him as strange.

From the corner of his eye Gruagach could very easily see Hellboy staring at his meat, carefully tucked beneath his armor and between his legs, and he couldn't help a short snicker. He certainly had no problems with walking around the plaza naked, bragging the Grom's monstrous pole, one of the few positive aspects of this body, and he was fully aware that the number of people who could outmatch his size was a small one. And yet he had chosen to cover it up for this particular stroll and see how the demon would react to it, so of course knowing that he would stare at it in secret brought him a new kind of pleasure; the pleasure of knowing that the demon had become dependent of his cock, at least on some level, which was really just a sign of how broken he was, how desperate he was for an anchor to sanity.

They reached the center of the plaza rather quickly and Hellboy was still staring under Gruagach's armor. He could hear the laughter of the varied creatures in this underground community all directed at him, but he had found such solace on the visage of his master's dangling meat that they just rolled over his skin painlessly. Such was the hypnotic state that when Gruagach stopped he almost crashed against his leg, perhaps even wishing his face would've landed on the boar's crotch; he wasn't sure of anything anymore.

Gruagach leaned on one knee and got to eye level with him. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't have been necessary for the giant to lower himself so much to stare at the demon's eyes, but with Hellboy being on all fours there was no way around it. It was a very good metaphor for how their roles worked now. Hellboy looked into his master's eyes, trying to reach for the hatred behind them and remind himself that this creature was his enemy, but he had started developing different feelings for Gruagach. It was far from love; it was more like a mix of fear and admiration, some sick loyalty and a weird sense of security that forced him to stay close to the boar.

His chin was cupped by the rough, blistered hands. He was unsure of everything and just tried to look defiantly at him, even though he knew it would serve no purpose. Gruagach instead looked at him tenderly, expertly hiding his sinister intentions. His cock started slipping from under his kilt as he had lost all interest in it, instead focusing on his pet, his toy, his adversary and what he had planned for him today. The same thing that made his cock slip from under his kilt.

"Look Hellbaby! Daddy told all his friends to come and play with you today!" he said and gestured at the plaza. Only now did Hellboy realize that the laughing had stopped, reduced to only the occasional chuckle here and there, and that instead of going around with their days every other creature had stopped, staring at them intently. They were all circling them, watching, waiting. It wasn't until Gruagach spoke again that Hellboy's attention drifted from them. "You know how daddy woves to bwag that his wittle baby is the best, so they couldn't wait!" he said and squeezed their faces together; much like an obsessed parent would do, adding his own personal lick to the demon's face. It sent another shiver down his spine.

He wasn't sure of what to make of the boar's words, or perhaps he didn't want to; either way he didn't have much of a choice. The creatures surrounding them started rubbing themselves, some on their chests, others already on their crotches; a few of them were even bold enough to remove their garments and expose their own shafts, some already hard and leaking while others were still getting there. It then crossed Hellboy's mind that they were all male, all rather hung and despite their different sizes and builds, they all had at least enough muscle to classify as manly and powerful; or at least enough to easily dominate him as he was now, a servant to a fairy's whim.

"Now, be a good baby and make sure to play nicely and do what your elders say," Gruagach said in a malevolent voice and Hellboy could feel, not for the first time, the rush of fairy magic travelling up his arm and through his entire self, knowing it would force him to remain loyal to the boar's order. Gruagach then stood up and gave his back to him, addressing the crowd that had formed with open arms, no longer bothering to his erection anymore, instead letting it hang proudly under his armor. "My brethren!" he boomed and made Hellboy jump a bit while the other creatures, fairies he assumed, looked up at the boar. "We stand here today in front of an enemy that has humiliated us and trampled our names and our history for decades!" his proclamation was met with a multitude of voices screaming their agreement and it only seemed to rile him up further. "I say, as your brother, that we have allowed humans and their so-called guardians walk over us for too long! I say that it is time for us to get something back!" louder cheer resounded through the plaza and the air seemed to get heavier, but not with their anger, hellboy noticed; it was due to the expectation of what Gruagach was about to say. "I say we take those years of humiliation and show humanity's greatest guardian, the great Anung Un Rama, what it feels like!"

With a swift arm movement Gruagach removed his kilt and held it high in a victorious stance, allowing his massive length to jump into the view of the thousands of roaring fairies. None of them stopped, gasped or looked back; instead they all just got louder, aroused and inspired by the sight of who was apparently a new leader to them, and the terrifying blade he would carry to battle. The loudest ones, the ones that seemed to support him the most, had even started stroking their lengths and small puddles of thick pre formed at their feet. They were the ones that looked at Hellboy with the most hunger, not just for his flesh but for the sweet nectar of revenge. He panicked and wished more than anything that he could escape, even if he had to kick and punch and bit his way out, it was a better alternative. But he knew he couldn't even thrash against the fairy's hold, restrained as he was not by the tight leash but the magic, a far more dangerous shackle.

When Gruagach finally looked back at him, it was with a look of utter delight. He didn't bother with words; he simply dropped the leash on the ground, confident enough in his power over Hellboy to ensure that the demon wouldn't escape, and with a single squeeze of his engorged head a single drop of thick pig cum landed on his thumb, shoving it down the demon's mouth. It wasn't the first time it happened and Hellboy simply sucked and licked his master's thumb clean. Pleased with the result of his training, Gruagach left, a horde of devilish creatures behind him already advancing on his slave.

For a single second Hellboy stared forward to the distancing image of the boar's back and caught himself wishing for him to come back. He hated him, he feared him, but he needed him; it was confusing and disgusting, a mix of emotions that tasted like bile in his throat. He tried his best to convince himself that his immediate goal should be to break his nose, but he couldn't let go of the feeling of longing. When that second ended, the sight of Gruagach was eclipsed by the many thighs and hips surrounding him and the many hands reaching for his body, feeling and pulling his skin, his thick muscles, and forcing him to move closer to them. That was when Hellboy realized he would have no time to worry about Gruagach whatsoever.

Among all the people touching him the one that caught his attention the most was in front of him. His head was pulled forward and he only saw a pair of thick green legs and an almost equally thick pole in front of him; he had no time to look up at this new player as he took the stubs growing out of his head and pushed him down his impressive length. Unlike Gruagach, these guys didn't care for his humiliation; no, they did this more out of a desire to inflict pain upon him, mixed with their own unfulfilled sexual fantasies, perhaps, or at least thinking so made it easier for Hellboy to take in the monster chode currently humping his mouth.

His jaw felt like it would unhinge, but it wasn't a big enough distraction to keep him from noticing everything else, such as the fairies and demons laughing behind him. He could actually feel them pointing at his diaper and for a second was thankful that his skin wouldn't allow them to see the blush creeping up his cheeks, but the little part of his mind that stayed rational wondered why he cared about what they thought. All of those thoughts were thrown out of the window however, the moment a pair of bold spectators stepped forward and started fondling his butt through the fabric and scratching up his back. He knew exactly what they were going to do and it still startled him when their hands reached under the diaper and ripped it clean off him. Out of habit from his time with Gruagach he raised his rump once it was exposed to the elements and the intensified laughter and grunting proved to him that it hadn't been subtle.

Those bold spectators that had stepped forward, while he couldn't see them he could tell one of them was rather big, based on the size of the hand rubbing his raised buttocks and poking at his hole, whereas the other one seemed closer to a human's average height, if his thin, long fingers were anything to go by. That same hand trailed a sharp claw along his waistline, sending goosebumps all over Hellboy's body until it reached its goal, and with a painful flick made the limp, pencil-long noodle of a dick dangle, prompting an immense outburst at Hellboy's expense. He winced as the larger demon spanked him with that heavy hand, also feeling his mad cackling fill his ears before he fondled the lonely member with the tip of one of his thick fingers.

The one in front of him kept humping, his muscular thighs a green blur in front of Hellboy as he kept picking up on speed, his balls slapping against the demon's chin and stirring slight feelings of jealousy as they reminded him the loss of his own jewels. Those same massive testicles perked up and Hellboy knew what was coming; he simply had no time to prepare. His head was pulled all the way until his nose bumped against the green navel, and the tip of his cock rubbed the back of his throat before shooting its load deep down the demon's throat, rope after rope easily sliding down. He didn't know if it was a side-effect of the shame or some action taken by Gruagach, but his body was flaring with sensations and he could clearly taste the salty thickness falling down and filling his stomach to the brim, dripping down his chin once he could no longer contain it within the confines of his mouth. He coughed and gagged at the sheer amount of cum being shoved down his pipe and thanked whatever was watching over him when the man in front of him took his monster cock out and shot the last few tendrils of thick seed straight on his face, painting it almost entirely white; a single shot landed right in his eye and it stung horribly.

But they wouldn't spoil him by giving him a second to breath. As soon as the green giant left another one took his position, this one seemingly blue, having a much longer, much thinner cock, and even then of a noticeable girth on its own right. Hellboy was grabbed by the hair this time, but the rest of the process was essentially the same: a dick being shoved in and out of his mouth, balls hitting his face, the ever-present smell of another man's musk; the only difference was that he had already been lubed by the previous guy, making it easier for this length to slide in, which he figured he should be thankful for. All those thankful thoughts, however, were drowned by the feeling of a finger pushing its way inside his pucker. Now, after so many days under Gruagach's mercy, Hellboy was no longer a stranger to anal prodding, but it still didn't mean he didn't found it disturbing when the thick nub of meat from the same demon that had spanked him made its way inside his hole, already experienced enough to not try and reject the intruder. Perhaps grinning at the bound demon's eagerness, the one behind him started pulling out and before he knew his ass was being fingered.

Hellboy had done these things with Gruagach before, but servicing two men at the same time- having two of his holes invaded simultaneously -was a first for him. It was overwhelming, to say the least, and despite his best efforts to keep up with the sensations shooting all over his body he felt his mind slowly losing its grip on reality. For a second he appreciated the embrace of unconsciousness that would keep him from feeling all of the torture, but a sudden jolt from his right arm woke him up. It was at that moment that he realized Gruagach's magic wouldn't allow him to drop the ball and that he would have to go through the whole thing whether he liked it or not, and he wondered if that magic was as sentient and malevolent as its caster.

A second finger came in and almost immediately a third and Hellboy could feel his ass ripping apart and the increasing heat from it making him sweat profusely. The fairy in front of him kept his humping going, lasting a lot more than the previous giant, and he started gagging on the hard tip again; unfortunately it didn't stop the fairy that, aside from slower, seemed to be less considerate than the green hulk that had been Hellboy's first. A fourth finger was shoved and he finally realized he would be fisted. He was familiar with it from occasional videos online, a secret kink of him, but it had always him straight porn; asses were simply not designed for such a thing, but that didn't stop the demon behind him from pushing all the way inside him, up to his wrist and beyond.

Hellboy's eyes shot open and a scream of agony rumbled through his muffled throat, vibrating on the cock inside his mouth and getting unrestrained, deep moaning from its owner and more agitated thrusts. A fountain of pre fell down his windpipe just as an arm's length snaked its way up his insides, looking for his prostate to make him beg for more. Then, as suddenly as it had been shoved in his arm was taken out and replaced with a thick, slippery tongue, easily squeezing inside Hellboy's wide open pucker. A purr of delight started on his chest and shook around him, unable to keep himself from enjoying the soothing effect of saliva against his aching muscles, and the rumble seemingly had the same good effect as moaning had around the dick in his mouth, for its owner grabbed his head and started humping it with short, strong thrusts, rubbing his wet tip against his lubed throat before letting a new load make its way inside him. While not as exceptional as the first, it still left a mark on Hellboy when it went down his throat; it was perhaps because it was the second one, in fact, that he was relatively unimpressed.

Hellboy had to swallow hungrily, not allowed to let a single drop out of the corners of his mouth by the demon that had firmly clasped his cock around it. When the rush was finally over his head was thrown back and his face slapped hard by the same creature he had just serviced. He winced, unable to do much else, and tried to find solace in the tongue inside his ass. Weeks ago he hadn't even thought of the possibility of being rimmed, and had anyone brought it up it would've earned them a broken nose, but he hardly remembered any of that and could only associate his hole being penetrated by the wet appendage with the immense pleasure it granted on his spent muscles, usually spread beyond recognition by Gruagach's humping or today's experience. Yet, when he turned to that tongue for comfort he felt it being taken out of him, his butt trying his best to contract and close off to any more invaders but failing miserably, as Hellboy could tell from the dry breeze around it.

His body slumped to the ground, except for his ass that remained saluting out of habit, and the outburst of laughter started again, filling the air around him. Hellboy didn't hate them, though. He no longer had any force left for that. He could only feel the sadness in his heart and the urge to hold back the tears to keep these creatures from further looking down on him. The sadness that was replaced by pain in his gut as he was kicked by several of them, almost forcing him to throw up as their treatment shoved him on his back. Now facing upwards he could see them all approaching him, many of them still stroking their lengths vigorously, their exalted faces showing how close they were to their climaxes. A bolder, snarkier Hellboy would've perhaps screamed at them to give him their best, claiming how their tiny pricks would be barely felt, but he was no longer that man.

One of the fairies stepped forward crouched on his face, his white balls hanging above Hellboy's face, dangling expectantly, as if he was scared the demon would bite them off if they touched his lips without his consent. But Hellboy had long accepted his role and licked on them to signal the creature to proceed and let them fall inside his mouth to be caressed by the wet appendage. At the same time another creature also stepped forward and without any thought on the demon's state of mind pushed his own monstrous dick inside the spent pucker, sliding easily after it had been profusely opened by its previous occupant. This particular fairy was in no way scared of what he could or couldn't do and humped his ass with gusto, only picking up in speed but not letting out the tiniest driblet of pre to lube his way in. It was dry and uncomfortable, or at least it would've been in any other situation and for any other person.

Hellboy no longer cared. As he played with the testicles in his mouth, fondling them between his teeth and sucking on them with as much expertise as his week-long experience allowed him, he could register the cock sliding in and out of his hole. It hurt like hell, and the lack of pre wasn't helping at all; it was a burning sensation etching itself in his brain all the way from his back that made him squirm and jerk against his will, making him sweat profusely from the sheer pain. He just didn't really care anymore. It was what he was meant for now and he had finally come to terms with it.

The fairy above him started jerking all over and Hellboy knew what was coming. Was he such a lightweight? Or had he been in such a stupor that he had lost track of how many minutes or hours he had been servicing his balls? That was just another thing that no longer mattered as the fairy shot a booming roar and his hot load fell all over Hellboy's chest, making a sticky mess of it, falling on the cleft between his pecs, the lines between his abs and any other crevice on his torso that could be filled by the white liquid. He lived for this now, the warm blanket of seed being draped over his body as another one was prepared to spread through his insides, and he had grown to not just accept but enjoy it on some level, despite all the pain involved.

The white fairy got up and another one immediately took his place, also standing over Hellboy's face and exposing his sweaty hole to the demon. Hellboy grimaced slightly at the idea of having to rim such a foul creature, but it was mostly a reflex of a shadow of his former self which he knew would fade away sooner than later. With that in mind he reached forward and started licking around the ring of flesh, just for its owner to properly sit on his face and giving him no choice but to sniff the musk and sweat and slip his tongue inside the tunnel that was his ass. He was rather surprised and thankful that it was clean of any unwanted materials, knowing not all of them would be like that and that before the end of the day he would find one such.

The one working his way up his ass hadn't finished, and while there was still quite enough space for him to enter without much effort Hellboy couldn't keep a small part of his brain be bothered by the dryness of his cock. It was a terrible pain, yes, but he had gone through worst; it was honestly more of an annoyance by this point. But then a new, unexpected sensation accompanied with panic crossed his mind when a second head started rubbing against his tail, pushing its way in to join the first one. Unlike before this pain was enough to guarantee a reaction in the form of his hands clawing at the dirt around him, and while this second cock at least had the decency of shooting enough pre to fill the empty spaces between the two and his inner walls, it did little to help with the sheer amount of meat being shoved in him. Hellboy had considered the idea that he would be doubly penetrated at some point, if not by two different men then by Gruagach through some sick magic play, but even in his despaired state he had pictured it as one cock going in when the next went out, never letting him be empty. Instead both lengths went in and out in synchrony, giving the idea of a single, horribly thick and long cock taking him.

Whoever this second one was he had been at it for a while before gathering the courage to join his compatriot because Hellboy could already feel him thrusting harder and deeper, seemingly influencing the one before him as he started doing the same. Both cocks rammed him in unison and he knew his agony wouldn't last much long, but it didn't keep him from groaning with their final thrust as their loads where shot all over his ass, filling him to the brim with their cum. The heat spread through his body and he embraced it as the new reason for his existence, taking it as his prize for all the pain, enjoying it as much as he enjoyed his master's own.

Both cocks slid out with a pop and Hellboy couldn't keep his relief from rolling down his tongue and into the other fairy's ass. A gentle shake from him told the demon that he was also ready for his own orgasm, but instead of shooting it there while his ass was worked on he stood up. With him out of the way Hellboy could see the crowd of fairies that had closed on him, all of them with their own dicks dripping pre and covered in veins, stroking furiously with mad grins on their faces. Each one of them looked at him with hunger and anger but Hellboy didn't think anything of it. Whatever little part of him could prove rebellious had faded the moment his tongue had touched the fairy's ass. And so, without much more question, each of the monsters around him shot their own massive loads, ropes and ropes of semen in various degrees of thickness falling all over his body, truly covering him in white, in a blanket of hot liquid that, like a chain, tied him to the anchor that was his new purpose.

After several hours the fairies were finally done with Hellboy and he had found himself bound to Gruagach's leash again, happy to come home. The fact that he had called the boar's lair his home didn't seem to disturb him whatsoever as he kept walking alongside his master. Gruagach gave him a side glance, laughing at the demon licking off the final traces of seed from his arm. He had repeated the process multiple times during the session, futilely so considering how he would just be covered in cum all over again, but since nobody complained he had no reason to stop.

His master got him to the same dungeon he had been calling bedroom for a while now and simply let go of the leash, but it did little to help Hellboy regain his lost dignity as he kept crawling in all fours while looking for a proper spot to spend the night on. Behind him Gruagach stretched in an attempt to drive the soreness out of his muscles, but all it did was expose his gut and lift his kilt enough for his cockhead to poke into view. When Hellboy turned around it quickly caught his attention, which didn't go unnoticed by the boar. As soon as he finished stretching, Gruagach reached for the clasp that kept his armor in place and unfastened it with ease, letting it fall and showing off the Grom's monstrous length once again, enjoying the hungry glint it produced on the demon's otherwise indifferent expression.

"It has been a long day, don't you think?" the giant said approaching, cock in hand and seemingly ready to shove it down the demon's face. "So long... I didn't even have time to relieve myself and I don't think I can hold it much longer," he said and Hellboy's ears perked up as a sudden glint of interest joined the hunger. Finally above the demon, Gruagach pointed his cock downwards, just as Hellboy sat on his forelegs like a common dog, and let out a shining stream of yellow urine to fall all over the demon's face and body.

It was a certain something Gruagach hadn't done since day one of Hellboy's slavery, but there was a key difference this time around. Last time Hellboy had been defiant, spitting and thrashing to stay away and prove to the giant that he had no control over him. Today he eagerly kneeled in front of him with an open mouth to receive anything and everything the boar had to give him, and while most of it did fall on his face and down his neck and body, most of it still fell on his mouth, swallowed by his own will. The moment Gruagach was over he shook his cock to let go of any remaining drops and let out a relaxed sigh just as the demon under him smacked his lips clean with his tongue. The boar didn't bother with a snide remark and instead preferred to just give him a dark chuckle while admiring the drops of yellow liquid clinging to the demon's body, about to fall off his perky nipples.

Gruagach saw into Hellboy's eyes, just like he had done on his first day here, when he had found hope, defiance, bravery and a fiery desire to live. But this time he saw nothing. There was truly nothing left of the demon other than a subservient machine that would obey all his orders. Gruagach let out another chuckle and turned around to make his way out of the room, already thinking of ways to play with his beloved pet in the morning, while Hellboy limited himself to lay down on the floor and falling asleep. There was no longer any meaning on crying, screaming or complaining. There was no meaning on anything other than to please his master.

"Come here, my pet," Gruagach uttered and Hellboy made his way from his sitting position next to his master's throne and stood in front of the boar's naked crotch. "You know what to do," he said in a slow tone and the demons simply took the length on his mouth and proceeded to please him. Gruagach sighed in delight at the skills the demon had developed over the past few months and his mind flew to the sloppy beginnings of his training, back to the battle they had on those open fields where he had used Queen Mab's tears to take over the demon's hand. He giggled as he remembered that the effects of Queen Mab's tears ended a few days after Hellboy's first orgy and congratulated himself for his skill on conditioning the demon to obey him out of his own illusion of free will rather than by magic.

It had finally happened; he had broken Anung Un Rama into a sad, pathetic mess designed only to obey his orders, and he loved it. He had been scared about the results, about breaking him too much to a point that these daily sessions with him would become boring, but boy was he wrong. The demon was more entertaining than ever like this, like a mindless machine for him to fuck mindlessly anytime he felt like it, because he wasn't 100% broken. No, Gruagach had seen it in his eyes, the tiniest piece of his mind that constantly held to baseless, naïve hope, hidden behind all the soulless fear. That little piece of him that was whipped every time Gruagach smacked his cock on his mouth and his balls slapped against his chin; every time he flickered the tiny excuse for a dick he had been left with; every time he gave one final thrust inside his ass and branded him with his side as his property.

Hellboy was his, there was nothing to change that. And Gruagach would make the best of it. There was still a number of things he could do to the demon in order to get as much revenge as possible. Yes, things had only started.

The Pondering of Zudomon III

Zudomon sat on the bed, alone. BlackWarGreymon, the one who had been preparing him, had left the room for a few minutes, but those had become hours; and during those hours, Zudomon sat nervously, waiting for the inevitable time. It had only been three...

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Damn this devil...

Noon. The day had started a while ago and most people were probably going about with their errands on the streets. Me? I'm too tired from last night to do anything. But it was one hell of a night. I stand from the table and take one final sip from my...

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That devil...

What? What is this? There's on my chest. I open my eyes. I'm lying on my bed, just woken up from a pretty good dream. I feel the sharp tips still scratching on my chest and I just know. I turn around and surprise, surprise, guess just who is lying...

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