Simple Short 1

Story by FoxyCyote on SoFurry

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#1 of Promt Writings

_ Doing some writing prompts to get practice in. These will be mostly rough drafts, if there is enough interest I will do my best to get it greatly edited/continued. Otherwise, enjoy some draft writing! _

_ AN: All characters are mine, all resemblances to persons real or fictional is completely coincidence. _


The night was quiet. The small townhome mostly empty on a suburban street just outside of the city. He liked it this way, his partner able to garden and watch the neighborhood while he worked in the heart of the city. One of his favorite parts of the day was right before bed. He was able to take in everything he had worked hard to create from his own hard work. His almost perfect life. As he entered the room he shared with her he smiled; happy to know she would help him raise the best pups and make his family proud. His short hair gleamed in the moonlight as he sat on the queen sized bed and placed a light touch on his fox's shoulder. Her tail thumped lightly under the sheets and a small sigh escaped her lips. Lately he had been worried, she would be asleep almost an hour after he got home, but would be up before he left in the morning. Usually cooking breakfast and looking like she had a hell of a night. Maybe she was depressed? They hadn't talked in a while. He wanted her to go out and find something to do; other than sit and watch the neighborhood from the front room all day.

He yawned, ready for sleep as he had a big day ahead of him in a few hours. Meetings and prepping for a business trip weren't his forte. He rolled into bed and was asleep almost instantly, snoring and all.

Her ears perked, the white and orange fox smiled softly as she lied in bed listening to her husband sleep away. He worked so hard for her. If he only knew what she did for him; every night while he slept. He could never hope to pay for her current school debts. He wasn't too keen on the idea of her getting an education. She did love him, but knew eventually they wouldn't be able to last. For right now though, the fantasy was nice.

She slipped from the bed. Walking to the guest room down the hall. She was happy he never went in here; she finally got him to agree to let her have a craft room and he never dared set foot in there after that. He was so perfect, his body sculpted, his mind eye centered on that American white picket fence dream. She adored his odd innocence of the world. As she packed for her shift, thoughts of their honeymoon came to her. It was nice, but very perfect. The limo, hotel, fancy dinners, the very mundane sex. All from that small town story book of how life is supposed to be. It made her queasy as she walked to the door and silently slipped into the night. If he knew, if he ever found out. Her perfect fantasy would be over. She would exist in a world all her own; an obsessive, unpredictable, rash world where anything could happen.

The orange and white tail flicked under a long coat, and a grin spread across her muzzle. Queasy yes, but excited.

Scotch and Cigars (Oneshot)

_AN- a oneshot is a short story around 1000 words. They usually stand alone but may belong to a group of oneshots in a continuous universe. _ _ ~~Hello and welcome back! Hope you enjoy Scotch and Cigars and be sure to watch for the next excerpt!...

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Demons of the Past {Part 2}

Second part of this story, might have another part might not. :) Depends on how I feel about it. Really glad to get this off my chest. Warning, drama, mention of past rape and abuse. All the drama! :P ~ ** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

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Demons of the Past {Part 1}

I'm uploading this in two parts, I find it more dramatic ;) also, I have been waaaaay out of practice with writing due to real world stress and mental blockadge. I feel that this might have helped the mental writers block and get some shit off my...

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